The Dis-order commonly known as “Lyme disease”

It has been established that underlying factor in all chronic diseases is inflammation. We are told that cause of inflammation is internal war between antigen and antibody. We are told to think of life as everlasting struggle for survival where fight is eminent and only way to succeed.

This is the way we think when Lyme disease is in question. What we are told about Lyme disease is that it is chronic inflammatory disease caused by spirochete bacterium named burgdorferi. It causes inflammation of joints but also multiple inflammations through the body resulting in weakness, pain and lethargy. Dr. Mercola reports “According to preliminary statistics1, 2 just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed in the US each year. This is about 10 times higher than the officially reported number of cases, indicating that the disease is being vastly underreported.”

This is no surprise if you learn the truth hidden from you and that is the fact that this bacteria was created in army chemical lab on Plum island as a biological weapons and tested on the public by spreading it in Connecticut in vicinity of a town called Lyme. It is easy treatable but doctors are encouraged not to treat it.

Are you surprised???? You ought to be.

To hear more about it and to learn how you can help yourself join us this Saturday on “The Owner’s Mannual for the Human Body” show.

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India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle,  as your PANELISTS

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In the show Jeremy explains origin of pathogens and their relation with alkalinity in the body. He explains how acidic environment promotes mutation of microsom into virus, bacteria or fungus and how fighting this pathogens with poisons undermines health of our body. Instead we should be concentrated into helping the body to regain it proper alkalinity and in this way by changing the environment stimulate transformation of pathogen back into its inert form of microsom.

As far as Lyme disease is concerned we have to be aware that it is caused by bacteria. Everyone know that antibiotics are used to eliminate bacteria and they are not effective in combating virus or fungus. They tell us this in schools and in media but what they do not tell us is that when you use antibiotic to eliminate bacteria, microsom stops morphing into bacteria and instead mutates into fungus and virus so there will be less bacteria but more virus and fungus. Doctor know this but do not understand the correct reason behind it.

It is suspicious why Lyme disease is not treated with antibiotic. Also it is necessary to mention that Lyme disease vaccine was developed but was scrapped in use on humans. We know that vaccines do not work and are used to spread diseases. Lyme disease started in Lyme Connecticut but spread throughout the USA. There is obligatory use of Lyme vaccine on dogs. Isn’t it strange? People are not good mules for spreading Lyme disease because this bacteria needs vector a tick. People very rarely experience tick bytes so they cannot really spread the disease.  why to waste the vaccine on them. This is why dogs are the perfect mules and are used for exactly that purpose. Vaccinated dogs will spread the disease much more effectively and since vaccines are doing the contrary (they actually spread the disease) by being infected through the vaccine and having access to more thick than man this makes them the perfect tool to create pandemic. .

To go further, this strain of bacteria that causes Lyme disease was developed on Plum Island which is close to Lyme Connecticut. It all points of deliberate infestation and spreading of the disease. It would not be the first time that government experiments on biological weapon by testing it on its own population. Same has happened with the AIDS virus.

It is not surprising that both of those diseases can be easily cured simply by changing the bodies acidity. This requires proper hydration with water and plenty of sea salt. Do you wander now why it is recommended that we avoid consuming salt?

Medicine has become a dirty business so please educate yourselves and do not accept whatever your doctors tells you.

Through proper hydration we can cleanse our cells and allow them to become alkaline and to repair themselves. We do not need doctors, we need knowledge.

Love, peace and prosperity.

Mainstream health professional going alternate

This Week: How Doctors Profit From Cancer

With Special Guest Former Oncology Nurse Whistle-blower – Valerie Warwick

We have been sharing for some time now that Cancer is an industry. A very, very lucrative industry and that there is no incentive to find the cure. In fact “the cure(s)”, not to mention the causes, have been deliberately suppressed to keep this barbaric industry in business.

We are very honored to be joined by the former Oncology nurse of 17 years Valerie Warwick, who quit after she could take no more of what she witnessed and experienced. No one is better qualified to share with you the realities of the “cut, burn & poison” modalities of so called modern cancer therapy.

EVERYONE should listen in and hear, straight from the horse’s mouth, this critical information – especially if you are recently di-ag-nosed with the condition commonly known as cancer.

What cancer patients need to know before agreeing to conventional treatment?
How doctors profit off of chemotherapy;
Why doctors are not allowed to offer any other therapies;
as well as this we will all be discussing with Valerie the true modalities of healing this dis-ease of extreme toxicity and nutrient deficiency.

Join us, download and share far and wide as we find out the truth of How Doctors Profit From Cancer.

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

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Week after week we are explaining how the medical industry, and it is money oriented industry poisons its clients (patients) in the name of curing or eradicating diseases. How can poison that will harm healthy human be beneficial to someone with ill health??? It takes a long time to condition man so that it cannot see the obvious trap. This conditioning we call educational process. Higher education, higher is the disconnect with reality. No wonder that doctors cannot see the light, and when they do they do not want to lose the privileges that their position in the society brings. Few are those that care enough to risk it all. One of them is Valerie Warwick. As an insider she shares stories of er experience with treatment of cancer. So if you still have a doubt in what we are saying listen to what she had experienced while working as a nurse in the field of oncology.

