MuZika, the well known tune.

Muzika in Croatian language means the music. And the music it is, a well known tune that is used as a scare crow so often lately. This time it is the Zika virus.

Zika virus is spreading through the World and the public is being warned of the new boggy man on the block.

So what is this Zika virus?

Zika virus belongs to the group of Flaviviruses. It causes mild flue like symptoms in people so what is this big fuss about it.

Well it has been noticed that lately if pregnant women contracts this virus, her child may be born deformed or with encephalitis.

Now when did we first hear about Zika virus?

In 1947  “scientists” researching yellow fever placed infected rhesus monkey in a cage in Zika forest in Uganda. This monkey developed a fever and in serum Zika virus was detected. Sounds familiar? Again unnaturally developed virus that is used as bio weapon to weed out the humanity.

As Zika is spreading a big news spreads through the news about Danish man diagnosed with Zika bug. Apparently he contracted the virus in the Caribbean and brought it to Denmark. What a disaster!!!! or is it just as I have mentioned a scare crow dancing to an old tune trying to start hysteria?

Well it is a Winter in cold Denmark so there are no mosquitoes.


Mosquito is necessary as a vector for Zika virus to be transferred from a man to a man or a woman respectively. Even this is not important as we know that colloidal silver, or any oxidant will destroy the virus of course if you are brave human to use oxygen ignoring the “oxidative stress” thing we are constantly being reminded by “scientists” to avoid as much as possible.

What a bunch of nonsense we have to sifter through to be able to make any sense from the information we are being bombarded daily and to be able to keep our calm and not to give in to the fer mongers that are trying to make our lives miserable.

Cabal is having its last hiccups and now it is trying to do as much damage as possible before it croaks forever. Do not allow to be vaccinated because this is where most of the problems come from. If you optimize your immune system no virus will be able to touch you so do not be lazy and take care of yourselves. If you do not know how, simply follow “Self healers protocol” and you will become bulletproof as far as infections or chronic diseases goes.

It is a well known fact that US government was involved in a release of infected mosquitoes to see the effect of the damage they can do and one of those episodes was done recently.

So do not worry and be happy. The frequency is rising and where humanity is going evil cannot follow and neither can diseases. We are almost there so relax and enjoy the ride.

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Just one leap and we will be there my friends.

Love you all.




There is everlasting confusion about diet. Our opinion about it is influenced by the religious views, sentimental reasons and bad science, mixed with individual interpretations of the facts we have heard.

foto 5 frutas y vegetalesmeat1

In this group of videos we are going to try to explain diet using new knowledge and observation. We will start utilizing the information familiar to us and slowly expend it all the way to quantum understanding. The sole purpose of this series of special editions is to awaken us from the old programming we have been exposed to and allow your body to heal.

More videos to follw.


What the term “leukemia” means is an abnormal state of our body where there is a significant increase in  white blood cells that are not completely developed. Often people refer to it as cancer of the blood.

If someone has this anomaly or kidney dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes or any chronic disorder (disease) we cannot tell

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as the photo above shows. But we can be sure without a trace of doubt that those people on the photo bellow

... leukemia cancer. Many people ask what are some types of leukemiaWhat is the life expectancy for people with leukemia? | Ask.comClients who have been diagnosed with leukemia can still find ...young cancer patient has turned his battle with leukemia into a ...

have leukemia or some other form of cancer. Obviously the reason for this is “medical care”. You have probably noticed that most of them are children. All those images are from internet and if you ask for images of people with leukemia this is what you get because there is a huge increase of leukemia and cancer occurrence in children. How come. We are being told that it is to be expected for elderly to develop cancer because they live now longer than before. It is implied that body cannot sustain longer life in a healthy state and cancer is just “natural” extension of life. Obviously this is incorrect.

Another reason being mentioned is genetically caused family carried glitch triggering these problems in young individuals. Another stupidity as now we know that genes are extremely flexible and ever changing elements that respond to every change in our environment.

I am not going into explaining what is leukemia, what types of it we can differentiate and how difficult it is to prolong the life of human developing this disorder. Instead I will point on some known fact that are being ignored by medical professionals that are “suposingly” helping affected people to get well.

