What does it mean to have a compromised immune system?


Often when we are talking about diseases, the subject of the strength of the immune system pops up.

Especially now with the Wu-flu and all the new strains of it, we are being frightened by, the importance of a strong immune system is being accentuated.

What are we being told about the immune system?

The immune system is protecting us from pathogen microorganisms. Doctors check the blood for the white-blood-cell count. Other than that, the strength of your immune system is classified by the symptoms you have.

If you are seldom sick, you are being under the impression that your immune system is strong.

On the other hand, if you are sickly or if you suffer from some chronic health problems, you are being told that your immune system is weak.

Doctors really have not a clue about the immune system so they claim that it depends on our gut micro-flora.

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To strengthen our immune system, we are being told to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and refrain from animal fats and protein.

We are told that vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables will boost our immune system.

There are a million sites and videos on this thematic and all mimic each other with the same recommendations, so they must be correct, right?

What if I tell you that none of them knows what they are talking about?

They are just repeating the same false script.

Those of you who are following my work are aware that symptoms of diseases are very similar and they are not caused by microorganisms but by the body’s toxicity, and the body’s attempt to detoxify itself.

When the toxic load of cells reaches its dangerous point, forced hydration is triggered which forces blood plasma into the cells so that they can flush some of the toxic load out and into the blood. This process we call inflammation.

Since the blood’s toxicity raises during an inflammatory process, other parts of our body become affected by it and if any tissue in our body is on the brink of showing a chronic problem, the increased blood’s toxicity will trigger the symptoms.

A young child will show symptoms of blood cleansing with a fever, running nose, phloem, and cough.

An adult with more dehydrated and toxic cells will add to those symptoms muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Older people with chronic health problems will add to those symptoms achy joints, skin issues, brain fog, and even death.

It all depends on the level of toxicity of the body on the circulatory and cellular level.

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Of course, the more toxic we are, the more microorganisms will live in our body so when the symptoms of a disease show up, the first thing that doctors do is to search for those microorganisms and pin the cause of the symptoms/disease on them.

If no microorganism is found but the symptoms point to an “infection”, the virus is blamed as the cause of this disease. Why?

Because the virus does not exist, so it cannot be proven and as such, because of the false teaching on viruses, it cannot be disproved either.

We have to accept doctors’ diagnoses.

Now, you know why there is no cure against viral diseases, or is there a cure?

All my clients who did the SHP correctly have healed from viral diseases such as are herpes and retro-viral, and coronavirus infections.

Not only that they had healed, but they have also become immune to them as well.

One reason behind it is the clean body and the other is the correct genetic expression.

We can have a strong immune system, eating tons of vitamin C and D3 but when we cut ourselves, if we do not clean the wound and put some antibiotic on it, the wound becomes infected, a puss is formed and if ignored, sepsis will occur and high fever even death may result from it.

Wild animals can drag a wounded body through the mud and not become infected. They do not need antibiotics. So this is a correctly functioning immune system.

Some of those animals do not eat vegetables, not even fruits, but their immune system is strong and functioning correctly. Why?


Because they do not eat dietary carbohydrates. Their genetic expression is correct and produces GcMAF immune marker which is very low or even missing in those who eat dietary carbohydrates.

The more starch we put into our body, the smaller amount of GcMAF we produce.

Our macrophages will destroy only what has been marked for destruction by the GcMAF protein marker.

You can overload on vitamins and veggies and have a very low immune response because the fame of vitamins is just fame. There is no truth behind the assumption that vitamins and vegetables strengthen the immune system.

A high dose of vitamins becomes toxic/medicinal and forces cells to stop their hydration. No hydration, no cellular cleansing, no blood pollution, no symptoms of cleansing/disease.

From the quantum point, a disease is shown to us when the frequency in our body changes.

What stabilizes our cellular frequency is the electric voltage.

The stronger the charge, the more stable will be the frequency and it will be difficult to change it.

Many yogis can swallow poison with no ill effect.

They understand another truth which is the power of their mind.

They know that the fear can drain the electric charge, lowering the resistance of the cellular frequency to change.

