THE TOXIC GENERATION the crossroads of humanity

Sick boy wearing oxygen mask sleeping beside teddy bear in hospital bed

First, there were the baby-boomers, then the millennial and now the toxic generation.

Humanity has reached the breaking point. It became toxic and evil.

We can all see what is happening around us. Total destruction of family and family values are rewarded and promoted.

The pedophile infested government is claiming the right over our children but all of this does not really matter if we do not awake. We are being destroyed through the food recommendations and the medical practices of the modern “madsin” or medicine as we are accustomed calling it.

The majority of the people are not capable of thinking clearly and they are so busy with the dummy-phones that they cannot spare a minute to listen to something valuable or to simply observe what is happening around them.

Mi friend Mikie wrote me a message saying, “I believe 98% of people on earth believe birds and other small animals eat greens and fruits. Why is that, when 1 week of observation will show you it is not true? Birds and many animals live off of insects. I see this first hand, as I live in the country. It makes sense when you think about how numerous insects are, even in the winter.”

House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) with a bug in it's beak.

Now, why more people instead of learning a scripted nonsense from books and licensed parrots we call educators do not engage in observation and thinking?

I guess, there is no money in it and this money hungry generation that is stripped of its identity truly behaves like the Zombies of the living dead.

My next-door neighbor’s daughter wanted to have a baby. She is 29 years old, chubby lady. She had menstrual problems and since my wife is friendly with her mother she recommended that her daughter talks to me before getting pregnant.

Of course, this did not happen. They only trust their doctors from the nearby hospital. I believe that the reason is that my neighbours know that change of diet is what I will recommend and they do not want any part of it.

What happened next is like the young woman is following the toxic script.

First, she had a difficulty of becoming pregnant.

Then she had difficulties during the early pregnancy and aborted the fetus.

She conceived easily after the miscarriage which was to be expected since the process is allowing blood to detoxify (through the profound blood-loss) but the body remained toxic. This is why after she had conceived the second time, she started with the standard symptoms of the toxic mother such as are vomiting, stomach pains, and headaches. She is so toxic and her food is so bad that her body is rejecting it. No matter what she eats (from the great variety of rice, yucca, bread, potatoes, grains, and legumes) which are her choices of food, she cannot hold it in. Her body is rejecting them and they cannot understand that body reject toxic elements and this is why she is vomiting all the time.

This is the type of the food that they all eat here every day and loads of it so how can the food be the problem?

Group of carbohydrate food consisted of soybean, sunflower seed, pistachio, almond, cashew, peanut, rice, black, green, and red bean seeds, with dry wheat, in soft light vintage tone

Here you can see how people do not observe, they do not make a correlation between the diseases that they all suffer from and the food that they eat. They look and they see nothing. Zombie mentality.

She spends more of her time in the hospital under the emergency medical care than in her house. Today she has been hospitalized again and she is only in the fourth month of pregnancy.

So what do the doctors do?

They put her on the glucose drip. Perfect. Then people are surprised that infants come down with diabetes.

Now, what do you think her child will look like when it starts to breathe on its own? This is, if it survives at all, which will be a miracle on its own.

What kind of child can such toxic mother produce?

Baby in the pediatric ICU

The poor baby will be toxic from the moment it takes its first breath.

People are so accustomed to hear the baby cry as soon as it takes its first breath that they think that this is how it is supposed to be.

I think that most of us feel like crying before actually throwing-up.

People see their babies burping, vomiting, having diarrhea, skin rashes and fever but they think that this is all normal. They think that this is how the baby adjusts itself to this experience we call the life. Even the mislead health professionals are telling them that this is nothing to worry about, this is normal for babies.

I bet you that even the toughest guy would share a tear if they would feel the way those babies do.

Side view on sick young woman wearing sleeveless shirt in leaning on open toilet seat at indoor bathroom

How can our doctors even think that something like this is normal?

No youngster of any other animal in nature behaves in this way.

Ups, I forgot that people do not observe because everything that they need to know to get their licenses is to read and regurgitate back the information they had read on demand. This is what we call the education. Observation and direct contact with the pristine nature are not required and the truth has to be squashed. Only the scripted information can be repeated and promoted. There is no value in the information if it does not have a title of the “final study” slapped on it.

The majority of the people that are awakening are surprised realizing that all the news that they are getting through the media is scripted and has nothing to do with the truth.

Well, you as the followers of my work know that not only the news is scripted. The whole popular science as we know it is also scripted and false.

Almost every child that comes seeking help is not capable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. They cannot sit and look at you for more than a couple of seconds and they start grabbing things around them and behave irrationally.

I am not surprised at all.

What else can a body do when it is supercharged with energy like if it was under a stress of the fight and flight mode of the brain. This is exactly how the body is supposed to behave in such a situation.

When our body finds itself in a stressful situation, the buster fuel is released (the glycogen releases the glucose), our cells become supercharged with energy. The heart rate increases, the brain quickly assesses the situation of the ambient and muscles are ready to do the work but there is nothing to do, no place to go, no solutions to find. The energy has to be utilized so the organism (in this case a child) is desperately trying to use this energy and behaves in the way we do not expect it to behave since nothing stressful is happening to provoke such a behaviour.

On top of this, the child has its genome changed and his cells behave differently. His immune system does not function properly and since the cellular structure depends on the buster fuel, it cannot function properly without it. This is why as soon as the cellular energy goes down, the brain becomes underpowered and the child becomes cranky and sleepy.

On top of all of these difficulties that the child’s genetically changed body is dealing with, there is an elevated level of toxicity caused by the lack of water and ionic elements of the sea salt.

Babies get into this stage because of the vomiting and frequent diarrheas. They are not given enough water and minerals so that the ones that were lost can be replenished.

The milk that they receive from their toxic mothers is inadequate so they are given the baby formulas (of Hell). Baby formulas are loaded with sugar and lacking minerals. This makes them toxic. They do not provide what the toxic baby needs and instead of allowing the body to cleanse, it further pollutes it.

Now the baby continues with diarrhea so it is given toxic medicines to stop them. Often antibiotics are used and lately the steroid usage has soared. In this way, we lower the inflammation but we also prevent the mucosa from cleansing the blood and the skin takes over.

Eczema and rushes cover a big part of the young child’s skin.

