TIME&PAST LIVES RELATIONSHIP Something to wrap your mind around.

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This blog may be quite disturbing for most people but it is necessary for us to start understanding the truth about the world we are the part of.

Since we are in the time of awakening, there is no better way to start this process than destroying the illusion of time.

Many people have heard about the concept of multidimensional time but I do not think that there is anybody on this planet who really understands how this really works. We are experiencing our lives in a linear motion. A mother delivers a child, this child grows up and becomes an adult. This adult ages and dies.

This is a linear process which we can see happening and this is why it is logical and easy to understand.

Then comes one religion telling you that in the future Jesus Christ will return and raise all those that follow his ideology and give their money to the church, and he will raise them from their graves and make them immortal.

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This is a bit harder to swallow since we cannot understand how can a decayed skeleton become a living human again, but if the man in the dark clothes who represents God says so, we accept this, after all, he is ordained by God himself.

But, from the East comes this idea of reincarnation. The Hindus and the Buddhists are telling us that after we die, we return to live again but in another body. We have multiple lives and every new life is a response to the past life in which we are to correct the mistakes we did in the past life.

This concept is harder to swallow but if Jesus can resurrect us, there could be the possibility of living again.

If you are borne in the society with one set of beliefs, you become programmed to accept it but then you have a real difficulty to change your opinion later. This is where the clash of different understandings creates a divide and animosity between people who are eager to defend their personal belief.

Now, you can believe one or the other version because they were explained to you and in this way, they were inserted into you operational program.

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As we started awakening, the concept of the manifestation came in. This teaches us that we can change this experience of ours that we call the reality simply by envisioning the change and believing in it.

This is another thing that is not easily accepted but since it is happening in the linear time we are familiar with, we grow into accepting it and we can utilize it to make our life experience easier. We can even utilize this knowledge to heal ourselves by using it as a placebo effect in the healing process.

Recently a universal message came telling us to focus on the NOW. Only in the present moment, you can make any change you desire. Thinking about the past events and focusing on what will be coming does not serve you at all because you cannot influence any changes in them at the moment and they only bring more time.

How can thinking about something that will happen in the future bring more time?

I am sure that everyone has experienced that when we have a great time and we do something that we like to do and really enjoy it, it seems like the time flew by. It looks like everything has happened in an instant.

I remember when I was young, the school-days were dragging forever. The classes of the subjects I did not like seemed to go forever and sometimes one minute lasted an hour.

But when the vacation came, it just flew by. It was over before it really begun.

The way we look at this is with a reasoning that enjoying something makes it seem to go by faster, but in “reality” this is just an illusion. After all, our clocks are telling us the time.

Well, as Dolores Cannon said, the extra-terrestrials are laughing at us. They say, leave it to the human to invent how to measure something that does not exist.

This is a real mind-boggling statement wouldn’t you say?

The time does not exist? How is this possible?

What about my grandparents and the events of our past? What about our future that we are planning? There is the time that was, a time that is, and the time that is to come. This is obvious, isn’t it?

If there is no time, how can we expect Jesus to come and save us?

How can we explain all those past lives we have lived and we were told about?

What makes the life possible if there is no time?

Well, we are told that everything happens in the present. That we are living all of our life experiences at the same time. Now, this is very difficult for our mind to wrap itself around.

This concept of no time I believe cannot even be explained clearly enough so that our mind can take a grip on it.

Imagine the time to be a straight line. So when you write a word you put every character separately one letter after the other on this line so when you read it one after the other you get a word.

Now imagine that there is no line and you write one letter over the other. Now you end up with a smudge that you cannot read. This would point to the conclusion that the time must exist otherwise many things would be impossible to do.

This is only because of our concept, our programmed “reality”.

The truth is that everything is just an energy and as such, it leaves an energetic (electromagnetic) imprint that we can sense. Every letter represents a symbol and so does the written word. This symbol represents a thought of the person that wrote it and it does not matter if it is put in a linear fashion or if it is written one on top of each other. The energetic imprint of the thought is represented in that smudge and it can be sensed. There are people that can just hold a book in their hand and tell you not only what is in it, but also what was the writer trying to say with what he wrote, the writer’s interpretation of the events which we can never do by simply reading the text.

It is always the thought. This is where the power is.

Reincarnation cartoons, Reincarnation cartoon, funny, Reincarnation picture, Reincarnation pictures, Reincarnation image, Reincarnation images, Reincarnation illustration, Reincarnation illustrations

There is no surprise now when you think of what Jesus said. “Be careful of what you are thinking”.

Now, how do we translate this into the subject of time?

Time is a thought expressed through the field of energy, the same as everything else, and it has no end and it has no beginning, it simply is, it simply exists it does not happen.

As our thoughts are created one after the other, they are piling up waiting to be materialized and experienced. We can space them apart and put them in a linear aspect, or we can overlap them, there is no difference as long as one comes after the other. This is why the extraterrestrials cannot give us a time of an event. They can only let us know what will have to happen before the expected event occurs. They cannot judge how long it will take because it all depends on us and our concept of procrastinating through the delay of our thinking about the future events. By us thinking that the time has to pass so that we can neatly place things in a linear fashion, we are creating the time.

When this is applied to the concept of the reincarnation, it shows us that we are experiencing all of our lives which are connected to this experience that we call the life on the planet Earth in the same moment of time. They all coexist together. The term for this is parallel life.

I have told you that this will be a strange blog so to make it easier to even consider as a possibility I want you to listen how brilliantly Dolores Cannon explains it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpnGUJ5DFH8&w=953&h=536]

Please do not flip. We are all just learning the truth step by step.

Does this have anything to do with the health?

Of course. One parallel life can influence what is happening in the other parallel life because they are the thoughts of the same spirit. This is the spirit of One who knows everything but it is playful and wants to experience more through this game we call the life.

Love and light to us all.

WE EAT THE SAME KIND OF FOOD Why do I have all of these health issues and my grandparents do not?

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There is one remark which I hear over and over again which is, “why am I sick and no one in my family has these problems? We eat the same foods so how can it be the food?”

I decided to address this question in this blog to make it more understandable.

I will start by asking some questions first.

Where do you think the chronic diseases come from in the first place?

In my book and in some of my blogs I refer to nature. The wild animals do not suffer from any chronic disease. There is no diabetes 1 or 2, there is no arthritis, no hypertension, circulatory problems, asthma, allergies, Lupus, loss of the memory, cancer, loss of the eyesight, osteoporosis, hernias, chronic indigestions and stomach ulcers and I can go on and on.

The wild animals have extremely strong immune systems. They do not need antibiotics to heal. Their wounds do not get infected and they heal rapidly. There are no signs of aging, one cannot distinguish the animals age by simply watching them and by the way they behave. They are alert strong and flexible almost to the very end of their life.

No one points to this fact, only sometimes to justify the cost of their medicinal poisons we hear about some “special ability of some animals like the shark for example or the deep sea sponge, to produce its own antibiotic”. This is a complete nonsense because the same ability is embedded into every plant and animal including the human and it is called the immune system.

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There are NO ANTIBIOTICS PRODUCED in any animals body. This is just a lie to keep the fraudulent pharmaceutical and medical business going.

