Are you getting sluggish in bed?

I wrote about erectile problems before but as the time goes on, more and more man are experiencing erectile problems in earlier and earlier age. This may be very nerve racking especially if you are young and courting . So here I will explain what we are subjected to in our daily lives, the mechanics of penis and how to go about achieving the best erection possible.

Here is a schematic of penile anatomy

Male reproductive organs, cross-section.

As you can see there are two big arteries responsible of supplying corpus cavernose of penis with the blood and there is one vein responsible to take the blood a way. Corporus cavernose is like a sponge that is surrounded with strong connective tissue called tunica albuginea. For the erection to occur penile dorsal vein has to get constricted. This will slow down bloods return to the heart. So as blood keeps entering corpus cavernose and cannot exit with the same speed the cavernous body will start to inflame. This is what happens in every inflammatory process only the chemistry behind it is different.

As the blood is filling cavernose body the penis expands to the limits of tunica albuginea and then since tunica has limited flexibility, penis starts to get harder and harder. This internal pressure increases the constriction of dorsal vein and the blood becomes trapped within penis. As long ans dorsal vein stays under the pressure, erection will be present.

What are the requirements for good erection?

Healthy blood supply (healthy arteries, vein and circulation)

Healthy and flexible muscles especially of the pelvic floor.

Healthy and responsive connective tissue (tunica albuginea)

Healthy autonomous nervous system.

Healthy and clear mind.

Nowadays the bad diet that is full of feminine hormones (natural and artificial)  interferes with male hormones that are necessary for sexual stimulation of man. But more than that, sugar loaded food acidifies the body and causes changes within the cellular structure.

So how does that affect the erection?

Cellular structure of arteries and veins changes. They become less flexible. As far as erection goes, if dorsal vein becomes more rigid, it will be required more pressure to constrict the blood flow. If the pelvic floor muscles are dehydrated they have trouble to constrict and pull on tunica albuginea to constrict the dorsal vein. If not constricted enough, to much blood will escape and weak or non existent erection will occur.

All these reactions are put in motion under the influence of nervous system. Even though our conscious mind triggers the effect, erection is controlled by our sub conscious mind, we do not have to be thinking about sex during the act and erection will be present. Now here is another reason a lot of men have problem obtaining and keeping erection. Sub conscious mind is trained by repetition. If we are exposed to a lot of stimulation it will get desensitized. This is where watching the porn gets in the way of erection. The influence of pornography on loss of erection is not mentioned nearly enough and majority of men do not know about it and when it is mentioned no one believes it. In fact the impact that pornography has on sexual stimulation is tremendous and it is a main reason young guys cannot keep it up these days. Besides spending hours behind computer weakens pelvic floor muscles and ad to it dry not flexible vein and connective tissue and you have a problem on your hands my friend.

Many young man watching porn think that their penis has to be large size to satisfy woman. Although some women prefer large penis, majority do not because intercourse with large penis is painful so they cannot relax and enjoy the sex. If finger and tongue can bring woman to an orgasm I am sure your penis will to. Women are way more sensual, sensitive and the love they feel towards their partner has major effect for achieving an orgasm. So stop wasting your time on watching the pornography and focus on life.

Changing the diet is very important. Substitute carbohydrates with meat and fat. Hydrate with water and sea salt, be active and play sports. Keep a way from poisons like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and medicinal remedies and above all stop watching porn.

There is a sleeping test one can implement to determine if the erectile problem is caused by poor blood circulation or it is mental. During the sleep man has two erections. One is at about midnight and the other is at around 4 am. If those erections are good, there is no physical problem but only mental issues are the cause. This is where watching the porn may be the culprit.

Love and light





Solving problems utilizing the same knowledge that caused them is a LOST CAUSE

Mi friend Mark send me this video asking me of my opinion about it.

Obviously something was bothering him about it as he has inquisitive mind himself.

Here is the video;


Video is about India and their struggle for pure water. Everyone should have access to good water this goes without a question but money is being wasted on things that has nothing to do with health and wrong things are being blamed as culprits of human suffering and disease.

For one, the video is most obvious example of poor observation. At the first glance we can see how Indian people look much healthier than those aid workers, “experts” that are supposingly bringing health into the region. We are so used to see unhealthy health professional that we do not even expect to see healthy looking individual instructing us about health. Wherever I go, I encounter diabetes specialist with diabetes, cardiologist with hypertension, dietitians with obesity…this has become a norm and no one is asking questions. Something is very wrong with this picture, don’t you think?

