Get to know yourself. Part I


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I often refer to our body as being an electronic robot.

Why do I do that?

Again, we have to immerse ourselves in the field of quantum mechanics in order to have a clear vision and understanding.

This will help us to understand better who we are, this reality, disease, health, and above all, knowing will eliminate the fear which is preventing us from living our highest excitement.

In the previous article, I have mentioned that sacred geometry is the key without which we cannot unlock the mystery of life.

One simple process of a wave expansion and interaction creates Vesica Piscis.

The expansion of Vesica Piscis creates the magnetic field. The force that is trying to prevent this expansion is called the gravitational force.

Where the gravitational force meets the magnetic force, a spark is created.

The parks from the two opposite ends of Vesica Piscis are drawn to the center of the gravitational field which creates the light.

As the light waves collide in the center, they are driven towards the strongest magnetic field and back to the center of gravity. This movement we call the electric current.

As you can see, the quantum field is based only on waves that were created by an impulse/sound.

There is no matter anywhere to be found.

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The light wave is the only visible manifestation of the sacred geometry.

A program had to be created that will use the waves of energy and convert them into the matter and sensations.

This program was implanted into the brain and it allows us to feel and see this quantum energy as what we call our reality.

The brain converts the light into a particle we call photon.

The photons create electrons, protons, atoms, molecules…the matter.

There is no such thing as antimatter or the dark matter.

There is only the presence or the absence of light.

Nasim Haramein explains that energy is conscious of itself. It is a constant movement, a loop of infinity with infinite potential.

It expends and collapses into itself and with every process, it gains a new experience.

In the quantum field, there are no feelings, no senses, and sensations.

To become aware of those, the matter had to be created first.

Here comes the question. What was first the chicken or the egg?

Without the brain, we cannot manifest the particle. We cannot create the matter, so how can the brain be created if we need the brain to create the matter/brain?

The brain is a manifested by conscious energy. We gave this conscious energy name.

Some call it the great spirit, some call it God, Allah, Krishna, Chi, our higher self…

Jesus Christ called it Father.

You see, calling the priest Father, is utter nonsense and total misinterpretation.

Once the brain was created, infinite opportunities of manifestation were created with it, but what is the most important is the fact that the only way to experience emotions of pain, fear, and love is through the physicality.

We are always told that God is love.

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This is incorrect. The supreme energy of consciousness only experiences tranquility, bliss, nirvana, peace, stillness…it is all one and the same.

The brain’s duality creates the sensation of fear. The brain will fear any change that it is not familiar with. Everything that is unknown to the brain creates fear.

The brain is bipolar. This bipolarity creates a doubt. This is why we cannot have faith in fear.

The emotion of love is created by the brain of the heart which is unipolar.

There is no doubt. Love brings faith.

Humans have been given permission to create.

The brain was creating chaos that the heart had to deal with.

Little by little, through multiple experiences, the love grew stronger and stronger until it became so powerful that it would willingly sacrifice itself for a benefit of another.

This is something new in this Universe, it brought a piece of new information to our Father. We have co-created a new powerful emotion.

Love is the superior emotion way more powerful than any other.

By achieving this strong emotion of love, we have completed the mission given to us.

The fearful and easily deceived mind was conquered by the love of the heart.

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One game is over and another game is being constructed as a part of the infinite possibilities that lay in front of us.

To be able to experience our reality a sophisticated robot was created.

We call this robot our body.

Since everything there is it just vibrating energy in a variety of frequencies, the brain was programmed to present those vibrations in a particular way.

Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, and the body as the whole are all specific frequencies which the brain projects through our eyes utilizing light. It can be perceived not just through our eyes but also through the third eye shown as the header of my blog.

The emotions are processed as feelings and cannot be seen. No light is involved in their creation.

The vibrational stability of the energy that creates our body depends on the voltage. Higher is the voltage, more stable is the vibration/frequency.

We call this resistance to change the immunity.

When our body vibrates correctly with the frequencies of the creation, we are healthy. Any deviation in the frequency will be interpreted by the brain as anomaly/sickness.

Since our body is immersed in a field of energy we call the environment, any deviation of the energy of the environment will have a profound effect on the frequencies of our body.

This means that a mechanism had to be created that will maintain the same vibration even if the vibrational energy of the environment changes.

This was achieved by the creation of a variety of blueprints that give instruction to the body (on the cellular level) about how to maintain the original frequency in an ever-changing environment.

Those blueprints we have named genes.

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The article is getting too long so the continuation will be published in the following blog.

Love and light to us all.

Learn and reprogram yourself

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When we look at the creation from the aspect of quantum mechanics, all we experience is energy.

Energy is a movement. This movement we call vibration.

The vibration can be presented in a variety of frequencies.

This means that what creates our Universe is energy expressed in a variety of frequencies.

What creates the various frequencies is an impulse, and this impulse is transmitted through the sound.

