What are toxins, and what is the mechanism through which they make us sick?


In medical school, we are being told that there are several principles or pathways through which our health can be affected, and each of those pathways has its distinctive mechanism of action that requires a specific approach/cure.

When we go to see the doctor, something is bothering us but in general, we react only if the pain becomes unbearable, or we break down with a fever or a strong skin inflammation.

The first thing that doctor does is to check the pulse, the blood pressure and analyzes the blood for its values.

If nothing extraordinary is found, we are pronounced healthy and the problems are stress-related. “It is all in your head” we are being told.

If microorganisms are being found and the white blood cell count is up, we are being told that we have a bacterial/fungal/parasitic infection.

If no microorganisms are found but the symptoms tell us that this is what is going on, we put the blame on a virus.


If we notice a change in the hormonal values and no pathogen was detected, we put the blame on the adrenal gland, pre-existing genetically influenced condition, or we blame any change in our routine being it the change of diet or menopause.

Usually, doctors can calm down the symptoms by poisoning the body with medicinally approved poisons, and when this no longer works, another group of diseases appears which we have named the autoimmune diseases.

As you can see, the toxins are never mentioned and there is a reason for this.

“Do not bring the culprit to the light. You can be parasitic just not antisemitic”.

So let us examine, what does the word toxin mean?

On the quantum level, any frequency that can alter the frequency of our body is a toxic frequency, is a toxin.


Since our reality is nothing more than our mind’s interpretation of frequencies which are projected to our consciousness through the light and our senses, the toxins can be seen or experienced through various forms.

Our brain can make us aware of toxic frequencies in the form of a chemical that enters our body through the digestive or respiratory tract, or through the skin.

The brain can manifest toxins as a particular sound, a color of light, odor, but there are toxic frequencies that our brain is not programmed to interpret. We refer to them simply as electromagnetic radiation.

Since our cells do not possess programmed brains, they can only be aware of toxic frequencies in their original quantum vibrational form, and we call this energetic field to which our cells are exposed to as their cellular environment.

When the cellular environment changes, the cells themselves have to undergo a change. They have to adapt to the changing environment.

To be able to do this, they need to receive instructions. This instructional manual for the cellular adaptation to the changes in their environment we call the genetic expression.

Genes are the blueprints that cells read to adjust themselves to the existing environment. This means that when the environment changes, a particular genetic blueprint will be opened so that the cell can survive.

This means that the gene expression is always changing with the change of the cellular environment/vibrational field.

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The understanding of how the body reacts on the quantum level helps us to become aware of the toxic potential of our own brain since our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with.

When we say that this man/woman is toxic, this is what they actually are to you but not because of their frequency, but because of the frequency, your brain produces as a reaction to your emotions that are created when you think of those “toxic” people.

Those people who feel hate toward something or someone, are often suffering from chronic health problems. It is not revenge of God.

They are simply poisoning themselves constantly with their own toxic vibration.

There is no way a doctor can see this by analyzing your blood, but since genetic expression has to change so that you can continue living while being in the state of hate, the blood analysis will show changes in the hormonal activity, and since your emotions are creating a toxic vibration, your own cells go into a stress mode.

They stop to hydrate and cleanse. The longer we stay in the state of anger or disgust, the more dehydrated the cells become which, in a long run will provoke a forced hydration/inflammation.

When we cannot stand someone because he/she has a toxic character, he/she has no power to harm us. We are harming ourselves by creating toxic thoughts towards them. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth but we are the ones who are punching ourselves and creating damage to our own bodies.

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It is necessary for us to detoxify, so follow the Self Healers Protocol and maintain a smile on your face.

You cannot harbor toxic thoughts with a smile on your face.

You don’t believe this?

Try it for yourself. Put a smile on your face try to yell at someone, then let me know what has happened.

Love and light to us all.

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