Is vegetarian diet healthy?

“Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease”

According to the Telegraph News,

“Long term vegetarianism can lead to genetic mutations which raise the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists have found.” Writes  Sarah Knapton.

Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations were found to be far more likely to carry DNA which makes them susceptible to inflammation.

“Scientists in the US believe that the mutation occurred to make it easier for vegetarians to absorb essential fatty acids from plants. But it has the knock-on effect of boosting the production of arachidonic acid, which is known to increase inflammatory disease and cancer. When coupled with a diet high in vegetable oils – such as sunflower oil – the mutated gene quickly turns fatty acids into dangerous arachidonic acid.”

Further Sarah states “The finding may help explain previous research which found vegetarian populations are nearly 40 per cent more likely to suffer colorectal cancer than meat eaters, a finding that has puzzled doctors because eating red meat is known to raise the risk.”

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This article is one of many that will soon show up as part of the disclosure that is in progress.

Scientists are puzzled of their findings because they do not understand the correlation and why do vegetarians undergo slow but certain health destruction. Since they do not pay the attention to cellular structure of animals and plants they cannot see the problem so as usually they bark on the wrong tree.

In my previous articles I explain the shielding effect of cellulose and how it protects us from absorbing dietary glucose. Dietary glucose is the culprit and not the arachidonic acid. And genetic changes do not occur in time but immediately. As soon as free glucose finds itself in digestive tract our body has to manipulate it. Since it is not regular item found in food but only in processed and heat treated vegetables and fruits the body has to activate some genes to deal with it. As genes work in pairs, more active gene will rob its paired gene of energy and this way de-power it. Since body has to drastically increase NAGALASE production when handling glucose this will automatically reduce the power of its paired gene that is responsible for GcMAF immune protein production. Basically your immune system becomes noneffective allowing buildup of chronic problems.

Problems start occurring within the cellular structure as the cells are forced to utilize glucose for fuel. This drastically reduces the amount of mitochondria making it impossible for cells to produce enough energy from triglycerides (fat, keton) and this is the pathway to obesity. Many people are sending me e-mails of appreciation because after failing on many diets now fallowing Self healers protocol they finally lost the unwanted pounds and did it without being hungry and suffering.

A lot of e-mail that I receive from vegans and vegetarians ask the same question and that is;”how can I follow Self healers protocol and continue my vegetarian diet?”

Simply, you cannot. Changing the diet is the fundamental change we have to make to be able to regain our health. This does not mean that we have to kill our dog or favorite chicken. Animal protein and fats comes from any kind of animal life. So if you do not want to contribute to the meat industry, go native and eat worms, grasshoppers, termites, sea urchins…. but to be healthy we need animal based saturated fats and animal protein. With it we get all necessary vitamins so fruits and vegetables are not necessity at all. All the minerals required will come with fresh none-refined sea salt so drink plenty of salty water. Of course good fats and animal proteins you can find in eggs and great saturated fat that is not from animals is coconut oil or palmita (palm) oil.

To those people that seek spiritual enlightenment and think that this is impossible if they consume meat, this is not true. The knowledge that comes from India about Ayurveda diet, and that killing animal is a bad spiritual act, this is simply not a truth. Dolphins and whales are spiritually higher consciousness than us and they have no problem eating fish and shrimps. I know  Ayurveda doctor with digestive problems but after experiencing positive changes from changed diet, she refused to go the whole way. Any diet that contains dietary glucose is a bad and unhealthy diet. There is a great problem with diabetes melitus, high blood pressure and heart diseases in India in population that lives on vegetable diets. Same I see here in Tarapoto, Peru where the predominant diet is based on carbohydrates with just a sliver of meat, usually chicken or fish. I would say at least 80 % of population is overweight and high BP,  diabetes and digestive diseases run rampant. And we are not talking about old people. Since dietary glucose changes genetic expression immediately I see health problems with children as old as three years of age being obese and having diabetes and variety of chronic diseases usually found in older people.

