SALT-CHOLESTEROL-GLUCOSE The basic elements of deception in medicine

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In the movie Chicago, there is a great line.

When a wife finds her husband in the bed with two women she confronts her husband after he told her that he is in the bed alone. Then the husband replies, “what will you believe, what you see or what I am telling you, love?”

This is so ridiculous that it is funny but this is the closest thing that demonstrates how we are all treated by this system we live in and are told to trust.

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There are many instances wherein the science things do not add up but we accept them because we are told to do so.

Some of the claims are so ridiculous that no sane person would be able to agree with them. Because of it, studies are produced to convince us into accepting those nonsenses as truths.

These tactics form the base of the so-called medical science where we are tricked into believing things which are in direct conflict to what we can actually see.

In this article, I will address three of such claims.

Let me start with one misconception that is very obvious and easy to debunk by anyone and that is the claim that ingestion of salt creates hypertension.

Every time I mention that we have to drink water with sea salt in it, the first response is, “and what about my hypertension?”.

No matter if I am talking to a person with average knowledge or a medical “expert” the same question pops up.

Where does this idea that salt raises the blood pressure comes from and does this statement bare any truth?

We are lectured about the salt in schools and no one knows more about it then your doctor so this is what he will tell you:

or let us hear directly from the “experts” from HARVARD school

There is no need to mention more articles on salt because they will be all the same since they come from approved and controlled science.

What is surprising is the fact that a simple test can debunk it all but no one is paying any attention.

Unless the information is approved by the “science”, it is false.

We are told that kidneys cannot balance the sodium and more salt you have, the higher will be your blood pressure since the salt absorbs the water.

How difficult is it to ingest some salt and see if the blood pressure rises?

Hypertension cartoons, Hypertension cartoon, funny, Hypertension picture, Hypertension pictures, Hypertension image, Hypertension images, Hypertension illustration, Hypertension illustrations

People with “normal” blood pressure can eat as much salt as they want and the blood pressure will remain the same so whom do you trust. Do you trust what you have been told or do you trust what you can see for yourself?

We are told that kidneys cannot regulate sodium.

Eat salt and try your urine. More salt you will eat the saltier will be your urine, so what will you trust? What you have been told or what you can see?

The science says that drinking water with salt is especially dangerous and if you are thirsty, never drink sea water or you will get convulsions and die. If you are stranded at sea, drink your urine instead.

I drunk seawater for a week and I was perfectly ok, but you do not even have to do this to debunk this theory.

Every diver knows that the longer you dive the more often you have to urinate. The sea water is absorbed into the blood through the skin and your kidneys will flush it out together with the access of the salt. The urine will be extremely salty.

Every diver feels great after diving because they cleanse their blood every time they dive.

So what do you trust, the science or what you see?

I do not want to Talk About the potassium now because the whole article can be just on this topic. All lies and deceptions.

Instead, let us talk about Cholesterol.

How many times have you been told by your doctor not to eat eggs?

Lately, doctors cannot suppress the knowledge of observation so they warn us not to have too many eggs during a week like this message from HAVARD:

How many times have you been told not to eat pork or any fat from meat especially if you have high cholesterol or cholesterol-related health problems?

Here you have a resume of 10 foods not to eat because of the cholesterol levels they possess:

You will notice that you are always warned not to eat the white stuff, the fat, and if you want to eat meat have it with the least amount of the white fat.

Cholesterol cartoons, Cholesterol cartoon, funny, Cholesterol picture, Cholesterol pictures, Cholesterol image, Cholesterol images, Cholesterol illustration, Cholesterol illustrations

This is again a moron preaching medicine, and do not be surprised if that moron is your trusted health guru.

The cholesterol is a building block of cells and many hormones in the body. So you will find most of the cholesterol in the meat itself. The white fat you have been told not to eat is actually a triglyceride. It has nothing to do with cholesterol.

Not only that those parrots have forgotten that cholesterol cannot be absorbed and breaks down into a fatty and nucleic acids before it is absorbed into the intestinal wall, they ignore the fact that intestines will bond the fatty acids to either the protein to form cholesterol, or to glycerol and form triglyceride before releasing the fat into the bloodstream.

This way the intestines regulate the amount of cholesterol in the blood only fulfilling the cellular demand in this way controlling not only how much cholesterol will be produced but also what type of cholesterol will be manufactured.

The only time the liver has to do this job is when we do not eat enough animal fat or when we are fasting unless we eat incorrectly.

When we eat dietary glucose, then the liver has to transform the sugar into fat and bond it to the protein. A lot of work for the liver that normally occurs in the intestinal wall when we eat correctly.

So when you eat lean meat, you get fewer calories so you have to eat more of it. This means that you will get more cholesterol than if you had a fatty piece of meat loaded with triglycerides.

I bet, no one has ever told you this before.

This is because nobody thinks, they all just repeat the nonsense we are told and in time forget the true science behind it wondering how is it possible that peoples cholesterol does not rise when they consume animal fat.

