planet Earth's magnetic field against Sun's solar wind (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

How deep is the rabbit hole?
Where does the truth stop and the fiction begin?
How much of what we know is true?

With absolute certainty, I can answer the last question. Almost everything of what we have been told is a lie.
I know that many of you were questioning my statements about the health. A great majority of those who had the courage to try my recommendations had a pleasant surprise. The chronic health problems that have been torturing you most of your adult lives have disappeared. How is this possible when you actually did things contrary to the scientific truth you have been following before.
Obviously, the science you have been following was wrong but this is the mainstream science which we have to memorize through our “miseduacional” schooling programs.
Well, at least now you know that the medical diplomas are not worth the paper they are written on.

How about the other “truths?”

Let us look at the history.
The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the liberation of the masses from the feudal tyrants we are being told. In fact, the Bolshevik revolution was a regime change paid and orchestrated by the Zionist Jews. Only those who had lived in Communism know how evil and controlled that regime is.

For sure the American civil war was about freeing the slaves. Wasn’t it?
Wrong again, it was all about monopolizing the Jewish Zionist banking empire.
Come to think of it, the fate of the Titanic was sealed by the same aspiration. There was no iceberg to be found miles around the area where the Titanic went down but the opposing banking elite to the Zionist Rothschild’s lead banking Cabal that took the ride ended up drowning.

At least the government which was voted to power by the people, for the people, did the best to protect those people from harm. Is that correct?
Think again. President Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack on Perl Harbor and kept it quiet so that the most damage and loss of American human lives occur. This was used to incite the sentiment of the American people and provoke them to join the WW2 from which the bankers and the political elite prospered financially.
We can go on and on revealing the historical frauds but let us move on.

Let’s move onto the evolution.
Since we are constantly evolving and taking the genetic expression into a count, we have developed from monkeys as our closest relatives. Correct?
Well maybe you did if you think so, I certainly did not.
Things do not just happen. The creation is exactly what it states it is, a creation. It was created, and the creation is being altered in time. It is evolving but not as a chain of circumstantial events. Evolution is a controlled process and it is designed to occur in a certain way. There are no accidents or miracles, just experience.
If you want to understand why we have been misinformed, please watch this video


Contrary to what we are being told that we used to be small and now as we are evolving we are becoming taller, there is a plenty of evidence showing that the life on planet Earth was larger in the past.
The plants were tremendous, bears and tigers were huge an so where the humans or a better word is the Humanoids as they were different creatures from us. The proof of this has been excavated many times but the knowledge of it is carefully hidden. Another fraudulent science must be protected and that science is the religion.
Because of the religion, many scientific discoveries were suppressed and manipulated into what we call the popular science. The science that we are allowed to know. That is the science through which we are manipulated and enslaved.
Now we are being sold another pile of garbage under the name of the Flat Earth.

As a sailor, I know that the Earth is curved but there is much more to it. A new knowledge is being released showing us that our planet is a hollow ball.

Reading Book Together

We refer to our planet as a living organism which it is. This is the reason why there is something wrong with its magnetic field.

When we analyse the electromagnetic fields of living organisms, there is one thing that is constant. This is their polarity.
Every living thing is charged magnetically in such a way that their outside surface is positively charged and inside they are negative.
Planet Earth was behaving electromagnetically as an inert object having one end positively and the other end negatively charged, similarly to an electromagnet.

Something strange is happening with the electromagnetic field of the Planet Earth. The North Pole which is positively charged is moving but what is happening with the South Pole?

The explanation you will hear in the video below, but before you listen to this video be prepared for some mind-blowing statements.

Can you handle the new information?
Are you capable of bypassing your brain filters?

You may wonder how much of it is true and what is a lie?
The information in this video resonates with me in more than one way.
The truth is stranger than the fiction. You do not have to embrace it all at once.
Let it sink in. Meditate on it and ask questions.


If you are wondering what has this type of information got to do with our health, the answer is simple. CONQUERING THE FEAR!

As long as we live in fear, we are opening the doors to diseases.
As soon as you realize that you are directly involved in the creation of your reality and you learn the secrets of how to use your power to manifest instantly, you will not only control your health, you will control your image and the reality that surrounds you.

Open your mind, absorb the new information, meditate and learn to use the power God gave you.


If you have wondered why I end my articles with the symbols of light and love, they are the essence of our reality.
The LOVE represents the everlasting spirit, the real I am, and the LIGHT is the holographic experience of what we refer to as the LIFE experience.

The symbol of CELEBRATION encompasses the two together.

So have fun, learn, and CELEBRATE.


Silhouette freedom young woman Enjoying on the hill and 2018 years while celebrating new year, copy spce.


Closeup portrait young woman with sensitive toothache crown problem about to cry from pain touching outside mouth with hand isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling

The wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that appear usually around 18 years of age.

Because by this age we think that we have accumulated wisdom, those teeth are called the wisdom teeth.

Actually, here comes our first test of our wiseness. If our wisdom teeth are healthy and we allow to be convinced to have them removed, we have done a lousy job in getting wise.

What is the thing with the wisdom teeth and why are so many people having their wisdom teeth removed?

By the time the wisdom teeth start growing, we are adults and we have all but forgotten the discomfort that a growing tooth creates.

Growing tooth is painful as it ruptures through the gums. It creates a problem in chewing the food and it seems like it is taking forever for the wisdom tooth to set in place and stop hurting.

As there isn’t much space for it, a pressure is created on the rest of the teeth to move a bit so the whole painful experience may affect not just the one tooth but we can feel a discomfort in the entire lower or upper jaw.

Sometimes there really isn’t enough space and the rest of the teeth cannot accommodate the wisdom tooth so it sets in crooked and continues bothering us.

Sometimes it does not come to the surface or it rots before it completely sets in. So there is definitely a time when we have no other option but to take them out.

Asian girl group use dentist equipment to clean tooth for prevent toothache and good healthy concept.