The properly functioning immune system will protect the body extremely well. The problem is that we humans have a very poorly functioning immune system.

The response of our body depends on the response of our cellular structure and its response depends on the directions given to them through the genetic response.

Now comes the second question: if the origin of our chronic problems come from our diet, how come that we respond to the same diet in different ways?

This is actually very broad question since it can be directed to the immediate household, or it can go to the past since the first question being asked by the doctor is if anyone in your family had suffered from the same disease.

They ask this question because it is their way out by blaming it on the genes.

Let me first talk about our ancestors.

Whenever I say that the dietary glucose is a poison for any animal because it reprograms the genetic expression almost everyone responds with “my parents ate this way and their parents ate the same way and none of them had what I am suffering from. How can diet be the cause of this health problem that only I am suffering from in my whole family?

Even with the severely handicapped immune system, our body is doing a pretty good job in protecting our health.

In the past, the human life was very difficult. People worked hard and had less food available. They also ate much more animal protein and fats. As recently as my grandparents, the meals were done on pork fat mainly. Sometimes a chicken fat or a duck fat was being used as a treat because it enhanced the taste.

Quilotoa, Ecuador - 27 March 2015: Indigenous Villager Smiling At The Camera, Quilotoa, South America In Quilotoa On March 27, 2015 Stock Photo - 60038445

The lies about the fat being the cause of heart problems came after the WWII.

I remember when my mother baked a chicken. My favorite was to soak bread in the liquid chicken fat, added more salt and ate it as the fat was dripping down my chin and hands. My mother was telling me not to put too much fat on the bread because this was unhealthy but I did not listen and never had a heart problem.

This habit of soaking the bread in meat fat I had practiced until 7 years ago when I realized the evil of dietary carbohydrates and ditched the bread forever. Now I simply lick the plates since the fat is the tastiest part of the meat.

Soaking the bread in the meat-fat and eating it is very popular in Croatia and the practice is still going on but more and more people nowadays suffer from heart and circulatory problems.

How come that today’s people have a dramatic increase of a heart and blood circulation problems and they are eating way less fat and utilizing the “healthy vegetable oils and margarine and eating way more vegetables than before?”

Obviously, something is wrong here, wouldn’t you agree?

What is obvious is that in the past people ate much less and there was more animal fat consumed. The animal fat is saturated and it coats the intestines making it difficult for sugars to penetrate. So the sugars become absorbed with the fat on much slower paste. This makes it easier for our body to be able to better calibrate the amount of the insulin it will need to produce.

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By eating a smaller amount of dietary glucose and more saturated fat, the body was being poisoned at a slower pace but the symptoms of rapid aging are clearly visible.

The toxicity has a cumulative action. This means more toxic the body becomes, the faster and stronger will the health problems become.

This is why in the past only the fat people suffered from ill health. They simply became toxic faster than those people who eat smaller amounts of food.

Today we are being poisoned in many different ways but the wrong food is still the primary cause of our health problems.

Since the wrong food reprograms our genetic expression, this is recorded by the fetus and often when a child is being born, those genetic glitches are the precursors of the developing health issue in the future.

This means that the mother may not show the health problem as of yet, but the child was born with the genetic glitch caused by his mother’s food consumption. As this young fast growing body becomes introduced to this wrong food himself since it started with a genetic problem, it will quickly accelerate and it will faster show the health problems in the way of symptoms that we have classified as some bogus disease.

All this can be stopped by simply adjusting the genetic expression but it is not being done. Our doctors have no clue about this since we are being misinformed in the medical school that our genes, once set, cannot change their expression. This is why doctors do not even try to do something about it and pronounce the “disease” as incurable.

Today’s food has very little in common with the food of our ancestors and saying that our ancestors ate the same food as we do today is a misconception and a lie.

Just recently I had explained the difference between the old-fashioned ham and today’s ham. The only thing that they have in common is that they started as a leg of pork. Todays so called dry-cuts are toxic poison and if you have them as a young child you will quickly develop leukemia. Older you are, slower your body reacts to it but as it becomes saturated with those nitrates and sulfates, leukemia will start showing up.

Baby Born

Since the toxicity and the bodies response to it changes with the amount of the toxins and the type of the poison they contain, different symptoms will show up at different stages as the gene expression changes. This is why the firstborn children are often more resilient than their younger brothers and sisters. Mother’s body becomes more toxic as the time goes on.

Also, the medicinal remedies will create worse problems. This is why pregnant women are told not to smoke or drink alcohol or coffee.

Women used to be warned not to take any medication and not to get vaccinated.

Obviously, the vaccines were always toxic but now as our “masters” want to basically kill us all, they are recommending for the pregnant women to be vaccinated. Doctors must be aware of the scheme but they do not care. All they care about is the money and their titles.

Since I have mentioned the money, please do contribute through the donation button and be part of the movement of spreading the truth and helping people to heal themselves since if you continue trusting your friendly doctor, the cemetery is your next stopover.

Remember that the genetic glitches do not only come from your present family members. They can be transmitted from a generation to the next one or the one after and if they will create a symptom, depends on what you do or not do during your life.

Some genetic glitches come from your past life independent of your family tree. What we call the past life did not really happen in the past. It is an ongoing parallel life which I will try to explain in my next post.

Thank you for contributing and helping others to heal themselves

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Love and light to us all.


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We often have a tendency to attribute the worsening of our health to the aging process. There is no difference when it comes to the loss of our hair.

When you express your concern about your hair-loss and you are over thirty years old male, “this is normal” will be the response of your trusted health guru.

After the quick question quiz about your family, doctor will decide if he/she can play the genetic card, the autoimmune card or if it can slap it onto an existing health problem like diabetes, Lupus, hypothyroidism, AIDS, iron deficiency, a hormonal problem or whatever else he may use to show his expertize. This is important so that the trusting relationship can be established through which all of the future poisons (medicines) will be sold which will most likely have absolutely no beneficial effect.

The same as it is with all of the other health problems, a hair-loss is a symptom and not a disease. This means that when a doctor slaps your hair-loss to an existing hypothyroid problem, he/she is admitting that they know absolutely nothing about the subject. How can you blame one symptom to be caused by another symptom?

This is like saying that the reason your engine stalled is that a red light indicator of low fuel went on. The engine had stalled because no fuel was available. The empty fuel-tank and the red indicator light were just the warnings of what will happen, they are the symptoms. The cause is the absence of the fuel. The red light did not empty the fuel tank and neither was the fuel tank emptied because the red warning light went on. One symptom cannot influence the other symptom.

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This is why it is ridiculous and a waste of time to attribute one symptom to another one when we are looking for a solution to a problem. This only shows a confusion and misunderstanding of the problem.

If your mechanic does not check if there is a fuel in the tank and immediately starts to recommend changing the wiring or the electrical connections to the red warning light, there is something wrong with this mechanic wouldn’t you say? You will most likely never go back to this mechanic ever again but when your doctor does this, we keep coming back again and again, and again……..

Why is this so? Why do we do this?

Why do we return again and again to the same doctors when all that they do is fiddle with the symptoms?

The reason is simple. We are doing what we are told by the experts with diplomas and the white coats with a stethoscope around their neck.