Studies have showed dramatic increase in leukemia in people eating frankfurters. The chemical additives are very toxic. So what does the industry do? They make miniature frankfurters for babies and sell them in the baby food section in the supermarket of pharmacy together with another known and highly toxic product called food and that is baby formula. All baby formulas are loaded with glucose often extracted from genetically manipulated corn and soy but even if they would be extracted from natural vegetables,glucose is toxic and feeds cancers. It is # 1 culprit to inflammation and acidity in human body.

It is of no surprise that leukemia is becoming common in domestic cats. Vets are as duped in the wrong understanding as medical doctors so they suggest the same treatments and of course the cats are dying.

We can continue by mentioning other “healthy” foods that are linked to leukemia like the green tea. Green tea has caffeine that prevents cellular hydration and triggers diuretic effect plus it has a loads of so called antioxidants like tannines, polyphenols…from whom I did not notice any beneficial effect. I just know that I  had two clients with leukemia and both of them had a habit of drinking large amounts of green tea daily.

Other toxic natural compound presumed safe and healthy is stevia. In fact it will destroy kidneys.

Now as we understand that things are not as we are told they are, the question remains; can body heal and recover after being affected with leukemia?

As always the answer is YES. And to no surprise Self healing protocol is the answer. On top of the regular protocol I recommend using magnetic stimulation on femur to energize the bone marrow. The healing process is slow because it is connected with bone so erythrocytes do not have easy access there but the healing will occur. It will take 5 or more month but you will start feeling good within the first 3 months.

It always breaks my heart seeing children suffering from something they can most likely recover even after they have been harmed by standard medical procedure. I am not saying that everybody can be healed but most can and if treated correctly from the beginning I am sure all can heal. Do not wait until you are sick. start hydrating and give a chance to your body to cleanse. Stop poisoning it and you will sea how health returns into your body.





Our modern society views elderly as necessary evil. They are not productive and often disabled. So we put them in medical “care” and often stick them out of sight in homes for elderly where their demise is accelerated so they sooner meet their maker.

This is just business as usual. Everything is geared for profit and nothing is as advertised, “for health”. Just look at the happy loving care that they are supposedly receiving

The reality is not even close to the image shown above. Elderly people are not being helped to get and feel better. They are deliberately being poisoned to get them out of the way and steal their accumulated wealth on the way. Throughout our lives we are conditioned to trust the system so we trust that doctor is trained to heal people and that he/she are helping elderly to get better and live longer. It is is just the opposite.

Some people are aware of this fact, some are just becoming aware but great majority is still asleep and feeding the system.

If you are in doubt, pleas watch this video

Please share this information with as many people as you can. We have to accelerate this awareness process and get back our power of self governance in all aspects of our assistance. Let’s start by understanding who we are and that we have the power of self healing.


Are we HUMANS really that smart???

Scientists refer to humans as superior to the rest of the life. As they are proven wrong on just about anything they claim, let us examine the “smartness” factor.

“Neuro-scientists” claim that thoughts are product of neurons. They are created in the brain and there is no other influence or stimulant involved. Humans have the biggest brain so they are the smartest.

Since we can communicate,we have developed social structure and managed to excel in understanding of the world that surrounds us.

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We make experiments to prove “scientifically” our beliefs. Scientific papers are written and to be accepted they have to fit in the general trend of thinking. This is how we get to know that the Sunlight creates cancer, the salt increases blood pressure, cholesterol causes circulatory problems, cancer is hereditary problem, neurons do not regenerate, genes do not change the activation sequence….and much more stupidity that has lately being proven totally wrong.

In my article on frequency I explain how our three dimensional “reality” is nothing more than a game of light that serves us to be able to experience our thoughts. To be able to change the form from wave form to a particle (photon), the light itself has to have consciousness. Atoms are made from photons. This means atoms are conscious and so is everything that is made out of them.

Human smartness depends on the stage of “awakeness”. Those who are not spiritually connected are lost in darkness. Why do I say this?

Because our cells know everything about us including past lives because the imprint is in the DNA (the dormant part). Our cells knows when we are starting to get sick, when cancer cell start proliferating but since our awareness is in hypnotic state and controlled by fake programming we are unaware of most things. We live by obeying fake, implanted program and this makes it possible for us to experience the darkest thoughts spirit sends our way. We are trapped in a state of constant fear through which we manifest greed, inflated egoism, domination, ignorance, brutality, carelessness and destruction of anything that may endanger us or make us common or irrelevant.

