As I have mentioned in the last article, our behavior is being shaped by the society in which we are living. Since we have lost the connection to our spirit (innate) we are lost. Lost humans easily submit themselves in front of fear. So fear is being used to control humans. Every religion not connected to spirituality is created as a form of control and domination over its people. Which are those religions you may ask?

Every religion informing you to empower someone else to represent you in the name of our creator is manipulating you and it is an obstacle of truth.

You may ask; “why are you talking about religion?”.

The answer is, because religious belief is one of the strongest filters standing in our way in discovering the truth in religious people.

If your religion is Islam, you will filter every information through implanted belief and discard what does not jibe with it. For you stoning your daughter because she was seen with some man who was not her husband is justified punishment. For Christian, this would be seen barbaric and unjustified. For Christian not believing in God or Jesus means not entering the kingdom of Heaven. Where does this leave Buddha?

Image - Religious Symbols.png - Alternative History

Religious filter is being used to manipulate people to go to war with each other, to separate them so they can be easier handled.

From the time of our birth, we are bombarded with information. The information we absorb is stored in the brain and every new peace of information is filtered through already present file of stored information. With every new peace of information our filter is getting stronger and stronger. Filters start to differentiate according to the thematic or the box of interest we start creating. We start forming our opinions so we become opinionated. Every opinion will be based on its filter.

The filter becomes the belief.

Once established it is very difficult to change or modify it simply because the information necessary to change it will be filtered through it and discarded because it does not comply with the belief.

Every information that brings different approach or solution will be filtered and discarded because it does not fit so if the belief is wrong it will be impossible to reach the truth. The truth will be simply filtered out.

The filter become so strong that we stick to our belief even when we  see that things are different from what we know (knowledge is the stored information used for filtering).

More “educated” you are, more filters you possess and less receptive you are to change. This is the reason governments want their citizens educated. They are filled with information to create opinions (filters) so they can be compartmentalized and handled like a flock of sheep.

Sheep, Animals, Flock, Herd, Lamb, Livestock, Wool

And here is your leader

Animals, Good Shepherd, Herd, Job, Sheep

As strange as it sounds, majority of people are proud of being referred to as sheep.

Some think that fear can overpower the filter. This is impossible since in many cases the fear is the reason particular filter is accepted and put in the place.

 As you can see, our whole belief system is composed of implanted filters so can we live without them and is it even possible to take those filters down once they have been established?

To answer this question we have to understand that our brain is just a frequency transducer. Every information is expressed in electromagnetic wave, registered, stored or transmitted by brain. Thoughts are electromagnetic information received or transmitted by brain.

If thought is received, where does it come from?

Thought can be generated by the brain of another human, or animal, plant even crystal. Why crystal? Because crystals have the ability to store electromagnetic waves, this is why they are being used in computers.

But there is also electromagnetic signal that comes from the quantum field of pure conscious energy and we have many names for it like higher self, spirit, angel, God, Jehovah, Allah…This type of electromagnetic signal comes to guide us. We call it the intuition. This is the creative part of our consciousness. The brain cannot be creative. It is just a calculator that compares and calculates received information. You can never create something new from your brain. If the information is not there the brain cannot produce it. The creativity comes from the innate and this is why are creative people often looked upon as weirdos.

Creative people are more in tune with their spirit and native people recognized this and treated them with respect. This is not the case in modern society and now you know why.

Now you tell me, are those people weirdos or do they simply  know something you do not know?

Those stored filters prevent us from communicating telepathically and to communicate with our spirit even with the extraterrestrial intelligence because the implanted information is telling us they do not exist. The only thing that is real is what we can see and touch. Even the feeling is ignored if it cannot be “scientifically” proven. Accepted science is filtered and watered down information approved by our handlers. No wander we are living in the dark.

So how do we take those filters down?

Very difficult. In meditative state we disengage from our thoughts and allow innate connection to happen. This needs some practice because brain has always something to say. As you calm down, brain starts sending information and thoughts start flooding your mind. Every sound will break your concentration and manifest new thought.

Now we are in a time of great awakening where high frequencies are activating some dormant genes and we start remembering past experiences. The filters are weakening and it is becoming easier to ignore them and absorb new information that may be contradictory to stored existing filter.

This is why new message is to live in the now. Observe, feel and experience.


This means do not filter but absorb like small child would do. We have to reload our brain with new information so that we can function in the new reality that is forming (new game as I call it). We are creating this reality now with the new consciousness and it will be reality of peace, love and cooperation. The change is now and more people join us in this process the faster will the new game start to manifest.

Now, why did I go into this thematic when my blog is about health you may ask?