If you wonder why the stethoscope? The stethoscope is used as a symbol of the medical profession you have to submit to as an inferior patient.

When doctors use their stethoscope, they are checking a symptom really for no reason at all since they have no clue what causes them. It is just to give the symptom a name, a box which will justify a medicinal remedy of a poison which will hopefully temporarily suppress those symptoms. Doctors are not told to look for the real culprit and even if they want to find it, they cannot because they do not possess the knowledge to go there.

As it is with all of the chronic health problems so it is with the hair loss.

The doctor’s reasoning is a simple process.

If you have all of the symptoms of the hypothyroidism and your hair is thinning, the hypothyroidism must be the cause of this.

Since one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is a change of the hormonal blood values, the hair-loss is probably related to those changes.

Hormone Therapy cartoons, Hormone Therapy cartoon, funny, Hormone Therapy picture, Hormone Therapy pictures, Hormone Therapy image, Hormone Therapy images, Hormone Therapy illustration, Hormone Therapy illustrations

Another symptom of hypothyroidism is slowing down of the cellular metabolism, so this also could be the reason of the hair-loss. Wait a minute, if all those changes could be somehow influencing one symptom against another, maybe the hair-loss is the cause of the hypothyroidism?

Utilizing a medical reasoning, this is a viable question but even a child would laugh at this scenario.

I am just explaining the stupidity that is involved here and the level of the medical knowledge that we doctors receive in the Medical University.

I have used hypothyroidism as an example but the same line of thoughts is used in every medical evaluation. This is why if your blood picture is clear, with no apparent problems, doctors declare us healthy and say that it is all in our head, that we are imagining not feeling good.

If all your values are good, you cannot absolutely be sick, this is what doctors believe.

Believe what you can see and touch because that is the only thing that exists. This is the fundamental base of our science and here we are fundamentally wrong. Often we can feel the pain when all of our blood values are in order. You cannot see or touch the pain, you cannot prove that the pain exists, you cannot measure its intensity, but you can still feel it.

Since fundamentally everything is just an expression of energy, with the more sophisticated equipment we are able to prove more and more things which we could not do before.

Now, as we return to the issue of a hair-loss, everyone who is following my work by reading my blogs and communicating with me already knows the answer.

What is common for all of the chronic problems and why do they occur?

The first symptom and the cause of all our chronic health problems is a toxic blood.

Why is a toxic blood a symptom?

Because there are many different toxins that can be found in the blood including the medicinal remedies or over-saturation with unnecessary supplements and vitamins which are the culprit’s of a toxic blood.

The toxic blood becomes the culprit of the cellular toxicity since our cells will refuse to hydrate with the toxic blood.

Another reason for the cellular dehydration and acidity is the lack of the cellular energy.

The dehydrated and acidic cells cannot maintain proper electrical charge and they rely on the energy that they receive from the brain.

This is why a lack of such energy further dehydrates the cells by preventing them from producing the potassium and engaging the cellular osmotic pump.

Here you see the stress connection with a chronic health problem.

This is why a toxic blood and stress are the basic culprits that can manifest a symptom of a hair-loss.

Here is a video in which you can clearly see how a cleansing of the body helped the hair-growth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_16NVJS_9k&w=854&h=480]

Now here you had heard how eating mostly raw vegetables made this miraculous change.

Well, you know that by eating raw vegetables we are actually starving and cleansing the body and you can see the dramatic change on this man’s skin.

It was not the vegetables, it was the cleansing process.

Using additional remedies as topical additives are unnecessary and something you have to pay for which has no real health benefit.

Sometimes those medicinal things can reduce the inflammation because it prevents the cellular forced hydration. This can sometimes result with temporary improvement but in the long run, unless you cleanse your blood, and subsequently your cells, no lasting benefit will be achieved.

This is another reason why to use “The Self Healers Protocol”.

Keep in mind that the skin is a blood cleansing organ and the detoxification of the blood will show symptoms on your skin.

If you are very toxic on the cellular level, you may actually experience faster hair-loss during the cleansing period since your blood will become very polluted from your cellular garbage that ended up in it.

As soon as the blood cleanses, the hair will start coming back in a full force.

During heavily toxic body detoxification one can lose all the hair from the body. This is the case of chemotherapy, but it can also happen if your cells are really extremely toxic and you start with a fast detoxification with water and the sea salt protocol.

Hair Regrowth cartoons, Hair Regrowth cartoon, funny, Hair Regrowth picture, Hair Regrowth pictures, Hair Regrowth image, Hair Regrowth images, Hair Regrowth illustration, Hair Regrowth illustrations

There are also people with a deeply suppressed emotional problem that is trapped in a gene and it can even come from the past life or from an inherited gene of a family. Because we are not aware of it we can’t release this energy and it can cause our boldness. Such cases are not that rare and are the causes of many chronic health problems.

Here a past live retraction or getting in touch with your spirit through Ayahuasca, for example, can resolve this problem.

The clean blood is always the first necessity in every healing process.

Love and light to us all.

OPENING PANDORA'S BOX The control-room of Evil

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Isn’t it strange that so many discoveries have been made in science worldwide and so many scientific papers were written but as we are discovering, what was agreed upon by our prominent scientists worldwide is now proven to be wrong?

Scientists are holding onto the conclusions that have been made no matter what and in many cases, only after the evidence of it to be wrong cannot be suppressed any longer, do we see some changes towards the truth and it is always like a pulling the tooth, painfully slow.

It has been now at least 10 years since it was publicly disclosed that the science was wrong as far as the saturated fats are concerned. Still, an overwhelming majority of doctors struggle to accept it and refer to the saturated fats as the cause of the elevated cholesterol in the blood and the cause of heart problems including hypertension.

I wonder, how long will it take before the “science” accepts that they have been wrong as far as the principal cellular fuel is concerned since admitting that triglyceride is the cellular principal fuel would undermine many scientifically agreed-upon medical lies which would lead to the debunking of the fake medical science.

Our science is proving the Law of One. Every prominent (world acknowledged) scientist, agrees and defends the accepted theories no matter how fragile they are and even when they say something incredibly stupid, they are not scrutinized.

'We'd like you to develop a truth drug. One that makes other people think that we're telling the truth.'

On the other hand, if someone shows and even demonstrates a different possibility which makes a sense but it contradicts or endangers the accepted scientific belief, they are immediately attacked and ridiculed.

If you have doubt that this is so, just try to present any of the theories from this blog to a doctor and see what happens. Even when you show your doctor that you have been healed which he held as an impossibility, your words will hit the wall of animosity. You will be ridiculed if you are not a doctor and if you are a doctor then your colleagues will laugh at you cynically.

The same treatment one will experience whenever you are on this planet. The same accepted theories, the same lies, the same deceptions. It is as if it is all coordinated from one point, one center.

In the fact, it is. Not only that our science is controlled, everything is controlled and more than that.

Everything is controlled by the same people. The nuclear science, physics, medical science, pharmaceutical science, but also the political science, the science on a religion, banking, politics, history, space… and you would be very surprised to learn who those people are.

