Should we be drinking alkaline water?

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Many myths are plaguing alternative medicine.

Anyone following the wisdom of alternative medicine will learn that consuming milk will increase mucus production in the body.

Consuming integral bread is healthy, the same is said about brown rice, garlic, turmeric, and other medicinal spices.

Some claims are the same as in allopathic medicine. The salt is being bashed, and the consumption of meat is being blamed as the culprit to an acidic body while the vegetable diet is viewed as being alkaline.

The deception goes so far that red wine and coffee are declared to be healthy and collagen supplements will bring benefit when you mix them with your coffee.

All of those claims are nothing more than assumptions and they are all wrong. This makes the science behind alternative medicine not much better than fake allopathic/modern medicine.

One thing is true, and that is that an increased acidic load of the body promotes health problems.

Here is a video of Dr. Chalrie Ward in which Dr. of an alternative medicine Dr. Robert Young talks about the deception of allopathic medicine and about the importance to keep the body alkaline.

Although there are many good points and truths being said by Dr. Young, those of you who are following my work, there is nothing new in the video, and the reason I am showing it to you is to point on the misconception that is shared about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

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According to Dr. Young, our body should be alkaline, this is why consuming alkaline food and drinking alkaline water will maintain our alkalinity/health.

The motion that our body is alkaline is wrong.

Our body is neutral. Part of our body is alkaline and another part of our body is acidic.

It is like when you are using a machine to create alkaline water. Through one opening, alkaline water comes out, but through another opening, acidic water is pouring out of the machine.

It is the action and reaction mechanism.

The same occurs within our bodies.

While the extracellular fluid, the blood, plasma, and lymph are slightly alkaline, the intracellular fluid is slightly acidic.

Any increase of either the alkalinity or the acidity within the body will create health issues.

Our body is calibrated and has a mechanism in place to monitor and control its Ph.

The prolonged exposure to either an overly alkaline or an overly acidic environment will affect our bodies negatively.

It is obvious that we are exposing our bodies to an overly acidic environment.

We are eating the wrong food but contrary to what Dr. Young is saying, which is the view of popular science, that the diet of meat is acidifying our body and that the vegetable diet is alkalizing it, the truth is contrary to those claims.

This is so obvious that only brainwashed “experts” cannot see it.

Dr. Young is promoting a vegetable diet and the drinking of alkaline water. This maintains his body with a good Ph, his extracellular fluids are alkaline and he is feeling good.

My Ph is alkaline as well without drinking alkaline water, and if I would daily drink alkaline water, my health would start suffering because the Ph of my intracellular fluid would have changed.

Nothing acidifies our bodies more than the diet loaded with carbohydrates, and we can help our bodies to counter this acidity with the consumption of alkaline water but there is a problem there.

For our stomach to be able to break proteins, it has to have strong hydrochloric acid.

If we drink alkaline water, we are alkalizing our stomach and the meat cannot be digested properly.

Dr. Young is mentioning that the lining of our stomach produces sodium bicarbonate.

This is correct as it produces hydrochloric acid. The action and reaction.

The hydrochloric acid is being secreted into the stomach while the sodium bicarbonate stays in the stomach lining protecting the stomach from the hydrochloric acid.

When the digestion is finished and the meat protein is broken down into amino acids, the sodium bicarbonate from the stomach lining will alkalize the stomach content before it is allowed to enter the intestine.

When we eat food that does not require acid because it does not contain animal protein, the stomach will not produce hydrochloric acid and this means that it will not produce sodium bicarbonate.

All that will be produced are the acids from the process of conversion of glucose into the fat.

Since no acid is needed when we eat vegetables, drinking alkaline water will not interfere with digestion and since the body will produce a lot of acid by converting the glucose into fat, the alkaline water will benefit the body as an alkaline buffer.

When we eat incorrectly, our body needs every help it can get to offset the harmful effects of food poisoning. This is the reasons why are vegetarian and vegans benefiting from the supplement industry and cannot live without it.

Since our digestive system is not geared to a vegetarian diet, microorganisms have to help with digestion. The wrong food brings the wrong microorganisms so probiotics are being sold to offset the micro-flora.

Taking poison with an antidote is not healthy and deterioration of the body continues.

Dr. Young’s observation of the marine biologists is a great example of how things work, but even Dr. Young failed to realize that what we are being told about the diet is all wrong.

By forcing our cells to use glucose in energy production, our cells create more CO2 than when they use fat as fuel.

I have explained this many times.

To produce the energy from fat, our cells have to absorb oxygen. They connect the carbon from the fat to the oxygen, create CO2 which will be replaced with oxygen from the blood and the level of the CO2 is not going to increase.

When the glucose is used, the oxygen is not needed because it is present in the glucose so our cells start producing more CO2 and absorbing less oxygen.

The increased level of CO2 also acidifies cells, while oxygen alkalizes them.

Instead of drinking the alkaline water and disrupting our digestion, we can increase the relative pressure of the oxygen in the blood which will then be able to displace the CO2 from the cells.

The best way to do this is by making breathing exercises, and drinking ozonated water.

