After publishing the article about the influence of black pepper on our health, I have received numerous questions “and what about turmeric and ginger or other antioxidants”.

In my book “the Owners Manual For The Human Body” I have chapter that addresses this issue so I will briefly explain my view about it.
Everything that we ingest that provokes our body to take action that normally wouldn’t do is having negative effect on our cells. Mildest negative effect on cells is stopping their osmotic pump. This prevents them to hydrate and since cells need water for cleansing, prolonged state of stopped hydration will cause them to dehydrate. In this state they do not cleanse, they become acidic and toxic. This is the main cause of chronic diseases.
If the medicinal remedy has stronger character it will stimulate cells to protect themselves by producing protective (heat) proteins. Cells will reinforce their membranes to better protect themselves and this will make it more difficult for water, minerals and nutrients to enter the cell. We know that we are in this stage if our cholesterol is high since cholesterol is the material that our cells use for reinforcing, building or rebuilding cellular membranes. This is not the only cause of elevated cholesterol but it is the most common one.
Maybe you are asking yourselves why am I mentioning all of this when I am talking about healthy stuff like antioxidants? Because we are being sold bill of goods that are crated to smear our eyes and do not make much of difference as our health is concerned.
Let us take ginger as example. Lot of people are using ginger daily as food additive, as tea, refreshment drink or as medicinal remedy against motion sickness or morning sickness. General opinion is that it is healthy to eat ginger daily.
Ginger is known in Chinese medicine as medicinal plant which it is. So why would you use medicine daily? Without knowing anything else this should be enough to stop you from doing this. We know that motion sickness is triggered in the balancing part of the ear. It is computerized sensitive mechanism that alerts us on our stability and keeps us from falling down. This computer that does this balancing act is our brain through neurons. If our brain is exposed to unusual motion it gets over stimulated and causes us to feel sick. Any mild analgesic will numb the neurons enough to slow down the activity of our neurons and motion sickness will go away. Since ginger is strong enough analgesic to numb our brain cells it is definitely affecting every cell in our body. It will not only stop the osmotic pump of the cells but it will stimulate them to produce stress protein as well. Since it slows down absorption it will be effective in food poisoning not allowing the poison to be absorbed into the blood.
These toxic effects have great medicinal value but they are not desirable in healthy body and in a long run they will create health problems.
Turmeric is also natural analgesic and in Chinese medicine is used in depression to desensitize the brain. Same as ginger it has anti-inflammatory action. Inflammation is forced hydration and part of natural healing. Instead of suppressing it we should be checking what is the cause of it and correct the problem.
Our body is protecting itself from it by limiting its absorption. Too much turmeric in the blood will alter the iron metabolism. It will also cause nausea and vomiting.
Since we eat toxic food, turmeric is beneficial because it prevents cells to absorb those things and at the same time it speeds up their elimination from the body but much better would be not to eat those things at the first place. I myself enjoy turmeric in my food occasionally but I am aware of what it is and what it does so I do not have it frequently or in high quantity.
As of its anti-oxidative properties it is irrelevant because uric acid is far superior antioxidant and we have it. By the way oxidative stress does not cause aging. Aging is genetically controlled and it can be influenced to change either way. More info is in my book.



Spice your life. Black pepper as food additive to help you with digestion and water elimination.

Internet is loaded with articles about the health benefits of black pepper from helping the digestion, controlling the pain, lowering inflammation to straight out destroying the cancer.

Fabulous but, is it true?


Look at the picture of black pepper, it looks like cancer cells themselves.

Here are claims about health benefits of black pepper:

  • analgesic (pain relief)
  • antiseptic
  • anti-spasmodic
  • cardiac
  • carminative
  • digestive
  • diuretic
  • laxative
  • stimulant
  • tonic

Another site claims:pepper

I am not going to pint on more sites and instead I will reveal some facts and give you material to think for yourselves.I am not going to bother explaining chemical reactions because this is the method of those who try to explain unexplainable by creating confusion. Instead I will take the simple and obvious road of common sense.

Our mucous tissue is the primary cleansing organ. This means that if something comes into our respiratory or digestive system that the body does not want it will do everything possible to get rid of it. So if some toxic, unwanted thing enters our respiration it will trigger sneezing, cough, creation of phloem and salivation.

