LIVING ON AIR (bretharianism)

There is a talk that we are soon going to stop eating and that we will be getting our nutrition by gazing into the Sun.

Some claim that they are living this way already. Is this even possible???

But her latest obsession, Breatharianism, is taking it one step too ...

For most people even the thought about being able to live without eating is not imaginable but there is more and more interest in this type of living. Understanding that our food is being tampered with makes living without the need of food interesting solution. Unfortunately as always when something new comes about there are profiteers ready to cash on it. Without enough of knowledge they often make suggestions that harm unsuspected public sometimes causing injury or death.I do not want to name names but this has happened even in bretharian circles.

I am using the mane breatharian as a general reference to living without food but there are different claims and techniques that people are using. Most breatharians use breathing techniques and meditation claiming that this nourishes their bodies and food is not needed.

Other do Sun gazing claiming that the light is necessary to provide the nourishment as it brings in the necessary frequencies to sustain the life.

Some say that meditation by itself is sufficient to get the life energy (prana) flowing and no further nourishment is necessary.

There are those that can provide example for each of those claims so who is correct?


So far only Indian yogi was successfully tested and proven to be living without ingesting any food or water for extended period of time. And as we talk about yogis I have to mention that they can be buried underground for a week and survive like nothing has happened. So why can some people survive without food and water and others die days after water is denied to them?

The clue is in the Bible. Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat and they could have lived forever but as soon as they chose to eat their lives were cut short. They became mortals.

We had a choice to live in pure bodies for as long as we wanted to live. When our cells are living in the clean environment they can live forever. What we call reality is just holograph made of photons (light). As such it is kept together by electromagnetic impulse. This impulse is created by a thought. This is how we were created and this is how we create. Only we do not call this creating but manifesting. It is the same thing. This means that we are just sophisticated virtual reality holographs that posses strong emotions and have sensors for them so that they can experience whatever is happening in the game. We are also equipped with frequency generator that is capable of creating (manifesting) and this is our brain. The question is “why does this holograph depend on food for energy”. Well, it does not. The only reason we depend on the food,water oxygen… is because we think we do need them. This is a part of the program in this game called “life on planet Earth”. In fact as holographs we do not need anything, we are self sustaining toroidal fields of energy. Simply by thinking that something is necessary it becomes necessary. You are always right. This is how placebo and nocebo work. Your belief will make you strong or weak, healthy or sick, alive or dead.

As long as you think that you need to do this to achieve one or other thing, you need to do those things. It is simple as that.

Many say “i try not to eat and my heart start racing, blood pressure drops I feel I will faint….” You can say I believe but do you?

Jesus said “if you would believe you could move mountains”.  To BELIEVE is our biggest problem.

To stop the dependency on food we have to override the food program and this is very difficult to do. Yogis achieve this by slipping into meditative state. There they get in touch with themselves and truth is being reveled to them. This requires years of practice and determination so do not think that some bogus regime of month of fasting will reprogram your body to a new level of understanding.

Now we are in times of frequency raise and things are happening much faster. Still understanding and discipline are needed for such a change.

I often say that ” CHANGE IN DIET IS NECESSARY. IT IS MUCH EASIER TO START EATING CORRECTLY AND CLEANSE SO THAT WITH CLEAN BODY AND CLEAN CELLS WE CAN EASIER RAISE FREQUENCY AND ACHIEVE HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.”. Not only that this is easier but it is much safer as well. Unfortunately great majority of people are still sleeping and even this is to much for them to bare.

We are awakening and we are realizing that whatever we were told is incorrect. Even the Ayurveda diet and herbal medicine have faults. New knowledge is being reveled and this is just a taste of what is coming our way.

Open your hearts, take everything in without judgement, let of the old and embrace the new for the World as we knew it is forever gone.

With love for the creation I thank for the opportunity I was given to experience it and benefit from the experience.

This is the reason we are here so take  advantage of it and enjoy the ride.



Many people ask questions but do not leave their e-mail address and I cannot reply. So in this article I will answer some most frequently asked questions. One of them is “what is the best cancer cure” and the other is “how to hydrate so that the body engages cleansing systems”.

cancer patient photo: Cancer cancer.jpg

Before I address the cancer issue I want you to understand that body will never do anything to harm itself. So how come that it creates life threatening disease?

We simply do not understand the body and medical science is not even trying to understand it because it is not oriented on solving problems. Why to heal a patient when he is your best customer?!

There are some doctors who are genuinely trying to help but medical schools made sure to fill our heads with so called “scientific truths” that make this impossible. If you use faulty premisses no matter how much you try, it is impossible to come to correct conclusion. For example if you are being told that salt attracts water and increased salt content if the food will increase the blood pressure this is “scientific truth” that is imbedded in students mind and it makes sense. We all know that salt gets wet from absorbing the moisture from the air. So the increased salt content must be increasing water content in the blood and raising the blood pressure. Obvious isn’t it???

Obvious but wrong.

We are thought to treat the body  as a mechanical machine without consciousness.