They have no fear. They know and have faith.

Now you know why we are being constantly held in fear of the COVID-19 nonexistent virus.

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The fear/shock drops our cellular energy so that the toxic energies in our body influence vibratory shifts making the brain project it as a disease.

This means that the strongest remedy that will boost our immune system is the elimination of fear.

Laughing, singing, dancing, and making love are the best busters of our immune system.

The cleaner our body is, and when the genetic expression is set correctly, even the fear will not cause any health problem. Combining those two makes us superhumans.

As you can see, there is absolutely no truth behind the supplement industry’s claims, none what so ever.

Love and light to us all.

The Don Tolman health Academy

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Recently I was asked my opinion about the teachings of Don Tolman.

The question was triggered by this video:

Don Tolman explains in a very entertaining way the truth behind the falsehood of modern medicine.

What he explains in this video is the basic truth behind all our diseases which is toxic overload, and how we get there.

On this subject, I clearly agree. This is what the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) is all about.

But this is just about the only thing that I agree with as far as the teachings of Don Tolman go.

Don understands that food has a lot to do with the way our health goes but, and there is always the but, his basic understanding of cellular digestion is wrong.

It is based on the false information that we are being indoctrinated with, in the school.


He believes that the basic cellular energy comes from sugar and that we are helping our body when we supply this sugar so that the cells do not have to convert fat into sugar to be able to use it.

Once you accept this theory to be true, you are lost and everything else you try to explain later is false.

Here Don talks about sugar as the vital energy force but he is confusing fructose and glucose.

The glucose is not sweet and we do not have access to it when we eat fruits.

All we get is fructose which our cells do not accept so the liver will process it into fat and uric acid the same as what it will do with the glucose if it is in elevated quantity in the blood.

I respect Don but not his science. He neglects the cellulose, and his opinion about meat as a food is completely wrong.

He correctly states that everything wants to live but the life of plants is less important.

Not a very Godly thing to say.

Not all farm animals are being tortured. Some Japanese cows are being massaged daily to produce the most expensive steak called Cobe.

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Don Tolman does not realize the difference between raw and cooked foods.

This is a common mistake that almost all nutritionists do.

I had fun watching some of Don’s videos and some of his observations are correct but some are misinterpreted using false knowledge and this is where it all goes wrong.

Here Don explains why mangoes are good for our skin:

I explain this in a completely different manner.

Since mangoes are loaded with fructose, when we eat them, only a small amount of fructose will be absorbed into the blood. Most of the fructose will end up in the colon, ferment and produce alcohol. This inflames the colon which now does not absorb water. The stool becomes very watery (diarrhea) and cleanses the colon.

The colon is a very important blood cleansing organ and the cleaner it gets, the more it can help to cleanse the blood. The clean blood promotes clear, beautiful looking skin.

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Everyone who is on SHP experiences radiant young-looking skin and the base of the diet is animal protein and fat.

The truth will set you free.

Don is selling his truths for a hefty bundle of money and here I disagree with him as well:

At the same time, many of his teachings are incorrect. He is simply repeating mainstream science.

Yes, I do also sell my books but for under 200 dollars, you get all of the knowledge necessary not just to stay healthy, but to get young again.

A great majority of people use my articles as the guide to their health and have 100% success.

The medical profession is on its way out.
Once we accept the true knowledge and realize that everything there is, is just energy of various frequencies, a fast tuning of those frequencies will make us healthy again.

The equipment to help us will be of an electromagnetic nature until we gain confidence with our manifestation. Then through simple imagination, we will be what we desire to be and this time is approaching fast.

I am sending my love to Don Tolman. He is doing a great job only, the learning must continue and the schooled knowledge has to go.

It is not easy to make a clean break from the information that we have been indoctrinated with through countless memorizations.

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Every picture/image that has ever been shown to our brain, being it from our conscious or our dream state (our eyes or our third eye), is permanently memorized.

The imprint of its frequencies remains permanently, and this means that every detail of those images can be recalled whenever we want but we have to be trained to be able to do this.

