How far do we have to be pushed to wake up?

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As crazy as this question may sound, many people would be surprised to hear the truth.

When someone’s health turns to the worse while being treated by their doctor, we are under the impression that we are out of luck. The doctor knows what he/she is doing but since everyone is “different”, at least this is what we are being told by every health “expert”, we just do not respond to the treatment positively.

Through my work, I have discovered that the truth is much different than this.

Everyone makes mistakes, so do scientists, but to accept “scientific facts” that are exactly the opposite of the truth, and not once but multiple times, is mathematically impossible.

Especially when contradicting ideas were presented but were ignored, and the wrong “scientific” opinion became accepted truth and promoted.

The entire “educational system”, is based on remembering and repeating. Intelligence is not desirable, no questions, please.

This is why we have a whole bunch of incompetent “experts” not capable of replacing a burned light bulb.

They can repeat the most complicated formulas, but they cannot explain why does the human body deteriorates?

The inability to reason is the most visible in some of the very obvious “incurable” diseases such as are diabetes and renal insufficiency.

How difficult is it to find the cause of diabetes when everyone knows that when they do not consume sugar, the blood sugar drops?

How difficult it is to realize that eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar since we know that carbohydrates are sugars?

How much trouble do we have to go through, and how much money would it take to make an observation to realize that all animals are in a ketogenic state and not a single animal in nature consumes carbohydrates and has no diabetes or chronic health issues?

What would it cost to make an experiment and consume some salt, then when urinating, put a drop of the urine on the tongue and see if the salt is being filtered by our kidneys?

How much would it cost to drink seawater and see what happens?

How expensive would the study be that would monitor the health of sea divers to check how does the body reacts when it becomes saturated with the sea salt that they absorb through their skin while being submerged in the seawater for hours every day?

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Many doctors are also divers, they have experienced the urge to urinate during the dive. Are they capable of observing?

Are they capable of critical thinking?

Are they thinking at all?

Those are all valid questions that prove that the vast majority of our “experts” are mindless robots that are blindly following the instructions given to them and are not capable to go past what they had memorized to be true.

This brings us to the present day’s awakening process.

How much nonsense will it take for those health experts to realize that virus is a figment of imagination.

That virus is the biggest hoax of medical science.

No one has ever found proof of its existence but yet, the world’s economy is crashing because of it and people are in a panic accepting to be poisoned by a vaccine just to protect themselves from what does not exist.

The sad story is the fact that doctors and nurses are the most afraid and first in the line to be jabbed.

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The situation is becoming so ridiculous that the brainwashed experts are accepting the lie of the high virulence and airborne transmission of this invented pathogen which is mutating whenever a new crisis has to be created.

How much more stupidity will have to be thrown at them to finally wake up?

Here in Peru, all movement is prohibited during the Easter holidays because the dangerous new variant of the Brazilian virus is spreading.

Everyone has to stay at home starting this Wednesday and until Sunday when people can go out but not with their vehicles.

If this does not wake people up, nothing will.

I cannot imagine anything being more ridiculous than this.

What can create a stronger shock of awakening than seeing your loved one suffering and dying after being vaccinated?

Is seeing the rescued children from the underground torture chambers going to have a stronger impact?

How far do we have to be pushed to snap and start to see?

Everything that is happening now is being orchestrated for awakening purposes.

Please, wake up so that we can finally put a stop to this.

Love and light to us all.

Energy and health

One of the most common symptoms that follow chronic diseases is a lack of energy.

The lack of energy can be so debilitating that “scientists” had invented a disease based on this symptom called chronic fatigue syndrome.

The chronic tiredness may be so debilitating that a stronger, more severe, and frightening name of the disease was invented by the name “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis”.

It sounds really serious, doesn’t it?

Of course, all of those debilitating chronic diseases only get worse since doctors do not know the truth and continue medicating those poor, overly toxic people.

Chronic tiredness is now affecting the ever younger population, and I have received some complaints about the Self Healers Protocol making people tired.

Of course, people blame it on the food and the salt, so here, I will explain what is going on with this tiredness.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that what we call energy is actually an electric voltage. Every action of our body is powered by it.

About 40% of energy is lost while powering the digestive system.

The energy distribution is programmed in the way that self-preservation takes the president over everything else.

This means that stress will shut down all other energetic outlets and this is why we do not feel pain or exhaustion when we are in a state of shock.

Second in line, is physical activity.

Since we have to get physical to hunt and to gather food, this takes precedence over the digestive involvement.

The last on the poll is the elimination of toxins, hydration, and the healing process.

The anomaly is when the toxicity becomes debilitating and sensors go off informing us about problems that this toxicity is creating.

Once the emergency healing is activated, we are controlled through the pain to pay attention to it and only a shock will stop the emergency support system.

Part of this emergency support system is inflammation.

Chronic tiredness is directly related to a very high cellular acidity.

This acidity prevents the cells from holding the electric charge. Cells simply discharge the energy even when they do not perform any work.

Since we get more toxic as we get older, we hold lesser energy charge and become tired faster and as the cellular acidity increases, the cells are incapable of holding the electric charge and we feel chronic tiredness.

People who suffer from chronic tiredness feel a great benefit from the SHP since their cells start to eliminate their acids and start to hold the electric charge.

