More and more people are aware of great antiseptic properties of colloidal silver but great attempt is made by “big pharma” to discourage people from using it. Not surprise there since good quality colloidal silver is the most effective disinfectant there is and it cannot be patented since everyone can make it at their home and to make it, it costs peanuts. Yes it really costs insignificant amount of money to make it and no special equipment has to be bought to do so.

Often when you start Googling colloidal silver  this poops up

heard about these people today and found it fascinating! Genealogy ...

ARGIRIA- pharma invented new disease to scare you a way from something that can ruin their business.

I am not going to write about the benefits of colloidal silver. There is plenty information on the Internet about it. I am going to give you the information of its safety and manipulation.

Is colloidal silver safe for everyone?

The answer is YES.

What about argiria? I am using colloidal silver for 13 years and I am providing colloidal silver to hundreds of my clients that are lazy or do not want to be bothered to make it for themselves and not one has ever shown signs of argiria.

Does argiria exist?

I do not know. Theoretically it is possible. If you saturate your body with huge amounts of silver, body will cleanse it out. Part of cleansing may go through the skin. As soon as it gets exposed to the Sun it will oxidize and turn gray. This is the logic behind it but I have not seen it. Having in consideration the price of colloidal silver, you would have to be a millionaire to be able to afford such amount of colloidal silver to achieve this effect.

Talking about the price of colloidal silver this is another rip-off. Silver is inexpensive and the process of making colloidal silver is simple so there is no reason for the cost to be high. Unfortunately we are trained to think that if something costs more, it is better. So I had to raise the price of my colloidal silver since people prefer to order it through Internet because my was to inexpensive to be “good”.

Do not buy colloidal silver maker because they mostly produce ionic colloidal silver and that type of colloid is almost worthless. For fraction of the money you can make your own nano particle colloidal silver. Most likely you have at home laying around all the parts necessary to make one. All that you need is to get pure 0.999 silver wire, distilled water and you are in business.

How do you know that what you have is good nano  colloidal silver?

It will be yellow and it will oxidize if exposed to the sunlight turning its color into gray.

The color may vary in its intensity according to PPM of silver in suspension. More silver particles in nano size, more intense the yellow color. There are people mixing all kinds of stuff to achieve this color. This is why I make my own. Colloidal silver should not contain anything else but distilled water and silver. The color comes from the particle size.

It is all result of frequency. As light separates when it goes through a prism we see different frequencies as different wave lengths so they produce different type of colors. Higher frequency, shorter wave length, brighter color. With particles suspended in water, small particles of one thousand of one millimeter will produce effect of yellow color in the water. We call them nano particles. As the size increases the suspension changes color into red. This type of silver colloid is not good because the particles are to big for absorption and you waste a lot of silver.

Ionic solution has no particles, just ions. Ionic colloidal silver has virtually no silver in it and its oxygen absorption is negligible. There is not enough silver to oxidize and deprive pathogen of oxygen to make difference. It is a waste of money and time.

You know by now that I do not recommend any medicinal remedies or supplementation but I highly recommend that you have in your house nano colloidal silver at all times. Use it as disinfectant of food and equipment, as antiseptic on wounds or antidote for food poisoning. There are plenty other uses for it especially if you have animals in your home.

If you are interested to learn how to make your own nano colloidal silver let me know. For a small donation I can send you list f things you need to make your own colloid maker or we can hook up on Skype where I can demonstrate the whole process.

By the way this is my new photo.

Just kidding. I do not wear glasses!!!



Having a problem to fall in sleep? INSOMNIA

Do you have problem to fall in sleep? Well you are not the only one. More and more people are suffering from this problem this days.

This used to be a problem of elderly people but now even young people have this problem. Doctors are instructed to immediately reach for pharmaceutical remedy and most of them do not even try to find the underlying cause for this problem. Sleeping pills do not induce deep sleep that is necessary for cellular recuperation. In fact they just dope you down. They suppress brain activity producing tiredness and superficial sleep in which you wake up multiple times and fall back in sleep. Since you are doped you do not recall this and you think that you had a good night sleep. This is far from the truth.

What is sleep and why do we need it?


During the day when we are awake and active our cells are very busy. For their activity they require a lot of energy.  There is only one type of energy and that is electricity. This electricity is produced by every cell in our body but this electricity is not sufficient to run our body during the day when we are very active. A lot of this electricity is produced by our heart (heart chakra) and it is send to the brain. Brain as a central switchboard distributes the electricity where it is needed.

We were told that brain produces the energy that it uses. As you see this is incorrect. Actually our brain is the biggest energy user in our body. Brain is not just a switchboard but a potent electromagnetic frequency transducer. It receives and sends electromagnetic waves. Everybody that uses such equipment (for example radio transmitter) knows that it uses tremendous amount of power. The more we are concentrated and submerged in our thoughts, the more energy our brain will use and less energy will be available to run the circuit board that supply  cells with energy. This forces cells to use their own energy. Often cells do not have enough so they have to juggle between their own energy needs and energy they have to share.  I do not want to go to deep in this now, just to explain how brain’s activity interferes with cellular work.

