Lately several people have contacted me regarding the Self Healer’s Protocol and their inability to keep or increase their weight. Some of these people  claim how they are eating correctly according to the protocol but no matter how much meat and fat they eat, they keep loosing weight  to the point of looking malnourished and weak.
When this happens the most common culprits of their weight loss  are intestinal parasites.
The two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Helminths are multi cellular  parasites resembling worms. Tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths in the United States. In their adult form, helminths cannot multiply in the human body.
Protozoa have only one cell, and can multiply inside the human body, which can allow serious infections to develop.
Diarrheal disease
Different parts of the world will have their specific parasites so it is best to contact a local health specialist for their advice. 
I am not going to spend my time talking about the types and reproductive characteristic of the different types of intestinal parasites. This you can easily find on the Internet.
I am going to explain why we do get infected with them, how to eliminate them from our body and how we can  protect ourselves from becoming infected at the first place.
As soon as someone mentions intestinal parasites, the majority of people,  doctors included, think of meat as the source that brought those parasites into our body. The first thing you will hear from the mouths  of people opposing a meat diet is:  “meat has worms and bacteria”.
They could be correct. Sickly and parasite infested animals  will have parasites and even some bacteria within their organs and muscles. Such an animal should not be used as the source of meat for human consumption in the first place. This is why every slaughter house  has meat inspectors to identify and eliminate such meat so that it does not reach consumers.
In the case of wild game,  you do not even have to check for parasites because you will not find them there. Actually if wild animals  spend time on polluted land, their immune system can become compromised and infection is possible.  A hunter knows where to hunt and where to find a good wild game.
A wild boar
wild boar, sus scrofa, czech republic
A domestic pig
For example, trichinosis can be found in domestic pigs and dogs, but you do not have to bother dissecting wild boar  to check for this parasite, wild boar will not have it. I am mentioning trichinosis because everyone is scared of this parasite since it is difficult to eliminate it from the infected body and it can have grave consequences for our health.
So why do domestic pigs contract this parasite and wild pigs do not?
There are several reasons for this.
For one, wild animals have a strong immune system.
Second, wild animals eat correctly.
Third, wild animals do not live in a stressful environment

Why is the immune system strong in wild animals? Because they do not eat dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates. I write often about the havoc that dietary carbs create in the human body.

By eating correctly I emphasize the fact that animals in the wild  do not have access to dietary carbohydrates because they eat their food the way God created it to be eaten. In my book “The Resonance of Nutrition” I explain the digestion and how the body manipulates  raw food and what will happen when the food is processed or heat treated.
The intestinal parasites enter our body with the food or water we ingest. If parasite eggs are present they will be swallowed and end up in the stomach. When we eat correctly, under the presence of animal protein, the stomach will produce  a strong hydrochloric acid of PH 1.5 . This is very acidic. This strong acid will tear apart the protein. If the acid can destroy the animal protein, it will certainly destroy any parasite or eggs of parasites that found themselves in the stomach. This is why we do not have to worry about any parasite or eggs of the parasites that found themselves in the stomach of an animal that eats the correct diet.
The problem comes  when the parasites or eggs of the parasites enter our stomach with fruits or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables do not stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid since the acid is not required for their digestion. Our body knows that fruits and vegetables cannot be digested and our body never does what is unnecessary. Since there is no hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, parasites and their eggs can survive easily and enter the intestines. The intestines have a neutral or slightly alkaline PH which sooths the growth of the intestinal parasites. Now you can see how a vegetable diet  can be dangerous for our health in many different ways.
If we eat a lot of carbohydrates and salads with some meat we create a similar problem.  The stomach will create some hydrochloric acid but it will not acidify the stomach sufficiently, so equally there is a good chance  for parasites and their eggs to survive and enter the intestines. Once they are there, they can easily live and reproduce.
Parasites absorb nutrients from the digested food so the more parasites you have, the less of the nutrients will be available for absorbtion because the parasites will have their first pick.
By eliminating their waste, parasites increase intestinal toxicity. These toxins are plentiful, they will inflame  the intestines and further compromise the absorption of nutrients into our blood. Inflamed intestines prevent water absorption as well so people often get diarrhea and become dehydrated.
Some parasites have different larval stages so when their eggs enter our body they hatch into larva. Some larva migrate through our lungs causing bronchitis like symptoms, some end up in our eyes, some in our liver so here is where we can expect to have health issues as well. Later they morph into the adult stage and settle in the intestines. Here they grow and produce new eggs.
The only way to get rid of them is to chase them out from the intestines. This is not so easy since some parasites like the tape worm for example, bite into the intestinal wall to hold themselves in place. 
There are different toxins for different parasites but there are some which are universal. The most popular universal medicinal remedy for elimination of intestinal parasites is garlic. I also recommend the use of wormwood  for eradication of intestinal parasites especially for roundworms and pinworms. 
The best knowledge to follow is local knowledge.
If you decide to use garlic as a medicine  for the elimination of intestinal parasites,  the best way is to  incorporate it with the self healer’s protocol but avoid using the pulser (Beck’s blood purifier) because this combination can be lethal. In my book ‘The Owners Manual For The Human Body” I explain why one cannot use the pulser  with any kind of medicinal remedies.
Do not use garlic or any kind of medicinal remedies for an extended period of time. Use them no longer than for 3 weeks and then repeat after 14 days to eliminate the newly hatched ones.
After the treatment stop ingesting any medicinal remedies.  Remember that  medicinal means toxic and interferes with the normal functioning of your body. Wormwood and garlic  are strong neurotoxins, they create spasms  so worms disengage from the intestinal wall and become lethargic. The intestinal contraction will force them out and drinking larger quantities of water with sea salt will help to quicker eliminate them from your intestines.
The best prevention from intestinal parasites is to eat correctly and when eating fruits or vegetables, wash them well and wash your hands as well since they can be laced with the eggs of the parasites if you live in a parasite infested area.
One way to wash vegetables  is to soak them in a bowl of clean water into which you add a splash of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.
Now you understand why everyone urges you to avoid eating salads when you are travelling and no one warns you to wash the meat that you are about to eat.
Love and light.


Woman suffering from stomachache pain. Girl having period bellyache. Health.

Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus – the endometrium – grows outside of it. Endometriosis most commonly involves the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining the pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond the pelvic organs.
If left unattended it may cause a scar tissue and infertility. Endometriosis can be painful especially during an intercourse. It can be the cause of an extensive bleeding during a menstrual cycle, it can cause a pain with bowel movements or urination.
A woman may also experience fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods when endometriosis is present.
This is what we are told is the cause of endometriosis;
Although the exact cause of endometriosis is not certain, possible explanations include:
  • Retrograde menstruation. In retrograde menstruation, menstrual blood containing endometrial cells flows back through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity instead of out of the body. These displaced endometrial cells stick to the pelvic walls and surfaces of pelvic organs, where they grow and continue to thicken and bleed over the course of each menstrual cycle.
  • Transformation of peritoneal cells. In what’s known as the “induction theory,” experts propose that hormones or immune factors promote transformation of peritoneal cells — cells that line the inner side of your abdomen — into endometrial cells.
  • Embryonic cell transformation. Hormones such as estrogen may transform embryonic cells — cells in the earliest stages of development — into endometrial cell implants during puberty.
  • Surgical scar implantation. After a surgery, such as a hysterectomy or C-section, endometrial cells may attach to a surgical incision.
  • Endometrial cells transport. The blood vessels or tissue fluid (lymphatic) system may transport endometrial cells to other parts of the body.
  • Immune system disorder. It’s possible that a problem with the immune system may make the body unable to recognize and destroy endometrial tissue that’s growing outside the uterus.
We are told that there are some circumstances that may promote this disease.
Several factors place you at greater risk of developing endometriosis, such as:
  • Never giving birth
  • Starting your period at an early age
  • Going through menopause at an older age
  • Short menstrual cycles — for instance, less than 27 days
  • Having higher levels of estrogen in your body or a greater lifetime exposure to estrogen your body produces
  • Low body mass index
  • Alcohol consumption
  • One or more relatives (mother, aunt or sister) with endometriosis
  • Any medical condition that prevents the normal passage of menstrual flow out of the body
  • Uterine abnormalities
Endometriosis usually develops several years after the onset of menstruation (menarche). Signs and symptoms of endometriosis end temporarily with pregnancy and end permanently with menopause, unless you’re taking estrogen. Why is this happening? Why does endometriosis disappear with the menopause? 
Before we answer this question, we should first shed some light on why endometriosis appears in the first place.
You have probably noticed that doctors and scientists have really no clue why endometriosis occurs and they are just fishing for the culprit utilizing the poor knowledge they are given in the medical university. This is also why there is a “strong belief” that endometriosis could be a genetic thing and even have autoimmune tendencies.
These are all  well known pathways for explaining every chronic health issue.
Why do health professionals and scientists have such trouble  to pinpoint the real culprit? Because they do not know anything about the body’s reaction to toxicity  and even if they did,  they have no idea of how to detoxify the human body.
Why am I blabbering about toxicity again?
Because toxic overload is the cause of all chronic health problems, it is here that we have to look for the answer. 
The endometrium  of the uterus is the first layer of the uterus where the egg comes and starts to proliferate creating a new life. Since the body has to be clean to sustain the new life, the uterus is cleansed every month, rejuvenated and restored so that it can function well when needed.
Illustration Of Endometriosis
This is done through menstruation
The more toxic is the environment, the more cleansing has to be done and the more blood will be used to do the cleansing. This is why women with endometriosis often tend to have prolonged menstruation and lose more blood.
This can often result in a drop in the iron level of the blood
Since the endometrium of the uterus is being used for the cleansing, the cells of the endometrium  will require more water which is necessary for their cleansing. If the cells of the endometrium are dehydrated because they do not want to hydrate utilizing toxic blood, they become acidic so inflammation will be provoked to forcefully hydrate those cells. This creates the increase of the diameter of the endothelial tissue.
This condition is what we call endometriosis.
I also want to mention that women of child bearing age have very active blood circulation of the endometrium of the uterus.
The more toxic blood passes through the endothelium, the quicker it’s cells acidify, causing inflammation.
 This is why the inflammation goes down during the menstruation because there is lesser blood flow through the endothelial tissue and many toxic acidic cells will be flushed away with menstrual blood.
Since the doctors do not know that water and sea salt is necessary for the cellular hydration to take place, this is not suggested to the patient and the inflammation continues to occur Instead hormones are used to control the inflammation and now we can see how this is not the correct thing to do. To minimize the inflammation doctors do what they are trained to do and that is to minimize the amount of water in the body hoping that a lack of the water will stop the inflammation.
If you follow my work then you know that the lack of water  in the circulation will increase the blood’s toxicity because an insufficient amount of water  will make it impossible for the cleansing organs of the body to cleanse the blood. Minimizing the water levels in the body actually makes things worse  since it increases the blood’s toxicity. Also without the adequate amount of a sea salt, no hydration can be achieved.
This means when the doctors suggest that you must reduce the amount of salt you ingest, they are preventing you from hydrating and you cannot help your body to cleanse itself.
Since the endometrium of the uterus was not hydrated, it could not be cleansed and cellular acidity remains. This causes  chronic inflammation of the endometrium and its thickening. The endometrium  starts to further increase in its size and since it cannot be cleaned, even with the menstruation, it starts to develop a scar tissue of old and dead cells that have not been able to be cleansed from the body.
So why does endometriosis cease to exist  after the menopause?
After the child bearing days of the woman are over, there is no more need for the uterus to be in a pristine form so that it can support a new life. A much lesser volume of blood  will be passing through the uterus and especially the endometrium of the uterus so the cells of the endometrium will have less need to hydrate. This way less toxins will be taken in by the endothelial cells and they will become less polluted.
Several times before, in my other articles, I have mentioned how the organs that have to work harder will show the signs of problems faster when the blood is polluted. As it is with the prostate of sexually active men so it is with the uterus of women in their child bearing age or the brain of people  who have to concentrate a lot during the day or are exposed to permanent stress.
Now the question remains, can endometriosis be healed even when it is enormous and protruding out of the uterus?
Of course it can. Simply follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.
With love and light.


Tarapoto is a small town in the region of Peru called San Martin. Tarapoto is situated in the Amazon region where multiple rivers start forming the beginnings of the Amazon river.
Many people are familiar with Tarapoto and they are flocking to this small town. Some are coming to see the beautiful nature but most of them come for a particular experience and that is to engage in the Ayahuasca ceremony. This is why Tarapoto is known as the Ayahuasca capital of the World.
On the one hand this is good for the economy of Tarapoto, but on the other hand  it is detrimental for the spiritual aspect of what Ayahuasca is and what Ayahuasca represents.
Once, the Ayahuasca ceremony  was a sacred ritual in which the chosen one would connect to the spiritual world and then interpret their experience to others. It was also used as a method of healing be it either directly,  where the patient would drink the Ayahuasca and cleanse, or indirectly by the shaman taking the Ayahuasca and learning what plants to use to heal the patient.
This sacred ritual has been prostituted for money  and performed without adequate supervision making it unsafe and disappointing for many whose expectations were of a different experience .