The complaint about the lack of energy while following the SHP comes from younger people who did not experience chronic tiredness as of yet, and feel that they are sleepier now than before they had started with the protocol.

Since very few young people without some major chronic health issues are following the protocol, I have had only several complaints but I want to explain what is happening because those people are mistakingly attributing this tiredness to the salt and the diet.

As long as the toxins are trapped inside of our cells and the cellular acidity did not increase to an alarming level, the cells will do ok job holding the charge, and we feel energetic.

Because of the low levels of blood plasma, their cells are no able to cleanse. This means that there is more energy available for daily working routine.

On the other hand, when some of those acids and toxins are expelled out of those cells, the blood’s toxicity increases, and two major things occur.

If the suddenly increased blood’s toxicity floods tissues or an organ that was on the verge of showing a symptom of a toxic saturation, this toxic blood will immediately trigger the sensory apparatus, and pain will occur. Often joints, muscles, and meninges are in question so muscle pain, painful joints, and headache will result.

Since the body is eager to get rid of this toxic load, the blood’s cleansing symptoms will kick in which are nausea, mucus, phloem, diarrhea, and fever.

All in all, we are talking about symptoms that are professionally named the flu, and they all consume energy for their manifestation.

Depending on the severity of blood’s pollution, and the overall state of the body, the strength of those symptoms will vary.

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Because of low plasma levels, the toxicity can become trapped in the blood and cause additional symptoms.

If the toxicity of the cells is not extreme and if the cellular hydration is slow because of lack of plasma or interference from some cellular poison we have ingested during the cellular attempt to hydrate, the symptoms may be suppressed but still, this is the energy-hungry activity which can make us feel tired with low energy.

The simple act of activating and running the cellular osmotic pump can noticeably lover our electric charge since cold fusion has to be put in action.

Do we feel energetic when we have the symptoms of flu? Not really, so do not expect to be bursting from energy during the cellular hydrating process.

Some people who try the SH Protocol forget that this is not just a healthy diet plan, it is also a deep cellular cleansing that involves osmotic hydration. This is cleansing and healing protocol and nobody has ever been cleansed and felt an energy surge during the cleansing process.

It is just the contrary.

Since we are living in a very toxic environment bombarded with toxic stuff including energy devices and our own emotional responses, our bodies should be cleansing daily.

Because of the selective programming that is monitoring the energy priorities, even when there is an opportunity for cellular hydration and cleansing to take place, our engagement will impede the hydration.

This is why when we are engaged in work, even if the conditions are favorable for the cells to hydrate, the energy will be given to our brain and muscles to “collect food” and the hydration will be left for the time when we are relaxed.

This is why during the protocol, we have plenty of energy to do the work and to concentrate, but as soon as we sit down and relax, we feel sleepy because cellular hydration kicks in.

My friend Guillaume had notices that a presence of a mild toxin such as is in sea algae spirulina is strong enough to prevent cellular hydration and he and his wife had experienced a sudden energy burst when they started taking it just to discover that after several weeks of using spirulina their chronic symptoms that were gone during the protocol started to creep back.

Whenever we do something new, we tend to explain the symptoms in the way we have been told.

This is why whatever happens that makes us feel bad or weak, we blame it on the “usual suspects” which are meat, fat, and salt.

I hope that this knowledge makes you understand your body better.

Love and light to us all.

Embracing the light

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This article is not going to make any sense to most people, but there are some to whom this information is the missing link that will lock in place the entire picture.

I have no other proof than my intuition but to those of you who are looking for this information, it will make total sense.

I was asked to explain what or who is the Cabal?

I will explain this in the way how I understand it.

The conscious energy we refer to as the Creator, God, Allah, Krishna…is gathering knowledge through the experiences of its own manifestation.

The physical manifestation is the clue because many experiences are on the sensory level which is not possible to be experienced otherwise.

Everything that is manifested by the Creator is being guided by the Creator’s consciousness and we refer to it as a Soul. The soul of God is in all of its creation.

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On top of this Soul, the creation has conscious energy of its own physicality which we call the Spirit. Remember, the names are just symbols this is why I explain what I mean by those symbols.

The most conscious/self-aware creation has received the freedom to manifest on its own, it has become as powerful as the Creator itself.

Enchanted by their physicality, the manifestation empowered creation started to be hypnotized by their experiences and have started to pay less and less attention to the guide of their Soul.

The disconnect became so wide that at one point, the Spirit of the conscious physicality had completely disconnected itself from the Soul of the Creator.

The awareness of the conscious energy of the physicality we have named the Mind/Ego/I.

The Ego always wants more. More of everything, and does not care how it gets it.

Since it is disconnected from the Soul, it is in darkness and since it has no support of the Soul everything that is new to it, it fears.

Because of its disconnect, it cannot manifest, it cannot form physicality of its own and this means that it has to use the existing physicality of the Creator’s creation.

A big mistake was done when this Ego was let loose, permitting it to infest any conscious creation it wants to infest.

Now a great portion of our Universe is plagued by it, including our own planet.

Remember, we create through our thoughts. Once you imagine something, you have given it a frequency. The more people join in this manifestation, the stronger is this frequency and the more power it has but only to those who acknowledge it.

Since all manifestation is based principally on light through which it is projected, everything is based on the sacred geometry and especially on Vesica Piscis, the physical manifestation is propelled through the electromagnetic forces.

