The “experimental” vaccine

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The new vaccines that are designed to protect us from the Wu-flu are often being referred to as being experimental because no “animal studies” have been done to check their safety, although leaking information is revealing that all vaccinated animals in the brief trial have died.

This is not true as far as the Cabal is concerned.

All none Jewish people are Goyim, so in their mind, what is going on right now is the most extensive vaccine study ever being done to establish the new vaccine’s validity against the Wu-flu none-existent virus.

People are dying left and right, some sooner than others which points that some ” tweaking” has to be done, but no worries, more and more Goyim is lining up to participate in this study because they want to be able to go out and travel, or just simply, they want to feel safe since masks may not protect them well enough.

A couple of masks, a visor, and 2-3 vaccine jabs, do you think that those Goyim will finally feel free and safe?

I doubt. There is no cure for stupidity no matter how much one tries.

The Jewish view of Goyim is proving to be correct.

Even animals run away from the needle but Goyim runs towards it, blinded with fear, and empowered by their righteousness.

This proves that the consciousness of the Goyim is lower from the consciouses of an animal.

For all of this, we can thank our costly education we value so much.

To make sure that the “vaccine study” is thoroughly done, people that are caught between rock and a hard place are given a way out.

For example, the people of St Vincent island whose volcano has erupted and choking the inhabitants with ash are given the opportunity to get off the Island if they accept the vaccine first.

How generous of their government rats, isn’t it?

Inventor of the polio vaccine speaks out.

Admits that the vaccine causes polio, but only in a “life form”.

Well, there is no other than the life form since it is a poison.

The poison is there or it is not.

I had an elderly friend with polio and as soon as she started the SHP, her pain has disappeared. We were so enthusiastic but it was impossible for her to drink an adequate amount of plasma daily because it was very problematic for her to use the toilet. She started having terrible constipation and reached for drugs to help her and it was not possible to maintain her cleansing conduits opened.

Viral plandeics were designed to keep us in a constant state of fear. They were to replace the war on terror, but the plan was disturbed and the events have been accelerated.

The preplanned events of the SPARS agenda that was planned for the years 2025-2028 are merged to the Wu-flu plandemic.

The vaccination was supposed to start a couple of years later and blame the sudden death increase on a new virus.

By merging the two agendas together, now new strains of viruses have to be invented almost daily, so what is this vaccination all about if the “virus” is mutating on the hour?

This has illuminated this fake plandemic with a spotlight to awake those who can still be saved.

Those people who are lining up for the vaccine to protect themselves from the bogeyman would have never awakened, no matter what, so their suffering is the last-ditch stimulation for those close to them to open their eyes.

Those people that refuse to see, will not make it through the “shift” anyway and would suffer through it even more.

Some people have asked me what is this “shift” that some people are talking about?

If the fake virus and the fake plandemic is confusing, it is not the time to talk about the “shift”.

This will change soon so expect an article about it in the near future.

To those of us who are awake, these times are fantastic.

It is incredible to see the evil crumbling and the rats being exposed and cleansed out from this Planet.

The genetic code/Grail is being cleansed of the low vibrational frequencies so that it cannot be accidentally manifested in the new “game” we are creating.

What a marvelous time to be here now, with this consciousness, and the full awareness of what is happening.

Love and light to us all.

Does toxicity cause cancer?

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Carcinogens are being mentioned on many products, even some food products.

They are added to vaccines, and openly discussed by doctors of both the allopathic and the alternative medicine, and the information is not being censored. Isn’t that strange?

The carcinogen substances are even mentioned on the fake News Networks. How is this allowed?

Isn’t this revealing the truth and causing a revolt?

Obviously not, and pointing to those things is actually playing into the hands of the evil agenda.

We can only manifest what the brain knows so the more toxic information it has, the better chance it is that the desired “reality” will be manifested.

In the past, when people were suffering from some “incurable disease”, doctors would talk to their families and suggest not to tell the patient the truth.

If they would know the truth, fear would have set in causing the nocebo effect making them sicker, and cause them to deteriorate faster.

Today, under the pretense of the “right to know the truth”, people are informed of the worst possibilities that can happen as soon as they sneeze.

A slightly inflamed lymph node and you are being told that there is a possibility of cancer and a biopsy should be done.

The power of manifestation is implemented but not for the good, just the opposite.