Many people that come to have the Ayahuasca experience are people who regularly use narcotics like opium, LSD or marijuana and they expect a similar and stronger  experience with the Ayahuasca. Those people will be disappointed because Ayahuasca is not an hallucinogen drug.

Some people may argue that marijuana is not hallucinogenic either. Well it does interfere with cerebral activity and it will intensify the way you feel so if you feel happy it will make you delirious. If you feel sad it will drown you in bad feeling, bad visions and really put you down.
Ayahuasca has nothing to do with this.
There are several aspects to Ayahuasca. First and foremost Ayahuasca will purge you. It will clean your digestive system and your stored negative energies that are interfering with the bodies healing processes. Under the influence of Ayahuasca you stay alert and connected all the time. You are being guided and shown what you have to know or what you have asked to be shown before you took the drink.
There could be moments where you start drifting and disconnecting. Here is where the experience and the connection of the shaman that is supervising you comes into play.  He notices what is happening and gently clears you of the energy that took a hold of you. In an instant you feel connected again and continue with the learning process. And it is a learning process because your spirit is showing you what you wanted to know. There are no lies and no hidden agendas.
Everything is self explanatory. You do not hear the words but you understand what is going on.
People who expect a delirium often think that they will intensify the experience if they use marijuana or alcohol before they take Ayahuasca.
Bottled ayahuasca ready for a ceremony in Peru.
A foggy brain does not help since it cannot keep you concentrated and no Ayahuasca experience will be possible
Those people remain disappointed and in fact often have a bad purging feeling with vomiting as the body tries to cleanse itself of the opiate.
My Ayahuasca experience was fascinating. I was shown what is Ego, where I have attached it and how I can purge it. I always thought that Ego is a part of me. A part of my personality of who I am.
The spirit  has shown me that Ego is what we create when we want to be recognized for particular things that we do, or to show ourselves in another light: as in competition with others.
 Every time you do something to elevate yourself over others, ego is being created and attached to the event. Those egoistic  thoughts stay within you as negative energies and interfere with your daily life. They become precursors of judgements.
As they interfere with your thoughts, egoistic  thoughts start to interfere with the flow of energy  within your body and this can lead to the cellular dysfunction we call disease.
It was a really great feeling of lightness that came over my body once i had purged those egoistic  thoughts.
 My opinion was always that I am not an Egotist, and that my Ego is not pronounced. Well, it took me about an hour of purging to get all those bad energies with an Ego attached to them out of my body.
The other thing I was shown is that we never lose the sense of who we are. Our body is just an Avatar, a robot which we use as a vehicle  for our three dimensional experience we call the life. After we have experienced everything we wanted to experience, we have no more need for this Avatar  so we leave it behind and think of other experiences we want to have in the new game of life.
During our life we make a decision  to experience something additional that just caught our imagination so we add this to the cocktail of our Earthly experiences.  This is possible because we have a free choice to do so. We may have a glimpse of what is awaiting us  and we do not want this to happen. We can consciously change this and avoid this experience even if it was one of those experiences we had chosen  to experience before entering the new Avatar. As they say, “we can change our stars”.
During the influence of Ayahuasca I wanted Hilno to know that I am ok and that everything is well so I sent her my love  and reassurance. She later reported to me that all of a sudden  she felt my presence and love and she became overwhelmed with feelings and started to cry.
Our friend noticed this and took Hilno to the place of the ceremony and she saw me sending kisses to the Universe. I was so delighted and thankful for this experience that I did start to send kisses to the Heavens, to the Creator and the creation of all there is. It was just unbelievable.
I wrote this article for those of you who are thinking about whether or not to come and experience the Ayahuasca ceremony.  If you are recreational drug users leave those drugs behind because Ayahuasca has nothing to do with getting high. Ayahuasca can help you heal and it can be your teacher if you ask her to be. Try to avoid compromised commercial Ayahuasca centers and look for genuine shamanic supervision.
I know that some of you will be disappointed but better now than later after you have paid a lot of money to come here.
For those of you who are searching for health and spiritual connection Ayahuasca can be a real eye opener and I highly recommend it.
Love and light.
Spherical Panorama Shaman Rock or Cape Burhan on Olkhon Island in winter, surrounded by the blue ice of Lake Baikal with cracks.


