Thanks to Mark, I get to read articles that normally I would not pay any attention to since I have disconnected myself from the “scientific” world so that I am not influenced by the corrupt system behind it.

Here is one article about research done on mice. It is about aging and countering the oxidative stress.


Ain’t that something. Another extraordinary brain has discovered hot water. Scientists are like a weather man, locked in their rooms and forget to look what is happening outside. If they would, maybe they would notice the clouds.

Scientists are using laboratory animals for their investigative work. So they find how their animals are deteriorating and they figure out what is going wrong on the chemical level. They discover the demise of their subjects and figure ways to correct the problem by correcting substances that have started to decline. Great, but now the animals have to be constantly medicated. Great news for the pharmaceuticals I’ll say because this will be utilized on people eventually.

Guinea pig with a stethoscope isolated on white

It would be enough if scientists would come out of their laboratories and observe animals in the wild. They would notice how those animals produce those chemical compounds in great quantities and supplementation would not make any change. There is no demise in aging process. Old antelope can run the same speed and for same time as the young one. Old birds can fly the same distance like the young birds do. Only humans and domestic animals differ from this rule. Laboratory animal will behave as domestic animal and their health is compromised to begin with. The reason for this is the toxic food they are given daily. It is the same carbohydrate loaded diet which is causing the health problems in humans.

Animals in the wild do not have the access to such terrible food and they do not show the signs of aging.

Having this in consideration, wouldn’t it be better if we start eating correctly and avoid age related problems all together?

Sorry, this is not possible because the pharmaceutical complex would not be able to extract any money from you, and hospitals would be empty and doctors would have to find something else to do. What a disaster if you ask me.

Several years ago, scientist Cynthia Kenyon has discovered how absence of glucose in diet prolongs the life 6 times and makes animals to act young and be energetic all the way until their sudden death. This should give her a Nobel Price. Instead, this discovery was buried under the carpet.

Cyntia Kenyon 01.JPG

It is always the same story. Important discoveries are suppressed and trivial discoveries that can be prostituted for money are hailed and promoted as significant breakthroughs that will better the humanity. All lies and deceits.

This is why I love the quantum mechanic. It is easy to explain cellular response to incorrect diet.

Think of food as a beautiful music that sooth’s your ears. This is how its frequency stimulates DNA and genes to harmonize and stimulate cells to their action. Now all of a sudden some weird distorted tune comes in. You will cringe, it does not harmonize with the rest of the music. Same will happen when we manipulate our food. We introduce distortion and our genes cringe. The whole harmonic vibration goes of and cells react to this by distorting their production of whatever chemical would be controlled by the gene which was most affected with this distorted frequency.

Introduction of dietary carbohydrates (sugars) to our cellular structure creates this distortion and subsequent cellular altered function that causes premature aging and all array of chronic diseases.

Correct your diet and you will have long healthy and productive lives.

Love and light


THE BONE CANCER and can immune system prevent cancer growth?

Jake asked me several times to write about osteosarcoma. Why it is not possible to heal from this disease? What causes it and is there anything that can be done to protect ourselves from this health issue.

Figure 2

What we know about cancer is that cancer cells are severely dehydrated, unable to absorb oxygen and with low electric voltage.

So what does this mean?

It means that cellular dehydration opens the possibility of cancer appearance. There are many reasons why cells will dehydrate and most common are toxic dark blood and low energy supply caused by stress. I am not going to go into a detail of all the aspects because I would have to write a book and all the individual aspects are described in my articles while describing variety of topics.

When the cell is low on water it cannot clean itself and becomes acidic. This triggers the forced hydration we call inflammation. It is natural way how body tries to heal itself.

Since cancer cell cannot absorb oxygen, it cannot use fat to produce energy. This lowers its electric voltage.

Low voltage stimulates cellular proliferation (growth of new cell to replace the weak one).

If the new cell cannot raise its voltage new proliferation is triggered and we have a start of growing cancer (tumor).

For cancer to continue proliferating there is a necessity for energy. Since cancer cells cannot produce energy from fat they should have problem growing but modern human found a way to help cancer to grow by feeding it with the only energy source it can utilize. Glucose. Glucose does not need oxygen to extract energy because glucose has oxygen within its molecular structure. This is why life threatening cancer occurs only in humans and domestic animals.

But there is much more to the cancer than this.

Cells are supplied by the energy in variety ways and nutrition is only a part of this. We know that  brain supplies body with energy as well. Also Dr. A. Wunsch from Germany explains how a lot of energy cells receive through the light so tempering with light causes cellular energetic problems as well.

