Can our immune system be used to combat cancer?

A BBC article had exposed a scientific breakthrough.

There is a newly discovered immune pathway pointing to the realization that a T-call can actually be used to destroy cancer!

Ain’t this something, hot water was just rediscovered. Let’s get the steam engine going.

Reading this article, one would think that discovering that T-cells will attack and destroy cancer in the body is a new discovery.

In fact, this is a known fact for at least as long as I am alive since this is what I was told when I was studying medicine some 40 years ago.

Those fake studies that we are being bombarded with are designed to further confuse doctors while at the same time nothing of value is presented.

This “scientific” article of misinformation is suggesting that the patient’s blood would have to be taken so that T-cells can be isolated, genetically modified and returned into the body so that the healing effect can be achieved.

This reminds me of the mother cell therapy sham.

High cost and no beneficial results to speak of. A washout.

stem cell research cartoon

If there is an emphasis to heal cancer patients, why were all the GcMAF laboratories destroyed and 200 health practitioners suicided that were using GcMAF in cancer therapies?

Wasn’t that counterproductive saying the least?

Simple observation shows us that the immune system of wild animals protects them from cancer.

Shouldn’t this be a trigger to investigate?

For many years I am showing the relationship between the dietary glucose and our nonfunctional immune system.

The higher is the glucose level in our body, the more enzyme nagalase is produced by our cells and the levels of GcMAF drops.

GcMAF is a biological marker that is designed to mark everything that is destined for destruction by our immune system.

Neither macrophage or T-cell will attack and destroy anything that was not previously marked for destruction by the GcMAF protein.

immune system cartoon

Somehow, GcMAF protein is never being mentioned by the scientific circles. Isn’t that strange?

Maybe tempering with T-cells is not what needs to b done after all.

Just maybe, the solution is to introduce the GcMAF marker into the body.

This would allow the body to mark what has to be destroyed and our immune system would take care of it.

This would have saved the patient a lot of money. No necessity for costly T-cell manipulation but there is more.

Why not stimulate the body to produce its own GcMAF marker?

This is not difficult to do.

All that has to be done is to eliminate or greatly reduce dietary glucose intake and increase animal-based food consumption.

This would mean that what doctors are suggesting, which is to switch their patient’s diet to vegetable-based foods is contrary to what actually has to be done.

Are we being surprised?

Not me. I am expecting from our prominent scientists to suggest wrong things as they have been doing this for a long time.

Our schoolbooks are loaded with such information.

Pas Saturday, during the ayahuasca ceremony, the spirit told me to share the information that everything we have been told is corrupted and we should stop trying to learn using someone else’s information.

We should observe, think about things and the necessary missing link will be revealed to us.

Well, this is exactly what I was doing in the last 20 years. No wonder that I see things completely differently from what we are being told.

To help the body to heal is no brainer.

This is why we need years of brainwashing and an elaborate system of the hierarchy so that we unconditionally accept nonsense as our truth and disregard what is obvious.

curriculum cartoon

This is how we are turned into mindless robots incapable of thinking and making our own decisions. Instead, we are trained to follow orders and accept medals for our great deeds of servitude.

Doctors, my colleagues, please snap out of it.

If you simply cannot handle the pressure, give me a call. I will help you.

Love and light to us all.

How much of health benefits does Stents implant provide?

Millions of people with blood circulation problems are being convinced that the best thing that they can do is to allow Stents to be implanted into their arteries to ensure that those frail arteries do not collapse.

Now, even some doctors started to wonder if this is the correct way to go since stents can only mildly improve the blood circulation while most of the other problems from which those same patients are suffering are not being addressed at all.
While installing stents, doctors are in no way helping the body to heal.
In the matter of fact, after stents are installed, increased levels of anticoagulants have to be used preventing damaged cells from creating a coagulum.
Stents do not have a magnetic field to repel cells which causes the blood cells to collide with them causing damages that can cause coagulum and obstruction in blood circulation.
Increased levels of medicaments rapidly increase the toxic level of the body which causes new health issues with new symptoms to surface.
Doctors are starting to realize that improving living habits will be way more productive than installing stents.

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Exercising and changing their diet will benefit their patients way more.

The big question is, what type of food would be benefiting those patients the most?

No one knows, so they go to those false books and suggest vegetable diet because let’s face it, the meat with its fat can never be the right solution, right?