Not that this has any impact on the cholesterol in our body since it will be broken up the digestion but I have mentioned it just for the fun of it.

In any case, eating eggs and pork lowers blood cholesterol because simply it is the correct food. Fewer carbs one eats, the healthier he/she will be. This will lower the cellular cholesterol demand and less cholesterol will be produced and sent into the blood.

So what do you believe, what you can see or what you have been told?

This brings me to the third nonsense which is the “necessity” to have carbohydrates in our diet.

Even those who are awakening, cannot accept the fact that dietary glucose is not only unnecessary, but it is flat out poisonous for any animal including the human body.

The fact that chronic diseases do not occur in nature and that wild animals live 25-35 times their adolescent period, goes by undetected. No “prominent scientist” ever acknowledges this fact but a brief observation proves it.

When dietary glucose is given as food to animals, those animals start to show the same health problem which humans are suffering from.

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One does not have to be an expert to see this. All we have to do is to observe and think about what we see. I guess this is too much for prominent scientists to do. They are to busy falsifying their final studies to be able to drum up contributions and have their egos stroked:

Everyone who had followed the Self Healers Protocol has experienced great improvements in health and revitalization. Not only humans but the domestic animals are benefiting from it so,

what do you trust, what you can see or what you have been told?

With love for humanity, love, and light to us all.

Mark and Angy, thank you for the articles you’ve sent my way.

Mainstream mad/sin=Healthcare ARE YOU JOKING?

This is a crime!!!

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As I was growing up in Europe, first Czechoslovakia and then Yugoslavia the only medical help that was available was the government-run medical service where all of the doctors had to be government licensed and have passed the same curriculum of the medical university.

There was no choice in this matter as only those who graduated the Medical University could provide a health advice or treatment.

Whenever the government is involved, we are in the mercy of a brainwashed system where creative thinking is forbidden. There is only a book of rules that have to be followed and the only thing that can swing the pole is a bribe.

This is why most of the politicians and those that hold important government positions are wealthy. They have all managed on a small salary to “save” millions.

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In Yugoslavia, one could not be a salesman in a store if they did not finish the indoctrination school and got their license to do this job.Similar situation is in all European countries.

The United States of America was the exception because they were the least regulated in the “modern” world and one can do many jobs without the necessity of having a state-issued license for it. This is what made it flourish and be so desirable.

This was changing drastically since the early 80es and more and more regulations were implemented. The USA was being transformed into a communist state which is completely run by political bureaucrat which in the US they call the deep-state which is basically the Demonic or as officially it is called the Democratic Party.

Whenever something is planned to stick it to the people, it is pushed through the government officials and they approve whatever gives them money in their pockets.

This is how we come to countless regulations and rotten society. Almost in all of the countries of the world, those governments are used to push the agenda of the Evil Cabal and it is done through the indoctrination system we call education which is under the control of those corrupt government officials.

This is how the nonsensical faulty knowledge of medical professionals was established and governments are supposed to regulate it. Good luck Chuck!

As the people themselves noticed that doctors simply do not know what is going on, more and more people are looking for the answers elsewhere.

This is not only undermining the medical establishment but also the pharmaceutical industry since the alternative healers realize the dangers of the pharmaceutical drugs and they use other means and methods in healing.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

As more and more people look for alternative help, the established medical and pharmaceutical Mafia are bribing the officials to regulate medicine even further.

If a licensed doctor realizes the truth and starts to heal his/her patients, he/she are stripped of the medical license and forbid to treat people.

The rate of their success in healing is not an issue, it is the principal. You stay stupid and ignorant and do as you have been told and everything is ok, no matter that all of your patients are miserable, sick, and dying.

This is how we come to today’s medical standards. So when grownup people continue visiting and trusting their doctors even after they see no positive changes, it is their fault and their ignorance but things change when babies and children are in question.

When a 5-month-old baby was brought to me all inflamed with a cracking skin resembling a boiled lobster my wife and I could not hold our tears. And when the child’s mother told us that this is very common in Canada where she is from and doctors say that the child will outgrow it, I almost snapped.

Those idiots with inflamed egos will let the child be in pain until they grow out of it?

It took only 3 weeks for the inflammation to disappear and in a month the baby was playing happily with a big smile on its face. All that it took is a bit of knowledge which is absent in medical books and demonized by the medical science, which is water with sea salt so that the baby can hydrate and cleanse from all of the poisons they injected in it and gave it as a food in those toxic baby formulas.

Mark had just sent me a couple of articles of new health issues children are suffering now in the “civilized” world.

One is about a polio-like syndrome, any surprise there?

They call it an acute flaccid myelitis that causes a muscle weakness and paralysis.

Doctors do not know what is going on. This is normal because it cannot be further suppressed with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs so the virus is the way out and maybe they can profit further on some more toxic vaccines.

Those poor toxic children have no immune system to speak off and further poisoning with the pharmaceutical poisons will definitely be counterproductive. At least the next generation, if there will be survivors, can be blamed on a genetic flaw of their parents.