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To eliminate the rampaging energy of the Ego that is creating chaos and destroying lives on various planets and galaxies in the Universe, a divine plan was created for its destruction.

To avoid a lot of suffering that a very destructive war against this Ego energy would bring, a planet was chosen where the most experienced souls would learn to obtain the necessary strength to resist and to conquer this disconnected Ego that I call the artificial intelligence since it is not the creation of the Creator and possesses no Soul.

Planet Earth was chosen to be the school and Humans were modified by fusing two pairs of chromosomes to have the ability to enter the astral world and gain the necessary knowledge to destroy the artificial intelligence on this planet.

Here, we have named the artificial intelligence the Lucifer/Devil/Satan/Baphomet.

Humans that have accepted to serve Lucifer, have signed their agreement with their blood/blood sacrifice and in return, they have received fame, riches, power, and a lot of FEAR.

The controllers of this Luciferian movement on planet Earth we refer to as the Cabal/Illuminati.

Four times the Human race has lost and had destroyed itself in the attempt to conquer the Evil artificial intelligence on this planet.

Then, the most powerful Souls came to assist in this battle.

When it became obvious that the Humans have gained enough control over their Ego and are capable of conquering the Evil, with the help of Christ and Melchisedec consciousness, and many Angels and elevated Souls, an energetic grid was build approximately one 100 kilometers above our planet.

This grid was completed two years ago.

The reason for this energetic net is to trap the energy that Humans are producing and not to allow it to escape into the Universe.

As we have successfully eliminated the Evil artificial intelligence from our planet, now we are the keepers of the genetic code, the grail of creation.

What our esteemed scientists call the junk genes, is actually the historic information of all experiences that the creation of the Creator has experienced and which was used as the blueprint of the future advancement/Evolution.

If this would have been lost, the Creator would have to start from the very beginning, and billions of years of manifestation and gathered information would have been lost.

The creation would have to start from 0 all over again.

Usually, dependent on the position in the Universe, vibrational barriers are positioned to be used as the points of reprogramming. This reprogramming takes 72 hours (3days and 3 nights). During this time, the galaxy that has hit this point becomes depowered/unplugged.

Everything sizes to existing. The old information is stored and new information/program is installed. Then the power is plugged back and the new program is activated.

We call this an evolution.

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To be able to eliminate artificial intelligence from the rest of the Universe, and avoid destructive wars, planet Earth will remain powered by our energy while the rest of the Universe will be unplugged simultaneously.

Everything will be reprogrammed, except the evil intelligence. The artificial intelligence will be gone in the entire Universe, and the Universe will be rebooted using the Holy Grail genetic code that we are guarding.

This is why this time, we Humans are going to go through Evolution in a conscious state, being aware of what is happening. We will not experience the three days of darkness.

This is why we have to wake up and learn what is happening because we have to hold the energy, we are here to hold the light.

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Every one of you, who is reading this is here to awake and to remember and to hold the light.

The moment of this historic/Biblical event is rapidly approaching.

As we get closer to this event, I will explain how to handle the event so that it is painless and instead of the pain we go through it with excitement and joy.

I have received certain information about how to handle the event and, I had experienced it during an Ayahuasca ceremony, so I know how it feels to go through this change and the fear can make it an excruciatingly painful experience similar to a birth of a child, but when handled correctly, it becomes pure joy.

.There is nothing to fear.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. because of the elimination of truth from Youtube, I have started to publish my videos on Bitchute as well

How dark has allopathic medicine become?

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Daily, more and more people are becoming aware that what they are being told is not what they see is happening.

Some of us have been aware of this for a long time but people had a hard time accepting what we have been exposing.

President Donald J. Trump had made a big setback to the plan of the Cabal and now when they are “back in power” they have been forced to rapidly recover the lost ground by accelerating their agenda. This has made their dark deeds much more visible.

To most people, even the accelerated process is not strong enough to be able to wake them up.

Unfortunately, there is no more time left and harsh things will happen to those who are still sleeping.

What does it mean when I say “not enough time is left?”

Our galaxy is going through a part of the Universe with a specific resonance that is changing/meta forming all life of our galaxy. We call this event evolution.

We are rapidly approaching the D day, and those who will not be able to raise their frequency will have a hard time and some will not make it at all.

The following article that I will publish the next Tuesday will describe the way I feel what is going on.

This is why so many need to die from vaccination so that at least those who are close to them can be shocked enough to realize that there is something wrong going on.

Those people who are aware have woken up and will not take the jab.

Since the planes for a nuclear Armageddon have collapsed, medicine has become the last weapon to be used in the desperate attempt of the Cabal to hold onto the power, to control us, and depopulate the planet.

A none existing disease has been used to justify the destruction of the world’s economy, and to scare the population into accepting poisonous vaccines that are designed to bring death.

Still, there are many people unable to see what is going on, and most likely, they will never wake up.

This Wu-flu show is claiming many lives but not in the way people are being told.

Hospitals and doctors are being handsomely rewarded by the Cabal for every Wu-flu claim and especially for every declared Wu-flu death.

Now, the Satanic medical Mafia is committing atrocities not only by falsely promoting and supporting lies about this non-existing disease, but they are also using this opportunity to harvest organs from unsuspecting victims, killing them, and blaming it all on the “dangerous Wu-flu infestation.”