If we check some of the statistics, it becomes obvious that in less than 3% of people, the wisdom teeth or a wisdom tooth will create a problem and has to be extracted.

The same statistic shows that more than two-thirds of the people in the modern society have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Why is this happening?

When we feel pain in our jaw, we pay a visit to the dentist. He diagnoses the problem as the growing wisdom tooth and immediately he/she suggests it to be removed.

If you ask why, the schoolbook answer is that there is a limited space in the mouth and the wisdom tooth may cause misalignment of the teeth, and we do not really need it. The wisdom tooth is a remnant piece of our past when we needed more teeth but now we do not need them and some other stupidities that we have been told by our “miseducational” schooling program of the popular science.

The question is, do we need wisdom teeth?

No, we do not but then, we do not need the second set of molars either. We can live perfectly well without them so there should not be a question of their necessity. We do not need two kidneys but this does not mean that we should now go and have one kidney extracted does it?

Since we are living in the increasingly toxic environment and the health recommendations given to us by our health specialists are preventing the cleansing of our bodies, we are becoming very dehydrated and toxic in early age. Our bodies do not work properly and the health problem starts occurring.

A dry tissue shrinks in its size so this happens with the jaw as well. This not only reduces the available space for the wisdom tooth but it also creates a difficulty for the other teeth to move and adjust to the newcomer. This may be the reason why did the wisdom tooth twist and came out crooked.

Since the dietary carbohydrates form the major part of most peoples diet, their bodies are acidic. To maintain their blood alkaline, a buffer from the bones is used to alkalise the blood. This creates osteoporosis but it also makes the tooth fragile.

As the glucose abundant diet changes the genetic expression and lowers the immune system, caries easily attacks the teeth.

Now, if you are a 20-year-old adult with growing wisdom tooth, there is a great possibility that one of your adjacent molars to the wisdom tooth has caries or have been previously drilled and destroyed by the dentist. Instead of having the new healthy wisdom tooth extracted, you may want to get rid of the already destroyed molar since the new wisdom tooth will easily take its place. The teeth are not set in a place forever. With a constant pressure, you can force them to move. This is why braces are used to align the teeth.

cute cartoon wisdom teeth with health concept

Unfortunately, this is not what you will hear from your dentist. They will rather take out the healthy tooth since they are sure that sooner or later the damaged tooth will need more maintenance.

It is all about the money.

Somehow, the dentist forgets to mention that 7-10% of wisdom teeth extractions end up in complications, creating more health problems than the wisdom tooth would create if it was not touched by the dentist.

Now if you take in the consideration that two-thirds of people had their wisdom teeth extracted, and only less than the 3% of them could have developed a problem and 7-10% of the extractions will end up being problematical and require further medical attention you can see how lucrative business can extraction of wisdom teeth become.

My suggestion is, save your body parts and learn how to take care of them.

Love and light.

Enjoy the festivities and have a good time.


Close up of common eye infection and inflamnmation during eye examination.

It is more than two years since I wrote an article specifically about inflammation.

Recently I was sent an article which supposedly sheds a light on to the relation of the inflammation and chronic diseases and as expected, the article is a total miss and serves more as a misinformation piece rather than an educational one.

This is the article that was posted on :

The author of this article correctly states how the inflammation plays a role in every chronic disease but then the standard narrative takes over blaming the inflammation to be the cause of chronic health problems.

Some doctors are confused realizing that inflammation is a part of self-preservation which the body uses to protect and heal itself since it brings a higher amount of white blood cells into the affected tissue.

Only, the inflammation often occurs when there is no pathogen present and since in this case there is no gen and antigen interaction which we are told is the cause of inflammation, those doctors explain this as an autoimmune effect where the body is confused and for some reason, it harms itself by causing unnecessary inflammation. In this case, doctors assume that the inflammation is causing harm.

This is nonsense but because of our bad education, it becomes the only conclusion doctors can come up with.

Such explanation of inflammation you can find on most health sites. One of them is the Web MD.

I am not picking on Web MD, I could as well use the Mayo Clinic site or any other influential site including the alternative sites as Dr. Mercola for example. They all use the same logic since their knowledge is based on the popular science of lies and deceits we are all bombarded with through our education.

Thrombophlebitis in human leg. Painful inflammation of the leg veins. Medical issue

Once we set aside what we have been told and we look at what is happening with an opened mind we realize how nothing of what we have been told makes sense.

To understand why inflammation occurs we can back-engineer the process.

What do we typically find in inflamed tissue?

We find the blood vessels in a spasm. They are constricted.

If we reduce the volume of the blood vessels, what happens?

The tissue is like a bag which has an artery that brings the blood in and a vein through which the blood exits. When you constrict the artery you will get the same effect as when you squeeze the end of a water hose. The pressure in the hose increases and the water comes out with a narrower but a stronger squirt. Basically, the same amount of the water passes through.

The same happens with the squeezed artery.

But when the vein constricts, the outgoing flow becomes restricted and more blood become trapped inside of the tissue. The internal pressure of the tissue is rising and pressing on the sensory nerve causing first an itch and with increased pressure, the itch changes into the pain.

The affected tissue becomes full of blood, swollen, red, and painful. This we call inflammation.

What would be the reason for the inflammation to occur? When would the body benefit from this process?

1 If there was an injury and the body wants to wash off the wound.

2 When a pathogen is detected. Increased blood flow will bring a higher amount of white blood cells, more oxygen and more water which is needed to flush the pathogen away.

3 Allergy, when foreign protein is stuck onto the cells of the tissue. If the cells are lacking water they cannot part with water to wash their surface so inflammation allows those cells to easily absorb some water to be able to do this job.

4 Acidic cells within a tissue or an organ. Increased cellular acidity impedes normal cellular work so when a tissue has acidic cells, the inflammation is set in motion as a forced hydration. By increasing the extracellular pressure of the blood or lymph, the cells are forced to hydrate even if they have decided not to hydrate and have stopped the osmotic cellular pump.