If something unwanted and toxic enters our digestive tract it will create salivation, speed up intestinal contraction and movement, mucous secretion, lose stool and diarrhea.

All of these signs are the signs of cleansing and and we experience them when we ingest or inhale black pepper. Does this sound like a beneficial health promoting response of your body???

Most  humans are dehydrated and because of this their kidneys are not properly cleansing the blood. They are instructed to save the water. If something enters the blood that our body recognizes as poison it will instruct kidneys to override the saving water order and to use whatever water necessary to expel the toxic element. We call this the diuretic effect. Plants with this effect are called “medicinal plants” because they are being used to temporarily lower the blood pressure or reduce water retention. This is done to reduce the pain that companies those situations but we have to understand that this is not a solution and it is definitely not healthy. Contrary as our body is letting us know, it is toxic.

There is no further need to elaborate more on health benefits of plant that our body reject as highly toxic. We are trained from the beginning of our lives to follow the instruction and memorize what is good and what is bad ignoring our senses and better judgment. It is the time to wake up and smell the roses. Absorb the new knowledge, observe the World around you. Pay attention to the signals of your body and above all think for yourselves. Forget what you have learned, forget what you have been told even forget what you have just read. Experience, feel and think for yourselves . Let your body talk to you.

Perfect food will digest smooth, quietly without burping and farting. You will feel like that there is nothing digesting. Anything other than this, you are not eating correctly and medicinal additives make you to feel better. This is like drinking poison and claiming that antidote is health necessity. Learn about correct diet in my book and stop poisoning yourselves with medicinal remedies. As soon as something has diuretic properties it is poison. Dehydrates us and stops cellular osmotic pump. This contributes to cellular acidity and further undermines your health.

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As we continue our health series showing You’re NOT sick, You’re TOX-SICK we show how these common ailments have been deliberately suppressed to create deeper and more serious dis-ease for the $ hungry, Pharmaceutical/Medi-Sin industries.

Is your body waging a war against itself? Is your deteriorating condition caused by “auto immune response?” so that there is nothing that modern medicine can do to help? More and more chronic health problems are progressive by their nature, non-responsive to antibiotics and anti-histamine’s. They are characterized by general inflammatory processes and fallowed by pain. Number of people suffering from asthma, Celliac, Crone’s disease, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus…and whatever name the next “disease” will be labeled with is increasing in alarming numbers. Their condition is labeled irreversible because it is triggered by autoimmune response of the body. Ultimately, people suffering from these conditions end up on pain patches and oxygen masks. Is this the best that we can do??? Definitely not. We have all been doped by “science”. The wrong, manipulated science that we call the “mainstream science”. Everything we have been told about this subject is wrong and “scientifically” manipulated. What is actually happening and how to overcome all these health issues will be the theme of this Saturdays show.

Because of some technical difficulties this show will not be presented in time but it will be presented here as soon as possible. Recap.

Let me in few words explain the connection between chronic diseases First we have to know what do we need to be healthy.

Our health depends on health of our cells that our body is composed off. Our cells to be healthy require just one thing and that is healthy environment which means clean blood and plasma. When the environment becomes polluted, cells refuse to hydrate to prevent toxins entering and polluting them. Because of lack of water, cells will not be able to cleanse themselves and become acidic. This is what creates inflammations in affected tissues. More active the organ is the more polluted its tissue will be and more inflammation will be occurring.

Every chronic disease is characterized by multiple inflammatory processes and all that allopatic (modern) medicine is focusing to do is to eliminate the inflammation.By doing this they are preventing the body to naturally solve the problem. Inflammation brings pain so pain relief becomes the object of interest. As soon as the pain is relieved we tend to think that we are healthy and this is far from the truth. This type of approach is like if your car is running low on braking fluid and the red light comes on. We bring the car to the mechanic and he asks us what is the problem? We do not know but the red light s bothering us. So the mechanic clips the wire that brings electricity to the red light and light is gone. Is the car fixed? Of course no and the problem will cure. Same will happen with our body after the warning pain is cut of. Our cells will continue to get dryer and more acidic which will prevent them to function properly and disease is borne.