Because the only thing that stands between us and our health is our filter of belief.

Everything is creation of our mind and controlled with our filters of belief.

So let go of your filters, absorb the new so that your brain can calculate better. Allow and accept the information send to you from quantum field and learn from it because this is the source of new information and knowledge. Stay connected with your innate and communicate with your cellular structure and it will listen to you. Simply by informing your cells what you want from them, they will manifest it. They will heal you, they can change the way you look, the way you walk and talk. We are mail and female in one body with one gender more pronounced so if you want to change your gender you can do it simply by telling your cellular structure and your cells will obey.

from this Buy stock photo Shot of a beautiful plus size model isolated on whiteto this Buy stock photo After countless requests from customers, Cecilie decides to drop it all for the first time in 8 years of professional modeling and for peopleimages.com only. So here she is, more or less naked and why not… when you look like this.

in a blink of an eye if this is what you desire.

To speed up this process we have to raise our frequency. This we will achieve by laughing a lot, dancing singing celebrating and helping others in any way we can.

So forgive and forget. Take your filters down and start living the way you only dreamed about before.

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Can we influence our body to change?

At this stage of a game called “Life on planet Earth” we have three distinguished groups of people.

Majority are under strong hypnosis of their pre-programmed subconsciousness I call the sheepishly crowd. They are the majority but also they are awakening now.

Great minority are those I call awakened who  know what is going on and are aware of extra terrestrial intelligence and mind manipulation that comes from the third group of a small amount of people who are the manipulators.

Since my blog provides information that is contrary to everything we are being told by our mis-educational system, our politicians and our doctors, I know my readers do not belong to the first, sheepishly group. This is why I am going deeper to  explain some things that confuse a lot of people who are seeking for the truth.

For a long time we have been told how certain plants or foods influence our body to react to them inducing healing reactions.

We assume them to be healthy because they induce healing and a lot of people start using them to prevent the disease they supposedly heal.

I have seen mothers giving their babies aspirin if someone in the vicinity has a cold, to prevent the baby from getting sick.

Since the whole concept of health is based on wrong understanding we come to hear how dairy products cause mucus, meat diet causes cancer and vegetarian diet is healthy and nourishing.

All of those statements are wrong but a lot of people strongly believe in them.

Just have a peek on vegan food pyramid

For everyone following this blog, it is obvious how toxic is this food recommendation to the human body.

Most vegans also believe how dairy products are toxic. So let us examine this.

We always have to start with the understanding that the body does not work against itself.

So what happens when we drink milk or eat cheese?

They both contain animal protein, fat, fat soluble vitamins, enzymes and digestive bacteria. On top of this there is calcium, magnesium, structured water, sodium, potassium,,,,so where is the problem?

Our digestive system will break protein into amino acids so as far as protein and fat is concerned our blood will receive amino acids and fats and it will utilize them in producing what cellular structure is demanding.

So why would our body produce mucus after receiving animal based amino acids and fats? There is no sense in this theory but it is standing. Even thow great majority of people eating dairy product do not show any access of mucus production.

I can drink water with sea salt or fresh milk full of fat and there will be no other sensation than saliva production in the case of dairy to start the digestive cycle. And that depends of what I was eating. We produce  saliva eating spaghetti so we cannot confuse saliva production with mucus.

In some people foreign protein produces allergic reaction and it can cause intestinal swelling and mucus in excrement. Such people are dehydrated and prone to allergies so we cannot blame dairy product for being toxic, instead we have to acknowledge that those peoples health is compromised. In fact many vegans have allergies because of the lack of saturated fats in their diet. Saturated fats coat mucous tissue preventing foreign protein contact with it and in this way preventing allergic reaction.

Another cause of allergies is cellular dehydration which is common in vegetarians as well. In a matter of fact, cellular dehydration is the main cause of health related issues of our bodies.

The question is now, can we influence our cells to change their chemistry and create changes in our body in a positive manner?

Of course we can. If we can influence them to get sick, it is logical that we can influence them to get healthy again. The healthy stage is their normal expression and this is what they will naturally do when we stop poisoning them. But when we think of cellular manipulation we have to think QUANTUM and this is something new for us. This requires a new understanding, a new knowledge that has nothing to do with what we have been told and with what we “know”. Here, our diplomas are worthless. This is the reason I am going slowly because it is way more difficult to unlearn something than it is to learn things for the first time around. Young people and those without any medical knowledge will understand those things faster and easier than doctors or  mislead scientists will. You have noticed I did not specify mislead doctors because all doctors are being mislead in medical school, this is the purpose of medical university otherwise doctors would actually heal people which is not the case.