Why would cells do such a thing as refusing to hydrate themselves putting the whole body in danger?

There are several reasons for this but the most common is toxic blood. I explain this in my book and through many articles on this blog site.

5 To immobilize a joint and prevent it from moving. If the cartilage is damaged further movement will cause more harm and pain. Inflammation swells the joint. This prevents it from further movement and more injury. At the same time, it allows forced hydration and reparation to take a place.

As you can see, there is not one case of self-inflicting harm or unreasonable behavior which would point to self-destruction or as we are told to call it the autoimmune reaction.

Once when we realize that inflammation is the response of healing, every interference with this process is an attack on our health.

Now you realize why I state that turmeric is not our savior but does exactly the opposite. It interferes with natural healing response of the body by producing the anti-inflammatory reaction.

We eat toxic food which forces our body to defend itself by engaging the inflammation and then we patch it up with a medicinal remedy such as the turmeric and suppress the body from protecting and healing itself.

Now we are not even aware that we are poisoning our body and we call it a healthy living.

The Internet is full of sites and videos about this type of “healthy living”.

Again I am not picking on the turmeric. The same applies to the garlic, ginger, cinnamon, onion, black pepper…and every other plant with medicinal properties including the high, near-lethal doses of vitamins which we are told to use for medicinal purposes.

Here I am not bashing the medicinal plants. I am just explaining how they work and why we should not be using them if we are not in pain (medical emergency).

It is a common practice to use those plants in daily cooking as prophylactics, to prevent the inflammation or health issue from occurring in the future. Now you understand that this is an error and such practice actually triggers health problems itself.

I have seen many doctors popping pills to keep their immune system strong.

I saw mothers giving their children aspirin if the flu season approached as prophylaxis so that their child does not catch the flu.

Those are ridiculous and harmful practices of ignorant and mislead people.

This is why it is so important to learn the truth. Our body is a perfect self-healing robot and it will heal itself if you provide it with what it needs.

Since we have forgotten how to support our body and we have stopped to listen to its subtle signaling, I have created the “Self Healers Protocol” which is designed to do just that.

Provide your body with what it needs and let it cleanse and heal itself.

Our body will never intentionally harm itself. Everything the body does is intended to better itself, to recover and heal.

If we interfere with this process, we harm our health and this is exactly what we are doing when we use medicinal remedies for prolonged periods of time. Using medicinal remedies as additives to our food, we are doing just that.

Since medicinal remedies prevent hydration, they prevent the cleansing as well.

Since there is no cleansing, there are no symptoms of the cleansing present. So such people never experience the flu symptoms and they pride themselves on being extremely healthy. This is a misunderstanding. We are living in a toxic world and cleansing has to occur with all of its symptoms. If they do not cleanse, the cells become toxic and in time the body will collapse. Those people will experience big problems later in life even when they start doing the correct thing. Their cellular toxicity is high and so is the cellular damage. For them, the hydration, cleansing, and healing become a long and often painful road to recovery which will often encompass various inflammatory processes as their bodies will be using them to hydrate, mobilize and heal itself.

I hope that now you understand inflammation and that you see it in a completely different color. Allow it to illuminate your way to health and completely new you.

I love you all.

Young female veterinarian cleaning dog ears at the veterinarian clinic


let's celebrate, handwritten text, modern calligraphy, background

It is hard to believe but another year had passed. To me, it seems like we have just celebrated a New Year a couple of months ago.

This time of the year is known to be a family oriented and many of us will be traveling and celebrating on more than one occasion this month.

I myself will be celebrating the Christmas, my birthday, The New Year, my wife’s birthday and birthdays of a couple of our friends. This all will happen within a 30 day period and I know that I am not the only one that will be exposed to multiple festivities within a short period of time.

The dilemma is, how to stay healthy in a situation like this since we know what type of food and beverages will be served to us???

We can control somewhat the food and drinks if we are the hosts, but when we are the guests, this is impossible to do. Besides, what kind of the celebration would it be without alcohol and pastries?

Avoiding these things would make some feel like outcasts or punishment so what can we do to stay healthy and have a good time?

Number one put the guilt aside. If you decide to celebrate, have a good time and do not worry about it.

To make you feel better about yourself getting off the wagon, I will explain a couple of things.

First about the diet.

If you have been eating correctly for several months or longer, your metabolism has changed and you will be more sensitive to the average toxic food that will be placed in front of you. Your body will react to it by giving you warning signs we call symptoms. They include noisy stomach, gas, and diarrhea.

You may get those symptoms when you are eating the food you used to eat in the past and your body was tolerating it before. The reason behind it is the fact that your intestinal flora has changed and does not support this kind of food anymore.

Also, your body will use those symptoms as a signaling device informing you of eating errors that you are committing.

For this reason, when you decide to break your diet do it slowly. Give your body the time to adjust.

This means, do not ingest large quantities of this toxic food at one time because your celebration will be cut short with stomach spasms and bathroom runs.

You do not have to shy from eating the pastries. Your intestinal sugar absorption is low as the number of GLUT transporters is minimal. This means that only very small amounts of sugar will enter your blood. Almost all of the sugar will end up in your large intestine. It will ferment there and most likely give you diarrhea especially if you have consumed a lot of pastries and cakes.

People in asian are celebrating the festival they clink glasses beer and dinner happy

So try to phase yourself. Be especially careful when you are braking your diet for the first time.

In the second party, you will be more tolerant an more parties you attend the more tolerant will become your body to the toxic food that you eat.

If you had just begun to follow the protocol recently, a couple of consecutive parties will put you back to the starting point as your health is concerned. The pain and aches may return almost instantly so let this be a reference to your decision to participate or not.

If you had been eating correctly for a while, not much harm will be done since all changes take time to adjust to. As soon as the celebration time is over, go back to the Self Healers Protocol and cleanse. In just one week you will be as new again.