“Nothing to worry about” is what you hear from your health provider, “this is normal for this age, the child will grow out of it” this is the wisdom that you will hear from your doctor’s mouth as he/she prescribes more ointments loaded with antihistamines or steroids further polluting your child.

“Your child needs to be vaccinated because it’s immune system is weak”, is the next most likely fatal recommendation that your doctor will give you.

The amount of pollution that vaccines bring into the young body will most likely spill the cup of already very polluted and toxic body.

The amount of toxic babies and children that I see is staggering. We have a toxic young generation whose survival is questionable.

Wake up, look around you, observe, process what you see and please, please, please, act on it now while you still can.

All the information that you need to know is available in my posts so read them or get my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Allow me to guide you and please contribute to my work by donating according to your possibility.

Love and light to us all.


In this addendum I will make a brief description of how to easily and rapidly detoxify babies and young children. Because of their age, their detox is fast and they recover their health rapidly.

The time of change. ARE YOU CHANGING?

Planet Earth held in cosmic star space by invisible hands. Stock Photo - 2047013

Most of the humanity is asleep.

By being asleep, I am referring to not knowing what is going on.

Most people are not interested in politics. They complain about their government, they complain about the taxes they have to pay, they complain about their jobs, they complain about their health, their food, their environment and do nothing to change any of it.

Most of the people who hear about politics, do so through the scripted channels of the media and the entertainment industry over a bottle of beer or glass of margarita where the few still active neurons, boosted by the incoming glucose and incapable of any demanding work simply agree with the received messages. We call this the sheepish mentality which is so prevalent in the socialist driven society of the bent over and take it politics.

The humanity has been so sedated that people are afraid to have their own opinion. They feel much safer repeating the popular slogans which in most cases they do not even understand than to stand for themselves.

To stand for yourself, first, you have to know who you are and what you actually want. With the poorly functioning brain, this is very difficult. It is much easier to simply repeat after the others in the crowd.

How often did we hear the slogan ” if you are not with us, you are with the enemy”? What a clever intimidation! You do not want to follow the proposed politics but on the other side, you are being labelled as a traitor. How many of you have fallen for this political trick?

One for all and all for one is the oldest slogan there is. We form our identity on a group opinion and not on the basis of our thinking. If you are a Jew, you have to be a Democrat. If you have a dark skin, you have to be a Democrat. The democratic leader is a murderer and a thief but you have to vote for her because she is the Democratic choice and on top of it she is a woman. So if you are a woman how can you not vote for her?

How about using your brain and think. How about making a decision based on facts and not simply following the flock. Are you capable of doing this?

A great majority of people cannot do this. Our mis-educational system made sure of it.

Do not think, do not experiment. Do what others do. Follow those who are licensed to teach you. That is easier and safer. This is the way to be accepted and honoured.

Our planet is in turmoil. What’s bad is considered good and what’s good is considered bad.

Those are the last days my friends. The last days of slavery and entrapment.

Those of us who can still operate more than two neurons (yes and no) are aware of the times we are living in and are eagerly awaiting the change.

Among us who are aware, there is a discrepancy of how we should go about it.

Those immersed in religion are passively waiting for their Messiah to come and bring them salvation.

Those that are awake are actively participating in awakening others because they know that they are the chosen ones responsible for the change to take place.

Why did I mention politics?

Because the same way you go about politics, you will react to your healing.

Everyone is eating dietary carbohydrates so will I? It does not matter to you that everyone who is doing this is sick.

Most people want a change but are waiting for things to change around them.

The change must come from within.

You are the master of your environment. Unless you change it, nothing will change. Waiting for the change with the crowd will not result in the change, it will only prolong the waiting period of the misery you are experiencing.

You can heal your body now if you accept to make changes.

How many of you had done this?

Not many, and why?

Because it is seemingly easier to wait. At least you are dealing with something that you know, something that is familiar so you feel safe. It does not matter that it hurts.

Our reasoning follows the path of lesser resistance. It is easier to do what others do. It is easier to follow the same pattern then changing it, at last you know this one and who knows what would happen if you change?

Our brain is in the way all the time. We forget that the brain is a robot and as such, it can only do things that it is familiar with. Any change scares it to death.

This is same for all of the creation. What is, is afraid of change because it feels safe in the form that it presently occupies.

This is true not only for what we consider a living thing but also for non-living or things that we have made since it all has a consciousness of its own.

The more we know, the better we can respond and actively make the desired changes.

If you want the world to change, start changing the way you behave in it.

If you want your health to change, start changing the way you live. Start changing the way you eat and drink. Change the way you react and the way you think.

Changes are what creates experiences and experiences are the real knowledge. This is why I often say, “try it for yourself”.

Listen to your body. Listen to the way it reacts to the changes.

Every change creates a different environment which creates changes in the genetic alignment which forces cellular changes.

Sometimes the change in behaviour stimulates the body to cleanse. More toxic is the body, stronger and longer will be the detoxification. The detoxification symptoms are replicas of the symptoms we had experienced when we were sick and many people stop the detox because they think that it makes them sicker.

Instead of asking for help, they rather stick to what they know, it’s easier and seems safer.

If you want to experience change, you have to change. Waiting will not bring the changes it will only bring more waiting. Returning to your old habits will not make the change, it will reinforce the status quo.

The best way we can help each other is by sharing our experiences and not by repeating a scripted information we had received from the licensed “experts”.

We are individuals. Each of us has a mission and this mission is to help others as a part of the collective.

Learn from your experiences, listen to your inner guide and share the experiences you had with others. Do not keep them as a personal treasure because you are a part of the whole and sharing your experiences is your mission.

If you have the knowledge, share it.

If you have food, share it

If you have money, share it

If you have the equipment, share it…

By sharing, we will eliminate the need for the money and corruption will stop.

To do any of it, first, we have to accept the change by changing the way we do things.

So if you want changes in your life, being it in your health, your wealth or happiness, the first thing that you have to do is to change the way you think and the way you react.

Are you ready for this?

Love and light to us all.


Diagnosis cartoons, Diagnosis cartoon, funny, Diagnosis picture, Diagnosis pictures, Diagnosis image, Diagnosis images, Diagnosis illustration, Diagnosis illustrations

So far, every single client that came to me asking for my help with their health-related problem, came because they had tried everything else and their health had deteriorated to the point that they will even try something that is in complete contradiction to everything that they had been told before.