It is all about knowing the truth, having faith, and having a desire to proceed.

Remember how it was when you were young and healthy. Close your eyes and bring to your attention an image from your past.

Analyze it in detail, and bring yourself into the image by synchronizing the frequencies.

Believe that this is your new reality and have faith to experience it when you open your eyes.

This will be the way of our future healing and rejuvenation and the future is approaching fast.

Love and light to us all.

Evil spirits and disease

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The indigenous people did not blame their mishaps on pathogens. Every unwanted thing was blamed on evil spirits which were dealt with through purging ceremonies.

We, modern and knowledgeable people laugh at them and make jokes about their believes.

Are those people wrong or should they be laughing at us?

My work shows that everything we are told in medical school is contrary to the truth.

The knowledge that is given to us makes doctors the architects of diseases.

Those who control what information will be given to the student, and who decides the kind of approach that will be taken while dealing with the problem are the same people who are giving us the information about a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, those are the same people who control the world’s finances, economy, politics, news, and entertainment.

They use a simple method. They turn things upside down. What is good, they present as being bad.

The lies become their truth.

Their God is our Devil.

Our fear and suffering is their nourishment.

A couple of days ago this is what I have received from my friend F. :

“For those who don’t recognize the name Jared Rand, he is the brilliant, very consciously advanced man, who is bringing forward the Medical Beds, the Celestial Healing Chambers, and other advanced technologies.

He is helping to reveal that which has been hidden for centuries on this planet, as well as an update on what’s happening NOW. Speaks on this for about the 1st hour. The rest of those listening to this may not understand as has been explained in depth over time in earlier transmissions. He gets into what the Med beds do.

Please note: a few minutes in, his connection is cut off, but he comes back on a minute later. You can forward your cursor if not wanting to wait.

Blessings in Love and Light,


TFCC Jan 13


Note also: Jared’s web page with more info is here:https://weareonelightforall.net/

The more we are aware, the clearer is the realization that we are not fighting microorganisms, we are fighting demons, dark spirits.

I guess the indigenous people were right all along.

Those people/demons that had enslaved us and had brought all of those diseases, wars and suffering upon us are soulless creatures with no compassion so are they the creation of God?

We call our creator God.

This God is conscious energy in the state of full tranquillity called Nirvana.

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There is an anecdote:

An orchestra was entertaining the King. After playing several pieces of music, the King was asked which melody he had liked the most?

The King replies, “the first one”.

The orchestra starts to play the first melody but the King said “not this one, the first one”.

Thinking that the King made a mistake the orchestra starts to play the second melody and the King stops them and requests them to play the “first one”, again.

After several attempts to satisfy their King, confused musicians started tuning their instruments and the King sighs satisfactorily, “finally they’ve got it.”

The sounds that were produced by each instrument being randomly tuned are the nirvana of the conscious, creative energy we refer to as God.

It resigns in all creation giving it consciousness.

The entities without soul are not part of God’s creation, so what are they, ad how can they exist if God did not create them?

God’s conscience energy has created our body. Once created, the body becomes aware of itself, it creates its own conscience.

21 | April | 2013 | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

We can name God’s conscious energy our soul, and the conscious energy of our physicality we can call our spirit.

The spirit of nature and animals is guided by their soul but with humans, things are a bit different.

We have been given the freedom to create. This means that we have been allowed to be controlled by our spirit.

While our soul is searching for peace, tranquility, love, compassion, our spirit is being influenced by physicality.

This is why our spirit is looking for more. More of pleasure, more of possessions, more of power…

Our spirit makes us greedy, reckless, envious, indifferent, selfish, and cruel. It is the spirit of warrior and conqueror.

The more we indulge in the experience of our physicality, the more we separate ourselves from the influence of our soul/God.

Since creation is nothing more than a new melody, we can create those using our brain.

The frequencies our brain creates become our new reality and since by separating from our soul we lose guidance, we become fearful.

To conquer the fear we create our protector and we name it God. This God is taking care of us and helps us achieve our desires. It becomes the God of war, the god of love, and since through the fear we exert our dominance over others, it becomes the God of fear and darkness whose true name is Lucifer.