As the saying goes “you can take the horse to the water but you cannot make him drink it” I am reporting and you do with this information whatever you want my family. I just hope that it resonates with you and that you will take the sip.

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I love you no matter of what your decision is and I am here to help those that are ready to take the sip.

Your body s healing abilityn

Are you SPINSTER? Change it.

So often do I hear people mentioning; “she’s too old, she will never marry”.

Why is that? Is the reason for this a religious view, inflated ego, tradition or the shape of the body?

I believe it is little bit of all of the above. Patriarchal society favors the man and leans on the woman. In many traditions older man marry young girls to be sure they are virgins.

Photo published for Pictured: 35-year-old man with his 6-year-old child bride

This is accepted norm in Islam where old man can marry 9 year old girl. In some traditions man can rape 3 year old child and it is ok with their scriptures. What an inhumane and evil thing to do to a child!

Should we blindly follow scriptures and traditions or should we follow intuition and sense?

I do not want to go into the dark mind of man. In this article I will talk about women that have “passed their prime”. So often we can see older man with young woman. No one even blinks the eye unless the age difference is huge. My wife is 11 years younger than me but my first wife was 11 years older than me and we have been together for 18 years and still would be together if we would share more time while we were together. Difference in interest took us apart.

I know of both mixed age couples that live together and are happy but seeing older woman with a young man is something you see seldom.

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Why is that?

In my previous article I have explained how dysfunctional couple can attract sickness to themselves. Focus was on the man.

Today I want to talk about woman that has “passed her prime”. Why do we see it so unusual when older woman bonds with younger man?

In previous article I have talked about the different wiring of woman and man. Woman will accept unattractive man if she feels safe for example.

Holiday: The twosome took a trip to Sardinia earlier this summer - with their beloved Alsatian dog in tow

Man are very visual beings. This is why they like to watch porn. This is why they turn after woman to see her go…It becomes logical that woman has to look good to attract the attention of a man.

Can older woman be attractive enough to attract the attention of a young man? Of course she can. Matter of fact as older man gets more charismatic and interesting, so does a woman. So why is it so rare to see attractive older woman? Again it is the wiring. Woman’s logic tells her that man has to find the beauty inside of her because this is what she is looking for in the man. Unfortunately this is not what man is looking for when searching for the right woman. He looks for sex appeal. Men is looking for attractive woman and same as the man, woman becomes more interesting and beautiful with age if she takes the responsibility and takes care of her temple, her body.

There are many examples of beautiful, attractive women that has as we say “passed their prime age”.

Portrait Of Mature Woman Gardening Stock Photo - 45503876mature elegant businesswoman in gray dress studio shot Stock Photo - 13055525pretty brunette confident mature woman sitting on chair in studio Stock Photo - 43927812

Do you have any doubt in your mind that they would have a tough time to find a man that would be interested in them? Do you really think that it would be better for them to ignore their body and relay on men finding their inner beauty so that they can have good relationship?

I do not think so.

What makes woman physically unattractive?  Same things that make man unattractive and that is obesity, loss of muscle tissue, wrinkled skin and above all, self pity.  Once you start feeling sorry for yourself all of the previously mentioned physical things start happening to you.

Aging is conscious process controlled by genes. Genetic expression is direct interaction between genes and their environment. The environment is greatly influenced by our thoughts. So here I am going to explain what makes the body looking old and how to rejuvenate it.

As we become toxic our body assumes two forms. In one we are fat and incapacitated by various diseases of which depression is the most common one.

The other form is thin, dehydrated and wrinkled one in which disease and depression find their hold as well. Many skinny people do not show symptoms of any particular disease but still they feather away. They lose muscle tissue and become skin and bones ultimately dying from dehydration.