After all, there is just too much of cholesterol in it.

Suggesting a meat diet to their patients would undermine their whole schooling science and their belief system would collapse.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are frequently being used since inflammation is always present in people with circulatory problems.

A new study is indicating that this is another bad idea because the body is showing the difficulty of healing when anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

The article is full of nonsense such as are the claims that there are some beneficial inflammation processes in the body and some right out destructive.

Where did we hear this before?

Oh, yes, the cholesterol. There is good and there is bad cholesterol.

The industry has to continue selling those drugs so there has to be some bad in there so that those drugs continue to be sold.

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So, what happens to younger people who suffer from circulatory problems while they are on a doctor’s supervision?

They collapse.

If the help is not provided in time, they die, and if the help is given in time, the same people who put them in this situation, their doctors, are praising themselves for saving their lives.

If people would have been instructed how to heal themselves, they would have never needed stents, and they would have never collapsed because they would have healed.

The young man was under a doctor’s supervision when he had developed blood vessel inflammation throughout his body which they gave the name “Kawasaki disease”.

For those who follow my work, they realize instantly where the problem is.

The young man was made so toxic, that a permanent inflammation of his blood vessels has occurred.

This blood toxicity is causing a whole array of cellular problems that will surface as the cellular structure caves in.

Cartoons Of Sick People - ClipArt Best

The fainting is just a warning but do those brainwashed “experts” know that he has to cleanse?

Of course not so they will continue poisoning the poor boy until he dies, and then they will say that they had extended his life as long as it was humanly possible.

I plea to all doctors, please wake up my brothers and sisters. Stop destroying lives.

I just had another ayahuasca session and one of the messages I was told was that we have to forget everything we have heard because it is all compromised knowledge, and this goes for the shamans as well.

I was told that we should learn by conscious observation, thinking, meditating over it, and acting upon the received information.

This is exactly what I have been doing in the last 20+ years.

No wonder that my knowledge is vastly different from what we are being told.

This is the reason why I find flaws even in the Ayurveda diet, and Chinese medicine, and shamanic recommendations.

We have to lose the fear and gain strength to oppose false teachings no matter who promotes them and what status they have in our society.

I am not a physicist and I understand the quantum field much better than any physicist does because I do not allow interference of any stupidity such as a big bang theory or a string theory to cloud my thinking, and I can debate anyone on the subject.

Once we understand who we are, there is no need for education other than observation, thinking, and acting upon the received information.

I am the witness of this process.

We are in the New World now.

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It is a new reality so everything we knew is useless here.

Clear your mind and start slowly your process of awakening.

This is the moment.

Snap out of the hypnosis you are under, and start your conscious living, now!

Love and light to us all.

Deadly Coronavirus on move! Calm down, folks.

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SARS-like virus spreading through China and to spread throughout the whole planet quickly.

Haven’t we heard this before?

Let us first understand what is a virus?

From the quantum point of view, a virus is a slight deviation from synchronized energy.

The deviation is so small that a virus cannot survive on its own and needs a hosting cell for his replication.

Since it is a small deviation of frequency, it is very weak and it becomes easily changed, readjusted.

This is why the body can easily defeat it and cleanse it out which produces the general cleansing symptoms of fever, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, phloem…

The toxic body overpowers it within a week and a clean body with the proper immune response overpowers it so fast that the body does not even show any symptoms.

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From the quantum point of view, a clean body has strong synchronized vibration so when this weak energetic disturbance comes, the strong synchronized vibration simply changes, corrects, the incoming frequency and no symptoms are experienced.

We interpret this by saying that our immune system is protecting us.

If this is so, how come that a virus killed millions of people?

The only time this had happened was in the case of the Spanish flu, and this is why the Spanish flu is always mentioned.

Nobody uses the avian or the swine flu as an example. Why not?

Because nothing has happened. It was just a media hype.

During the Spanish flu, people have swallowed the bait and fear-stricken, they have undergone a massive vaccination campaign. Vaccines were directly culpable for the massive deaths that have occurred afterward.

As we are awakening, we do not fall for those traps any more and no massive deaths occur.

So why all this hype about the Coronavirus that is “devastating” China?

On the city street, two girls in blindfolds, the concept of the spread of the coronavirus from China - Royalty-free Analyzing Stock Photo

Again, the media is in the service of the Cabal, spreading fear.

