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Happy holidays

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Is obesity a disease?

When I was growing up, chubby kids were a rarity. We had one chubby kid in the whole school and he was a son or a restaurant owner.

Kids did not tease him because as he had to walk with all that fat, his muscles were bigger and he was stronger so nobody wanted to get in a fight with him.

And mind you, he was just chubby for today’s standards.

If you watch some old movies, most of the actors were slim and the chubby one was the laughing stock or the bad guy.

The things were changing slowly and today people look at you strangely if you have a normal weight. Unless you are pudgy, you must be sick. Obesity is not only ignored, but it is also actually promoted especially with women.

The great majority of women these days are overweight and they think that this is beautiful.

The taste we cannot discuss, for each its own, but the true features will always be altered if layers of fat are covering them.

For me, there is no ugly human. As long as they are in good shape and loving, they are beautiful. The beauty radiates from within. I simply cannot believe that anyone really loves to be fat.

Carrying the extra weight is no fun at all.

I myself immediately notice when I put 1 kilo extra. I start to feel heavy and slow.

When I was carrying the extra load of 25 kilograms I was stiff but I had forgotten how one feels when in proper weight so I coped with it thinking that this lousy feeling comes with age.

When I started to cleanse and changed my diet everything changed, from the way I looked, my health but the best thing was the way that I feel now when I am back on the weight I had when I was attending the University.

Because obesity has become today’s norm, and so is a sickness, doctors are starting advising people to watch their weight. Just about every obese human when they visit their health-care professional encounter the same response; you have to lose some weight.

This goes before you even had a chance to say what brings you to see the doctor.

Doctors are immediately drawing a relation between the fat body and diseases as if the obesity was a disease on its own.

Well, is it?

Just about every fat human today has a fatty liver syndrome if nothing else is discovered.

In my experience here in Amazon region of Peru, it is hard to find a slim human. The women, r girls I should say since I am talking about females in late teens and early twenties, are fat and their doctor advises them to get pregnant right away because their health is failing and soon they will not be able to procreate.

Similar stories I hear from people in the USA and England, many obese women have problems with their uterus and they are unable to conceive.

It all points to the conclusion that obesity is a symptom of the unhealthy body but it used not to be so.

My school-friend Zvonko was chubby but he was healthy long into his old age.

Well, Zvonko was the son of a restaurant owner and ate a lot of grilled meat. His extra calories were from mostly animal fats which combined with potatoes and bread caused him to gain weight but on the functional level, his genome was not altered too much and only a few genetic errors occurred not presenting the body with any bad symptom.

As I was mentioning in my previous articles, the obese body can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. The health has nothing to do with the amount of the fat we carry around. The fat is stored calories and produces no danger to our health. The only reason doctors focus on it is because they do not understand what is happening in the body and as usual, they focus on the symptom.

Since almost all fat people have health issues, “toddlers” come to the conclusion it must be the fat that interferes with their health.

Yes, people who eat less amount of food, they are slimmer and generally healthier from their pudgy friends. The more people eat, the heavier and sicker they get because they eat the wrong type of food.

As I had mentioned earlier, it is not the calories which create our health problems. It is the source of those calories that creates the health issues.

When you increase your weight with meats and fats you stay healthy and when you increase your weight by eating the fruits and vegetables you develop chronic health problems.

Very often we can hear doctor repeating “you have to lose weight so that you can get healthy”.

This statement is completely wrong.

Yes, we can feel better because we become less toxic but there is no way that healing will take place unless we change our diet and hydrate.

All of those slim-fast programs which are based on a calorie counting are going to end up in failure.

They are based on starvation so the body tries to quickly replenish the lost fat whenever it can so that it can survive the next go-around.

Teasing the body with carbohydrates and not giving it enough just makes the things worse.

It constantly keeps the body and the mind in a stress situation.

Considering the way people become fat these days it is safe to say that obese people are sick.

The wrong food is promoted and the correct type of food is demonized.