This article:

is about children being infected with adenovirus and dying from it in hospital. No difference there.

It is the same story only the culprit has changed. Everything else stays the same.

Doctors are unable to do anything to help and we are trusting those idiots and the system that allows them to operate?

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

How about this one wherein the UK hospital a child is borne perfectly healthy, then it is jabbed with the hepatitis B vaccine (which no one is mentioning) and after the baby reacts to the vaccine, doctors put the blame on the herpes virus to cover their crime:

Did they ever realize what the vaccines are doing to those unfortunate children? They must have, but their greed is stronger than their conscience.

What’s even worse is the fact that we are not allowed to ask for medical help anywhere else. It is the official medicine full of idiots and greedy bastards, or nothing.

No wonder Bush is in the wheelchair, Hilary supported by a prosthesis, Rockefeller died after 5th heart transplant…they had cut off the branch they were sitting on.

You repeat the lie enough and you start to believe in it.

Well, loved Yugoslavian dictator, Josip Broz Tito was killed by his doctors. He suffered from diabetes so they cut his legs off before he died and they call it a medicine. It is a butchery if you ask me. Diabetes can be healed in most cases within a month and here you have a world know and powerful personality being killed openly by incompetent so-called doctors of medicine without suffering any consequences.

On the other hand, we have a record of fantastic healers, like Dr. Hamer, Dr. Rife, Dr. E. Ernst and other who had been prosecuted for their medical practice because they had realized the absurdity of the Cabal controlled medicine and showed how to heal.

As they have been prosecuted, their colleges just watched the spectacle and did nothing to improve their own understanding and defend the truth.

What is wrong with people? Are we really so brainwashed that we cannot realize when we are being had?

Why do we continue playing the game of suffering? This is beyond me, my brothers and sisters.

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In the meantime, the instances of emerging health problems are being advertised all over to scare people into submission so that they eagerly accept more and more vaccines.

For years I am trying to awake doctors and anyone who would listen and the awakening process is continuing to drag on.

Please help anyone that needs helping and spread the truth wherever you can. But first, try the protocol yourself so that you can talk through experience and not just repeat what you have heard or read. This makes the difference.

With love for humanity, Love and light to us all.

Loose joints, Ehlers Danlos syndrome

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It was brought to my attention that I haven’t addressed this one health issue which is becoming more and more frequent and one in 3000 people suffer from it.

We are talking about a group of symptoms the modern mad/sin labeled as a disease giving it a name the Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

When it comes to diseases, you are well aware of my view on this topic.

Diseases do not exist. What we refer to as a disease, is nothing more than a symptom or a group of symptoms our body produces when it is toxic.

Since the changes in bodies toxicity influence genetic changes in the cellular adaptation to this toxic environment, all of the diseases are going to involve genetic changes.

Scientists use those genetic anomalies and blame the health problem on the genetic expression foolishly ignoring the fact that the body would be dead for a long time if it could not adapt its cells to the ever-changing environment within the body.

Because we have been lied to in school that the genetic expression is formed at the beginning of life and cannot be changed, doctors and scientists found themselves in a situation with no solution.

How can you ever fix something that has been predestined from birth?

Genetics cartoons, Genetics cartoon, funny, Genetics picture, Genetics pictures, Genetics image, Genetics images, Genetics illustration, Genetics illustrations

Those faulty genes came from the parents so there is nothing that can be done.

I have proven this to be wrong with every individual who healed utilizing the Self Healers Protocol.

An awakened sole, Dr. Bruce Lipton proved the incredible ability of genes to adjust cells to their environment, and they do this through genetic changes which occur a billion times a second.

There is nothing in our body that reacts faster and stronger to the changes in the environment than the expression of genes.

I am mentioning this again because the cause of the Ehlers Danlos syndrome is blamed on genetic error.

This time, instead of pointing to the symptoms of this so-called disease and explaining the nature of this health problem, I will first explain what changes are created in a toxic body.

When the blood is toxic, cells of the body do not want to hydrate. When cells are not hydrating, they will slowly dehydrate. Less water the cells have, the less they will cleanse so the acids will start to accumulate making those dehydrated cells more and more acidic as the time goes on.

In normal circumstances, the acidic tissue would be forced to hydrate through an inflammation but this can be prevented through chemical suppressors we call medicines or medicinal plants.

Genetics cartoons, Genetics cartoon, funny, Genetics picture, Genetics pictures, Genetics image, Genetics images, Genetics illustration, Genetics illustrations

Many “experts” recommend daily ingestion of turmeric, garlic, and ginger to prevent the occurrence of inflammation not realizing that in this way they are preventing the body to self-regulate and self-heal.

Over and over again I keep hearing about the evil of inflammation and how if we could only stop the inflammation from occurring we would eliminate all chronic diseases.

Not only that this statement is wrong, but it is also contrary to reality.