This means that sound + vibration + frequency = creation

The Bible explains the creation by presenting the dormant/unstructured energy as darkness.

Then came the sound (God), then the light was created, and from the light, the Earth/Universe was created.

The interaction of the waves of energy will create sacred geometry. Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote two books about the sacred geometry.

From the interaction of two waves that were created by sound, Vesica Piscis will form.

Vesica Piscis is the most important form of sacred geometry because from there magnetism, gravity, light, and electricity are formed.

vesika piscis 2

In quantum mechanics, everything is in the waveform, particle and this means the matter, do not exist.

To create particle and matter we need a program that is inserted into the brain.

The brain will then receive the information of vibration and frequencies and according to its programming, it will decipher them into particles and senses.

This is how our “reality” is created.

By changing the frequency, we can invoke changes in our reality.

The most effective way to change the frequency is by utilizing sound and electromagnetic pulsation.

Here is a great video that gives you a visual effect of what I am writing bout:

I wrote several articles on this thematic and I have recorded a few videos explaining this hidden to us knowledge.

This is the type of knowledge we should have been learning in schools, instead, the schools and the scientific community are brainwashing us and preventing us from learning the needed truths.

The same way, as the wheel is turning in one direction, it can be turned in the opposite direction.

This means that as the brain can receive frequencies and create our reality, it can also receive a picture and convert it into the frequencies.

This is what I have meant by saying that our brain can reproduce any frequency with which it is familiar with.

It is becoming more and more obvious that everything is a manifestation being it what we call our “reality”, our dream, or simply imagination.

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Any picture and thought will stimulate our brain to convert them into electromagnetic impulses that represent those thoughts, dreams, and imaginations.

This means that they can all become our reality.

It just depends on our mind to select what is the most probable, the most acceptable, and logical interpretation and according to its calculation, it will expect a certain outcome.

This we call a manifestation.

Whenever something is being sold, it is heavily advertised.

In detail, it is explained what this thing will do.

In this way, the brain receives a lot of information about what to expect will be happening.

The brain will use all of the information to calculate and manifest the outcome.

This is the reason why often people benefit from bogus products although they do not make any sense from the scientific point of view.

For example, when the collagen supplement is advertised, you are told what the collagen does in the body.

Although we do not absorb the collagen, only the amino-acids, and this means that absolutely nothing of what is advertised will happen, some people do experience some of the advertised effects.

The brain had accepted the information as truth and used it in its calculation. Since the truth is what the brain accepts to be the truth, the expected effect took the place.

The mind got convinced and that’s all that matters for the “reality” to be created.

This is what we call the placebo effect.

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The media, schools, religions, science, and the entertainment industry, are all used to implant information into our brains which will support the agenda of the Cabal.

Some of us did not take well this information we have been given.

We are the black sheep of the society, and the same as with everything else, the black is actually the light.

Although it may seem that the darkness is spreading through our planet, it is just the opposite.

The light has chased the darkness to the surface so that it can illuminate it.

Once illuminated, it will disappear forever.

Drop the fear. Hold the light and illuminate the darkness around you. This is why you are here.

Love and light to us all.

Happy Healthy Vegan versus the meat-eater Dr. Baker


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Since things are not as simple as the majority of people think when our diet is in question, this video that my friend Stefan sent, makes a great platform where many confusions can be clarified.

The blood report of Dr. Baker is confusing and resembles more a health state of an obese “carboholic” than a physically active meat-eater. Why?

You can watch the video and then I will go step by step, explaining what is actually happening.

The Happy Healthy Vegan, I believe that his name is Ryan, has been corresponding with Dr. Baker for some time and now as Dr. Baker exposed his blood-work, Ryan is using it to show how the meat diet is toxic to the body and how he as a vegan, is in much better shape as the health goes.

Before I go into it, take a look at both men. You will notice that both of them have dehydrated skin, and Dr. Baker’s hair is thinning out.

We are told that Dr. Baker had lost his medical license. 
This could be because of dispersing narcotics but it could also be because he was actually healing people which is forbidden by the medical cartel.
Since we do not know what was the reason, this is irrelevant.

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Ryan and Baker are of the same age and this is visible, they seem to be both dehydrated, but Baker has less hair and bigger muscles than Ryan.

The blood analysis:


The fasting blood glucose is 127 which is elevated. We call it diabetes.

The hemoglobin A1C test shows that Dr. Baker’s red-blood cells live shorter lives, nothing more. It has been noticed that elevated blood sugar affects negatively the hemoglobin, but so do some drugs and deficiencies as well.

Blood urea nitrogen was higher than in an average person. Many people have this problem and have nothing to do with how much meat you eat. It has to do with how well are your kidneys working. When we are low on blood plasma (dehydrated), the kidneys have to save water and minerals which makes the elimination of urea and uric acid difficult.