Soy boys are all over the place and the women mostly look like truck drivers dressed in the most unappealing way.

Where are those days Briggite Bardot, Jane Mansfield, Marilin Monroe, Clark Gable, Victor Mature, Steve Reeves, and let’s not forget Charlton Heston? You will not see those guys chewing on radish.

We have to forget the science that is shoved into our face and we have to observe nature since we have lost our ways.

People behave like scared pussycats. Everyone is afraid to offend someone and apologizes in advance. Yes I am a white male and my friend Thomas is a black male and Hilno is brown female and we love each other. Color has nothing to do with anything as long as you have the spine and not shivering behind your mother’s skirt.

Vegans often attack me as insensitive and barbaric because I eat the poor animals.

We, the animals and the plants, we all have the sole. We all can feel the pain and we are all afraid of change and death so if you do not want to harm any living thing, this Earth is not a place for you. Here you have to kill to survive so kill what benefits your body and let the rest live.

I went a bit off the topic but it is important to eat the correct food and leave the philosophy of correctness to those not capable to see the truth.

Obesity is a problem, it is not a virtue and it is caused by the wrong knowledge pushed on us through the indoctrination schooling system.

Learn the truth and change your ways. Become responsible for your own health.

Love and light to us all.

The relation between the immune system and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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What causes people's health to rapidly deteriorate? Is it an Autoimmune disease or something else?

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The Innate body.

cooling of in the jungle

What is the Innate body?
In my articles I often mention the Innate and its ability to heal our body, but what is actually the Innate? Is it a part of the physical body, the mind, or the spirit?

I have mentioned that the Innate knows about the state of health of our cells and our body in general and I have also mentioned that the Innate receives instructions from our subconscious mind which it uses to instruct the cellular structure in which way to proceed.

The cells from the chicken heart in a petri dish continued to live way past the expiration date of a chicken. Does it mean that the cells do not receive the instruction from the brain or that the innate is not present to instruct the cells what to do?

Our physical body has actually three versions of it melted into one.

First, there is the physical body which we are aware of that bears our name.

Then there is a much lighter version of this body that we call the fifth projection or the Astral body.

Our physical body is made of matter which is the brain’s interpretation of the energies that form our physicality. According to the energetic imprint, the sacred geometry forms a pattern which our brain interprets according to the gene resonance. So the particular vibration stimulates the brain to express those energies in a shape of corresponding images that form our physical image.

And then there is the spiritual body itself.

We are under the impression that our brain is the epitome of an excellence. That it knows everything and that it controls all of the functions of this physical body.

Many people have experienced leaving their body, floating above it and they could clearly see themselves standing or floating next to their body knowing that they have left their body. At the same time, they can see both, the body that they had left ant the same image of the body they are still occupying.

The physical body is governed by the brain and if the brain is not performing the physical body is immobile.

The light body that people experience when they exit the physical body is a light energy disturbance created around the spirit that has exited the physical body.

Since the spirit has a recollection of how his body looked, it automatically manifests the same energy disturbance which results with the same image but very light, transparent and we call it the Astral body or the fifth projection of our body.

This body is a light energetic imprint and it is driven by our spirit so we can travel with it through the walls and through the Galaxy. The spirit manifests it when it becomes self-conscientious.

Our genes are not sensitive enough to detect it so it is not visible to other people but for example, dogs have way more sensitive telomeres and they can see this Astral body and they regularly acknowledge it.

For example, if an ayahuascero has a problem with an intrusion of other spirits into the ceremony, he has a dog guarding and no foreign spirits will come close.

So, we have a spiritual conscience forming the Astral body and the brain conscience forming the physical body but there is one more conscience which is related to the physical aspect of our body but is separate from the brain’s consciousness. This conscious energy is formed by the cells itself. It feeds of the genes and their activity.

We are told that we have only about 3 % of active genes and the rest are the garbage-genes because scientists do not see any relevance in them.