Businessman in blur shirt stomachache
I wrote about this topic before but ever increasing numbers of people are contacting me with this question and asking me; “Darko is there a solution for those health problems?”
As always, my answer is a big YES!!!
Doctors are being mislead into believing that the Helicobacter pylori causes both of those health problems, or as the doctors call them, diseases.
Why is this so?
The answer is simple. When the patient complains of stomach pain, there is always an inflammation going on. In medical science the Latin and ancient Greek languages are being used to name and identify diseases, so when inflammation is in question, the affected organ is mentioned and “itis” is added to the end of the name. This signifies inflammation of the organ. So red and itchy eye is caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye so it is called conjunctivitis. Redness and swelling of the skin (dermis) is called dermatitis. Inflamed lungs (bronchi) is called bronchitis….
This part is easy to explain but why do those doctors blame Helicobacter pylori as the cause of the gastritis and stomach ulcers?
Well, since the doctors are being ill informed of the real reasons why inflammation occurs, they think if the inflammation is present there has to be some pathogen involved. And since the Helicobacter pylori is regularly found in the stomach of affected people, they presume that the H. pylori must be the cause. Doctors do not find it important that H. pylori is abundant in the small intestine and there it does not cause any problems.
Since there is no other pathogen present in the stomach that can be blamed for gastritis  and ulcer in most affected people, doctors simply put the blame on the “usual suspect”. This is very common in our modern society run by gangsters and cartels and where no questions are asked.  Sounds familiar?
medical bacteria illustration of the helicobacter pyloris
The doctors are using antibiotics which is of no surprise since this is what they are trained to do and no healing is achieved, just a temporary suppression of the symptoms at best.
So if the H. pylori is not the culprit, what is, you may ask?
I am always pointing out how the reason for just about all chronic health problems is our wrong, vegetable based diet, lack of water and the insufficient amount of salt we eat.
The vegans and the vegetarians are ready to jump down my throat,  so here let me explain what is going on.
I often point out how we are primarily carnivores and then fruit eaters. The vegetables are used as medicinal remedies and mostly for purging our digestive system. When we eat animal protein, our stomach creates hydrochloric acid which it uses to break down the protein. This acid is very strong so when it is produced, whatever bacteria finds itself inside of the stomach will be digested. This goes for H. pylori as well. This is why when you eat correctly, you do not have H. pylori in your stomach and it is almost impossible for you to get an infection of the stomach.
An obvious question springs to mind, how come that H. pylori is present within the stomach of so many people?
I did mention that the stomach will produce acid when the acid is needed. So when we eat correctly, we eat meat and the stomach produces acid.
Everything changes when we eat incorrectly.
There is no acid necessary when we eat fruits and vegetables. This does not mean that we should not eat fruits. We eat fruits on occasion and even if we have the habit of eating a large quantity of fruits, we still eat the meat for its protein and energy. This means that if some of the H. pylori managed to enter the now alkaline stomach,  they will not be reproducing there much, because the next meal of meat will destroy them.
The problem occurs when our main source of nutrition becomes alkaline vegetable or carbohydrates. Neither of them will stimulate hydrochloric acid production so the stomach will remain alkaline. Even if a small piece of meat is consumed with a predominantly vegetarian diet,   some stomach acid will be produced. The amount of acid produced will be inadequate to destroy the H. pylori or any other bacteria that could find itself inside of our stomach.
Well, after I have explained all this I have to disappoint you and let you know  that the Helicobacter pylori is not the primary cause of gastritis or stomach ulcer.
So if H. pylori does not cause gastritis and ulcer, what does?
The primary cause is the lack of water, secondly an insufficient amount of salt in the body and then the toxic, protective proteins which are present within raw vegetables.
Let me explain.
By eating incorrectly, utilizing mostly vegetables and adding some meat to the meal, we send the incorrect signal to our digestive system.
A very small amount of hydrochloric acid will be produced.  Also the lack of water and sea salt will prevent acid and sodium bicarbonate production. When the hydrochloric acid is being produced, in the same chemical reaction, sodium bicarbonate is manufactured as well. Sodium bicarbonate remains within the stomachal membrane and protects the cells  of our stomach from contact with the hydrochloric acid.
The smaller is the amount of sodium bicarbonate, the weaker will be its protection of stomach cells and the higher will be the possibility of some acid getting by and affecting the cells of our stomach.  Frequent irritation of cells in the stomach will cause the irritation and the inflammation we call gastritis. Also if one area of the stomach is frequently exposed to strong acid, the stomach wall may be damaged  and it can start to bleed. This we call a stomach ulcer.
Yes Helicobacter pylori may be present but it does not cause this problem and the reason it is there is because the environment is allowing it.
So how do we fix this health issue?
Here we go again, the Self Healer’s Protocol will do the miracle.
By hydrating with water and sea salt, we provide the body with all the necessary ingredients it needs to produce the hydrochloric acid and the sodium bicarbonate, and by changing the diet, we bring the proper environment to the stomach so that the irritation stops and healing takes place. 
The results will surprise you.
If you feel that you need any guidance,  do not hesitate to ask for my assistance.
I have to mention, that more and more health problems are being attributed to this harmless bacteria we call the Helicobacter pylori, including cancer. The fake science of medicine is obviously on its last legs.
Love and light to us all.
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For some people it may be surprising but there are people who have a problem gaining weight.
I am not talking about anorexia. I am talking about people who try to eat correctly but have difficulty to control their weight.
As more people are realizing  how eating meat may be a good thing, and instead of piling potatoes, rice or pasta onto their plates,  they use salads. Instead of pastry they reach for a piece of fruit, instead of wine they take a glass of water and all of a sudden  the weight starts coming down.
When this happens we feel great but the time comes when we want to maintain the weight we have, or even gain some weight back. Now here comes the problem. How to do this?
Ever increasing numbers  of people are asking me this question.
There is a simple answer to this question but unfortunately some people find it to be complicated because there are many variables involved.
Let me start by using  the correct diet as an example.
When we eat correctly, our food is mostly animal protein and fats mixed with some fruits. Our genetic code is properly activated, our cells have plenty of active mitochondria and our immune system functions perfectly. Such a body can produce all the energy it requires utilizing fat as a fuel. This means that as long as there is enough fat in your diet, your cells will have enough energy and you will not lose any weight.
Protein provides a similar amount of energy as carbohydrates do, but saturated fat brings more than double the amount of energy to the body.  So if you want to gain weight, eat more saturated fat. Eat meat with its fat, do not separate the meat from it.
Many people make the same mistake when changing their diet. They eliminate or drastically reduce carbohydrates from their meals but they do not increase the amount of meat or fat in the portion.
Let us look at it.
You take a chicken leg, add the salad and skip the 3-4 potatoes that you usually consumed with the meal. Well, the potatoes provided more energy (calories) than the piece of chicken you were having. Here you have diminished the amount of calories you were consuming.
Meal, Sauce, Restaurant, Plate
You then eliminated the alcohol you drank previously with the meal and had water instead. 
Alcohol is full of sugar and that is also an energy that was deducted from your average meal.
You have skipped the dessert and had a fruit. Another loss of energy. When you add to this that your cells have a huge number of mitochondria which will process the fat and turn it into energy, you can understand the reason for your weight loss.
Once you understand this, the solution to gaining weight is simple.  Load up on the fat or double up on the animal protein. Do not increase the amount of fruits you eat. They won’t provide you with the energy you need. This is the mistake most people are making. The majority of people grab fruit when they are hungry because they are seeking something raw and healthy.
Apple, Red Apple, Red Chief, Red, Fruit
Well fruit is ok, but it does not have any energy to speak of so do not use it as a food supplement  if you want to gain weight. Instead reach for a piece of cheese or a T-bone steak  Shove some raw eggs down your throat and flush them down with a full fat yogurt or a glass of fresh full fat milk.
Some people complain how they are constantly hungry after they have decreased the amount of carbohydrates in their diet. This is understandable.
If your body has not already reprogrammed it’s genome and has not reactivated the necessary amount of mitochondria, because dietary glucose is still a part of your diet, your cells cannot produce adequate amounts of energy utilizing the fat alone.
If you have drastically lowered the carbohydrate intake, even if you have increased the protein and fat content in your meal, your cells will be underpowered. They cannot utilize fat because they do not have enough mitochondria so they are glucose dependent and they are waiting for the carbohydrate. This makes you hypoglycemic, lightheaded and weak. If you did not increase the amount of fat or the protein in your food, you will not be depositing triglyceride and no weight gain can be expected.
Skinny cartoons, Skinny cartoon, funny, Skinny picture, Skinny pictures, Skinny image, Skinny images, Skinny illustration, Skinny illustrations
Here you can see how incorrect is the popular saying; “everything in moderation is good”. No amount of poison can ever be ok, even if it is used in “moderation”.
This is not to say that lowering the amount of carbohydrates in your meals will not have a positive impact on your health. But you do need to be aware  that cells hesitate to increase the amount of the mitochondria if glucose is regularly present in the blood. Regular consumption of dietary glucose increases the sugar absorption so strong spikes in glucose blood levels will be present every time you eat dietary carbohydrates and this will interfere with the cellular adjustment of the mitochondria.
This is exactly why so many people have failed in losing weight when they follow any kind of caloric counting diet. It is simply a torture for the body and the mind.
Even after reading my book and following the Self Healer’s Protocol many people decide to have a Skype consultation with me to better understand the principle and they report to me daily, everything they have eaten. This way I can catch their mistakes and correct them. Losing weight becomes easy and no hunger is involved. Since the body becomes adjusted on the genetic level, healing will take place and true health can be achieved.
Once your cells function properly, it is easy to control the weight simply by adjusting how much of the protein and fat you are eating daily. This is easy because you do not experience any hunger or weakness doing it.
Simple isn’t it?????
Love and light.


