PLASMA the fourth state of matter.

Until recently, when we were talking about matter, we were aware of its three states as solid, liquid and gas form. This has recently changed and another state of matter was recognized. This state is called the plasma state.

Now what is this plasma  and how come we did not know it existed?

There is a lot that we do not know and whatever we knew is proven to be wrong as the knowledge is unleashed in this time of awakening and new knowledge is poring in as a storm.

Plasma, not only exists but it is the most abundant form of matter in the Universe.

Artist's concept of the shape of the magnetosphere

Many people believe the space in between the the Sun and its planets is empty, a vacuum devoid of energy or matter. But space is not empty. Our Sun constantly emits plasma, a super heated state of matter, which moves out in all directions at very high speeds to fill the entire solar system and beyond.

The composite image shows the solar corona, which is an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun and extends millions of miles into space. The blue part of the image shows the total eclipse from the ground, with the central pupil created by the bright sun covered by a comparatively dark moon. The red section was viewed from space, acquired by the sun-orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

So what is this plasma?

Most simplistically explained, plasma is ionized gas.

In its stable form gas is electro-neutral. This means it is an insulator that does not conduct electricity. In plasma state, electrons have been kicked out of its orbit creating energized particles of positive cations and negative anions, in one word ions.

Gas in this ionized state has completely different properties. It conducts electricity and it can be directed and controlled by magnetic fields. For example if you stick electric wire in a tube with positive end on one side and negative end on the other nothing will happen but if you put plasma in the tube the tube will light up like a candle (fluorescent tube is an example of this).

In nature lightning is an example of visible plasma field.

Lightning, Storm, Arizona, Monsoon, Lightning Storm

As we are researching the plasma we are getting more and more amazed on its properties and the way it can be utilized as energy source and also a source for healing.

As I am always about simplicity I will try to explain this as simple as I can.

In my article about frequency I have explained how matter is expression of light through its particle form called photons. Light must have consciousness to know when it is being observed and to change its state from a wave to a particle. This means that everything made from the light is conscious as well. Since our thoughts are electromagnetic waves they can influence photons to take a form of the thought and manifest. This is a complicated process that requires time and it can be made faster by supercharging it with emotion and sound. Plasma gives it another jump-start. Since plasma is in nano form we can say energized matter and because it is in ionic state it can be directed by our thoughts. This makes manifestation much faster and easier. Iranian scientist Keshe demonstrated how MAGRAV (magnetic-gravitational field) generator that generates a plasma field can supply energy and all it needs is boosting power so that the plasma field can interact with it and supply necessary power. The beauty of it is that it does not matter if you plug in 240 Volt, 120 V, 24V or 12 Volt appliance. Since it replaces the gap in electron loss it will simply fill in the used electrons making it irrelevant what appliance you are using.

Magrav-Power Universal System

Not only that this is an incredible technology, it has healing power as well. Since the plasma field from it fills the space you live in, your thoughts can use it for healing purposes.

As we are talking now about healing, we can produce plasma for healing purposes. This we call GANS (gas in nano particle state). This is recent discovery and so far most commonly used GANS for healing are CO2, CuO and CH3 GANS.

Here is Dave Steward holding CO2 GANS


We have just started to do research into GANS therapy but the first results are amazing. Neighbor had a chronic pain in his right shoulder from poisoning it with pain killers after my motorcycle accident. After several hours wearing GANS water filled patch, the pain was cut in one third and by using CuO GANS patch the healing was sped up. After just a week the pain is almost completely gone. Similar results I have seen with lower back pain and arthritic pain of hands.

As I have mentioned, this is just a beginning of the new age we have stepped into.

Now, incorporating toroidal field pencils we can pinpoint the action of plasma field and direct it in concentrated form for really fast healing and pain relieving results.

Her Dave is holding one of those pens.


This is all new technology but is free for the public to experiment with. Keshe institute offers free guidance and whole WWW is playing with this new technology.

Here in Tarapoto, Peru we have Keshe workshop and things are looking bright for the future.

All this, as marvelous as it sounds, is just small part of what is coming. Humanity has just opened Pandora’s box so what we see as fantastic discovery will be quickly overshadowed by healing and rejuvenation chambers that will emerge in the near future.

