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This article is not going to make any sense to most people, but there are some to whom this information is the missing link that will lock in place the entire picture.

I have no other proof than my intuition but to those of you who are looking for this information, it will make total sense.

I was asked to explain what or who is the Cabal?

I will explain this in the way how I understand it.

The conscious energy we refer to as the Creator, God, Allah, Krishna…is gathering knowledge through the experiences of its own manifestation.

The physical manifestation is the clue because many experiences are on the sensory level which is not possible to be experienced otherwise.

Everything that is manifested by the Creator is being guided by the Creator’s consciousness and we refer to it as a Soul. The soul of God is in all of its creation.

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On top of this Soul, the creation has conscious energy of its own physicality which we call the Spirit. Remember, the names are just symbols this is why I explain what I mean by those symbols.

The most conscious/self-aware creation has received the freedom to manifest on its own, it has become as powerful as the Creator itself.

Enchanted by their physicality, the manifestation empowered creation started to be hypnotized by their experiences and have started to pay less and less attention to the guide of their Soul.

The disconnect became so wide that at one point, the Spirit of the conscious physicality had completely disconnected itself from the Soul of the Creator.

The awareness of the conscious energy of the physicality we have named the Mind/Ego/I.

The Ego always wants more. More of everything, and does not care how it gets it.

Since it is disconnected from the Soul, it is in darkness and since it has no support of the Soul everything that is new to it, it fears.

Because of its disconnect, it cannot manifest, it cannot form physicality of its own and this means that it has to use the existing physicality of the Creator’s creation.

A big mistake was done when this Ego was let loose, permitting it to infest any conscious creation it wants to infest.

Now a great portion of our Universe is plagued by it, including our own planet.

Remember, we create through our thoughts. Once you imagine something, you have given it a frequency. The more people join in this manifestation, the stronger is this frequency and the more power it has but only to those who acknowledge it.

Since all manifestation is based principally on light through which it is projected, everything is based on the sacred geometry and especially on Vesica Piscis, the physical manifestation is propelled through the electromagnetic forces.

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To eliminate the rampaging energy of the Ego that is creating chaos and destroying lives on various planets and galaxies in the Universe, a divine plan was created for its destruction.

To avoid a lot of suffering that a very destructive war against this Ego energy would bring, a planet was chosen where the most experienced souls would learn to obtain the necessary strength to resist and to conquer this disconnected Ego that I call the artificial intelligence since it is not the creation of the Creator and possesses no Soul.

Planet Earth was chosen to be the school and Humans were modified by fusing two pairs of chromosomes to have the ability to enter the astral world and gain the necessary knowledge to destroy the artificial intelligence on this planet.

Here, we have named the artificial intelligence the Lucifer/Devil/Satan/Baphomet.

Humans that have accepted to serve Lucifer, have signed their agreement with their blood/blood sacrifice and in return, they have received fame, riches, power, and a lot of FEAR.

The controllers of this Luciferian movement on planet Earth we refer to as the Cabal/Illuminati.

Four times the Human race has lost and had destroyed itself in the attempt to conquer the Evil artificial intelligence on this planet.

Then, the most powerful Souls came to assist in this battle.

When it became obvious that the Humans have gained enough control over their Ego and are capable of conquering the Evil, with the help of Christ and Melchisedec consciousness, and many Angels and elevated Souls, an energetic grid was build approximately one 100 kilometers above our planet.

This grid was completed two years ago.

The reason for this energetic net is to trap the energy that Humans are producing and not to allow it to escape into the Universe.

As we have successfully eliminated the Evil artificial intelligence from our planet, now we are the keepers of the genetic code, the grail of creation.

What our esteemed scientists call the junk genes, is actually the historic information of all experiences that the creation of the Creator has experienced and which was used as the blueprint of the future advancement/Evolution.

If this would have been lost, the Creator would have to start from the very beginning, and billions of years of manifestation and gathered information would have been lost.

The creation would have to start from 0 all over again.

Usually, dependent on the position in the Universe, vibrational barriers are positioned to be used as the points of reprogramming. This reprogramming takes 72 hours (3days and 3 nights). During this time, the galaxy that has hit this point becomes depowered/unplugged.

Everything sizes to existing. The old information is stored and new information/program is installed. Then the power is plugged back and the new program is activated.

We call this an evolution.

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To be able to eliminate artificial intelligence from the rest of the Universe, and avoid destructive wars, planet Earth will remain powered by our energy while the rest of the Universe will be unplugged simultaneously.

Everything will be reprogrammed, except the evil intelligence. The artificial intelligence will be gone in the entire Universe, and the Universe will be rebooted using the Holy Grail genetic code that we are guarding.

This is why this time, we Humans are going to go through Evolution in a conscious state, being aware of what is happening. We will not experience the three days of darkness.

This is why we have to wake up and learn what is happening because we have to hold the energy, we are here to hold the light.

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Every one of you, who is reading this is here to awake and to remember and to hold the light.

The moment of this historic/Biblical event is rapidly approaching.

As we get closer to this event, I will explain how to handle the event so that it is painless and instead of the pain we go through it with excitement and joy.

I have received certain information about how to handle the event and, I had experienced it during an Ayahuasca ceremony, so I know how it feels to go through this change and the fear can make it an excruciatingly painful experience similar to a birth of a child, but when handled correctly, it becomes pure joy.

.There is nothing to fear.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. because of the elimination of truth from Youtube, I have started to publish my videos on Bitchute as well


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