The liquid crystal called WATER

I cannot start an article about water without mentioning Dr. Masary Emoto.

His work showed us not just that water is a liquid crystal but that water can be influenced to change the crystalline structure under the influence of energy. Since energy is manifested by frequency water can be influenced to change its crystalline structure by sound, light, electromagnetic stimulation and since thoughts are electromagnetic waves they will restructure the water as well. This shows us that water has quantum capabilities.

We are all aware of waters ability to dissolve things, carry nutrients into our body and toxins out of it. We know that body is using it to cool of by using its ability by absorbing and releasing heat and by changing its state from the liquid to the gas form (vapor)

Knowing these things about water will make it logical that dehydrated blood will have major problems and dehydrated cells will not be able to function properly. You would think that in medical school we are learning a lot about water and its importance in life. Wrong. Not a semester, nor a month, not a week not even an hour. Interesting isn’t it? No wonder that  great majority of people are dehydrated. Doctors are told at best that patients must take liquids. Most liquids if not all that are not pure water will dehydrate the body more since they bring more pollutants that have to be cleansed out of the body.

I want to bring your attention to the crystalline form of water. Images of water crystals are shown in many documentary films and on YouTube explaining how the crystalline structure is changing under the frequency of stimulants but few of us understand what does that really mean. We are shown images like this

This shows you the type of crystals water turns into when exposed to human thoughts. The last image is reversed. Water reacts to the meaning behind your thoughts. You can leave the message of your thought in a written form like writing on the peace of parer “thank you” and same crystals will form as if you were there projecting your thoughts into the water. To go further you can make just a mark on a paper and if you were projecting a thought while making the mark it will create the same crystal as your thought. For example if you think that the hook you are drawing represents the thought of “thank you” and you put the drawing on the water bottle, that water will crystallize in the same crystal .  The same things will happen when the water is exposed to the sound. Music composed with feeling of love, beauty and happiness will form beautiful crystals and music written with hate, terror and destruction will result in de-structured mush without any crystalline form.

As you can see the crystalline structure of the water is forming around your thoughts and not the written symbol of word or the tune of the sound. It does not matter what language you speak, what letter you use or what sound you make. What matters is the thought with which it was created.

Our thoughts are quantum representation that influences the photons and water is made of photons but it has a special abilities to show itself as intermediary between the physical world of three dimensional world and its quantum counterpart. It is fascinating, isn’t it?

Still we are looking on those crystals as beautiful forms not realizing exactly where is the big fuss?

The big fuss is in the property of water that changes with different crystalline structure. What are the properties of water you may ask? Well first the freezing and boiling point will be different in different crystalline expression of water. Why is that important? Well there are living creatures that survive in ice or in lava and there is no life without water possible so those creatures have water structured in a way that it can withstand those circumstances. We know now that there is water inside of DNA structure and it is crystallized in such a way that it can withstand cold of 40 degrees Celsius below 0 and not to freeze.

Another important property of water is its tension, its ability to make collective bond and this way produce drops. Higher the tension the bigger the water drops. This is how water absorption may be controlled. Lower tension easier water evaporation.

It is important to know that you can structure water to be healthy and help you in regaining your health or it can do just the opposite. There was an incident in I believe it was Japan on a business meeting where all participants got violently sick and some have even died. It was poisoning and all the they had was water. Water was tested and no poison was found. This was before we knew to check the crystalline structure of water.

Here is another information that you will find unbelievable but it is true and I invite you to try it when yo have a chance,

When we grab a hot object we usually drop it because we get burned and we stick the hand in cold water to control the pain. Still hand will hurt for a long time and blisters will appear. It will take long time for the skin to repair itself. I told you that life is highly adaptable and depends on water structure within it. Also now yo know that yo can influence the structure to change with your thoughts but also with other frequencies of energy. So next time yo get burned instead putting your hand into cold water immediately bring it close to the source of heat (open fire or hot stove..) and hold your burned place as close to the heat as you can take before tears start rolling down your face. Keep it like this for a minute letting your cells know that you are changing their environment and that they have to adapt to it. Sounds crazy doesn’t it??? You will see that after you remove the hand from fire the pain will go down and disappear within few minutes and blisters will never appear.