I bet the color of Baker’s urine was dark as the body waits for a higher concentration of toxicity before it will release the precious water from the blood.

Cholesterol levels are higher because the cells need more building material. Dr. Baker is lifting heavy weight and his muscles are growing. The cholesterol is absolutely crucial for this growth so here everything is normal. There is no such thing as good/bad cholesterol.

Testosterone low. This could be a consequence of blood’s toxicity from drugs which as we relate it to the high blood urea point to Baker using drugs, possibly anabolic steroids.

The steroids may also be the reason for the elevated sugar since steroids will release glucose from glycogen and the liver will then release the glucose into the blood.

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Vitamin D is very low, 30. It should be at least 50 nanograms/milliliter.

Vitamin/hormone D has very little to do with eating meat. Vitamin D is fat-soluble so it will be accumulated in the fat and most people who eat meat try to avoid eating the fat.

But more than this, vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of the sunlight.

Unfortunately, we are not exposed enough to the sunlight. We are covered and when we go to the beach, we put sunblock which prevents vitamin D synthesis.

This could be the reason why Ryan also has low vitamin D blood levels.

Also, vitamin D goes through two changes. The skin converts some cholesterol into, vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is in the liver converted into calcifediol (25-hydroxyvitamin D), and before it can be used, it is again converted, now in the kidneys, into the active calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D). As we can see, if the kidneys do not work properly, there will be a problem with vitamin D in the body.

Ryan is mistaking if he thinks that he gets his vitamin D from the plants he eats.

Plants have a different type of vitamin D which is not based on cholesterol but it is based on cyanide. Unfortunately, many doctors do not know this and are prescribing vitamin D2 (plant-based vitamin D) as a supplement. Totally useless if not straight out toxic.

It is obvious that Dr. Baker is not a good individual to test any kind of diet on, be it the meat or the vegetarian diet. He is inflamed, dry, and toxic. His skin shows this and the hair loss proves it.

Why does Ryan appear to be in good health and with normal blood sugar levels while getting most of his calories from the dietary glucose?

First, as you can see, he is not overeating and he is physically active.

When we eat small amounts of dietary carbohydrates, our cells can use them for energy production and store the rest as fat.

Although the genome is being changed and the cells are adapted to use glucose for energy production, if not too much dietary glucose is absorbed into the blood, the body can handle it and burn it.

If the person does not snack frequently, the longer period of glucose deprivation (between the meals) will force more mitochondria to stay active, and fat can be used also to produce the cellular energy during the fasting period.

People used to live relatively healthy into their 90-s and 100-s eating reasonable amounts of dietary glucose.

The more dietary carbohydrates we eat, the shorter and sicklier will our lives be.

Ryan would feel even healthier if he would use more sea salt but his skin and cells would continue to dehydrate and the aging will continue to show because the cellular health is compromised by the phytotoxins which prevent the cellular hydration.

Sooner or later he is going to encounter health issues and when one of the symptoms shows up, the cascade of other symptoms will soon follow.

This is my experience with vegetarians and especially with vegans.

Glucose poisoning of the body is a slow process that is directly related to the amount of glucose being ingested, but glucose is not the only bad thing that vegetables provide.

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A variety of phytotoxins that they provide is undermining our health in various ways.

I wrote about them many times. Some of them, people use as spices eating them daily.

As an example, I will mention garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper.

When our health is undermined, increasing meat consumption will not heal us.

A complete change of diet is necessary so that the genome can return to its proper expression.

I am sure that Dr. Baker had diabetes before he started to eat more meat which will not help to heal his body. It will just slow the progress of his diabetes since he is still consuming dietary carbohydrates.

After I have made a comment that glucose cannot be our principal fuel since we cannot store glucose as an energy reserve, Ryan had replied the usual way, “haven’t you heard about a glycogen”?

Glycogen is our secondary fuel. Its purpose is to give us a spurt of energy if our life is in danger and steroid hormone has to be released to break the protein-glucose bond so that the glucose can be released.

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You can read about it in this article:

Using the knowledge given to us through the indoctrination/schooling process confuses us because we are not told the truth.

Welcome to the disclosure.

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

A lion’s diet to the rescue

Poachers Under Attack: 15 Times Animals Got Their Revenge

My friend Louisa sent me a video where a young girl by the name of Mikhaila Peterson talks about her father’s health issues and also about her health history and how she herself had by a process of elimination discovered that meat makes the healthiest diet.

Why is this video so interesting especially to those of us who know the truth about the false indoctrination system of schooling is the realization that the first thing we all want to do after we feel good is to go and eat again the same food that made us sick in the first place.

The first part of the video is about her father but from the 28th minute on it is about Mikhaila and her struggle with health and the terrible things that medical doctors put her through, all because of their false understanding of how the body works.

