Is your diet carcinogenic?

The amount of money people spend yearly in an attempt to keep themselves healthy is astonishing.

Some people spend a lot of money buying health insurance, some spend it on prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical poisons/medication, and some spend their money buying supplements and products that the alternative health industry is recommending, and some get all of this monthly.

The disease that people fear the most is cancer.

This is why there has been an entire industry created under the pretense of curing cancer, while not a single thing is done to actually heal the body or to prevent cancer from occurring.

Everywhere we look, there is something that reminds us of that dreadful disease.

We can see it in advertisements, in movies, novels, talk-shows…

The fine print of many products contains information of some carcinogenic element that the product contains and this involves also some packaged foods.

The word “carcinogenic” is emphasized on products that we are being encouraged not to use.

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We are being poisoned on purpose, plant-based foods are being promoted and animal-based food is being bashed as being carcinogenic when heated.

We are being indoctrinated to trust what we are being told so the lies are being repeated by any means available and they are constantly in our face.

We are indoctrinated to believe them, so what will the result of this constant cancer-mongering be?

More cancer.

We are creators of our “reality”.

When we know that we are being exposed to a carcinogen, we start expecting cancer to develop.

Knowing and expectation, result with the creation. It is as simple as that.

Add to this a strong toxic poisonous medical treatment and the medical cure results in suffering and death.

No surprise there, but for all of this advertising and “curring”, someone has to pay, so the costs of “dealing” with cancer are rising all of the time, while nobody is being healed.

Scientists are pointing to toxic Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are formed on burned meat and fat as highly toxic/carcinogenic compounds, warning us not to eat meat and to switch to a vegetable-based diet.

Now as we are awakening, we are becoming aware that whatever we are told is the opposite of the truth, could this be the same when cancer is in play?

I can tell you with 100% certainty, that this is so.

You will not find any type of cancer in people who eat correctly, ketogenic diet.

Every colon cancer I have seen was on people who have been consuming a lot of starches and cooked vegetables. Most of them also ate meat, but some were strict vegetarians.

Still, meat consumption was being blamed for their ill-health.

It does not matter to doctors what they see, they are trained to trust only what they have been told. This is why nothing is changing and the poisoning of people is continuing, now more than ever before.

Cancer foundations are springing on every corner.

Strong expensive drugs are being promoted.

New sophisticated diagnostic equipment is being implemented and all of it is used to create more cancer and cure nothing.

None of those things that are being promoted as being carcinogenic are actually causing the creation of cancer in the body.

They just contribute to the overall increase in the toxic load of the body which can in certain circumstances cause the formation of cancer.

None of the so-called carcinogens actually causes cancer on their own and our bodies can easily cleanse them out if enough plasma is provided.

This is why we are being indoctrinated to fear the salt and lately even from drinking water because “it has been polluted”.

I have been living on the grilled animal-based proteins, being it fish, chicken, or red meat since I was living on a sailboat for over 24 years and there is no way that you will find any cancer or cancer gene in my body.

There are no age-spots on my skin, and no wrinkles to talk about.

Since I have stopped consuming dietary glucose I started to appear younger and not just in the way I look, but also in the way I feel.

I am back on a motorcycle, just got a mountain-bike and Rollerblades so that I can practice hockey again.

My wife and I are growing younger and all of this is the result of the Self Healing Protocol, the guide to the correct diet and hydration.

Through the false information we are being poisoned and kept in fear so that we cannot discover the truth and free ourselves from slavery, and yes, we have all become slaves to the system that only a few control.

As long as we continue believing what we are being told by the officials and “superiors”, and doing what is recommended by them, we continue to be slaves, suffer, and die prematurely.

Now is the last minute for us to wake up.

Snap out of it and smell the roses. This will be good for your body, and your soul.

Love and light to us all.

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