Now maybe you understand when I tell you to express gratitude to your water and food before eating it. It will restructure the water within it and depending on the thoughts yo send it, it will have different characteristics and aid you in whatever you asked for. We used to pray over our food before, what happened? We became to smart for the “nonsense” of spirituality. Well now you know it is pure physics, quantum physics at its best we are just ignorant and sidetracked by the “modern Science”.

Forget all you know and absorb the new. What is coming is amazing, enjoy the ride. I could be ranting about water another hour but I think that this article will trigger more interest so go and do some digging for yourselves my brothers and sisters and if you would rather look for it here I will return to this topic because there is so much more to say about it.



As people are waking up they are realizing that there is something terribly wrong with the health industry. There is pharmacy on every block and pharmaceutical department in every grocery. It is becoming difficult to distinguish if you are in grocery store or in pharmacy, medication is colorful like candy and placed in between coca-cola and ice cream.

Consumer advertising for prescription drugs may not have the impact ...VUJ Calculus - Urology Videoshome period paper paper advertising medical pharmaceutical ads

It looks like children toy department doesn’t it?

Dangerous drugs are promoted like a candy and in the case that you have forgotten, children will remind you because the Tel a lie Vision is programing their brains to do so.

In the case that you are not totally convinced that toxic treatment is the right thing for you, your family health provider will send a law enforcement to bring you to your senses. You will be fined and jailed for your own protection. And just as you may think that it cannot get any worse the few conscious doctors that actually improve peoples health are being prosecuted, imprisoned or they are dropping dead like flies.

In England doctors responsible for developing cancer fighting drug Gc MAF are behind the bars and their laboratories in England and Switzerland have been ransacked and vandalized. In the United States just last month 8 doctors died and 5 are missing. What is interesting is the fact that all of them were proponents of alternative treatments and very successful in healing their patients without the industry recommended approach of cut, poison and burn techniques. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on. The big pharma is desperately trying to stay in control but their days are numbered and they know it.

Here you can read details about these events

Another Florida Doctor Murdered, Bringing Total to 8 Dead & 5 Missing in Just the Last Month

We are in the times of change, people are waking up and more and more doctors are realizing the sham of the system they are involuntary a part of. I say involuntary because they are being lied to as the rest of us through the “mis-education” system. Through so called modern science which is nothing more than fabricated bunch of lies designed to keep us in the dark following the will and the orders of those in charge.

We are in the final hours, the beast is dying and it is the most dangerous. Friends and colleagues please do not cave in, stay strong because we are winning. Death does not exist it is just new rebirth in making and new World is coming to fruition. Humanity will finally become free.

Is what you are using really a SEA SALT???

Since my protocol requires the usage of sea salt, very common question is “which is a good sea salt and where do I get it?”

This may sound like a ridiculous question since the name describes it. Sea salt is salt extracted from a sea water. Simple isn’t it? Simple but not really. The reason for this is fraudulent advertising that is going on in the corporate industry where the result determines the cause. Under the corporate law, legal and lawful has nothing to do with honest and truthful. This is why dishonest advertising has taking place and people are mislead in buying the wrong items.

For example these are some of the salts claiming to be genuine SEA SALTS. As yo can see they come in a variety of colors. To me, none of them is actually a sea salt. All of them are rock salts that come from mines and not from a sea water. Industry is claiming that they are salt deposits from the time when the area was under the sea level and as Earth reshaped itself now the salt deposits are good to be used. The claim is that this kind of salts are healthier because sea was not polluted at those times.

Those claims are not correct and selling rock salt under the name of sea salt is fraudulent and should be illegal since it is misleading. Sediment-ed rock salt can never have the same properties as fresh sea salt that was extracted directly from the sea . Only freshly extracted salt from the sea can be labeled as sea salt.

You may ask “what is the fuss” since the sediment-ed salt came from the sea originally?

For one it is not true that the sea was cleaner at that time since the biggest pollutant is volcanic eruption and volcanic activity in the past was way stronger that what we experienced on this planet during our life time. Lot of sedimet-ed salts have toxic elements in them. One of those salts that are toxic is the pink salt sold as the Himalayan salt.

The other reason is that salt is water soluble and it was exposed to water that through the years washed away many elements. One of those elements that will be depleted first is magnesium. All rock salts are low on magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important elements in our body and has to be applied regularly so salts that are depleted of magnesium are inferior and do not provide adequate mineral content to our body.

So how can we make sure that the salt we are using is real sea salt and not inferior sediment-ed rock salt?