Through the inflammation, the body is trying to force some water into the acidic cells so that they can cleanse some of the acids out. If we prevent this from happening, the acids remain and undermine the health of the cell.

The tissue with acidic cells becomes fragile and changes its properties.

Depending on what type of cells are in question, symptoms will vary.

When muscle cells are in question, the muscle shrinks and loses its tension. Also, it becomes fragile and can easily burst. Hernias are the clearest example of this.

When the cells of tendons are in question, the tendons become softer, they stretch more and are prone to rupture. The athletes are often suffering from this problem. There is almost no professional female athlete who did not have a tendon busted. The reason is the wrong diet loaded with vegetables that prevent inflammation and on top of this are the health experts and their steroids.

If the cartilage is in question, dehydrated cartilage cannot lubricate so it causes friction and wears off.

If the connective tissue is in question, the connective tissue loses its tension. It becomes weak, brittle and stretches over its normal boundaries.

If blood vessels are in question, they also lose their normal tension, they become fragile and brittle and in danger of rupturing.

Well, now as we became aware of what happens with different types of cells in our body when they become dehydrated and acidic, let us look into what are the symptoms of Ehlers Danlos syndrome?

Related image


Over flexible joints-muscles and tendons lack of holding a tension.

Unstable joints-because of the lack of muscular tension

Noisy joints-the lack of muscular tension and dry cartilage

Deformity of joints-caused by the toxic acidic cartilage and the lack of muscle tension.

Image result for royalty free images of Ehlers Danlos syndrome


Skin is an outer layer of a connective tissue.

As a connective tissue with acidic cells loses tension and becomes brittle, the same we are going to notice on the skin itself.

So the skin will become over flexible, fragile and break easily.

Since there will be frequent injuries, scar tissues will start showing up.

Image result for royalty free images of Ehlers Danlos syndrome


Blood vessels become over flexible and brittle. Same happens with valves so veins become filled with the stagnant blood making them visibly blue. It is a precursor to varicose veins.

The same problems may occur in the heart and valves start to leak causing a heart failure.

Now as you can clearly see for yourself, this Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a hoax. It is just a bunch of symptoms pointing to dry acidic cells in the body.

This signifies that the blood is very toxic and cells had to adapt to this toxicity through the genetic adjustment which is blamed on being the cause of the disease. How ignorant and mislead we have to be to swallow this stupidity?

The only way to achieve this level of ignorance is by brainwashing the human from a very young age and implant wrong parameters which are done through our indoctrination system we call education.

Now the question is, can something be done to heal such toxic body?

As always, the answer is YES.

Since we are talking about a strong toxicity on the cellular level, the healing will involve discomfort and pain. The reason for this discomfort is the fact that inflammation will be triggered as a part of the hydration and cleansing and not a part of a problem as we are always being told.

The Self Healers Protocol will do the job but since various pains may occur during the healing process, I strongly advise you to talk to me and let me guide you through this healing process.

As you can see, again we had debunked a “mystery” of science. I am sure that you can clearly see what is going on unless you are an expert in the field of Ehlers Danlos syndrome in which case your overwhelming knowledge on this subject will not permit you to see the truth.

You had tried for years to help those people without a success and it is impossible that this can be healed through a simple act of hydration. Did you ever try this approach brother? I’ll bet you, not.

With love for humanity, love, and light to us all.

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Several people made a remark to me that I am not consistent in my recommendations and that I sometimes recommend having carbohydrate in the diet and sometimes do not.

Sometimes I bash all supplements and sometimes I recommend colloidal silver and copper 1.

This is not so, even when it may seem like this to some people.

The articles on my blog-site are showing the evolution of my understanding of how the things work.

This is a work in progress and there are no references I can go to for the information that I need when I need it.

Once you realize that just about everything what you had been told during your long educational process is incorrect, it becomes difficult to find another way because the programmed information becomes an obstacle for a change of thinking.

I succeeded only because I had the power to remove myself from the medical field for some time and had the opportunity to clear my head.

When I did return to investigate, I felt like an outsider. This was the key that had unlocked the truth for me.

It is the same with everything else. When you live with the lie, you start accepting it as the truth. This is why USA citizens have a hard time to realize when they have been had while the Europeans see it immediately and on the same note, Americans can see the lies in Europe which Europeans do not notice.

Lying cartoons, Lying cartoon, funny, Lying picture, Lying pictures, Lying image, Lying images, Lying illustration, Lying illustrations

In the past, when I was referring to fruits and vegetables I did not call them carbohydrates. Carbohydrates were only processed and cooked fruits and vegetables but many people started to argue with me that the banana, for example, is loaded with carbohydrates no matter if it is raw or if it is cooked and I recommend it to be a part of the breakfast.

This is why I had to change the terminology and I started to differentiate between the raw and the cooked carbohydrates. This is why now I classify them into the raw and the processed or as I call them the dietary carbohydrates because once they are manipulated, they become available for absorption into our blood.

Instead of the word sugar, I use the word dietary glucose because this is the real culprit that creates the havoc in our body.