As far as the alcohol goes, the situation will be similar.

The first thing you should do when the celebration begins is to sniff some strong alcohol. The vapors will be enough to alert your cells to the presence of alcohol. They will start shutting down the osmotic pump and the cellular absorption will stop. After 10 minutes take a small sip of whatever drink you are inclined to have and give it another 10 minutes before continuing to drink.

Now your cellular absorption is shut and your tolerance to the alcohol will be the same as if you have been drinking regularly.

If you do not do this and decide to bottom-up a drink as soon as it is placed into your hand, your celebration will be very short as you will be drunk in no time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 Cropped image of multiracial young creative people are celebrating holiday in modern office Group of young business people are drinking champagne in coworking

If you have decided to have a good time, then do it and do not look back. Do not feel guilty. This will ruin your happiness and your relationship with your friends and the loved one.

Drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol. This way you will replace the lost water from the diuretic effect the alcohol triggers and avoid having headache in the morning.

If you do not want to mix water and alcohol, then drink plenty of water before going to bed. This will help you as well.

Once the celebration time is over, go back to the protocol and as I have said earlier, within a week you will be as new again.

So don’t worry, be happy.

I myself do not know if I will be drinking alcohol this year because we are in a particular time of the frequency change so I would like to stay alert but I will definitely have at least couple of the chocolate moose cakes Hilno will make for me, and then some.

To each it’s own I say.

With all of this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great prosperous and brand new, New Year.

Love, light, happiness, and cooperation to all of us my eternal family as I love you all.



Human brain with computer processor. Concept 3d render, illustration

When I was writing about the RFID chip, I have explained how through this technology humans can be controlled and that this is the sole purpose of this device.

The brainwashed airheads believe that this type of technology makes them the super-human and that it enhances their abilities.

Yes, they can instantly do some things that they could not do just minutes earlier but they could not do them because they did not practice and do what is necessary so that they can do those things without being chipped.

Our brain is biological computer programmed in a certain way and it has filters to prevent us from understanding the game so that we can have all those experiences without quitting in the middle and changing our reality into something more manageable.

We have heard many times how we are using just10% of our brain. This would imply that the 90% of our brain is useless and have no purpose.

This is not so.

Every neuron of our brain is working and has a purpose in our life. Only, it is a fact that we do not live to our full potential. We are not taking the advantages that are available if we would actually use more of what the brain is capable of doing.

The reason why we allow to go through our life blindfolded is the popular science.

Throughout our education, we are told not to trust our inner guides. Not to pay attention to the extrasensory observation and to ignore the “voices in our head” and their messages.

Basically, we are told to suppress the brains activity.

Now the new craze is the brain augmentation.

This is a process through which the brain is wired and connected to a small processor which will communicate directly with other computers and the web of the Internet.

The scientists behind this are calling it telepathic communication and this is incorrect. It is more of a Bluetooth communication between the artificial processor that is implanted into the brain and the outside source.

The same scientists are claiming that this is a new brake of linking the machine with the human brain. This is a lie.

Robot vs human, humanity and technology. Pop art retro  vintage illustrations

The scientists did not succeed exchanging the communication between the brain and the computer in both ways. They can only detect human thoughts but the human cannot have the free access to the information that is available on the Internet.

Here is the article;

I have seen a computer program that was called the INDIGO and it read human mind. It realizes when you are upset by capturing your thoughts and feelings. The program works and communicates with the brain directly with no implants. It does not only communicate with you when you are sitting behind the computer, it can do the same as a healer, connect to you on a distance, no matter where and how far you are and read your thoughts. The only problem is that we do not know how to communicate telepathically so we need a keyboard to respond.

Everyone can be thought how to communicate telepathically but instead to do this, we are told that we need a brain implant to be able to communicate back.

Why are we being lied to?

For the same reason as always. Those evil people want to control us and this implant will control our reactions and emotions. Also, the implant will be programmed to what information you are allowed to receive and what information is not for you to know.

Yes, there is an instant gratification. After the surgery, you are ready to go but at the same time, you have become a slave who will be remotely controlled and obey the orders of your masters.

The wording of the Super-human should be replaced by the word the Super-slave. This is way more accurate to what this really is.

The computer technology is changing. It is leaving the integrated circuits and it is adopting the synthetic replica of our DNA. This means that the new computers will be very fast with unlimited potentials and easily counter the human brain but they will never be able to surpass it.

Without being augmented, we can freely access all the information and we cannot be controlled. We just have to learn to communicate telepathically.

Our limitation is only what we allow it to be and computers limitation will always be the human factor that created it and his/her current limitations.

So when you read articles like this one;

keep in mind that you are a robot with the sole, directly connected to the source and no mechanical robot can ever be your match. Although you can get instant gratification by accepting the implant, just think about it, is this really worth it?

As we are awakening, our filters are slowly coming down and our true abilities will start revealing the true potential and power that we possess.

Have patience, detoxify and meditate. This will speed up the awakening process and soon you will be able to control with your mind not just the Internet, but also your life experiences, as your ability to manifest will become instantaneous.

The whole process of our evolution will last 36 years but 18 years of the evolution have passed already.

The first 18 years we have been cleansing the old and planting the seeds that are ready to sprout.

Now we have entered the second phase. The seeds are sprouting and the fruits of our labor will start showing up.


As always, the changes will start slow and accelerate so be ready for the unexpected.

What a glorious time to be alive, and know only special soles are here now. This means that you are special and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
Love and light my eternal family


Fisheye cityscape with a cloudy sky in the center. Bright sun is shining. Businessman ascending the stairs. Toned image mock up

As you know, this blog site is about healing and awakening. Since we have been prevented to know the truth about ourselves and our purpose by some we call the Cabal or the Illuminati, the truth that is being revealed may look stranger than the fiction.