So if you want to find your lover life-partner make sure you take care of your temple. Keep your temple clean. This you will achieve through correct hydration and healthy food. Learn how to hydrate and eat healthy.  Hydration will keep your skin tight and young but you have to fill the skeleton with muscles to be attractive. This you will achieve through play (exercise). We do not stop playing because we have gotten old. We’ve gotten old because we have stopped to play. When men realize this and start to go to the gym we call this middle age crisis. I call it waking up to realization that if they want to spice their life, they have to look and feel attractive. If women want to spice their life, they have to follow men’s example. Hydrated energetic and fit body makes healthy mind. This brings confidence and sex appeal. You are what you think you are so do not look at yourself as victim of circumstance. Take your power and create the life you want to experience. As a woman you can rule over a man with a blink of your eye so instead of drowning in cookies and cream, lost in self-pity and shame “snap out of it” and take the charge of your life. Transform from spinster to desirable woman full of sex appeal. Hydrate, change your diet and play.

If you think that what I’m saying makes no sense then look at these couples

And you do not have to be famous to be attractive.

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Love and light.



Are women from Venus and men from Mars?

This is very unlikely but no matter how you look at the situation you have to realize that women are wired differently than man. Women are run by different hormone, they are run by right hemisphere of the brain, their life objectives are different from men’s objectives and their reactions to the same stimuli are different. This makes it very difficult for men and women to be together just as friends. This is why men feel more comfortable in male company and women in company of other females. So what keeps man and woman together in a family bond? You all know this. From the man point it all starts with visual attraction and sex.

man portrait afghanistanSelfie stock photo

Why am I writing about this you may ask?

 The reason is unhealthy, toxic environment that can and often is produced if woman neglects man and deprives him of sexual pleasure. This may sound very sexist but  this article is focused on man. This does not mean that woman’s health does not suffer from mistakes in relationship but the trigger mechanism is different.

To explain this first I want to stress the differences that make man and woman almost different species. Since I am a man I will start dissecting man first.

george bush

We man are very predictable creatures. We are run by the left brain hemisphere and this makes us analytical thinkers. We are run by the hormone testosterone which makes us attracted to the pleasures of sex. When leaving the house in search for woman, men try to look good so they can attract women in a hope to get sexual pleasure. Men do not care about how wealthy or poor the woman is. We do not care what car the woman drives, what color is her dress, her eyes or hair.  We look at the attributes like the size of her breasts, the backside, legs and facial features and exactly in this order.

Gone shopping... because life's too short to wear boring clothes stock photoFashion portrait, bikini model with water melon stock photo

Since men are driven by testosterone they are not picky and almost any female offer will be accepted. So men will have sex basically whenever opportunity presents itself. The only way they will pass the opportunity to have a quickie is if their woman keeps them satisfied and drains their testosterone.

. Then they are in love. This is why it takes a long time before a man will say to the woman “I love you”. In most cases man does not pay much attention to how clean is the house, how well prepared is the food and how clean are the clothes. Most man want to be adored by their female partners, want to see them happy, in love, dressed desirably to make the testosterone flow and ready for  love making. This is not how women see the relationship at all.

On the other hand women are ruled by hormone progesterone. They love safety and often chose safety over excitement. If there are two men that they are interested in and one is wealthy and the other is not financially stable but he is good looking and sexy in comparison to the wealthy one, in many cases women will chose the wealthy one. Safety has preference over lust and excitement.

Catching the rays. stock photo

Women seldom compete for men. If they do, it is usually just in spite of another woman. Most of the time, they compete among themselves. Before stepping out, many woman spends considerable time to make herself as attractive as possible but not to attract attention of a man but to compete with other women. This becomes very obvious to a married man. At home their wives do not spend any time to make themselves attractive to their husbands but if they are to go out, they will spend hours preparing themselves for the competition.

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Women want family unit and they like to care about their family. They do the home choirs, make sure that everything is in its place but they do not feel complete until there is a baby in the family. And when that happens life becomes more problematical for the man because now all the attention is given to the child and the man becomes even more ignored. Remember that most man are just old children. The difference is just the price of their toys and the way they handle women breasts.