Using masks prevents the oxygenation of the blood and increases the CO2 level of our body making us more acidic. This is the true reason behind wearing the masks. Not to protect us from the bogus virus, but to make us more acidic which creates health problems.

I hope that you are waking up to the truth.

This war we are fighting now is to release the truth and to destroy the dark Cabal that has imprisoned us through deceits and lies.

The war was won. We are now just watching a movie to extend the suffering of those who are still asleep and need to be awakened.

Please share this knowledge and help others to awaken because the sooner they do, the faster we are going to enter our new reality.

Love and light to us all.

The misconception of deep cleansing.

Every healer knows that cleansing is the most important part of a healing process.

There are as many cleansing methods out there as there are apples on an apple tree.

Many healers suggest a deep cleansing so I took a look to see what do they mean by it.

What a fiasco!

It seems that nobody knows how to detoxify the body.

The recommendation goes from a deep sleep, eating antioxidants, drinking water, to a specialized cleansing of the skin with healthy soaps, and the cleansing of other organs by utilizing herbs and other medicinal remedies.

Even here in the jungle of Peru, the curanderos/healers utilize medicinal plants and poisonous frogs.

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Many of my friends do a week-long plant diet in seclusion, expecting a profound effect, while none of it, in reality, does a deep detox/cleansing.

In fact, there are just two bodily systems that have to be cleansed.

One of them is the extracellular fluid which consists of the blood, lymph, and plasma that is on the outside of our cells.

The other is the intracellular detox/cleanse of the plasma that is inside of our cells, which is referred to as deep detoxification/cleansing.

Why do I call the cellular detox a deep detox/cleanse?

Because nobody, and I mean, nobody does it correctly, and it can be achieved only after the first, superficial cleansing of the extracellular fluid is completed.

While we can consume toxic things such as coffee during the extracellular detox, we cannot even drink vegetable juices if we want to achieve the deep cellular detox/cleanse.

This automatically brings down the motion that antioxidants are good deep cellular cleansers.

The other common suggestion for deep cleansing is the ingestion of probiotics and the reduction of salt in the food.

Both of those indicate a total misunderstanding of the workings of our bodies.

When it comes to the cleansing of heavy metals, chelation and a diet of plants are being suggested as a must to do a thing, which is not only false but out right counterproductive.

Since the blood has three types of organs designated for its cleaning/cleansing, all that the body requires for the organs to do the job is an adequate level of plasma in the circulation. The plasma is water with its electrolytes/ minerals.

You can consume poisons like caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies, heavy metals, some chemical poisons… and if the plasma levels are adequate, the blood’s cleansing will go on and it will bring good results.

Depending on the blood’s toxicity, various symptoms will be experienced which often frightens people so they seek medical help just to end up more poisoned by miseducated doctors.

When it comes to deep cellular cleansing, things are different.

Since cellular hydration depends on the osmotic hydration of the cells, anything that will interfere with this osmotic process will stop the hydration and the consequent cellular detoxification.

For the cells to be able to detoxify, they have to have an adequate level of plasma, and especially when heavy metals are concerned, the pressure of the intracellular plasma has to increase.

This can only be achieved when the cellular osmotic pump is active and in the case that the cells are very acidic, even inflammation will be triggered to increase the internal cellular pressure.

For those of you who are following my work, it is obvious that there cannot be any cellular cleansing going on if a medicinal/poisonous element is present in the extracellular liquid.

This deems all medicinal cleansing remedies counterproductive. This includes most antioxidants and herbs, while the importance of the correct salt is clearly evident.

How do we know that a deep cellular cleansing is going on?

The cellular toxins are very acidic and cells are usually very polluted because we have been told not to consume salt and to base our diet on vegetables and overcooked meats.

When our cells start hydrating, the body will consume a lot of plasma (water with minerals/sea salt). Since we are not told to increase the consumption of plasma, the level of the extracellular liquid will drop. This is going to harden our feces and lead to constipation.

The remedy for this is not to ingest cellulose fiber as many “experts” suggest, but to increase the amount of plasma, not water, we drink.

Sometimes it may take 8 liters of plasma a day to maintain the proper hydration.

How do we know how much plasma to drink?

Your stool is the tell.

If you notice hard fragments in your stool, increase the amount of plasma you drink. Do not wait until you have become constipated, to act.

Often, because of the high toxic load of the blood, we will experience diarrhea as the mucous tissue is used in the blood’s detox process. This is why there is often intermittent constipation and diarrhea experienced when we do not understand what is going on and we are not supporting the cleansing process correctly.

Not doing things correctly will even do more harm than good.

When we drink plasma, the blood’s cleansing commences, and as the blood becomes cleaner, the cellular osmotic pump goes in motion.

This triggers the cellular expulsion of toxins that drastically increase the blood’s toxicity.

Now, a lot of plasma is needed so that the cleansing organs can clean the blood, but people reduce their water intake to slow diarrhea and now constipation appears. Since toxins become trapped in the blood because of inadequate plasma levels, the symptoms of toxic blood show up.

Those symptoms are headache, muscle aches, joint pain, fever, insomnia.