Those who die in hospital are placed into the sealed coffins so that no one can see them.

Their families are being told that this is done because of the highly contagious Wu-flu virus, as a measure to prevent its spreading.

Just recently here one of my friends told me about her family friend that has disregarded this order and they have opened the sealed coffin of their son who went to the hospital because of congestion and died there.

To their horror, their son’s eyes were missing.

They did not undress him but if they would have done so, they would have also noticed that his organs were missing as well.

There is a business over a business, a money grab going on.

Doctors are receiving bribes, killing people under the pretense of the Wu-flu, getting rewarded for it, and making extra huge amounts of money by selling the harvested organs.

If there would have been such a dangerous disease, the organs would have been unusable.

The truth is easily spotted and yet, the majority of people are still not moved by it.

The great amount of money being offered for lies is difficult to resist. This is why we are being lied to by so many different, seemingly independent, sources of information.

Since the wrong information is being promoted for a long time, many people who are searching for the truth are being misled by having faith in the teachings of the past.

This is the reason why are so many researchers being wrong.

People are looking for the answers in the same pile of information that was manipulated to create chaos in which we are living now.

Those who are awakened and try to find the truth, are noticing that everything is cyclical.

“What goes around, comes around.”, this brings a logical solution that is based on the previous events.

Well, they do not realize that a new force is in play that is using the cyclic effect as a shadow behind a great change that is occurring which has brought us out of the cyclical effect.

A brilliant/divine plan was created by the Alliance/White Hats and President Donald J. Trump which uses the cyclical expectation to their advantage by creating a smoke-screen behind which the true events are occurring.

What we are being shown is what we are expecting to happen.

Our focus is on those events we are expecting to see, while the destruction of the cycle is being kept out of focus.

This is delaying the counteraction of the Cabal.

Everyone is confused, including the Cabal.

This confusion is what made it possible for a handful of awakened souls to destroy the immensely powerful Cabal.

Yes, you heard me right.

The Cabal has been destroyed and what we are presently being shown is a movie about what would have happened if the Cabal had won.

The only reason why we are shown this movie is to try to awaken more souls and so that they can help by holding the light during the upcoming main event which I will describe in the following article the way I feel it happening since there is no information about it that I can find elsewhere.

I have learned to trust my intuition as the word of the creator that is leading all of us, but very few have learned to follow.

It leads me in discovering the truth related to our health, manifestation, and our divinity.

What I will reveal will sound crazy the same way as my teachings related to our health sounded ridiculous when first I started to reveal them.

As the saying goes, “when you are ready, the master appears”, I was asked the question and the time has come for the question to be answered.

Until the next article, love, and light to us all.

Thank you for being strong, and keep holding the light.

p.s. I have started to publish my videos on the Bitcuteso those videos that the Youtube took down, you can see there.

What are toxins, and what is the mechanism through which they make us sick?

In medical school, we are being told that there are several principles or pathways through which our health can be affected, and each of those pathways has its distinctive mechanism of action that requires a specific approach/cure.

When we go to see the doctor, something is bothering us but in general, we react only if the pain becomes unbearable, or we break down with a fever or a strong skin inflammation.

The first thing that doctor does is to check the pulse, the blood pressure and analyzes the blood for its values.

If nothing extraordinary is found, we are pronounced healthy and the problems are stress-related. “It is all in your head” we are being told.

If microorganisms are being found and the white blood cell count is up, we are being told that we have a bacterial/fungal/parasitic infection.

If no microorganisms are found but the symptoms tell us that this is what is going on, we put the blame on a virus.

If we notice a change in the hormonal values and no pathogen was detected, we put the blame on the adrenal gland, pre-existing genetically influenced condition, or we blame any change in our routine being it the change of diet or menopause.

Usually, doctors can calm down the symptoms by poisoning the body with medicinally approved poisons, and when this no longer works, another group of diseases appears which we have named the autoimmune diseases.

As you can see, the toxins are never mentioned and there is a reason for this.

“Do not bring the culprit to the light. You can be parasitic just not antisemitic”.

So let us examine, what does the word toxin mean?

On the quantum level, any frequency that can alter the frequency of our body is a toxic frequency, is a toxin.

Since our reality is nothing more than our mind’s interpretation of frequencies which are projected to our consciousness through the light and our senses, the toxins can be seen or experienced through various forms.

Our brain can make us aware of toxic frequencies in the form of a chemical that enters our body through the digestive or respiratory tract, or through the skin.

The brain can manifest toxins as a particular sound, a color of light, odor, but there are toxic frequencies that our brain is not programmed to interpret. We refer to them simply as electromagnetic radiation.

Since our cells do not possess programmed brains, they can only be aware of toxic frequencies in their original quantum vibrational form, and we call this energetic field to which our cells are exposed to as their cellular environment.

When the cellular environment changes, the cells themselves have to undergo a change. They have to adapt to the changing environment.

To be able to do this, they need to receive instructions. This instructional manual for the cellular adaptation to the changes in their environment we call the genetic expression.

Genes are the blueprints that cells read to adjust themselves to the existing environment. This means that when the environment changes, a particular genetic blueprint will be opened so that the cell can survive.

This means that the gene expression is always changing with the change of the cellular environment/vibrational field.

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The understanding of how the body reacts on the quantum level helps us to become aware of the toxic potential of our own brain since our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with.

