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One of the most common symptoms that follow chronic diseases is a lack of energy.

The lack of energy can be so debilitating that “scientists” had invented a disease based on this symptom called chronic fatigue syndrome.

The chronic tiredness may be so debilitating that a stronger, more severe, and frightening name of the disease was invented by the name “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis”.

It sounds really serious, doesn’t it?

Of course, all of those debilitating chronic diseases only get worse since doctors do not know the truth and continue medicating those poor, overly toxic people.

Chronic tiredness is now affecting the ever younger population, and I have received some complaints about the Self Healers Protocol making people tired.

Of course, people blame it on the food and the salt, so here, I will explain what is going on with this tiredness.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that what we call energy is actually an electric voltage. Every action of our body is powered by it.

About 40% of energy is lost while powering the digestive system.

The energy distribution is programmed in the way that self-preservation takes the president over everything else.

This means that stress will shut down all other energetic outlets and this is why we do not feel pain or exhaustion when we are in a state of shock.

Second in line, is physical activity.

Since we have to get physical to hunt and to gather food, this takes precedence over the digestive involvement.

The last on the poll is the elimination of toxins, hydration, and the healing process.

The anomaly is when the toxicity becomes debilitating and sensors go off informing us about problems that this toxicity is creating.

Once the emergency healing is activated, we are controlled through the pain to pay attention to it and only a shock will stop the emergency support system.

Part of this emergency support system is inflammation.

Chronic tiredness is directly related to a very high cellular acidity.

This acidity prevents the cells from holding the electric charge. Cells simply discharge the energy even when they do not perform any work.

Since we get more toxic as we get older, we hold lesser energy charge and become tired faster and as the cellular acidity increases, the cells are incapable of holding the electric charge and we feel chronic tiredness.

People who suffer from chronic tiredness feel a great benefit from the SHP since their cells start to eliminate their acids and start to hold the electric charge.

The complaint about the lack of energy while following the SHP comes from younger people who did not experience chronic tiredness as of yet, and feel that they are sleepier now than before they had started with the protocol.

Since very few young people without some major chronic health issues are following the protocol, I have had only several complaints but I want to explain what is happening because those people are mistakingly attributing this tiredness to the salt and the diet.

As long as the toxins are trapped inside of our cells and the cellular acidity did not increase to an alarming level, the cells will do ok job holding the charge, and we feel energetic.

Because of the low levels of blood plasma, their cells are no able to cleanse. This means that there is more energy available for daily working routine.

On the other hand, when some of those acids and toxins are expelled out of those cells, the blood’s toxicity increases, and two major things occur.

If the suddenly increased blood’s toxicity floods tissues or an organ that was on the verge of showing a symptom of a toxic saturation, this toxic blood will immediately trigger the sensory apparatus, and pain will occur. Often joints, muscles, and meninges are in question so muscle pain, painful joints, and headache will result.

Since the body is eager to get rid of this toxic load, the blood’s cleansing symptoms will kick in which are nausea, mucus, phloem, diarrhea, and fever.

All in all, we are talking about symptoms that are professionally named the flu, and they all consume energy for their manifestation.

Depending on the severity of blood’s pollution, and the overall state of the body, the strength of those symptoms will vary.

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Because of low plasma levels, the toxicity can become trapped in the blood and cause additional symptoms.

If the toxicity of the cells is not extreme and if the cellular hydration is slow because of lack of plasma or interference from some cellular poison we have ingested during the cellular attempt to hydrate, the symptoms may be suppressed but still, this is the energy-hungry activity which can make us feel tired with low energy.

The simple act of activating and running the cellular osmotic pump can noticeably lover our electric charge since cold fusion has to be put in action.

Do we feel energetic when we have the symptoms of flu? Not really, so do not expect to be bursting from energy during the cellular hydrating process.

Some people who try the SH Protocol forget that this is not just a healthy diet plan, it is also a deep cellular cleansing that involves osmotic hydration. This is cleansing and healing protocol and nobody has ever been cleansed and felt an energy surge during the cleansing process.

It is just the contrary.

Since we are living in a very toxic environment bombarded with toxic stuff including energy devices and our own emotional responses, our bodies should be cleansing daily.

Because of the selective programming that is monitoring the energy priorities, even when there is an opportunity for cellular hydration and cleansing to take place, our engagement will impede the hydration.

This is why when we are engaged in work, even if the conditions are favorable for the cells to hydrate, the energy will be given to our brain and muscles to “collect food” and the hydration will be left for the time when we are relaxed.

This is why during the protocol, we have plenty of energy to do the work and to concentrate, but as soon as we sit down and relax, we feel sleepy because cellular hydration kicks in.

My friend Guillaume had notices that a presence of a mild toxin such as is in sea algae spirulina is strong enough to prevent cellular hydration and he and his wife had experienced a sudden energy burst when they started taking it just to discover that after several weeks of using spirulina their chronic symptoms that were gone during the protocol started to creep back.

Whenever we do something new, we tend to explain the symptoms in the way we have been told.

This is why whatever happens that makes us feel bad or weak, we blame it on the “usual suspects” which are meat, fat, and salt.

I hope that this knowledge makes you understand your body better.

Love and light to us all.

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