So smile, be happy and do not worry.

Love and light to you all.





New video has surfaced that talks about assassinated holistic doctors linking their deaths to a discovery of nagalase being added to vaccines.

Everything points to vaccines being the culprit in autism, sudden infant death syndrome, encephalomyelitis and other debilitating dysfunctions in children but adding nagalase to vaccines would not create any problem.
Nagalase is just a fancy name for glycoside hydrolase, an enzyme necessary in cellular manipulation of glucose.
Why do we need fancy names in science you may ask?
Because we have to hide the real culprit so we can distract the investigators and lead them on a wrong path of thinking. We are programmed to learn by reading so if medical journal states that nagalase is the problem and that it is plentiful inside of cancer cells this means that it may very possibly be the culprit especially if we can prove that there is high level of nagalase concentrated within cancer cells.
As you can see how partial truth very easily misleads the scientists and leads to the wrong conclusion.
Why is it a wrong conclusion?
Mad Scientist. Failed Experiment: Burned. Vector Illustration - stock vector
Because cancer cells are filters that help purifying the blood. One of the things they do is lower the amount of glucose in the blood. Since cancer cells cannot absorb oxygen they cannot extract energy from fat and they cannot produce glycogen so their survival depends on blood glucose. Since the amount of glucose within cancer cells is high so is the necessary level of glycoside hydrolase (nagalase) to process it. As you can see there is no problem here. The problem has started way earlier and it is not on chemical level but on genetic level of genome expression.
As soon as glucose finds itself in the blood, the cells have to accommodate it. They have to supply enzyme for its manipulation. Since this is not a normal situation created by nature, cells have to reprogram genetic activation to accommodate the cells and stimulate them to produce the necessary enzyme. Whenever you stimulate one gene, you de-power its paired gene causing adverse effect on cellular activity.  It was noticed that increased levels of nagalase are asociated with decreased levels of GcMAF protein. This implies that stimulating NAGA gene to produce glycoside hydrolase (nagalase) suppresses activity of gene responsible of GcMAF immune protein production. This prevents macrophages activation so in short it suppresses immune system of the body.
Now when you understand what nagalase really is, you understand that adding it to vaccines would not produce any ill effect. In fact it does not make any sense to do so. On the other hand now you can easily understand my point of view on dietary glucose toxicity and the problems we expose our body to when we eat heat treated starches.
Think next time before eating any of the above foods. Missing from the picture are rice, roots, bread fruit and legumes. If you wonder what can you eat safely? There is a simple rule; if you cannot eat it raw, it is not meant to be your food.


As we get older our bones are getting weaker. Most doctors accept this as something normal in aging process. This is why everyone and their uncle are selling products that will reinforce the bones. Most popular are calcium supplements and vitamins.

Is this a good practice or is it another profit oriented snake oil?

Man selling elixir - stock photo

As always we have to look at what is happening in the wild animal world. Do we ever see older animals suffering with brittle bones? Do we see them falling down and braking extremities because they are old? I have never seen anything like it, did you?

Elk, Field, Wildlife, Mammal, Animal, Bull, Male, Park

In my book I explain how what we call the human food is actually not fit for human consumption. Food and stress are the culprits of our health problems and weakening bones are one of its results.

To understand what is happening first we have to know what is bone made of and how it follows changes of pressure that it is exposed to.

excavation: rests of human bones Stock Photo - 5390882

Bones are the support of our body. They are made from fibers of collagen (protein) and reinforced with deposits of predominantly calcium and salt.

Body never produces what it does not need so the thickness of the bones will be proportionate to the load and stress the bones will be exposed to.

Often I hear how this or that human has thick bones and this is why he/she is heavy. Pure nonsense. If you pack weight, your bones will have to get thicker to be able to carry the load. Same, high impact sports will give people thick bones as well. If you stop doing those sports or if your weight goes down, so will the thickness of your bones change and they will become thinner and weaker.

Bone is always changing. This is done by two sets of cells. One type of cells we call osteoklasts, they dissolve the salt and calcium deposits and the other cells are osteoblasts. They re-deposit salt and calcium when necessary.

Dissolved salt and calcium do not leave the blood. They circulate and are being reused by osteoblasts to reshape the bones.