God Zeus. The king of the gods the ruler of mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder.
This blog will be controversial and it is intended for the open minded. I assume that most of my readers belong to this group  but extremely religious people may be offended. So if you are one of those people I advise you   not to read this article because it may leave you frustrated. It is not my intention  to bash religion, I just want to point out  who was responsible for introducing us to carbohydrates as food and what were their motives behind it.
In the Old Testament  of the Bible at the very beginning as God was creating the World, God is sometimes mentioned as the single God the creator and sometimes in the plural as the Gods.  Many scholars say this was a mistake, I say it was not, it was a disclosure. Why a disclosure?
Those that ruled over us created all the events and told us about them in advance but – because we did not pay close enough attention to their writings – we missed out on vital clues that the rulers always left beforehand as to the true nature of those events.
The whole Bible is not what we think it is. The Bible was created  during the last days of the Roman empire.
Armor of God on a Christian Warrior
The Old and The New Testaments  were created at the same time and they were put together from selected manuscripts to lead humanity  into manifesting the plans of our masters who actually put the Bible together. As they knew how difficult it would be to control such a large mass of people, the same masters who created the Bible, created the Curran as a controlled opposition.  The masters came from Egypt and were Jews.  This is why the Bible is based on Jewish One God views. And it is not the one God who resides in everything, but it is the one bearded God in Heaven.
The idea of controlling humanity and keeping it enslaved is not just a modern phenomenon.  People have been controlled and enslaved for thousands of years. They have been controlled by the nobility, a higher ranking class of people who have claimed that it is their God given right to rule. Where did this idea come from and why have people accepted this and became subservient?
As we are being purposefully mislead through our educational system we believe that ancient people believed in many Gods and the idea of one God, came from the Jewish Torah  As I am talking to the Shamans of the Amazon jungle, they all know of  God, the creator who is encompassed in everything there is and has no beard and does not sit in Heaven.  This makes me believe that humans knew of the true God but they have been brainwashed into believing in the mystical creature instead. Why was this done and who can benefit from this?
We can find the answer to this question in the Bible.
In the beginning people roamed this Earth living in an excess of 600 years of age. Methuselah died when he was 900 years old and Enoch never died. He had such a loving and pure heart that God allowed him to ascend and to walk with him. So what has happened? Why was human age shortened so drastically?
Planet Earth underwent a cataclysmic event in which humans became vulnerable, so an extra terrestrial race  of humanoids from planet Nibiru called the Anunnaki were put in charge  to protect the Earth and humanity from the interference  of other extra terrestrial races who might have wanted to conquer the Earth.  This functioned for some time  until some Anunnaki could not resist the beauty of human women and started to copulate with them. Realizing how humans were not aware  of their powers, those Anunnaki started to present themselves as the authority. In the Bible, the rough Anunnaki are mentioned as the Nephilim, the fallen angels.
Now how did the Anunnaki look?
They were giants with elongated sculls and red hair.
Fossils and mummies with this description have been found all around this planet. They were the first nobility in Egypt, China and the Europe. They tricked people into serving them because they presented themselves as superior and with a direct connection to Anu, who was viewed as a God. In the fact, Anu was the leader of the rough Anunnaki.
This is where the image of  a man like creature with a beard sitting in Heaven in judgement of humanity comes from. 
To further control people into submission, Anunnaki started poisoning people by introducing them to the wrong food. This is why in the Bible, grains are mentioned as the food of the Gods. This is also why the human age was shortened after the fallen angels came to the Earth. We know today that dietary glucose shortness the human age, deprives the brain from a steady supply  of energy and in this way lower our IQ and when used in excess creates a variety of chronic diseases.
We also know that the Anunnaki ate meat and even humans, so dietary carbohydrates were not part of their diet. Humans were simply duped into the wrong beliefs And this was done throughout the whole planet. This is why the Ayurveda diet promotes eating carbohydrates as well. This is why Buddha lived to be only 80 years old when he passed away.
The whole mislead science is based on false beliefs  and as people started to wake up, the slave masters who portray themselves as God given rightful rulers are inventing more and more toxic means to prevent the rest of us from realizing the truth of the powers we posses.
This is why vegetarianism and veganism were invented. Since that was not killing us quickly enough, biological warfare was implemented and then toxic vaccines, but none of it is working any more.  We have crossed the threshold and our awakening is speeding up. Soon we will be free.  Realizing the truth and accepting the new information is a sign of awakening.
So ditch the food of the Gods and switch to the food of God, the creator. If you have forgotten what the food of God is, just look to nature  and imitate wild animals  because they have not been influenced by the false teachings.
We are omnivores like the bears, wolves, raccoons, boars..and they all thrive on animal products and as opportunists they will also eat ripe fruits and berries for their sweetness. The only time omnivores will eat plants in the wild is when they want to cleanse their digestion.
For those of you that still believe dietary carbohydrates are necessary, please read my books, especially “The Resonance Of Nutrition”. Here you can learn the ABC of nutrition and implement it in your lives.
Love and light to us all.
HYDERABAD,INDIA-NOVEMBER 17:Hindu Gods Rama,lakshmana,Sita and hanuman idols during karthika deepam ustav event lighting 1 crore lights on November 17,2016 in Hyderabad,India