All doctors “know” that red meat acidifies the body and contributes to rheumatism. The first thing we are told not to eat if the uric acid is elevated is the red meat. Why?

Because we do not bother to check things out and even when we see that there is no change in condition after the red meat was taken out from the diet, we continue to give the same recommendations as long as we live.

A toilet paper is worth more than the medical Dr. diploma, at least it has a practical value.

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I do not need a license to keep me out of jail because I haven’t killed a person utilizing the approved methods of poisoning. Only doctors need those since they kill more people than all of the wars and accidents put together.

Not to mention how much suffering doctors cause. Every chronic disease is their doing because they directly or indirectly participate in creating those diseases through their wrong recommendations and actions.

Even now, when some doctors pride themselves on saving the lives of some people that had the symptoms of flu, they would not have those symptoms if they would have been told the truth and kept their bodies clean.

When you understand the symptom, you will not allow it to become a chronic problem.

The doctors’ incompetence is the most visible now during the COVID-19/400 “plandemic”.

From the narrative, “masks do not work, vaccinate yourselves, it spreads through a direct contact”, to “masks are obligatory, vaccines do not work or work just marginally, the virus is airborne”.

The doctors resemble the priests more and more. “An eye for an Eye, and a tooth for a tooth” and “if someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other”. God loves you and is forgiving until you disobey him and then this loving and forgiving God judges you and makes you burn for infinity.

Which one is it? Make up your minds.

Do not be confused.

You will understand this once you wake up and free yourself from the lies that are inserted into every aspect of our lives by the biggest deceivers of them all, the “Semites”.

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Incidentally, the Semites have put the Bible together by using scrolls and historical events and changing the narrative to soothe their planes for the future enslavement of all people on this planet.

After all, the Bible that they put together says that God chose them to be the chosen people.

Ain’t that something?

It is like putting a thief in charge of bank security or making a lawyer the President of a country. Hillary, rings the bell?

Since we are all forced to go through the indoctrination process, we have to go to authorized schools where we are all loaded with the false beliefs that are very difficult to change.

This is why Mikhalila is trying to incorporate a vegetable diet back into her diet, knowing that the meat diet was what has healed her body.

Her medical practitioners (they practice their medicine on people while being protected by license), cut out her knee and ankle and replaced them with plastic that will have to be replaced whenever it wears out since it cannot rejuvenate itself.

They have created a permanent patient, and healing was not done because the knowledge is missing.

Mikhaila could have healed her leg if she would know then what she knows now.

The meat does not acidify the body, carbohydrates do.

She is still not aware of the full extent of the harm carbohydrate diet presents so she is trying to “normalize” her diet by incorporating vegetables into it.

Also, Mikhaila is not aware of the necessity of plasma for the process of cleansing and hydration.

Still, even with this marginal knowledge, she knows more about healing than most of the licensed doctors do. She has managed to improve her health although now, she is working on undermining her health by trying to “normalize” her diet.

Her experience destroys all of the narratives of the “experts” in nutrition who claim that the red meat is acidic and should not be eaten regularly.

As I always emphasize, any animal product will nourish us in a healthy way. Any kind of meat being it the fish, chicken, pork, beef, or an insect. Egg and dairy included.

The other important thing is that it all should be eaten raw or as raw as possible to maintain its correct frequency.

By eating the right food the correct way we are bringing into our body the correct frequency and by providing plasma (water with sea salt), we support our body’s cleansing mechanism.

Those are the bases of the Self Healers Protocol that has transformed many people liberating them from life-long “incurable” health problems.

I am happy to see that more and more people are realizing that eating meat is good for the body, but doctors have to be willing to look into what they are doing and stop blindly following those implanted lies. They so religiously hold onto.

Love and light to us all.

Make yourself more resilient to COVID. FEMININIZE yourself.

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Here is a video from “Computing Forever” that shows another example of a scientific “brilliance” in solving health problems by using the school promoted childish reasoning our esteemed scientists use to solve problems.

Dr. Amir Khan authoritatively explains the complex scientific approach in handling the “plandemic” that is ravaging the world of media.

Since most of the scientific approaches are based on the statistics and the scientific childish logic, a new important procedure is being promoted that will in addition to wearing the approved and non-approved masks, gloves, and eye covering, add to the safety of people in regards to the “deadliest virus of all times”.

Here you can see how to protect yourself from asbestos, mining dust, spray paint, and the deadliest virus of all time.

“I beg your pardon. It is not a very deadly virus?
Do you say that COVID-19/400 is much milder than the common seasonal flu?
You must be mistaken. Almost all countries on this planet are in a shutdown, economies are destroyed, people scared and locked down in their homes.

Everyone must wear a mask and keep a distance from one another.
New, statistics show that more men get affected by this virus and more men die from it than women.”