From the quantum point, fear weakens the vibration which we interpret as a low immune system.

A fearful person will be much easier infected with a virus and then the fear of dying is actually going to create death.

It is the nocebo effect which is nothing more than the brain’s result of its calculation.

The brain uses the information it has accepted, runs it through its accepted programs and comes up with the final result which is what it expects to happen.

If you become exposed to many articles of the dangers of this virus and your brain accepts it as truth, as soon as you sneeze, your brain calculates and under the influence of fear, your brain is showing you the symptoms that are to be expected.

After all, you have programmed your brain by reading and seeing the pictures of people in a “space” suits carefully handling infected people.

Your brain was given information of danger and what to expect so once you sneeze, your brain under the influence of fear will regurgitate all that it had absorbed and it will present it to you as your reality.

Stop watching the news and stop listening to your doctors and you will “mysteriously” heal.

Everyone who has adjusted their diet according to the Self Healers Protocol has nothing to fear from any virus.

Those who continue to poison themselves through the food they eat can easily protect themselves from the virus by not getting scared and reinforcing their belief by drinking colloidal silver whenever they fear that virus may be attacking them.

It is essential for us to go into quantum mechanics so that we can understand that our reality is nothing more than the brain’s interpretation of energies according to the program that the brain had accepted to be its truth.

You are not what you eat.

You are what your brain is aware of that you are.

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This is why the media is full of warnings, men in protected (space) suits. All the information is there for your brain to absorb so that it can present it to you as your reality.

This video is a clear example of it.

Those of you that think that Christopher Green, the author of this video is your friend, think again.

Why do you think all of the recent virus pandemics originate in China?

Communist governments are known to kill millions of their citizens to be able to stay in power and in the case of virus pandemics, they can use this as a part of the globalist attempt to frighten people all over the world into submission and the acceptance to be vaccinated.

This just shows us that the deep state is very strong in China, but it will crumble as the Chinese people awaken.

This coronavirus is just another biological weapon being unleashed that will die as quickly as it had appeared.

Love and light to us all.

Watson to the rescue! Really?


For those who are not familiar with IBM’s Watson computer program, just a brief introduction.

IBM (International Business Machines) is an international corporation that is spread into 170 countries.

Since nowadays computers are the most common machines, IBM is heavily involved in computer development and programming.

IBM computers are well known in the popular market.

IBM engineers have designed a computer program that can communicate in natural language.

It was first tested in 2011 as a participant in the Jeopardy quiz program where it won the first prize.

In 2013, Watson was given a commercial application in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC to guide nurses in taking care of cancer patients.

robotic surgery cartoon

The goal was for the system to assist cancer patients around the world.

Watson was supposed to turn IBM’s computing prowess into a program that could deliver state-of-the-art personalized cancer treatment protocols to millions of patients around the world.

There was a big hope put into the system and guess what has happened? Nothing!

Now, do I have to explain why Watson failed?

The followers of my work must be laughing because the answer is so obvious, but if your information comes from “scientific” books and journals, you may be wondering why?

Watson was loaded with all of the information that doctors learn and all of the experiences that doctors have had so that it could rapidly come to a conclusion what to do in a particular case but there is just one little glitch in all of this.

Computer, no matter how sophisticated it becomes, will never reach the potential of the human brain.

So if doctors cannot find the cure with the information that they were given, why do we expect to have a different result utilizing a man-made computer?

"Seems like the Computer Analyst is taking his job just a little too literally."

The information given to both Watson and doctors is false and no matter how fast the computing is being done, the end result will be a failure, this is guaranteed!

Watson was designed to collect money and not to give a cure (healing is not even mentioned).

Because of its lousy performance, medical facilities stop being interested in it and the shares started to fall.

The industry does not even acknowledge that the performance was not adequate. The reason they characterize it as a failure is because of the lost revenues.

This is a clear example that proves that allopathic medicine is designed purely for profit and has nothing to do with healing the sick people.

Should anyone be surprised? I do not think so.

I am not saying that computers cannot be utilized for healing purposes, but not in this way.

IBM, being a globalist controlled corporation, is not interested in healing. This would have worked against their policy. If they would, they would have used a completely different program that is based on a sound and electromagnetic frequencies following and improving on the work of Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Robert Beck, Dr. Hulda Clark, and others.