Now we are discovering the truth. Everything is conscientious of its existence including an atom and it communicates with its surroundings. This explains why the blood pressure will not increase with increased consumption of salt. As we get older we become more dehydrated and this causes avalanche of problems with variety of symptoms we call diseases.

Cancer is one of this health problems which arouse from dehydrated cells. The reason for cellular dehydration are various but predominantly bad food and stress. Cancer forms when dehydrated cell drops electromagnetic potential. This induces proliferation (multiplying) of cells. Mechanism of cancer I explained in my book so I do not want to go into it now. Energy needed is provided by heart and channeled through the brain. Bad thoughts are lowering the vibration of this energy and preventing it to power the cells. Dr. Hammer explains it in the “New German Medicine”. So obvious response to cancer would be changing the way we think but there is more to it.

Great majority of healers are focusing on destroying the cancer cells through medicinal remedies. There are many ways to do this from vitamin B17 to sodium bicarbonate but I recommend different approach.

Cancer is telling you that your body is a mess and it needs to heal. Focusing on cancer is just a small part of what has to be done so it is good time to take it seriously. I recommend that you reflect on the psychological stress that is draining you of energy and at the same time hydrate your body so that it can cleanse and rejuvenate itself. Only the cells themselves can do this job. There is no magic potion that will help. Stop trying to manipulate chemistry because there is no way that you can come even close to what has to be done. Every cell produces more than  thousand chemical reactions every second so how can you possibly help especially with toxic drugs that destroy your immune system and force your cells into defensive mode like chemo-therapy.

Supply the body with water and sea salt so that it can hydrate and cleanse. Give it nutrients that it needs for reparation. Since our membranes are made from saturated fat and protein, this is what the food has to have. Raw eggs, coconut oil, liver, fish…are perfect foods to supply those ingredients. Cells will not hydrate with polluted blood so the blood has to be cleansed first. Read about hydration and cleansing in my book.

During the healing crisis when body is doing lot of healing, energy is of vast importance so do not overeat. Digestion is utilizing lot of energy and slows the healing process. One or two raw eggs will provide lot of healing ingredients. This is why I recommend them in my Self-healers protocol. I recommend my protocol because it does not only focus on the cancer but the whole body. As you are healing from cancer you are rebuilding all the cells in your body and coming out of the diseased state as a new you.

For now as we are still running on the third dimensional program we have to obey its laws. As soon as you become awakened human being (very soon) simple change of frequency emitted through your brain will instantly change any thing that you want to change. Not only eliminating the disease but changing the size or shape of your breasts, nose, muscles, color of your eyes or hair…..Everything is just expression of frequencies presented through genetic expression which is changing billion times a second coming and going in and out of existence. Every new appearance is completely new you. This is the speed in which we can be cured and changed. Amazing, isn’t it?

Wake up, stop watching the Tel a lie Vision and meditate. Live with love in your heart and concern for others.

Be human again.

New age for humanity

If you noticed I did not say new age in medicine because this would be lapsus linguae.

Where humanity is heading thee will be no disease possible. Why is this so?

Happy PeopleSelected Resolution: | Size: 345 Kb | Download | Close

At this point we know that diseases have low vibrational energy. They form under influence of the wrong and toxic food and stress. Evey cell in our body, every tissue or organ and even the body as whole is experiencing a drop in the frequency prior to manifesting disease.

The experience of life in three dimensional world on planet Earth has showed us that when you are happy no disease will touch you but as soon as you get depressed your health changes. Doctor R. Hammer shows this in his studies. Dr. Bruce Lipton explained how  cells react to the environment and how the environment changes cellular chemistry and genetic expression.

There is a lot of talk lately about the marvels of Nikola Tesla and how can implementation of his discoveries revolutionize medical industry. Implementation of electromagnetic fields and high frequency oscillators shows fast healing without chemical concoctions. This is really marvelous but little to late. Tesla made those discoveries 100 years ago and if then implemented who knows where humanity would be by now?

Even thaw we can still implement his discoveries we have to realize that everything is changing, not only around us but also within us. Our cells are changing their DNA. Children are borne more advanced with new DNA in place and active. More codons activated and guess what? They cannot get diseases that were creating so much problems in the past. The reason for this is because they have faster rate of vibration. Disease cannot follow. You may say “yes but we the old generation are still here that will need the help”. This is correct but as the frequency is rising so is our ability to recognize the truth and to implement it.

Many people are already healing others with nothing more than their thoughts or the energy that radiates from their bodies. This is the near future that has started and this is how the humanity will be helping each other, no medicine of any kind necessary, no doctors, no nurses just love and the desire to help other human being.

Frequency is constantly rising throughout the Universe and we will follow. the change may be very uncomfortable in diseased body and I strongly urge you to cleanse and help your body to go through these changes.



MIP PERU the change game


The time has come for me and my family to move to Peru where we will continue with our work in health research and public awareness. For those that are not familiar with our recent experience of losing our home and property in a hurricane this move requires more money that we have managed to put together.