The childish logic kicks in and the solution presents itself.
“We have to femininize all the man and in this way, we are going to certainly knock off at least a couple of hundred COVID cases per flu season”.
I am eagerly awaiting for Dr. Khan to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for science this year. God bless him but more than that, God bless his patients because they really need God’s help.

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Now, let me explain the statistics in question.

Those of you who follow my work already know the answer so this is for all of the new readers out there.

The culprit to almost all chronic health issues is the toxic blood. What we refer to as the symptoms of flu are nothing else that the symptoms our body manifests during the process of cleansing its blood.

The more toxicity there is, the stronger will be the symptoms.

I have explained this in details in this article:

Women have an advantage over the man. They eliminate some of their toxic blood while menstruating and then produce fresh clean blood. This dilutes the toxicity of their blood making it less toxic overall.

For those of you who think that I am being stupid thinking in this way, just look at what happens when women stop menstruating.

As their blood’s toxicity raises, they start feeling this toxic load. The body starts to make attempts to detoxify the blood but because they are low on the blood plasma, their cleansing organs cannot eliminate those toxins through the kidneys so mucous tissue and skin are being used but first, the same as in the case of the flu, the body tries to break down some of the toxins by raising the body temperature.

Women start experiencing hot flushes, sweating, headaches, and nausea.

Since doctors do not know what to make of it (the indoctrination program did not allow them to learn the truth), they invented a new syndrome which they have named the menopause.

Instead of hydrating their patients with plasma, doctors reach for medication, in this case, hormones since the hormonal picture of women in menopause changes.

This is exactly what the genius Dr. Khan proposes to “combat” the flu.

Since the truth is hidden from our doctors, they use the statistics, and their childish reasoning points them in the only direction they feel comfortable with, and this is the use of the medicinal poisons.

Since women are less affected by the flu symptoms, let us use the feminine hormones, and femininize all the men.

Of course, the same as in the case of menopause, no beneficial effects are achieved, just a temporary suppression of the symptoms which keeps the patient dependent on the poison/medication.

Only, in the case of the flu, no benefits will be achieved because the blood remains toxic. In fact, the additional pollution with hormones will make them more toxic and the flu symptoms will escalate.

The same childish logic we see in vaccine manufacturing.

Since the cancer cells are loaded with the enzyme nagalase, they put nagalase into the vaccines to cause more cancer, and then they are surprised that the “nagalase effect” is not producing the expected results.

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Every animal cell that uses glucose for energy production has nagalase since it is an enzyme that is utilized in a glucose breakdown.

Since the cancer cells work anaerobically, glucose is their primary fuel so a lot of nagalase will be there but this enzyme in no way or shape influences the formation of cancer other than helping to fuel it once it is there, and only if there is a large presence of glucose.

To be able to help the body, we first have to understand it.

Unfortunately, the doctors are at a disadvantage here because all they know are the lies they had to accept as truths during their indoctrination studies.

Now, the childish reasoning is all that they can use in solving the medical puzzles.

So, let all men become women and we will reduce the flu deaths for another whopping 0,0001%.

I think this definitely deserves the Nobel Prize, don’t you?

Love and light to us all.

“WARNING: This collagen ages you FASTER”

It is the time we start recognizing these supplement pushers for hat they really are, straight out LIERS&DECEVERS for profit.

There is no difference which one of these fraudsters I chose to use as an example because they all spew the same lies in an attempt to mislead us into spending our money and buying their bogus product.

Today I have received again this advertising which title I have used as the title for this article.

I wrote an article recently about collagen, but now I want to dissect this Dr. fraud article piece by piece to show you how stupid they really are. They really think that this bogus product is doing in our body what they say. At least, I am giving them a benefit of doubt.

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Here is what Dr. Joel Marion scribbles to entice me to buy his product:

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

Perhaps you’ve heard all the rave reviews about collagen lately. It’s all over the news. And this shouldn’t be too surprising. After all…

— 75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient – if you’re deficient, your skin looks worse and becomes less protective against foreign microbes…

— 70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen – if you’re lacking, you can feel those creaks and pops all the time and experience needless discomfort…

— 90% of your bones are made of collagen – if you don’t have enough, fractures and breaks can happen with more frequency…

— Your gut DEPENDS on collagen – if you are lacking collagen, your intestinal wall can tear and leak, causing rather unenjoyable digestive discomfort…

— Even your HAIR and nails are mostly collagen – and we all want that silky, youthful look that only a collagen-rich head of hair and strong nails can give us!

And did you know?

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system. Nearly 80% of your immune power is actually in your gut…and as you’ve seen, collagen is one of your belly’s best friends. Never has that been more important!


As you age, you produce less collagen year after year. Less than HALF by middle age, and this depletion accelerates the older you become… UNLESS you do something…

“So Joel, I should just take a collagen supplement, right?”

Not so fast:

You see, there’s another REALLY BIG PROBLEM.