This was all generalized but it basically works that way. This is why a lot of married men have extra marital affairs. Being neglected and deprived of sex affects man in many different ways and as far as health is concerned, this can produce a toxic effect in the body, stop cellular hydration, make the cells toxic and acidic. This will produce inflammation and symptoms of diseases. How? you may ask. “This must be a chauvinistic excuse” since it is written by a man.

Not at all. In my book I explain how stress may cause same toxicity as toxic food or environment. And here we are talking about stress caused by drop of testosterone, neglect and aggravation because of lack of sex.

 All of this will drop electromagnetic potential in the body.

Drop of electromagnetic potential will diminish magnetic field around the blood particles. They will cause the blood particles to clump together causing friction. This increases the blood pressure and causes possibility of damages and formations of blood clots which may end up causing infarct (stroke).

Low electromagnetic potential will interfere with cellular potassium production. This will disable the cellular osmotic pump and the cells will not be able to hydrate themselves. This may cause muscle cramps. If the situation is prolonged, the cells will dehydrate. They will become acidic and various other symptoms may occur like problems with mitral valves so hart palpitation may occur. Sphincter muscles become dehydrated so problems with leaking urine may happen or acid reflux. If the man in desperation reaches for frequent sexual stimulation the prostate will inflame and if neglected will turn into a cancer. Cellular dehydration will affect the brain as well and array of psychological problems may occur, further causing hormonal imbalance.

As you can see, dysfunctional relationship can drive a man literary crazy. I have just briefly skimmed over this issue. There is much more that can be said but I think that you are getting the picture.

It is very important for spouses to talk to each other and express what bothers them because as you can see bad relations can be toxic and tear the family apart. I was focused on man problems since I have several friends trapped in such situation. This does not mean that only men’s health suffers in toxic relationship. Unsatisfied man becomes nervous and his discontent spills over and affects the women. Women being way more sensitive, feels changes in her man but often does not know the reason since man often do not communicate and when they do, women do not find sex that important so they do not want to talk about it. They just do not understand man same as men do not understand women. What is important to one, is often unimportant to the other.

Remember, we are wired differently and we have to understand this and help each other by reciprocating. This is only possible if we are in love otherwise it is a business proposition. Whenever I see old unattractive man with beautiful young woman, it is business situation and it is not a rare thing to see.

Every man loves his woman to look pretty and sexy but not only in public, at home as well so please women pay attention, make yourselves pretty for your husbands and your husbands will adore you for it.

There is much that was left out. It is just an article but it may help you to improve not only your relationship but the health as well.

I know that women will jump at this article as my wife did but remember this is from men’s point of view. If I would be writing this article from women’s point of view the story would change, the examples would be different but the outcome would be similar.






The amount of people suffering from gallstones is increasing rapidly. This is not surprising since the liver is our first defense against toxins brought into our body.

The processed garbage we call food is toxic and as our body shows symptoms of detoxification we call disease , we are instructed to poison our body further with medicinal remedies. There is no worst toxicity than the one caused by medicinal remedies in particular pharmaceutical ones especially if we use them prolonged time.

As you are well aware, once doctor puts you on medication it is usually forever.

If you are diagnosed with gallstones you are told by your doctor that only surgery can remove them. Only if you are lucky and if it is in the beginning stage some stones may dissolve themselves. As usual, this is incorrect. Gallstones can and will dissolve themselves if given chance.

There are different types of gallstones. Most are concentrated cholesterol but also pigment bilirubin and salts can create stones in the bile duct.

Let’s explain in a few words what is bile.

Bile is greenish to yellowish liquid produced by the liver. It accumulates in gallbladder and it is send to duodenum (small intestine) to help with manipulation of fat from the food.

Bile is mostly water (95 % ), salts, cholesterol and bilirubin.

Since our diet is wrong, we pollute our body with toxins that have to be cleansed out. For this our body requires a lot of water and sea salt. Since we are not told to drink water and consume plenty of sea salt, we start dehydrating. Less water, less cleansing can be done. Our blood becomes thick, dark and toxic. Our cells refuse to hydrate with such blood and our problems on cellular level start.