Going back to the video I do agree that the water should be filtered to get the mud out of it. No one wants to drink muddy water. But blaming salt for health problems, kidney stones in particularly, just shows how unprofessional the help really is and how poor knowledge those “scientists” have when it come to health.

If salty water would be the cause of kidney stones sea water divers would be in a lot of trouble, instead they are the picture of health. Kidney stones are more than 80 % crystallized uric acid. Uric acid will crystallize in the body when the concentration reaches critical point and uric acid is not expelled from the body. The reason uric acid is not expelled from the body is insufficient water levels in the blood so cleansing organs are saving the water allowing uric acid to remain in the body. Body has to store the acid and remove it from the blood so that the blood can maintain alkalinity. So the uric acid crystallizes inside of the kidneys and articulation causing what we call diseases.

Now what produces high amount of uric acid? Not the consumption of meat as we are being brainwashed to believe but sugars, fructose in particular. So where does the fructose come from? Coca-Cola and other poisonous garbage that is being available everywhere and sells for almost the same price as purified water itself. I see it everywhere I go. Even here in Amazonia where the people are really poor they think that they are getting more for their buck buying that garbage instead of getting filtered water.

Here is how this poison is advertised


Not only those poisonous drinks but heavy carbohydrate loaded diet promotes acidic body and uric acid build-up in the body especially if not enough salty water is being consumed. Yes you have read this correctly. Salty water is necessary for hydration so it can in no way or shape be the cause of kidney stones.

The water has to be tested to determine the chemical composition of the water and its safety but salinity can only improve peoples health and not undermine it.

Filtering the water and removing the sludge is one think and then exposing the water to UV light for sterilization. Now we have something going that makes sense.

We have to start utilizing our brain. Replace experts with free thinking people and we are going to see positive results.

Love and light my family





Stomach ulcer or gastric ulcer is very common health disorder or dis ease.  Only people suffering from this uncomfortable problem know how difficult it is to really pinpoint the true cause of it and how difficult it is to control it.

No one is really surprised because there are not many things that doctors can cure and healing is considered a miracle. This is in particularly true for ulcer.

Many people have to live with this painful health problem only by controlling the pain under their doctors supervision.  Why is this so?

So let us see what they teach us about stomach ulcer.

What is the cause?

H. pylori    a bacteria that naturally is part of intestinal fauna

Medication like anti inflammatory, ibuprofen, aspirin…

Excess of stomach acid



Smoking cigarettes

No wonder doctors have difficulty managing this health problem since the true culprit causing ulcer is not even considered.

What is the real culprit?

A lack of water and salt.

As ridiculous as this may sound, here I will explain what happens in the stomach.

When food enters the stomach, hydrochloric acid is produced to start breaking the protein. Stomach lining prevents this acid to touch cellular wall of the stomach so that the acid does not injure the cells. Whenever the acid does touch the cells of stomach wall, sharp burning pain occurs. The reason stomach lining can prevent the contact of the acid with cellular wall is sodium bicarbonate. Both the acid and sodium bicarbonate are produced in the same reaction within the membrane that lines the stomach. Acid is released into the stomach and sodium bicarbonate remains in the lining protecting the stomach by neutralizing the acid that penetrates back into the lining and in this way preventing the acid to get in touch with the cellular wall of the stomach.

To be able to produce hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate the cells within the lining need water, sodium, chlorine and carbon dioxide.

Sodium and chlorine they get from salt (sodium chloride)

Carbon dioxide comes from the blood as product of cellular metabolism CO2.

Water we must drink.

Now you can see another reason we must have salt in our diet and plenty of it if we eat meat. Of course it is the sea salt I am talking about since no other salt comes even close with the health benefits sea salt provides.

If there is not enough of salt or water, small amount of sodium bicarbonate will be produced and it will not be able to properly protect the cellular wall of the stomach causing acid to touch cells and damage them. This causes a burning pain and if it is allowed to persist it will damage the stomach causing it to bleed or even rupture.

Since doctors are not trained to heal but only alleviate the pain they prescribe anti acids, medication that neutralizes acid in the stomach or prevents acid from forming. Both are terrible things for our health since they prevent proper digestion to take place and in no way or shape do they help the stomach to heal.