When we think of healing we have to think quantum and that means frequency. This is why new medical instruments are all based on electricity, magnetism, light, sound and plasma. They are all expressions of frequencies without toxic side effects if used correctly.

My strong belief is that the future of healing is based on our thoughts.

Well, it is not so simple to heal utilizing ones thoughts. The reason are numerous filters implanted into our subconsciousness with which we measure and judge what we hear, know and experience. Our perspectives change from situation to situation and since there is so much of contradiction we get lost in triviality and social acceptance status. God forbid someone thinks that we do not understand or that we do not think the same way!

This blog is to long for some people so I am going to stop here and let you think and digest it. The continuation will be about our filters and how to raise our frequency where disease cannot follow.

Love and light


Do you feel like you are FALLING A PART?

When I was young I remember often hearing complaints of older people how their body aches. The usual suspects were lower back, knees, hips and headaches.

This hasn’t change much with exception that younger and younger people exhibit those pains and aches. If we visit doctor all we get is pain relief, toxic poisons we call medications.

If we ask doctor what causes this problems the answer used to be “old age”. This answer cannot be used in young people so the response of the doctor is “you are stressed, or nothing is wrong with you, it is all in your head”. And the treatment is the same, pain killers in the form of muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory poisons. The new craze is the prescription of steroids for extended period of time.

Come on baby, you are mine

Such approach not only does not improve the health of the patient but it undermines it further creating debilitating experiences leading to spinal surgeries. knee and hip replacement surgeries or  the brain implanting devices that control the pain by modifying signaling. None of it has to do with healing. It is all money oriented and worsen the situation. Little did we know that most if not all implants carry chip (the mark of the beast).

People are being chipped without their knowledge or consent.

Now the question is “can we get rid of the pain without getting poisoned, cut or chipped?”.

As always the answer is YES.

To know how, we first have to understand the rut cause of the problem.

Our skeleton is held together by muscles and the place two bones meet is called a joint. The bone meeting points are covered with very smooth semi soft material we call cartilage. To prevent friction the cartilage has to be lubricated. The lube is water. Every time we assert a pressure on the joint the cartilage releases a drop of water and lubricates it. We actually walk on the water and cartilages are not touching each other. There is no friction and no heating occurs. The cartilage can last forever in this conditions. The muscle tension keeps the joint tight and secured so that we can run and jump without the fear of dislocating or damaging the joint.

Joint is covered with connective tissue we call fascia.

The problem starts when cartilage becomes dehydrated and cannot release water for lubrication. Cartilage start to touch each other creating friction and overheating. Little by little the cartilage scrapes a way and gets thinner and thinner causing pain and problems. Overheating needs cooling which comes in the way of increased blood circulation and swelling. This creates discomfort and pain. Joints become stiff and swollen. In time cartilage wear of and bones start to touch creating incredible pain. We call this arthritis.

On the other hand the muscles are made of thousands muscle cells. When they are well hydrated they are round and large. Cellular membranes are flexible and soft As muscle cells start to dehydrate they get smaller. Their membranes are ordered to prevent water from escaping and since they are made of cholesterol more cholesterol is required to reinforce the membranes. This increases cholesterol levels in the blood and makes cellular membranes thicker and less flexible. When this happens to thousand cells that form a muscle, the whole muscle becomes rigid, less flexible and loses tension. Because of this the joint becomes loose and noisy and it is easier to dislocate it.

Now if you put together the information you can find dozens of so called diseases here like arthritis, dysplasia, spondylosis,,, and all it is is a lack of water on the cellular level.

Diminishing cartilage of the vertebra (spine) will make us shorter and decreases the space where nerves exit the spine creating pressure. This depending on the position causes ischiatic pains or arm numbness, numbness of fingers or pain in the arm or shoulders….

As you can see there is no need for surgery. There is no need for implants or even pain medication. All that is needed is water. But the water I am talking about is intracellular water, the water that is inside of the cells.

There are plenty of reasons why would cell refuse to hydrate itself. The most common is toxic and polluted blood since cells will refuse to hydrate with it. The other common cause is stress because it deprives cells of energy that is needed for running the osmotic pump or simply keeps the cells alert and not working normally.

Cartilage will rebuild itself if given a chance and that means clean environment free of toxins and stress and plenty of water with necessary sea salt and protein that comes in as cholesterol. Even if the blood is well hydrated and clean but contains toxic element that cells do not want to absorb, cells will not hydrate. Most common toxins we use are alcohol, caffeine. nicotine, and garlic or other medicinal remedies including aspirin.