People become frightened and they want to stop further cleansing so they stop consuming plasma and the intensity of symptoms increases since the cleansing organs cannot cleanse the blood without having enough plasma available.

Hives - Grace Medical & Allergy

This is why I strongly recommend that everyone who is experiencing chronic health issues asks for my guidance during the cellular detox so no mistakes are being made and the process goes smoothly.

I have experienced failure several times not being able to convince frightened people to continue hydrating as their symptoms were worsening.

Our miseducation has a lot to do with this because as soon as my clients consult medical doctors or doctors of alternative medicine, their symptoms are being blamed on the salt and not on the toxicity of the blood.

Much more can be said on this topic, but the article is getting too long so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Love and light to us all.

Moderation is the way. REALLY?

One of the most fraudulent statements of the health science/industry is the phrase: “everything with moderation” is ok.

Whenever we talk to a health guru being it a medical doctor, doctor of alternative medicine, nutritionist, herbalist.. the phrase “it has to be used in moderation”, will often be used.

The statements like eating the meat in moderation, eat carbohydrates in moderation, drink alcohol in moderation, smoke in moderation, exercise in moderation… is often being used which is a clear sign that those people who use this phrase have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

Take a glance at the information that is provided on the Internet and you will find this to be true.

The most celebrated “experts” in alternative medicine, as well as licensed medical doctors, will all agree that red wine has antioxidants and therefore it is healthy but “in moderation”.

The same will be said about the consumption of coffee and chocolate, and in many cases, medicinal remedies will be suggested to be used daily because of their health benefits.

Some of those “beneficial” plants are pronounced to be super-foods.

Here we can mention herbs such as garlic, turmeric, ginger, moringa, cinnamon, spirulina…

All of those medicinal plants are toxic, and even in moderation, they cause disturbance of energy in our body., and cause cellular dehydration.

For example, garlic will suppress the activity of neurons. Our reflexes will be dampened and so will be the heart’s contraction which will lower the blood pressure. This is the medicinal effect of garlic.

The cinnamon will interfere with the workings of the liver by interfering with the release of glucose. This is beneficial to people who have elevated levels of blood sugar because they feed themselves with dietary glucose but to those whose diet is correct and do not ingest the dietary glucose, cinnamon may cause hypoglycemia that can be dangerous to their lives.

Turmeric/curcumin interferes with the inflammation process. Since inflammation is being falsely blamed to be the cause of many if not all chronic health problems, turmeric is praised for its health benefits and recommended to be part of our daily diet.

Although no visible harm is being done to those who use such plants in daily food preparation, harm to the body is being done daily but the manifestation of symptoms that are caused by those medicinal remedies is being attributed to other things.

All those medicinal plants apart from their individual effect that is caused by their toxicity, also cause two common undesirable effects.

One is the stopping of cellular hydration, and the other is the diuretic effect on the body.

Both of those effects cause dehydration. One is the dehydration of the extracellular fluid/plasma, and the other is the dehydration of the intracellular fluid.

The cellular/intracellular dehydration causes many health problems such as allergies, arthrosis, scoliosis, reflux, hernias, cataract, varicose veins, heart valve problems, wrinkles…

As you can see, they are all chronic problems that are followed by inflammation.

The inflammation is being blamed to be the culprit, while in fact, the cause of those “diseases” is cellular dehydration and the culprit is the wrong, toxic diet.

Let us say that we use those medicinal remedies/poisons in moderation.

In the morning you have one cup of coffee.

For lunch, you have food that contains garlic or turmeric.

The dinner you finish with a glass of wine or a slice of chocolate cake.

You are being systematically poisoned in moderation the whole day long not knowing about it.

During the night, instead of having cellular hydration, cleansing and reparation, you are producing urine and eliminating those toxic medicinal “super-foods” from your blood.

Whenever you hear your health provider telling you to do something in moderation, turn around and run as fast as you can because you are being conned.

Why am I writing this article?

Almost every day I am being asked the same question. Is one cup of coffee tolerable, or can I have one cigarette a day, or can I use my supplement (that I need) while following the protocol?

The worse thing is that many people do not inform me that they are continuing to poison themselves because in their mind if it is a small amount of poison, One coffee or one cigarette, it is ok. It cannot possibly create any harm considering that they used to drink coffee and puff on cigarettes the whole day never experiencing any ill effect from doing so.

The only effect of moderation is slowing down the poisoning of our body, but when symptoms of poisoning/disease show up, slowing down the poisoning is not going to bring any benefits.

No medicines or medicinal remedies can heal the body. At most, they can suppress symptoms that are bothering us, alleviate the pain and calm us down for some time.

After the symptoms have calmed down, we should think seriously about healing ourselves, and healing cannot be done if we are continuing poisoning ourselves through medicinal remedies, no matter how “moderate” amount of them we are using.

The whole idea of doing something in moderation is false.

It reminds me of lame people. Not hot, not cold, not depressed, not excited. Lukewarm, sleazy.

Does anyone like people like this?

Unfortunately, we are being led in this direction and more and more people behave this way as they are taking everything in “moderation”.