Helicobacter pylori is never a problem, it is just an innocent bystander that is in doctors frustration of not solving the problem blamed to cause it. Similar to a bad police work where some poor sole ends up paying for bad police work and just happen to pass by at the wrong moment of time and ends up being blamed as a guilty party!

Stress will improve the adds for development of stomach ulcer because it stops cellular hydration process by robbing the cells of energy required and for not providing adequate energy to the chemical processes to take a place of manufacturing the sodium bicarbonate and stomach acid. But stress will not cause this problem on its own, only if water and salt are low and the cells are dehydrated to begin with.

When we are well hydrated, and this we cannot achieve without adequate amount of sea salt and water, medication mentioned earlier can not cause ulcer so whatever we are told about the causes of stomach ulcers is incorrect. No wonder doctors cannot solve the puzzle. Why this medication will not cause problems? Because well hydrated body will not have multiple inflammation going on since inflammation strikes only toxic, dehydrated and acidic cells. Well hydrated body does not have such a problem.

So what do we do when we feel burning pain in the stomach?

Drink two glasses of water with a pinch of sea salt in it. If in four minutes the pain does not go a way, drink another glass or two and the pain will go a way.

The pain was indication of dehydrated body so do not wait to get there. Start hydrating and avoid those problems. This is called prevention of disease. If you follow Self Healers Protocol, you will prevent to have to deal with health problem like this and many if not all other health problems that could affect your health.

Love and light




SOY, healthy miracle food or poison?

For over 13 years I am revealing the truth about toxicity of vegetarian and vegan diets. Showing the facts of metabolism and necessity of animal based proteins and saturated fat for healthy and strong body. For this, those “thriving” on vegetable based products consider me the public enemy # 1. Animal hater, blind and not in touch with nature.

Nothing can be further from the truth and I always try to explain what led me to form my belief. For years I was bombarded with “proves” of animal fat causing heart problems and animal protein causing arthritis and cancer.  Vegetable lovers were pointing of vegetable based protein and fat substitutes and how using animals for food is unnecessary and cruel, fuelling the evil meat industry.

What made me start investigating the dietary recommendations spread by the government schooling system was my attendance of vegetarian summit in New York some 35 years ago. Prior to that, I have never seen such big bunch of unhealthy looking people in one place. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. How can those people think that they are healthy? Don’t they look at themselves in the mirror?

There were basically two groups. Majority were fat and those that wear not they were skinny and drained. It all depends if they eat predominantly starches or raw vegetables.

Little by little it became obvious how saturated fat has nothing to do with cholesterol build up and that sugars are to blame. So the scape goat now is fructose, the only sugar in nature that is safe for us and readily available. So we are instructed to shy a way from fruits and sweet vegetables since the sweetness comes from fructose. Another trick implemented by corrupt science and mislead know it all specialist who have read and studied all the scientific data available but have forgotten to look around and see how nature functions. And as far as animal protein goes, vegetarian have the perfect substitute,tofu. Matter of fact soy has become the vegetarian staple food, from its protein and oil to its milk. Much healthier then animal products and hypo-allergenic as they claim. Those claims come from well read experts looking for alternatives. It is incredible how lies spread quickly and grab the hold while truth limps around never to be embraced.

My friend send me this article on soy;

I recommend that you read it. You will never touch a single soy product as long as you live. It does not even matter if it is GM modified or not as it is toxic on its own.

We have to stop trust the government and their experts. Look, observe, compare and make your own decision my friends.

Love and light




OEDEMA and how to deal with it.

What is oedema (edema) ?

Oedema is swelling caused by water retention. Water           seeps through the capillary system and accumulates in the tissue. Usually affected are feet, ankles, wrists, fingers,stomach and pulmonary cavities.

If you google oedema and look what is said about it you will get the picture how if you eliminate water from the body you will solve the problem. How ridiculous but yet usage of diuretics is the treatment of choice. Diuretic does just that, forces the body to eliminate them because of their toxicity and by doing so, eliminate vast amount of water from the body in the process.