Symbols of sacred geometry, depict fundamental aspects of space and time. Background Flower of life symbol variations.
I believe that most of you who are following my blog are awakened and aware at least to a point of what is going on with our planet, our Solar system and beyond. Many of the videos on YouTube are mentioning the raising of frequency in the Universe and the same is happening on planets and on the Earth. As the frequency increases, so does the resonance of all that is living  and what we presume is dead as well. This rise of resonance is changing everything there is since everything there is is just an expression of energy represented by it’s frequency.
I have mentioned several times  in my other articles how living cells react to the stimulation they receive from this frequency. They receive the frequency through the telomeres. As telomeres synchronize their oscillation to the received vibrational energy, they influence the whole DNA to vibrate with this received frequency. Genes that are placed on the DNA spiral then begin to resonate to the vibration of the DNA. Every gene is tuned to a different frequency  and will start to resonate as that particular frequency is received.
Those genes that started do resonate are called the active genes. Since the energy is always vibrating with a multitude of different frequencies there will always be a group of genes that will resonate together. Those resonating genes we call the active genome  or active genes.
We have been often told how we use only 3 % of the genes that we possess and the rest of the genes form the so called junk DNA. As you can see, there is nothing junkie about it. Those are dormant genes because telomeres did not receive adequate frequency to make them resonate.
There is only one genetic chain for the whole Universe and by stimulating genetic oscillation, different life forms appear. As different planets resonate with different frequencies, the life form will vary.  Since many frequencies that we are exposed to come from the depth of the Universe,  the life forms through the Universe will be similar.
3D illustration of a method of DNA sequencing.
I am explaining this so that you can better understand those things that are happening right now on our planet Earth or Gaia as it is known in this new vibrational field.
We are noticing previously impossible things happening. The people’s refusal to vote for the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate: Hilary Clinton (the favourite and someone who was widely expected to win the presidential race) came as a seismic shock! Instead the people chose to vote for the most unlikely choice, the Republican Party’s chosen candidate: Mr Donald Trump, a rank outsider who was inserted as a distraction to ensure Hilary’s win!
This is a sign of humanity awakening. This massive awakening is created by the rise of frequency on planet Earth. As the new frequencies arrive, they stimulate and activate previously dormant genes.
This is awakening humanity to a better realization  of what is happening and the need of change. It is not an accident. It is a new program being formed. This will bring new experiences and knowledge.
Because the frequency is changing, changes in our body are following. Many people are experiencing strange pains and aches in places they never had them before. Headaches are common and even dizzy spells. This is why at the present time  it is often difficult to distinguish the pain triggered by frequency adjustment from a pain triggered by health problems.
As the frequencies are rising, we see things differently. Those people that are living their lives indulged in modern technology and glued to their computer screens  and their “smart” cellular telephones are disconnected from reality and completely under the control of the slave masters. This is very obvious as we listen to our movie stars and music idols. They are all completely lost with the exemption of a very few and so are their blind followers.
Young people looking down at cellular phone - Teenagers leaning on a wall and texting with their smartphones - Concepts about technology and global communication
Blindly following any ideology is insane.  This goes for the religious fanatics as well. If you are afraid and you need a support, religion can help you and give you hope  but do not let yourself be obsessed by it. Listen to other opinions and think about what you hear. This is how we learn. Learning and experiencing things is the purpose of our lives.
As you are starting to better understand frequencies,  you can imagine how food and your environment  causes changes on your DNA and genetic expression. The closer is the source  of vibration to the genetic structure, the more influence on genetic expression it will have. This is why food is so important.  When food is absorbed,   it comes very close in proximity to your cells and gives a strong vibrational impulse. 
So eat correctly and eat the real food of God  and not the food of the Gods as it is mentioned in the Bible and also in some channelling like the Pleadian’s channeller Barbara Marciniac. About this I will write another blog and it will be for those of you more opened to the truth and less restricted by religious beliefs
In this time of separation, those who are lost will not be able to raise their frequency and they will stay in low vibrational fields exposed to diseases and deterioration of their bodies. Those of us who allow a frequency rise,  will separate and form a new program of life.
The high frequencies will purge the New Gaia, clean it up from the toxic and radioactive garbage from the low frequencies and new life will spring out. We will finally get what we were waiting for. We will merge with Christ’s consciousness  and start our one thousand years  of peace and prosperity.
We are almost there.  Just a little more patience my family.
Love and light to us all.
Blue Marble


