This website has been constructed for individuals afflicted with health-challenges and debilitating symptoms of various kinds, and who would like to restore their health utilising a simple, holistic, and completely natural treatment protocol that harnesses the powerful innate healing ability of the human body.

Through reading the information on this site you will discover my unique thoughts and opinions about medical science, nutrition and healing. It may well be very contradictory to what you have previously been told and consequently difficult to comprehend and have faith in, especially for rigidly-trained health professionals.

From the moment we opened our eyes in this creation, we are told what to do, how to behave, what to learn and what to believe. One thing that we are not taught is how to think. As soon as we think, questions start to appear and we are not encouraged to seek the “truth”. I offer my guidance and healing protocol to anyone who is open-minded enough to consider listening to my explanations of ‘the truth’ in relation to health and natural healing.

I do not promote natural remedies or supplements of any kind. I also do not sell anything other than my consultation time. All that we need to heal is already provided to us by our creator.

I do however encourage the use of some healing technologies. Since energy is electricity and electro-magnetism, we can enhance and speed-up healing by utilizing the miraculous instruments of Dr. Robert Beck. Since we live in a time of rapid evolution, new advanced-technologies are becoming increasingly available. However, the most important aspect is understanding the powerful self-healing capabilities that we all possess and that are embedded within our genetic structure. All that we need is to understand how to harness these powers allowing the cells of our body to do their job.

Our fears deprive us of energy and therefore an important aspect to also address within my Selfhealers Protocol relates to emotions.

If you are intent and serious about healing yourself, please do contact me and I will guide you to health and healing. This will be achieved by learning and understanding how your body works and by making the necessary changes that will stimulate your cells to heal themselves.

I love you all,

Love & light

Darko Velcek

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is a wonderful introduction, and I believe you: Our fear deprives us of energy and our ability to heal is far greater than we realize or have been led to believe. I have only recently realized these truths, and I want to thank you so much for this wisdom! I especially appreciate the fact that you are not selling anything. God Bless you and your family.

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  3. Barbara Anne Hemming

    Thank you for your help and wisdom, I cannot manage to buy your book.. I have tried Amazon and Ebay.
    I dearly want to know all your protocols – food /water / supplements etc
    I am very serious about my health, and I have been guided to you.
    Thank you again

  4. Keep going in the direction you are headed Kefa, Everything we do and know is within our thoughts/minds. You already know this Kefa – Keep searching to those who want to expand their minds – it is all within.

  5. I have been put in touch with you from a friend I’m tired of the conventional medicine I have very high cholesterol 374 The good is low and the bad it high I am ordering restore I’m taking a digestive enzyme and a probiodic I also have leaky gut and IBS I need help I’m now eating fruit and vegetables.

  6. I am female and lost my gall bladder many years ago. I eat a ketogenic diet and I want to incorporate more fat and less protein – but I have issues with too much fat.
    Any suggestions please.
    I loved your interview with Dr. Mercola!

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