Now things will become clear. We either evolve or not. There is no moderate evolution.

Love and light to us all.

The enslavement of humanity through medical science.

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How much suffering will it take for people to start observing and realizing that they are, and have been, lied to for a long time?

People are starting to realize that the Wu-flu is fake. Masks are not necessary. There is no reason why not to work and live their lives as before the fake plandemic was spread through the world by the fake media and their collaborators the politicians, hospital administrators, and doctors.

Diseases are used as a way to control people through fear, and as a tool of depopulation.

The medical knowledge is purposefully manipulated. Doctors are a part of this controlling mechanism and so are the hospitals.

The Doctors are the enablers of human death as in reality so in the fake maritime law, and hospitals are docked ships, corporate entities.

Learn the truth here:

Although some doctors are realizing that something is very wrong about the Wu-flu, they are still unable to snap out of their medical box of false science and realize that all those theories about germs are wrong and that virus does not exist in any form.

The symptoms of “viral infections” are nothing else than the symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing.

This means that the closest we can get to what is the virus, we can say that virus is an energy (or a lack of it) that had triggered the body into the cleansing mode.

As we are advancing with our understanding of the quantum mechanic, we realize that nothing exists other than conscious energy that is expressed through a variety of frequencies.

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When some of those frequencies go out of synchronization, out of tune, we experience this shift in frequency as our disease.

We can purge those bad frequencies out of our bodies which brings symptoms of changes that the body experiences during this process.

The other way of healing is by simply correct those bad frequencies. In this case, there are no symptoms of cleansing.

To expel the bad frequency we often use another bad frequency that can be synchronized with the out of tune frequency, and taken out of the body. We call such things medicinal remedies.

The time of medicinal remedies is at its end. The new era of healing through retuning the off-tune frequencies is here.

This is why a variety of electromagnetic, sound, and light equipment is starting to flood the market.

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Before the doctors can use such equipment, they have to be reeducated.

Very few doctors are ready now for the new era we are in. This is why the pharmaceutical and supplement industries are so profitable.

People do not understand that what they are being told is all lies.

I often mention the importance of salt in the body especially when we are talking about cellular hydration.

I have told you that the cellular osmotic pump depends on the cellular production of potassium which requires sodium, oxygen, and energy.

There are many other things that our cells produce by themselves that the supplement industry is pushing as a necessary supplement.

Calcium is one of them. Why do you think that calcium so so abundant in nature?

Because it is produced by the cellular life forms as their building blocks. The cell fuse magnesium with oxygen to produce calcium.

Why is magnesium so abundant and necessary?

Because the cells manufacture it by fusing sodium with hydrogen.

Our tissue is nothing more than a reactor that is coated with nanoparticle elements mostly copper and zinc. This reactor has two layers in between which there is a plasma (water with salts and minerals).

Under the influence of the magnetic and the gravitational fields, a reaction takes place that makes the conversion by producing GANS (Gas, in the Nano State). - Ziarul brasovenilor de pretutindeni

This science is well explained by an Iranian nuclear physicist Dr. Mehran T. Keshe.

I have been introduced to this process during one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I have been shown how our tissue converts those toxic energies into a foul odor (gases) which we can expel (burping and farting), or we can further restructure them into positive energy using our intent.

Our most sophisticated healing equipment is our brain, but unfortunately, people are way more proficient using their brain in making them sick, than to heal themselves.

People started to experience diseases once they started to fear.

What has influenced people to fear is their disconnect from their spirit which was achieved by poisoning the human brain with the forbidden food, the dietary glucose by Anunaki/the fallen angels/the gods.

This has started before the creation of the Sumerian civilization has appeared, some 8 thousand years ago.

Diseases were used as a tool to keep people enslaved, and as a tool of depopulation.

All human suffering, the enslavement, the disconnect from our spirit, and the creation of evil and its supreme leader Lucifer, it all comes from the same place and it is spread by the same people through centuries.

The place is the Vatican, and the people are the black nobility we call the Cabal/Illuminati/ Masons… Origin of The powerful Black Nobility of ...

We are being miseducated through books and stories which are all manipulated to benefit the Cabal.

The most influential religions are all born from the evil of Babylon and its religion called the Talmud where Lucifer is the god.

The Torah, a sacred book of the Jewish people is a direct interpretation of the Talmud, and so is the Curran.

They all refer to other people as being lower than animals. To be killed and eaten.

The ceremonial Bris and the ceremonial drinking of the blood of Jesus and eating of the flesh of Jesus are clear examples of this. They poke us in the eye and people cannot see it.

Why is vigorously attacked anyone as soon as they mention Jewish people involved in any shenanigans?

Their religion and the symbolism reveals it all.

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Since the Cabal has to tell the truth, although they find the way to invert it, they wrote the truth in the New Testament. This is why Christianity is under attack, and who attacks it the most, is the Jews.

As with everything else, it is not all of the Jews but their religion is leading them in this direction.

The Jewish people are not aware that they are being hurt the most by themselves and their leaders and not by others.