The first thing they say when they see me is, “Darko, I was diagnosed with xxx and they have tried everything and it is not working. Can you help me?”

Then they make me look at the bundle of papers which were used as the base for their diagnosis of the health problem or the disease that they are suffering from.

After giving me their paperwork they look intensely for my reaction and expect to hear the same as they had heard before.

Today we have some really sophisticated diagnostic equipment and a lot of money is spent simply to be diagnosed.

How important is the diagnosis after-all?

Well, in some cases to properly and timely recognize the problem can save someone’s life but in most cases, what difference does it really make to know the exact cause of your pain the way doctors diagnose it?

I have pointed several times what the word diagnosis means.

It comes from the old Greek language where du or di means number two, and the word agnosis means without knowing or not knowing. So together the word diagnosis means two not knowing which makes perfect sense as far as the modern medicine is concerned.

If the patient would know what causes his health problem he/she would not need to visit a doctor. On the other side, if the doctor would know what causes the health problem of his patient he would resolve it but he does not.

So how important is it to have the diagnosis made really?

Recently I spoke to my friend Robert who is a young chiropractor. He uses a sophisticated computer program to find the stagnation points of his patients which he relives through a simple muscle manipulation. He is doing well and many people come often for a new realignment.

He is happy and so are his patients, it is a great indefinite business. Why? Because the patient is never healed and the “healer” has guaranteed return business, permanent patients.

The root cause of the patient’s problem is never addressed.

Why does the body slip out of an alignment in the first place?

Doctor’s answer to this question will be a wrong movement.

So, is scoliosis (twisted spinal cord) caused by a wrong movement?

A doctor will answer that the problem is the wrong posture.

Diagnosis cartoons, Diagnosis cartoon, funny, Diagnosis picture, Diagnosis pictures, Diagnosis image, Diagnosis images, Diagnosis illustration, Diagnosis illustrations

Well is it really so?

The skeleton is held in its place by the muscles. When the muscles are properly hydrated they have the proper tension and they keep the bones in their correct position and the joints are tight and stable. It is not easy to take them out of the alignment no matter what movement you do and what posture you take while relaxing.

Once when the muscles become dehydrated, they lose their tension and their consistency. They become weak and brittle. The joints that they support become loose, noisy and unstable. This is when misalignment occurs which chiropractor puts back in their place. So if nothing is done to hydrate the muscles, they remain weak and misalignment will continue to occur. It is like putting a table leg in its place without tightening the screw. It is just a matter of time when that leg is going to fall off again.

As I have said, it is a great business.

When I told Robert that my wife had scoliosis and it repaired itself through the Self Healers Protocol’s hydration, he replied that this was impossible. “The spine cannot recover without being manipulated he said”.

This is obviously not so since many of my clients recovered from varieties of joint problems without being manipulated by a chiropractor.

This is not to say that I do not approve their work. I am simply saying that healing has to be a part of the reparation. So hydrate, change the diet and have your body aligned for faster and pain-free healing.

I have used joints as an example but we can take any health problem and I can show you the faulty medical science in action.

Let’s take diabetes as an example.

Diabetes signifies high levels of sugar in the blood.

So doctors will give you drugs that prevent sugar synthesis in the body but they will tell you to have pasta, bread, and rice daily so that you do not go into hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Cooked and processed carbohydrates are pure sugars so how can they be good for your consumption when your health is being destroyed by too much sugar in your blood.

We can use as an example myopia, osteoporosis, hypertension, headache, stomach ulcer, digestive problems, mental problems and we are always going to end up with the same result.

The medical approach is not addressing the culprit and it only manipulates the symptoms for a short period of time. Then the symptoms change as the toxicity increases and a new set of symptoms will have to be addressed all over again. Now our medical “experts” proclaim that a new disease has formed which has nothing to do with the previous disease that was cured since the symptoms of that disease ceased to manifest themselves.

Great business if you ask me. This is what makes the pharmaceutical industry the most profitable industry on this planet.

Diagnosis cartoons, Diagnosis cartoon, funny, Diagnosis picture, Diagnosis pictures, Diagnosis image, Diagnosis images, Diagnosis illustration, Diagnosis illustrations

For this charade to continue, the most important part is the diagnosis itself because the diagnosis will determine what set of treatments (poisons) will be used and it will scare the patient into a submission. After all, the doctor knows what he is talking about.

This is why new ways of easy diagnostics are being promoted.

The new one comes from Japan and it is a urine test for diagnosing cancer.

Diagnosing AIDS is of a great importance because the majority of people who contracted the AIDS virus would not ever know that they have it since it is very weak. Even the poorly functioning immune system of the sugar eating humans cannot be affected by it unless the people are malnourished or further poisoned by drugs, legal and the illegal one.

Once the AIDS virus is diagnosed, the doctors can use strong poisons to further undermine the immune response and make the patient dependent on those so-called AIDS cocktail medication.

All lies and deceits.

Often just a mentioning of some diseases sends patients over the wall with fear. This is another reason why knowing the diagnosis is counterproductive especially since the doctors know nothing about healing.

The diagnosis is being used as a tool and not in a positive way most of the time. This is why I do not care to know what the diagnosis was. I just have to be polite and ask so that the client feels better. They think that I will do a better job if I know what their problem is.

This is not true. It is often enough for me to see the client and I have the picture of what may be going on. The true situation will be revealed during the detoxification process since symptoms will be the tells.

What is important is the history, the customs, and the present environment.

As you are following my work you are very well informed of the toxic problem and the relation of the toxicity to the chronic health issues. There is no separation, there are no diseases.

It is all just the response of the body to the toxicity.

It is all just about the environment within and outside of your body.

So next time you are diagnosed with something do not panic.

Change the environment and allow your body to heal itself.

If you have a problem with it, give me a shout and I will help you.

Love and light to us all.


The new craze, a PUFA free diet.

Funny businessman swimming underwater

When I was asked to comment on the toxicity of PUFA, first I had to Google it. I had no idea what PUFA is.

So for those of you who are in my shoes, PUFA is an abbreviation for polyunsaturated fatty acids.

There are multiple sites on the Internet promoting PUFA free diet.