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In this way, computers can be used in the healing process but then, the pharmaceutical Mafia business would have become obsolete.

This means no revenues. The Globalists would have been cutting off their own arm, and leg, and throat when it comes down to it.

Watson was just an automated prescription filling robot designed to rob the patients of their money and nothing more.

Similar to what doctors are programmed to do but doing it without any compassion, although I often wonder if those doctors, oncologists have any compassion themselves.

If they do, why do they consciously poison their patients?

They are very well experienced in their patient’s reactions to those poisons and they know that they are not healing those people.

They know that they are poisoning their patients, so why do they continue following those idiotic protocols?

I often ask myself, how dumb do you have to be not to notice the results of your actions?

As I have mentioned many times before, doctors are guilty of more suffering and deaths than all of the wars and accidents put together.

Every person that has health issues, has them because of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

People develop diseases because they are misinformed by their doctors and they are slowly or not so slowly being guided into worse and worse health problems by those who are claiming to be curing them.


Luckily, this is about to be over as the truth is bubbling to the surface.

Do not wait until you are sick.

Act now.

A great majority of diseases are related to the food we eat and the liquids we drink so sober up and change your habits.

Correct your diet and if you are not sure how to do this, follow the Self Healers Protocol. Success is guaranteed, and even if your health is already compromised, by adjusting your diet, you will allow your body to heal itself.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me, and if you have tried my recommendations and if you have experienced the healing power of the food, please reciprocate through a donation.

Love and light to us all.

Convoluted nature of things.

Quantum Wave stock illustration. Illustration of atom ...

As we have entered the new reality, we must understand the nature of things.

Many people argue that nothing has changed, that everything is the same. The wars are escalating and the danger of us destroying our planet is higher than ever.

Those who see things in this way are still sleeping because EVERYNG HAS CHANGED and all those people that do not see this are still running on the blueprint, of the old program.

What we call the REALITY is a manifestation of the brain expressing the result of its calculation according to the way the brain is programmed.

The program is not a random thing as Darwin’s theory suggests.

The program is a blueprint that was designed by the consciousness, the creator, and because of it, there is nothing RANDOM in the Universe.

For cancer to appear in the body, certain parameters have to be met. Particular frequencies have to oscillate for a particular blueprint to be selected which the cell will use to construct its proteins.

Those blueprints we call genes.

The whole Universe uses the same genetic structure to create life, but depending on the circumstance, particular blueprints will be selected which will form a type of life that is suitable to the particular environment.

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Since the environment that we are talking about is an energy field of particular frequencies, as those frequencies are changing, so is the blueprint. It is an automatized system, and the changes are not random. The changes are predictable because they have to follow one of the existing blueprints.

This would suggest that there is no dead matter. That everything there is is a life form.

This is actually true. Just take a look at what Roger from the Mud Fossil University is presenting.

As the vibration has changed, our reality has changed with it.

The change of the vibration is noticed since with it, the color of our Sun has changed, and the color of many planets is changing as well, planet Earth included.

As a response to those changes, a genetic blueprint is selected but since we have the freedom of choice, we can use the power that we were given and utilize our brain to produce frequencies to change the selection of the genetic blueprint.

By doing this, we are changing the outcome of events.

As you can see, what we are going to experience as our reality solemnly depends on the way our brain selects and interprets the existing blueprint.

The glass can be filled with a liquid to the half-way mark and one brain is programmed to interpret it as the glass being half empty, and another brain will interpret it as being half full.

Although the fact does not change, emotions do, and emotions are the reason we are here. Emotions are the experiences we came here to experience.

If you are a child and your mother is insisting that you eat your vegetables, a half plate of vegetables will create your nightmare. You still have to eat half of the plate of vegetables.

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If you are a drunk and there is a half of glass of whiskey left for you to drink, your nightmare will be the fact that there is not enough of whiskey available for you to drink.

Our reality is an automated system of possibilities that are not random but instead, they are designed and as a genetic blueprint. They will be selected according to the environment (the vibration of it) and your brain will present them to you as your reality and according to the way your conscious mind perceives it, you will react to it creating a feeling, an emotion.

The Clinton’s are murdering thieves but many people are in love with them and no matter how much information you give to them about their murderous activities, the preset information does not allow for the opposing information to penetrate. It simply filters it out.