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The Bible starts with God and its creation and quickly becomes Lucifer that helps achieve the desires of the “chosen ones”.

Everything is a deceit.

To indulge in physicality, many had signed a total separation from their soul and had become soulless beings, demons, intelligent creators without the soul, an artificial intelligence.

De Rothschild-International Banking

Now you know better what we who walk with God/soul, are fighting against.

Those who had severed their connection with their soul cannot be redeemed.

We have been fighting this war before and we have won allowing some of the soulless creatures to survive in the hope of redeeming themselves and it has failed. This time no quarter will be given.

The total cleansing of the artificial intelligence will take place, and the final battle is being played now for everyone to see and experience.

From the darkness to light we go, and beyond as our frequency is raising influencing genetic recalibration and resulting in cellular changes. We are becoming a new living form.

We are on the doorstep of the world of the fifth-dimensional reality.

Love and light to us all.

The law and order of creation

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Whenever we are discussing our reality from the view of the quantum point, we are talking about energy in a variety of frequencies.

For those frequencies to make any sense or purpose, they have to be in alignment.

It is easier to understand this if we take the sound as an example.

Every instrument that plays part in the orchestra can produce a variety of different sounds. Each sound is nothing more than a particular frequency of vibration.

If every instrument would start producing random sounds, all we would get is noise.

To produce a melody or a symphony, every instrument has to release a particular sound in a precise timely fashion, and all of the instruments have to be perfectly tuned.

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This is exactly how our reality works.

Since our reality is the brain’s interpretation of those sounds/frequencies, everything is in order and healthy as long as the sounds/frequencies are synchronized.

One deviation and the whole symphony is ruined. The one out of place sound will make us cringe.

My friend R. sent me an interesting article on how it all works:

In the article, Ilija Lakicevic is elaborating that light makes a circular motion around the central point in which resides the consciousness, and it can shift from the center of the conscience creating out of sync. experiences.

Because of this circular motion, electrons are orbiting the nucleus of the consciousness.

This would give the light a permanent existence which I do not see in this way.

Also, this would limit the electron to be only in one place at a time limiting the number of experiences.

Light is a result of two or more colliding waves of energy and comes out of a geometrical form that is called Vesica Piscis.


The waves that create the circular motion of energy have been put in motion by the creator, but many waves have been triggered which makes many points of wave interactions.

Although waves expand in a circular motion, they are produced by an impulse. Once the impulse is transmitted, the circle occurs and as it expands, behind it becomes calm again. This means that light is created by pulsation, it flicks in and out of existence. It is not permanently shifting.

Consciousness uses this light to manifest reality. How the reality will be manifested, depends on the consciousness that decides which contact points will be engaged and in what order.

What creates the properties of a certain element does not depend on the number of electrons but on the structure of the net that is created by connecting those points of contact.

The net that is created we call the Sacred Geometry.

The number of connections is infinite as are the possibilities.

The creation is only limited through the lack of ideas/imagination.

Atoms, electrons, molecules, are all created through imagination, and so are the results of our experiments. They are all just energies of various frequencies.


Only what makes sense and is acceptable by our mind, can be manifested.

Often we anticipate something that does not materialize itself. Scientists are keen on simply inventing what is not there just to make their theories work.

Such is the thing with the virus.

When every symptom points to a pathogen infestation but no pathogen is located, the virus is invented.

Since the crucial ingredient of the virus the RNA is missing, the brain will not manifest it. It makes no sense to the conscious mind, but the mindless can be easily persuaded.

Since there is an infinite number of colliding points, there is an infinite number of possibilities. Anything can be created as long as the idea appears.

The light is the result of repeating sound signals, the interval between those signals, and its rhythmical appearance we call frequency.

Everything appears and disappears with those flicks.

Every new thing that enters our reality represents a new instrument with its vibration and enriches the sound of music that is being played. It enriches our experience of the “reality”.


As the darkness is surfacing and becoming illuminated, the awakening process is taking place.