For those of you who are following my work, you are familiar with my opinion on polyunsaturated fatty acids or oils as we call them.

Let me remind you that fatty acid is a molecule of fat. This fat molecule is composed of a chain of carbon which is connected with atoms of hydrogens.

We have many different types of fat.

If all of the carbons in the chain are saturated with hydrogen atoms, then this fatty acid is called the saturated fat or saturated fatty acid.

Such molecules are balanced and straight and they can compact perfectly which makes them dense and they are in a solid form in the room temperature.

Their molecules are stable and do not oxidize when heated.

Animal fats belong to this group of fats.

Molecule of saturated fatty acid.

If the carbon chain is missing one atom of hydrogen, such fatty acid is called the monounsaturated fatty acid or fat.

Example of such fat is the olive oil.

Since there is a double bond between the carbons where hydrogen is missing such fatty acid is more reactive since the double bond can easily break and accept an atom of oxygen. Such occurrence is called fat oxidation and such oxidized fatty acid we call rancid.

On the double bond, the carbon chain bends making such fatty acid more difficult to compact and this is why such fat stays liquid in a room temperature but when you lower the room temperature slightly such fat will become solid.

Then we have the polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Those are fatty acids that are missing more than one atom of hydrogen in their carbon chain.

Since more hydrogens are missing, there are more double bonds which means more curves. Such fatty acids are very unstable and since they cannot compact they stay in a liquid form even when refrigerated. We call them oils.

Alpha-linolenic (omega-3, ALA), gamma-linolenic (omega-6) and linoleic (omega-6) acid. Stylized 2D renderings.

The double bond can have two configurations. One is the cis form which bends the molecule and the other is the trans form which keeps the molecule straight.

We had been lied to with claims that trans fats are healthy and people were offered polyunsaturated trans fat and artificially saturated oils like the margarine as a healthy substitute for fat.

The polyunsaturated oils can further be placed in different groups depending on if the double bond is on every third carbon which we call omega 3 oils.

If the double bond is on every 6th carbon than we call it the omega 6.

If the double bond is on every 9th carbon we call such fatty acid an omega 9.

Wait a minute, aren’t the supplement pushers recommending that we load up on omega fats?

Aren’t you being confused?

If not, here is some more information for you.

The omega 3 can be offered to you in a form of EPA oil or in a form of DHA oil.

One has 20 double bonds and the other has 22 double bonds in their molecules.

The “experts” are now telling us that the EPA is what you need and the DHA is causing the inflammation.

Omega-3 cartoons, Omega-3 cartoon, funny, Omega-3 picture, Omega-3 pictures, Omega-3 image, Omega-3 images, Omega-3 illustration, Omega-3 illustrations

Wait for a second, we are also being told that the DHA omega 3 fats are found in our brain, the retina, and the skin tissues so they must be important as well wouldn’t you say?

No wonder that our doctors are confused when they are analyzing the blood. During the inflammatory process, there is more DHA fat found so it is obvious that the DHA fatty acid is bad, or isn’t it?

This is why the diagnosis is being made. Diagnosis or the “two not knowing” is the perfect term for what the doctor’s response is since neither the doctor or the patient knows what the hell is going on.

This is why we have on the one side the supplement pushers recommending us to load on the omega 3 fats, and on the other side, we have them warning us not to have PUFA in our diet. I guess, by calling it a different name it makes them change their characteristics.

It seems that describing a broken skull that was hit with a hammer as being hit by a T shaped metal object makes it less lethal. This is pretty ridiculous wouldn’t you say? Well, I had used the same logic as doctors do by supplementing the chemistry with physics. It does not make a lot of sense but it is easier to understand that what is bad is bad no matter how you spin it.

Doctors have to understand that their knowledge of the way the body works is corrupt which makes it faulty. They have to realize that whenever they analyze the blood, they are looking at the symptoms and not at the culprits.

The changed blood chemistry in the case of an inflammation, or the presence of the cancer markers in the blood, is not what causes the problems. They are the symptoms, the results of the changed cellular responses which are directly influenced by the changed genetic expression, which is again changed by the genes adapting themselves to the resonance of their environment.

The genes are basically responding to those frequencies from their immediate environment and they start to resonate with them. This alters their expression which manifests through the cellular manifestation of the three-dimensional explanation of the quantum world of genes.

Our body can produce everything it needs when it is in a healthy state of the proper resonance.

This resonance is impossible to achieve in a toxic body and problems occur.

Our cells can produce fat from glucose and from the protein. At the same time, they can produce glucose from fat. This is why we can become fat eating carbohydrates and we can have elevated blood sugar from fat or from protein. This does not mean that we can become diabetics by eating fat and protein.

This only means that when the body is toxic, the genetic expression is altered and nothing seems to work properly. Now you know why. It is all about the brain’s interpretation of the resonance of genes as the response to their environment.

Now, getting back to the question about PUFA’s toxicity, If you follow my work then you know that polyunsaturated vegetable oils are toxic to animals so keep away from vegetable oils.

Omega 3 cartoons, Omega 3 cartoon, funny, Omega 3 picture, Omega 3 pictures, Omega 3 image, Omega 3 images, Omega 3 illustration, Omega 3 illustrations

As far as the animal-based omega 3 fats are concerned, they are ok but they are not essential, your body will produce them if it is working properly.

It is difficult to have perfectly healthy body if you had altered its genetic expression with frequencies of plant-based oscillations and of course, you will feel much better when you introduce to your body something that supports its normal healthy frequencies such as the animal-based fats no matter what kind of the animal-based fatty acids you introduce into your body.

Our schools are the misinformation centers where we are programmed to do our masters bidding so it is not surprising that all the wrong ideas come from there. From religion and Marxism to vegetarianism and meat rejection. It is all just a charade designed to confuse us into accepting the most unlikely acceptable contradictions.

Stick to the food of God and you will feel great.

Love and light to us all.

SLICE AND SPLICE MAD/SIN am I crazy or are people going mad?

Crazy scientist. Young boy performing experiments

More and more often I receive emails stating how lucky are people of Peru because I am here to help them with their health issues.

I wish this was the case.

Unfortunately, my closest friends here in Peru rather go under the knife and have their bodies butchered than taking the charge over their health by changing their habits.

