With Big-Pharma and Medi-Sin making 70% of their profits from the Cancer Industry the world has fallen for one of the biggest and most disgraceful lies perpetrated against its fellow man. That lie, promulgated by induced ignorance to the truth by well meaning people, many of which that are so called cancer survivors and /or the families of those who have allegedly died from cancer is that the world is “FIGHTING & SEARCHING FOR THE CURE FOR CANCER”, and if they only had more money for more research they will find the cure.
You have been deceived my friends!!
It is the proverbial carrot on the stick, though this carrot is perverse and poisoned and has served to deliberately miss-direct and diss-inform both the common man, doctor, researcher and scientist alike. Its deceit has caused untold suffering, fear, pain, agony and grief and has caused good people to unwittingly donate both money and energy to keep this lie alive.
George Orwell said “that In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and as natural doctors and researchers we can tell you that not only is that statement true but we risk much by helping those with this dis-ease commonly known as Cancer. The “legal system” not lawful system, has been written in deceit to criminalize any man/woman who dares utter a word, promote a remedy or educate a protocol or product that is outside of the Pharmaceuticals evil grip. God forbid if we use language such as “cure”, “treat” or “cancer” in the same sentence publicly.
Many great men and women have literally been destroyed before us and continue to be attacked this very day for daring to share with their fellow man what this dis-ease is and what it is not. From their understandings treatments and protocols have been developed that abide by Hippocrates Laws of “do no harm”. This in complete contrast to Modern Medi-Sins current mod operandi of “CUT, BURN & POISON”.
Join us to be updated on why this knowledge is not well known, what cancer really is, the advancements in helping people cure themselves and the miracle Natural Doctors have been waiting for GcMAF. Listen to real case histories and understand the CAUSE(S) that then dictate the cures.
Help us help YOU and your loved ones by sharing this information and listen in how you can help us and make the world Naturally Better.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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The principal reason why humanity is suffering from so many “incurable” diseases is the MONEY.

Billions of dollar collected yearly to “save us” from cancer or diabetes are clearly strong stimulant for keeping the status quo.

So what is the truth about cancer?

Cancer is not an issue in wild animals and it presents great problem in humans and domestic animals. The major difference in between humans and domestic animals in comparison to wild creatures is the way we prepare our food. By cooking our food we allow huge quantities of simple sugar like glucose and fructose to enter our blood. This creates multiple challenges to our body from enzyme depletion, acidification and dehydration all the way to changes in genetic activation sequencing.

Knowing that cancerous cells have lost the capacity of absorbing oxygen explains why wild animals do not suffer from this dis-ease. Animal cells are programed to extract energy from fat. To do this they inject oxygen into mitochondria that separates carbon from hydrogen. Carbon gets connected to oxygen creating CO2 (carbon dioxide)  and the free hydrogen is the released energy. Since cancer cells do not have the ability to absorb oxygen they cannot produce energy from fat. This is why wild animals do not suffer from cancer. It simply does not have energy to grow.

Humans and domestic animals that humans are feeding take lot of energy from simple sugar called glucose. Glucose has its own oxygen so when it enters cancer cell it will create energy without the necessity of additional molecule of oxygen and this way it will fuel cancer growth..

We can stop the progress of any type of cancer by simply preventing it from getting glucose. You may say that our cells produce glucose so it is impossible to do so. Not true. To be able for our cells to produce glucose the cell has to get oxygen so cancer cell cannot do this nether and it is doomed to starvation.

Now you can see the simplicity of resolving the cancer “taboo”.

Why we are not told this? MONEY.

Quick cancer reduction can be achieved through special protein GC MAP. This protein is created by our white blood cells (immune system). Chemo therapy destroys the immune system and leaves us defenseless. Now it is possible to by GC MAP and fast healing from cancer can be achieved. Also electro stimulation of the blood can quickly rebuild immune system so it will produce GC MAP and liberate us from this easily treatable dis-ease.

The worst thing that contributes to development of deadly cancer is not knowing the truth and the fear. Read my book and educate yourself.




