Diet and spirituality

Although we often say that we are feeling like we are in Heaven after we have been eating a delicious meal, we do not actually mean that the food had spiritually empowered us.

We are simply expressing the level of pleasure we had received consuming that meal.

Unfortunately, more and more people are finding themselves influenced by religious teachings which then influence the way they chose what to eat and what not to eat.

Those teachings have nothing to do with science or observation. They are based purely on ideas and beliefs. In some cases, observations are being done and used as an explanation for the dietary recommendation, but only if it is convenient in promoting the type of food we agree with.

Most observations are done by observing people who eat the wrong food and their body’s reaction to a change in their diet.

This is the same faulty tactic that medical scientists do.

They use the data of people who are on the wrong type of diet as the correct data for a healthy human. There is no surprise when a human who eats correctly has different blood values from a glucoholic, whose blood values have been altered by the change of their genome.

The whole dumbing of humanity has started through the introduction of the forbidden food to our diet. The forbidden food is called starch/glucose/carbohydrate.

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I am often confronted with people’s comments “you say that you don’t eat carbohydrates but you use bananas in your shake”, and to show how smart they are they add, “the banana is a carbohydrate, you know?”

People have become so brainwashed, opinionated, and so afraid, that they are frightened to use their brain and voice their opinion if it would have been contrary to what was being promoted by the authority, being it the professor, media, or political view.

The most common distributors of false information are the so-called educated, well-read people that have never tried to verify anything of what they preach.

The Internet is full of them, but so are the schools.

The base of the scientific knowledge has become “he said, she said” parrot talk where everyone adds some of its own interpretation that is based on the faulty information from their programing of indoctrination.

The most important thing has become the diploma and the license/permission to spew stupidity.

Science and rational thinking have given away to righteousness and feelings.

Some people are aware of the changes that are happening and they want to be part of the “conscious crowd”, proclaiming to be the light-workers and spiritually advanced/more connected, while in fact, their behavior suggests otherwise.

Many are claiming that to be able to raise our consciousness, people have to stop consuming animal protein to be “lighter” so that they are able to ascend.

Some people and even channelers are suggesting that grains are God-given food.

Many times I was confronted by people saying if this was not our food, why would have God created it?

To those I say, why don’t you chew on stone and poisonous mushrooms?

The opinions that are religion influenced are among the most powerful mind-controlling mechanisms/programs.

While one religion prohibits you from eating pork, in another, pork is the most valuable source of nutrition.

One religion prevents you from eating a cow while a cow is the most popular source of animal protein in most of the world.

Not only that there is scientific proof that the religious claims are incorrect, but we can also clearly see that they make no sense since it is visible that those who eat that kind of prohibited food are doing well.

On the other hand, I had numerous experiences of talking to vegans and vegetarians who are preaching how healthy their diet is while they are plagued by allergies, skin rashes, and multiple digestive problems.

Often a Freudian slip reveals the truth about the food that they had to eat which was the fish or eggs for some time to recover their health, but as soon as they felt better, they have resumed their “correct” way of eating.

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If that is not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is.

The views that are indoctrinated through religion and high school programming overpower the ability of rational thinking and people do not realize how ridiculous their statements are.

All logic has disappeared.

They believe in what they are being told and reject what they themselves see and experience.

What is the base of their diet? Dietary glucose.

So, do we have to be surprised?

The Anunnaki have used the same method to dumb down the human race so that they can enslave it.

I have just spoken to a friend who used to have a strong body of a bodybuilder when he was consuming animal protein. He went to India for spiritual growth and became vegetarian.

The religious experience has turned into a “spiritual” one where he became a vegan.

Today he is skin and bones, with failing health and unable to overcome his “spiritually” influenced dietary beliefs.

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During my experimentation, while searching for truth, I was a vegetarian for six months. My senses had shifted so much that I could not enter a meat department to buy meat for my wife. The odor reminded me of my days in medical school when I was dissecting corpses.

I had no problem being vegetarian since the health issues caused by this type of diet creep slowly, but as soon as I have switched to the vegan diet, I have noticed my body shifting and being drained.

I had to stop this nonsense after two months.

Going back to eating the animal-based foods took several days of adjustments and my body had sprung into life again.

The strongest positive change that any type of diet had done to my body, and the clarity of my mind that came with it, was when I have dropped all dietary carbohydrates and have started to consume only raw animal products.

It took just three weeks and my body and my mind started shedding the fog that was imprisoning them. I have started noticing the lightness in them both.

We have to start to understand the essence of our “reality”. It is a frequency.

Anything that we eat in a raw state has the correct frequency and what we heat up, changes/alters this frequency making it potentially toxic to our body.

The only predominant source of calories in the plant is glucose which is unleashed during the cooking process.

Raw food vegans are committing themselves to starvation, and to survive, they have to ingest some dietary glucose, so some food has to be cooked.

Claiming that the killing of animals for food is an act of cruelty preventing us from achieving a spiritual connection is a manufactured nonsensical belief that proves one disconnect from God itself.

Are tigers, lions, cats, and other carnivores evil? Are they not God’s creatures?

The plants are more connected to the creator/God than the animals are, so isn’t it sacrilegious to kill and eat them?

There is nothing worst than an “expert” with a marginal understanding that feels empowered to lecture everyone on the topic of its beliefs.

Unfortunately for all of us, just open the Internet and you will be flooded exactly with the information that is coming from such people.

Open your mind and allow new information to penetrate. Be like the child, open to everything. The more information your brain has, the better it can serve you, but above all, experiment. Your experience will make it true.

Love and light to us all.

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