Goodbye sweet .16, WE HAVE GRADUATED!!!

It is hard to imagine but here it is. Another year is gone and this one went in a flesh. I do not know what have happened, the year of 2016 just flew by but great changes have happened. People have awaken and the World is starting to change.

The most powerful sign was Brexit and the destruction of Clinton’s. Against all odds, the rigged system that has worked for centuries has collapsed. It does not matter that another globalist was elected and that he himself will not bring the change. What is important that people realized that they are being played. Quickly they will realize now that Trump is not what they have hoped him to be and they will deal with it and continue upgrading.

Swissindo, the true United Nation organization has been revived from Indonesia and the banking system overhaul has begun.

In science, finally Tesla is receiving the recognition he deserves as brilliant mind that he was and false scientists we have been told to praise like Albert Einstein are being revealed as frauds that they were.

I always point out that we are victims of fraudulent science that is promoted by  the money hungry corporate interest. True scientists like Nicola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife,Dr Robert Beck, Dr. Batnaghelidj ….were discredited and ruined. Scientific idiots and their bogus work as long as it can be cashed, is praised and promoted. All we are learning in the “miss-educational” schooling system is to obey and serve.

As we are awakening  with the help of the Internet, everyone can express their opinion and free information is at our fingertips. Now we see that giants were roaming on our planet;


This is proving that what we are told about our history is a lie.

Religion has lost spirituality and has become a tool of division. The Bible old and new testaments were written at the same time and soon after the same people published Curran. It is the same ideology created to divide people so that they can be manipulated into hating and killing each other on any insignificant instigation.

If it is not the religion then it is the difference in the colour of the skin. Scientific proves were presented showing one race as smarter and dominant over another. All lies but people have absorbed those “scientific truths” and behaved accordingly.

As the awakening accelerates, all the truth will come out and we are going to be surprised of “how stupid we have been” unable to see the truth that was poking us in the eye at every corner and we were to blind to see it.

Finally we are going to stop judging others and the change will come from within. For this to happen our brain needs new information so keep absorbing the new information. The brain can make decisions based only on the information it possesses. Pick your heads out of the sand and start observing the world around you. We are all the same, we are family and to prosper we have to help each other and not to steel and kill each other. Share, can’t you see how ridiculous it is to die with huge bank account while thousands of people are starving and suffering from not having enough. As you give, you receive in many more ways then one.

This post may look like it does not have any health significance but you are mistaking. Helping others enlightens your spirit and gives you another life purpose. Enlighten body radiates with powerful energy that heals the body. Placebo effect comes from it.

So enjoy New Year, celebrate the end of the old and the birth of the new. Powerful new experiences are waiting for us in the 2017 as the World is shaping to be better place for every and each one of us.

Hilno and I with love and light in our hearts wish you happy New Year




HAPPY HOLIDAYS??? no alcohol, no cakes what celebration is that?

ver endulge

inside a christmas shop

First I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

Yes, you all hear me talking against alcohol and carbohydrates but this does not mean the end of the World!

lovely christmas cats and dogs highdefinition picture

If you have read my articles carefully or if you read my books “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body” and “The Resonance Of Nutrition” than you have learned how eating properly keeps the sugar transporting mechanism (GLUT) on the minimum. This means that your bodies ability to absorb sugar of any king is very low. This is the reason why when opportunity presents itself and some special wonderful cake has found its way onto your plate you can sink your teeth into it and not worry what will happen with your blood sugar. Not only that, you can over indulge to your heart content. The worst thing that will happen is that you will experience indigestion and diarrhea as your body forces unwanted goodies out. Not a big deal if you ask me. I know, I am going to eat the entire cake Hilno will make for me in one shot. This is how much I am crazy for that chocolate muse cake. If I am lucky, Hilno will also make tiramisu which will be ravaged the same way. The trick is not to eat such foods daily because every time you eat carbohydrate, your body increases sugar absorption and more sugar finds its way into your blood. My body will have plenty of time to cleanse after the holidays as I will return to my predominantly raw meat diet.