To set the fear so that an agenda can be implemented, the media, movies, and “science” are being used, and always only the bad things are flooding the information outlets.

I am tired of talking about a nonexistent virus. Not just the Wu-flu, but every disease that is blamed to be caused by a virus is simply just a toxic release, but our scientists and doctors are so brainwashed that it is very difficult for them to see the truth even when it is poking them in the eye.

Here is another example of a doctor giving a scientific opinion on cancer.

No wonder, scientifically, we are getting further and further away from the truth.

In this video, Dr. Eric Berg is pointing to a mitochondrial error which is probably the cause why the cell had turned cancerous.

On top of this, he points to amino acid glutamine blaming it as being another source of energy for an anaerobic cancer cell.

This is a typical parrot talk. Just repeating what he was told, no thinking, no doubt, although the information he provides has as many holes as Swiss cheese, and some things simply are obviously wrong.

Let’s apply critical thinking.

Dr. Berg states that the mitochondria are damaged from, radiation, chemicals, “stress”…implying that the damaged mitochondria cannot produce energy correctly.

Isn’t this just plain stupid since the mitochondria are not damaged to produce energy from the glucose or the amino acid?

The Krebs Cycle that converts the glucose into energy also converts fat into glucose and glucose into the fat.

If the reaction can go on in one direction, it can also go on in the other directions so the claim of damaged mitochondria is obviously false, but who’s thinking?

The amino acid glutamine has in its formula a carboxyl group(-COOH).

This carboxyl group is the reason why we have sugar in the blood. Every amino acid’s carboxyl group is made by it.

This carboxyl group provides the Krebs reaction with the necessary carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen to produce energy, or fat, or sugar, and carbon dioxide. And because it contains oxygen, the energy can be made without the additional oxygen being supplied/anaerobically.

What is being neglected is the fact that every amino acid has a carboxyl group and can be used the same way.

This is just another “look over here and not over there” case as it is with the fructose and the glucose situation of a false claim that fructose causes an increase of uric acid and the glucose is praised for its health benefits.

All lies and misguided and manipulated “scientific” facts.

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The science of biochemistry can be so easily pointed in the wrong direction, this is why the entire medical science is based on it.

Yes, cancer can be energized by amino acids if they would have been in the blood, but they are not.

The amino acid we absorb through the intestine is going to be processed in the intestinal reactor into what is demanded by our cells.

So they will be used to produce protein for cholesterol as the cellular building material, and what is left over will be converted into fat, bonded to glycerol into triglyceride, and secreted into the blood.

Many unwanted elements will be then cleansed directly back into the intestines as unwanted garbage.

There may be an increase of amino acids in the blood but not caused by what we have eaten, but by decomposition of dead cells of tissue in the case of cachexia, (body feeding on its own tissue).

As you can see, partial knowledge and no thinking are way more dangerous than not knowing at all.

The nagalase and the lack of GcMAF immune marker are no being mentioned at all, and neither is mentioned the real cause of the uncontrolled proliferation of cells which we call cancer and that is the low cellular voltage.

The reason why the mitochondria are being blamed is the fact that most of the mitochondria in the cancer cell are inactive, not damaged.

I have explained that the glucoholic cell, being a normal cell of people who eat carbohydrates or a cancer cell, will deactivate many mitochondria not to produce too much energy when the glucose is provided as the energy source.

Since cancer cells use glucose for energy production, they deactivate most of their mitochondria. This means that the mitochondria are not damaged, it does the work it is supposed to do and does it well, there are just very few mitochondria that are doing the job, that’s all.

The inactive mitochondria are on a stand-by, waiting to be activated as soon as the fuel changes.

Change your diet, help your body to cleanse, and in the case of cancer, control your emotions, and you will heal.

Love and light to us all

Control your thoughts

Many symptoms of so-called diseases have nothing to do with sickness and are instead, the visible signs of our body’s adjustment to its environment.

Since medical doctors are trained to wrongly interpret the signs as symptoms of an ailing body, instead of helping, they actually create a situation where the body has difficulty to adapt/change which results in chronic ailments/diseases.

Doctors have always an answer when they can pinpoint something to put the blame on, but often, there is nothing that they can see, and here is where the most damage is being done.

A doctor cannot see your discomfort, your pain, your worries, and your psychological burden. If the blood results are normal, and no visible symptoms are shown, your health problem is in “your head”, they conclude.