What is sleep? Sleep is a state where the brain quiets down. The switchboard becomes inert. This allows the heart energy to spill all over and flood the cells. They increase hydration and detoxification. They produce glycogen in amount of estimated need according to cellular experience. If cell is damaged this is the time that the cell will work on fixing the problem.

As you can see, sleep is crucial so that the body can function normally. It is like a pit stop for a racing car. And the only good sleep is a deep relaxing sleep.

In my opinion there are only two underlying causes of insomnia. First is blood toxicity and the second is brain activity.

Toxic blood will interfere with cellular hydration. This triggers a chain reaction of negative consequences. It is not necessary to enter the chemical analysis. Simply as I have explained many times cells do not want to hydrate with toxic blood so they themselves become polluted and toxic. Instead of happy living and producing necessary chemicals, they close themselves down, start producing stress proteins (heat proteins) and become dormant. This is reflected in chemical dis-balance and insufficient energy so the whole system is taken out of wack. We feel constantly tired, drained, nervous and not capable to fall in sleep. The sleep is superficial and we wake up multiple times and during the day we are sleepy but cannot achieve relaxing rest.

Medicinal remedies of any kind prevent cellular hydration so if you are on any kind of medication you may have problems with insomnia.

As long as our brain is active, the energy is being used and it is not flooding our cells so deep sleep cannot be achieved. Our brain will be active if we are troubled with problems or excited about something. Often we cannot sleep before a trip or before getting the expected gift…

Not only our thoughts will keep our brain active. Brains switchboard will keep it active as well. One of the things that will keep switchboard active is digestion. So if you eat late and especially if the food is slow digestible this will prevent the brain from disengaging until the digestion is over. So no sleep is possible until then.

Here I have explained what prevents us from having a good night sleep so now you can fix the problem if you suffer from insomnia.

Cleanse your blood, do not eat late and control your excitement or fear.

If you follow the Self Healers Protocol I am sure that your insomnia problems will disappear and you will sleep like a baby.

Cute babies sleeping | Baby and Moms




Is it possible to reverse autism? Most doctors claim that they do not know what causes autism so how could they know how to cure it?

In several articles I have explained how there are no diseases only toxic elements in the body causing the cells to adapt to the new environment and trying to cleanse and re-adjust themselves back to normal.

Here is Clive de Carl with Kerri Rivera


As you can see, more and more health professionals will realize where is the problem. All we need is the knowledge and the will to take responsibility. The truth cannot be stopped. Disclosure has begun.



Honey hurry home, I am OVULATING!!!

This is a “Planned Parenthood” moment. How romantic. No wonder so many marriages end up in divorce.

men stress out too not just women stress can wreck your health ...

It is true that more and more women have trouble to conceive and problem is related to health issue of the man or woman involved. Unfortunately money gets in the way as usual so medical industry is scoring big and in the process it is destroying the family. Attention is again all in the wrong places.

Is this supposed to sexually stimulate the man?

I know, it is not all in stimulation but happiness has a lot to do with the outcome.

To become pregnant woman has to be ready but not the way we are told by the medical industry. Stop driving yourselves crazy and do what is really necessary.

Hydrate your body.

This is important for woman, same as for the man, but in this article I will talk about the necessity of hydration for woman because women do not only experience problems in conceiving when dehydrated but they experience problems during the pregnancy, during child birth and during breast feeding. This is wide topic and I should write a “Manual” about it. I will try to give short compact version and point on the most obvious problems in procreation caused by dehydration of mother to be.

1   Problem to conceive.

When woman is dehydrated, cleansing organs do not cleanse well so the blood will be polluted. This creates bloody and prolonged menstruation as the body is trying to cleanse the blood by eliminating the toxic blood so it can make new cleaner one. Dehydrated cells that form Fallopian tubes decreased in volume so Fallopian tubes become narrow and because of acidity often inflame. This makes it impossible for the egg to pass through.

Polluted blood causes creation of cysts and fibrosis in uterus. If satisfactory cleanliness was not achieved body will terminate pregnancy. By aborting it will further eliminate toxic blood and prepare the body for new pregnancy. Hydration allows the blood to be cleansed and those problems disappear.

2    Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a normal occurrence during a woman’s first ...

We are being told that this is normal experience. Did you ever see something like this in animal world? We humans are not the exception. What is not normal for animals is not normal for us so why is the morning sickness happening?

Since dehydrated body cannot properly cleanse utilizing its cleansing organs, it will do this by purging itself in the morning. Vomiting is nothing more than purging. If you want to avoid this purging process, hydrate so that the body can keep itself clean and there will be no need for purging.

3           Painful child birth.


Child birth should not be that painful. As woman body is dehydrated on cellular level her muscles shrink and lose elasticity. This makes the process of opening and adjusting for birth inefficient and dry. No wander it creates so much pain.Water deliveries are way more comfortable but if woman hydrates before time the whole process of child birth becomes pleasant experience.

4         Newborn babies vomiting and diarrhea occurrence.

    Babies born to dehydrated and toxic mothers will purge as soon as they get the chance. This will result with child vomiting and having diarrhea. Such a child should be hydrated and helped to detoxify. Medication will just stop cleansing and cause further problems later in life.