Abundance, Baked, Bakery, Bread, Buffet

With alcohol things are different.

If you have been alcohol free for some time you will get drunk on one glass of red wine. You will not be celebrating for long my friends.

There is a way how to drink alcohol so you can last longer and enjoy the good time longer with your friends before loosing your consciousness do to the effects of alcohol.

This would be no fun

When you are eating correctly your cellular osmotic pump is strong. You hydrate rapidly and detoxify quickly. This is why when alcohol finds its way into your blood, your cells will quickly and fully absorb it causing you to get drunk instantly. But do not worry my friends. As I have shown you how to get well, I will show you how to get drunk gracefully so that you can better tolerate alcohol.

So if the party has started and glass of whisky or read wine or margarita, tequila, vodka…end up in your hand do the following.

1  smell the drink. Alcohol evaporates so small amount of alcohol you will inhale and it will end up in your blood. This small amount of alcohol will be noticed by your cellular structure and cells will stop potassium production in order to stop the cellular osmotic hydration. So cellular absorption of water will start decreasing.

2  It will take 10 to 15 minutes for cellular osmosis to stop. So in 10 minutes take a small sip and leave the glass alone. Keep your eye on it so that it does not disappear! Wait another 5-10 minutes.

3  Now you can start drinking alcohol. Your cellular absorption has stopped and your alcohol tolerance will be nearly as good as if you have been drinking alcohol more often. This will extend your functioning (sobriety) time during celebration.

Your body is well hydrated and it will use this water it has to cleanse the alcohol out of it. So you will urinate and become low on water. This will be the cause of morning headaches. To prevent this from happening, have a glass of water after every glass of alcohol. If this does not sound like something you want to do than have several glasses of water with sea salt in it before going into the bed. I promise, there will be no headaches in the morning if you follow these instructions.

So enjoy this holiday season and you will think about your health again after the festivities have passed.

Celebration. People holding glasses of champagne making a toast

Love, light and celebration to us all.

THE TWO FACES OF REALITY What we see is not always the reflection of what is happening

Yesterday one client came to buy sea salt to use for cooking purposes  so I asked him how does he feel. He said ; “I feel great, I am doing everything opposite of what you have told me and all my swelling is gone”.

He is an elderly gentleman who came to see me because he had insulin resistance and pain in his legs and feet. As he started to follow the “Self Healers Protocol” the swelling intensified and the pain spread to his hands. This is what always happens when the body increases water level and the blood vessels are in a bad shape. And his blood circulation was very compromised as water retention occurred immediately after he started drinking water with sea salt.  I took my time explaining why this happened and what to expect during the healing period but often it does not matter what you say and how much sense does it make. People like to have instant gratification and nothing else matters.

Well, it is hard to argue with someone who was feeling bad doing what you suggested and now feels great doing things differently. I knew that no matter what I say, this will hit the wall since he has his experience. He told me; “I received a recipe and I started to eat garlic and ginger with lemon juice and look, my feet are not swollen, my hands neither, the pain is gone and I feel like a different person.”

I spoke to him for two hours when he first came pointing to what is going to happen when he increases water amount in his body and that discomfort and pain will occur since he is very toxic on the cellular level and part of hydration will be done through the forced hydration we call inflammation. This will be the cause of pain and it is the cause of pain he was experiencing at that time. He did not want to use blood electrification so the cleansing process was slow and in two months not much visible improvement was noticed. Only sugar was lowered in the blood but swelling and the pain was lingering.

Finally Right

He was eating garlic and ginger before and swelling and pain were present so how come that now all of the sudden as he introduced garlic and ginger back into his diet, the swelling went down rapidly?

Because the two months of cellular hydration have cleared some of the toxicity and more water is present within the cellular structure. As toxins were introduced, cells stopped the hydration and cleansing. Diuretic effect was invoked as the body was eliminating those toxic medicinal remedies so water in the circulation diminished. No salt in the water he is drinking so electrolytes are washed a way from the body and water level continues to drop taking the swelling down with it. Those are the perfect examples of symptomatic treatment utilizing medicaments which is promoted by our science. This shows you the similarity of the modern and traditional medicine in action. They are both directed towards relieving the symptom (swelling and pain) and not to correct the problem that causes them.