This is the #1 thing you need to take away from this letter…and by far the most important lesson that science has revealed about collagen:


Here’s what I mean. If you buy a collagen supplement at the health food store, chances are it has only one type of collagen.

But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…

I call these “missing collagens” because they’re nowhere to be found in most collagen supplements. In fact, it’s rare to find more than one!

That’s why so many collagen supplements let millions of folks down year after year.

Combine this with the fact that it’s VERY difficult to source all five types of collagen…

…and the fact so many collagen supplements taste like you’re swallowing clumpy wet sand? Yuck.

You can see why getting the collagen you need—the collagen your body can no longer make to keep you looking AND feeling younger—is so hard to do:

Until today.

Introducing Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein™… the no-clump, no-taste collagen! (so you can mix it in literally ANYTHING) – up to 51% OFF plus FREE U.S. Shipping when you order today!

Not only does Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein dissolve quickly and easily in hot or cool beverages, it also contains all FIVE key collagen types (I, II, III, V, and X) from FOUR different food sources:”

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So let’s debunk the whole story, claim by claim.

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

A fountain of youth? What makes us look old is wrinkled skin. When the tissue/collagen is dehydrated it shrinks like a prune. This makes us look old. Hydrate with plasma and you will correct this issue. Eating collagen will improve nothing.

75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient ”

An age-defying nutrient?

75% of the skin is water.

The collagen in our skin is a part of the connective tissue and is not a nutrient.

Since collagen is a protein, when we eat it, it will break down into amino acids and when amino acids are absorbed, the body will decide how to use them.

70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen”

Again the percentage is out of wac. It is related to water and not to the collagen fiber.

Joints and tendons suffer from a lack of hydration and not from a lack of collagen. Dehydrated tendons become brittle and dehydrated joints lose lubrication and the cartilage will start to grind itself.

Eating collagen will improve absolutely nothing.

90% of your bones are made of collagen ”

The collagen fiber is like a metal wire in a concrete column. Minerals provide the strength and the collagen gives it the resilience to stress/flexibility. There are more minerals than collagen in the bone so the claim is fraudulent.

In osteoporosis, all of the collagen is there but the bone becomes weak because the minerals are not deposited to give the bone strength.

Eating collagen will have absolutely no effect on the strength of our bones if we cannot deposit minerals.

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Your gut DEPENDS on collagen”

This is correct. We cannot have our bodies if we do not have protein, what collagen actually is.

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system”

Without collagen, you cannot exist but to say that eating the collagen will benefit the immune system in any way is absolutely ridiculous.

The parrot-like statement that our immune system depends on our gut bacteria is idiotic.

The gut flora is always adapting to its environment and changes according to our diet. So “experts”, please tell me, what type of gut flora actually benefit what type of our immune system?

When we eat correctly we will be healthy and the gut flora will adjust to our diet. No probiotics strengthen the immune system.

Immunity is the ability to maintain the correct frequency and only strong cellular voltage will do this job.

Eating the collagen will not improve the cellular voltage in any specific way.

But there’s a REALLY BIG PROBLEM: we produce less collagen as we age”

This is incorrect. We produce less collagen when our body does not need it. We show symptoms of aging not because we do not have enough collagen, but because we are dehydrated and toxic.

Our body will always produce what it needs if the food and the plasma (water&minerals) are available.


Here, our Dr. Fraudster Marion is telling us that there are different types of collagen and if you do not eat the correct collagen, you will be deficient in it. This is why you have to buy his product.

This is like saying that if you eat chicken eggs, since they contain all of the material to produce a chicken, a chicken will grow in your body.

If you eat turtle eggs, a turtle will be formed and if you eat a pork steak, a pork steak will be assembled in your body.

Do you see how ridiculous this statement this is?

But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…”

First of all, the number IV is missing and the symbol X represents the number 10. This clearly shows a low level of knowledge.

The existence of a 5 types of collagen fibers is a bold lie that just about everyone is repeating.

The collagen is a protein fiber. It is weaved differently when it is a part of the skin.

It is weaved differently when it is a part of cartilage or part of the bone, or part of the tendon, or a part of the eye-lens, but in fact, it is all the same protein.

To expect a strengthening of your tendons by consuming the collagen that was made of the cow tendons is like expecting to grow a cow liver after eating it, or to start producing cow milk after drinking it.

These “expert fraudsters” are experts of “idiocracy”, and it just shows how brainwashed people are when they buy their bogus products, trusting its validity.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on packaged garbage, get a juicy steak, or fish, chicken, egg, or cheese, and enjoy your tasty meal. It will give you all of the protein your body needs to make any “type” of collagen and on top of it, you will receive energetic fat, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and structured water as a bonus.

I am not saying that we cannot benefit from this packaged protein. Since it is dehydrated, it will last a long time so it is a great source of protein as emergency food since it can be stored for a long period of time.