One of them is now in Lima awaiting a kidney transplant, another one had recently a knee replacement surgery done. One has ended twice in the emergency room because of digestive issues and another one is waiting for the new plasma body rebuilding technology to become available and continues eating the wrong foods as his varicose veins are about to explode.

Here I am talking about my closest friends here in Peru who know my work and even recommend me to other people but they themselves are doing nothing to help themselves.

Why are people so blind?

I think that the brainwashed mislead doctors have a lot to do with this and of course, the pharmaceutical industry covers their backs and promotes their work through the scripted media basically telling people that there is nothing to worry about, just replace your body-part with a mechanical contraption. It is easy and you will be back in a busyness in no time at all.

Here is an article that was sent to me by my friend Simon:

My friend Mr. M. is obese and he had suffered from a knee pain. After I explained to him what he has to do to allow his body to heal, he had started the protocol. He was losing weight and felt better. After one month he was energetic feeling good and he stopped following the protocol. Of course, he started to gain weight back and the knee pain had returned.

Not to be bothered with changing his diet he rather underwent the surgical procedure of a knee replacement and had a mechanical knee installed.

close up of lots of parts for transplantation of the joints of the feet lie against a metal surface

After a couple of months, he was walking with no pain and was so satisfied that he decided to replace his other knee as well.

Having his blood-work done to make sure that the second surgery can be performed, it was discovered that there is a problem with his prostate and cancer has started to grow there.

Now, Mr. M. was in a panic and rapidly restarted the Protocol again.

What happened next is not surprising to me anymore. After just 2 weeks of following the Protocol, he went back to eating crap saying that he will have cancer surgically removed.

What is happening to people? Do they not have their eyes? Don’t they see what is going on?

Do they not see that peoples lives get destroyed through the medical interventions?

The mechanical gadgets cannot rebuild themselves, they are not supported by the body. This means that they have to be serviced and replaced as they wear out. This is now permanent patient and permanent income for the medical and the pharmaceutical gangsters.

The mad/sin has nothing to do with healing these days. It is strictly a money oriented busyness.

Just look at it.

Replacing the hips, replacing the knees, replacing the heart valves, installing the stents, fusing the vertebra, implanting the false teeth, installing penile prosthesis… the doctors have become nothing more than extremely expensive mechanics that know nothing about how the body works and how to help it to heal. All they know is to cut, burn, poison, and how to install mechanical hinges in the body.

This is really very sad time for humanity.

What is even sadder is the fact that those medical charlatans are prized and glorified through the media giving false information to the dumbed -down public that swallows it all up and eagerly awaits their turn on the butchery table.

What neither the patient nor the doctor realizes that all of the health problems are caused by the toxicity and that the damage is done throughout the body not only in the part that is showing the symptom of pain.

As Mr. M. had experienced after the knee problem cancer showed up.

Implants cartoons, Implants cartoon, funny, Implants picture, Implants pictures, Implants image, Implants images, Implants illustration, Implants illustrations

Doctors falsely present this as just another health issue.

The cancer is not a separate health issue from the knee problem or the circulatory, the digestive problem, the coronary problem or whatever the next health issue presents itself.

I have pointed to this several times before. What we call disease, does not exist, at least not in the way we are told to look at them. Those chronic health problems that we encounter during our life are not some genetic blemishes which are separate and do not relate one to another.

What we call diseases are just symptoms of the general toxicity of our body and certain circumstances will present specific symptoms which we recognize through the pain.

For example, cutting the sensory nerve of the knee would eliminate the knee pain and the knee replacement surgery would not have to be performed. The pain would be gone and the patient would feel healed. Why is this not being done?

Such procedure could be done in the doctor’s office so how much can the doctor charge for this? Not nearly as much as he can charge for the fully-blown surgical replacement of the knee.

Of course, the doctor will claim that the same as a tooth without the nerve cannot rebuild itself, it is basically dead tooth so will the knee become dead, not able to maintain itself and it will deteriorate more rapidly.

Well, isn’t a knee prosthesis a dead object not capable of self-maintaining itself as well?

I am not suggesting to people to have their sensory nerves removed, I am just pointing to the manipulation to which we are exposed to and the nonsensical procedures people so eagerly accept as viable solutions.

As you think about it and realize that if a health problem has developed in your knee, there are problems elsewhere as well. So what do you think, will you benefit from the surgical procedure? Definitely not because I can assure you that if you have a problem with one knee, the other knee problem is about to surface as well. If there are problems with your knees you can be sure that there are problems with all of your joints since the toxic mechanism is the same for all the joints in your body.

So as you examine this further, will you benefit from the treatment of your knee with medicinal remedies?

Again the answer is no because the local treatment will not diminish the toxic load of your body, in a fact, most likely it will intensify it and more symptoms will start presenting themselves. Of course, now as your back starts to ache you will not relate this to your knee, it is far removed from the location so it is a separate health issue. How ridiculous is this thinking you can see for yourself.

The best example of this is Mr. M’s diagnosis of the prostate cancer.

Now you do not have to ask me if the prostate cancer is related to the knee issue. All chronic health issues are related one to another. We are only aware of those that cause us pain or were discovered during the blood test.

It is all about toxicity and the subsequent low flow of energy. This is the reason why the Self Healers Protocol is so effective in healing the body and rejuvenating it.

The deep cellular cleansing has to be the base of every protocol since, without it, we cannot achieve any healing.

Again, remember the phrase, the cellular cleansing.

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Often you hear statements like take just a drop of this daily and your xxx will be cleansed and restored.

Only charlatans can make such claims and gullible people eager to receive benefits with 0 input will jump on them.

Do not be one of those, take the control over your health and help your body to cleanse and repair itself.

Love and light to us all.

More than 2000 genetic blemishes. IS HUMAN A TEST TUBE SCREWUP?

Space shuttle spaceship launch spacecraft planet Mars rocket ship mission universe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Our prominent geneticists are startled by the number of genetic errors which cause many health problems only humanity is suffering from. Are we test-tube screwups?

From the point of the geneticists, we are.

It is amazing how many genetic blemishes there are in the human genetic code.

Our basic genetic makeup is the same, we are definitely from the planet Earth but why does our skin blister when it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged time? No animal reacts this way.

Why do we have to squint when the sunshine is bright? No animal does this.

Why do we shiver from the cold and put on the clothes? No animal does this.