When we say that this man/woman is toxic, this is what they actually are to you but not because of their frequency, but because of the frequency, your brain produces as a reaction to your emotions that are created when you think of those “toxic” people.

Those people who feel hate toward something or someone, are often suffering from chronic health problems. It is not revenge of God.

They are simply poisoning themselves constantly with their own toxic vibration.

There is no way a doctor can see this by analyzing your blood, but since genetic expression has to change so that you can continue living while being in the state of hate, the blood analysis will show changes in the hormonal activity, and since your emotions are creating a toxic vibration, your own cells go into a stress mode.

They stop to hydrate and cleanse. The longer we stay in the state of anger or disgust, the more dehydrated the cells become which, in a long run will provoke a forced hydration/inflammation.

When we cannot stand someone because he/she has a toxic character, he/she has no power to harm us. We are harming ourselves by creating toxic thoughts towards them. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth but we are the ones who are punching ourselves and creating damage to our own bodies.

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It is necessary for us to detoxify, so follow the Self Healers Protocol and maintain a smile on your face.

You cannot harbor toxic thoughts with a smile on your face.

You don’t believe this?

Try it for yourself. Put a smile on your face try to yell at someone, then let me know what has happened.

Love and light to us all.

Is your diet carcinogenic?

The amount of money people spend yearly in an attempt to keep themselves healthy is astonishing.

Some people spend a lot of money buying health insurance, some spend it on prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical poisons/medication, and some spend their money buying supplements and products that the alternative health industry is recommending, and some get all of this monthly.

The disease that people fear the most is cancer.

This is why there has been an entire industry created under the pretense of curing cancer, while not a single thing is done to actually heal the body or to prevent cancer from occurring.

Everywhere we look, there is something that reminds us of that dreadful disease.

We can see it in advertisements, in movies, novels, talk-shows…

The fine print of many products contains information of some carcinogenic element that the product contains and this involves also some packaged foods.

The word “carcinogenic” is emphasized on products that we are being encouraged not to use.

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We are being poisoned on purpose, plant-based foods are being promoted and animal-based food is being bashed as being carcinogenic when heated.

We are being indoctrinated to trust what we are being told so the lies are being repeated by any means available and they are constantly in our face.

We are indoctrinated to believe them, so what will the result of this constant cancer-mongering be?

More cancer.

We are creators of our “reality”.

When we know that we are being exposed to a carcinogen, we start expecting cancer to develop.

Knowing and expectation, result with the creation. It is as simple as that.

Add to this a strong toxic poisonous medical treatment and the medical cure results in suffering and death.

No surprise there, but for all of this advertising and “curring”, someone has to pay, so the costs of “dealing” with cancer are rising all of the time, while nobody is being healed.

Scientists are pointing to toxic Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are formed on burned meat and fat as highly toxic/carcinogenic compounds, warning us not to eat meat and to switch to a vegetable-based diet.

Now as we are awakening, we are becoming aware that whatever we are told is the opposite of the truth, could this be the same when cancer is in play?

I can tell you with 100% certainty, that this is so.

You will not find any type of cancer in people who eat correctly, ketogenic diet.

Every colon cancer I have seen was on people who have been consuming a lot of starches and cooked vegetables. Most of them also ate meat, but some were strict vegetarians.

Still, meat consumption was being blamed for their ill-health.

It does not matter to doctors what they see, they are trained to trust only what they have been told. This is why nothing is changing and the poisoning of people is continuing, now more than ever before.

Cancer foundations are springing on every corner.

Strong expensive drugs are being promoted.

New sophisticated diagnostic equipment is being implemented and all of it is used to create more cancer and cure nothing.

None of those things that are being promoted as being carcinogenic are actually causing the creation of cancer in the body.

They just contribute to the overall increase in the toxic load of the body which can in certain circumstances cause the formation of cancer.

None of the so-called carcinogens actually causes cancer on their own and our bodies can easily cleanse them out if enough plasma is provided.

This is why we are being indoctrinated to fear the salt and lately even from drinking water because “it has been polluted”.

I have been living on the grilled animal-based proteins, being it fish, chicken, or red meat since I was living on a sailboat for over 24 years and there is no way that you will find any cancer or cancer gene in my body.

There are no age-spots on my skin, and no wrinkles to talk about.

Since I have stopped consuming dietary glucose I started to appear younger and not just in the way I look, but also in the way I feel.

I am back on a motorcycle, just got a mountain-bike and Rollerblades so that I can practice hockey again.

My wife and I are growing younger and all of this is the result of the Self Healing Protocol, the guide to the correct diet and hydration.

Through the false information we are being poisoned and kept in fear so that we cannot discover the truth and free ourselves from slavery, and yes, we have all become slaves to the system that only a few control.

As long as we continue believing what we are being told by the officials and “superiors”, and doing what is recommended by them, we continue to be slaves, suffer, and die prematurely.

Now is the last minute for us to wake up.

Snap out of it and smell the roses. This will be good for your body, and your soul.

Love and light to us all.

Dry fasting & does our body produce its own water?

We have all experienced thirst at some point in our life, and the desperation that we feel when we are not able to drink while being thirsty because there was nothing to drink.

Just the thought of not having water available can bring this desperation and intensify our need for water.