With it, the old filters are being taken down.

We are realizing that we have the power to create and to make changes to the existing creation.

This understanding will give us the infinite possibility to instantly manifest as our reality anything that comes to our mind.

A great responsibility is put on our shoulders.

This is why the fear has to be conquered.

Only those who are pure in the heart will be given the green light to proceed.

For this reason, evil has to be destroyed. No more competition, greed, and egoism.

Only love and service to others will be tolerated and greatly rewarded.

This is what it is all about.

This is why all the turbulence.

This is the reason why so many have to be purged and brought to the light.

We are almost there. The big shift of consciousness is about to take place but first, we have to deal with the dark mass we are exposing to the light.

It is all going according to the plan.

Nothing can stop this process, nothing.

Have no doubt. Let go of fear and accept the light.

Love and light to us all.

Sense and sensibility

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Almost every one of us had experienced a temporary loss of smell and taste, and some have even lost their eyesight and hearing, and we know how frustrating the feeling is.

Why does this happen, and are those senses absolutely necessary for us to have a normal life?

One would think definitely yes, but I am not sure that it is so.

Often, when someone loses one sense, other senses become stronger and can be utilized to fill the gap of the lost sense, but it goes much deeper than that.

To better understand what is going on, we have to reach into the field of quantum mechanics.

Every sense is the product of our brain’s programming. Without the brain, senses would not exist.

One of the reasons why we manifest is so that we can materialize and create and feel emotions/senses.

The manifestation of senses depends on two separate mechanisms and both of them are dependent on our physicality.

One of them is our sensory organs, and the other is the brain.

We think that we pick up senses from our environment. This is based on the experience of our “reality” which is by itself just a dream state of our spirit.

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Let us take the sense of smell as an example.

I believe that every one of us is familiar with the scent of garlic. You do not have to see garlic, but if you smell it, you immediately know that garlic is somewhere near and you immediately visualize it.

Since garlic has a strong neurotoxic substance, some people do not tolerate it and just by smelling it, they feel nauseated.

How is this possible? Nothing was ingested but the toxic effect experienced simply by smelling it.

The body receives toxic frequency and immediately goes into the stress mode (fight and flight mode). The received frequency becomes rejected and eliminated through the stomach mucous tissue creating nausea.

The same as everything else in our reality, the garlic is a collage of frequencies that our brain interprets according to its programming.

Those frequencies can be delivered to our brain directly via telepathy, and they are projected outwards through our senses.

When we cannot see or smell or taste, it does not mean that we have lost the sense of sight or smell, or taste. It means that our brain’s programming is off, or the physical receptors of our body are blocked.

The frequency could be present, but it is not being processed.


The temporary loss of senses is usually related to clogged sensors, while the permanent loss of senses is often related to brain defects.

Last year, one Ayahuasca ceremony was almost entirely devoted to this topic.

Every finger on my hand started to radiate a different odor.

The odor was shown to me in the form of particles.

After they were inhaled through the nose, the odor particles were absorbed into the blood, and then into the cells in my brain, where they were changed under the influence of plasma (water with minerals) and sent back into the blood in a form of gas which then was eliminated through the glomerulus of the mucous tissue of the stomach and burped out.

I was shown that bad odors represent toxic elements to our body, and our brain cells can transform them into positive energy.

During an Ayahuasca ceremony prior to this one, I was receiving the toxic energies of our people that I was helping to detoxify.

The toxic energies that were trapped on our planet as residues of events that have happened there, my brain was processing and eliminating through my stomach and the odor of my burps was terrible.

After the aromatherapy session, I was instructed to inhale those toxic burps and to transform them into positive energy.

From then on, I was intentionally transmuting toxic energies automatically into positive energy. This is necessary so that our planet can be cleansed of them.

This is one of the teachings of the Ayahuasca confirming that our reality is the brain’s construct that depends on our mind’s belief system.


Even if our sensors are disabled, our brain can produce those senses and we can manifest them quite well although we cannot physically sense them.

Many blind people whose eyes are destroyed can clearly see and even drive a car without any problem. They have trained their third eye to show them the manifestation of the “reality” for them.