I am mentioning this because many of the newcomers will be surprised again with today’s recommendation about the dynamic of eating.

In some of my old articles, I was mentioning the popular saying in my country where they say ” have the breakfast like a King, share your lunch with your friend and give your dinner to your enemy”.

Throughout the World, it became customary for people to have at least three meals a day.

In the areas where people were doing mostly heavy physical work, strong breakfast was very important. Since the work was not finished in the morning, a good lunch was necessary so that people can continue working in the afternoon. This kind of approach made a lot of sense because a big portion of the energy came from carbohydrates.

Image result for royalty free images of people eating

In areas where the work is mostly wheeling and dealing, and a lot of it is done in restaurants, the dinner took the preference as the heaviest meal of the day.

Many “experts” are now suggesting that more than three meals a day are necessary if we want to nourish our body properly and in the past I did explain the science behind it but we have to realize that all of those recommendations are based on the incorrect type of food, and on the genetically altered bodies of the people who eat that way which was almost the entire human population.

You may ask, “why were we so stupid and accepted to eat food that has destroyed our life?”

Well, even animals will eat what is not healthy for them if we give it to them. They love us and trust us so they want to please us. Also, some of the things that are bad for them taste so good because they contain sugar.

Image result for royalty free images of animals eating

The Bible explains that at one point the fallen angels came to the Earth

We used to call them the Gods because they were tall and had machines to fly with. Now we call them the Anunnaki or the Nephilims. They themselves ate meat, human meat included but to us, they recommended to eat grains and introduced us to their harvesting and preparation. This is why in the Bible, grains are called the food of the Gods. The Sumerian tables hold the truth of this happening.

Image result for royalty free images of Egyptian culture

During the times of Egyptian empire, some Semites started to practice the religion worshiping those Gods. They started to serve them and to be their representatives. In the order to pledge their sole to them they did a blood sacrifice by making a circumcision of their male children and eating the cut-off skin to please their gods.

This tradition, slightly modified is still being performed today only the reason for it is not revealed correctly.

Those people are trying to enslave all of humanity and for many years they are the obstacle to the truth especially where the science is in question.

They control all educational books, media, entertainment, and politics.

They are the reason we have such a difficult time to get ahead.

Basically, everything that you are being told is what they want you to hear and to know.

You can be sure that the truth is not a part of what they will tell.

Everything changes once you realize the truth and correct the mistakes you have been doing all of your life.

When you start eating correctly, all of a sudden you become healthy, you stop eating multiple times a day because you feel better the less you eat.

Image result for royalty free images of people eating meat

Since your body has a constant supply of energy and does not depend on the food at the moment (when you are actually eating), it does not ask you to sit and eat. It allows you to work as long as you want knowing that the reward will come in time.

More and more people are switching to the correct diet and with it, the dynamic of eating changes as well. I used to eat three times a day in the past. As I have changed my diet and started to eat the food of God (not the food of the Gods), I started to eat only twice a day but lately, I have noticed that only when I eat one single meal a day I feel the best an invigorating.

Something is telling me that this is not where I am going to stay for a long time.

I have the feeling that soon I will start a real intermittent fasting where even one meal a day will not be necessary and I will be skipping even this one meal a day occasionally.

This was happening when I was having two meals a day so why not if the dynamic of my eating changes even further.

When your cells are constantly supplied with energy, no matter if you are eating or not, your body has no need to nudge you to have a meal.

If you have a car that recycles the fuel and uses a very small amount of it, there is no need for you to stop on every gasoline station to add those few lost drops of fuel to otherwise full tank. You will go for hours at the time before stopping to refuel.

The same is happening with your body on a correct diet.

Put the correct fuel and set yourself free my brothers and sisters.

For the newcomers to my blog, here is the article that explains the difference between the food of God and the food of the Gods.

Realizing the fact that we lose 40% of our available energy just to run the digestion, can you imagine how much you have to eat just to replenish this loss of energy. You need an additional meal a day just to replenish the energy you have lost while snacking on an apple or banana.

Love and light to us all, and just to remind you, we are winning.

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Giant insects destroy the city. 3D concept Stock Photo - 71132463

The news was flooded with the reports of a giant mosquitoes, 20 times the size of an ordinary mosquito emerging from the swamps in Carolina after a hurricane.
Of course, the major media, the loudmouth of the deep state government, was quick to spread this news.

CNN reporting

Of course, the NYTimes is not far behind

No doubt that those are mosquitoes on steroids but the reporting stops there. No elaboration which is strange since those news organizations are commenting and predicting all political events. Mind you, always wrong, but they all agree to tell you the “truth” behind their reports.They call it the balanced truth.

I do not know how you can balance the truth?

You either report the truth or not.
Well, the balanced truth is, they report an event(this is the truth) and then they elaborate on it spinning their version of assumptions which is false. The result is the “balanced truth”.

When it comes to science, no investigative journalism is ever done and everything is taken on the face value.