The proponents of the dry fasting claim that this is the best way to detoxify the body and after all, our body produces water when it works properly, so there is no need to drink water during the fasting period because the body is in self-digesting mode, destroying its accumulated toxins and unnecessary tissues, it is healing and producing water which it uses to cleanse the leftover toxicity out of the body.

To prove this, they use the appearance of dark urine as proof of a strong cleansing effect.

Let’s use the true understanding of our body and our reality, and dissect this theory.

What is the mechanism by which water is being produced within the body?

At the very beginning of the cellular water-production theory, we find an error.

The theory begins with a statement that cells use glycogen (human carbohydrate as they wrongly refer to) as their basic fuel.

Since every glucose molecule contains hydrogen and oxygen, the production of energy commences within the mitochondria without the need for oxygen.

Since the oxygen is provided anyway, the cell produces two waste products that have to be eliminated and those are CO2 and H2O (carbon dioxide and water).

After all, this is very logical when biochemistry is consulted.

I have mentioned throughout my articles that biochemistry is used to confuse us through its complicated formulas and infinity of possible connections through which just about any theory can be explained, and make perfect sense.

Through observation, we often can see that what we have been told makes absolutely no sense, but we have been indoctrinated into trusting our science beyond our understanding so believe what you have been told and not what you can see.

Let’s assume that what is being told about cellular water production is correct.

Wouldn’t then be logical that cancer cells would be well hydrated because they really depend on glucose as the cellular fuel since their CO2 level is so high that oxygen cannot displace it.

Without the oxygen supply, fat cannot be used in those cells for energy production.

After all, we know that cancer cells are loaded with nagalase, which is an enzyme that cells need for glucose manipulation, and we know that the blood that exits cancer has lower levels of glucose from the blood that had entered cancer.

If the cellular water production theory would have been correct, cancer cells would have to be producing the most water and therefore be well hydrated.

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But what we can actually observe is that cancer cells are so dehydrated that they look like a prune.

:Now, this observation should be a clear example of a wrong theory, but again is anyone really thinking?

After all, we have been told a scientific theory that was confirmed by the study.

Yes, and if you believe it, I have the Brooklyn bridge to sell.

Carboholics should be the most hydrated creatures on this planet because only people use glucose as their primary fuel after they have reprogrammed their cells through their “healthy” plant-eating diet that shortened their lives, and made them sickly, and dehydrated.

Even those, from the truth separated “experts”, are observing and noticing that while dry-fasting their urine becomes dark, they contribute the dak urine to the strong cellular detox when those toxins that were not converted to the cellular fuel are being expelled from the body.

“The darker is the urine, the stronger is the detoxification effect”, they say.

When we use the wrong premises, the conclusion will be wrong as well.

Two wrongs do not make one good, this should be obvious to everyone, but no to the “experts”, I guess.

So if their view about the dark urine is incorrect, why is the urine becoming darker longer we are in the dry-fast.

Because our body is getting dehydrated and saves water by not eliminating water through urination unless the urine becomes saturated with the expelled toxins.

The more dehydrated we are the more toxic will be our urine, and a smaller amount of it will be eliminated.

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Why do the Bedu people of Sahara drink a small quantity of water, and make sure that they consume plenty of sea salt?

Because they have observed that if they drink more water, they urinate more and become more thirsty, especially if they do not consume enough salt.

What is happening there?

The water in our body is calibrated to its mineral content (salts), for the highest possible electric conductivity.

If we drink more water, the balance of the mineral electrolyte is disturbed and the body eliminates the water it cannot properly calibrate to the salt content. We sweat and urinate it out.

When the water intake matches the salt intake, the plasma level rises.

Everyone who has done the Self Healers Protocol has experienced that as soon as the plasma level in the body has increased, the blood cleansing commences which makes them urinate a lot.

This means that if Bedu people would drink a lot of water, they would perspire and urinate it out, losing more minerals in the process which would dehydrate them even more.

If they would drink a lot of water and use plenty of salt, the increase of plasma level in the blood would have triggered the blood cleansing mechanism, and they would urinate and sweat a lot.

By drinking a small amount of water and making sure that enough salt was consumed, they maintain their plasma levels steady, but low enough to discourage the blood cleansing mechanism from kicking in.

This shows that those who think that dry-fasting intensifies the cellular detoxification process, are being mislead.

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Once we understand the true mechanism of our robot we cal the body, we can easily figure out why the body reacts the way it does.

If you want to know the truth, forget about the manipulated science and read my book “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body”.

Every health professional should read it because we cannot help anybody when we do not understand why our body reacts the way it does.

If my work is benefiting you, please make a donation and be part of the human awakening process.

It is obvious that no organization is supporting this new understanding since the entire fraudulent medical, pharmaceutical, and supplement industry would have collapsed instantly.

So please support me through donations and by spreading this crucial knowledge that will free us from the clutches of the Cabal.

Love and light to us all.

Diet and spirituality

Although we often say that we are feeling like we are in Heaven after we have been eating a delicious meal, we do not actually mean that the food had spiritually empowered us.

We are simply expressing the level of pleasure we had received consuming that meal.

Unfortunately, more and more people are finding themselves influenced by religious teachings which then influence the way they chose what to eat and what not to eat.

Those teachings have nothing to do with science or observation. They are based purely on ideas and beliefs. In some cases, observations are being done and used as an explanation for the dietary recommendation, but only if it is convenient in promoting the type of food we agree with.