If this would be the truth, our creator would be pretty wasteful, creating unnecessary things.

So far I have always explained that the creation is self-governing and it will not support what it does not need. All those unnecessary genes would be pure waste. Very unusual if you ask me.

Well, all those”garbage” genes are actually energetic centres that respond to particular frequencies which we are not experiencing at this time and since they are energy centres, they can store energetic disturbances to which they were exposed to.

Everything we had experienced was sensed through the telomeres of our genes, it was recorded, and stored like an electromagnetic imprint on a tape-recorder.

The cellular telomeres are constantly reacting to their environment and they are transferring the received vibration to the genes and transmitting the stored frequencies from the genes sending them back into the environment.

The cellular consciousness is the Innate consciousness of our body on a cellular level.

Since dogs are conscientiously connected to this Innate consciousness they know what is happening in their body. They are aware when bacteria are present,they know when cancer is growing. They recognize all those energies and since cells transmit them, dogs can sense those energies coming out of peoples cells as well.

When I was mentioning cancer, I said that dogs are now being used to detect cancer in the human body because they can sense it way earlier than we can detect it in the blood through our most sophisticated equipment.

Scientists think that dogs are capable of detecting cancer using their sensitive noses but this is not the case. Those dogs are just trained to report when they receive the Innate information that the cells are transmitting.Those dogs receive it through their telomeres and their innate reports it to their brain.

Our brain receives them as well, but because of our filters and the tremendous clutter of information, we do not consciously respond to those messages.

This is why people do not know what is happening in their body. This will soon change and many people nowadays extract the Innate information through other means of communication such as is the kinesiology.

Our body can inform us through the muscle relaxation and respond to our questions with yes or no answer.

The same answer can be given through the use of pendulum and dousing.

The cells in your body know what they need, what will benefit them and what will not.

By asking your Innate if this what is in front of you will benefit the body, the Innate will answer by constricting or relaxing the muscles which will have an effect on the strength of your grip, or the direction of your pendulum or dowsing rods.

Those are old techniques that were being used for centuries but people using them were considered to be possessed with evil energies. They were often prosecuted and killed.

We all have this ability and we should practice and fine-tune it.

There is absolutely no need for expensive sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Your Innate knows what is happening in your body and if you ask the right question, you will get the correct answer.

Another way to communicate with your innate is by calming your mind and allowing the Innate to communicate with you. Many people can do this as well.

We should all practice this because as our frequencies are rising, the communication is becoming easier and easier to establish.

One of the techniques to establish the communication with your Innate is to go into meditation and as you are calming down and disengaging your brain you visualize a telephone and concentrate on details of this telephone. As you calm down, pick up the phone and dial the number.

What number to dial?Your phone number will do.

The response you will get will be your cellular innate. Then you can consciously instruct it what you want it to do.

This will be the way of healing in our near future.

Let’s get busy and practice. The time has come.

Love and light to us all.

The fatty liver syndrome and animal fats relationship.

Every client who comes to me with a symptom of fatty liver tells me the same story.

Whenever doctor diagnoses them with the fatty liver syndrome the first thing that they are being told is not to eat fatty meats.

 Of course, pork is the first thing mentioned on the what not to eat list.

This foolishness o four experts is now easier to understand when we realize that schools are here to spread the agenda and not knowledge.

Students enter the medical school as teenagers and come out as toddlers repeating the simple calculation of an indoctrinated brain.

You are what you eat, if you have fatty liver, stop eating fat.

I am all about simplicity, but some knowledge has to stand behind it.

I do not have an idea how those experts explain vegetarians with fatty liver syndrome?

This wisdom about the fat being the cause of a fatty liver is spread through media and movie industry.

Why Are we being lied to?

The answer is simple. When you focus on the wrong thing, you continue to be poisoned and no matter what you try and how little of animal-based fat you try to eat, your problem is not getting fixed and doctors remain to be puzzled about the mystery of the fatty liver syndrome.