This is why the giant mosquitoes are reported and it is a big surprise, an unexpected strange event, but is it really so?

Giant mosquitoes attacking a frightened scared man Stock Photo - 58988786

Months ago, it was reported that genetically modified mosquitoes were released in Florida supposedly to make the Zika virus mosquitoes infertile.

I wrote an article about it mentioning that the Zika virus is a mild virus not worth the effort. It is no more problematic than the common flu virus so why all this fuss?
Something else is behind it so now when the giant mosquitoes showed up, “everyone is surprised?”

Not at all. Only those who trust the government and their loudmouth media are surprised.
Here is a great video of an awakened sole elaborating on this issue:


As the deep-state is crumbling, those bottom feeding operatives of the deep-state are still thinking that there is no change so they are continuing with the plan of global destruction.
Just a couple of days ago I saw a chemtrail here over the Amazon jungle. They are still at it trying to destroy as much as possible. Two days later I had diarrhea as my system rejects all the toxins I absorb.

Diarrhea cartoons, Diarrhea cartoon, funny, Diarrhea picture, Diarrhea pictures, Diarrhea image, Diarrhea images, Diarrhea illustration, Diarrhea illustrations

One thing the crooked scientists do not know and that is the power of our bodies to resist and to cleanse the toxic elements.

You see, all tests of the immune reactions are performed on compromised samples.
Regular people and laboratory animals who eat the wrong food are being tested. This is why the elderly and the children are at the most risk of suffering the worst consequences from this poisoning.
This is the reason why so many people are becoming sick these days but at the same time, more and more people are realizing the truth. They are changing their diets.

Image result for funny cartoons on ketogenic diet

More and more people are realizing the benefits of the original, animal protein based diet and as they switch to it, a miracle happens.
People started to realize that they do not have to eat multiple times a day and in the matter of fact, eating once a day really improves their health and makes them resilient to all diseases.
On top of it, they realize how their aging process slows down or stops. In many cases, the aging reverses itself.

Is this a surprise?

To those of you who are following my work, this is not a surprise at all.
This is how our body should operate in normal conditions.

Some “alternative medicine” promoters, use this effects to promote their supplements by declaring that the rejuvenation is a consequence of the supplement in question which is a lie.
This s obvious to everyone who had followed or is following the Self Healers Protocol.

There are no supplements use and all the positive changes occur.

Use this knowledge to strengthen your immune system and make your body resilient to everything those evil globalists are throwing at us in an attempt of depopulation.

Remember, the government is not your friend and governmental organizations are supporting the evil work of the globalists.

The latest proof is the engineered hurricane Michael in Florida.


Wake up my friends and help others to do so.
Love and light to us all.


Frozen cartoons, Frozen cartoon, funny, Frozen picture, Frozen pictures, Frozen image, Frozen images, Frozen illustration, Frozen illustrations

It is simply unbelievable to see scientific articles elaborating on things like if we are frozen in time and nothing new is happening around us.

We can all see the changes. Our scientists are acknowledging the rise of the Schuman frequency and the rise of the frequencies that radiate from the Universe.

Incredible changes are noticed not only on our planet Earth but on basically all planets we monitor.

Still, the science is pushing the absurd idea that the climate change on our planet is caused by the elevated levels of the carbon dioxide caused by human pollution.

ice cream earth melts - global warming 3d concept Stock Photo - 19776294

Yes, the humans are changing the weather pattern through the direct intervention with the HAARP system creating droughts in some places and floods in other but the major destruction caused by humans is not the increased CO2 levels but the poisoning of the soil through the oil-fracking and chemtrail dumping of poisons.

So-called green activists are ignoring those viable threats and instead, they protest what they are told to protest which is the “Global warming”. The green organization is funded by Soros-like mafia so this is what we get.

Since our indoctrination apparatus, the so-called educational system, is backed by the same gang of prominent criminals, the brainwashed students are completely lost and they bark on the wrong tree most of the time.

Since students are evaluated by their ability to memorize and not by their ability to think for themselves and find the solution, those whose brains become over saturated with the served information become the prominent leaders and professors.

This is the reason why those “prominent” scientists come up with the most ridiculous ideas.

One of the new “brilliant ideas” is now to make a volt to preserve the “good gut bacteria” or the microbiota as they call it in this article:

Those “scientists” are ignoring the changes in frequency, they are ignoring the planetary changes, but what is the worse thing that comes out of this article is the unbelievable ignorance of understanding the basic genetic purpose in the life of all living things.

Not only that those “scientists” do not realize that all of their samples of the so-called healthy microbiota is based on unhealthy and genetically damaged samples, they completely ignore the influence of frequencies on the gene manifestation.

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The purpose of a gene is to modify the cell so that the cell can adjust to the changes in its environment.

The environment is influenced by frequencies it is exposed to so if those frequencies are changing, so will change the expression of the gene.

When the expression of the gene changes, changes occur in the cell which is influenced by this gene.

By understanding the basic principles of nature, we realize that since the resonance of our planet is changing, so will change the life on it.