When Suleimani was killed, everyone that is still operating on the old information (program), thought that a major war is about to be unleashed, but to those who are awakened, it was obvious that just another deep state militant was eliminated and that this will lead to a good thing.

What is going to happen next can be predicted because it is not a random thing.

It is just a different blueprint that was opened.

Read the blueprint and you will find what options you have available next.

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Yes, one of the options is an escalation of a war but it depends on the consciousness of mankind to decide what blueprint will be activated next and the consciousness of man has changed. No more wars and hate no matter how much the old program is being shoveled into our face by the media.

The events that are occurring around the globe are a clear sign of the change of our consciousness.

Now we are consciously selecting blueprints of peace and unity.

We are not creating anything new, we are just selecting different blueprints and this is why the future can be predicted. Read the blueprint.

This is clear evidence that we are living in a simulated world. It is all just a game, and we are the pons in it.

As we wrongly think that we, the people, are voting the president into the office, when actually, the president is selected and put in place by the shadow “government”, the same we are living in an illusion that we are creating a new reality when in fact, we are just selecting a different pre-existing blueprint.

Now you can see how everything in our life is connected.

Our decisions depend on our programming and our programming depends on the information we have accepted but no matter what is in question, everything is dependent on existing blueprints which are stored as information within the genetic pool.

How is this related to our health?

The same as in politics, it all depends on your consciousness to select the correct blueprint.

This means that even if the frequency that you are exposed to is not supporting health, you can consciously open the correct blueprint and change the state of your being, change your reality.

Such is the power of our mind.

When your body reacts to its environment, we say that we operate on our subconsciousness. Our physicality is a reflection of the environment it is exposed to.

you are what you eat cartoon

We can consciously change this by consciously selecting a blueprint of our liking. This requires knowledge, understanding and trust, faith.

To do this we have to have an understanding and the willpower to make the change.

This means that we have to take the brain out of its comfort zone. We have to consciously guide it into manifesting what we want to experience as our reality but still, we are going to be limited by the available blueprints.

Hopefully, one day, we are going to be able to make the blueprints ourselves and this is like making a computer that becomes aware of itself and starts disobeying your commands.

This could be very dangerous and to be allowed to do so, the consciousness has to rise to a very high level where only love and compassion for others are possible.

Welcome to godliness.

Love and light to us all.

God bless the surgeon! REALLY?

surgery cartoon

As far as medical treatments go, surgery is considered as the top brass. Surgeons are highly respected and looked upon as gods of medicine.

Is this true? Is surgery unavoidable as far as some health problems are concerned?

Why do doctors cut people open? Because they do not know how to heal them so taking away diseased organs is considered to be a medical triumph.

The most common surgical procedures are related to the female reproductive system, heart and circulatory system, digestive problems, and cancer.

More and more people depend on organ transplants, and women are being discouraged from having a natural birth and instead cesarean section is being implemented.

I am not even mentioning cosmetic surgery which is the ultimate sham.

plastic surgery cartoon

People argue that without surgery, many lives would have been lost.

Actually, it is the other way around.

What the surgeon touches, the body cannot repair afterward.

Some people say that hart valves have to be replaced when they deteriorate, or kidney has to be replaced, or gallbladder was taken out when it becomes full of stones…

None of it is true.

The heart can be made to heal, so are the kidneys and the gallbladder.

Cancer cures are known and they were always available but suppressed and lately the natural healers whose healing abilities wear attracting more public attention are being ridiculed and suicided.

We have been so misled that we gladly pay a top buck to be butchered and we refuse to pay those who are offering to heal.

We are being convinced that healing is impossible and only drugging and cutting can “improve” our health.

Do you see how ridiculous this sounds? Health through mutilation. How inspiring.

plastic surgery cartoon

Everyone who is following my work is aware that health problems are related to toxic overload and what we call diseases are just symptoms of a toxic body.

This means that cleansing the body will eliminate the symptoms (diseases) and this means that no cutting of the body is necessary.

Doctors argue that chronic diseases cannot be cured.

This is because the knowledge that they possess is false.

Doctors are not educated correctly and most of their beliefs are contrary to the truth. They simply do not know what causes symptoms (diseases) to manifest themselves so how could they do anything of value to heal the body? Doctors blame one symptom to be the cause of the other symptom which is an impossibility.