I am mentioning this particular experience but there are many other similar cases where people simply cannot believe that newly experienced problem that occurs during the suppossingly “healing” phase can be related to the healing process. The most common problem is with constipation.

Some people have never experienced constipation before and after initial diarrhea all of the sudden they became constipated. How is it possible that constipation occurred when they drink more water than ever before and they did not experience constipation before. Now with all that extra water in their body and they are constipated. Especially because I told them that constipation is sign of dehydration. This does not make a sense, does it?

Well, when cells start to soak in the water as the blood got clean way more water becomes necessary for the cleansing process. You drink water with sea salt and the water picks up toxins and takes them out of your body. So you drink and urinate and body is demanding much more water. Some clients are reporting to me that it took them more than 7 litres of water before the stool became soft again.

What is the point of this article?

With this article I want to show you that things are not always the way they seem to be. The reality is often stranger than fiction. This is probably the reason why it is so much easier to sell people a lie than convince them in truth.

This is why I urge you to contact me if your desire is to heal and not just to reduce the suffering. Let me guide you in your attempt of healing your body and achieving youth. I say attempt because it is you who will have to do the walk and the road is bumpy, full of obstacles. Often those who love you will be in your way suggesting things they have heard and are contrary from what you will be doing. I can lead you with explanations of what is happening and what to expect in the future so you do not get surprised and you understand the reason why those things are occurring. Knowledge is the most important tool. It will give you a peace of  mind because what the brain does not understand, it fears. When in fear, we make mistakes.

We have been misguided our whole lives and our brains are full of the wrong information. Brain can come to conclusion only by using the information it possesses. So learn new things. Absorb so that your brain has more information to work with. It does not matter how stupid some information can be, you do not have to believe them. Absorb them, let them enter your consciousness so that later when problem presents itself your brain has more options to chose from while reaching its conclusion.





Coffee is probably the most popular drink around the World today. For most people it is unimaginable to go for a breakfast or to sit in the business meeting without a cup of coffee in their hand. I know plenty of people whose breakfast is black coffee and cigarette. In many households as soon as you enter as a guest, black coffee is served. This is very common in most parts of the world.

cup of black coffee over grunge wood

Many coffee drinkers swear how they cannot function without coffee and that coffee keeps them slim and energetic. Many people have refused to go on “Self Healers Protocol” simply because they did not want to stop drinking this black liquid. No one seems to experience any health problems by drinking this aromatic black liquid so why did I decide to write a post about it? In fact there are plenty of scientific studies claiming how drinking coffee is beneficial to our health and to our frame of mind.

So again, here we are debunking “well known scientific truths”.

Let us start with an article about benefits of coffee from a online site called “AUTHORITY NUTRITION”. They claim that drinking black coffee will;

   1. Coffee Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

   2. Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat

   3. The Caffeine Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance

    4. There Are Essential Nutrients in Coffee

    5. Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

    6. Coffee May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

    7. Caffeine May Lower The Risk of Parkinson’s

    8. Coffee Appears to Have Protective Effects on The Liver

    9. Coffee Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

   10. Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of Some Types of Cancer

   11. Coffee Does Not Cause Heart Disease and May Lower The Risk of Stroke

   12. Coffee May Help You Live Longer

   13. Coffee is The Biggest Source of Antioxidants in The Western Diet

WAOO what a fantastic drink. If I would not know better, I would have been  sold by this pack of lies and join the coffee drinking community right a way. Only I have told you  that the science everyone knows, is not worth the paper it is printed on and same is with the article and the site from which these quotes have been extracted from.

morning coffee

Do these ladies look healthy and vibrant to you?