People are awakening and the truth is coming out.

No one can stop what’s coming, no one.

Love and light to us all.

Keto flu

The Ketogenic flu is a new disease that I became aware of through Mari’s comment.

I had to search the Internet to see what is said about this disease.

As with any other disease, the Keto flu is diagnosed through symptoms that people experience when they change their diet from heavily glucoholic to mostly animal-based diet.

We are being told by our health “experts” that a state of ketosis is an unnatural state for humans to be in and it basically occurs only when we are in starvation mode.

According to our “experts”, our body’s natural state is glucoholic state in which blood’s sugar levels daily increase over the stable level (over the radar level).

As soon as the sugar level rises over the normal/under the radar level, our body injects insulin into the blood which relaxes the cellular membrane making it possible for the sugar to enter cells without the need of a GLUT sugar transporting mechanism.

No matter how much GLUT our cells produce to be able to bring sugar into the cell, the GLUT level is never big enough to provide a sufficient amount of sugar to cells to produce enough energy.

This is a clear sign that our cells are not programmed to use sugar for energy production unless we are in a stressful situation where the liver breaks the glycogen and spills glucose into the blood.

Occasionally stress influenced release of insulin into the blood does no harm to our body, but daily irritation by insulin forces cellular changes that are expressed through unwanted symptoms we call diseases.

Our natural state is ketogenic as it is in all animals.

The increase in blood sugar levels occurs only in the state of shock, and when we eat incorrectly when we eat the forbidden food called the dietary glucose/starch/carbohydrate.

Almost all people eat incorrectly and have glucoholic bodies.

Their genome is adjusted to this toxic food and all parameters that we have accepted to be normal, are actually based on incorrect genome and incorrect cellular adjustments.

Once we correct our diet, the body has to correct its genome. This causes a total cellular readjustment and many parameters in our body change. They actually go back to what is normal according to the divine design of our bodies.

The adjusting process is fast and the biggest changes we experience for about 3-5 days.

Since not enough glucose comes from digestion, the brain lacks energy. The brain cells are programmed to use glucose and their mitochondrial count is low. People feel week, with a brain-fog, irritable as the brain is being stressed by the lack of energy. It produces stress hormones to be able to tap into its glycogen reserves.

The stressful situation creates the need for faster blood circulation. This increases the blood pressure.

More plasma is squirted into the cells which force some cellular toxin release.

The blood becomes more toxic and the blood cleansing mechanism is engaged.

Now all symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing can be experienced and the more toxic is the body, the stronger cleansing symptoms will be experienced.

All symptoms of flu can be manifested.

What are the symptoms of Keto flu that doctors encounter in their patients?

The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, irritability, brain fog, dizziness, weakness, muscle cramps, difficulty sleeping, sugar craving…

They are all just symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing.

This shows us how powerful and how beneficial fasting is to our health.

This also demonstrates how beneficial it is for our health to ditch dietary carbohydrates/the forbidden food, and this is a clear example of how toxic and unhealthy it is to eat vegetables making vegetarianism and veganism the most unhealthy way of eating.

Here, we are breaking the chains of enslavement, the indoctrinated lies about what makes a healthy diet.

The necessity of vegetable fiber and the importance of the intestinal microflora as a crucial link to our immune system and its impact on our brain. Everything is a lie.

Once we understand the basic principles of our creation, we begin to see things in a completely different way.

Our body triggers its detox as soon as we slow down its poisoning.

Can you imagine what happens when you stop the poisoning of your body altogether?

The toxic load that the body will release may overwhelm the system. This is why it is very beneficial to increase plasma supply so that the body can cleanse those toxins out.

If we do not do this, toxins in the blood which came from cells will create symptoms equal to those of heavy food poisoning. The appearance of an autoimmune reaction may take place and even sepsis can be triggered.

This is why I do not recommend dry fasting to anyone.

People who switch to the Ketogenic diet may exhibit symptoms of cellular cleansing and if they do not drink enough water, and if they are low on salt, the blood cannot be cleansed and all those toxins become trapped in the blood creating headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, fever, and all of the other symptoms I have mentioned earlier.

Doctors have no clue about what’s happening because they do not teach us anything about the toxicity.

The reason for this is obvious.

Once we know the true culprit, we do not need medication any longer, and we can easily heal ourselves.

If you find my work helpful and beneficial, please donate and support it.

If you have some health issues and would like me to help you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

Can fasting endanger our life?

Whenever my clients are eager to speed up their healing process, I recommend they incorporate fasting with the SHP.

Why does fasting speed up the healing process?

It is very difficult to eat and not to bring some toxin into the blood that our cells deem to be dangerous for them.

When the toxin occurs, the cellular hydration stops. No hydration, no cleansing.

It is as simple as that.

There are theories that dry fasting (no food and no water), is bringing stronger results and I know of some people that are implementing it.

As I often mention, you cannot wash anything without water.

Since our cells produce toxic garbage that has to be eliminated regularly so that the cells can calibrate their acidity, water/plasma is absolutely necessary so that the cleansing can take place.