If you are interested, check this video out:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkvVfxZgYd0&w=640&h=360]

Can you believe how little do we know how our world is run and who are the controllers?

The Shadow government just got darker and shadowier.

It is becoming obvious that even those people we had suspected to be the shakers and movers are just slaves to their masters.

All of the sudden, everything is becoming clearer. Even the mighty United States Corporation is just a slave to the British Crown which is a slave to its master.

The rabbit-hole is getting deeper but more transparent as the awakening is starting to illuminate its shadows.

As you realize that no rough candidate selected by the people can ever become a representative of the system, you must wonder if it is even vaguely possible to get out of this enslavement.

It is clear that Trump was placed as the USA corporation president. If you ask why? Here is the answer.

Truth cartoons, Truth cartoon, funny, Truth picture, Truth pictures, Truth image, Truth images, Truth illustration, Truth illustrations

Even the dormant dumbed-down population would revolt if the evil Hillary was selected as a president and the system would be endangered.

Donald Trump was used as a tool to reestablish a trust for the damaged system.

He is a Rothschild’s puppet, he was bailed by them many times in the past after he had made not such a good deals which catapulted him into a bankruptcy on more than one occasion. Now he is selected to return the favors and do the Rothschild’s bidding. This is why he is cocci-cocci with BB Netanyahu and the Zionist leadership.

I am still hoping that his ego will prevail and seize the opportunity to free himself and truly become what people think of him to be.

Since now you are more aware of what is going on and how this planet of ours is being run, it is clearer why the same lies are pushed everywhere and the same tools are used for the elimination off most of the population on this planet.

Now you know who has originated the lies of the human-induced Global Warming.

You can understand now who receives the Nobel Prizes and what is their purpose.

Why is the genetically modified poison used to feed us?

Why we are poisoned through the chem-trails and the vaccines.

Now you realize that the “science” is used as a tool to convince us to accept the lies no matter how ridiculous they are.

Only a brainwashed and dumbed-down person can defend vaccination after her own baby died two days after it was vaccinated.


Ah, I am sorry, the doctors did scientifically explain to the parents of the dead baby that the baby did not die from the vaccine. The baby died from a bacterial infection in the hospital that came from a non-vaccinated child, so now the parents are urging every child to be vaccinated so something like this does never happen again.

They should join forces with the peacock David Hogg and explain how the guns kill and the vaccines save lives.

I am just puzzled to see how they will explain the benefit of a vaccine that was unable to save their child’s life from an unsuspected carrier?

Strangely, the children that were not vaccinated resisted this unsuspected carrier of meningitis.

I thought that the vaccines are there to strengthen the child’s immune system. I guess I was wrong in thinking so.

I wonder how can doctors make such claims with a straight face, and sleep at night?

I have forgotten the mighty power of money. The more of it you have, the more you are willing to kill for it.

World Government royalty-free stock photo

As the old system is fighting for its survival, the new system is emerging but this new system has nothing to do with the Satanic New World Order.

Yes, I am talking about a world movement but it is controlled by the new consciousness which is emerging through the global awakening process.

The borders will disappear but not as a result of some political scheme of peoples enslavement.

How can you control your border if everyone on this planet has their own anti-gravity vehicle which allows him/her to travel not only through the air but also through the water and through Space?

Such most advanced vehicle, if you can even call it that since it is self-replicating and has its own consciousness, has just been created on our planet and it is being tested.

Why do you think the Rothschild’s are selling their interests in the oil industry?

Because it is finished. Free energy is here and as soon as the old system falls, the new technology will be revealed for everyone to see and everyone to use.

Start changing. Drop what separates you and accept what connects you to others.

It is an exceptional time to be alive.

Love and light to us all.


Doctor explaining for patient royalty-free stock photo
Once we get into our fifties, if we are not medicated we become the targets of our health experts and they will use any persuasive or scare-tactic they can to put us on some type of medication, we like it or not.
This is a regular occurrence in the case of my wife’s parents. Because of their health plan, they have medical checkups every year and every year is the same old story.
They are being told that everything is good but because of their age, they should be taking a blood-thinner (aspirin), statin (to “control” the cholesterol), and a flu vaccine because flu in their age could be fatal.
My in-laws are losing their friends rapidly. Some of them are dying and those still living are avoiding them because they think that my in-laws do not want to share their problems with them. All of their friends every time they meet, talk about their health problems and what medicines they are taking. They compare the medication and exchange their experiences.
Often they say, “this medicine is fabulous, I am taking it for 20 years and I feel really good”. They do not even realize the stupid comments they are making. If the medication did not help them in 20 years, maybe and most likely, they would feel even better if they would not be taking it in the first place. It obviously has no effect on them. They could as well be using a placebo and have a better effect.
My wife’s parents find themselves isolated since they have no health problems and they do not use any medication which as their friends are concerned is a lie and an impossibility.
The same sentiment is shared by their doctors.
I am starting to receive more and more often letters from my friends who follow my protocol expressing the same problem.
Most of them are being pressured into accepting some kind of medication often accompanied by a dose of fear through misinterpretation of medical facts.
God forbid if you tell your doctor that you are eating meat and raw eggs and drinking water with sea salt diluted in it.
Two taboos will be immediately addressed, hypertension and cholesterol.
Doctors are so brainwashed by the teachings of the medical university that it is impossible for them to engage a single neuron to light the bulb in their brain and just maybe, trigger a thinking process.
Thinking Process cartoons, Thinking Process cartoon, funny, Thinking Process picture, Thinking Process pictures, Thinking Process image, Thinking Process images, Thinking Process illustration, Thinking Process illustrations
With the fire in their eyes they will spew out how dangerous is what you are doing and that whoever suggested something like this to you, should be imprisoned and their medical license should be revoked because they are endangering your life.
The fact that your blood cholesterol is normal and your blood pressure is low, does not faze them at all. The oxidative stress is happening and your body is aging. This makes you brittle and weak and as the doctors are concerned, it is just a matter of time before you will croak.
This type of thinking is systematically implanted into our sub-conscience in many different ways but mostly through our mis-educational system and the major media They all dance to the same tune.
Exactly the same message we are receiving from the alternative medicine.
The alternative medicine is bashing the mainstream allopathic medicine and its systematic drugging of the population while it is using the same false knowledge to explain how you have to supplement your nutrition and reinforce your immune system through the “natural” medicinal poisons which they are eager to sell to you in all kinds of colorful “natural” packaging like it was just picked off of a tree.
This is just like a blind leading a blind and awaiting a miracle in a hope to see one day.
Since we had all been forced to go through this universal brainwashing schooling system, its residue is there and it takes a strong mind to resist this badgering of a licensed health “expert” and his/her professional opinion.
If you want to know for sure that the doctor has been fulled by the system simply ask him/her some questions like for example:
How bad is the cholesterol?
If your health experts mention a good and bad cholesterol, immediately, you can tell that they had no clue and whatever else they try to sell to you is just a smoke. There is no such an animal as a bad cholesterol and they should know this. Even when we eat the cholesterol, we cannot absorb it because we cannot absorb foreign protein. Cholesterol breaks down in our digestive tract into amino acids and fatty acids and only they are absorbed. Your body uses them to create what is necessary so if your body does not need extra cholesterol, it will not produce it. On the other side, if your body needs extra cholesterol, it will produce it utilizing the fat or glucose and protein to make it.
Blaming elevated cholesterol on the food we just ate only proves how little this health “expert” knows about the body he is supposed to heal.
The same you can do if they mention that salt raises the blood pressure. This is also a tale of fake knowledge.
Cholesterol cartoons, Cholesterol cartoon, funny, Cholesterol picture, Cholesterol pictures, Cholesterol image, Cholesterol images, Cholesterol illustration, Cholesterol illustrations
Another lie is that salt causes a water retention. If that would be the case, all sea divers would suffer from a water retention and in fact, none does. They are absorbing huge amounts of sea salt daily whenever they are diving and they actually feel great.
Matter of fact, we all feel great when we are swimming in the sea because our body is absorbing large quantities of water and sea salt which stimulates blood cleansing and healing.
If they suggest that you have to protect yourself from the sunlight to avoid a skin cancer is another tale of a brainwashing. The sunlight is an absolute necessity in transforming the cholesterol into a hormone we call vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a transporter of a GcMAF marker necessary to point your immune system in the right direction to destroy cancer so it is actually contrary to what we have been told.
If they suggest a low salt diet especially when you have a kidney problem they have absolutely no clue how the body works. The sea salt and water are absolutely necessary for the proper workings of your kidneys which we have not been told in the medical school.
If your doctor suggests that eating a red meat causes a colon cancer, you are better asking a parrot for a health advice.
If your health expert advises you not to eat a lot of eggs or pork so that you do not raise a cholesterol in your blood he/she are not fit to talk about a diet what so ever.
If you hear a health expert saying not to eat too many ripe bananas to control your weight by not getting too heavy, they are just like a tape-recorder repeating what they were told and it is all wrong knowledge since a raw banana has close to 0 calories that your body will receive from it since all of the carbs are packed within the cellular membrane which is made of cellulose and your digestion cannot penetrate it.
When we eat and hydrate correctly, our body will not show the signs of aging for many years so 90-year- old is just a teenager. There is no need to be concerned about its health.
The last time I had my health checked was when I had a motorcycle accident in my late twenties. I do not plan to have a “parrot” advising me on my health any day soon and neither should you. No good will come out of it.
So if for some reason you have to get your doctors bill of health, do not allow him to bully you into taking some poisons. You do not need them no matter what your age is especially if you are following the Self Healers Protocol.
Since you are following my work, you understand more about your body than any brainwashed doctor does and you can use this article to back you up.
There is a great awakening happening and more and more doctors are realizing their limitations but such doctors will support your decisions not to take any drugs.
If they do not, ditch them.
Love and light to us all.