First is the color. Sea salt looks dirty gray. Not brown, not black,not pink, not beige but gray. All the other colors are sediment-ed dirt particles and indicate rock salt and not sea salt.

Other tell is moisture. Real gray sea salt is always wet. You cannot keep it dry even in closed plastic bag so when you are buying it make sure it looks wet. The wetness is caused by the strong ability of magnesium to bond with the water. Since sea salt is loaded with magnesium the salt is always wet.

As you can see from the picture above, sea salt sticks and does not flow. This is because of its moisture content. It is common to find white iodized sea salt in Europe. Such salt flows freely because it was “purified”. Such salt is no better than common toxic table salt sold in the stores.

One would think that it would be easy to find sea salt since there is plenty of salty water on this planet. It is not so and one of the reasons is fraudulent advertising of rock salt as sea salt. Now being in Peru we have really tough time finding REAL SEA SALT. All salts that we can find here labeled as sea salt are coming from mines in Peru and none of them is coming from the sea. What a fraud.

Bare in mind that only sea salt is good salt so demand prosecution of false advertising.

With love and light


One problem that is related to all chronic diseases is inflammation. Since this health problem is so common you might think that doctors are well informed and educated to deal with this situation. Unfortunately it is not so. Not that students are not told the causes of inflammation, they are deliberately lied to and the lies come from books written by controlled, supervised and regulated system we call “modern science”.

By this science students are being told that inflammation is a result of a war between gen and anti-gen (irritant and immune response). Science as we go (modern science) is presenting everything as a battle for survival, good against the bad. This shows the ignorance of the people involved on both sides of the stage. Those creating the science and those accepting it as true. If we engage our brains just a little bit we can realize that this cannot be the way. Universe is in total harmony and everything is fractal. We are looking at opposites as good and bad but how can we have any experience without them. Automatically we have to come to a conclusion that everything has purpose and in our service so that we can experience it.  Experience is the reason for being here and go through our lives.

So if inflammation is not a result of a battle, what causes it?

Imagine a tissue (small part of any organ in the body). It is a membrane filled with plasma-blood in which live cells.

On one side come a blood vessel that brings fresh blood called the artery and on the other side is another blood vessel through which the blood leaves the tissue and it is called the vein. You see, the cells are well hydrated round and pressurized. Because of polluted blood or lack of energy caused by stress the cells refuse to hydrate. In time they dehydrate because they use water for their cleansing. As less and less water is available more and more toxic elements remain in the cell. The cell is becoming acidic.

When lot of the cells in an tissue become acidic sensory receptors bring this to the attention of the brain. Since acidic cells cannot conduct electricity their electric potential drops. This causes serious problem so the brain sends order for forced hydration. Normal cellular hydration goes through osmotic pressure system of the cellular membrane. To force cells to accept the water, external pressure has to be achieved. This is created by the tissue producing histamine and vasopressine (two hormones that constrict blood vessels). This narrows the passage for blood and reduces its flow. Since arterial blood is under high pressure created by the heart, narrowing artery only makes blood entering with stronger force like when you squeeze a water hose when washing your car. Vein has no pump so narrowing its orifice makes it more difficult for the blood to leave the tissue.

Now the blood starts to accumulate in the tissue. The tissue starts to increase its volume and starts to push on sensory nerves. This produces sensation first of itchiness and as the pressure increases this sensation turns into the pain. With this extra-cellular pressure plasma is forced into the cells. Cells are forced to hydrate so that they can clean themselves so that proper voltage can be reinstated.

As yo can see, inflammation is part of healing process and not as we are told a disease that has to be stopped. By artificially reducing the inflammation (by pharmaceutical or natural poisons called medicines) we are interfering with natural healing process, preventing hydration and cleansing and this way contributing to further accumulation of toxins in our body.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable so medicinal remedies are a welcome relief but then we have to go and help the body to hydrate and detoxify on cellular level.

As you see there is no war going on. When you start understanding how the system works you realize how easy it is to help the body to heal itself from allergies and others chronic “incurable” diseases.

More about inflammation, hydration, cleansing and healing yo can find in my book.

Smile, do not worry because there is no such a thing like INCURABLE DISEASE.

Love &Light

MIP PERU 7/15/15

Our work in Peru has a slow progress. We have visited several schools giving health lectures to teachers and it became obvious that most teachers need to go back to school themselves. We wonder how can people like this be in charge of education. Well not surprising really they are just following the curriculum and they are bored by it themselves.