5         Not having enough breast milk.

Common Breastfeeding Problems for Mother and Baby |

Dehydrated woman will not be able to produce enough milk. Her body will be reluctant to part with the water it has so proper hydration is absolutely necessary. If woman experiences lack of milk even when she hydrates than drinking water in which oat meal was soaked overnight will stimulate milk production.

Do not give children baby formula. They are all toxic and full of sugar. They cause digestive problems and dehydration. Because of formulas children have sickly lives. If child is suffering with digestive problems, burping, vomiting and diarrhea supplement it with plenty of water with pinch of sea salt in it so that it can cleanse.

Here I have briefly touched the problems of motherhood by pointing to the most common problems experienced by mothers and mothers to be. Please do yourself a favor and before you decide to become pregnant and have a baby prepare your body for this experience. Start with proper hydration at least three months prior of getting pregnant and you will see that the whole experience can be a pleasant one.

What Being A Child Of A Teenage Mom Taught Me - The Young Mommy Life

About hydration, cleansing and healing you can read through my articles on this site or in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and the hydration process is detailed in “Self healers protocol”.

Love, light and happiness


Eating disorders revisited.

As we restarted weekly program about health on “Naturally better Tell a truth Vision” Here is a video of the program. In the future I will alert you of the thematic and every Saturday at 12 am EST(noon) you can join us live and ask questions live.

I am often addressing the importance of proper diet since wrong diet and stress are the major two culprits of ur ill health.

OSTEOPOROSIS and the danger of calcium supplementation

Do we have to be frail as we grow older?

Older People's Pledge - Reasons for Older People to vote Green

This is a common image and something we are told to accept as the time passes us by. Our health deteriorates and when you get to certain age and something is wrong with your health the common answer received from your doctor is “what do you expect? you are not getting younger” or “at your age this is normal”.

Is this really so??? Of course not  and here I will explain couple of things using bone decay as an example.

It is common to see elderly people with brittle bones. What causes this? Is this caused by oxidative stress since oxidative stress is blamed for our aging process? Of course not, all this oxidative stress nonsense is just excuse for our misunderstanding of what is going on in our body. Our cells are more than capable to deal with whatever is going on if we just let them and stop depriving them from water and stop poisoning them on daily basis.

So what happens with our bones not as we age but as we poison our body.

Our bones are supporting our body. Depending on our weight and our activity our bones adjust in their thickness. Our body is perfect structure and cells never do things that are unnecessary or that will do them harm. So if something wrong happens cells are not to be blamed, they are just trying to adjust to the environment that we provide for them so if we provide wrong environment, problems occur.

Since bone thicness is matched to the weight and pressure that they are exposed to daily any change in one or the other will cause them to develop cracks until they readjust to the new norms. So if you are normally walking and all of the sudden you trip and bounce heavily on one leg, small fractures (fissures) will happen. Immediately bone cells osteoklasts will secrete acid to dissolve calcium and salt. This material will go into blood circulation. Bone will reinforce damaged bone with collagen fibers and then another bone cell called osteoblast will secrete alkaline buffer called phosphatase to sediment back the calcium from the blood. This is a daily action. This is why heavy people have “big bones”. Same is with people who do high impact sports. So why do some people have problem rebuilding their bones?

In most cases it is the lack of the buffer phosphatase in the bones. If there is no buffer no alkalinity can be achieved and no calcium sedimentation will occur. So as the bone gets damaged, osteoklast dissolves it but osteoblast cannot redeposit it. Now the amount of calcium in the blood circulation raises and the bones become brittle.

Level of calcium is rising in the blood and plasma and as they get saturated kidneys start to eliminate surplus.

Why there is a lack of buffer in the bones? Because we have changed the environment in the body. By acidifying the blood with wrong food (glucose and fructose from carbohydrate rich diet), acid loaded drinks as Coca-Cola and the rest of junk refreshments, coffee, alcohol…we are forcing our body to extract buffers from bones so that alkalinity of the blood can be maintained since without it we would die.

Now you have learned how acidic food damages your bones and not lack of calcium as we are being told. Supplementing with calcium creates another set of problems. Body is cleansing itself from excess of calcium it cannot deposit and we keep bringing it in. Since blood is kept alkaline, the alkalinity causes calcium to sediment in the blood vessels causing their sclerosis. Since lymph is also maintained alkaline, calcium will start to deposit itself in articulation and on the surface of the bones.

Calcium will be deposited anywhere there is alkalinity

Calcium Deposits Face ...

Calcium deposits in the skin.

I often mention that we should not use supplements until we have cleansed our body and changed its environment to where it should have  been, because we may cause more problems with saturation of unnecessary elements.

Understanding our body is the only way we can help ourselves to heal so I urge you to read my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and if you implement “Self healers protocol” you will change your bodies environment where it should be and give your body opportunity to heal itself. Why not to age gracefully?


This is my recent photograph. I am 60 years young now and since I have changed my habits several years ago, every year I look and feel younger and so can you. Our age has nothing to do with how we look and how we feel. We can look and feel young until the day we die of old age.

Love and light