To know what to do to eliminate oedema, first we have to know why is oedema happening. Although oedema may be caused by hormonal action, the most common cause of oedema are problems of blood circulation. If you follow my articles or if you have read my book then you know how toxic blood causes cellular acidity. Cellular acidity is further the cause of all systematic problems including problems with blood circulation. Blood vessels are made of cells and if dehydrated and acidic they lose elasticity and tension and they can collapse easily. In arterial circulation the blood is propelled by contraction of the heart which creates pressure and pushes the blood. This does not happen in venous system where the blood is returning back to the heart. Venous system works on suction created by heart. As you know, suction is always weaker than pressure made by contraction. Faster contraction, stronger pressure and stronger suction will occur. Faster heart beat, more suction. Often we experience increased heart rhythm and the reason is just that. Body needs help to retrieve the blood. Slower the circulation more chances for oedema to occur.

Most medications are suppressants and they suppress nerve activity. In this way they also slow down the contraction of the heart and blood circulation.

For suction to work well the veins have to be filled with blood. If there is a low quantity of blood due to the lack of water veins will be collapsing and suction cannot work properly. THIS IS WHY USAGE OF DIURETICS AND FURTHER DIMINISHING THE AMOUNT OF WATER IN CIRCULATION DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. In fact it make the whole thing worst. Insufficient amount of water in the blood prevents cleansing organs to do their job and blood gets more and more toxic causing more problems. To make matter worse, doctors recommend to lower or eliminate salt from diet. This prevents hydration since body can retain only water bonded to salt. No salt, no water. This means we have to do everything jut the opposite of what doctors want us to do. We have to increase salt intake and increase water intake. It is best to do this simultaneously by drinking water with sea salt diluted in it.

Now the question is;will salty water increase existing oedema?

Yes it will and this is why this has to be done gradually so that the whole system gets properly hydrated and suction stars working better. Hydrated blood will start detoxifying since there will be no reason to save water any longer and cleansing organs can resume with their duty of cleansing. This will clean the blood so that cellular structure can use it for their hydration and cleansing. Then healing will start and the whole system will be repaired. No more water retention will occur.

When dehydrated, joints overheat when in use since the cartilage cannot lubricate itself. Friction is created and it causes shaving of cartilage and increase heat. Normally lubrication of cartilage comes through artery coming through the bone into the joint. If toxic blood is present, no hydration of cartilage will occur and this starts all this problems.

With friction cartilage diminishes and may wear off causing bones to touch. This is extremely painful and we label it as arthritis. Innate smartness of the body prevents flexing of such damaged joints by creating the pain and filling the joints with liquid. This immobilizes the joint by making it stiff. With stiff and painful knees you won’t be doing much walking will you? The liquid used for this mater is secreted from the membrane enveloping the joint called fascia. Instead of hydrating the cartilage so that it can recover and giving it protein and fat necessary for this process doctors are trained to draw the liquid out and give pain killers. Suggested diet is “no meet, no salt, plenty of carbohydrates (sugars that cause acidification and uric acid production) and no dairy. All the suggestions are out of the wall and dead wrong, actually contrary of what should be done. No wonder no one gets healed.

Doesn’t it make you think if this is not done on purpose? Of course it is but not by mislead doctors but by the schooling system we call the EDUCATION.

We are living in the World of total corruption and dishonesty. Just look what is happening in the politics.”Hitlery” Clinton can do whatever she wants and not be prosecuted. Obama can approve killing Americans by drones and receive Nobel price for peace, Islam becomes the religion of peace…..everything is crocked, now you know the change is near.

Going back to “medical sin” in short medicine, now you can clearly see how doctors are not trained in healing but the contrary. Whenever you see big advertisement of new big thing in medicine just scrap it. If it is meant to heal it would not be advertised. In fact it would be suppressed never to be seen again.

Again you may think I am drawing a bad picture. Not really. I am just explaining things so that you can easily understand and take care of yourself by yourself.

Healing is easy, just follow Self Healing Protocol no matter what health problem you may have and you will heal. It is that simple. Your body knows what to do just stop poisoning it and allow it to cleanse.

duck mandarin ducks aix galericulata

Learn from the nature and absorb the new knowledge without filtering it through outdated and corrupt filtering system.

Love and light




“We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe!”

Following letter from my friend Donna is the inspiration for this article.