Dr. “Do-Little” moment

Since more and more families count their pets as family members (and rightfully so) it is natural that we direct some words of hope towards them.

Farm animals have their own set of problems that are connected to the purpose that the animal is associated with. Farmers are aware that what they are doing is not correct. Partly because of the greed and partly because of pure pressure from the system they find themselves caving to convenience and pressures and drown their animals in pharmaceutical poisons in an attempt to counter the abuse and literally and figuratively “milk” the animal as far as possible.

This show will be directed towards the family members we call pets. We only want the best for them so we listen to our veterinarian and obey orders. The vet knows the best, right? Unfortunately this is not how it is in most cases.

Almost everyone that has a male cat is familiar with urethra obstruction that almost always ends up with expensive surgery. How many of you have had the breasts of your young female dog amputated to prevent mammary cancer? How many of your cats are ailing with leukemia or how many have become diabetic? How many of your dogs are on pills for heart related problems……the questions can continue infinitely.

Do you notice that your pets suffer from the same dis-eases as your family members? We do not even stop to think about it. For us this is just another ‘normal thing’. This is what we are being told and veterinarians can only do what they have been told to do in the university. Same schools, same lies and same problems.

This time our attention is on our pets. We believe you are eager to listen.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Same reasons that influence ill health in humans will do so in our pets. This is why they have exactly the same health problems as we do. Out pets do not eat correctly. Pet food is a junk food no matter what the packaging states.

Animals same as humans should never be exposed to dietary glucose. Pet food is loaded with it. Most of it is toxic GMO soy or rice. This is why our pets start suffering from hypertension, obesity, glaucoma, kidney failure….Since cats lovers often feed their love-ones with can food the cats will get the same disease as children fed with frankfurters, leukemia. All animal cells work alike. Human body is animal body. This is why we all suffer the same faith. Do not vaccinate your pets and start feeding them natural raw foods. Learn what is the correct diet for your pet. Do not ask your vet. since he is as mislead as your doctor. Look what is your pet wild relative eating and implement it on your love ones. Dog is omnivore. It will eat meat, eggs, fruits sometimes even raw vegetables because it will imitate you. Cat is carnivore so it can survive just on meat, liver, eggs. Parrot will eat seeds, some vegetables, fruits but it will love you if you give him/her some raw meat or liver. All animals love coconut products. I give them coconut oil and always add sea salt in their water. If you fallow this instructions you will eliminate your vet. bills.

Love you all.



Hipper-Hippo or “Hashimoto’s’” kebang take a pick.


As in all the other cases of failing health there is not much difference when we analyze dis-eases with thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is a prevailing and disturbing problem today. According to experts, 10% to 40% of Americans have suboptimal thyroid function. Thyroid gland is in charge to control cellular energy production and does this through hormones it produces. So if the production of hormones is elevated our cellular metabolism goes up we burn more energy and lose weight. If thyroid gland under produces its hormones we slow metabolism, get sluggish, tired, fogy minded… As is the case with other diseases we had covered same is happening with the thyroid gland. For its proper work thyroid gland needs iodine. The food we eat is nutrient depleted and we have been told lies about the way we should eat so problems that cause cells to acidify will cause problems in the thyroid gland.
Some additives interfere with iodine cellular bonds and even if we have iodine in the circulation it cannot do its function. To help you understand this health problem this Saturday we will expose what to do to normalize your thyroid function.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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For proper functioning thyroid gland depends on iodine. Iodine receptors are in all our cells. Since iodine is element that has certain characteristics of other elements in its group any of them may occupy the place on the receptor and prevent iodine to bond. This means that even if you have enough iodine in the food you may still be iodine depleted because there is no place where iodine can bond on the cell. The most common elements that can prevent iodine to bond are chlorine and fluoride. Now you can understand why you feel tired if you spend lot of time in swimming pool.

Chlorine is added to drinking water a so is fluoride. No wonder that problems with thyroid gland are sky rocketing.

When you ad to this problem cellular dehydration and acidity you can start to understand where does the problem come from. Occidental medicine is not designed to cure anything so it will just support the body to live with this problem for some time by supplying hormones that thyroid gland cannot produce in this stage of toxicity until further problem occur that will lead to surgical removal of the gland (butchery) and destruction of the body because what is taken out cannot heal.

As with any other dis-ease thyroid gland can recover and assume its full function. To do so we have to eliminate toxins that prevent the cells from hydrating, removing chlorine and fluoride from water and food supply and add iodine so that it can bond with cellular receptor.

If you had heard this to late and the “butchers” had removed your thyroid gland do not worry. Thyroid gland cannot be fully removed since it goes through vocal box, it can be regenerated. To do so I recommend electric stimulator that will stimulate stem cells so that they can assume their place in the thyroid and start secreting necessary hormones.

If you feel that you need guidance do not hesitate to contact me. Love, happiness and abundance.