Since liver is kept very busy and it’s cells refuse to hydrate with toxic blood liver starts to show multiple problems caused by lack of water, lack of salt and dry  acidic cells.

One of the first things the brain wants to do when it discovers acidic cells is to force some water into them. This is achieved through increased extra cellular pressure we call inflammation.

Inflammation | Geoffrey E. Reed life

In medical school we are wrongly told that inflammation is caused by internal war of antibodies and antigen. Yes infection is often present but the reason for it is poor immune system defense. Acidic cells are susceptible to germ invasion and often will become polluted. This is why bacteria from intestines spreads into the liver from the bile duct of toxic, acidic people.

Same problems we see in the blood when there is not enough water and sea salt (blood becoming thick and dark) we see in bile. The bile becomes thick and dark. In a while it starts to show particles that become bigger and bigger. Stones are being formed. These stones may form blockages and cause problems with the bile circulation.

“So how do we get rid of them?” you may ask.

Easy: hydrate your body.

Make sure that you hydrate correctly with water and sea salt. Nothing else will do it. It is not enough to drink the water with sea salt. You have to be sure that your cells will hydrate themselves as well. This means there cannot be any toxin present in the blood that your cells will identify as poison. So read my book or the article on hydration to learn more about it.

Do not be convinced by medical industry that surgery is necessary and the correct way to go. Surgery is assault on your body with permanent consequences so do not let them cut you open.

Let this be your medicine

meatfoto cevichefoto ensalada-queso-de-cabra-nueces-receta

food34images (20)

We no longer live in the world of competition and hate.

We live in the world of cooperation and love.

So help yourself and help your neighbor by sharing the new knowledge.

Heal yourself.




In several articles I have explained what is hernia and what is the mechanism that creates it. Maybe because it was always mentioned as side kick to other problems the articles were covering I am frequently being asked about how to deal with them.

Most common are abdominal hernias so I am going to explain the problem utilizing them as example.

Stomach cavity is made by muscle tissue that is interwoven like a mash. Those muscles are there to keep inner organs and intestines in their place.

Each muscle is composed of thousands of cells. When those cells are well hydrated they are pressurized like a ball. If those cells start losing water they will lose the pressure and get smaller. Like a ball losing air. Less water it has, smaller it becomes. Now imagine thousands cells reducing volume. This results of the whole muscle to get thinner. Not only it gets smaller it loses flexibility. As multiple muscles lose diameter within the mesh, openings start to show up. We can feel those openings if we pres on the stomach wall. Now there is possibility of intestine to pass through and the hernia becomes visible.

Hernia types are categorized based on where they are located on the body.

Often hernias occur in young children because of fast growth and poor hydration. Usually they close up and we do not have to touch them.

Nowadays hernias are very common in mature people. The reason is bad, polluted diet, toxic blood and consequently cellular dehydration. Surgeons have experienced that surgically stitching muscles does not produce desired effect because as you connect two muscles together, two new hernias open on the other side of the muscle. Also it is noticed how soft and mushy are those affected muscles so instead of stitching them, surgeons implant plastic mesh to secure inner organs in place. This is just another crazy stuff being done to unsuspected customer that is not being healed but massacred and disfigured. All of this is a product of manipulated science where doctors believe that this is the only thing that can be done because there is no way to heal deteriorating body.

This is not true.  Our body will heal as soon as it is given the chance. As I have often explained, clean environment is essential to any healing. So hydrating with water and sea salt is a must. Many of the people following Self healers protocol call me surprised as their hernia has closed up while they were  focusing on other things. The marvel of hydration and the simplicity of healing is amazingly effective and this is what the medical and pharmaceutical industry fear the most. Their fraudulent business is coming to the end as more and more truth comes to the surface.

Although I was talking about stomach hernias same is happening with any hernia in our body including the atrial hernia in the heart. Not that surgery is unnecessary, surgery is right out assault on our body causing permanent damages. So keep a way from it a long as there is any other solution and I can assure you, there almost always is.

Stay well hydrated with sea salt and water and help your body to cleanse itself.