      ” I wanted to write you to let you know there is a video on facebook that has lots of folks sharing and talking about. It’s a doctor who says chemo is worthless and all about the money.     I have friends who strongly believe in chemo. I have a friend from high school whose husband died of prostrate cancer many years ago.  He  did chemo twice. However his daughters are both in medical school focusing on cancer. People are writing her and asking what her daughters think since they are “so brilliant”.  You know what the medical students answer to this man is….”We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe!”  That’s the only reply they have. There is no other data, facts anything that is grounded information.   Then they say this man wrote a book for his profit, so he cannot be trusted.     Thought you might like to know the medical reply.  Maybe a good title for your blog…We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe.   That’s what people want to hear.”

doctor showing ok sign, concept of healty man royalty-free stock photo

I was addressing this question in one of my previous blogs. Majority of doctors are aware of the fact that Chemotherapy does not produce desired effect but they blindly follow the shepherd. Please read previous article on “taking down the filters”.

After reading the article you would easily understand why is the new generation of doctors so mislead but strongly believe in the medical procedures and blindly disregard the visible outcome.

The doctor in the video talking about ineffectiveness of chemotherapy was being very conservative in his answer about this fraudulent and life threatening procedure. Not only that it is not effective but it is extremely destructive. It trashes the immune system of the body making it virtually impossible for the body to defend itself.

Medical students are being told how chemotherapy destroys young cells. Since cancer cells are constantly multiplying they are young cells and this procedure will destroy them. Our immune system is constantly upgrading according to the stimulant so its cells are also young. Every doctor, nurse and patient involved in this treatment has experienced how the first dosage of chemo. brings the body to its knees. Rest of the dosages are not nearly as effective in reducing the size of the tumour as the first one. Why is this?

Because when first time exposed to this poison previously unknown to the body the cells will absorb it. Because of its strong toxicity, all young cells will die and the old cells will be damaged. Surviving cells will keep the sample for future reference so when the next batch of chemotherapy arrives, the cells will shut down osmotic pump and will absorb just small part of it entering with last of the absorption before the osmosis stops. This means that further applications of chemotherapy bare minimal effect. This every doctor can see because after initial shrinkage of the cancer, there is no further improvement and this is why doctors think that surgical procedure of removal of the cancer is absolutely necessary. We are sold a bunch of nonsense in medical school so this is the reason of doctors blind ignorance.

Not only that doctors are aware that chemotherapy does not work, they have noticed how cancer often grows more rapidly after chemotherapy was applied. Last year I have read article in which “scientists” doctors commented how it appears cancer in fact adjusts itself and starts thriving on “most likely broken debris of previously destroyed cells or even some ingredients of the cocktail” meaning the chemotherapy itself. This shows their complete lack of knowledge about diet and the cancer itself. Cancer cells cannot absorb oxygen and this means they cannot utilize fat for energy because oxygen is necessary for this to take the place. The only thing cancer cells can use for energy is glucose because it has oxygen in its molecular structure. Very often, application of chemotherapy brings down the organism in such a state that intravenous feeding is necessary. What is the food given intravenously? Pure glucose. No wonder cancer grows like crazy. Needless is to say how the hospital food is loaded with carbohydrates.

People who still think that “doctor knows the best” have to wakeup and smell the roses.

Very interesting explanation about cancer is given by Iranian nuclear physics scientist Mr. Keshe. He explains how cancer holds energy because of its heavy metal centre. He has showed how quickly (within a couple of days) cancer can be forced to dissolve by positioning two packs of metal plasma fields on the opposite sides of it. This is a brand new knowledge being revealed. As expected, doctors will be the last to even consider something “crazy” as this but many open-minded people are experimenting with this new technology. I am one of them but there is no surprise there. My family considers me crazy anyway.

More we are aware that titles do not represent knowledge just corporate status the better we will be. True science is replacing the fake manipulated science in a very fast fashion so titles are starting to represent mislead and faulty knowledge.  Students and young people have always been used as initiators of changes and progressive ideas loaded into their heads by the “mis-educational” schooling system. Nothing has changed as deranged young people in Britain cry for lost easy access to Paris since the awaken people have voted for BREXIT.

So if you expect to hear some good news from young doctor just starting the medical career, I would not put a dime on it. I’d rather ask my grandma.

It is necessary for us to open our eyes and see what is happening around us.

Crazy young doctor holding two test tubes with red and green liquid at black background Stock Photo - 20670716

Love and light my family of friends