WHO is saving the human kind again!

Global health | Doctor wearing gloves holds globe royalty-free stock photo

The always vigilant, well-funded world health organization (WHO) has proved again that the billions of dollars it receives annually are well spent as their scientists are constantly vigilant in discovering the causes of illnesses humans are suffering from and protecting the humankind from them.

The newest demand that WHO is issuing is for a bacon to be labeled the same as cigarettes and pesticides as a carcinogenic substance.

Now you can rest and sleep in peace, the WHO is watching over you, my brothers and sisters.

Here is the article from a Science Alert:


Not surprisingly the research is done in a Great Britain, the cradle of medical, scientific stupidity.

The researchers do not focus on the ingredients that are added to the meat product as preservatives. They simply imply that all red meats are carcinogens as well.

Again and again, there is no separation in specification between the raw meat and the cooked one.

I can not believe that someone is actually getting paid for this nonsense and that this stupidity is actually considered and published in the media.

The Medical Press dances to the same tune:


Obviously, the word of the correct diet is spreading like a wildfire and efforts are being made to frighten people into submission and keep them dumb and happy by loading them with sugar.

I am always warning people not to eat commercially preserved meat products. They are toxic and cause health problems, especially leukemia but, colon cancer?

All cancers including the colon cancer are caused by a toxic blood and a lack of a cellular energy within a particular organ. The great majority of colon cancer sufferers are vegetarians and see-food-eaters ( those that eat everything they see).

Cancer cartoons, Cancer cartoon, funny, Cancer picture, Cancer pictures, Cancer image, Cancer images, Cancer illustration, Cancer illustrations

Since a great majority of people are see-food-eaters, it is normal that they will make the highest percentage of colon cancer sufferers out there.

If we consider the percentages suggesting that an overwhelming majority of people who eat dry meat products are eating commercial, cheap, fast curred, salamis, sausages, frankfurters, and ham.

For those who do not know the difference, in the past, the traditional way of preserving meats and meat product involved drying them up.

For example, the Prosciutto or Prsut as we call it in Croatia is a leg of pork that was dipped into a solution of water and sea salt and kept there for several days. Then it is put on a piece of wood or a flat stone with another wood or stone on top of it and let there so that as much of water as possible is being squeezed out. More weight is added as the leg of a pork gets thinner and thinner. When it is as dry as it can bee, it is smoked for several days so that the flies do not lay their eggs on it and it is left on a breeze to dry some more.

When it is hard as a rock, it can be stowed away and it will not spoil. It is eaten predominantly raw and it is a delicacy. It has to be cut very thin since it is very tough and cannot be chewed otherwise.

As you can see, this is a lengthy process and the modern money grabbing industry has no patience for something like that. Nowadays, the fresh leg of pork is injected through the vein with a solution of sodium and potassium sulfate and nitrate, with other additives and artificial aroma of smoke is added as well.

Today’s Prsut does not see the real smoke and breeze. It is moist and resembles a ham which is prepared in a similar way. Couple of years ago a friend presented me with a gift of an expensive Parma Prosciutto from Italy and I thought that it was a ham, that how bad and moist it was.

Long knife cutting into a piece of prosciutto royalty-free stock photo

What used to preserve the meat products was the dryness of the meat but today this is achieved with a toxic additive that prevents the meat from auto-digesting itself. If the meat cannot be digested, how can it be of any value as your nourishment?

It becomes obvious that modern meat products are non-digestible and toxic. They remain in the intestines for long periods of time and slowly decay-causing toxicity and bad odor.

Also, a toxic table salt is used in the process adding to the meats toxicity.

The corporate meat-curing techniques are fast but they produce toxic garbage and since we do not know better we continue to call it our food.

Comparing a fresh red meat to this chemically poisoned garbage can be done only as a form of deliberate misguidance because I refuse to believe that our doctors and scientists are so stupid and brainwashed to actually agree with this nonsense but then I stumble on an article like this one


which proves me wrong. Many doctors and scientists are actually that stupid and brainwashed.

How can one have a title of a scientist if they do not perform scientific experiments?

It is impossible to relay on statistic data if the objects of the statistics are all utilizing the wrong diet. Having more or less of some toxic food will not add much difference to the result of the study.

The most common error all doctors and “scientists” make is by agreeing that when toxins are taken in moderation, they do not create a health hazard.

The most popular advice one will hear from his/her doctor is; have it in moderation.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Eat sugar in moderation

Drink coffee in moderation

Have Coca-Cola in moderation

Only someone who has absolutely no clue about how our body works can give such advice.