My friend Peter has sent me a good video in which Dr. Alan Goldhamer explains the benefits of fasting, and the truth about the way doctors poison people through the use of medications.

Here is the video and I will add my spin on things and further explain things by elaborating on the information that is provided.

Dr. Goldhamer states that our food is the reason for our high blood pressure and that doctors just manage the pressure through medication.

This is just half true.

The missing part is the fact that the medication is preventing cellular hydration and it is causing a diuretic effect. This actually speeds up the body’s demise.

Dr. Goldhamer mentions that salt, oil, and sugar added to the food make us fat and obesity causes HB pressure. Not one of those claims is correct.

Dietary carbohydrates, toxic plant Phyto-proteins with medicinal properties are not mentioned.

Sugar, the sweet stuff is the designated culprit, it is the visible enemy we have to attack while the real culprit, the dietary carbohydrate is kept in the shadow and even glorified as a necessary healthy nutrient.

Dr. Goldhamer states that a dietary excess is causing health problems.

This I have debunked many times. Poison is poison no matter in what quantities we receive it. Even in traces, it will interfere with cellular hydration and in time cause chronic health issues.

The Dr. is blaming the processed foods being the culprit not realizing that the worst kind of processing is being done by cooking the food.

People with kidney problems have those problems because of the insufficient levels of plasma in their bodies. Hydrating them with water brings minuscule results. They need plasma (water with minerals/sea salt).

Those people’s blood is extremely toxic and if the cellular toxic load is added, the system may choke.

This is why people with kidney problems first have to be hydrated with plasma, allowed for the blood detox to take place, and then as the blood’s toxic load diminishes, allow for some cellular cleansing to diminish the cellular toxic load before fasting can be implemented.

Of course, as soon as you mention water and salt, doctors cringe because they have been indoctrinated with lies about salt and its action in the body.

The Dr. is mentioning that the body starts to cleans during the fasting period because as it burns its fat, with fat, the accumulated toxins are being released from the adipose tissue.

This is just one part of what is going on.

He forgets to mention that there are toxins in the food we eat that prevent cellular hydration, and this is why cellular cleansing is not regularly occurring.

This is the reason why I say that eating once a day is not fasting, it is intermittent eating.

For a cleansing fast to take place, there has to be an absence of food toxins in the blood.

This is why by not eating for 20 hours we assure that the food toxins have left the blood and now during the second night without eating, cellular hydration takes place and the cellular detox occurs.

This means that a cleansing fast has to be at least 36 hours long.

The absence of food toxins in the blood is what triggers cellular hydration and consequently the cellular detoxification.

As you can see, the mechanics of fasting are a bit different from what Dr. Goldhamer is revealing but the truth remains that fasting is the fastest way to recalibrate our genome and cleanse our body. The end result is the experience of healing and rejuvenation.

The good doctor is bashing animal meat as being more toxic than the herbicide infested and GM O plant food.

This type of thinking is influenced by the school indoctrination process.

When we eat animal fat and protein we only need a small amount of it.

To get the same caloric values using plants, we have to heat them up to break their cellulose and eat considerably more of them which brings more toxins, and by supplying the dietary glucose, we reprogram the genetic expression.

We re-tune our body to sugar-based energy which is the major cause of our chronic health problems.

Vegan Thanksgiving food | Royalty free stock photo - 560375

The good doctor had obviously not tried to eat correctly when he claims that meat-eaters adapt to the fasting process with more difficulty.

His reference is people who eat meat and carbohydrates versus the people who just eat meat.

There is a huge difference there.

Loading the carboholic body with animal fats and proteins makes them increase their fat reserves rapidly.

Remember that the carboholic body is being reprogrammed to use glucose for energy. This body is not able to process much fat since it is low on active mitochondria, so it uses sugar, and the fat goes directly into the adipose tissue as storage of reserve energy.

The Dr. is referring to processed meat as a refined meat product when in fact, the processed meat is loaded with chemicals to prevent their natural self-digesting process.

Those chemicals then interfere with our digestive process making the processed meat very difficult to digest.

The doctor insists that muscles and the brain need glucose to be able to function which is incorrect. He is confused with the glycogen and does not understand its purpose.

He should read this article:

From this part on I am not going to analyze this video because Dr. Alan Goldhamer has no clue about how the body works and his interpretation of what is going on during the fasting and exercising process is completely off.

As you can see, we do not have to know how the engine works to be able to drive the car.

What is important is to give it the correct fuel and change the oil regularly to eliminate the toxic shavings.

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On the other hand, understanding how the body works make it easier to select the correct fuel and oil so that your car/robot/body works better and lasts longer.

I hope that this article was helpful and that it made you think.

Always accept the information and then, process it. Think about what you have received and make your own conclusion.

Above all, experiment, put it into action because the only way to know the truth is by experiencing it.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. if you have any questions regarding the information from the supplied video, let me know and I will give you my explanation.

Is the Leaky Brain Syndrome caused by brain diarrhea?

Since I refuse to read the garbage science that is spread through medical journals and publications, I am pretty much sheltered from stupidity.