nanorobot fertilizes the cell egg. Medical concept anatomical future.
Many people are still not aware of technological achievements being done in creating small, nanoparticle size self perpetuating and self repairing robots.
How small is a nanoparticle? Nanoparticles are anywhere between 1 to 100 nanometers in size. And one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. So this is a very very small size we are talking about and it can easily penetrate into our food supply and into our body.
Nanorobots and blood cells , Nanotechnology , Nanorobotics and Bioengineering
This blog is in response to a very good article that I have received from my friend Ante.
Here is the article and I recommend that you read it and watch the video associated with it.
For those of you who have not been aware of this nanotechnology this must be very disturbing. Do not worry, there is no reason to panic.
First of all, if nanorobots could be  so dangerous, the evil scientists would have given up on  biowarfare a long time ago  and put all of their attention to nanorobot technology. As you can see this did not happen.
Because nanorobots are not as successful as scientists had hoped them to be , efforts in promoting the chipping of people are accelerating  The chips are much larger than nanorobots are and can be programmed with a variety of functions that can be remotely controlled. To entice people so that they accept being chipped , false advertising is being used claiming of super human abilities that can be achieved by merging modern technology with the mental power that human’s possess.
To demonstrate how this can work after people have been chipped, bank codes are imprinted into their chips and micro circuits that will operate certain electronic devices are programmed into them. So when you go shopping you just pass by the infrared scanner and it automatically reads your chip and deducts the amount from your savings. When you enter your home the alarm system automatically shuts down, lights come on and music starts playing. Whoa, what a fantastic experience, or isn’t it???
Chips are already being used to manage farm animals. Farmers can track sheep, pigs and horses as they move through a gate, weigh them instantly and make sure they are eating properly.
Through such technology your slave masters are hoping to control every aspect of your life. Are you really so dumb as to allow them to do this? Apparently many of us are that dumb since more and more people are sheepishly lining up for free chip implantation.
Well if nanorobots are not such a big problem, why are so many people suffering from Morgellons disease?
The same as with  biowarfare viruses, nanorobots will present a health problem  in people with weak immune systems.  Even the AIDS virus is non effective on people with a strong immune system.  This is why people are urged to be tested for the virus and if the virus is detected within the body the patient is then given a very toxic cocktail that will destroy the body’s immune system and at the same time prevent infections.
Now if you let go of the toxic drugs because they made you feel terrible, you will succumb to infection and die. This is why AIDS was released through the gay community  first and through drug addicts because their immune system is shot. Why the gay community?  Because they often have  infections and use a lot of antibiotics. All of that weakens the body’s immune system.
We are being frightened every year that a new pandemic  is taking a place and we have to go and get vaccinated so that we can survive, but nothing is happening. Our power is way stronger than we are permited to know and all these false artificial  attacks are not giving the result our slave masters were expecting.
Recently Mr. Devil himself  Bill Gates warned us that an extremely deadly virus is going to decimate the population.  Another attempt at failed strategy. Being so smart, they are really so dumb.
They try to promote fear in us as a tool for our manifestation of the outcome they desire to achieve, but they do not notice that we are no longer afraid and manifesting for them. More and more we are beginning to realize our own power and reclaiming it for ourselves by manifesting peace and outcome we want to see happening. By they, our slave masters, I mean the Zionist “banksters” controlled Illuminati.
Nanorobots are spread through the food we eat, through the air we breath utilizing chemtrails and through the drinks we drink, including the polluted water.
So how do we protect ourselves from this assault?
First keep your immune system strong. If you are reading my articles then you know what to do.
You can go to the filtering process of the food you eat and the beverages you drink but as you can see from the video, it takes time and substantial effort to do this.
You can easily detoxify the way it is mentioned in the article or by utilizing the feet ionic detoxifier like this one
In the video it is mentioned to stay a way from electrostimulators.  Here I disagree.
This is why:.
Several years ago when Hilno and I visited our friend who uses an ionic foot cleansing machine  we decided to check the state of our toxicity. I had been  on my normal diet of no carbohydrates, drinking water with sea salt and using a Beck’s blood electrifier (pulser). It took about 20 minutes for some yellowish color to start appearing in the water. My friend could not believe that I was so clean, no metal, nothing really to talk about. She said it takes the average human  at least 10 cleansing sessions to have such clean water during the detox process.
Hilno eats the same way I do but occasionally she will have a croissant or pumpkin soup that she loves and she does not use the pulser. Her water was much darker and metals were showing up.
This shows how even small amounts of dietary carbohydrates interfere with our immune system and blood electrification helps the cellular detoxification process.
The purpose of this blog is to show you that there is really nothing to worry about and you can effectively protect and cleanse yourselves. So do not panic but be aware and change the way you eat, hydrate with water and sea salt and start meditating so that you help us to change this World we live in. 
Beach Yoga Balance Healthy Lifestyle Breathe Concept
Love and light to us all.


Conceptual 3D illustration of fat overweight vs slim fit with muscles young man on diet reflecting mirror, metaphor  weight loss, body, fitness, fatness, obesity, health, healthy, shape, male dieting

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is.  Just one lapse and you are back where you started. No matter what program you followed, it has always brought you a disappointment. There are some people with strong will and perseverance that succeeded but those are the few amongst the many who have failed.
Fast scroll  through the Internet and you will find many options and many different programs claiming fast and easily achievable weight loss.
For example,,20501331,00.html offers “16 ways to , lose weight fast”. offers the information on “how to lose weight fast the scientific way” will give you a “healthy weight loss and dieting tips”.
We can go on forever because there is no shortage of sites  but if you read them, you will find nothing new or different in their suggestions. Some put more attention to calorie counting, some to the amount of exercising recommended, some focus on your nutritional type, some on your blood group…but all in all the recommendations are the same. Some claim that that ancient was the source of truth and the Ayurveda diet is the epitome of proper nutrition.
I disagree with all of them because of the many people I am working with and their experiences. They all succeed with weight loss and are surprised at how effortless it has been and how their health improves dramatically in the process.
So where is the catch?
The one suggestion that you will find on most weight loss programs is a reduction of carbohydrates and an increase in the consumption of the “good fats” and protein.
This is not good enough. If your cells are adjusted to utilize glucose as the energy source, reduction of glucose in the diet will make you hungry because your cells will be starving for energy. Remember that cells adjust to glucose by reducing the number of active mitochondria. So if the number of mitochondria is low, cells can produce enough energy only if glucose is available.
Fat People cartoons, Fat People cartoon, funny, Fat People picture, Fat People pictures, Fat People image, Fat People images, Fat People illustration, Fat People illustrations
This means that the increase of fat with decreased carbohydrate count will be starving your cells since they cannot produce adequate energy utilizing fat. The result will be hunger and the feeling of starvation. If you are eating carbohydrates daily, your sugar absorption will be very high. This means that all the sugar that finds itself within your intestines will be absorbed into the blood. In this way, your cells will be flooded with glucose with every meal you eat and cells will be very careful not to activate more mitochondria than necessary.
Only if you have a strong character and can tolerate the hunger for a while will you have a chance to succeed  and the weight loss will be slow as little by little cells activate more mitochonria and become more efficient  in utilizing fat for energy production.  At the same time you will be craving for more carbohydrates and sooner or later you will lapse and go back to your old habits.
The suggestion to count the calories and match them  to the amount of exercising you do is one of the worst suggestions you can get. It is very difficult to control your weight through exercising because it is not just the matter of calorie count, what matters is the source of those calories. When you have a small amount of cellular mitochonria, your cells cannot properly utilize your fat as the energy source so what you end up doing is eating carbohydrates before exercising and drinking energy drinks during the exercise. It is very difficult to lose weight that way.
Fat People cartoons, Fat People cartoon, funny, Fat People picture, Fat People pictures, Fat People image, Fat People images, Fat People illustration, Fat People illustrations
Some suggest losing weight on a carbohydrate diet.  Here you have to cut your portions very small and eat multiple times a day. This is not easy for most people since we enjoy eating big meals.  Also it becomes very difficult during the night since the cells are rebuilding energy and glucose is not available. Many people wake up during the night in search of the refrigerator and the goodies inside it.  Although it is possible to lose and maintain low weight on such a diet,  I do not recommend it because it is not healthy and cellular deterioration will occur.
Many recommendations are off the wall as nutritionists treat the raw carbohydrates the same way as the processed or heat treated ones. For example you will often hear statements to avoid eating bananas as they are carbohydrate so they will bring sugar into your body. This is incorrect as I point in my book “The Resonance Of Nutrition”. Eating raw potatoes or raw bananas will not present any problems as the carbohydrates are inside of the cellular structure enveloped with fiber (cellulose). This means they will just pass through the digestive tract untouched as cellulose cannot be broken down by our digestion.
If I were to  analyze all the claims separately, I would end up writing a book so I think I have made the point  with the examples I have presented.
This is why so few people succeed in losing weight.
Since every cellular change is directed and controlled by the action of genes, the best way to change and recalibrate cells from glucose to fat burning is to change their genetic expression. I wrote about it many times and it is described in detail in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”
You can read about the digestion process with the genetic influence in my new book ‘The Resonance Of Nutrition”
Limiting carbohydrates will not do the trick. The wrong frequency persists and so does the craving and the wrong genetic expression.