The only solution remains to get medicated because you are a victim of a genetic defect or you have a metabolic issue.

Since neither of those claims is correct, the medication will not show any improvement but this is not the time to be critical because we are doing the best we can, we are just not up to the task since the issue is to complicated.

I know that every member of this family is surprised that I am writing an article about this issue as we all know the truth but since I listen to those stories daily, I wonder how many people and doctors included are still living with this misleading information. I cannot make myself to call it a knowledge for a life of me.

You can just imagine the surprise when I explain to my clients that to de-grease their liver, they have to make changes in the type of the food they eat and that they have to increase the saturated fat consumption. This means,eat pork and lose the fat from your liver.

There is always the same surprised look and the question, “how does this work exactly?

Since almost all people on this planet eat incorrectly, we all suffer from the same metabolically induced health issues and fatty liver is one of them.

I always mention that glucose is not and should never be part of our diet because it will change the environment within our body forcing our cells to adapt to it. This cellular adaptation is achieved through the genetic adaptation but this type of adaptation leaves disorder in the gene expression which is not supported by the original program of our creator. This leaves us with over 2 thousand genetic errors and plenty of chronic health problems to go around.

Since we have adapted our bodies to tolerate glucose and to use it as our cellular fuel, many obstacles remained in place preventing our bodies to function correctly.

One of them is the energy storage.

Since we are animals, we are programmed to use fat as our cellular energy source and by the design, we are equipped with adipose tissue which is the natural fat depot.

Once we start stuffing our faces with dietary glucose, a small amount of glucose will be used as the immediate cellular fuel and the rest will have to be stored away for later use so that we do not have to eat every two hours. This way, we can be the same as all other animals, we can last without having to eat for hours and days at times without any significant loss of energy.

Unfortunately, our bodies do not provide any storage for glucose other than the auxiliary fuel stored as a glycogen.

The glycogen storage is limited to the muscles liver and the brain which leaves most of the body without any glucose reserves. It is needless to say that glycogen deposits are small and cannot last more than 20 minutes once they are being tapped into.

Since most people eat big portions of food (plenty of carbohydrates in each meal),plenty of glucose will find itself in the bloodstream and has to be stored away.

As there are no glucose storages (no potatoes, grains, banana)in our body, the liver will take care of it by converting the glucose into fat so that as a fat, it can be stored for later use.

By eating carbohydrates daily, we are daily increasing the glucose absorption and larger and larger amounts of glucose appear in our blood. More and more fat is being produced and has no time to be distributed into the adipose tissue. This is the real mechanism behind the fatty liver syndrome.

The question remains, “how does eating animal fats, lower the fat content in the liver?

The source of our energy in the food should be animal fats and proteins.

The fats we eat are in the form of triglyceride and cholesterol which breaks down in the digestive tract into free amino acids and fatty acids. As such they are being absorbed into the intestinal wall.

Before the fats can be released into the blood, they have to be emulsified so that they do not obstruct small arteries and capillaries.

This is done in two ways.

The fatty acids can be bonded to glycerol and as triglyceride sent into the bloodstream or they can be bonded with proteins creating cholesterol and send into the bloodstream.

The priority has the formation of the cholesterol because the cellular demand for building material has to be fulfilled first.

Then, if there are more fatty acids left, they will be bonded with glycerol and send into the bloodstream as the energy supply.

As you can see, the liver has nothing to do with fats when we eat correctly and there is no way that the liver will become fatty on the correct diet.

If we overdose on fat and we consume more than our body needs to supply the cellular structure with energy, the level of triglyceride in the blood will increase and force some of the triglyceride to be deposited into the adipose tissue. So yes, we can get fat by eating a lot of animal fat but our liver will stay normal. The only time the liver becomes loaded with fat is when we eat too much carbohydrates.

As you can see, there is no relationship between a fatty liver and animal-based fats.

If your health specialist suggests otherwise, you should be careful. Who knows what else is he/she brainwashed on?

Love and light to us all.