Do not take me the wrong way. I am not attacking “AUTHORITY NUTRITION” site in particular. I am just using it to show you the different side of the “truth”. Matter of fact same or similar claims on the health benefits of black coffee you can see on almost every health promoting site. Why? Because they just copy each other and do not investigate the truth behind their claims. The knowledge comes from faulty school book science. The same book they have to read to get their certified degrees in nutrition or to become doctors.

This science claims that coffee is full of antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress in the body, promoting health and longevity. If you follow my site you know that oxidative stress is irrelevant and our body produces the strongest antioxidant called the uric acid. Why is oxidative stress irrelevant? Because when one cell becomes damaged and cannot fix itself, it will proliferate and create brand new cell in its place. Every 6-7 years we have completely new bodies.

I told you that bloods toxicity and dehydrated acidic cells are responsible for chronic diseases and short lives so does coffee contribute to our bodies toxic load?

Let us see.

Coffee has caffeine.

Caffeine blocks adenosine in nerve cells. This way prevents drowsiness . This is why we seem more alert. As any other medicinal remedy caffeine acts as suppressor of cellular activity so we may have the feeling that we are more energised but in fact we are deprived of energy because cells stop the osmotic pump if caffeine is detected in the blood. So when effects of caffeine fade a way we suddenly collapse without energy so we rush for another cup of coffee. Since cells will not run their osmotic pump they will not absorb water and slowly they will become dehydrated and acidic. Since cells deem caffeine to be toxic, body will try to eliminate it out of the blood as soon as possible losing water in the process. This action we call diuretic effect. Lower the water content in the blood less cleansing of the blood will be done and more toxic the blood becomes. So acidity will be rampant throughout the body.

Even if there would not be any other toxin in the coffee but caffeine this would make coffee very unhealthy and toxic. But coffee has also quinic acid, and plenty of it.

Quinic acid contributes to overall acidic effect coffee has in our body. It constricts tissue. So when it constricts intestines it makes it difficult for the intestines to absorb  nutrients and water. As mucosa tissue of intestines wants to get rid of quinic acid it will secrete mucus to envelop quintic acid and get rid of it. This is why coffee enemas are used. They prevent water to be absorbed so feces will keep all the water plus the mucus being produced easily eliminates accumulated waste.

If you want to clean your intestines this is quick way of doing it but daily consumption of coffee is very harmful as you can see from what I have presented. No medicinal remedy should be used for extended periods of time. Not only that you interfere with absorption of water into the body but also you impede the absorption of food elements. This is why many coffee drinkers are skinny and dehydrated.

Coffee has high amounts of citric acid as well that contributes to overall acidic effect coffee makes on human body.

There are some positive acids and nutrients in the coffee but since the intestinal absorption is dramatically reduced and cellular osmotic pump has stopped, no benefit from coffee can be gotten, only toxic medicinal effects can be experienced. We are told lies when we are told that the effects of coffee we feel are positive and beneficial for our health.

So if you look again on the list of benefits produced in the body from drinking coffee, now you can debunk each one by yourself. They are all just misinterpreted symptoms which are  lies and deceits.

Coffee does not improve your energy levels and does not make you smarter. Just the opposite happens.

Coffee does not help you to burn fat but prevents nutrient absorption so it starves the body.

Caffeine does not improve physical performance just keeps you alert.

Coffee prevents diabetes by reducing absorption and hunger.

Coffee will contribute to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases by acidifying neurones.

Coffee does not protect liver. It acidifies its cells so it actually harms the liver

Coffee contributes to circulatory problems and to stroke formation and to osteoporosis.

Coffee by dehydrating and acidifying cells promotes cancer.

You will live shorter lives more coffee you drink this is a fact.

As you can see, all lies and deceits promoted by certified “health specialists”.

I am hoping you read this article carefully and if you are coffee drinker, this cup of coffee you are holding in your hand is the last one you drink in your life.