But no one describes it better than Dr. Hamer in his New German Medicine. He has pinpointed the relation between cancer and many chronic diseases with stress and the brain energy management during the time of the stress. Dr. Hamer shows how particular types of stress cause cancers in particular organs. Different parts of the brain are in charge to supply the energy to corresponding organs and if particular thought produces stress that lingers, corresponding part of the brain traps the energy and does not supply the organ causing cellular proliferation.

I will try to explain this on a quantum level.

Every thought is a symphony of sound that produces variety of frequencies. Certain tones in variety of scales.

Different parts of the brain are adjusted to receive different groups of harmonic frequencies. Every organ is tuned to its own harmonic frequency scale. In this way different parts of the brain supply different organs with energy, depending on their harmonic scale frequencies.

Now if something has happened in your life that cause a strong stress and it is lingering there. You cannot stop thinking about it, it drives you crazy or sad, this over stimulates particular part of the brain that has the same frequencies. Now this part of the brain is busy dealing with those frequencies and does not forward energy to the corresponding organ. Now if cells of this organ are dry and acidic, they are not able to produce enough energy on their own and no energy from the brain so cellular proliferation will take the place.

Now here you can see that exposure to sunlight can energize the cells and in this way prevent cancer growth. And we are constantly being lectured not to expose ourselves to the sunlight especially if we have cancer.

Here is an example how cancer will appear in the bones of prostate problem sufferer.

Toxic blood is rejected by cells. But if we have a lot of sex and our blood is toxic, we force cells of prostate to produce lubricant so they dehydrate rapidly and become acidic. Brain orders forced hydration  this way forcing the prostate cells to absorb some water and eliminate acid. Inflamed prostate makes it difficult to urinate so we go to the doctor. Doctor gives anti inflammatory drugs. This works marginally at best so now we star feeling bad. Sex becomes difficult. Now we feel bad about ourselves and this type of stress causes prostate cancer. To make the thing worst, doctor scares us with bad prognosis and starts to poison us with strong poisons called chemotherapy. Now our immune system is destroyed we look and feel terrible so  we start to really suffer from inferiority complex and self pity. This type of stress causes bone cancer. This is why most prostate inflammations turn into cancer of prostate and then in bone cancer. It is all about frequency. Change your thought, you will change the frequency and cancer will disappear. Yes you heard me correctly, the cancer will be destroyed by your immune system and eliminated from your body.

Now articles like this one send to me by Mark

write about discovering hot water. I wrote first time about the ability of our body to fight and destroy cancer a decade ago and I was not the only one. Dr. Bruce Lipton and others have done the same.

The relation of glucose to a immune deficiency and Nagalase production and how this prevents the immune protein GcMAF production which prevents macrophage activation.

If you want to do more reading on this topic go to

Now scientists are waking up but no real understanding can be achieved until we go quantum my friends. When we understand what is going on, then we can really help people with their healing process.

Love and light.



Millions of people worldwide are suffering from reoccurring headaches. Doctors label for this symptom is Migraine.

As any other chronic disease, doctors are unable to “pinpoint” the cause of this disease. Since about two thirds of migraine sufferers have this disease in more members of the family, doctors found a escape goat. You have guest it, it is a genetic disorder. Well guess what? Other genetically influenced diseases are: Lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension ….and I can go on and mention all chronic diseases. They are all labelled as genetically influenced. You slap on the health problem a sticker of “genetically influenced” and you are home free as doctor. It is out of your hands, nothing can be done because it is embedded  in your genes my dear and we cannot go against the creator!

The three lucrative professions where you can miss all your prognosis, completely fail in your job and still receive full pay with bonus is a politician, weatherman and doctor.

In this trio, doctors are a class of their own.

Politicians are mostly lawyers so they are trained to manipulate facts, we basically do not trust them.

Weatherman is regularly wrong so it is safer to stick the head out of the window and make your own assessment of the weather.

But we are told to trust our doctors. Knowing the truth, I can safely say that you will be a way better of doing exactly the opposite of what you are being told by your doctor than to follow his/her lead.

New Developments (Besides Your Love Handles)

Here we are talking about headaches. It does not take a rocket scientist to pinpoint the problem. There are known facts. Pain is caused by increased pressure on sensory nerve.

Brain does not have sensory nerves so pain will not be caused there. Sensory nerves are positioned around the brain in a membrane that envelopes it and serves as filtering device. Cells work the best when they are well hydrated, and clean. Since there is a great importance for the nerves to function perfectly, blood will not directly enter the brain from our blood circulation. It will be filtered through meninges membrane first. Similar like fetus receives nutrients through the placenta, brain receives the nutrients through the meninges.