How about the different blood groups of humans and the Rh factors? In animals, we do not see this.

How about all of the genetically influenced diseases as some cancers, some diabetes Mellitus, some circulatory problems, skin cancer, human papilloma cancer, breast cancer….. This does not occur in the wild animal world either.

The genetic blemishes are attributed to many diseases and even the ageing debilitation humans go through as they get older. Such things do not occur naturally to any other living thing on this planet.

We have discovered that from the possibility of 64 codons (genetic sequences), animals use only 48.

More possibilities, (more genetic variations) the more sophisticated can be the creature.

So, how come that people use only 46 codons?

Are we inferior beings on this planet?

Obviously not, so where is the glitch?

Someone had at some point fused two genes together, so it only appears that humans operate on 46 codons when they actually operate same like the animals on 48 codons.

So do we have any benefit from the fused genetic pair?

This is what differentiates us from the animals. There is a strange phenomenon occurring with the fused genes. One of the fused genes is always in the quantum state and this s why it is invisible to us.

The question is, did this occur naturally as the natural progress of the evolution on this planet?

The answer is NO.

We have been genetically manipulated. This does not mean that there is no possibility for this to happen naturally, but in our case, it did not.

The humanoids from a different planetary system claim that they had done it to humans.

Pleiadians claim that they had done this 250 thousand years ago to accelerate the human progress.

This explains many things.

For one, there were several different groups of early humans and all of the sudden they had all disappeared and Homo-sapiens had emerged.

The progress of the modern man was catapulted.

It took a million years for a primitive natural human to switch from a single sharp edge stone chip as a tool, to a multiple sharp-edged stone chipped tool.

The modern man had quickly adapted a spear. It relatively rapidly found how to propel this spear farther. It took him only around 100 thousand years to develop bow but what has happened in the last 100 years is mind-blowing. We had practicably progressed from the bow and arrow to anti-gravitational vehicles, and yes Nazis were making anti-gravitational vehicles from 1945, the rest of us were not aware of this.

Metal and silver vintage UFO isolated on white background 3D rendering

The big question is lingering in the air. Did the Pleiadians screw up? Did they intentionally or accidentally create genetic errors and with them all of the diseases that humans suffer from?

This question can be easily answered.

If you create a machine with a flaw, the flaw keeps showing up on every model and not selectively only on occasions.

This means that if the breast cancer gene would have been a design flaw, it would be present in every woman, but this is not the case.

This goes for all of the genetic flaws which are being blamed for a variety of diseases the modern man suffers from.

As our geneticists are experimenting with the genetic modifications of our crops, we can clearly see how dangerous are those genetic manipulations for our health. Well, we are far from the knowledge that the Pleiadians possess and most of the genetic manipulations which are done by our scientists have the purpose of depopulation and not well-intended progress.

The question still stands: Did the Pleiadians create those genetic glitches?

Of course not.

What we assume are the genetic glitches, are just genetic adaptations to the environment.

As the environment changes so does change the genetic expression. Some of the changes are not to our benefit but they are the direct result of the changes in the environment. It is not mutation, it is adaptation and this makes a world of difference.

Through my articles, I had shown you how can a simple manipulation of the food create great changes to the genetic expression which usually creates difficulties and symptoms of ill health.

Every cellular change is a direct result of a changed genetic expression. This means that yes, the genes are guilty of all of the chronic diseases that the human is suffering from but it is not a result of a genetic error. Those symptoms of diseases are the result of the genetic plasticity. The ability of the genes to adjust to the new environment. This ensures the cellular survival in a changing environment but if the environment becomes toxic, some of the genetic adaptations will create problems which will be expressed as symptoms of what we call diseases.

Here is a video where Barbara ONeill explains development of a disease:


Barbara did a great job with this video but as we are awakening, new knowledge is being exposed and through my articles, you will find sometime a different explanation to some things especially when we go quantum.

Again, even here in this video, Barbara is showing how the bad science is promoted and the beneficial real science is swept under the rug.

Pasteur’s theories are promoted because the pharmaceutical and medical industries can cash on them and the beneficial science of the importance of the environment which can serve as prevention of diseases that was explained and promoted by Antonie Beauchamp was swept under the rug.

On his death-bed, Luis Pasteur admitted that Beauschamp was correct but no one listened. Those who rule are not interested in benefiting the population. They only do what will benefit them directly and this is the sick people who will be their customers. This goes for the popular pharmaceutically driven medicine as well as for the alternative medicine based on supplementation and medicinal herbs.

I know that Mike Adams knows my work but never contacted me since my work is a threat to his supplementation market. The same is with Dr. Mercola who even prevents me from posting my opinions on his articles.

We all want to do good as long as this does not cut into our profit.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to sell since God created us perfect and the Pleiadians did a great job on our genes so if we do the things correctly, we are going to have a long, happy, and healthy lives. We do not need any medicinal remedies and supplements if we do the things correctly.

Prevention is the key.

As Barbara pointed in the video, the minerals are the key but not as she implies from the vegetables and fruits. The not refined sea salt is the clue.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol and experience the rebirth of the brand new you, the way you never thought it is possible.

Love and light to us all.

And please do not force me to do the addendum. Please, send a donation and make these articles possible.

I love you all.

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Can we become fat eating the food of God?

Little girl and big fresh fish - healthy eating seafood

First, for those of you not familiar with what is the food of God, please read this article:

Because of the food we eat and because of the way we eat it, most of the people are obese these days. This is why such people change their diets the first change that they notice is the loss of weight. This is especially noticeable when people adopt mostly raw vegan diet, fruitarian diet or juicing.

There is nothing strange in this as such “food” has no calories and actually triggers purging. This is why people adopting such diet feel great as their bodies can readjust to those good frequencies since the toxic carbohydrate intake is eliminated or drastically reduced.

Eating foods with no caloric values is good as long as your body has fat to support the energetic needs of your cellular structure but when the fat is gone, things change. Their body starts to consume its own muscles to provide the energy for its cellular structure and symptoms of ill health start showing up.

Young man tightening his waist with belt on dark background

When this happens, the health conscious people reach for the supplements. Overloading the body with an element forces the body to continue a detox so that the surplus of this element can be eliminated. At the same time, other toxins will be purged as well but it is important to mention that here we are talking only about the cleansing of the blood since the cellular structure shuts the osmotic hydration to prevent these unnecessary elements from penetrating and polluting the cells themselves.