Some of the past and present dictators of many colours

You are familiar with at leas some of those people on the photo. And if you think that this was only in the past let me remind you of this character


If you think that any of those freaks has a sliver of brain I applaud you to watch this video

I think that comment is not necessary.
Love and light my friends.


the cleansing show

Here is Naturally better cleansing show.

The one 100 monkey experience was giving monkeys sweet potato by trowing it in sand. They like the potato but did not like the sand. One day young monkey washed the sand of in a river. Several days later another young monkey followed its example and then the older monkeys copied it. Simultaneously with the old monkeys, monkeys on neighboring island started to was their sweet potatoes as well.
I hope that you have enjoyed the program.
Love and light.
Rumbo a Sauce


Congratulations to all. We have made it to 2016th the year of great awakening.

Starting on December 30th 2015 our Solar system started to receive new energy with higher frequency of vibration.

We have been receiving different energy for couple of years. This energy have made great changes in our Solar system. Our planets have changed, our DNA has changed with them. We can compare this to an upgrade of a computer. Many had experienced buzzing of the pineal gland, aches and pains of muscles and joints. Occasional weakness or even fainting. All those were symptoms of the changes our DNA was going through. Some people that have been aware of what is going on and accepted the change are fully programmed now. Their frequency of consciousness has risen and same as updated computer, they are ready to be activated.  The new energy that started to bombard our system is exactly what those people need. It is the energy of activation.

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Since it is energy of high frequency it will not only activate the new DNA but it will increase the resonance of DNA of all humanity.

Now what does this mean?

This means that those with functional new DNA will start experiencing new powers as their new chakras start to function. Those who were asleep till now, higher vibratory state of their old DNA will force awakening. With the process new understanding of “reality” will bring better awareness of what’s going on. This will unleash the best and the worst out of them. A lot of bad energies stored in dormant genes will get to the surface in a short period of time and it will overwhelm most people. Chaos may be expected. Fortunately there are plenty people with high consciousness and new DNA that will be activated and help the rest of humanity to control this process.

You have probably noticed that most people are sick. We are blaming this strictly on toxic GMO foods and food additives. Yes they do create a lot of health problems but even people in jungle are sicker than ever. The food that was tolerated by their bodies is now making them sick. As I am in Amazonia now, wherever I look I see sick people starting with children as young as three years of age. Our new DNA is less tolerant to the garbage we eat and call food. Now the time has come when we are going to have to change the way we eat. As Jesus said “keep your temple clean” we have to cleanse our body so that we can tolerate the high frequencies in which we are immersing.

So start this year with a cleanse and do not concentrate on cleansing just the typical organs like liver, kidneys and colon. Cleanse the whole body from the blood to every cell in your body.

To do this correctly, follow Self healers protocol or refer to the article on hydration.

Clean body will adjust to the new frequencies easily. Most people will find liquid diet the most soothing. This has happened to me.

Remember that dietary glucose brings the wrong frequency to our cells and forces the change of their genetic expression. This way accelerating aging process and suppressing our immune system making chronic disease possible.

Many doctors are planing to open new hospitals as avalanche of sick people floods their offices. They do not realize that this is the beginning of the end. The end of sickness as the new high frequencies will not tolerate sickness. Now is the time to accept the change or get violently sick before we either change or die.


Here in Amazon region of Peru we are helping people wit this change encompassing the body, mind and spirit approach. After cleansing and adjusting the cellular genome people experience health and as cells recover the proper genetic expression the body starts to rejuvenate. People start looking and feeling younger. I am now like a kid riding motocross bike with my wife and our friends of which we are the oldest and appear the youngest of them all.

There is no magic pill even that some are claiming that 50 thousand dollar pill can bring back the youth. All we need is the knowledge and willingness to change our habits. So either get busy with dying or get busy with living, it is all up to you because the knowledge is here.

DSC01831 DSC01848

Hilnoretna and I wish you fabulous year. Do not be afraid and change because the energies are supporting you.

DH Laguna Sauce