In some people salts and calcium cannot be re-deposited so the amount of it in the blood exceeds the limit and it is extracted through the urine.

It is known fact that people with osteoporosis urinate calcium. This means that their blood is saturated with it and the body has to let go of it. It becomes obvious that supplementation of calcium in this case is a bad idea and it causes multiple health problems.

Instead of supplementing, we should ask ourselves “why are bones refusing to utilize calcium in bone rebuilding process?”

The answer is cellular acidity. Osteoklasts use acid to melt a way salt and calcium. Osteoblasts use alkaline buffer to deposit them back. If we maintain our body acidic we force osteoblasts to send buffers into the blood to neutralize acidity and maintain the blood alkaline and now there is no alkaline buffer in the bone left to deposit calcium. The food that produces acidity in the body are starches (sugars) in the first place.

osteoporosis Stock Vector - 15472526

Low salt diets force salt to be removed from the bones and supply the blood with needed minerals and this is also reason of osteopenia.

Other reason is polluted toxic blood because it prevents cells to hydrate making them acidic. Some of those toxins are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and medicinal remedies including garlic and ginger.

So before you decide to buy your “snake oil” to fix your bones make sure that you eat correctly and avoid medicinal remedies of all kinds. I guarantee that your bones will recuperate and osteopenia will be gone for ever.

3D render of a female medical skeleton in a yoga position Stock Photo - 10965200

Love and light




Statistic is showing us the relation of  leukemia in children and consumption of frankfurters. The chemicals used in processed meats to preserve them are destroying human lives and yet the immoral industry is promoting it through the most innocent ones, the children.

Smiling little boy with chain of sausages, isolated on whiteLittle children sharing the chain of sausages, isolated on

No wander, children are those who suffer the consequences the most.

Children want what they see so do not let them watch Tel a lie Vision.

One of the chemical causing the problem is sodium nitrite used to preserve the color of the meat and prevent auto-digestion of meat products. This chemical was approved for human consumption by USDA.

When sodium nitrate is mixed with hydrochloric acid of our stomach, it changes into nitrosamines that are cancer causing chemicals.

US department of agriculture knows about it and now is developing a poison to “control” wild pig population in Florida based on this chemicals that you are being regularly served as FOOD.

You can read more about it in this Natural News article.

When I was explaining obesity in one of the previous articles, I use correlation of humans with pig and bear.  Pigs have the most similarity of their digestive system to humans and are affected with the food the same way we are.

What creates the difference in appearance between the fit and fat is nothing else but food. The quality of it more so then the amount.

Many people are trying to  follow paleo diet or other animal protein based diets with little success. The reason is the incorrect food they are eating.

If your animal protein comes from can or otherwise preserved animal products, you are eating poison. It is bad enough to eat heat treated animal protein (cooked) because it coagulate and all the enzymes are lost and most vitamins as well. But the toxic load present in preserved animal products is enough to kill you and it does kill you but slowly. This is why recommended levels of additives are created. To kill you slowly so we do not suspect foul-play.

We are being told to cook the meat well so we do not get infected.

These briquets are nothing then toxic load on your body.

If animals meat (muscles) would be infected, the animal would be sick and it would not end up being our food. Healthy animal has healthy meat and we should eat it raw or just quickly seared so it has desirable smell but is mostly raw. I have been eating raw and mostly raw meats for over 4 years and not once did I or my wife get sick on them.

Number one reason that meat preservatives are being used is increased shelf life so industry can make more money by having less losses. They prevent the meat from self-digestion but they prevent it from being digested in our body as well. This is why we end up eating large quantities of it. This increases the toxic load and makes us sick faster.

Go back to preparing the food from scratch if you want to be healthy and above all, do not trust anything the government or industry tells you. Medical propaganda is serving the industry and not you, keep that in mind.

Stick to this types of food

animal protein : sinlge pink salmon bit on a big white dish animal protein : ground meat on the market animal protein : Milk pouring from jar into glass on a blue background. Stock Photoanimal protein : Raw cod fish fillets with citron and dill animal protein : Stew steamed clams with garlicanimal protein : egg yolk in the shell on a white background

I guarantee your health if you do so.