The best example of this is the fact that every medical specialist suffers from the very same disease it supposedly knows everything there is about.

I have been visited by a diabetologist who was suffering from diabetes, by heart surgeon who had hypertension and varicose veins, most ophthalmologists were reading glasses, most nutritionists are overweight and suffer from a variety of digestive disorders…

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We can go on and on mentioning each group of health practitioners and we are going to encounter the same.

Everyone is aware of this fact but people still go to visit them and do what they are being told having fear of trying something else.

This shows the depth of our deception and the disconnect from rational thinking.

We chose not to think. We prefer to be told what to do. This is the result of our educational system. Becoming one of the sheep in the flock.

Even if every disease can be healed without surgery, what about trauma and broken bones?

How can we tackle this problem without a surgical intervention some people have asked me?

If we would have been told the truth from the start, we would have developed the ability of self-healing through manifestation and through evoking a placebo effect.

Bones would be healing very fast and painlessly.

Now is the time to start learning the truth because the time of instant manifestation is approaching and we are going to heal and change our bodies to our liking instantly.

Do not procrastinate. Wake up and start absorbing the new information.

When I was 28 years old I had a serious motorcycle accident but what almost killed me was the surgeon that did the exploratory surgery with an intern who wanted to practice on me.

The anesthesiologist was a junkie and gave me spasmolytic with distilled water and used the sedative so he can get hi.

I felt everything and I listened to all the conversation.

Extra manipulation was done so the Intern can practice and then the intern wanted to open my thorax. Fortunately, the surgeon said no.

Can you imagine, the as-holes are practicing on the mutilated body from an accident and I was dying of pain.

surgery cartoon

So much for the glory of surgery. May it be gone forever.

Runaway from it as if it was a plague.

Hydrate, cleanse, and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all.

Please if you can, support my work through donations.

Are you confused enough? Snap out of it!

confusion cartoon

Everyone who is following any mainstream information has to be scared out of its mind.

Information such as WWIII unleashed, Ebola mules entering through the southern border into the USA, pandemic of variety of infectious diseases occurring around the world, forced vaccinations everywhere where the deep state has its tentacles, Australia burning, and let us not forget the pearls like the Biblical Armageddon unfolding, having sexual life after the age of 60 leads to cancer, doctors promoting the vegan diet as their solution to eradicating chronic diseases…and we can go on and on.

I strongly suggest for everyone to stop monitoring mainstream information. It is there to mislead us and to install fear and chaos.

The essence of our well being is clean blood and clean mind.

“Keep your temple clean”.

Why are doctors suggesting that sex causes cancer in elderly people, and those of the age of over 60 should refrain from it?

The Eco - Senior: Cartoons for young Seniors

Because doctors, not knowing the truth, are relying on statistics as a form of a “scientific explanation”. Then, not knowing how to interpret their findings, such stupidities are coming out of their mouths.

The older people get, the more toxic they become. Toxic blood becomes a problem for an active organ. I have explained this so many times.

The problem is not the age, the problem is the toxicity.

This is why ever younger people are succumbing to diseases that were previously associated only with older people.

Doctors’ misinformation is causing misery to many people.

A couple of days ago I have received a phone call from a client whose daughter got a baby.

When the baby was vaccinated, it broke out with fever, diarrhea and skin rash, and the mother was being told that the vaccine has to be repeated to make sure it takes its hold. She was told that it will be dangerous if the vaccine is not repeated.

This is why her mother contacted me because it is obvious to them that the vaccine caused harm but they were under the impression that it will be worse if they do not repeat the vaccination.

Why are doctors lying and forcing poisonous vaccines on those who do not want them?

They are worried not to lose their license and their income.

What a sad excuse to justify their actions.

Am I glad that I am not bound to this fraudulent practice and I can actually do the right thing and help.

What I do is not lucrative and I do ask for your support, but it is extremely rewarding. Every life I save gives me the power to continue on my quest for medical liberation and total disclosure of the truth and the real science of healing.

Plasma machines are being designed which will help us to reprogram our brain and do instant healing, rejuvenation, and physical changes if we desire them, but to use them, we have to be prepared and have the necessary knowledge because we need to use our mind and thoughts to do the reprogramming.

This is one of the reasons I write about quantum mechanics and the reality from the quantum point of understanding.