Fat People cartoons, Fat People cartoon, funny, Fat People picture, Fat People pictures, Fat People image, Fat People images, Fat People illustration, Fat People illustrations

Following The Self Healers Protocol  will show you the way. If you have tried and failed before schedule a Skype appointment with me and I will lead you through this process. You will lose weight and recover your health without starvation and you will easily keep the weight down simply by eating correctly and doing moderate activity.
People are being mislead into believing  that everybody is different and responds differently to the food they eat. This is not true. We all respond to the food we eat according to our genetic expression. This expression is controlled by the environment and not by preset family genetic order. The environment represents not only the food you eat but also your thoughts, music you listen to, electrical devices in your vicinity, nature and animals that surround you.
Since the food brings the resonance closest to your genes, its influence will be the strongest. Do not fool yourself into thinking  that your body type requires dietary glucose. Dietary glucose is toxic to all animals and humans.
With love and light.


Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations

Most people as they age become forgetful. Our medical science has accepted that fact as something normal, something to be expected as a part of our aging process. Our science takes in the consideration of statistics as the norm and any deviation from this norm is considered an extraordinary circumstance. So if you happen to be 100 years old and you still have a good memory and clarity of thoughts you are considered to be lucky or a miracle.
The question is are those old and sane people lucky or miracles of nature, or are the rest of us having a health issue expressed in dementia?
If in doubt, we can always look to nature and observe wild animals.
What do we notice when observing animals in their natural environment?
First, we cannot distinguish the old animal from the younger one. As the herd goes, all the animals look to be healthy. They are alert and respond to their environment the same way. They all run with the same speed. There are no differences in their agility and endurance. They have no problem in determining what their food is, where to find their water and how to sense danger.  They do not get lost. The old birds just the same as the young ones will follow magnetic impulses during their migration and will get to the same place regardless of their age. It seems that the only animal that has a problem with memory, orientation and recognition as they age are are humans.
This is why we have to reject the “scientifically established medical norm” we are labelled with by our health “experts”. Losing our marbles is not a normal thing that happens as we age.
Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations
Immediately the question springs to mind – so why are the great majority of people suffering from deteriorating mental health as they age?
The answer is very simple for everyone who is following this blog site. It all comes down to the wrong food and toxicity.
We must not forget that neurons are nerve cells. Since they are cells of our body, they will be affected with the environment of our body in the same way as our muscles, blood vessels or cells of our organs will. The same things that dehydrate and acidify those cells will dehydrate and acidify neurons as well.  So why are we even surprised when we become forgetful or lose concentration? Our eyesight has deteriorated, our joints ache, we have indigestion and hypertension, so why are we surprised that we cannot remember what we ate yesterday?
Many alternative medicine sites have just the thing you need to help your brain to remember and stay alert and focused. Just drink this juice, or take this supplement and you will be fine. That is a crock of s##t if you ask me!  If we do not change our diet and detoxify our blood, we cannot achieve any improvement as far as brain health is concerned.
For the brain to function normally, energy has to be readily available since the brain uses a lot of it to be able to transmit thoughts. In addition to this, the brain supplies energy to other organs and in this way coordinates their action.  Any lack of energy will have a wide range of consequences and the way that we are told to eat makes a steady energy supply to the brain an impossibility.
Yes, most of the energy the brain uses comes from the heart but because of the program we must obey we still need 30 % of the energy to be supplied through the food we eat. If this food is saturated fat and protein there is no problem. Neurons will maintain great numbers of mitochondria active and the supply of energy will not be interrupted no matter if we had the time to eat or not.  Our fat will provide the necessary triglyceride the mitochondria need to produce the required energy.
The same as in the cells of other organs and tissues, the problem starts when the body is flooded with glucose. 
When neurons are exposed to glucose they will do the same as the cells in the rest of the body. They will start to deactivate mitochondria to protect neurons from overcharging. The more we are glucose dependent, the less active the mitochondria remains within each neuron.
A neuron with a small amount of active mitochondria will produce an adequate amount of energy when glucose is supplied, but this only happens during and immediately after we eat since our body cannot store glucose and release it when glucose is needed.  This also means that our brain will have plenty of energy during our meal and about one hour from the time we ate.
If we do not eat again after an hour and a half, the neuron has depleted the energy and the only fuel the body can send is triglyceride.  Since there is a small amount of active mitochondria remaining in the neurones they cannot produce a sufficient amount of energy and the brain starts starving for energy.  We lose concentration, we become tired, exhausted and headaches may occur. Everybody has experienced those symptoms as we all eat the wrong foods.
Now if you add to this a low fat diet and statin drugs that prevent cholesterol formation, the neurons cannot repair their membranes and their myelin so their electrical insulation gets thin causing the electric leaks that express themselves in some people as the tremors we call Parkinson’s disease.
Under the influence of constant insulin irritation and inability to reinforce their membranes, or simply by making their membranes too dense , neurones become deprived of insulin  and now they cannot even produce energy from glucose. This can result in Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other aspects that contribute to this disease.  In any case, glucose creates tremendous problems to proper functioning of the brain.
Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations
This constant lack of energy in the brain makes us moody, irritable and unstable on the one hand and drowsy and depressed on the other.  Lately the scientists are pointing to the small active mitochondria within the neurons and agree that there lies the answer for many problems related to the brain activity and they are trying to figure out how to stimulate mitochondrial activation. Scientists  simply cannot believe that dietary glucose is connected to this problem. I have proven this on many clients and there is no doubt that dietary glucose is the culprit.
Since animals in the wild do not have the access to dietary carbohydrates, they do not show any problems related to dementia.
So if you have been told that you have age related dementia problems just read my book and follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you will heal yourself. If you are presently on some medical poisons (medication) then contact me first before you start the protocol because there is no health recovery if medicaments are being used.
Love and light to us all.