Now there are school programs that teach children to play and read while being blindfolded.

Since all “reality” is the result of the brain’s calculation and the mind’s acceptance, everything comes from within.

What the mind does not accept, will not be manifested.

This is where faith comes in.

Only through faith, we can overcome the previously accepted “truth” and be able to achieve the seemingly impossible.

There are no coincidences. All our experiences are there for the purpose of learning and to be used in future events as tools.

Life is a school and the same as with everything else, an answer to one question creates a multitude of new questions that need to be answered.

The more we know, the more we realize that we know so little.

Only ignorant people are satisfied with their knowledge.

Keep the jar open and allow information to seep in.

Eventually, the new information will push out the old one and a whole new world will open in front of our eyes.

The awakening is upon us, sit tight, and have a blast.

Love and light to us all.

The VIRUS is the biggest fraud of the medical “science”

Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19, Virus, Pandemic

We are told that diseases had always plagued humankind. This is not true.

Some tribal people had never encounter disease so they never had medicine-man,

The Inuit people are one of those people.

When the European people invaded the American continent, the native people did not suffer from any disease. The Europeans brought diseases with them.

The same thing has happened in Australia.

Why were the American and the Australian natives healthy and the Europeans unhealthy?

In my opinion, two major reasons have kept the native people healthy.

One is the nomadic nature of their lives, and the other was their connection to the creator, the Earth, and their spirituality.

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The nomadic style of living tells us that they were hunters. They had to follow the pray, and this means that they were predominantly meat-eaters.

Since they were often on the move, they did not live in pollution, and they were respectful of mother Earth, making sure that the Earth is not being damaged.

Their frequency was synchronized with the frequency of mother Earth which was keeping them healthy.

On the other hand, the European people have lost the spiritual connection and had replaced it with a manipulated religious teachings based on fearful God and Devil, a good cop and the bad cop.

The religion was in the service of the corrupt tyrants who had proclaimed themselves to be nobility ordained by those gods.

Coronation of British King George VI in Westminster Abbey ...

So that the nobility can control the scared people, borders had to be established. Not being able to travel, people became dependent on plant food/carbohydrates.

The poorer people become, the more carbohydrates they consumed. This trend is obvious these days as well, and now we know, the more dietary carbohydrates we consume, the shorter life we have and the sicker we become.

The combination of toxicity and fear is the perfect recipe for disease.

To explain what is causing the symptoms of the disease and ignore the truth, Pasteur’s theory of germs was accepted and promoted. Now the true cause of the disease can be ignored, and new possibilities to control people were presented.

Modern medicine was born that is based on lies and deceits.

Every time someone got sick, their blood was searched for microorganisms that have caused their sickness. If no microorganism was found, which was often the case, an invisible microorganism was invented and named “virus”.

Funny Cartoon Diseases Stock Vector 25087153 - Shutterstock

Since it does not exist, scientists had to invent it, and scientifically it was explained that the virus is a single strain of ribonucleic acid (RNA). This RNA was never located but the myth was accepted as being the truth.

How can you fight an enemy that does not exist?

Well, you can’t, so precaution has to be made. The body has to be strengthened to resist this imaginary enemy.

Use a weakened microorganism, inject it into a body and let the body develop an antidote.

The vaccine was borne.

But how can you use a weakened virus when it does not exist?

Take some proteins from the sick body and inject them into a healthy body.

The vaccines are gradually becoming more and more toxic and the crown jewel of vaccines is the mRNA vaccine COVID-19.

The general public has difficulty realizing what is going on. We are all duped through science to switch our diet to a vegetarian diet.

Especially the new soy generation is all deformed as physically so spiritually. They do not know if they are male or female. If they are going or coming.

This is why it is simply impossible to wake them up, no matter how obvious things become. They cannot reason. All they can do is shout in fear.

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The great awakening is upon us and since people refuse to do the right thing, the military has to take over and drain the swamp.

Tough days are ahead for the USA and the rest of the world but it will not last long.

Hold the light and pray for the innocent.