By cleansing the blood you make it easier for the cells to hydrate and when hydrated, cells will detoxify and start repairing themselves. This increases the need for cholesterol so its levels will increase. Now you can see how high cholesterol is necessity when our body is in a bad shape and artificially lowering it creates great problems for the body. Classifying cholesterol as good and bad is pure nonsense. There is no such a thing as a bad cholesterol. What type of cholesterol liver will produce depends on what the cells have ordered so that they can do the repairing and maintenance job.

Since bones and joints depend on lymphatic circulation the reparation takes longer but it will happen.Movement is necessary to stimulate lymphatic circulation As soon as there is enough water absorbed the pain will diminish and eventually stop. When the pain goes a way this does not mean that the healing is done. It just means that the body is providing what the cells need and information does not have to be repeated, so continue with hydration and clean life.

If you are not sure how to go about it, follow the Self healers protocol or give me a shout but ditch the poisons given to you by your doctor that you call medication because they are pure poisons and they will destroy your life.

There is much more that can be said about this topic so if there is some detail you want to know, let me know.

With love for humanity I wish you fast and painless recovery.





Everyone is aware of the dangerous effect direct sunlight can have on our body. We are being reminded about it frequently through news media and the Tel a lie Vision adverts. From sunblocks to shades, from cancer to glaucoma. Our “miseducational” schooling system conditions us to accept those “scientifically proven truths” to such an extent that we stop paying attention to the world around us ignoring experiences of the “in the plain sight” observations.

The most common lie is that exposure of the skin to the sunlight triggers the skin cancer.

We are being instructed to smear toxic creams to protect the skin from harmful UV’s. Of course no one tells you how harmful those creams really are and in many ways than one threaten your health.

“Do not leave the house without protecting yourself”

... Enjoy the Sunshine, Make Sure Your Sunscreen Isn't Toxic - RYOT News

Mother you have no idea that you are poisoning your child!

Some people take more conservative measures

because shielding from the Sun is crucial for staying healthy and having young smooth skin, or is it???.

Didn’t we notice how the city folks are way more sickly than the people living in the country?

Let us not forget to protect our eyes

because it is never to early to protect those eyes from harmful Sun and prevent damage of the optic nerve and glaucoma!

Is this so. Are we doing the right thing?

So before we get into this topic let us observe, and pay attention.

we can go on and on and on and on…..including my friends grandmother from Dalmatia who in her 90es reads without glasses.

None of those people ever used sunblock or shades ant their skin is immaculate and eyesight sharp. So who is correct, the nature the way you observe it or “scientists” with their scientifically proven theories?

I think that after seeing those pictures and using your brain for constructive thinking the inevitable conclusion is that the science is wrong.

Deliberately I did not include any animal photo because the “scientists” immediately jump  by claiming how people are different from animals. I can tell you that this is a bull.. We are all just animals as far as the body is concerned.

The base of my work is observation of nature and finding correlation between what we are told and what actually happens. To further prove the science wrong I do my own experimenting.

To prove the “science” wrong I was drinking sea water and prove that we can not only survive by drinking the sea water, we can actually thrive by doing this.

To prove that the Sun does not harm us I was Sun gazing when the Sun was high in the sky, I was sailing for years without sunglasses allowing even reflecting UV’s to hit my eyes, I do not wear sunglasses and I do not squint and in my 60es i read without glasses. My skin is healthy and does not show much aging. Because of it people think I am in my forties and I do not use sunblock with the exception of reflective zinc on my nose because I am not exposed to the Sun regularly so my skin does not produce enough pigment to protect me when I get exposed to the Sun unexpectedly for a longer period of time.

I have helped numerous people to overcome skin cancer and part of the treatment was exposing the skin to the sunlight.

Since the first time I have shared this information I have numerous people contacting me and sharing their experiences of not wearing sunglasses and how firs the eyes were sensitive but quickly they have recovered and now they can look at the Sun without squinting.

There are numerous articles written on the thematic how we are not really from this planet and this is why we do not tolerate the Sun. This is only partially true. We are not from this planet (this is opened for discussion because it depends on what you think about who you really are), but we benefit from the Sun and should not hide from it.

Some people do not tolerate strong exposure to the Sun because they live in area of week sunlight. Usually their skin is pale ad especially people with red hair have extreme sensitivity to sunlight. Such a skin absorbs the light easier and in this way in shorter time absorbs needed frequencies of sunlight. Body adapts to changes but some of the changes take a long time.

Sunlight is extremely important because it is energy represented in all the frequencies. Remember, think quantum.

It is not just about vitamin D3. We are talking about all elements since they can all be represented with frequencies of the sunlight.