I often talk about it, it is not the amount that creates a chronic disease, it is the daily presence of a mild toxin that does that job. This is why the medicinal remedies are so dangerous. They are mild toxins. They prevent cellular hydration so if they are ingested on a regular basis, they little by little dehydrate our cells and make them toxic which is the pathway to a chronic health problem.

Since the cells cannot hydrate in the presence of toxins in the blood, they slowly dehydrate and become acidic and toxic themselves. Without water, cells cannot cleanse so they keep those toxins within their cellular membrane. If they do not detoxify, they do not manifest symptoms associated to a detoxification process such as a runny nose, phloem, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or skin eczema but because of the cellular dehydration, allergies appear.

Pollen Allergies cartoons, Pollen Allergies cartoon, funny, Pollen Allergies picture, Pollen Allergies pictures, Pollen Allergies image, Pollen Allergies images, Pollen Allergies illustration, Pollen Allergies illustrations

Since the vegetation defends itself through toxic deterrent, vegans and vegetarians will develop these problems in time. First, they pride themselves never to have the flu or feeling sick with an exemption of allergies but I can assure you that in time, sometimes it takes 30 years, the body will collapse and recovery even with the Self Healers Protocol is a painful and slow process.

Do not wait to the point when your body starts presenting you with symptoms of health problems.

Give it a try and make your own experiment. It does not require any medication or supplements. It is cheap. Al it takes is a will to try.

The WHO is feeling obligated to do something to validate its existence so they are using a fake science to attack what is left to us as a healthy source of nutrients while they are promoting vaccination and spreading AIDS and other diseases through the World.

Global health | Doctor wearing gloves holds globe royalty-free stock photo

Please contribute by making a donation, it will be greatly appreciated and if you have more than enough, consider to finance a humanitarian action where we help many people who are in bad health not just by educating them but also by feeding them and ensuring that they have a good quality water and sea salt available so that they can heal themselves.

Love and light to us all.

Is MORINGA a super-food?

I do not think that there is a single health enthusiast that is not familiar with the Moringa tree and the incredible health benefits that are attributed to it.

For those people not familiar with Moringa, it is a fast-growing tree indigenous to India but because of its popularity, now it is being grown and harvested wherever the climate allows. Even I have a Moringa tree in my small garden but in my case, this is because a friend planted it there and not because I wanted to have a Moringa supply available at all times.

In India, Moringa tree was used as a medicinal remedy and as it is with all medicinal remedies, we are duped into believing in their healing properties and their nutritional values. This becomes a topic of free interpretation and quickly we get a tiger out of a mouse that everyone has to have daily to improve their health.

The standard base for this misinformation is the list of the nutritional values of the chemically dissected plant, predominantly its leafs.

So, let’s have a look at this list:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Vitamin B (Choline)

Vitamin B1(Thiamin)

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B6






Caffeoylquinic Acid






Delta-7- Avenasterol



Indole Acetic Acid




















Most of those elements are labeled as the antioxidants. This means that Moringa is a fortress that will protect your cells from an oxidative stress ensuring health and longevity of your cellular structure.

You know my views on oxidative stress so this whole theory is a nonsense to begin with.

Moringa is rich in polyphenols like the Caffeoylquinic Acid. Polyphenols are being presented to us as powerful antioxidants but in fact, plants use them often as animal deterrents. So what do the animals know that we do not?

No doubt that the list of the Moringa elements is impressive until you realize that all of the goodies are trapped within the cellular membrane of cellulose and this means that they are inaccessible for our absorption if the Moringa is consumed raw in a salad as most people do or added to a juice. This also encompasses the dried and pulverized Moringa leafs people buy as a supplement or food additive.

Dried Moringa powder in bottle  isolated on white background Stock Photo - 74022545

Generally speaking, vegetable based vitamins, proteins, and enzymes are not equal to their animal-based counterparts or better say lookalikes and our body has to modify them to be able to use them. They are simply not compatible with animal-based products and they cannot be considered as equal which almost all “experts” do.

Many medicinal plants including the Moringa are loaded with phenol alcohol which prevents the cellular hydration and in this way, it prevents the cellular cleansing.

Many times, I had mentioned that it is not the quantity we have to worry about. It is the presence of toxic elements for extended periods where the real danger looms and this means the frequent consumption of such inedible garbage we became accustomed to calling our food.

In normal circumstances when omnivores and carnivores eat such raw plants, because of their toxicity, they purge by vomiting or having diarrhea. Both of those symptoms are symptoms of cleansing.

Babies do the same thing when they are first introduced to fruits and vegetables and this is the reason why the fruits and vegetables are introduced to children’s diet in a cooked fashion.

During the heating process, there is a great transformation going on and most toxic elements become neutralized but other toxic elements appear. One of the worse toxic elements of the cooked vegetables is the dietary glucose. And yes, Moringa has within its cellular structure a presence of glucose since glucose is the primary fuel for plants.

The destruction that the dietary glucose does on the cellular level through the manipulation of the genetic expression is mind-blowing and no one but me is warning people about it. For 15 years I am warning people about the dietary glucose and still, I do not see anyone joining this bandwagon.

Many “experts” in nutrition are praising Moringa for its exceptional nutritive values and some go so far as calling it a super-food.

Edible moringa leaves with ground paste over white background Stock Photo - 63452873

So what nutrients Moringa provides as an energy supply?

Mostly it is a fiber (cellulose), some plant-based protein, and some small amounts of fat and glucose. There is definitely nothing to provide our body with energy.

If you do not believe me then try it for yourself. Eat as much Moringa as you want and you will see that you will end up being sick. You can only have it as an additive and to think of it as healthy, is just an illusion. Moringa is toxic and this is why it is openly promoted and unsuspecting people are consuming it.

For example

, Moringa is recommended for women if they have difficulty getting pregnant but then they are warning them to stop eating it during the pregnancy not to harm the baby.

Don’t you find a paradox there?

If Moringa is going to harm the baby, it must be toxic and if it is toxic, it cannot be a health food. This means that calling it a super-food is complete nonsense.

It is the same as with any medicinal remedy. Use it when you are feeling bad but stop when you are feeling good or it will damage your health.

Why are medicinal remedies recommended in a crisis situation and should be avoided by healthy people?

Medicinal remedies stop the cellular hydration and detoxification. The cellular detoxification cause symptoms we call disease. By suppressing those symptoms, we feel like being healed because we blame the symptom for being the disease.

The disease is an action of a toxic body when it tries to cleanse itself. By utilizing the medicinal remedies we are stopping this process but we are not benefiting our cells in any positive way. This is why the symptoms return and often show themselves in a new form as the cellular toxicity has increased.

Moringa is recommended for better eyesight and yet, I know people whose eyesight is deteriorating and they consume Moringa daily. They would not even think of making a connection here.

I have a friend who is vegetarian, actually vegan, and he is skin and bones with very pale skin. His son who is on the same diet is pale as well and allergic to many things. Now psychological issues are showing up on that child which is to be expected but there is no way one can convince him to change his food habits.

Having this in mind, you can use Moringa as a medicinal plant but please do not indulge in it on a daily basis. It is not what we are told it to be, and definitely, it does not have any caloric value whatsoever so calling it food or even a super-food is a joke.