Caffeine is highly addictive and when you stop drinking coffee you will have drug withdrawal headaches for at least three days. Small price to pay for health. Hydrate with water and sea salt so that body can cleanse your blood and cellular structure afterwards. Decaffeinated coffee has the same toxic effect since there is small amount of caffeine left behind. Same like second hand smoke, traces of caffeine are enough to stop osmotic pump and to slow down the intestinal absorption. You cannot hydrate on the cellular level if caffeine is present in the blood so no matter how much water you drink and how much sea salt you consume your cells will not hydrate. No hydration, no detox and ho healing on the cellular level is possible.

Love and light



Battling the CONSTIPATION with fibre or water???

Just about everywhere you look, you will find the articles on the benefits of dietary fibres and their importance in digestive process. Research coming from Mayo clinic states; “Dietary fiber — found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes — is probably best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation.”


In the same article that you can read here;

 further repeats nonsense about water soluble and none soluble fibre. This lie is repeated by every health site that promotes vegetable diet as the healthy diet. Everyone and their grandmother “knows” the importance of dietary fibres for generating the proper gut flora in supporting the immune system and brain health. What a bunch of ridiculous lies and whoever is somebody in the health industry is repeating the same nonsense over and over not realizing the stupidity of it. My language may seem a bit harsh but I am really sick and tired listening to this nonsense.

So why do I say that it is nonsense you may ask?

For one there is no such a thing as water soluble fibre that comes from plants.

Cellular membrane of plants is made from complex carbohydrate called cellulose. This cellulose is what forms a base of plants we call fibre. All plant based fibres are made of cellulose and cellulose is very tough material that cannot be broken within animal digestive tract. This means not only water but hydrochloric acid will not make a dent in it. So where does this idea of water soluble fibre come from? It comes from the same brain washing science that all our knowledge comes from and is called popular science that is promoted through our schooling system. Later in the life, good students that have successfully programmed their brains in absorbing, memorizing and repeating the acquired information become prominent scientists and professors and continue regurgitating the same nonsense as they go along. No one thinks, people have become programmed parrots.

Yes herbivores can ferment the vegetation and in rumen, bacteria will break the cellulose and ferment the carbohydrates (sugars) creating fatty acids. Unfortunately the omnivores do not have this possibility. Yes, some fermentation will occur in the large intestine and colon if the food lingers there longer time but the fatty acids produced there cannot be absorbed into the blood since the absorption of fat and protein occurs in the small intestine which is in the wrong direction.

Breaking the fibres is achieved by cooking, heating the cellulose over 55 degree Celsius. By breaking the fibres, all the carbohydrates release themselves and become available for absorption into the blood causing a whole array of health problems because the whole cellular genetic expression will be changed to accommodate this new found nutrient called glucose.

Kitten holding bowl of vegetables. isolated on white background.Where is a carpet when you need one?

Further the “experts” claim how beneficial micro flora will be nourished by the fibre that will miraculously contribute to our health. Yes, gut micro flora will adjust to the environment we create by the food we eat and this is why majority of people on vegetable fibre diet has digestive problems. So people are told to eat probiotics. This is beneficial micro flora that cannot be supported in your gut because there is a wrong environment. Those fibres and sugars people are told to eat, inflame intestines and impede water absorption keeping the stool soft even when the body is dehydrated and starving for water. If by any chance there is no inflammation, colon will absorb water and possibility of constipation arises.

So why do so many people suffer from constipation?

Constipation indicates two things:

Not inflamed colon that is absorbing water and

deficit of water in the body.

Whenever there is a shortage of water in the body, colon is instructed to re absorb all available water back into the blood circulation. When that happens, the feces becomes dry. As such it becomes compact with reduced volume so more of it can fit and accumulate within colon. Without water, colon has problem eliminating it and constipation starts. You can have as much fibre as you want and you will remain constipated unless you either, drink much more water with sea salt or you eat something that will inflame your colon and prevent it from reabsorbing the water.

Why did I mention sea salt?

Your body will not hold onto the water if it cannot calibrate it to the salt. So you can drink all the water you want, water will be absorbed and eliminated because of insufficient salt level, and colon will continue absorbing and absorbing.

Why are we not told this?