Almost all chronic diseases start in this way and can be easily healed by hydration.

By hydrating we allow our cleansing organs to cleanse the blood. Cleansing will produce what we call symptoms like running nose, phloem buildup, diarrhea, skin rushes, fiver…This symptoms we are thought to call the symptoms of disease and we are told that we have to suppress them. By taking “medication” we stop cleansing and allow toxic buildup in the body.

Until we start understanding the problems that allopatic medicine is creating chronic diseases will flourish.

Read my book and learn how you can heal yourself easily, safely and completely medicine free.


Chronic pain is difficult to bare and once it sets in all that can be done is to manage it. This is what doctors believe because this is what they are told to expect. Is this true?

Why do chronically ill people end up on pain parches? Is this the best that can be done for them?

NO,  NO and NO. Pleas listen to this program where people that had chronic pains overcame their pain in less than one month.

Listen to the program by clicking on the picture below.

Owners manual_n

This seemingly miraculous cure is very simple and inexpensive but requires your understanding and determination.

It is all about cleansing but not the way we have been told that cleansing is being achieved. It is a new understanding on how the body works and what does it take for it to properly hydrate and cleanse. There are some very strict measures that have to be taken and there cannot be compromise. So if you are tired of your pain and the medication read my book and learn or simply contact me and let me help yo to achieve healthy pain free body.

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That’s the Spirit

Putting The Soul Back Into Healing

Your body s healing abilityn
Modern Medi-Sin see you as nothing more than some biological and chemical systems, independent of each other and that when they go “wrong” surgical, biological and chemical “treatments” are all you need . You’re not even a human being, you’re a Patient. Well the people are awakening and – like the Doctors – they’re losing there patience at being seen as something to be probed, groped, poisoned, cut, burnt and worse.

We are in the midst of a health (r)evolution. A time where more and more people all over the world recognize the need for individual care where they are seen as thinking, feeling, sentient beings. Where intuitive Dr’s who “feel” there is more than just dis-ease in the physical spend time talking and exploring deeper, more subtle imbalances that can and never will be seen by MRI’s or the like.
No antidepressant or pain killer will cure a broken heart. No radiation or surgery will cut out the deep seated pain of abuse or betrayal. No scan, x-ray or examination will ever find the soul. This is the art of medicine over the practice of medi-sin.
Join us this Saturday as we explore and discuss that mind, body and spirt are not only real, but must be treated as one if we are ever to truly heal and become dis-ease free.

Saturdays at 10 am EST, 15 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, Valerie Warwick  as your PANELISTS

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Last years independent study showed that 80% of pharmaceutical drugs tested performed worse than placebo.

How is this possible? How can inactive substance suppress symptom more effectively than “medication” designed for that particular health problem?

Reasons for this is never discussed in science especially not in medical science and this is influence of our thoughts and beliefs on our health.

How can this be possible? There is a secret that is not revealed to doctors and it is well hidden from humanity and that is the influence of our thoughts to shape our “reality” in which we are living. Many of us are aware of the law of attraction and implement is successfully but are unaware of its influence on our everyday life.As soon as doctor tells you that you have disease you become overwhelmed by fear and forget about your power to manifest, in fact you start manifesting the fear itself.

Light has two expressions, it can be a wave or it can be in a form of particle. Which way it will be seen depends on if it is being observed or not. As soon as it’s being observed it shifts from wave to a particle. This particle is photon. Photon is the “God ” particle of an atom that scientists are searching for.

Photons are electro-magnetic by nature. Thoughts are electro-magnetic impulses and like a magnet on a tape of a tape deck it will rearrange photons into the shape of the thought in question.

This is very simplistic way of explaining what is happening but I love simplicity. This makes it easier to understand.

The influence of our thoughts makes all experiments faulty because the results are influenced by our expectation. Expectation is a thought and t alters the results. All our science is based on expectation and we are now realizing that everything we have been told is incorrect. New science is emerging and we ave to change with it. Awakening is upon us my friends, open your mind and absorb so that your brain has more information that will provide it with easier understanding of who we are and what are our real abilities.

We are awakening, enjoy the ride.

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