Worse yet, they give you drugs to numb your senses as if this is something that will help you.

To be able to understand what is really going on, again we have to go quantum.

Our mind shows us what it expects to experience as its reality, what it understands. Once we are programmed in the wrong way, it becomes way more difficult to go through our experiences because we fear everything that our mind does not understand or is not familiar with.

Our cells do not possess a brain that is programmed to convert frequencies into senses. Our cells experience everything in its raw state, in the state of vibration.

When we eat the food of a toxic frequency, we experience it like garlic, or coffee, or whiskey, but our cells sent those things only as toxic vibrations to which they have to adjust to being able to survive.

Since everything is in its basic form, just vibrational energy, once we have seen it, and once we had tasted it, we are aware of it. Our brain converts it into senses and to our mind, this becomes the reality.

At the same time, our brain becomes programmed to recognize those frequencies.

If you can close your eyes and imagine them, your brain had released electromagnetic waves of the same frequency.

This is the basis of telepathic communication. You imagine what you want to communicate and the frequency will be created and transmitted by your brain to communicate this message.

There is no vibrational difference between the “real cup of coffee” and the imaginative image that your brain has created. The brain can only create what it is familiar with, it is a computer.

Copy, paste, and send.

Now as we have entered the time of change, many people are experiencing very vivid dreams where they can not only see but also smell and taste things in their dreams.

We are getting prepared to become instant “manifestors” of our “reality”.

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Now when we understand this, we have to learn how not to make mistakes and manifest what we do not want to experience as our reality.

Some people who are on the SH Protocol for some time and feel good all of a sudden experience tachycardia, increase in blood pressure, and anxiety.

They become frightened and run to the doctor for help., just to get their lives ruined by poisons their doctors will implement to suppress their fear.

What has caused this abnormal behavior of their bodies?

Now, as you are aware that the basic form of any toxin is its vibration, now you can understand how can one unpleasant experience cause your brain to react and produce toxic vibration/thought which will then act as a toxin to your own body.

What are emotions?

Emotions are your own reactions to your own experiences. Emotions are vibrations that your brain produces as the result of the way your mind interprets and reacts to a given situation or experience.

If you react with hate and aggression, you are creating toxic vibration which then affects your own body on the cellular level.

What is worse, those emotional frequencies will leave an electromagnetic imprint and be cataloged in the genetic code.

Now you may understand why people have to awaken before the final energetic shift occurs.

We have to cleanse all of the toxic emotional energies not to carry them into our new game so that we do not pollute it and have to deal with the same garbage all over again.

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We are releasing those trapped frequencies as a part of the cleansing process and whenever a toxic batch is being released, we have to cleanse it and the body experiences the cleansing symptoms.

Our emotional cleansing produces the very same symptoms as if we are being cleansed from some medicament or toxic food, everything is perceived by our cells as vibrational energy to be get rid of.

The medication is used to stop this process, to numb us down so that we cannot cleanse which will prevent our evolutionary shift/ascension.

We are being told to fear changes in our physical reality so this is what we do.

The heartbeat increases, the blood pressure rises, we feel strange and our mind reacts with fear. The fear creates pain. The more fear there is, the higher will be the level of pain.

This is why it is important for us to know the truth.

We have to relax and let go.

Isn’t this the message that every Shaman is saying right now?

Relax and let it go. Forgive and forget.

This is not easy but it is necessary and crucial to our evolution/ascension.

We are constantly being reminded about our past.

Remember so that you do not repeat it.

Again we are being duped.

What you become aware of, you easily manifest.

Isn’t the Black Lives Matter and the Atifa the exact memory of the Nazi brownshirts being remembered and manifested all over again?

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The time has come to remember and let go, do not get sucked into repeating what was.

As you can see, with President Trump, the wars were stopped, a unity was promoted. I do not know President Trump personally and I do not care what is being said about him. I observe what he has done, and I love it.

Do not judge on what is being told by someone. Trust your experience.

We have been fooled long enough. It is time to observe, think, and make conscious decisions based on our personal experiences.

Love and light to us all.

Heart murmurs

Heart murmurs used to be experienced by old people, but the same as any other chronic health issue, heart murmurs are becoming more and more commonly seen in ever younger people including children and newborn babies.

What causes heart murmurs?

A healthy heart when it’s idling (when we are calmly sitting or standing) makes no murmurs. We can only hear the valves closing producing a sound that resembles “dupp”.