We are all aware that we have the freedom to do what we want. We make decisions about what we will do and how we are going to do it. What we have not been told is that we are also creating our reality. We do this through the process we call the manifestation.
We can manifest anything. Our imagination is our limit an often it is limiting and we depend on our guide, the higher self or the God, or the collective, or whatever you want to call it to help us and show us the way.

As we have forgotten who we are, we go to schools to learn and what we are told there are lies that further misinform us and lead us astray.
To make us docile and weak, we are being poisoned. First by the food and later by toxic elements that are purposefully added to our food exactly for that purpose.
Our vibratory rate is lowered and our pineal gland is calcified.

Why is the Cabal doing this?
The answer is simple.
They know the truth and use it to be superior to others. They use the rest of us as their slaves. This system works for them and they do not want any change where the rest of the humanity awakens and becomes equal in the knowledge. The Cabal would lose its dominance and this is what they do not want to happen.

We are at the time of evolution. The frequency is rising and awakening is occurring. To prevent humanity from rising their frequencies, the Cabal through their puppets (the politicians and their apparatus) enforce the laws to control and implement further poisoning of people on this planet.

Now we are being poisoned by the GMO foods, the vaccines, the food additives, the water “disinfectants” (chlorine, fluoride, bromine…), the chemtrails and IMF frequencies.

Many young brainwashed people are the proponents of the green movement promoting the climate change created by the increased levels of CO2 global warming fiasco. Something that is completely natural has been used as a tool to promote the agenda by blaming it on the human intervention while the real human intervention that is really destroying this beautiful planet is being ignored by them. I do not see any of the proponents of the global warming protesting against the chemtrails and the vaccines or the GMO foods.
Why don’t they protest the globalists agendas?
Because they are brainwashed and lead by those who are on the take being financed by the Cabal itself.

Everything is upside down and many things make no sense.
Humanity is in the phase of separation. Those who managed to raise their frequencies are separating from those with the low vibratory rate.

It is very hard to raise your own frequency if your mind or your body are polluted. One cannot even think straight when it is in the polluted state.

Through several of my articles I have revealed who we really are, why are we here and what is our purpose but mostly I am writing about our health, revealing the truth about our self-healing abilities and how we can use simple things like the food, water, and sea salt to help our body to recover and regenerate itself. Having clean, healthy and well-functioning bodies makes it much easier to raise our frequency and realize how we are being played.

Some people reading my articles immediately resonate with them but for a great majority, what I am writing about is unbelievable fiction that is hard to swallow.
The Majority of humanity is still sleeping in trance being held in place by trinkets such as are the Tel a lie Vision, “dumbphones” (since they are made for dummies who can operate them without engaging their brain) they call them the smartphones, and other banal entertainment gadgets that they possess.
It is not surprising that the great majority of entertainers, actors, singers, comedians and professional athletes, whose purpose is to keep the crowd entertained and stupid are proponents of the status quo. They are subsidized by the Cabal and behave as the league of its own not realizing how stupid is what they are doing, by cutting the branch on which they are sitting.

Slowly even those who are the most distracted are realizing that something big is happening but the battle is not between the black and white or the Catholic versus the Islam. The battle is the humanity versus the evil, the Cabal.
The brainless supporters of BLM and the New Fascist group that calls itself the ANTIFA have to wake up and smell the coffee. How stupid and brainwashed does one have to be not to realize what is really going on??????????

Protesters "Eyes" | Portland Or | June 4th 2017

On which side are you?
Are you supporting Love or Evil? This is what you have to ask yourself. Forget the religious views and the color of your skin, they have nothing to do with what is going on in the world today.

I am sure that if you are following my work, you are with us, radiating love, raising your frequency and helping the human to enter the New Earth leaving the evil behind.

To be able to absorb the facts of our reality, we have to understand what the reality is.
This is why I would like you to listen to this video in which Dolores Cannon gives more information about who we are and where we are going.

Her work was extraordinary and even that she has left this plane, her findings are helping many to make the change.
In her teachings, Dolores demonstrates how our mind is causing us to become sick and has the power to heal us instantly.
As I said before, the future of medicine is in our understanding of who we are and in our ability to control our thoughts. Our thoughts are making us sick and our thoughts can heal us.
It is all just energy and its manipulation.
Since our thoughts are energy, they leave an imprint on the energy that surrounds us. This imprint becomes conscious of itself and this is how we create the Devil and other negative monsters.

Listen to Dolores and learn.


There are some points where my understanding on diet differs from what Dolores is saying as no one realized the harm the dietary glucose is doing to our body but Dolores states that we should eat live foods and when we do this, we do not have contact with the dietary carbohydrates anyway.
For many years I am revealing the information that our diet will change and we are going to switch to liquid diet first before we are going to stop eating altogether.
I am now on a mostly liquid diet myself, consuming meat only 2-3 times a week and only in small quantities since I am losing the urge to eat it.

Take your time and listen to more of her videos, they will help you to remember who you are and what is your true purpose.

With love and light to us all my dear eternal family.

Snow covered trees and ski mountaineer ascending on sunny mountain slope


Aging concept. Comparison of young and old. Real result achieved with work of professional makeup artist. Not CGI.

As the humanity is awakening, the realization of fraud that was perpetrated upon it is sparking a revolt but more so, the realization of completely different truths is unleashing the true science brought to the light often by people with no diplomas from misleading universities.

I believe that the time of licensing professions is nearing the end.

We have been brainwashed into believing that the university diploma is necessary so that the individual can follow its dreams and be an explorer, or designer, or a captain or healer.

I can name you thousands of acknowledged doctors who do not know how to heal simple stomach ulcer or blood circulation, or diabetes, lupus, krone’s disease, sclerosis…and I can go on and on mentioning every chronic disease. Those diseases are chronic because our highly prized doctors have no clue what they are, how they develop and how to prevent them from developing.

Loaded with the worthless knowledge from the medical school they graduated from, their pursuit to discover some cure always ends up in failure.

