How far do we have to be pushed to wake up?

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As crazy as this question may sound, many people would be surprised to hear the truth.

When someone’s health turns to the worse while being treated by their doctor, we are under the impression that we are out of luck. The doctor knows what he/she is doing but since everyone is “different”, at least this is what we are being told by every health “expert”, we just do not respond to the treatment positively.

Through my work, I have discovered that the truth is much different than this.

Everyone makes mistakes, so do scientists, but to accept “scientific facts” that are exactly the opposite of the truth, and not once but multiple times, is mathematically impossible.

Especially when contradicting ideas were presented but were ignored, and the wrong “scientific” opinion became accepted truth and promoted.

The entire “educational system”, is based on remembering and repeating. Intelligence is not desirable, no questions, please.

This is why we have a whole bunch of incompetent “experts” not capable of replacing a burned light bulb.

They can repeat the most complicated formulas, but they cannot explain why does the human body deteriorates?

The inability to reason is the most visible in some of the very obvious “incurable” diseases such as are diabetes and renal insufficiency.

How difficult is it to find the cause of diabetes when everyone knows that when they do not consume sugar, the blood sugar drops?

How difficult it is to realize that eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar since we know that carbohydrates are sugars?

How much trouble do we have to go through, and how much money would it take to make an observation to realize that all animals are in a ketogenic state and not a single animal in nature consumes carbohydrates and has no diabetes or chronic health issues?

What would it cost to make an experiment and consume some salt, then when urinating, put a drop of the urine on the tongue and see if the salt is being filtered by our kidneys?

How much would it cost to drink seawater and see what happens?

How expensive would the study be that would monitor the health of sea divers to check how does the body reacts when it becomes saturated with the sea salt that they absorb through their skin while being submerged in the seawater for hours every day?

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Many doctors are also divers, they have experienced the urge to urinate during the dive. Are they capable of observing?

Are they capable of critical thinking?

Are they thinking at all?

Those are all valid questions that prove that the vast majority of our “experts” are mindless robots that are blindly following the instructions given to them and are not capable to go past what they had memorized to be true.

This brings us to the present day’s awakening process.

How much nonsense will it take for those health experts to realize that virus is a figment of imagination.

That virus is the biggest hoax of medical science.

No one has ever found proof of its existence but yet, the world’s economy is crashing because of it and people are in a panic accepting to be poisoned by a vaccine just to protect themselves from what does not exist.

The sad story is the fact that doctors and nurses are the most afraid and first in the line to be jabbed.

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The situation is becoming so ridiculous that the brainwashed experts are accepting the lie of the high virulence and airborne transmission of this invented pathogen which is mutating whenever a new crisis has to be created.

How much more stupidity will have to be thrown at them to finally wake up?

Here in Peru, all movement is prohibited during the Easter holidays because the dangerous new variant of the Brazilian virus is spreading.

Everyone has to stay at home starting this Wednesday and until Sunday when people can go out but not with their vehicles.

If this does not wake people up, nothing will.

I cannot imagine anything being more ridiculous than this.

What can create a stronger shock of awakening than seeing your loved one suffering and dying after being vaccinated?

Is seeing the rescued children from the underground torture chambers going to have a stronger impact?

How far do we have to be pushed to snap and start to see?

Everything that is happening now is being orchestrated for awakening purposes.

Please, wake up so that we can finally put a stop to this.

Love and light to us all.

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