An occasional scientifically-based medical article that is used as a sales pitch for the sale of supplements and vitamins passes through and this is where I become “educated” with the new medical developments like for example this new to me: the Leaky Brain Syndrome.

The name of this “disease” reminds me of another disease by the name “the Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

Are those two syndromes related?

But of course, they are, every doctor will confirm.

Actually, we are being told that the Leaky Gut Syndrome is what triggers the Leaky Brain Syndrome, so let us take a look at them and do some rational thinking, shall we?

Let us start with the Leaky Gut Syndrome since the food is most likely the cause of both of those syndromes.

The name of the leaky gut syndrome is pretty descriptive. It occurs when the intestines start to leak their content into the blood.

What could cause problems in the integrity of the gut? A hole I assume.

So if our gut becomes porous, and the shit seeps into the blood, we would get sepsis or anaphylactic shock. Isn’t this what happens when an ulcer or appendix rapture?

To better understand this syndrome, let us see what are the symptoms of this disease?

You will be diagnosed with a leaky gut syndrome if you have some of the following symptoms such as are digestive problems (gas, nausea, diarrhea, pain), skin problems (acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis), food allergies and sensitivities, joint pains, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, brain fog (loss of concentration, irritability, aggressiveness, lethargy), and any autoimmune disease.

It is obvious that the gut is not leaking. All those symptoms are the symptoms of general blood toxicity and blood cleansing.

No wonder that they are pinning COVID-19, 20, 21,22… to this disease.

What causes this toxicity? Foremost the incorrect diet, and then the lack of plasma in the body.

Secondary causes are a loss of energy due to stress, fear, and the environment.

What are the symptoms that you have to exhibit so that your doctor diagnoses you with a Leaky Brain Syndrome?

The symptoms of the Leaky Brain are brain fog, irritability, depression, problem concentrating, fatigue, and headaches.

Here we go, the symptoms of a Leaky Brain are very similar to the symptoms of the Leaky Gut.

The shit that has entered the blood is now polluting the brain.

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Sorry, it was not the shit, the symptoms would have been way more violent, it must be the same type of toxicity that triggers the leaky gut syndrome but without the symptoms of the cleansing.

We know that the symptoms of blood cleansing when the mucous tissue is involved are nausea, phloem, diarrhea, and fever.

When the toxic blood is cleansed through the skin, the symptoms are acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrhea.

So when we eliminate the symptoms of blood cleansing, the rest of the symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome are the same as the symptoms of the leaky brain syndrome.

Isn’t that something?

Ah, yes, I have ignored the hormonal disturbance in the blood but this is commonly occurring during any chronic poisoning since the body has to adjust itself to be able to survive in a toxic environment.

Since the symptoms of the Leaky Gut and the Leaky Brain are so similar, there must be a connection there, we are being told.

Scientists agree that the food has a lot to do with this but not because we are eating the wrong food, but because the gut micro-flora is off.

“Have some probiotics because your health depends on it, you have to have the correct micro-flora in the gut my friend”, we are being told by the health gurus.

This is where the supplement industry gets off. Now you are as smart as the bacteria in your gut.

Doctors, nutritionists, and supplement pushers are like the dumb and dumber.

They all suggest that we have to eat a lot of vegetables not realizing that this is where the problems come from.

The shit goes in and the shit goes out without being processed.

It is just like a doctor’s brain. The shitty information comes in and the same shitty information goes out without processing. What comes in goes out no matter the results doctors just keep repeating the script they have been indoctrinated with. A parrot can do better than that.

The more specialized we become, the more nonsensical science we have been indoctrinated with and no room was left for the simple process of thinking, and reasoning.

By reading my articles you are well aware that gut micro-flora is related to the type of food we are eating.

The wrong type of food will result in the wrong microorganisms, yet the experts claim that vegetables are the necessary food for maintaining the proper gut flora.

No meat eater has a Leaky Gut Syndrome unless they eat a lot of vegetables and overcook the meat.

I am being contacted by so many vegetarians with digestive problems and weight issues refusing to change their diet because they eat “healthy”.

It is not the vegetables they say, vegetables are healthy. It is the meat (that they do not eat or eat occasionally) that causes problems. The bad cholesterol and the germs that meat contains, everyone knows this.

Well, what doctors know about health is not much, and their ego prevents them from learning the truth.

As the saying goes, “you can bring the horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink”.

This is why doctors pound sand. Instead of helping people to recuperate their health, they make them sicker.

When the blood is toxic, the membrane that filters the blood before it goes into the brain (meninges) becomes acidic which makes it susceptible to inflammation. This created headaches.

The incorrect food that is loaded with dietary glucose reprograms the neurons making them dependent on sugar.

The glukoholic brain is mostly in starvation because the only time it becomes properly charged is when we eat dietary carbs and sugar. One hour after the meal, the brain starts to feel low in energy and cannot replenish it until the following meal comes by.

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The brain fog has a lot to do with this, so does the irritability when the brain has to perform a task while it is low on energy.

Doctors cannot see a problem here because they are indoctrinated with a “scientific fact” that the brain needs sugar to perform well. A total lie that comes from medical books.

