Is it sickness or is it a detox.???

Running nose, phloem, fever and diarrhea, YOU ARE SICK!!!


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Running nose, phloem, fever and diarrhoea, YOU ARE SICK!!! Whenever one comes up with those symptoms, doctors response is,,,,antibiotics. Well this could be the signs of bacterial infestation but no one is making anti-biogram. You are probably asking “what the heck is anti-biogram”? This is a test that should be performed every time before antibiotic is prescribed. This test will determine which antibiotic will be most effective and should be used. So why it is not performed? Because it takes couple of days and in the mean time the patient may get well. Yes you heard me right. The patient may get well because all these signs are the signs of body cleansing itself so it can start the process of self healing. This is why we decided to make a program about detoxification so we can understand what is going on and liberate ourselves from intentional poisoning performed by medical cartel.

This may sound silly but look at it with clear head. Mucosal tissue will eliminate toxins wrapped in phlegm causing cough and-or diarrhea. Body will burn toxins by raising body temperature (fever). Rapid detoxification may cause inflammation and headaches.

Are doctors healing us by suppressing those symptoms or are they preventing our body from detoxing and self healing?

This will be the topic of our show.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap. after the show. This program was necessary to open your eyes to the fraud of medical treatments and misuse of antibiotics. Since we have never been told about detoxification symptoms we are not familiar with them and we wrongly assume that those symptoms are the symptoms of disease. Most doctors are ignorant on this issue and blindly reach for antibiotics. Doctors are wrongly instructed to treat detox. symptoms as the symptoms of disease and this way suppress cleansing. This causes further accumulation of toxins in the body and variety of other symptoms that we give names of diseases until complete destruction of body occurs. When you properly hydrate your body will start with fast detox. This will carry all the symptoms I had mention before. Instead suppressing them we have to help our body to efficiently accomplish the detoxification so that it can heal. I have to warn you that detox. symptoms can be very violent and I strongly urge you to have knowledgeable  and experienced human supervising you during this process. Not a brainwashed professional that will load you with antibiotics because this is all that he/she knows to do. If there is none close that you trust, I am always here for you.

Love, peace and abundance.


Not so unexpectedly our sailing days came to the end.

tia c 105

On October 13 Hurricane developed over Saint Martin and devastated the boating community.

The storm was predicted as 20 to 40 Knt with winds from the E and clocking to SE. Instead the winds picked up to 92 Knt. With the direction of NE shifting to N and NW. Over 50 boats ended up destroyed and sunk or on the shore.

Unfortunately our “Dora” we lived on was one of them. As soon as she hit the shore she was stormed with unconscious people that cleaned her up. They took everything that was not nailed n. This is why I cannot show you the photo of Dora, I have no more camera. We are really clean to start our “walkabout”. This is the reason that I was not being able to post recently.

Now we are in temporary accommodations and hopefully I will be able to continue to inform you on the lies and deceits we are subjected to as far as health is concerned and more.

What a way to enter the New World in Universe of high vibration!

I was sending messages of discontent for several years finding myself trapped with the obligation of taking the care about Dora. This was preventing me from other things we wanted to do. Having in the family two dogs and a parrot we were holding onto the comfort of easy living aboard the vessel. Now the confusion is over. Higher forces came to the rescue. Now we finally have the freedom to follow the highest excitement. We are planing to go to the Jungle of Peru. Visit the community of “Planeta Libre” and I will continue giving lectures wherever we go and wake up as many souls as possible.

Thank you for following my blog and let me know if there is something in  particular you want me to address.

With love in my heart I wish you all healthy and happy continuation of the dream-game that we call LIFE.

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People are just not buying it


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Ebola propaganda in full swing. Major media and Prison Planet (Alex Jones) desperately trying to scare public into stampede. Luckily people are not buying it. Here watch the video that will open your eyes.


No one can make predictions and as we have witnessed in the past with swine and the bird flu wear totally wrong. Why? Because people did not fall for it and did not get massive vaccination.



Do not get vaccinated!!!!


Depopulation attack has started.

MS-multiple sclerosis

Chronic, debilitating diseases are on the rise. One of them frequently mentioned is MS or multiple sclerosis.

Is this how you spend your days?

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There is no “cure” because we claim that we do not know is it genetic, is it auto immune, is it viral or bacterial origin?

What we know is that it is characterized by damaged isolating coat of nerve cells, inflammation and inability of neurons to communicate. This is one of those disease that used to be extremely rare. Since it does not affect animals in the wilderness it is obvious it has something to do with what we eat and what we do as humans.

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As soon as inflammation occurs we have to assume that the cells involved are acidic and that means toxic. Insulating cover around the nerve cells is made of fat delivered by cholesterol. Does tempering with cholesterol contribute to the problem?
Is it the lack of saturated fats or presence of glucose in the diet or does stress have anything to do with this problem?

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The fact is that this disease was unknown since the 1800 although some refer to several cases as possible MS. This is clearly disease of modern human and that means polluted human. So is the claim that there is no cure because it is genetic problem correct?
This Saturday our panel will elaborate over this topic pointing on possible causes and the way this dis ease can be dealt with.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Nerve cells are connected through protrusion that resembles a wire. It is called the axon. Since electrical currents flow through axons from one neuron to another, axon has to be isolated. As isolation it uses myelin.  Myelin is mostly fat and it gives the axon white color. This is what makes the brain white. When myelin coating is damaged or removed, electric charge will escape and interfere with surrounding neurons. This wil cause problems. Depending on the location of the problem it may cause trembling of an arm, twitching of a muscle or bigger problems in communication and muscular or mental work.

Depending on the problem that is caused we label it disease and we have more and more new names (diseases) labels every day but in fact they are all caused by the same problem. Misguided scientists claim that it cannot be pinpointed what causes the problem. Is it hereditary, viral, bacterial, fungal…?

If you are fallowing our programs you must have noticed that virus, bacteria and fungus are created in our body as the result of environment. This means it all depends on what we eat, drink and what kind of stress are we exposed to.

The fat that is being used to produce myelin is transported to the axon through cholesterol. Interfering with cholesterol production will create problem in myelin buildup. This means that statins will contribute to problems related to inadequate myelin thickness or damage. It is no surprise that people that are using cholesterol inhibiting drugs end up with Parkinson’s  and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Dietary suggestions of lo fat and high carbohydrates diet directly contribute to the same problem.

Polluted blood with mercury and other heavy metals will further worsen the situation. From the time mercury tooth fillings (silver fillings) have been introduced the neurological diseases had exploded. Bodies tolerance to the mercury is O and we are told that mercury loaded silver fillings are perfectly safe. This is pure out lie. Nothing can be further from truth and scientists know this. This is why mercury is used in vaccines. It produces sickness that gives pharmaceutical industry more customers.

Important is to know that if you are one of the people suffering from any of those diseases you can help yourself and get well by cleansing your body and by supplying it with the ingredients that it needs. Cleanse with water, sea salt, electric current and vegetables. Eat plenty of saturated fat, fruits and expose yourself to the Sun.

If you have amalgam tooth fillings have them properly removed. Search for dentist that can cure your tooth without drilling it or killing it by removing the nerve (root canal).

Since nerve cells heal slowly it is long road to recovery but it will happen.

Damaged nerve connections can be reconnected. They are electromagnetic nature. Since thoughts are electromagnetic stimulus, the correct thoughts will reconnect synopses in the right place and re establish proper function again. So put your mind to it.

Remember that garlic and alcohol are neuro-toxic and will prevent the recovery process.

More information you can find in my book that you can download for free on this site.

Don’t worry, be happy!!!