Most observations are done by observing people who eat the wrong food and their body’s reaction to a change in their diet.

This is the same faulty tactic that medical scientists do.

They use the data of people who are on the wrong type of diet as the correct data for a healthy human. There is no surprise when a human who eats correctly has different blood values from a glucoholic, whose blood values have been altered by the change of their genome.

The whole dumbing of humanity has started through the introduction of the forbidden food to our diet. The forbidden food is called starch/glucose/carbohydrate.

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I am often confronted with people’s comments “you say that you don’t eat carbohydrates but you use bananas in your shake”, and to show how smart they are they add, “the banana is a carbohydrate, you know?”

People have become so brainwashed, opinionated, and so afraid, that they are frightened to use their brain and voice their opinion if it would have been contrary to what was being promoted by the authority, being it the professor, media, or political view.

The most common distributors of false information are the so-called educated, well-read people that have never tried to verify anything of what they preach.

The Internet is full of them, but so are the schools.

The base of the scientific knowledge has become “he said, she said” parrot talk where everyone adds some of its own interpretation that is based on the faulty information from their programing of indoctrination.

The most important thing has become the diploma and the license/permission to spew stupidity.

Science and rational thinking have given away to righteousness and feelings.

Some people are aware of the changes that are happening and they want to be part of the “conscious crowd”, proclaiming to be the light-workers and spiritually advanced/more connected, while in fact, their behavior suggests otherwise.

Many are claiming that to be able to raise our consciousness, people have to stop consuming animal protein to be “lighter” so that they are able to ascend.

Some people and even channelers are suggesting that grains are God-given food.

Many times I was confronted by people saying if this was not our food, why would have God created it?

To those I say, why don’t you chew on stone and poisonous mushrooms?

The opinions that are religion influenced are among the most powerful mind-controlling mechanisms/programs.

While one religion prohibits you from eating pork, in another, pork is the most valuable source of nutrition.

One religion prevents you from eating a cow while a cow is the most popular source of animal protein in most of the world.

Not only that there is scientific proof that the religious claims are incorrect, but we can also clearly see that they make no sense since it is visible that those who eat that kind of prohibited food are doing well.

On the other hand, I had numerous experiences of talking to vegans and vegetarians who are preaching how healthy their diet is while they are plagued by allergies, skin rashes, and multiple digestive problems.

Often a Freudian slip reveals the truth about the food that they had to eat which was the fish or eggs for some time to recover their health, but as soon as they felt better, they have resumed their “correct” way of eating.

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If that is not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is.

The views that are indoctrinated through religion and high school programming overpower the ability of rational thinking and people do not realize how ridiculous their statements are.

All logic has disappeared.

They believe in what they are being told and reject what they themselves see and experience.

What is the base of their diet? Dietary glucose.

So, do we have to be surprised?

The Anunnaki have used the same method to dumb down the human race so that they can enslave it.

I have just spoken to a friend who used to have a strong body of a bodybuilder when he was consuming animal protein. He went to India for spiritual growth and became vegetarian.

The religious experience has turned into a “spiritual” one where he became a vegan.

Today he is skin and bones, with failing health and unable to overcome his “spiritually” influenced dietary beliefs.

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During my experimentation, while searching for truth, I was a vegetarian for six months. My senses had shifted so much that I could not enter a meat department to buy meat for my wife. The odor reminded me of my days in medical school when I was dissecting corpses.

I had no problem being vegetarian since the health issues caused by this type of diet creep slowly, but as soon as I have switched to the vegan diet, I have noticed my body shifting and being drained.

I had to stop this nonsense after two months.

Going back to eating the animal-based foods took several days of adjustments and my body had sprung into life again.

The strongest positive change that any type of diet had done to my body, and the clarity of my mind that came with it, was when I have dropped all dietary carbohydrates and have started to consume only raw animal products.

It took just three weeks and my body and my mind started shedding the fog that was imprisoning them. I have started noticing the lightness in them both.

We have to start to understand the essence of our “reality”. It is a frequency.

Anything that we eat in a raw state has the correct frequency and what we heat up, changes/alters this frequency making it potentially toxic to our body.

The only predominant source of calories in the plant is glucose which is unleashed during the cooking process.

Raw food vegans are committing themselves to starvation, and to survive, they have to ingest some dietary glucose, so some food has to be cooked.

Claiming that the killing of animals for food is an act of cruelty preventing us from achieving a spiritual connection is a manufactured nonsensical belief that proves one disconnect from God itself.

Are tigers, lions, cats, and other carnivores evil? Are they not God’s creatures?

The plants are more connected to the creator/God than the animals are, so isn’t it sacrilegious to kill and eat them?

There is nothing worst than an “expert” with a marginal understanding that feels empowered to lecture everyone on the topic of its beliefs.

Unfortunately for all of us, just open the Internet and you will be flooded exactly with the information that is coming from such people.

Open your mind and allow new information to penetrate. Be like the child, open to everything. The more information your brain has, the better it can serve you, but above all, experiment. Your experience will make it true.

Love and light to us all.

What to eat during the healing process with the SHP

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Since the awakening has started, more and more people are reaching for the SHP to help their aching bodies.

We are in a particular time of vibrational change of our universe which is affecting our genetic expression, and changing our cellular structure.