Instead of piling on toxic carbohydrates, pile dehydrated proteins. You will need less space and you will maintain a healthy body by eating it instead of the toxic carbs most people are relying on.

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

p.s. and another fraud from the same mouthpiece has just arrived

“Do NOT Do the Ketogenic Diet (here’s why…)” with a ton of lies and misinformation. They are selling the “Keto Elevate ” where you can use bread and potatoes and remain in the ketogenic state whit their bul***** product.

VIRUS or an energy triggered cellular cleanse?

Hi Darko, I have been on your protocol for about 5months and feeling good then a few days ago woke up with diarrhea for 2 days all day long, still feeling good but scared to leave house. Thats gone but now I haven’t really gone for 2 days. How often should we be going to bathroom? Had gallbladder removed a few years back big mistake. Tks for reply”

Since many people who have followed the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) are having similar experiences, I have decided to explain what is happening through this blog.
A great majority of people that have followed the SHP underwent deep cellular cleansing.
As their cells were eliminating their toxins into the blood, the blood got very polluted and all three blood cleansing organs become involved in eliminating those toxins from the blood.
To help the body in this process, people are drinking a lot of plasma (water with sea salt), to provide their bodies with a sufficient amount of plasma for cleansing.
The symptoms of the cleansing of the very toxic blood by the kidneys will be a dark often smelly urine, Sometime foamy, sometimes greasy.
If a lot of acids are being cleansed, the bladder can become inflamed. This will cause a sensation for urinating even when the bladder is empty, and a burning sensation can occur. The bacterial overgrowth can but does not have to be present.

When the heavily toxic blood cleanses through the glomerulus of the mucous tissue, the symptoms will be:
Mouth: inflammation, red/white tongue, salivation, bad smell.
Stomach: nausea, gas (burping), vomiting.
Intestines: diarrhea, foul odor, gas.
Lungs: phloem, cough, bad breath.

January | 2013 | Jami Gray's Blog

The more the blood becomes saturated with cellular toxins the muscle and joint pain may appear. The body temperature may rise (to break down some of the toxins).

The body will try to increase the speed of the blood cleanse by speeding the blood circulation. This brings tachycardia.

The increased heart rate will increase blood pressure.

In one word, we get the symptoms of a FLU.

Sometimes, after we had cleansed out cells and all the symptoms went away, we can experience a cleansing attack that lasts only a couple of hours.

The cleansing attack can exhibit all of the symptoms or just some of them. It all depends on the amount of the toxicity that was released into the blood.

Where did this toxicity come from, you may ask?

From the quantum point, we know that everything including the toxins is just frequencies of a particular vibration. Our emotions are also frequencies and they can be trapped until some energetic change with a similar frequency occurs that will affect them and release them from our cells.

Our ambient is a field of energy that is composed of various frequencies and any shift in those frequencies will affect our gene expression and will force a genetic change we call the adaptation to the new environment.

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At this present time we are all exposed to a strong energy change that is caused by the planetary alignment, and this is causing many genetic changes.

Also, our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with. This means that acknowledging some events (recalling or focusing on them) will trigger the brain to produce the frequency that is related to that event which will cause its cleansing by disturbing the field of the same frequency.

If this was an emotionally difficult event, a heavy toxic load will be released, and strong cleansing symptoms will be experienced.

I had recently an episode of a high fever, muscle aches, and diarrhea that lasted 3 days.

Hilno had a strong cleansing attack recently. She started shaking and her body temperature had dropped. She was cold to the touch as if she was dead. After about 30 minutes she started to warm up and was burning with a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Two hours later it was all over, and then an hour after that, she had strong diarrhea with an unusual color liquid excrement.

As long as we have adequate levels of blood plasma, the blood cleansing organs will eliminate the released toxic load.

The diarrhea is caused by the toxic mucus that irritates and swells the colon. As soon as the toxic load is gone, the colon’s inflammation goes down and water absorption goes up. Now the body is again low on plasma and every ounce of water will be returned from the colon to the blood. This creates constipation. This is why the plasma intake (water with sea salt) should never be reduced.

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As soon as the stool becomes solid, the intake of plasma should be increased to prevent constipation.

We will not have diarrhea if the colon is not inflamed and if we drink a lot of plasma and the colon is ok, we will urinate a lot and the stool will be normal.

Trying to stop any of the symptoms of cleansing will actually worsen the state of our health, and interfering with the symptoms is the type of medicine we are being indoctrinated too in our medical schools.

Block the symptoms we call the symptomatic medicine or the “madsin” as I call it.

As you can see, the body is creating symptoms when it is cleansing and healing and we are told to stop this process from happening.

Medicine man in the jungle does the opposite. It uses toxic remedies to provoke those symptoms.

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Being it the poison from frog skin, Ayahuasca, San Pedro extract, or any other strong poison, they all induce a profound cleansing where a lot of toxic mucus is eliminated. Vomiting and diarrhea follow.