When we are active, there is an increased heart rhythm and faster blood flow which we can hear as a heart murmur. It is like when you are near a slow-running river, there is no sound, but if you approach a place where the river flows faster, then you can hear the water moving as it passes through places of obstruction.

These places of obstruction in the heart are the entrances to the ventricles and atrium of the heart. Those are also the places where the heart valves are situated.

This type of murmur/sound is normal but it can be more pronounced in some people but if it does not show any visible symptoms, doctors refer to those murmurs as being normal.

Doctors consider for the murmur to be abnormal when it is exaggerated and when symptoms of a poorly functioning heart occur.

These symptoms could be bluish skin, especially at the end of the extremities, shortness of breath and cough, swelling especially of legs and arms, dizziness, fainting…

A fetus, since it does not breathe through its lungs, has a hole between the heart atrium which closes just before the baby is being born or soon after.

In some babies, the opening remains which allows that the arterial and venal blood to mix. This interferes with the proper oxygenation of the body and creates shortness of breath, especially during the activity.

This is being referred to as a hole in the heart or heart hernia.

Any structural anomaly of the orifices and heart valves will change the sound that the blood produces while passing through them.

The stronger is the sound, the more of the problem is there in the heart tissue but it is being ignored and deemed to be normal until a physical symptom shows up.

Doctors are trained to allow worsening of the situation to the point of a physical manifestation which then they can visibly control through medication.

What will increase the sound of a murmur?

A harder barrier.

This means that as the orifices and the heart valves are hardening the murmurs are becoming stronger and stronger.

Also, the orifices (the openings in the hear through which the blood enters and exits the heart) can start to reduce their volume and this will increase the heart murmur as well.

The heart valves may become harder and with jagged edges and not close properly which will create a murmur as the blood starts seeping backward.

As you can see, many reasons can increase the murmur of the heart but they are all ignored until physical symptoms appear, ad then, what is being treated is the physical symptom.

Why do doctors wait for the physical symptom appearance?

Because they are not being told the truth and they have no clue how to stop the deterioration of the heart, and when the physical symptoms appear, the treatments that are being given are based on suppression of the symptoms and not healing the heart.

So if you have a heart hernia, you are being instructed not to move much so that the symptom of the lack of blood’s oxygen do not show up.

To lower the heart murmur if there is heart stenosis or leaky valves, the heart gets drugged not to compress so hard. People are given beta-blockers or garlic.

When the symptoms become difficult to suppress, a knife becomes the answer.

The heart hernia is stitched and the heart valves are replaced by plastic ones or pigg’s valves are being used.

All of those are costly and dangerous procedures that often have to be redone since nothing that is being installed by surgeons lasts.

Why do implanted organs deteriorate?

The same as the original body parts that had deteriorated in a toxic body, the implanted parts will have the same destiny.

Does this mean that if the body is being cleansed, that the damaged body parts would have recovered?

Exactly, this is what it means.

The reason why doctors are not being told anything about toxicity and how to detoxify the human body is to allow for the diseases to develop.

Once we detoxify the body, the body begins to heal itself.

This knowledge flushes the entire medical and pharmacological industry into a toilet.

The trick is in knowing what does the body needs to be able to detoxify itself, and what will prevent the cellular osmotic hydration from occurring?

Here is where nutrition is used against us by providing us with fraudulent studies and leading us in the wrong direction.

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Do not ask any “expert” in nutrition for advice. They have no clue since their knowledge comes from faulty books. The same, you will get by following the supplement pushers, and alternative medicine practitioners.

They all use the basic misinformation as the base of their theories and they are all wrong. If they use plant medicinal remedies, they are fiddling with your symptoms, nothing more.

By suppressing your symptoms, they make you feel good/healed, while in a fact, you are continually being poisoned and your health is continuing to deteriorate.

Until we learn to use our mind to heal us, or until the healing beds are available, use the Self Healers Protocol and heal yourselves.

To achieve healing, you have to follow the protocol to the very detail.

Any seemingly minor slip may prevent you from achieving cellular hydration and the cellular cleansing depends on it.

So do not add, spinach, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, celery, spirulina… to the protocol to “strengthen” it. You are doing just the opposite.

I strongly urge you to accept my guidance or let someone who did the protocol successfully guide you and the results will be there for you to experience.

Love and light to us all.