“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

One of the frustrating things that Naturopractors – True Doctors of OUR Time – suffer from is that clients come to us after they have been to so called conventional medicine and our work is even harder as we are now dealing not only with the original toxicity and stagnations of a dis-eased human being but now the added issues of pharmaceutical poisoning and – if surgery has been had – the restrictions that these procedures have created to true and real healing.
Perhaps the most frequent comments shared with us in the initial consultations are “the medications are not working”, or “the treatments didn’t work and it’s gotten worse or spread”, and variations of this theme.
Time after time after time people have found their ways to my door last, and for the most part we have helped them to get well. But why do they go to the M.D first?
There is only one answer just as there is only one cure – KNOWLEDGE.
Allopathic Medicines philosophy is based on the Germ Theory and has set itself to stop inflammation and pain, kill pathogens, and remove diseased tissue. It views disease as a war to be fought and won (hence you must fight cancer). Its medi-sin and tools are basically “cut, burn & poison”.
Naturopractics Medicine Philosophy is that you’re NOT SICK, You’re TOX-SICK and that the Germ Theory is wrong and that the terrain (environment) is everything and the Pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast, etc) is nothing and is a natural result from the change of the terrain. Combined with this we recognize every cell is connected by the nervous system and the blood and the invisible energies (chi, prane etc). Our tools are abstinence (fasting), hydration, cleansing, physical treatments to release stagnations and nutritional, herbal food, supplements and remedies to enable self cleansing and healing.
Hippocrates – The Father of Modern Medicine – main doctrine was “first do no harm”, followed by “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. So I ask you, when every pharmaceutical drug and potion is toxic to the human body by their own data (honestly you do watch the drug adverts right?) and every surgical procedure and radiation exposing equipment damaging at cell level causing harm from mild to terminal harm, which philosophy is closer to the founding father? Which is so called “alternative” and which is “true medicine”?
Join us as we share the philosophies & case histories and show that Allopathic Medi-Sin makes no sense to any critical thought and why Naturopractics are the True Doctors of OUR Time.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap after the show.

Using example of one of his patients Jeremy explains in which way allopathic and nathuropractic medi-sinns differ from each other.

While allopathic (occidental or modern) medicine is focused on suppression of symptoms calling them disease, naturopractic or holistic approach is working with the human body helping it to expel the toxin that is causing the problem this way allowing the cells to regenerate and heal.

Explaining allopathic medicine is best to compare it to a mechanic. Just imagine that temperature of the engine is rising as you are driving. Mechanic looks at it, ads some water and sends you on your way. Everything is ok for a while and same problem appears. Mechanic does the same. Now more and more often you need mechanic and the warning light goes on. The same mechanic opens the hood and cuts the electrical wire that connects the warning light. Now no warning light so you feel ok but are you? You can count on it that the next thing will be new head gasket. All of this because of a rotten hose. Would you go back to the same mechanic? But you go back to the same doctor who damaged your health. We do it because we do not understand what are the treatments we are given and why do we need to take them FOR EVER. This tells you right a way it is not healing it is suppression that worsens the situation.

Good natural practitioner will take your case history, locate the rut of your problem and help you to understand where the problem is and how to solve it. The result is healing on cellular level (changing the hose). Since lot of our health problems are cause by poisoning of our body through the food and water naturally change of diet is usually recommended. This is where GM (genetically modified) foods are becoming the leading cause of cancers and inflammations.

Bad dentistry is another common cause of diseases in our body.

The third place is stress not necessarily in this order because stress is as potent in destroying our health as toxic food.

So please do not wait until it is to late and come to see naturopath first. Damages caused by the drug pushers (allopathic doctors) are way more dangerous and difficult to overcome than anything else.

Naturopath will help the body to detoxify so it can heal itself. Detox. may manifest strong symptoms. Do not be afraid of them and fallow your health professionals advice. Body will never work against itself. Auto-immune diseases do not exist. They are fictitious diseases very often just the attempts of the body to cleanse itself and to hydrate. Medications create diseases. Keep a way from drug-pushers.

Base of all healing is detoxification. For this we need water and sea salt. Do not neglect your health. Drink plenty of salted water.


Celling Your Soul

Picture or Photo of Brain Cells and Deep Space elements of this image furnished by NASA

As we have seen, our beliefs and perceptions are the basis for our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are waves of electromagnetic energy and information that permeate each and every cell in our mind-body system via a connective tissue crystalline matrix.

Cellular Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton explains:

“Every cell is a programmable chip, and the nucleus of the cell is the hard disk with programs. But, like a computer, it is the programmer that controls the disk, not the disk that controls the programmer.”

We are the programmers. These signals of our bodies work in a feedback loop with our brains, and both consciously and subconsciously govern our choices. Our choices, of course, drastically influence the condition of our lives.