The answer is easy. If we increase water level in our body, our blood will detoxify and then our cells will hydrate and detoxify before the need for water and sea salt will be diminished. Then you will no longer be constipated but also most of your health problems will be resolved. Clean blood and clean cells result with healthy body. This would be the end of the medicine as we know it.

So hold on to your horses and swallow the nonsense you are fed by the popular science. You have been doing this for a centuries so why quit now? All those smart looking people in white coats know the best right?

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up and realizing that something is fundamentally wrong with what we are being told. Because of it, new war has started. This war is directed to the false information sources. It has worked before. Fortunately awakened people are not buying it any more. The “100 monkey effect” is taking over, the truth is prevailing and freedom is in our grasp.

Welcome to the New World my friends.

Love and light.




Great majority of people believe that pharmaceutical industry is necessary, that it benefits the society and that  its purpose is to ease the human suffering. This is what we have been told repeatedly during our lives. We are so programmed to accept this as a truth, that no matter how one tries to show contrary, even to a “patient” whose health is deteriorating while under the medical care (which is just about everyone with health problem under the medical care) the truth does not penetrate. It is like hitting a brick wall.

I have a friend here in Peru who has multiple health problems. One of them is hypertension and another is high blood triglyceride and fatty liver. He often experiences digestive problems and while on medication, his blood pressure is ok. but if he gets aggravated, even medicated, his BP sky rockets. He has asked me multiple times on my opinion and I have explained why is this happening and how easy it is to heal from this health issues that he has. He saw some people who had the same health issues and after following my recommendation they are no longer on medical poisons and their whole outlook on life had changed. This does not matter because his doctor told him that salt creates high blood pressure and eggs and fatty meats create elevated cholesterol in the blood. There is no way he can be convinced differently.

Unfortunately he is not the only one. The matter of fact is that great majority of people share such opinion.

People worldwide are convinced how doctors are knowledgeable and capable to lead them into health. Yes they can diagnose the problem and put you together after you have been injured in an accident but they are poorly educated in digestion and mislead on many fundamental truths which prevents them to understand the body and leads them to a wrong conclusions.

I had many doctors confronting me on the pharmaceutical issues during the years. Doctors claim how drug research is costly and expensive ingredients are used and this is what makes the medication expensive. All those claims are incorrect. Great majority of pharmaceutical drugs came as a result of indigenous knowledge. Indigenous healers are in contact with the nature, they communicate with the nature, the plants and animals. Indigenous healers have discovered what plants can help suppressing certain symptoms and how to change a belief of the sick man so that he/she manifest positive outcome (placebo effect). It will be so simple if we would just use those medicinal plants but then there is no room for deceit and manipulation. Then you cannot charge hundred dollars for something that you can grow in your garden. How can you claim something if everyone can see the truth. This is why chemists in pharmaceutical laboratories isolate the active ingredients and label them with bogus names and patent them so if someone else wants to do this, he cannot. Now they have the monopoly on the product and can charge as much as they want. The greed of pharmaceutical companies is becoming so obvious that their actions are becoming very transparent.

Draw what's under the microscope... sometimes it is important to be specific.

On August 31, Insys Therapeutics Inc. donated $ 500.000 to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, becoming the single largest donor to the group leading the charge to defeat a ballot measure in Arizona to legalize marijuana. They claim that it is all about protecting the children. Marijuana would easily get into the hands of children so let keep it illegal. What they do not tell you is that the pharmaceutical company Insys, is currently developing a product called the Dronabinol Oral Solution. This drug uses a synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to alleviate chemotherapy-caused nausea and vomiting. THC is oil that marijuana produces and it is used for variety of reasons of which one is a pain suppression. So if people could have their cannabis (marijuana) growing in their gardens many bogus pharmaceutical poisons (medications) would be obsolete.

More about this you can read here;

If pharmaceutical companies would be so worried about the children, they would not stab them with 50 poisonous vaccines and cripple their immune system before they can even walk.