Angels and family as you know my wife Hilno has finally received her passport so we are getting ready for return to St. Martin and there we will start organizing out move to Tarapoto in Peru where we will continue on the humanitarian project of global awareness of truth in medicine and healing. The move is costly and we are asking for donation. If this resonates with you please donate through my PayPal account connected to my e-mail or through this blog donation button.. Your donation will speed up the process. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
With love and light.

“I knew something was wrong with that child” ADHD

More and more children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) each year. This dis-ease or disorder is nothing new. I remember my mothers favorite expression of me saying “where Devil cannot go, he sends YOU”. Are children of this time any different than when we were young and ADHD did not exist?

Children at a swing at the playground, children playing

Maybe this is not how you use the swing but is this a sign of “disorder?”

Children have undeveloped frontal lobe of the brain. This is because they lack experience. You will notice that many animals shy-away from young children because children are rough. They do not realize many of their actions and have to experience things for themselves. You can tell the child hundred times not to play with the knife but until they cut themselves all your nagging was in vane. Experience is why we decided to enter human body in the first place. We could see how it is to be human, we were told how it is to be human but we did not listen because we wanted the experience.

Children these days seem to be more active but there are many reasons for this. Number one is the food. The main ingredient of the food that children are eating is sugar. You may not be aware of this but cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and all processed products on the market are basically sugar. Sugar is explosive fuel that brings lot of instantaneous energy that the child has to use or it will be transformed into fat. Here is your answer why are today’s kids fat. If you prevent the child to utilize this energy in play or you suppress it by “medication” child will gain weight. Our children start being polluted with sugar already as toddlers. Sugar is # one ingredient in babies formulas. No wander that juvenile diabetes is skyrocketing.

The other reason why the children of today are restless and more violent is the exposure to Tel a lie Vision. Children programs are full of violence. Most of them in a form of cartoons but there is no difference. War and killing is the predominant theme in those movies that are made to target young children and if child shapes a peace of the bread into the form of a gun he or she will be expelled from the school. Something is not making sense here.

One thing that no one is talking about is the change in energy and its frequency. The whole Universe is changing and with it our Sun and planet Earth as well. Everything is going through mutation (evolution) in accelerated way. Children are born more aware, they learn faster so they need more stimulation. Present tendencies of educational system are to slow children down. Children are bored they want more challenging experience. They express their boredom with “inappropriate” behavior  they get labeled with ADHD and sedated with neuro-suppresssive drugs.

What needs to be cured is not our children but our politicians that promote this kind of nonsense.

Today’s children are born with different DNA with larger amount of active codons. They learn faster and understand better. They will be teaching us the new technologies. They are the ones that will change the World. Often what we think is autism is just stronger expression of the child’s frustration for not being able to fully express itself in this restricted child body. All this information is suppressed, more and more children with special abilities are coming to this planet and they will help us with the transition process. Avoid to medicate your children, do not vaccinate them and allow them to be the way they want to be because this is their purpose. They came here to do the work so let them and support them. Do them a favor and restrict their Tel a lie Vision exposure. Engage them in complicated games and programs because here is where they flourish. Make sure they eat correctly and give them ample space to vent themselves.

We are entering the evolution not just of men kind but of the whole Universe.

Enjoy the ride.


What is “Palliative care“?

This is recommended way to treat elderly under medical supervision.

It may all look fine and dandy but is this really what health care should be about?

According to palliative care elderly people should be cared for making sure that they have their “necessary” medications. All of those people are on at least 6 pharmaceutical drugs from statin, diuretic, blood thinner, beta blocker, to anti depressants, sleeping pills and most f them end up on pain re-leaving patches before they leave this beautiful and compassionate World.

None of these drugs are meant to cure anything. Just contrary they cause more harm. Statins prevent cholesterol formation so that cells are prevented from rebuilding their membranes causing muscle, circulatory and neurological problems. Diuretics used to lower the blood pressure cause further dehydration and acidity in the body. Blood thinners cause problems in the blood coagulation which causes strokes… It is not necessary to continue explaining the toxic effects of medical drugs. Listen to them on the pharmaceutically sponsored commercials while you look at pretty pictures or funny events accompanying the commercial message designed to distract you.

No wander that people on this type of care end up on  pain patches. Those treatments are not designed to heal the body. They further dehydrate it, increase the toxicity so the body start to cry for help (pain). The answer is to shut it down and this is achieved with analgesics (pain killers) in the form of pills , injections or patches.

Palliative care is nothing more than accelerated aging under the medical care with suppressed symptoms until the end.

Aging can be graceful, slow and enjoyable part of your life. Chronic diseases and chronic pains can be eliminated by healing the body and not by further poisoning it with medical treatments. Unfortunately not many people are talking about this. Reason for this is that we are glued to Tel a lie Vision screens and we tend to believe the lies that come out of there. Mass media is under the total control of Khazars Zionists and they serve only their agenda and this is how to steel your money and get rid of you. Stop complying, educate yourself and take back your power.

If you are suffering from any chronic debilitating disease r chronic pain and do not nw where to go, contact me and I will help you.

I have to apologize for not having programs going. We are restructuring and low on funds. As soon as possible we will continue with radio and video programs.

Love and light to all of you my friends and family of light.