The implications are immense.

As esteemed physics Professor John Hagelin explains succinctly:

“It is important to recognize that our body is really the product of our thoughts, we are beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of our thoughts and emotions actually determine the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.”

If that’s not a good enough reason to update our belief systems and emotional reactions then i don’t know what is. Can you disagree?

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap after the show

It is obvious that mental health influences the way we feel. What is the relation and what mechanism is in play?

Jeremy shares how his patients health dramatically improves when the fear of dying is removed and replaced with optimism and will to live. When we fear things we tend to spend more time thinking about them and thought is electromagnetic impulse that start to stimulate manifestation. We tend to think that we are special creatures that do not have anything in common with other life forms on this planet. In fact we are composed of trillions micro organisms that we call cells. Every cell is representation of us and it is not that different than bacteria. The reason that cells can function like one body is their ability to instantly communicate. This communication is done through electromagnetic waves. Our thoughts are also electromagnetic waves that genes within our cells transform into what we cal reality.  Closer to the source stronger will be the signal and more vivid manifestation will occur. Cell to cell will have strongest signal than comes brain to cell signaling. After that our cells will receive impulse from around us, people that we meet, animals and nature or environment we are exposed to. Our cells are exposed to all of this signals and the result is manifestation that we call life.

Nowhere is it more visible than in changes of water that are exposed to our thoughts. Water will assume crystalline form as soon as our thought is released from the brain. Masaru Emoto did lot of studies on this matter.

Dr. Bruce Lipton compares cells with micro chips that are programmable and we are the programers that tell them what to do and how to express themselves. We do it with our thoughts. So be careful how you form your thoughts. Word is vibrational representation of what cell manifests. Thought of I do not want to get sick can manifest many different ways and one of them is “I do not want”, “want to” and “sick”. Watch how you create and create in present. I am healthy, I am happy, I am wealthy…

It is important to spend time in nature a way from this artificial world that we created under the influence of the Illuminati.  The only way to liberate ourselves is to make the change within. Realize that you are the creator and create the world you want to live in. Create it with your thoughts and it will manifest.

  It is crucial that cells are well hydrated so that they can cleanse and repair themselves so do not forget to drink water and sea salt.



Cheers, u zdravlje, chin-chin, prost,  banzay , na zdravi, bottoms up, nazdrovje, salud, ege shegedre… those are some sayings that you use before you take a sip

beer drinkers photo: Beer MisterAlcohol_Beer.png

They say cooling it helps with  the flavor but would I use any of the sayings  if I would be about to take a sip of the “PIS”? Yet I have seen many people drinking liters of this yellow smelly liquid with smile on their face. Open you tube and be amazed.
We have received lot of inquiry to talk about this subject so here we are, is it a good science or not?
People that are sold on this idea claim marvelous results and with all their conviction defend this practice going as far as saying that urine is purer then the purest water on this Planet and we should not drink anything else because this is the “fountain of youth”. It is hard to change opinion if you see great improvements. Yes when you drink toxin that your cells are familiar with, they will stop hydration to protect themselves. By doing so they will prevent the same toxins that is circulating in the blood from entering into them. Question is should we drink a gallon of this stuff or is there better solution.
Join us on the program as we dissect this topic and make it easier to understand .

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap, after the show

Clive de Carl started the show by explaining the properties of distilled water. Distilled water has tremendous absorptive capacity and helps in fast detoxification. On the other side it will eliminate electrolytes and this way interfere with hydration of the body. This is why I recommend that we add sea salt to distilled water before using it.

 The question now is how can something that body eliminates be good for it if we drink it? Drinking urine is called urinotherapy and it helps the body in many ways, how is this possible and why we are not told about it. We are not told about it because it has positive results and this would undermine the profits of pharmaceutical companies. As Clive is mentioning when pharmaceutical company pays fines of several million dollars to their brother company the FDA they have pocketed profit of several billions. It is just slap on the wrist. So what is going on with urine and why it stimulates healing of the body.

Urine is water in which there is an information of everything that is going on in the body. Every toxin that is excreted is going to be in it so how can it possibly be beneficial to put it back into the body.