Love and light to us all.
learn to cook

HYPERTHYROIDISM, is it an autoimmune disease as we are being told?

Graves Disease - Text in History of the Present Illness. 3D royalty-free stock photo

I was asked to write specifically about hyperthyroidism as it seems that not many people understand it. As it was a long time since I had last checked what new developments in medicine had taken place, I looked it up to see what’s new in relation to this health issue.

No surprise there. Still the same old story. Whenever doctors have no clue why a health problem occurs, it is either an autoimmune disorder or a genetic problem and this didn’t fail in this case either. It is still the same wisdom which I was told when I was a student 40 years ago.

I wonder where does all of the money go that is supposedly spent on a medical research?

How is it possible that in 40 years we did not move an inch towards solving this health issue?

Well, we should not be surprised, the knowledge about the causes and curing of cancer has been going backward so why should it be any different with thyroid health issues? It is just another goose that lay golden eggs for the medical and pharmacological mafia. The same old rule is being respected, “do not fix what is not broken”, and for those Mafiosos, everything is just perfect the way it is.

Even the good doctors who genuinely want to help same as the alternative doctors cannot achieve any substantial results in normalizing the thyroid hormone production of people with the hyperthyroid gland activity other than with medicinal suppressors which becomes a daily routine and does not involve real healing.

The reason why there is no progress is the same as in all of the other health problems and that is the faulty science we are being taught in those indoctrination institutions we call our schools, colleges, and universities.

As I am mentioning in my book, one cannot build a castle on a foundation of sand.

When your basic understanding is faulty, you cannot use it to solve related problems no matter how much you try.

Since most of you visiting my blog are familiar with my work, I will lay down in front of you some symptoms of health problems that are experienced by people with hyperactive thyroid gland or a Grave’s disease as it is being labelled.

The symptoms of the hyperactive thyroid gland are:

fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, rapid heart rate (tachycardia), nervousness and in some cases a goiter (swelling in the thyroid gland).

Struma Grad III royalty-free stock photo

With the exception of the goiter, what do all of the other symptoms indicate?

You’ve got it, a toxic blood.

Let us now engage some of the neurons in our brain and let them work for a moment. If the blood is toxic, is it possible that the cellular structure of the body cannot function properly? Could that be the reason why is the thyroid gland producing more hormones?

If our cells cannot function properly because they cannot hydrate due to the blood toxicity and the energy is diminishing, is there a possibility that the thyroid gland is given an order to produce more hormone that will boost the cellular activity by boosting the cellular metabolism?

Not only that this is a possibility but as I had discovered, it is a main reason for the increased thyroid hormone secretion since as soon as the blood toxicity is reduced, the abnormally high thyroidal hormone secretion goes down to the normal levels.

Again here we are, if we would have been told the truth, there would be no need for any medicinal remedies either the pharmaceutical or the natural so the medicine as we know it would cease to exist.

This is the same no matter which chronic health issue we are talking about.

No matter what medication we are talking about, they are all aimed to control the symptoms. There is not one medication designed to heal. Since the medications are toxic, they actually contribute to increased toxicity of the body and worsening of the health.

Blood Poisoning cartoons, Blood Poisoning cartoon, funny, Blood Poisoning picture, Blood Poisoning pictures, Blood Poisoning image, Blood Poisoning images, Blood Poisoning illustration, Blood Poisoning illustrations

I had explained the similar situation when the topic was tachycardia.

Yes, the hearts rhythm is increased and this elevates the blood pressure, speeds the blood’s circulation and the blood picture has changed but by administering drugs to suppress the cardiac rhythm we are nullifying the benefit that the body wanted to achieve with faster blood circulation.

So we slow down the heartbeat and we pride ourselves on this scientific triumph but at the same time we had completely ignored the reason why would our body want a faster blood circulation in the first place? Since we do not support the needs of our body, nothing changes for better and we end up medicating (suppressing the natural healing) until the time when the patient dies.

Exactly the same repeated story is happening here with the hyperthyroidism.

The polluted blood slows down the cellular metabolism and the bodies energy level goes down. The brain is trying to resolve this problem by boosting the cellular metabolism through increasing levels of thyroid hormone production so we suppress this with medicines since we attribute the symptoms to hyperthyroidism and we ignore the fact that the blood is toxic and what consequences the blood toxicity can manifest.

College Student cartoons, College Student cartoon, funny, College Student picture, College Student pictures, College Student image, College Student images, College Student illustration, College Student illustrations

Through the indoctrination process, we are thought how not to think but to memorize and submit to the hierarchy of the system. The higher level of indoctrination you have, the higher medal (diploma) you are given. This is how our world becomes controlled by robotic followers we call the a** kissers and spineless people. There is no wonder why we do not make any progress as a society and why are people dumber and dumber as the years go by. Today’s generation is teeming with the snowflakes and the soy-boys. I have just returned from the gym where I saw a 6-year-old boy sitting on a bench buried in his electronic distraction device while his mom was exercising. Everything is turned upside down.

So, for all of you out there who are having an issue with the hyperthyroidism, let go of all of the poisons that you have been given by your licensed “experts” and get busy cleansing your blood.

If you do not know how to, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol and do not look back.

Love and light to us all.

College Student cartoons, College Student cartoon, funny, College Student picture, College Student pictures, College Student image, College Student images, College Student illustration, College Student illustrations


This illustration depicts a businessman bent over with a sore back. Stock Illustration - 7541193

Back pain has become the most common problem of a middle age human, especially in the urban settings.
Same as with other health issues, the back-pain is starting to affect younger and younger people.
There are various things that could be influencing this pain and different parts of the back can be affected.
I am not going to go into the detailed explanation about which part of our back will produce which symptom. This information you can find on hundreds of different sites on the Internet together with a detailed explanation about which nerve will affect which extremity or organ causing its numbness or pain.

The one thing that we have to understand is what can cause this pain and what part of our back can be hurting us.

Usually, the back-pain starts as a muscular pain first.

Before we go there I just want to remind you that our back gives the support to our body. It consists of the vertebra which is separated one from the other with a disc made of cartilage and it is held in its place by muscles which are connected to the vertebra through the ligaments. The whole package is wrapped into a soft tissue called the fascia.

Along the spine goes a bunch of nerves we call the spinal cord. There is a space between the vertebra through which individual nerves are exiting the spinal cord to support the different organs and extremities of our body.

Every one of those things can cause pain if it becomes aggravated or inflamed.
This is why you are subjected to rigorous examination so that the culprit can be identified and taken care of.

If a muscle becomes irritated and inflamed it will create a pressure on the sensory nerve causing pain.
The fascia can swell as well causing the same pain.

The disc of cartilage can rupture (herniate) and cause a pain.

The disc of the cartilage can wear out diminishing the space between the vertebra which can cause a pressure on the nerve in that area. The nerve becomes irritated, inflames and cause pain.

The disc can slip and pinch the nerve causing pain as well.