This horses expression shows more interest than the eyes of some teachers that come to listen about health. Today lecture was purposefully done in the middle of the day when teachers are not tired and still some fell to sleep as soon as they sat down. There are always those few that see the light and this keeps us  going on. It is a process of awakening. If we manage to awake one human at the time we are succeeding and doing great job.

On brighter note we visited our friends in San Roque where some seminars and healing sessions are performed. What a wild and beautiful place!


Situated near river in the Amazonian rain forest it is equipped with its own water system electricity and dry toilets. Clean no smell, just nature and the sense of powerful energy. It has open kitchen and place for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

DSC01233 DSC01236 DSC01253

It is a place for those who are more adventurous.

For those that prefer more comfort there is different setup in outskirts of the jungle


Obviously Hilno is in love with this place


Spending here a week is not nearly enough. Temascal (sweat lodge) and Ayahuasca ceremonies are available in both arrangements and costs are from 150 $ US to 300 $ US per day depending on the stay and activity one chooses to experience. Incorporated are health lectures that will set you on your way of health and rejuvenation. Do not expect limo service. Here I am maneuvering the most poplar form of transportation


It’s called the moto car.

It is going back to the basics, cleanse and rejuvenate physically, materialistically and mentally. It is an experience well worth having especially in this time of change.

I am leaving you with this image of a flower


and it is real

Love and light to you, your family and friends


For most people mentioning of “frequency” in a blog that talks about health is confusing. This is because when we talk about health we are programmed to think chemistry and bio-chemistry and not physics. This type of separation has led us into darkness. When you compartmentalize things you lose natural flow and you are forced to look for the answers within the same box. Finding the answers is impossible to achieve and scientists start incorporating things that they cannot find simply because logic is telling them that they have to be there. This is what Nasim Haramein calls “science as you go” and I totally agree with him. To be able to understand who we are we have to understand frequency. So what is frequency and what does it represent?


To understand the importance of frequency and life connection we have to know about the double slit experiment.


You may ask why is this important? The mystery of life is in the light. Light is behaving as a wave until observed and than miraculously changes into a particles. Depending of its frequency it will be visible as different colors of light in a wave form or as different form of geometry in a particle form. The particle form of light and its geometry is called the sacred geometry and comes from a particular design called      “the flower of life”


To some of you this is known science but to most people it is not. So here is another example of how frequency changes the pattern of particles


Scientists are trying to break particles to get to the basic “God” particle. This is ridiculous because the smallest particle is “photon” which is the single particle of light. Everything we see is made of photons. Another interesting thing about the light is that it has consciousness that alerts it when it is observed and allows it to change form. This means that everything there is, has consciousness as well. It was observed that orbiting electron will change the orbit into lower orbit when receiving energy or an information and jump into a higher orbit when it is sending energy. This explains why DNA shrinks when it is under stress and expands when it is emitting energy (information).

Our brain receives the secret geometry forms and like a computer deciphers them into logical elements creating our reality. Everything that exists is defined by its own frequency and since frequency is energy in motion it produces sound. Aborigines in Australia say that everything has its own song. Since every atom has its own frequency you may understand that we radiate with billions of frequencies but we have our own distinguished electromagnetic signature that separates us from others and this way defines us as a unit. So everything that is has its own frequency that defines it but has another frequency that defines his properties. One of those is a position in space. To move from one position to another all that has to be done is to change the frequency of space that surrounds us. It is like changing TV station where on one channel you are in the Caribbean and on the other channel you are in New York.

Frequency defines our DNA and now we are in a process of rising frequency. This is starting to change our DNA, we are evolving. We are starting to understand things differently from what we were told and we are realizing that the science as we know it cannot hold the water.

Our thoughts are electromagnetic waves and they are directly influencing photons and causing “manifestation”. Now you know why I do not call it manifestation but creation. What you think, you create from energy of light that surrounds you. So be careful of what you think since we are entering in time of instant manifestations. It is critical that we let go of what we “know” as truth and absorb new knowledge like a children without judgement and comparison to what we “know” to be the truth. We are in the first grade again no matter of how educated we think we are.

It is exciting isn’t it!!!

Think LOVE




What used to be a rear manifestation is becoming more and more frequent in young people. Seizures are not a pretty picture and could be dangerous.