Nobody is trying to stop those symptoms and healing follows.

We are being exposed to ever-rising frequencies.

Our genes are changing their expression to instruct our cells on how to respond to this changing environment. Everything is changing. Nothing will be the same after this shift is completed.

The truth is coming to the surface.

Do you understand this message?

Is it ringing the bell?

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Love and light to us all.

SUPPLEMENTS Are we being duped again?

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Everyone who is following my work for some time knows that I am disclosing the truth in the field of health, and instead of looking for the approval of the corrupt and mislead “scientific academia”, I am disclosing my findings directly to everyone who is ready to receive them.

We are witnessing the deterioration of human health while we are being told about the miracles of modern medicine, but there is a glitch no one is paying attention to.

As the number of medical professionals are rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

The obvious question pops up.

What are the medical professionals cultivating?

Health or a disease?

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If you want to catch more fish, you use more fishermen.

If you want to produce more food, you use more farmland.

If you want to repair more cars, you use more mechanics.

What do we need if we want to have more sick people and more diseases?

It appears we need more doctors. This is actually self-evident but, is anybody noticing?

A simple observation and statistics show us that as the number of doctors is rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

Supermarkets are being replaced by pharmacies with the food sections for those who can still digest the food.

Supplement pushers are more popular now than ever.

Their message is:

“do not poison yourself with the meat of the medicated and tortured animals, do not poison your body with the GMO modified plants that are full of herbicides and pesticides. Nourish yourself with the protein powder and vitamins of our making.

They are natural and selected for the optimal results”.

“Do not eat the toxic dairy, get our whey protein.

Do not eat the toxic beef and chickens, indulge in our collagen.

Do not eat those toxic eggs and animal saturated fats, load up on the probiotics, and natural vitamins from our capsules.

And, for God’s sake, do not eat the poisonous fish from the sea, use our fish protein and fish oil because it is 100% natural”.

This fraudulent industry is catching up with the big pharma, not just in profits, but with the brainwashing tactics and the harm their products are causing to the digestive system.

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I have to use William Mount as an example because it drives me crazy, him informing us about the shenanigans of the deep-state and at the same time spreading the false information about the supplements and the medicinal remedies he is using to harm himself and those who trust him.

First he advertises the emergency food from “My Patriot Supply” that consists of pure dietary carbohydrates and spices. A junk food.

Then he advertises the cinnamon from the supplement source Get the Tea to lower his blood sugar, and as his health starts to suffer he advertises the “multi collagen” claiming how great he feels eating it.

If William would not poison himself with the dietary glucose his blood sugar would be normal, and he would not have to poison himself with the cinnamon.

By adding collagen to his diet, he is helping his body by providing the needed protein and he feels the difference which is now attributed to the collagen and not to the protein that the collagen actually is.

Our “science” is constantly feeding us the wrong information which we accept without questioning it because the “experts are talking”.

Last night while watching an animal program on YouTube, another “scientific truth” was spewed.

Two Male Juvenile African Lions Resting Together Royalty ...

“Lions sleep most of the time and do not eat every day because the meat they eat is hard to digest so the digestion is lengthly, making them incapacitated and tired”.

The truth is that animal fat and protein offer plenty of calories, vitamins, and enzymes, making it very efficient. No daily supply of calories is necessary. This is why lions spend most of their time snoozing.

When they become hungry, they go and hunt.

The exactly same happens to us, humans.

When we nourish ourselves with raw meat and animal fats, we do not have to eat often.

The same as the lion, we can spend most of our time doing other things and eat once every other day.

Everyone who has tried eating correctly, knows how wonderful they feel when they eat this way.

More and more people are hearing the correct message and are switching back to the original omnivore diet.

The Ketogenic diet is the transitional diet where people are peeling away from the carbohydrate saturated vegetarian and vegan diets.

Here again, the supplement industry has found its victims and is promoting a Keto supplement starter. A miracle protein that will help you to adjust to the correct diet. Something like a “keto probiotic”.

What a sham.

People have to wake up to those lies, but how do we know what are lies and what is the truth?

If it is promoted, it is a lie.

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Whatever we are being told through advertising is contrary to the truth.

Implied     True meaning

BioTRUST = BioDoubt

Get the tea = stay away from the tea

World Health Organization = World Disease Spreading Organization

Medical doctor heals the patient = Medical doctor poisons the patient

People are indoctrinated to trust only those with titles.

Titles are given to those who were satisfactory indoctrinated.

I would seek for a medical help from a jungle medicine man, before I would ask for a medical “expert” with a title.

The walls of Jericho are tumbling down. Trump-ets are sounding.

Extraordinary time we are living in.

It makes me jump with joy seeing doctors revolting against the corrupt system.

The scent of victory is in the air.

Love and light to us all.