Now when it comes to those mechanically induced problems, the surgeon is called into the action to save the day.
A person with more sense will go and ask chiropractor for help. By aligning the back, many things that can cause pain will be prevented but those realignments are not permanent and the problems will return.
Neither does the chiropractor or the surgeon permanently fix the problem. Neither one of them actually touches the real culprit. They are both working only on the symptom which is a direct cause of the pain but they do not address the culprit that had started it all.

Yes, a bad sitting posture will contribute to scoliosis (twisted back). Some children are born with a twisted back so we say that this is genetically influenced and therefore none curable.
Since you know by now that everything that is happening with the human body is controlled by genes, there is a higher culprit which causes genes to alter the cellular activity which is the real cause of the health issues and not the symptoms that we are trying to correct.

Orthopaedic cartoons, Orthopaedic cartoon, funny, Orthopaedic picture, Orthopaedic pictures, Orthopaedic image, Orthopaedic images, Orthopaedic illustration, Orthopaedic illustrations

Yes, a deviated spinal-cord will cause compression on nerves which will result with the pain, but why is the spine deviated in such drastic way to cause the pain?
Why there is no pain when we do extreme flexing of the body, but deviated spinal-cord will create the pain?

When we are talking about a symptom of a health problem there are always cells involved and this means that the gene expression is causing those problems. This genetic expression can be a part of inherited, saved energetic imprints, or it could be a consequence of present energies of the environment that our boy is immersed in at the moment.

When we are talking about stored energies within the genes, we refer to the genetic influence of the biological family tree but they are not the only energies which will influence your present genetic expression.
Every experience that you have during your life remains memorized by your genes in a form of an energetic imprint, similar to a sound on tape on a tape recorder. The only wealth that you will take from this planet after you decide to go is your experiences.
When your spirit enters another biological body, it will bring all of its experiences with it and store them in the genetic pool.
So your genes will have energetic imprints of the biological families but also of your previous life experiences.
Some of those experiences may have a very strong emotional field which could interfere with the energetic systems of your body.

Now, why all this talk about the genes again?
I want you to realize that all there is is an energy which can be and is influenced by the energetic fields to which it is exposed to.

What has that to do with the back pain?

In my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”, I explain that the cellular toxicity is the cause of all our health problems.
Our cells can cleanse those toxins but for this, they need water, sea salt, and energy. If any of those elements are missing, there will be no hydration and no cleansing.
Since the energy is needed for the cellular hydration and detoxification, not mentioning it would be a mistake but in this article, I will concentrate on other aspects in hydration and I will leave the energy for some other time.

In which way does the cellular dehydration cause a back-pain?

The cellular dehydration presents multilevel physical problems which will result in pain.

1 Dehydrated cells of the muscles will create weaker, brittle toxic muscles that have lost their tension. This means that such muscles cannot keep the spinal-chord erect so it will bend. This is what happens in hunched old and dehydrated people.

2 The dehydrated cartilage rings cannot lubricate so they grind themselves which makes them thinner. This is why older dehydrated people lose some height. This also reduces the space between the vertebra and causes pressure on the nerves.
Also if we sit for an extended time in certain positions and perform certain repeated movements, the discs of cartilage will wear off in some places more than the other causing the spinal deformation.
This deformation would not have happened if the discs were properly hydrated.
3 The ligaments will respond in the same way as the muscles. This is why even well-trained sportsmen end up with a torn ligament. This is not because they did not warm up before doing the task. This break has happened because the ligament is dehydrated and brittle.

4 Similar problems will be caused with a dehydrated fascia. The fascia will lose elasticity and this will contribute to the spinal joints looseness. With every move of your back, you will hear a cracking sound.

This cellular dehydration makes it possible for the spinal discs to slip, for the nerve to get pinched, for a disc to herniate but before any of this will occur, the body will try to force the cellular hydration through the inflammation and this is what causes the first signs of back-pain that one will experience.
In the nature, this would have forced us to change the thing we do and allow the cellular hydration to take place but with the help of our doctors and herbalists alike, we suppress the inflammation and we allow much deeper dehydration to take place which increases the cellular acidity and allows a destruction of our body to take deeper and more severe form.

As we suppress the cellular hydration by preventing the inflammation to take place, we are forcing our cells to tolerate more an more acidity. More toxic elements become trapped within the cellular membrane and our cells performance becomes affected.

Swelling cartoons, Swelling cartoon, funny, Swelling picture, Swelling pictures, Swelling image, Swelling images, Swelling illustration, Swelling illustrations

The inflammation is a forced hydration which is ordered by the body to deal with a local cellular acidity and toxicity. Often, we are preventing the cellular hydration by ingesting things which our cells consider to be toxic but our health “experts” promote them as antioxidants and protectors of cells.
Those are the coffee (caffeine), red wine (alcohol), green tea (caffeine), turmeric (aromatic alcohols-phenols), garlic (sulfone hydroxyl), ginger (phenols) and many other what we call medicinal remedies which found themselves as a part of our daily diet and in this way they negatively affect our health on a daily basis.
Not only do they prevent the cellular hydration, they prevent the cellular cleansing and the inflammation from taking the place.
The result of such a diet is a slow steady cellular dehydration and since the inflammation is being suppressed there are no signs of pain and because the cellular cleansing is suppressed there are no signs of the cleansing of our blood which cause the actual symptoms of flu.

This is the reason why you will often hear vegans and strict vegetarians bragging that they are never sick, they never have a cold but they look pale, skinny and fragile. Often with some skin problems which will be the first signs or symptoms as we call them of failing health.
Because such people will slowly and deeply dehydrate their cells and load them with toxic elements when they start hydrating and cleansing, they have severe cleansing symptoms and the process of the cleansing is very long and often painful.

What is common to those people is that they also load up on supplements which increases selective garbage and makes the things worse. Almost all of them develop allergies and the most common one is a lactose intolerance.

Because of this, there is a belief in the herbal community that dairy products are difficult to digest and that they should not be eaten.
Everyone who tried the Self Healers Protocol experienced a rapid loss of allergies and in the average, after two weeks of hydration, the lactose intolerance had disappeared.

Using this information, now you can see for yourself what mistakes are you doing in provoking your back-pain and problems.

Do not pay attention to the diagnosis and recommendations of your doctors if they talk about a surgical or medicinal intervention. Neither one of them can help you because they do not contribute to the cellular hydration which is the only thing that your cells need to be able to cleanse and repair themselves.
The doctors are thought how to deal with medical emergencies and this means with symptoms but has absolutely no clue about what it takes to heal the body.
Their intervention will inevitably lead to more problems as the cellular toxicity continues and drastically increases under their supervision. All medicinal remedies are highly toxic. This is why even a healthy body has to keep away from them.
Most people think that if something has medicinal property, it must be healthy and it is a good idea to use it as a preventative factor. This is, as you can see, totally incorrect and the effects of such an action will be contrary to their expectation.

So, lay off the coffee, wine, green tea, turmeric, garlic, ginger and any other “medicinal” remedy if you want to heal your back and eliminate the back pain.
Follow the “Self Healers Protocol” and you are going to be surprised with the results.

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There is another additional obstacle to the cellular hydration and this is an energy deficit which can be caused by the stress, by a genetic energy trap, and a low cellular energy production but about this some other time my friends.
Love and light to us all.