These changes are energy demanding which makes us tired. We are waking up in the morning more tired than we were when we went to bed.

On top of this, if the body is toxic, the cleansing of those toxins further robs us of energy which makes it difficult to pinpoint the true cause of our tiredness.

The blame always tends to fall on something palpable. This means that if you have changed your diet, the food will be blamed.

If you have started drinking plasma (water with sea salt), the salt will be the culprit.

If you have changed your routine, this will be the cause of the way you feel although it may have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Our thoughts will contribute to the confusion by creating a placebo or a nocebo effect which may further increase our weakness.

I am mentioning this so that you become aware of the possibility that your lack of energy may have nothing to do with the culprit you are blaming.

Since it is very difficult to find pristine food, water and salt, these days, the most effective way for reprogramming our body on the genetic level is to fast for a minimum of 3 days since a 72 hour period is required for a cellular change.

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By not eating, we are preventing further poisoning of our bodies. This allows for the correct vibration to take place which stimulates the correct genes to be activated and the proper cellular functioning to be established.

Since not many people are willing to fast or are afraid of it, there is a way that we can eat without bringing toxic elements into the body, or immediately flushing them out so that the effect of the proper vibration is achieved without the need for fasting.

What is the source of energy in our body during the fasting period?

It is our fat deposits.

This means that during fasting, our cells use triglycerides as their energy source.

To be able to supply an adequate level of energy/electricity, our cells will activate an adequate number of mitochondria which could be up to 4000 per cell.

By the divine design, our cells are programmed to use triglycerides as their source of energy at all times but we have been tricked to change this by eating the incorrect food that the Bible calls the forbidden fruit.

This forbidden fruit is known to us under the name glucose and it is brought into our body through ingestion of cooked and processed carbohydrates and vegetables.

The glucose is a type of sugar that is not sweet. Another name for it is starch.

This means that when our “experts” tell you not to eat the sweet stuff we call sugar, they are lying to you because sweetness comes from fructose which is harmless to our health unless glucose is involved.

Once glucose reprograms our genome, fructose becomes the problem as well since its absorption into the blood will be amplified.

This means that we can maintain the correct workings of our cells when eating if we eliminate the “forbidden food” from our diet.

Since we are all toxic on the cellular level, we have to detoxify and for this, we need plenty of plasma (water with minerals/sea salt).

The problem is that cells will refuse to absorb the plasma if there is a trace of some toxic element in the blood.

Since plants cannot run and hide from their predator, they protect themselves with toxic proteins.

Especially protected is their reproductive material, the seeds, and none ripe fruits that house them.

This is why the broccoli is toxic since we are eating it while it is green.

As long as we ingest plants, we are being poisoned enough for our cells to refuse to hydrate, and since we do not consume salt, the blood is not being cleansed enough and cellular poisoning is a daily occurrence.

Here is a simple and easy dietary protocol that will make cellular hydration and reprogramming possible without the need for fasting.

Start your day by drinking one liter of plasma.

Wait an hour for the plasma to flush your digestive tract and to enter your blood.

Then if you are hungry, and only eat when you are hungry and not when you think that it is the time to eat, make yourself a banana shake.

Put into a blender one cup of natural yogurt, 2 or more raw eggs, two or more ripe sweet bananas, and 2-4 spoons of coconut oil.

Blend this and if it is too thick, add a bit of water but keep it as thick as possible because it is your food and not a drink.

Eat it slowly as you would eat a Greek yogurt so that your saliva can be mixed with it and the digestion takes place.

This is all raw food with its correct state of vibration. There is the protein your body needs, the fat and fat-soluble vitamins.

You will get energized with this drink and the need for eating will be suppressed for many hours.

If you are going to work hard, use more eggs. There is no limit so if you want you can put 10 eggs into the shake for more calories.

Remember, the banana is raw so the glucose/carbohydrates are coated with cellulose and cannot be digested. The banana is there just to increase the volume of the food, and to make it pleasant to drink.

For lunch, you can have any kind of meat from worms to the cow, but do not overcook it so that the protein does not coagulate.

The fish is cooked as soon as you can separate the meat from the bones.

Other types of meat can be seared so that the flavor we are used to is there, but the meat is actually raw.

Only the raw meat gets digested correctly since it has its own digestive enzymes to do the job.

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There are some great and tasty recipes of food that are composed of raw meat. My preferred one is called Carpaccio.

The meat should not be eaten with any side dish but if you need to eat it with something else, use avocado or raw banana.

Do not eat for dinner. You want your stomach empty when you go to the bed so that there is no digestion going on.

This will allow plenty of energy to be used during your sleep for cellular hydration, cleansing, and reparation.

If you have to put something in your mouth, drink a glass of fresh milk.

You can find many food recipes on the Internet that involve raw meat so have a look there.

During the hydration and cleansing period, plenty of energy will be needed so you will be losing weight.

This is a good thing because, within the deposits of fat in our body, there are plenty of stored toxins that have to be cleansed, so as we are losing weight, we are simultaneously detoxifying.

As the toxic level of your body diminishes, less energy will be needed and your weight will start to increase.

We can easily control our weight by adjusting the amount of animal fat in our diet.

There is no simplest, cheapest, and more effective way to heal and regain our youthfulness than by following the Self Healers Protocol which this type of diet is a part of.

Enjoy your rejuvenation process.

Love and light to us all.