The longer is the period of the cellular hydration shut down, the more toxic the cells become since they cannot cleanse without water. The toxic elements start to build up but since they remain within the cellular structure and not in the blood, they are not being purged from the body while the blood is being detoxified.

The final result is a clean blood and toxic cells.

The symptoms we call the flu-like running nose, diarrhea, phloem and cough, fever and headaches are all symptoms that are present during the blood’s cleansing period and the more toxic is the blood, the stronger will be the detox symptoms.

With this type of a cleansing diet that I had mentioned above, we achieve a clean blood but our cellular structure remains polluted.

The result is no cleansing symptoms, which means no signs of flue so we automatically assume that our health is bulletproof. Now I demonstrated that this assumption is wrong as our cellular structure remains toxic and the toxic load continues to build as long as we are consuming elements that our body needs to eliminate.

Since basically, our blood is in ok shape, the unnecessary elements can be eliminated through the normal elimination process without causing detox symptoms and we have no idea that we are doing wrong things. We praise our health by claiming that we never get the flu.

We live in an extremely toxic environment. We are being poisoned by the foods we eat, through the air and through the water we drink, through the electromagnetic pollution, and through the fear tactic spread through the media and the film industry. If you do not experience occasional flu-like cleansing symptoms you can be sure that the toxins are accumulating within your body and sooner or later your body will malfunction.

The most toxic elements that drastically increase the cellular toxicity are medicinal remedies because they purge the blood but close the cellular hydration and cleansing.

If we do not allow the cells to cleanse themselves, they become acidic and this triggers the forced hydration we call the inflammation. This is why all chronic diseases are followed by inflammation since all chronic diseases are nothing more than symptoms of cellular toxicity.

The longer was the body exposed to such circumstances the higher is the cellular toxicity and the longer and more severe will be the cleansing symptoms once we allow the body to cleanse on the cellular level.

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I am having more and more experience with people who were on vegetarian diets and supplementation for extended periods of time. They all without an exemption take long time to cleanse, they experience more painful recovery process, and they are more likely to drop the towel and go back to their old habits since as soon as they start poisoning their bodies again, the cellular cleansing stops and the cleansing symptoms disappear giving them the false feeling of health.

The cellular detoxification process is very energy demanding. This is why people feel tired, cold and often depressed. The stronger is the detox, the higher will be the energy demand and people will experience this in a way of symptoms such as are tiredness, headaches, clouded mind, depression, irritation, sleepiness and fuzzy vision.

Slender or skinny people will experience the difficulty of gaining weight no matter how much they eat if their bodies are in the cellular cleansing mode. This is very important especially for the vegans to understand. If you are slim and performing the cellular cleansing, and you do not provide calories through the food that you eat, you are starving your body energetically and the cellular cleansing is slow.

To cleanse, the cells have to hydrate and this means that the osmotic pump has to be strong. This demands water, sodium, oxygen, and a lot of energy. The more of those elements are available the more potassium can be produced and the intracellular liquid becomes dense quickly forcing the cellular osmotic pump into action.

The level of energy utilized in the potassium production is high and it depletes the rest of the body of the energy.

This is why slim people have trouble to gain weight when they are cleansing even if they eat higher amounts of calorie-rich food.

I have some clients who are underweight and now as they feel healthier they are eager to increase their weight and are frustrated that this is not happening or it is happening but to slow.

Some of them had noticed that if they incorporate some carbohydrates into their diet, their weight starts to increase.

This is to be expected since they are reprogramming their cells. Their cells start to utilize dietary glucose but they lose the ability to properly utilize the fat. This makes the fat to accumulate in the adipose tissue and they have to provide the energy by eating frequently the carbohydrate garbage which starts to deactivate their immune system and reverses the cleansing more. The cleansing on the cellular level is slowed down or stops entirely. The osmotic pump slows down or becomes inactive. Much less energy is being used and more calories will be stored in a form of triglyceride in the adipose tissue making us fat.

Obviously, this is not the proper way to go about it but if you are desperate to gain weight you will do stupid things. How fast do we forget how bad we feel when we are sick as soon as the discomfort and pain are gone. And because of some stupid idea, we go back to poisoning ourselves again.

So what is the answer to those people who want to speed up their weight gain during the prolonged periods of their cellular cleansing?

Obviously, reprogramming their cells to the carbohydrate diet is the wrong thing to do so since the energy is the problem, give the body more of the proper fuel than it needs and it will convert it into triglyceride and it will store it in the adipose tissue creating a weight gain you desire.

The most healthy energy loaded food is the animal-based saturated fat.

This means that your food has to be loaded with fat. Eat meat with its fat. Actually, eat more fat than the meat.

I was giving my two dogs ground beef as an experiment. Between the two of them, they eat one kg. of ground beef a day and they were losing weight and became skinny.

Then I switched them on the fat loaded remnants that the butcher sells as a dog-food after he had trimmed the meat. I gave them half a kilogram of this meat a day and they started to gain weight. So half of the amount of food and more than twice the calorie impact on their bodies.

This means that if you want to gain weight eat a lot of eggs, pork, fatty fish (catfish for example), chicken skin with its fat, full-fat yogurt and milk, cheese, and butter.

Coconuts, avocados, almonds or any other fat loaded vegetables can be used but they are secondary to the saturated fat that is provided through the animal-based diet.

My friend Thomas was desperate to some pounds of weight and was eating 12 and up to 18 raw eggs a day with the banana shake daily and munching on some T-bone steaks and pork-chops in the excess of one kilo per day. He had no trouble gaining weight in a healthy way.

I do not have to remind you that the meat has to be as raw as possible for you to eat otherwise it will be toxic and none-digestible.

The fat can be heated and melted but more you heat it, the fewer amount of the vitamins and enzymes will survive so please do not overheat it as well.

This means that the eggs are losing their energetic and health values the more we expose them to heat as well. Keep this in mind while making your meals tasty. Salt is your most valuable ingredient so make sure that you use only not refined sea salt and use it generously. It is good for you.

Knowing all of this, it is easy to figure out how to slim down if we are overweight.

Simply, minimize the amount of the saturated fat in your meals. Nothing can be easier and simpler than that.