Where We Go 1 We Go All

Love and light to us all.

Why do some people lose the sense of smell and taste?


As the Wu-flu “rages” on some “infected” people are losing the sense of smell, and taste.

Why is that happening, and is there a reason behind it?

As you know, this Wu-flu has nothing to do with Wuhan/China, other than to give validity to an imaginary virus.

Many people in Wuhan have been sacrificed so that the myth of an extremely potent microorganism can be created and spread around the world through the media causing a worldwide shutdown of the economy, fear, and acceptance of the mRNA vaccine.

Many doctors and hospitals are going along with the sham because they are being paid a lot of money for every Wu-flu death reported.

Statistics coming from Italy are proving that if the true cause of death is taken into consideration, the number of people that had died from Wu-flu is even less than the number of people that yearly die from the common flu.

The US government is starting to do the same analysis and I am sure that the same results will occur.

Several people have contacted me asking about the loss of smell and taste saying if the Wu-flu virus does not exist, how come that I have lost the sense of smell and taste and my nose is not even that congested?


Let us dig into this.

On our tongue, we have receptors for sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. All other tastes and aromas are related to the sensors in our nose.

This is why, if you have to drink something unpleasant, you better stop breathing or pinch your nose as you are gulping the stuff down.

Almost always when we lose the sense for taste and smell, we are aether congested, or we see changes on our tongue or both.

If you are following my work then you are aware of symptoms toxicity creates in our body.

If we see redness and feel irritation, discomfort, or pain, we know that inflammation has set in.

If we feel mucus and discoloration, we know that the toxins from the tissue and the blood are being eliminated.

We know by now that the toxins change the cellular environment which, if it persists, will cause changes in the gene activation causing cellular changes.


The inflammation and the toxic mucus will prevent the proper/normal cellular work which could be the cause of the lost smell and taste.

The nostril and the tongue have sensors that capture a certain frequency which has to be decoded in the brain and interpreted as being a sense.

This means that even if there is no symptom of any inflammation and mucus in our mouth and our nose detected, we still can have a problem with not recognizing any taste and aroma.

What could be the cause of the brain’s inability to decode the frequency of taste?

Taste and smell are senses. They are only experienced through our physicality. In the quantum field, they are just frequencies of a particular vibration.

Once decoded by the brain, the sense of taste and the sense of smell greatly influence other senses in our minds such as are fear and happiness.

This is why aromatherapy is such a powerful tool of healing, but it can be used as a tool of torture.

The mRNA vaccine is programmed to attack the human chromosome 8, the chromosome that controls our minds.

The attempt to control the human mind is nothing new and we are being controlled through the wrong type of food and false knowledge, but we can still take over the control/wake up, as many of us are proving.

To make us 100% incapable of controlling our minds, we are being poisoned with nanosize processors/robots that can be remotely activated.

Those nano-chips are incorporated into some processed foods, and they can be activated through the cell phone signal frequencies.

One doctor in France, where doctors still practice house-calls, has noticed that a great majority of Wu-flu cases that he had encountered were in areas saturated with WIFI antennas.

Our bodies can easily eliminate nano-robots through their cleansing process is the correct amount of plasma is provided.

This is why a new version of the nano-chip that is bonded to an RNA called the mRNA was invented, and since this is unstable, it has to be directly injected into the body. You have to be vaccinated.

Cabal, the dark side, wants to prevent us from raising our frequencies, instead, they want to bring us into the lower realm of two dimensions. This is why they force us to socially distance and to stick to the screen of two- dimensional images of our computers and cellphones.

They want us to be in fear, no other senses are desirable.

Unfortunately, many young people have fallen for this because of their lack of experience and the false education that is controlled by the Cabal.

This is why natural and unnatural disasters are necessary so that those brainwashed can experience them and hopefully wake up.

Croatia was hit with numerous earthquakes causing big destruction of property and some loss of lives.

People that have lost their homes were placed into shelters and now has to accept mRNA vaccine if they want to be indoors, or take their bags and go out in freezing rain.

The darkness at its best.