Any tampering causes negative effect on our health and is expressed through genetic alteration. This is why we have to forget Newton and Einstein. This means to get rid of everything we have been told and like children we have to embrace the new quantum knowledge that is coming our way. Not an easy task to do since we have been programmed for years with the wrong information. The best way to do this is to become humble. Forget your diplomas and status. Listen to everything you hear. I have heard the most important things from common people who had no formal  education what so ever. Let it absorb so your brain has new information it can use for computing. Live in the moment (now) and pay attention because the knowledge comes from within.

Do not wear sunglasses and do not use Sunblock. Allow yourself to be immersed in the sunlight just do it gradually, giving plenty time to the body to adjust.

Cleanse your body with water and sea salt and stop poisoning yourself by eating dietary carbohydrates. As long as you do not acidify your body with carbohydrates and allow your body to cleanse you will never have to worry about glaucoma or skin cancer or any other chronic disease for that matter.

If you need guidance, I am always here, available and eager to help.

We have to help each other because prosperity and our future does not depend on the survival of the fit but instead it depends on cooperation and indiscriminate help of one to the other.

Love and shine like the Sun.

It is my privilege to share my thoughts with you my eternal family.

I love you



AGING, can we grow younger?

Everyone interested in this thematic knows for a while now that telomers are shortening with cellular division and that this is blamed for the aging process of the body. I have described this in my book and in couple of earlier posts. Scientists are working on solving the aging problem through genetic manipulation and yes, as genes are responsible for aging of the body this can be done. Here in this video there is more information about it:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwN-h3ikfGY&w=640&h=360]
Now I would like to ahead more light on this subject.
Since telomers are receivers and senders of electromagnetic impulses (antennas) it is obvious that shorter telomer will reduce the frequency range and in this way reduce the incoming and outgoing cellular information. Genes can only react to the information they have received so less information means less genetic activity.
As we have noticed, telomers shorten with cellular proliferation so the more frequently cells replaces itself the faster it will start malfunctioning because the information it receives will not be complete.
The thing we did not know is that telomers are not really getting shorter, they have the same length, they only appear shorter. The question is: why?
The answer is simple. We know how the electron jumps orbit when atom receives energy and returns to the higher orbit when it sends the energy. Same is happening with DNA. It will shrink and expand depending of its activity. If we keep cell stimulated (stressed) the DNA will remain in tight curl. This tight curl makes it to appear shorter that in a fact it is.
The same happens to telomers. Since telomers are extensions of the DNA spiral they appear to be shorter when they are in tight curl.
This is why I was surprised how fast aging reversal can be when we stop poisoning our body.
What has toxicity to do with aging you may ask?
The main reason for cellular proliferation (new growth by replacement) is lowering cellular electromagnetic potential through toxicity. Since the impulse that telomers receive is of electromagnetic nature here we are stepping into a quantum world where it does not matter in which form the frequency is expressed (light, sound, food, smell…) the wrong frequency will trigger the wrong gene and the result will be change of cellular activity.
This may sound complicated since I could have just said the wrong food will trigger toxic effect. Purposefully I have stepped into the quantum field because otherwise I could not explain how can wrong sound or the wrong light and our thoughts by themselves influence our aging process.
It is not by accident that we are bombarded with this awful noise we call music these days. It is not by accident that we are subjected to depressive news and predictions. It is not by accident that we are fed with GMO foods and toxic water. All of those things represents wrong frequencies and undermine our health by altering genetic expression. I am painting very bad picture of our reality and it may sound like there is no way out of it. Contrary, I have just given you a tool for your liberation. Whenever you feel trapped start thinking QUANTUM!!!
In quantum world everything is just energy represented with different frequencies and your genes react to them.
We are equipped with the most powerful frequency transducer that can manipulate any frequency send our way. This transducer is our brain. We do not have to know the exact frequency to be able to use it. Since frequencies represent everything we hear, see and experience we can produce the frequency simply by thinking and visualizing the thing we want to manifest.
You want to be young? Think of yourself as being young and above all behave as if you are young. Activity is like an amplifier and helps you to achieve results faster.
It is important to stop poisoning ourselves with the wrong frequencies if we want to achieve good results.
Self healers protocol shows you how you can easily achieve fantastic results. Remember that in fact you are just this
Toroidal field of energy. Everything else is just a product of your brain and depends on the programing it was given. Now we are in times of rediscovering the truth and reprogramming to beings of higher consciousness. Although our blocking (hypnotic) devices are still in place and making it difficult to fully understand and manipulate our reality, this will start to change sooner than you think.
Welcome to higher state of being.
s g24