Nowadays a lot of attention is given to the extension of life.

It does not surprise me at all that more attention is given to the research of immortality than to the research of diseases. I guess the pharmaceutical and the medical industries need for the disease to be present so that they can thrive.

The cellular research shows us that older people have shorter telomeres so they are now saying that longer telomere equals longer life, so what is it now. Please make up your minds. What causes aging, shortening of telomeres or the oxidative stress????????????????????

In my book the Owners Manual….I explain how telomeres are extensions of the DNA spiral that protrudes from the chromosome. They are frequency sensors.

The longer is the telomere, the wider range of frequencies it can capture and transmit to its genes.

Since there are different genes that respond to different vibratory ranges, the wider is the spectrum of resonance the more genes will be set in motion. More genes are active the better will the body perform but also the more of the genes are active the healthier will be the body.

Today’s experts are claiming that the telomeres are shortening with every cellular proliferation (multiplication when the new cell replaces the old and damaged one), and this is why older people are doomed to become sickly since after many proliferations the chromosomes telomeres are short and cannot capture enough signals to make genes to respond correctly.

If this is so, why are young children more prone to diseases than grown-ups?

Why do young people perform better than children?

If the telomeres are shortening with every cellular proliferation this should bare negative effects on the body of younger people if compared with children but it does not.

In my book, I explain how toxic environment harms the health of our cellular structure. When the cell is toxic it suffers damages and at one point it cannot raise its electric potential. This is the moment when the cell will proliferate. It will create another new cell that will replace it and the old cell will be taken apart by the macrophages.

We are told that we have completely new body every 6-7 years as all of our cells had changed being replaced by new ones. There is no significant aging of the body noticed from the age of 23 to the age of 29 years but we can see a tremendous difference in people when they are 55 or 63 years old.

Another observation proved to me that the telomeres are not shortening. By observing what is happening to me and to the people who follow the Self Healers Protocol. After relatively a short time we experienced a rejuvenation of our bodies. Not just in the physical aspect but the psychological aspect as well. We look, feel and behave much younger.

If our telomeres were short, this would have been an impossibility.

Another thing that we have to have in mind is the failed research in which the scientists were trying to find out how long can one cell from animal body live in a clean environment.

One cell from a heart of a chicken was used.

Domestic chicken lives to about 12 years of age and during her life, there experienced many cellular proliferations.

Well, the isolated cell lived 25 years and died when the assistant forgot to change the liquid where the cell was living. So we still have no idea how long can one animal or human cell live if the environment is clean. This means that the chicken could live much longer and the reason for its death is not a short telomere but a toxic environment.

There is another thing that scientists call the cellular Senescence.

The cellular senescence would be like a menopause in women. The cell had reached its final number of proliferations and can no longer proliferate and create new cells. Why?

The scientists claim that the telomeres are too short and not enough information can be obtained for the cell to proliferate. This means that the cells will start dying and consequently the whole body has to perish. The research shows that cells can reproduce 50 times before the cellular senescence is reached. This is a large number but are things really happening the way they are saying?

old age cartoons

Not exactly.

For one, the telomeres do not shorten down with the cellular proliferation this is obvious.

I had explained in my book that the toxic environment shrinks the DNA. As it shrinks the DNA the same happens with the telomeres, they coil up in a tighter coil so they become shorter and less responsive but there is a huge difference between the telomeres being tighter or them being shorter.

Short telomere you cannot prolong since it would not be able to regrow. Only a cellular proliferation would be able to do so but as we are told the opposite happens.

On the other side, the coiled telomere can easily unwind and extend itself. It can do this in relatively short time. The only thing that is necessary for this unwinding is a clean environment.

This is why people on the Self Healers Protocol regain their youth back.

Relaxed telomeres can respond to a great variety of frequencies and maintain our body healthy and young.

Our death has nothing to do with the telomeres. Our life is an contract of experiences we decided to go through and when our mission is over it is time for us to leave this robot and enter another game which we call life.

Relaxed telomeres are ensuring that our body is healthy, that it is functioning well and allows us to go ahead with our mission.

Since we are polluting our bodies, often we make it impossible to accomplish what we have planned because our robot (body) becomes diseased from the toxic load put on it.

In the New Testimony, Jesus Christ advised us to keep the temple (our body), clean.

Now it is more important than ever to clean up our bodies as the frequencies are rising and relaxed telomeres are important so that the higher frequencies can be captured by the telomeres and the previously dormant genes can be activated.

The people with toxic bodies are experiencing health problems and the toxic food that was not creating noticeable problems in the past is no longer tolerated.

Since the cellular toxic load rises in time, older people are more toxic and their bodies have trouble performing properly. This reflects in the way they look and feel.

Aging process, rejuvenation anti-aging skin procedures. Old and young faces isolated on white background

A new testing for the length of the telomeres is now being recommended. Like, this is going to make any difference.

We have the greatest testing equipment in the history of humanity and at the same time, we have the highest number of sick people.

Making the diagnosis is only putting the label on your symptoms which is completely unnecessary. What is necessary is to help the patient to heal or better yet, to prevent the human from ever getting sick in the first place.

For this, we do not need any testing equipment. A human with wrinkles is dehydrated and toxic. Observation is the best and cheapest diagnostic equipment there is.

Detoxify, eat correctly, exercise and laugh. If you do this daily you will live a long healthy and exciting life.

Love and light to us all.



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Since the majority of people suffer from a blood circulation related diseases, many of them experience irregular heart rhythm. Some people experience irregular heart rhythm, some experience slow heart rhythm but most of the people with health problems experience accelerated heart rhythm that we call the tachycardia.

Our heart controls the speed of our blood circulation by the rate of its contractions. We have been told that the normal heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. If our heart beats faster we suffer from tachycardia.

If the heart has fewer than 60 beats per minute we have bradycardia, a slow heart rate.

Some people can have a normal heart rate that occasionally skips a beat. This is irregular heart rate and it is common for professional athletes.