This means that preserving the samples of the microbiota even if they are the correct bacteria (which they are not), is absurd since the near future life is going to change as it adapts to the new frequencies of our planet and the radiation it receives from the Universe.

The new frequencies are observed everywhere and especially in Antarctica which leaves our scientists puzzled.

This is why it is not surprising that new life forms are being created and a lot of new life is coming from Antarctica itself.

We are in a process of reprogramming which C. Darwin called the evolution.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As frequencies change, so does the environment and a new type of life sprouts up.

This new life may not have any resemblance with the life from before and often, in a desperate urge to find a proof of a faulty understanding, scientists completely lose their mind and reasoning like it is visibly seen in this video:


In a blind attempt to prove Darwinism to be correct, the prominent scientists prove how stupid and brainwashed they really are.

Even after discovering that those people in this video are inbred and have an undeveloped brain, they continue pushing Darwin’s theory that humans developed from apes when there is not a shred of evidence to support this.

They are mentioning a gene that made us walking on all four extremities and with their own eyes, they had witnessed how those people started to walk erect when they were coached to do so.

From this video, it is definitely visible that those scientists are missing the “rationally thinking gene” which was replaced by the “obnoxiously stupid gene”

This blindness towards what we do not want to see is common with all fanatics. I guess, a desperation to prove unprovable can turn us into fanatics. Such things were common in religion, then in science, and now, this is visibly happening to the Democrats in the USA.

Thank you God for this new frequencies because I doubt that humanity could advance without this help.

As our genes are adapting our bodies to the new oscillation, we are awakening and seeing things in a different light, and we can clearly see that we have been had.

We have been lied to on every level of our existence and nothing but full disclosure will satisfy us at this point.

When you apply this knowledge to the field of medicine, you realize that everything you are being told by your doctor is a misinterpretation of what is really going on, so there is no surprise in realizing that the action of your doctor is actually harming your health instead of repairing it.

Evolution cartoons, Evolution cartoon, funny, Evolution picture, Evolution pictures, Evolution image, Evolution images, Evolution illustration, Evolution illustrations

As I had mentioned in my last article, get ready for the avalanche.

Love and light to us all.


3D Realistic Genius Nerd Student, Professor or Teacher with Eyeglasses Happy Teaching in Front of Blackboard With Back to School Text Written. Vector Illustration Stock Vector - 42736967

For about 15 years I am warning my colleagues and anyone else who would listen about the toxicity of the dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates, in particular, the glucose.
This made me a laughing stock and many were asking me where did I study medicine and if I had ever been studying medicine at all.

Since all science is controlled by the same group of people, all school books carry the same message so bringing something new that differs from the commonly pushed and accepted information controlled by the so-called academia, always hits a wall of rejection.

First I was ignored, then I was ridiculed and then I was attacked.
Now comes the time of acceptance and this is something that the established and self-promoted academia does not want to happen. All their titles and recognitions are riding on the fake science.
Accepting the truth would nullify all of their titles and status. This would be a disaster for their inflated egos, but it is inevitable and it is on its way.

As the house of cards is starting to crumble, incredibly stupid “scientific” claims are being published. In some articles. The health experts are claiming that the ingestion of animal fat contributes to diabetes.
In other articles, the animal protein, especially the red meat is blamed for this.
In other articles, the coconut oil has something to do with it and the “scientists” are patting each other on the shoulder with their approval because as long as the culprit has something to do with what they have been preaching their whole lives, it is ok, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Professor explains the theoretical material Stock Photo - 18025515

We can see the same thing happening in politics.
Accuse someone of committing a crime without a shred of proof or evidence, call him a rapist because it is convenient and blame him for losing its temper because of false accusations is ok, just avoid the truth because revealing the truth will collapse the whole system.

And yes, the whole system is coming down. This will be wonderful to watch and experience.
What a great time to be alive.

The political, the financial, the energy, and the medical systems will all collapse simultaneously.

This will be an avalanche to remember but have no fear. The new systems are ready and running. All that is missing is the green light for all to see.

Many people are still in darkness and many refuse to change. No matter what, the avalanche cannot be stopped.

As we look at what is happening in the field of medicine, we can encounter the sparks of acceptance and change.

More and more doctors are realizing that the chronic health problems are not related to the animal fats we ingest, and some articles are appearing in major media suggesting that the heated carbohydrates can have something to do with our modern diseases and with cancer in particular.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations

Of course, the acceptance of the truth will be presented in a form in which the scientists can save their face. At least this is their objective.
So instead of accepting the full truth and putting the blame where it is supposed to be, (on the dietary glucose), the scientists are now reinforcing trivial side effects as the main culprit of the carbohydrate toxicity.

Here are some of the articles:
Cooking starches pose a cancer risk
In this article, the acrylamide is blamed for the carbohydrates toxicity.
I am not suggesting that the acrylamides are healthy and pose no threat to our health but this is like blaming the powder sugar on the top of a cake as being the reason why the cake is unhealthy to consume.
The presence of acrylamides in cooked starches in relation to our health has about the same significance.