Quake aftershocks keep people out of homes in Croatia

If this will not awaken them, I think that nothing will.

It is absolutely necessary to support President Trump and the Alliance/White hats in the destruction of the servants of Evil.

Democrats and the Republicans are polluted by the same Evil and with the exemption of the few, they all have to be taken down.

It is time to realize that this has nothing to do with the political parties.

This is a battle between the good and the evil.

Americans: unite and show your support for the President that leads the battle which is engulfing the entire planet!

The KRAKEN is being unleashed.


Love and light to us all.

p.s. message to those of you who had lost the sense of smell and taste, it will come back. Cleanse your body.

If you do not know how, follow the SHP (Self Healers Protocol).

What causes cellular errors?

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Whoever suffers from a chronic health problem is familiar with the expression of an “abnormal cellular response”.

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis the abnormal cellular response of the immune system attacks the lining of your joints.

Psoriasis is when the skin cells go haywire and overproduce themselves.

Scleroderma is when overproduction of connective tissue occurs

Inflammatory bowel disease is caused by chronic inflammatory processes of the intestine.

Type I diabetes when the autoimmune systems attack the Pancreas…

Every chronic disease is classified as having something to do with cells that made errors.

I guess God is a very bad designer when his creation is so fragile and prone to errors.

God Creates Jobs | Dissident Voice

On the other hand, we do not see any of this in nature. This means that it is something that the people do that makes them so fragile.

Scientists have to come up with a solution and very often the solution is a bunch of nonsense.

Such is the case with chronic diseases, blaming cellular errors as the cause of the problem.

Dr. Joel Yong wrote an article about inflammation blaming errors in levels of certain cytokines as the culprit.


Dr. Yong describes perfectly a part of the mechanism which controls the inflammation but again, if the inflammation has occurred for the reasons that doctors cannot explain, the culprit will be the inflammation and its mechanism, blaming it on the “abnormal cellular response”.

Dr. Young “correctly” states ” that common chronic ailments such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and heart disease are also borne out of some inflammation problem.”

Why is the word “correctly” in quotation marks?

Because, as far as medical science is concerned, this is a truthful statement, but everyone who is following my work knows otherwise.

Inflammation is a symptom, not a disease and we cannot blame the symptom to be the cause of a disease.


I wrote many articles about inflammation explaining that inflammation is part of healing and not something that causes problems.

This is why inflammation is part of almost every chronic health problem. The body wants to heal itself.

Most chronic health issues had developed because doctors were suppressing the inflammation to the point where it cannot be suppressed anymore. Now the chronic problem is said to be the result of an abnormal cellular response, an autoimmune reaction.

Can cells malfunction, or behave abnormally?

Every cellular action is controlled by genes, and which genetic blueprint will the cell follow depends on the frequencies of the ambient in which the cells are immersed.

This clearly shows that the cellular action will be the direct response to its environment.

The cells do not have a mind of their own that they will or will not follow.

They simply respond to their environment so only an abnormal environment can make cells behave abnormally.

Normalize the environment, and the cells will behave normally again.

For doctors, this is very difficult to do because of the false information we are given in schools.


How can you normalize the cellular environment if you insist on salt deprivation, poisoning with phytotoxins, cellular reprogramming through glucose ingestion, and insisting to heal the toxic body by increasing its toxic load with various toxic medicaments?

What we are told to do in medical school is sheer nonsense that is neatly packaged into a biochemical box of complex formulas that are easily manipulated and misinterpreted.

The more we become specialized, the more lost we are when our knowledge relies on false information.

If you ask a surgeon for an opinion, the knife will end up being the solution.

The best and the most obvious example of this is our understanding of a virus.

It does not matter that a viral RNA sequence was never isolated, we have invented multiple types of viruses and methods of identifying them.

It does not matter that an intentional transfer of a flu virus through body fluids from one person to another was never successfully executed, we all are instructed to wear a stupid mask that can barely keep the dust out.

Lease colleagues, wake up. Start thinking with your brain and stop following the lies we are indoctrinated with.

Love and light to us all.