People that experience “abnormal” heart rate are often medicated. Through the medication, doctors are controlling the heart rate and keeping it within the “normal” parameters.

Why did I put the words normal and abnormal in quotes?

I put the word normal in quotes because the normal changes with the circumstances.

For example, for a baby of 3 months, normal heart rate could be 170 beats a minute.

Even for a 12-year-old child 120 beats a minute is considered normal heart rate.

So why is it necessary to medicate someone if their heart rate is elevated?

To answer this question first we have to know what causes the heart to increase the speed of its contractions?

We know that when we are asleep, our heart rate drops to 50 or even lower.

On the other side, our heart rate increases as soon as we make a motion or open our mouth to talk.

There are some people who can consciously lower their heart rate to only a few beats a minute and this does not present any danger to their health.

For example, a blue water free diver slows the rhythm of its heart to just a few beats a minute so that it can stay submerged for more than 5 minutes reaching depths of more than 100 meters.

The important thing is that this diver is barely moving, has empty digestive tract so that there is absolutely no digestion going on, and it is controlling its emotion so that there is no excitement of any kind.

This means that this diver has to be in total control of all of his body.

As soon as one organ starts demanding either energy, oxygen, cooling, cleansing…or whatever thing that has to be supplied by the blood or lymph, the heart rate starts to increase.

This information now shows you the connection between the heart rate and the cellular demand.

The young organism grows faster so it has a higher rate of  metabolism, it requires more oxygen, more cooling, more energy. For this reason, it has to have a faster delivery system. This is why young people in their growing phase have faster heart rhythm than the adults.

Since the cellular need for nutrients and energy is low when we are sleeping, there is also not much CO2 produced so there is a lesser need for oxygen and cooling and the blood circulation can slow down.

Heart Disease cartoons, Heart Disease cartoon, funny, Heart Disease picture, Heart Disease pictures, Heart Disease image, Heart Disease images, Heart Disease illustration, Heart Disease illustrations

The professional sportsmen and women whose cells are very active in energy consumption have a strong demand for oxygen and cooling so their blood circulation has to be fast. This is why their heart rate is fast during the exercise and since they exercise many hours daily their heart increases in size to be able to cope with this circulatory demand. When they are relaxing there is no need for this fast circulation of the blood and since the volume of the heart is larger, often the heart skips a beat as there is no need for it to work as the cells of the body are content and have everything that they need.

It is like if you are building a house and the material is delivered to you by one-ton trucks. If you need 5 tons of material you will receive 5 trucks of the load. Now if one truck brought 2 tons of material, there was no need for one of the one-ton trucks to deliver their load so we can skip that truck. It is as simple as that.

As you can see, there is no such a thing as a “normal” heart rate. The heart rate is adjusted to support the cellular needs. So if the heart rate is different from what we consider that it should be in a certain situation this means something is going on in the body that is causing this irregularity to occur.

Instead of poisoning the body with chemical suppressors to slow down the heart rate so that it is in the “normal” parameters, we should look what caused this extra demand.

If we would do this, we could actually find the real culprit and help the body to heal but this would be counterproductive. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry would not be able to sell their poisons and patients would heal and no longer require a medical attention.

So instead of doing the right thing, doctors manipulate the symptoms with poisons we call medicament making sure not to lose their client.

Since doctors are not healing their patients and only suppressing their symptoms, the drugs they are using are permanent. Because the medicinal remedies are toxic, in time the symptoms worsen or change and stronger or different drug has to be used.

The patients toxic level increases and with it change the symptoms. This way one “disease” replaces another “disease” until the death occurs.

Doctors proudly declare how they had extended their patients life when in fact they are the reason why the person was sick and died prematurely.

Often health professional defends their actions by saying “we did not make them sick, we are just trying to help”.

This is not true.

Just have a look at what their food recommendations are. Have a look at all of the health food sites where the health “experts” guide humanity into healthy food habits.

Animal saturated fats are forbidden, animal proteins are only in traces and medicinal poisons like the turmeric, garlic, onion, ginger, cinnamon, and others are promoted as health food.

And let’s not forget the “necessity” of carbohydrates and cooked vegetables and their “digestive” fibres.

It is nothing but a charade if you ask me.

People eat all this toxic stuff and then they are surprised that their heart is racing, their stomach is hurting, their bones are braking, and they cannot remember their name.

Many of my clients experience tachycardia during their cellular cleansing.

When there are enough water and electrolytes in the blood, the need to quickly eliminate toxins will accelerate the blood circulation so tachycardia will occur. As soon as the blood cleanses, the need for fast blood flow will cease to exist and the heart rate drops down to the average (normal).

There is no reason why we should ever interfere with the functioning of our body unless it is an emergency which may be life-threatening.

There could be a variety of reasons why the heart would increase its rate to dangerous levels. Most common is a poison than again medicinal remedies are poisons as well.

Another reason could be an obstruction in the blood circulation where not enough blood is returning to the heart.

The lack of oxygen or too much of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Heart Disease cartoons, Heart Disease cartoon, funny, Heart Disease picture, Heart Disease pictures, Heart Disease image, Heart Disease images, Heart Disease illustration, Heart Disease illustrations

Stress, as it puts the body into a fight or flight situation or simply an increased activity of the brain, has such strong energy demand that the blood circulation has to increase so that the brain can be supplied with enough food and cooled down….

If we can control our emotions and calm down, the heart rate could be controlled and lowered. If we cannot control ourselves and if there is no medicinal suppressor all that will happen is that we are going to faint. As we lose consciousness we calm down, the demand for the fast blood circulation ceases to exist and the heart rate drops down.

As you can see, the tachycardia is not a disease, it is a symptom showing us that something is happening in our body that requires faster blood flow. We can lower our heart rate by controlling our emotion and muscle activity so before you faint, sit down, relax, calm down your nerves and breath deeply.

Love and light.