If the blood is toxic, cells will refuse to engage the osmotic pump so they will not hydrate. They do not want to use toxic blood unless it is really necessary. Little by little they will dehydrate and become acidic, toxic themselves. As I have often mentioned, inflammation is response to acidic tissue and act as forced hydration if cells refuse to hydrate through osmotic pressure. So if cells forming meninges are dehydrated and acidic, inflammation will occur. This will increase the pressure within the meninges and cause pain.

Why do some people suffer from it and some people do not?

People with toxic blood that put more strain on the brain either because they think and focus a lot or they live under constant stress, force neurones to utilize more toxic blood and their cells in this area will become acidic faster than in other areas where cells are not being used so much. Such people live with constant low grade inflammation so even slightly elevated blood pressure will trigger headache. This is why some people experience headache if blood pressure goes up and some do not. If meninge is not acidic and blood pressure raises suddenly, there will be no headache present because the raised pressure is not strong enough to create a pain. Higher the inflammation level, more sensitive will be the human to elevated blood pressure as the pain is concerned.

So why is the blood toxic?

Two reasons. Wrong food and dehydration on circulatory level.

Why is the disease often occurring in several members of the family?

Because they eat the same food and are under the same stress or the same profession.

Even the bad influence of food and its toxicity can be lowered if we get well hydrated. For this we need good structured water and sea salt. Without the salt water cannot stay in our body and will be urinated or sweated out of it.

Well hydrated blood will allow cleansing organs to clean it and in this way maintain our health. Since we eat really bad junk we call food, we need plenty of water and sea salt to do the cleaning.

Now you can understand why false studies are promoted like this one send to me from Mark

Until recently we were worned only not to eat salt but now even this is not enough. Now we should stop to drink water as well. What fabulous scientists we have! It is miracle that we are still alive. And still, people are trusting their doctors and the poisons they prescribe and real healers are being avoided.

Now as you know where headaches come from, stay hydrated. Drink plenty water with sea salt in it. At least a gallon a day if you suffer from migraines. The worse food is acidic food and this means carbohydrate and other sugars in the first place. Increase saturated fat and animal protein in your diet. Constipation is the strongest symptom of dehydration and your best tell. Do not pay attention to those who tell you not to eat salt and not to drink water. They are just trolls for the industry and promoted by the industry and those who benefit from your suffering. All that industry is interested in is:

Shark Insurance

If you or someone you know suffer from a chronic pain or migraines, contact me and I will show, how you can eliminate this health problem.

With love and light I wish you a great day





“Maximum human lifespan has already been reached”

How can anyone take science seriously these days? Or has the false science always been there but now we are realizing what is going on?

My experience points to the second part being the truth.

Inspiration for this article came from this article that Mark send me recently

asian elderly: happy senior couple hiking on the mountain Stock Photo

So called statistics about peoples lifespan being 47 years in the past is based on medieval cities where people were living in filth . The reasons for short lives were diseases and accidents. Horses have killed numerous people those days. Statistics were taken only in urban areas. We can still see places like that in parts of the World.

The life in a country was completely different. It was normal for people to celebrate 80th or 90th birthday.

My grandfather was on the pain meds and blood pressure meds from his 50th birthday and managed to live to 85 years old. His body crumbled as the medication with the combination of diet caused severe osteoporosis so his bones could not support his weight any more. If he wouldn’t be poisoned by his doctors he would have lived way longer.

In the country side all over the world there are examples of people living lives of approximately 90 to 110 years of age. Taoists in China easily double this number because of their healthy life style and not cooking their food. They mostly eat the food raw or steer fry or steam their food.

Image result for ancianos practicando artes marcialesImage result for ancianos practicando artes marciales

Just look at the elderly martial art masters. In their 90ties they perform and move easier than young people of modern culture.

I have learned that whatever is presented to us through the schooling system, popular science, major media and entertainment propaganda is there to create false knowledge so that we accept the false truth with which our handlers can justify their actions.

According to the article, we have reached the limit of our lifespan because we have excellent medical care and improved, genetically modified food. We are so lucky and we are living so good that we have to be reminded of this frequently because our health problems are normal occurrence in people that live so long. Mind you how just about everyone over 50 years of age is on multiple poisons ups, wanted to say medications so that they can have full lives. By full lives I mean, breath and move without doubling down from pain.

Popular science is worthless pile of misinformation so if you think that you are being informed, know that you are being misinformed. We live in times where the truth is only visible if we look at the information through a mirror.