In this article

the experts have noticed that the “colon cancer survivors who have a diet heavy in complex carbohydrate-rich foods are more likely to have a recurrence than patients who have a lower amount of the carbs and a better balance of foods.”

Well, this is not surprising since we know that the dietary carbohydrates change the genetic expression and that the dietary glucose is the perfect cancer food, to begin with.

Now we are witnessing the emergence of the truth but the misinformation articles are continuing to flood the media.

This beefed up doctor on steroids is suggesting that the “deep fat”, a newborn term in the medical science, is the culprit of our diseases

Obesity is never the problem.
Our health problems come from the food we eat, no matter how fat we get eating it. The more of the bad food we eat, the stronger will be the toxic effects, and more fat accumulation will occur.

Carbohydrate cartoons, Carbohydrate cartoon, funny, Carbohydrate picture, Carbohydrate pictures, Carbohydrate image, Carbohydrate images, Carbohydrate illustration, Carbohydrate illustrations
This good doctor on steroids is showing strong signs of aging and no amounts of muscles can hide it. How can someone on steroids preach about health?

There are some truths in what he is saying but the same as the rest of the mislead health professionals, the truth is used to pushing the false science again and again. The fat is never the problem.

And then there is the gut flora fragility again.
A new article of a study explaining how the low-carbohydrate diet damages the gut flora is trying to stop people venturing to a ketogenic diet:

Here again, are our brainwashed health experts wasting their time and money in experiments whose results are interpreted by the brains of misinformed morons. They have the audacity calling themselves experts and scientists.

How can they even presume that the gut flora of people whose genes have more than 2000 genetic errors from eating incorrectly, is the correct gut flora, to begin with?

It is the blind leading the blind in a hope to find the correct way out.

Everything is the result of our corrupt system and very good evidence of this you can hear on this Laura Ingraham video

In this brainwashed society a teacher is in a desperate need of a teacher, a lawyer is in a need of a lawyer, a doctor is in a need of a doctor, a politician is in a need of a politician all in an attempt to save their own arse.

senior university professor handshaking with young graduates Stock Photo - 26738992

Every “expert” in its field is as lost as it can be and the avalanche is inevitable.
Only a complete destruction of this system can result in positive change.

Do not be scared, embrace the change and enjoy the process.

Love and light to us all.


Comparison. Portrait of beautiful woman with problem and clean skin, aging and youth concept, beauty treatment royalty-free stock photo

I had just received this video about the miracle injection of reversing aging.

I wonder how many thousands of dollars they cost and I doubt of their efficacy.

In the video, Dr. Fossel talks about the telomeres and their extension to rejuvenate cells in our body.

Everyone who follows my work will find many mistakes in the interpretation of telomeres and their action. The good doctor is more of an advertising agent than a scientist who understands the matter he is talking about.

Here is the video

Whoever is reading my blogs is aware of the fact that the telomeres in the body do not shorten down with the age. They curl up in a tighter curl in a toxic environment which makes them appear to be shorter.

Never the less, shorter telomeres of our chromosomes are a handicap because they cannot efficiently receive or transmit information. This limits the cell in the way it will respond to their environment. This is the real cause of the aging.

Telomeres DNA Concept royalty-free stock photo

The good doctor suggests that an injection of telomerase (an enzyme that promotes a growth of telomeres) will increase the size of the telomeres and keep them extended for 5 years.

It is nonsense if you ask me. If the environment is toxic, the cell is not going to be able to relax the telomers. It never is about the length of the telomeres. It is always about their relaxation which will not persist in a toxic environment.

Again fake scientists are selling a snake oil.

The good doctor does not look very young if you ask me. I guess, he needs a couple of liters of this stuff!

Here is one of my articles on this thematic

We do not need any injections to be able to become healthy and young. All we need is to know the truth and act accordingly.

Cleanse your blood, cleanse your cells, bring in the correct frequencies, and you will heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

All this will be achieved by correctly following the self healers protocol.

We often make mistakes rending them unnecessary. Even the smallest misunderstanding can create an obstacle so please do not hesitate to contact me and let me guide you in this process.

Also, do not underestimate the power of your mind.

Everyone can communicate with their cellular structure and send an instruction to their cells about what to do.

Old Age cartoons, Old Age cartoon, funny, Old Age picture, Old Age pictures, Old Age image, Old Age images, Old Age illustration, Old Age illustrations

Our cells do not proceed without consulting us but this is done utilizing the program of our subconscious mind. This is why our cells follow the pre-programmed information. We believe that our body has to show the signs of aging so our cells are rewarding us by demonstrating it.

Animals in nature do not do this and they do not show any signs of aging.

There is much more to aging than the telomeres.

On my blog, you will learn the truth and utilizing the knowledge, you will be able to achieve everything without spending a dime on the “snake oil” pushed on us by the crooked world of “science”.

Love and light to us all.