Editorial cartoon on the media and sexual misconduct

This article will be about the Meniere’s disease but before I go there I want to make some comments regarding the observations on some political happenings.

You know that I am trying to avoid politic as much as it is possible but when the politics is in some way connected to the health I think it is important to go there.

I have mentioned that stress can be as toxic as a bad food and scare tactics are often used by our handlers to keep us in fear so that we can manifest for them the chaos that they thrive on.

The late bogyman is the nuclear threat from North Korea.

Everyone who is well informed knows that there is not and never has been a nuclear threat coming from North Korea. The communistic system is always doomed to fail. It is extremely oppressive and none-productive and it is always promoted and pushed by Zionistic Jews.

The blueprint for the One World Government is based on this as well.

This is why more and more things are being censored and spied on. The global era of worldwide communism is trying to be established but it is crumbling instantly as humanity is awakening.

Now it is easier than ever to spot trolling and the fake “alternative media” sites and messages.

Everyone who is promoting the fear is in on it and directly benefits from your fear. Those fear-mongers are subsidized for their work and they never tell you the real truth, only some versions of it to keep you hooked onto their site.

One of the most popular is the Prison Planet from Alex Jones but what many people do not know is that the Health Ranger Mike Adams and his Natural News is also the fake alternative outlet.

Both of them claim that they have your interest first but all that they do is to push supplements and fear. They both have my information for many years but have never shared it with their followers.

Whenever you hear an apocalyptic news, shy away from that site, it is a fake news.

Be calm, no apocalypse is coming. We are past those times when this was the possibility.

Yes, the times are turbulent, a lot of things are happening but there will be no apocalypse.

There will be no nuclear war, the deep-state is crumbling.

North Korean actions are actually CIA false flag’s and nothing will come out of them.

And now let’s go to the Meniere’s disease.

sick businessman suffering from stress, headache, vertigo, migraine, emotional problem

Everyone is familiar with the term vertigo.

Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance It is like having dizzy spells and can be followed by nausea.

I am not going to bother you with all the information about vertigo. If you want to know more about it you can read about it here:

It is a pretty good article explaining vertigo.

In this blog, I want to explain a specific type of vertigo called the Meniere’s disease.

We know that our balance center is in our ear.

Our inner ear has a special snail-like labyrinth filled with a fluid and crystals.

Those labyrinths are equipped with motion sensors and they send a signal to the brain of the position of the fluid and the crystals.

The brain uses this information and creates the feeling of the bodies position in the space that we are in.

Dizzy, Abstract, Autumn, Blurred Motion, De focused/Autumn swirling trees

Sometimes the information can be false and sometimes the information can be misinterpreted. In these occasions, we are going to experience a strange feeling of dizziness, nausea, spinning and off balance.

If there is a false signaling being produced, the cause of the vertigo is in the inner ear and it is given a name the Meniere’s disease.

The symptoms of the Meniere’s disease are; recurrent episodes of vertigo, hearing loss and ringing of the ear, episodes may be accompanied by a headache and a feeling of a liquid in the inner ear.

It usually affects only one ear but it can spread in both ears as well.

Usually, the symptoms start occurring sporadically but as the time goes on, the episodes can become more frequent a hearing loss can become permanent.

Since doctors do not understand chronic diseases they attribute this to genetic predisposition as the symptoms often run in family.

Because doctors are not being told the truth they do not understand chronic diseases and they label the Meniere’s disease as incurable, progressively deteriorating chronic disease based on the faulty genes. How “scientific” of them to do so!

As followers of my work you can right away spot the tells of a toxic influence on the organ ( in this case it is the inner ear), and the consecutive reaction of the body through the symptoms it presents.

The fact that it often appears in the same family tells us that it is influenced by the exposure to the same frequencies since it is connected to the same environment.

The family habits are the same for all of the members of the family so it is most likely that more than one member of the family will end up with the same health problem.

Here we are talking about the poisoning of an organ, the inner ear.

What can cause this?

There are always the same two things involved. One of them is stress and the other is the pollute blood.

Now you may say, “if the stress or the polluted blood are involved, why is only the era being affected?”

It is never just one organ that is affected, but one organ can be more affected than the other organs so it will be the first to show the symptoms of toxicity.

Why would one organ be more affected than the other organs and even the other ear as it is the same organ but on the other side of the head?.

Something has to have happened that the blood circulation has increased in this organ. More polluted blood swamps the area and accelerates the toxic level of the organ in question.

When the ear is in question, the causes could be a loud sound often being on that side of the head.

Some injury in the area. Deep cleaning of the ear which is never a good idea an should be avoided at all costs. Synus problems in a local sinus area which could be caused by an infected tooth.

Badly done dental work or simply a rotten infected upper molar. It can increase the blood flow in this area of the skull and contribute to faster pollution of the inner ear.

The symptoms of ringing in the ear and a hearing-loss demonstrate that the whole ear is inflamed and affected. This explains the extra liquid buildup within the inner ears labyrinth.

This is the reason why doctors recommend their patients to use diuretics to try to eliminate some of the fluid. As you know by now, that is the worst thing to do as more water and electrolytes are necessary so that the blood can be cleansed. Only then cells can start hydrating properly and cleansing themselves from the toxic garbage they had accumulated.

Again, implementing the Self-healers Protocol will solve this chronic health problem but we have to keep in mind that most of the inner ear depends on the lymphatic supply. This means that the cleansing will be a slow process and so will be the healing, very time-consuming.

To speed up the inner ear cellular hydration, Dr. Beck’s magnetic pulser can be used since the blood electrifier depends on the red blood cells which are not present in the lymph.

No medicinal remedy can resolve a health problem that is caused by the cellular toxicity. This is why doctors are unsuccessful in treating Meniere’s disease. All that they can do is usual and that is to suppress the symptoms for a while.

If you have this problem, now you know what to do and you can always count on my guidance.

Love and light to us all and remember, NO REAR!!!