Urine does not only contain harmful toxins that the body wants to get rid of. It has minerals that wear in higher concentration that necessary at the moment, has uric acid and we know that uric acid is strong anti oxidant and since water is liquid crystal it contains information of all chemical processes that are happening in the body. When cells eliminate their toxins they end up in the blood, enter kidneys and get eliminated. Fresh water and nutrients are soaked from digestive tract and directed into the liver where they are being examined and processed. Here is where the information that is in urine can be and is of great value. It informs the liver that it should warn the cells of toxins that have just entered and what bad chemical reactions to expect. Equipped with this information the cells prepare for the encounter and at the same time start dealing with these things within them. Liver start immediately manufacturing required proteins to assist in this process of self healing.  As you see the information has to be specific for the body so drinking someone elses urine will not help unless the problems are exactly the same.

My belief is that the important thing is the message and not the amount of it. So few drops of urine under the tongue every hour is all that is required for this therapy to be successful. Diluting urine in distilled water 1-10 is going to be equally effective.

There are people that claim great rejuvenation after replacing drinking water with their own urine. As scientist I do not believe that drinking large quantity of urine will have additional benefits over standard urinotherapy. At least looking at their photos I am not impressed at all.

Our body is designed to heal itself. The only thing it needs is to know what it is that it has to deal with. Simple message will do the trick.

With love to new and better understanding.



Are you craving for something sweet?

cakes photo: cakes DSC03955.jpg

Are you tormented by the dilemma of sugar toxicity?  If this is what you want to know more about then continue with reading.

Until recently we were told not to eat fats because they are bad for our health. This was proven wrong after millions of people became obese and sick by following direction of “experts” on this subject.
Now the same “experts” are bashing sugar, fructose in particular so should we trust them and follow their recommendations?
Let us examine the facts before we make up our minds. Firs let us observe the nature. What do we see?


Wild animals have extremely limited access to dietary glucose. The type of sugar that animals can get to is in fruits, berries and flowers. What type of sugar is that? It is called fructose. Most animals have access to fructose only sporadically since fruits are not readily available but some animals live on it. Actually they live on combination of fructose and pollen. Right away we realize that something is not right and there is discrepancy between what the nature is showing us and what we are being told by “scientists”.
Modern science is showing us that when fructose enters our blood it will not bond to insulin and no cell in our body will touch it. This is why it will be taken into the liver for processing. Liver has small capacity for fructose processing and will rearrange fructose into glycogen (animal type of glucose) but it can handle about 20 grams of fructose daily. The problem is that with our diet we take in more than 200 grams fructose daily. Liver has no other choice but to break it down same as it does alcohol by changing fructose into fat (triglyceride) and uric acid. Now here we can clearly see the problem. Triglycerides will be deposited as fat making us obese and uric acid will do lot of damage from damaging the blood circulation to rheumatism. We’ve got it, now we understand hurrah!!!!!
NOT SO FAST. Slow down your horses. We have to look further than this. How come that wild animals do not show any problems eating fructose?
When wild animals eat fructose only small amount of it will actually enter their blood. Reason for this is small amount of GLUT protein in cells that do the sugar transporting from intestines into the blood. Nothing can enter the blood from intestines without being sucked in utilizing transporting mechanism. For glucose and fructose this transporting mechanism is called GLUT protein. Fructose being more viscous and stickier will bond to it quicker and deprive glucose to enter the blood. When transporters are full no more sugar can enter our blood so the rest of the sugar in our intestines starts to ferment. If there was a lot of sugar the fermentation will trigger diarrhea and eliminate it from our body. Great, our body has solution of how to deal with access of sugar so why is sugar bad for us?

To explain this I have to show you the action of what “scientists” call the safe carbohydrate (glucose). And those are starches. They are composed mainly of glucose and fructose held together by electromagnetic bond. When carbohydrate enters our mouth under influence of enzyme it brakes down in what we call simple sugars, glucose and fructose. Now we get huge quantities of those two sugars in our intestines so how come that we do not get diarrhea and get rid of it? To understand this we have to examine the “safe” sugar GLUCOSE.