As far as longevity goes, I have described it in my book. Since life was created to a template of the sacred geometry, it has even parameters. So if you want to know what is the real human lifespan if humans would live following the correct principles of the program we have to observe the nature. Since humans have adapted the environment to sooth their nature and this way changed everything within the game of life, we have to look into the nature for the answers. Here we notice that all animals live between 25 up to 35 times their adolescent age. We are the only ones with lifespan shorter than 10 times our adolescent age. This does not fit into the template of sacred geometry. It stands out so something is wrong. The wrong part is that we did not adjust to the nature. Instead we have changed the nature to sooth our lifestyle. By manipulating our food we have shortened our lives and made ourselves unhealthy. So only changing back to what is natural and becoming a part of the nature, we become synchronised with the program of life and extend our lives being healthy and not showing signs of ageing.

The most vivid sign of ageing is dry wrinkled skin.

Old woman at the window, dreaming the past

People basically dry up. The reason for this is poor consumption of water and constant reminding how salt is bad for our health.

Without salt we cannot hydrate so here is your most vivid truth of false science. This beautiful lady on the photo can clear all the wrinkles if only she start drinking water with sea salt in it. But then thousands of cosmetic surgeries would be obsolete. We cannot have that. Also her eyesight would improve so can you imagine all the ophthalmologists losing their customers? Forgot to mention how most chronic diseases would disappear as well, there comes the end of pharmacy and the medicine as we know it and we cannot have that can we???

So it is better that you go to your doctor and eat your carbohydrate filled diet, sip on your coffee and red wine. After all, doctors agree that this is how you will maintain your perfect health.

Well look at it through the mirror if you want to find the truth.

Love and light.

This is 80 year old body builder Ernestine Shepherd

(Photo: Ernestine Shepherd /Facebook)








Mi friend Jake has recently asked me to explain to him about diabetic nerve pain. I was startled since I had no idea that doctors created another disease based on symptom of pain in feet occurring often in people suffering from diabetes.

Wet gangrene right foot : Stock Photo

On this image you can see how the right foot is already necrotic, affected with gangrene and the left foot is on the way to become the same if patient is not helped. You can see how the left foot is tight, swollen and varicose veins are starting to show. This is the way foot looks when “diabetic nerve pain” occurs.

Now, I have heard several “experts” versions what causes this pain from thinning of the myelin lining of the nerves to sugar sedimentation in lower extremities do to gravity. What a brilliant minds. It just shows you again how lost doctors are because of lack of proper knowledge.

If the problem would be myelin coating, the electric impulse would affect other nerves and cause involuntary movement.

As sedimentation or cumulation of sugar in lower extremities goes, the only way this would happen is because of inflammation. Inflamed tissue will hold larger quantity of sugar when more sugar loaded blood gets trapped in the tissue do to the inflammation.

The thing is that even human without suffering from diabetes can have same sensation of pain experienced in “diabetic nerve pain” syndrome.

So let’s explain in simple words what is going on and why the pain is present

When I have described diabetes in previous articles I have mentioned how diabetes is not the culprit of bad blood circulation. In fact, circulatory problems occur simultaneously with symptoms of diabetes. Same as it is happening with kidney insufficiency, rheumatism and all other chronic health problems humanity is suffering from.. All chronic problems involve toxic polluted blood which is the real culprit of inflammation.

So why is there pain in the foot you may ask?

When the blood vessels become acidic on their cellular level because the cells did not want to hydrate utilizing the toxic blood, inflammation is triggered to force cells to hydrate and cleanse. This expands the tissue affected and the tissue starts to exert pressure on sensory nerves. This will first create itchiness and as pressure rises the itchiness changes into a pain.

So why feet and not gluteus ( ass) for example?

Because we have circulatory problems caused by dark, viscous toxic blood. This kind of blood has problem circulating in a first place, especially through the veins while returning back into the heart since it is not driven by pressure. Instead venous blood is driven by suction. So further away from the heart the blood is (heart creates the suction), suction will be weaker. Add to it insufficient levels of blood (in the hose that is half filled with water suction does not work. The hose collapses) and narrow passages caused by inflammation you can get the picture why would blood accumulate in lower extremities. This does not only cause more inflammation but it causes water retention as well.

Since increased pressure on sensory nerves causes pain, now you can figure it for yourself why it happens to people suffering from diabetes but also now you can see why it is not caused by sugar and it will occur whenever there is problem with the blood circulation so labeling it as “diabetic nerve pain” is totally wrong.

So how do we get rid of this pain?

Simply, by cleansing the blood and allowing the blood vessels and affected tissues to hydrate, cleanse themselves of acid and other toxic element. Forced hydration will no longer be necessary and inflammation will disappear by itself. Well hydrated blood will allow cleansing organs to do their job and cleanse it. So blood will become thin again and flow easier through the blood vessels and there will be more blood present so vessels will no  longer collapse. So no more problem with blood circulation no more inflammation and no more pain.

Even necrotic foot can be saved when we know what to do and understand the process.

Love and light