When dealing with a <b>person</b> having a <b>seizure</b>, do NOT put anything in ...

The same as any “disease” seizures are treated just symptomatically and people treated that way start developing seizures more and more frequently. In medical school we are told that there is no way to reverse and heal this problem. My experience is contrary. To help we first have to know what is the cause of seizures.

Nerve Propagation & Motor Units

Neurons, the nerve cells are connected one with the other through long protrusions called the axon. Axons serve like a wire that transmits electricity. Axons are coated with thick layer of fat called myelin. Myelin serves as isolator same like plastic coating on electrical wire. This shields one axon from another.If the myelin coating gets damaged or to thin, electric signals can escape and cause sparking between two or more axons. This causes seizures.


Now what can cause myelin depletion? Variety things but the most common are pollution and damaged fats. Most common pollutants are vaccines and amalgam tooth fillings but also chemical fat dispersant in so called “natural juices”. The wrong toxic fats are also contributing to this problem and those fats are hydrogenated and tans fats. Problem in those fats is that they are electro-magneticaly miss-balanced and cause polarity problem if cells use them for construction of their membranes. So now the question is how to know what caused the problem and how to repair it? In my opinion this question is irrelevant. What has to be done is to cleanse the blood by hydrating it. This will allow cellular hydration and cleansing. Supply the cells with the good fats and protein so that they can repair damaged myelin coating and the problem is solved.

I had excellent results but my clients used Becks blood purifier as well. Self healers protocol with pulser is working like a charm. One can also use cannabis oil as medicinal remedy but the recovery will be slower. If you use cannabis oil do not utilize Beck’s pulser. This combination could be lethal.

Remember that one cannot hydrate without water and sea salt or if utilizing diuretics like caffeine, alcohol or neuro-supressors like garlic and some other neuro-toxic medicinal plants. Recovery period is usually between 3 to 5 months but seizures may stop as soon as in one day of applying the protocol. Important is to stop using any type of “medication” when applying the Self healing protocol.

With love and light


Mi friend Chris who is a paramedic recently asked me interesting question that I feel is important because the answer explains lot about the nature and cause of headaches.

People, headache

Chris had two emergencies that involved headaches. In one case the man had elevated pressure 80/160 and in the other case the blood pressure was 85/190. His question was “why some people experience headache in lower and some people experience headache in higher blood pressure”.

This gives me the opportunity to explain the nature of a headache the way that I see it.

The brain itself does not have pain sensors so it cannot produce pain. So where does the pain come from?

Pain is caused by stimulating the pain sensory nerves. The stimulant is pressure. You can step on pointy rock or hit yourself with hard object or brake a bone. All of those things will create pressure on pain sensory receptor and they will send a signal to the brain that will interpret it as pressure, itchiness or pain depending on the strength of the signal. Since pressure causes those feelings now we can relate why there is a pain involved in most chronic diseases. It is caused by inflammation. Inflamed tissue swells creating pressure on sensory nerves.

Now going back to the question asked by Chris we have to take into consideration that the brain has no pain sensors. The pain sensors are in meninge, a membrane that covers the brain. To increase the BP enough for the arterial expansion causes pain the BP has to be really high. This explains the second case but why do some people experience headache even if the BP is just elevated? The reason for this is preexisting low grade inflammation. In this case blood vessels are partially constricted so even slight increase in BP allows higher blood accumulation and buildup of pressure that will trigger the pain. This also means that the body is in bad shape in general and such people should start with hydrating their bodies and cleanse to prevent bigger health problems in the future.

Chronic inflammation is related to toxic dark and viscous blood. Such blood is not accepted by the cells in the body and causes them to dehydrate and become acidic. This triggers the forced hydration or as we call it in medical field  the inflammation. Now it is easy to understand that organs that are working more in such condition will faster dehydrate, become acidic and inflamed. This is why sexually active men are more likely to end up with inflamed prostate than those that do not have sex.

To protect itself from polluted blood brain filters it through meninge. The more active the brain is, more blood gets to be filtered and it will cause pollution and acidity in the cellular structure of meninge. This will trigger low grade inflammation and it will become precursor for headaches.

So if you are headache sufferer cleanse your blood and reduce acidic food so that your cells can hydrate and your headaches will be past history.

If you want to know details of how to hydrate read my book or follow Self healing protocol.

Have wonderful day.

Love & light