To avoid being hungry, you have to eliminate dietary glucose from your food but this you should do anyway if you want to regain your health.

Love and light to us all.

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Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?

Ingredients for Banana Pancakes Preparation Baking Accessories Kitchen Composition Wooden Table Top Metal Whisk Wooden Spoon Bananas Eggs Milk

Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?

Until my friend Mikie sent me this article, I had no idea that my healthy breakfast is becoming a focus of attack. I know that there are many people who got hooked on my banana shake and cannot imagine a day without it but obviously, someone must know the great nutritional value behind this energy loaded shake and found it necessary to put a fear of death in it to shy people away.

Here is the article:

The reason why I am using this article as a topic of my blog is to show you on an example how so-called nutrition experts know so little about the topic of their expertise.

There are a very few nutritionists that realize that there is a huge difference between the raw foods and the cooked and processed foods. There are so few of them that I had not met one as of yet.

In this article they again talk about the nutritional values of bananas not specifying if the banana is a part of a cake or if the banana is in a raw state, sliced on the top of the pastry. The nutritional values will be like night and day, they cannot be compared.

As I had mentioned in previous articles, saying that the cooked food has the same values as the raw food, is like saying that diesel and gasoline have the same values as the crude oil. This is ridiculous wouldn’t you agree?

Beautiful babies inside  eggs  isolated in white

This article does not surprise me nearly as much as some of the questions about bananas I am being asked frequently even after I wrote an article about it and explained what is banana and what happens when we expose it to the heat.

Banana is a fruit. As such it is loaded with seeds. Those seeds need starting energy which is supplied through the carbohydrates with which the banana is loaded with.

As with any other type of fruits, bananas are toxic when the seeds are not ready to sprout. This means that bananas are loaded with toxic proteins and enzymes when they are green.

As the banana ripens, the toxic proteins and enzymes are replaced with fructose. This is done to entice the animals to eat the fruit and spread the seeds.

The amount of fructose is minimal but since the fructose is very sweet, the bananas taste sweet as well.

Since the carbohydrate is not there to feed the animal but it is there to serve the energetic need of the banana seeds, the carbohydrate is packed within the cellular structure and coated with fiber which we call the cellulose.

The cellulose is none-digestible so the seeds and the carbohydrates will not be digested and they leave the animals (or human) digestive system untouched or slightly modified as the digestive flora will brake some fiber in the lower intestines but the carbohydrate will not be absorbed since the absorption of sugars occurs in the small intestines.

This ensures that the bananas will procreate.

The carbohydrate in banana is not there to feed the animal. If it did, many wild animals would suffer from the same chronic diseases as the humans do but this is not the case.

Many “experts” on nutrition are laughing at what I say and none of them has ever tried to test this for themselves and see if this is true.

Banana cartoons, Banana cartoon, funny, Banana picture, Banana pictures, Banana image, Banana images, Banana illustration, Banana illustrations

If you do not believe me, please try it for yourself. Eat nothing but sweet ripe bananas every day. Eat as many as you wish and you will see how fast you will be losing your weight and how low in energy you will feel especially the first two days when your cells are still adjusted to glucose and cannot produce enough energy from your fat.

All raw and unprocessed carbohydrates in nature are protected by cellulose so that animals do not have access to toxic sugars.

The grains are stores of carbohydrates and when you smash the tough cellulose fiber you expose those carbs. No wonder that horses have colics when we feed them grains and we continue giving them this toxic food because no one ever told us that carbohydrates are toxic.

Many times I had mentioned that glucose changes the genetic expression of an animal cell.

Utilizing the corrupt science, doctors start poisoning us from the early age by introducing us to sugars.

Baby foods are loaded with them. If you give a fruit to a baby, the baby will come down with diarrhea. So mothers are instructed to give their children compote which is cooked fruit.

The same will happen if we give babies raw vegetables so mothers are instructed to cook them.

It is simply replacing one poison with slightly modified one and forcing the genetic change so that the baby starts to tolerate this toxic food but at what cost?

The babies immune system becomes noneffective. There will be frequent attempts of the body to cleanse itself so the babies will have frequent vomiting, diarrhea, burping, runny nose, and fever. Does this sound familiar?

As the mother runs to seek medical help, the doctor continues poisoning the baby with a variety of drugs in an attempt to stop diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. All kinds of diseases are mentioned and all that it is is an attempt by the body to detoxify itself.

Now the expert in mad/sin, the doctor, recommends vaccination to reinforce the none functioning immune system. This is the ultimate poisoning attempt as mercury, aluminum, toxic proteins, and viruses are injected into a babies body.

What an evil society we have created!

Now the same experts are telling you that the mixture of eggs and banana creates a poison that will kill you. Should you believe them?

Well, if you believe that doctors are healing you, that the dietitians are correcting your diet, that the packaged supplements are nourishing you, and the Pope will bring you salvation, then by no means do not ever eat eggs with banana or you will compromise your health and die.

It is not the phosphoric acid of Coca-Cola, it is not the toxic chemicals added to the processed foods. It is not the toxic herbicides and pesticides that found themselves in the eggs or in the banana or in the white water we call the milk that was scorched, degreased and poisoned with dispersants for the vegetable oils that were added to this mixture.

We are being fed with a toxic crap but this is ok. The problem is the combination of egg and the banana. You’ve got it.

I am being sarcastic since there are many people that are unable to see the truth, no matter how clearly it is presented to them.

The science behind everything is quite simple but we are instructed to complicate it so that we can confuse people. When confused, people will believe in anything.

In the past, we had been told that 2+2=4

Now we are told that understanding how you get to the result is more important than the result itself.

This is why if you want to know how much is 2+2 you use analytical way.



This is why 2+2=4 get it?

Banana cartoons, Banana cartoon, funny, Banana picture, Banana pictures, Banana image, Banana images, Banana illustration, Banana illustrations

As we are raising our frequency, our eating habits will change, this is unavoidable.

We have to readjust the size of our stomach to the original small capacity. This is easily done through a liquid diet. Many if not all people will switch to a liquid diet in the near future.

The banana shake is a perfect tool to achieve this.

Stop paying any attention to what the “experts” are saying. If it is promoted through the media it is a fake.

I will mention my diet in the addendum.

Love and light to us all.