I highly recommend to those who are interested to have a jump-start, to take a spiritual, healing, and reprogramming vacation here with us in Peru.

spiritual healing cartoon

You will get your body aligned, chakras opened, brain loaded with new information for reprogramming and quantum healing experience.

You will be set so that you can easily continue when you return home again and you will understand what is truly going on with no doubt in your mind.

Something to think about.

Some incredible people are working here, ready to guide and assist you.

Only through knowledge, one can conquer its fears.

Getting rid of fear is the essential step towards the liberation of the mind.

Why do you think they are trying to scare you so much?

Through the fear, you are being controlled in every aspect of your life.

As you have noticed, I always point to the fact that there is a solution to everything and we should not fear things.

Fear prevents people to follow their dreams and their lives become wasted in expectation of things that they will never do because their fear will not allow them to go on.

We have to get rid of the fear so stop buying into it.

Remember that what your brain is focusing on, it will most likely present to you as your reality.

fear of flying cartoon

This is what we have been doing for many years, we have been manifesting our fears and finally, there are enough of us who have stopped to manifest fear and allowed for a change to take place.

Come and join us.

You will get there no matter what, but why to be passive and wait when you can be an active and participant of the change.

This is why you are here at this time of the global awakening and change of consciousness.

Love and light to us all. It is time to celebrate!!!

Is margarine a healthy choice?


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Margarine must be healthy. It is on a whole-grain bread!

I am sure that every one of us remembers the days when animal fat was bashed and margarine was promoted as the healthy choice.

Unfortunately, many doctors are still promoting vegetable oils as a healthy choice over animal-based saturated fats.

Although some articles have popped up revealing that animal fats are actually the healthy choice, the medical/pharmaceutical mafia is still holding onto promoting plant-based oils and products as a healthy choice.

Every article that says otherwise quickly disappears from the public view.

This is the reason why I have decided to react immediately to the article that Peter had sent to me which suggests that vegetable oils can be associated with some health issues, macular degeneration in this case.

Unfortunately for those “experts”, again they are barking at the wrong tree.

This article proves again how little do doctors understand the human body.

health food cartoon

I am not suggesting that they are wrong in their observation that vegetable oils are not healthy for the human body. They most certainly are unhealthy and they become outright toxic when they are manipulated and saturated the artificial way.

I wrote about this many times so here is one of the articles on vegetable oils

When margarine is synthesized from vegetable oils, its polarity is changed and when it is digested it has difficulty to be absorbed. Many intestinal problems may occur including a change in intestinal micro-flora.

Once it finds itself inside the intestinal wall as a fatty acid, it will be used and some of it will be incorporated into the cholesterol production.

A fatty acid with changed polarity will create many problems if it becomes a structural part of the cellular membrane.

This may affect any organ and has no specific influence on the eye.

In the past, macular degeneration was blamed on the old age as only the elderly were suffering from it.

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Since the ever-younger generation is now being affected by this health issue, doctors are trying to find a new culprit and this is where their science is pointing to.

What doctors call science is searching for the statistic of the occurrence and as people are discouraged from using animal-based fats, more and more people are using vegetable oils.

I guess, doctors will star blaming more and more “diseases” on vegetable oils since they do not have the permission to put the blame on GM foods, or glucose, or the insufficiency of minerals in the body…

Gradually the culprit of maculate degeneration has been broadened from the age factor to smoking, eating incorrectly, and now margarine.

Toxic blood is never mentioned, why?

Well, if they mention toxic blood than a question will be asked, “how to make blood clean”?

cleansing cartoon

This would be like opening a can of worms so the toxic blood is never mentioned and if you ask your good doctor, he will explain that blood’s toxicity increases during the lifetime and older you are, the more toxic it will be your blood. This is how it is and nothing can be done.

There is no surprise when a doctor tells us that diseases are incurable. If they do not know how to cleanse the blood, how can they stimulate the healing process? It simply cannot be done as far as their knowledge goes.

Yes, I have received a medical diploma but I do not call myself a doctor.

I do not follow the guidelines one has to if they want to be licensed and now, as I see what is going on, the doctor’s title is a synonym for the one who is mislead and knows nothing of value to help the ailing body.

Please, colleagues, wake up and learn the truth.

Healers are needed so open your eyes and join us. You will lose your license but who cares, you will finally be doing what you have always wanted to do, you will be healing people.

Love and light to us all.