All of this I explain in my articles and my books.

Ditch the vegetables and get hold of a juicy steak, pork, fish, chicken, or whatever other crawling things you can get your hands on, and your brain-fog will start to clear out.

Use the SHP, heal yourself, and start growing younger.

Love and light to us all.

Can doctors break through the veil of false science?

Those of us who have been awakened have a long time ago left the fantasy world of television and are searching for truth elsewhere.

Computers and cellphones are the most common places but there, as well lies and misconceptions rule the information ducts.

Since our brain depends on information so that it can calculate the most probable outcome, if all that we have accepted are lies, no truth can be found.

This is why I always suggest that in order to find the truth, we have to get the information about the lies as well and use our brain to calculate and our spirit to confirm.

After enough information has been cumulated, our spirit will signal what the truth is and we are going to feel it in our gut.

If we reject the truthful information as being ridiculously false, our brain will not incorporate it into its calculations and we will not be able to experience the gut feeling guide of our spirit.

A dear friend of mine argues that God will clear the mess we have created and that a person that he trusts knows this because he is studying Bible for over 20 years and understands it correctly.

Well, here we go. Again only one box is examined and what if the truth is not in?

What about Mayan, Hopi Indian, or the Original (Aboriginal ) people of Australia…

What do they say about what is going on?

This is ridiculous: only God knows what is coming and only Bible is the word of God?

How shallow and immature it is to think in this way.

Unfortunately, a great majority of medical doctors think in the same way.

Their Bible is their medical books and journals, and the only outside information that they accept comes from preapproved final medical studies.

Again, they are fishing in a mountain lake hoping to catch the megalodon.

I can understand Dave from the X22 report when he says that the Fu-flu virus was released in China and had spread around the Globe, but when I hear medical doctors repeating this nonsense, I cringe.

Doctors are starting to realize that they are being controlled and they are revolting, but still, they are unable to realize the depth of the control that they are under.

Doctors are convinced that the virus is a microorganism that consists of a single strain of RNA that no one has ever seen or actually proved that exists.

If one’s base of its science is fantasy, the entire truth will be false no matter how they spin it.

Doctors are studying their Bible of viruses and no matter how hard they try, the results make no sense.

The results are manipulations that depend on the current state of affairs.

Now we have the vaccine, but we need to protect ourselves because the “nonexistent” virus has mutated. And this goes on forever, just like the war on terror.

Here is a great example of what I am talking about:

In the video, Dr. Simone Gold is talking about the Wu-flu virus and how it resembles the common flu, yet she is convinced that a microorganism is what causes them both while none of them can be proven to exist.

Dr. Simone is noticing that the symptoms are the same, but she is unable to debunk the whole COVID-19 fiasco because the tests point to Wu-flu.

What tests? It is all fake.

How can you make positive test of something that does not exist? By lying about it.

Her boss was lying, she knows and still she believes in this plandemic.

She talks about autologous immune enhancement therapy. The first vaccine creates no health problems, the second neither, but then if we get into contact with the pathogen we have been vaccinated against (with), we die.

Instead of becoming resilient to it, we become allergic to the pathogen.

This is a clear example of anaphylaxis. We are being poisoned to the level that once exposed to more of the poison, we experience a strong reaction of the body to resist further poisoning which ends up sending all of the accumulated cellular toxins into the blood.

The body goes into a self-preservation mode, increases cellular defense, produced inflammation, and can lead to death if the body was overly polluted.

What are the symptoms of upcoming anaphylactic shock?

Skin hives, a sudden increase in body temperature, nausea and abdominal pain, runny nose, arrhythmia, swelling/inflammation…

Those are all symptoms of blood toxicity and its detoxification.

All those symptoms are the result of poisoning and not of an infestation with microorganisms.

Animals that have been vaccinated with the new immuno-enhanced vaccines have died from anaphylactic shock after being exposed to the “virus”.

It should be obvious to everyone that it is not a living organism but a poison. The poison is in its origin just a frequency and can be expressed in a form of matter light, sound, and electromagnetic frequency.

Is the Wu-flu just an EMF signal?

I bet you that it is.

Exposure to a stronger EMF signal puts our cells into the flight and fight mode, increases BP, some cellular toxin becomes released which increases the cellular state of emergency, causing inflammation. More cellular toxins become squirted into the blood, the blood’s toxic load increases and so do the symptoms of polluted blood and blood cleansing.

We can prevent our cells from releasing their toxins into the blood by making the blood more toxic so that the body stops the forced cellular hydration/inflammation.

Our cells cannot cleanse without water and by preventing their hydration, we prevent their cleansing.

This is what drugs do. They do not destroy the nonexistent virus, they prevent further blood poisoning and the symptoms of toxic blood dissipate as the blood gradually becomes cleaner.

Why are we guided in the wrong way?

It is all about the power and the greed of the few, and many of the week souls that kneel in fear and shame.

Wake up, grow the spine, and do not obey, or you will end up like this:

Wake up and help others to do the same.

The light is about hit and the truth will be revealed to all.

Love and light to us all