Humanity has to awaken because the greedy corporations will not shy from any despicable action to achieve their goal and that goal is not about helping the human being. It is all about control and money. The greed is so strong that they themselves became their own victims. Just look at the Cabalistic bosses. The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Soros and their high ranking puppets the Clinton’s and Bushe’s they all look like walking dead. Some people think that they have long lives. This is not so. Some of them are close to 100 years old. This is nothing special. They are all sick because of their greed. They have fallen into their own traps and do not know how to get out.

David Rockefeller Rainbow Room Grand ReopeningGeorge H. W. Bush Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

We have to conquer our fears and learn the truth. What we know is what we have been told and it is all lies and deceits.

Absorb the new, think about it and you will see, it makes a sense to do things differently from what we have been told.

Love and light.

When compassion replaces money, medicine will change.

You cannot find any of my articles published where general public can be exposed to them. All you see, are the “important” discoveries like this one:

Platypus Venom Could Hold Key to Diabetes Treatment

Explanation showing the toxicity of dietary carbohydrates. the glucose in particular is not what will be presented. Instead injecting the body with stronger poison than insulin is the way to go. This is what people have to learn. You can eat poison as long as you take another poison with it. It does not matter that your health will crumble in the process. This explanation you will not find being published.


Diabetes has reached pandemic proportions. What we call diabetes is just a health problem caused by toxicity of the body produced by dietary glucose. Glucose should not be entering our blood. The reason glucose founds itself in the blood is scientifically suggested diet pushed on us through the same articles that promote medical interventions. We have an expression for this, conflict of interest. Well let’s not lose sleep over it. Politic of corporate pyramid is based on it. Actually the expression can be replaced with new word “Clintonism”  and yet millions of brainwashed people are sobbing over Hillary’s failure to become their leader and chief.

Presence of blood glucose requires pancreas to release insulin in the blood. Insulin irritates cells in our body and forces them to accept insulin and take it in. More glucose (starches) we eat more insulin will be released and more cellular irritation will occur. The cells demand more material so that they can thicken their membranes and protect themselves from this irritation. The material is send via cholesterol. So cholesterol goes up and doctors prescribe statins. Pharma and doctors makes money.

Thicker membrane requires increased amount of insulin to be able to force glucose into the cell. More cholesterol is needed for cellular protection, more statins are sold more money for Pharma and doctors.

Cellular membrane become too thick. This creates insulin resistance and hydration problems. Cells become rigid. Blood vessels become less flexible. Increased blood pressure and problems with blood circulation start happening. More medication is needed. More money for Pharma and doctors.


Pills are prescribed to reduce glucose presence in the blood. More money for Pharma and doctors.

When pills are not enough, synthetic insulin is prescribed (diabetes 1). More money for Pharma and doctors.


False studies are promoted and people are further poisoned by medicinal remedies like the one mentioned in the article. More money for Pharma and doctors.

This stronger medications create stronger toxicity and more damage to the body is done. This will require other medication and bring more money for Pharma and doctors

In the mean time, patients health is deteriorating and hospitalization is required. More money for Pharma and doctors.

Bad blood circulation creates kidney problems and inflammation of limbs. More medication is needed and more money for Pharma and doctors.

Necrosis of limbs occurs and surgical removal of foot is needed. More money for Pharma and doctors.

DSC_0179 (2)

Patient dies but doctors claim that their intervention has prolonged the life of the patient so what they have done is justified.

 All this money and suffering can be eliminated if patient would be told the truth and glucose would be removed from the diet. But then look at all that money that would be lost from the corporate pockets.

Suffering is good. Corporations make money on it and politicians make sure that no one interferes with this process. If someone does, police is there to bring the thing into an order. What wonderful society we have created. It is  time for a change, don’t you think so???

Please share this knowledge as much as you can because corporate media will never do so. People have to become aware of what is going on. I am reporting and you distribute. Together we will make the change.

Many thanks to my brother and sisters Mark, Ben, James, Maria, Cindy, Magdalena, Sylvie, Susan and many others to supply me with articles and giving me the inspiration to continue with my quest for truth and change.

Love and light to us all for we are a family, we are one, we are that, we are..