When glucose enters our blood it has to be bonded to insulin. For this reason pancreas start producing insulin and sends it into the blood. Insulin will help glucose to enter cells and they will utilize it as energy fuel. So far so good. Problem start when there is to much glucose entering our blood. How is it possible that there can be more glucose entering the blood than there is GLUT available? Simply elevated production of insulin stimulates higher production of GLUT protein. Slowly the amount of GLUT protein is rising and more and more sugar is being absorbed into the blood. To recapitulate: GLUCOSE will increase the amount of free insulin in the blood, increase the amount of GLUT protein and this way not only increase absorption of glucose but fructose alike. Now not only 20 grams of fructose but more than 200 grams of fructose can be absorbed. This will create lot of fat and uric acid not to mention that glucose is bad source of energy for our cells because it depowers them from utilizing the fat properly. Read about it in my book.
Now tell me please do you agree with “scientists” as the sugar is concerned? Is glucose the safe sugar and is fructose the bad sugar as far as our diet is concerned.
Fructose does not increase level of GLUT transporters, most of it ferments and gets eliminated if we eat correctly.
What are we doing differently from animals that we absorb so much more fructose? We heat up our vegetables. Heat breaks cellulose fiber that harbors carbohydrates and make it available for digestion.
For example wild bore has very little fat under the skin. Domestic pig since we feed it with processed and cooked food gets fat as a PIG.

picture of wild hog  - A warthog  - JPG image of wild hog  - Javelinas are members of the peccary family - JPG picture of fat pig  - Side view of a big pig on a farm - JPG

. Same happens to us. More glucose in diet, more GLUT will be available and higher absorption of glucose and fructose into the blood will occur.

This is why when we eat processed and cooked foods we will absorb much higher quantities of fructose from fruits so we should limit the amount of fruits we eat. If you eat correctly as wild animals do then you can eat as much fruits as you wish of course if having diarrhea does not bother you.

FLORA & FAUNA how does your gut feel???

Importance of Gut Flora

Digestion and Elimination: Understanding the Importance of Gut Flora

Let me just say this up front, loud and clear: I can not overemphasize the importance of gut flora. We are not educated properly on this subject. We are not eating properly in order to maintain the absolutely crucial bacterial balance necessary for health. If your gut isn’t healthy then you aren’t healthy. You must fix this before you do anything else.

There exists a condition called disbacteriosis and sadly, most of us probably have it. Basically it is an imbalance of intestinal flora. Ideally our guts contain both the “good” and the “bad” bacteria, with the good winning out. But when our diets are poor and we introduce antibiotics we allow the bad bacteria to overtake the balance. To give you an idea, a healthy person should have between 3-5 pounds of beneficial flora.

Before we can work on our digestion and elimination health we have to understand what the problem really is and how huge of a role friendly bacteria play in our health.

Necessary Functions Provided by Friendly Flora include: They keep our digestive system healthy, chelate heavy metals, carcinogens, and other toxic substances and excrete them out of the body, convert food into nourishing substances for the lining of the gut, keeping it healthy, probiotic microbes are essential for feeding our bodies properly and they are the basis of our immune systems.

Signs of disbacteriosis include asthma, allergies, skin eruptions, and chronic infections. You can also tell if your gut is healthy based on whether you are constipated or have issues with gas or bloating.

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap after the show.

To easier understand why most of the people have inadequate gut flora we must set a side what we have been told in the miseducational system and Tel a lie Vision and incorporate new understanding of our world that is composed from frequencies projected through electromagnetic waves and decoded by the genes to manifest.  When we understand this than we can easily draw a picture of the dynamics of changes that occur in our world.  So where do the frequencies necessary to form gut flora come from. The most influential frequencies are those that are in the closest proximity to microsoma and that is the food.  The best frequency will come out of alive food, meat, fruits and vegetables a like. Other frequencies wil come from the cells that form the gut, other bacterias, our thoughts (since they are electromagnetic waves) and then the environment that we are surrounded with. Bad, processed and cooked food will require more sophisticated forms of life to tackle them. Those forms we call undesirable and potentially pathogen forms. taking probiotic will help but we have to take them with every meal since the micro flora will mutate within several hours. This means that the good bacteria will change under the influence of the environment. It becomes obvious that the best way to improve the micro flora we have to change our eating habits. This way we will change the environment that will induce changes in the gut flora. Trying to stimulate changes in the gut flora any other way is always temporary symptom oriented action doomed to failure and with only marginal results. For the cells of our gut to perform well they have to be well hydrated so that they can cleanse. Hard stool is sign of dehydration. Laxatives are poisons and have to be avoided same as diuretics. Higher concentration of fructose will induce fermentation and diarrhea but if we have glucose in our diet that the absorption of fructose will be highly increased. This will cause more uric acid and it will lead to rheumatism and circulatory problems. You can read more about it in my book. If you have any kind of health problems it is beneficial to change the way we eat.

Since our thoughts influence gut flora as well, avoiding stress is always good idea.