MIP PERU news 6/28/15

As promised, I will be periodically informing you about our work with “Mission Possible Peru” here in Peru.


As mentioned in previous article from Peru, people are friendly and eager to help. The nature is fabulous and our dogs Binnie and Harro are always out of breath when we return from walk.

As our work goes, things are progressing. The start is slow as usually because the message is new and hard to believe since it is drastically different from what they are being told by the media and their doctors. As we have expected our first clients are people that medical industry discarded as incurable. This makes our work that much more important but more difficult since it is really easy to help someone that has just started to experience health problems. Once medical industry “intoxifies” and harms the body it becomes more difficult to put it back into shape.

Some of those people had felt the difference already and started to talk about their experience. This is how the word will spread around.

We have held two lectures so far for teachers in a public school. As expected reaction to the message was taken as positive by some and suspicious by others.


The message is “take back your power and heal yourself” and is based on change of habits that had brought us into the toxic state of disease. Most difficult thing to believe for most hypertensive people is that thy have to increase salt intake since they have been told by their doctors that salt is the one thing they have to live without.

Needles to say, there were many questions about it.


So the information quest (do not want to mention war since it is all about cooperation} is going to continue. This is poor country so we ask everyone  that can, please contribute by sending us donation.

With love and light



Foto 6 garlic
We are being told all kinds of stories about this miraculous medicinal plant. As it is with any other myth the miracles keep growing and growing. Now we are convinced that eating garlic daily will make us superman with super health. WRONG. I told you that all medicinal plants are toxic, so is garlic. Did you notice that no matter where you keep cloves of garlic no animal not even fungus will attack it?
They all know that it is poisonous and they all steer away from it. If the plants in your house or garden have problems with parasites you can smash garlic, mix it with water, strain it and with that water spray your plants. The parasites will go away. Why do we think that something that is poisonous to every living creature is healthy for us?
The answer is simple; WE DO NOT THINK. Also simply, we do not observe. We are programmed to listen to TV (Tel a lie Vision) news and radio where the truth is manipulated. So is our knowledge that we obtain during our life because we do not observe and we do not think. If something does not make sense we just shrug it off. We are parrots that repeat what they hear without thinking about it. I have to apologize for parrots because my parrot uses the words correctly to express his wishes. I cannot help myself not to go into the politics because politic is the instrument of our handlers and cause of our ignorance.
In the past people knew the medicinal properties of garlic. They noticed that they do not die after ingesting garlic. They would get headaches and rid themselves of intestinal parasites. This was the purpose of eating garlic. But nowadays there are claims from it having anti bactericidal action and lowering the blood pressure, suppressing tremors in Parkinson’s disease to preventing heart attacks and more. So what really happens here?
One component in garlic is sulphone-hydroxil, a very potent neurotoxin. This explains everything. When ingested, it gets absorbed into intestinal parasites, causing them to go into spasms. They release themselves from our mucosal tissue and by intestinal contraction exit our body. At the same time sulphone-hydroxil gets absorbed into our blood circulation and passes the blood brain barrier entering into our brain.
As it is a neurotoxin, it will impair the nerve action. We will experience headache, slow reflexes, loss of clarity of thinking and concentration. We notice that our reflexes are way slower than the reflexes of a cat, a dog or a horse. Now you know why. Because it numbs the nerves, the passage of electric current through the neuron is weaker and that causes the trembling of a patient with Parkinson’s disease to stop if it is in the early stages.
Slowed down conductivity of neurons will cause delays in reflex reaction and it will deliver less current for the heart contraction so the blood pressure goes down. If you think that any of these effects are therapeutic, think again.
Why most people do not feel any bad effect from ingesting garlic? Reason for this is the ability of the cells to adapt. The same with alcohol, the cells will keep a sample for further reference. The next time one eats garlic the cells will recognize it and they will stop the osmotic pump preventing the toxin from entering the cell.
Same as with alcohol, after detecting the toxin, it takes the cell about 10 minutes to stop absorption so some toxin will enter and harm the cell. This is the reason why people that meditate are not allowed to eat or get in touch with alcohol and garlic.
Onions and leeks have this poison in much lower quantities and they will not manifest any of the symptoms but are not healthy to eat as well. I do not dispute that garlic and onions have many beneficial elements inside of them but as red wine is bad for us because it has neurotoxin alcohol, so is garlic because it has neurotoxin sulphone-hydroxil.
These toxins will stop the osmotic pump of the cells so they cannot ingest them. This will prevent the cell from hydrating and ingesting whatever good things there are in the blood. Because these toxins are in the blood and plasma, the body does not want them and diuretic action will be set in motion and they will be eliminated from our blood. Not only the bad things, but the positive things as well. This is another cause of dehydration of our body. Most people have a hard time to believe this so try it for yourself.
To feel the full effect of garlic you have to prevent the cellular receptors from shutting down the osmotic pump. It is easily done by electrifying your blood. If you eat a piece of garlic and electrify your blood you will be drunk like a skunk, not able to form words and end up laughing like on marijuana. You will be so drunk that you won’t be able to stand and in higher doses of garlic like with alcohol, you could die.
As you see garlic the same as alcohol, will not kill you right away but it slowly dehydrates your cells, harming your health and prevents your cells from eating and from cleansing themselves. My grandmother was eating raw garlic with olive oil daily and her eyesight had deteriorated so much that she could barely see.
Garlic is not a health food as we are told. Some scientists are suggesting that European people have different genetics and that is the reason why they tolerate the alcohol better than Indians or other tribal people do. Now you know that the reason is consumption of garlic. Now when indigenous people started eating garlic their tolerance toward alcohol have raised. The cells are already accustomed to neurotoxin and act faster to close the osmotic pump.
There are beliefs of magical healing properties of many plants and yes, when they are administered properly they will help you with discomfort and you will feel cured but the action is only symptomatic.
Do not use any of them unless you really have need or because you are sick. I met many people drinking green tea because they heard that it is healthy. Wrong. Green tea contains caffeine and that means it will dehydrate you, and your cells. Similar will happen with ginger. It prevents motion sickness by numbing the center for balance. It also weakens the neuron impulses and lowers the blood pressure same as garlic but it is less toxic. All medicinal plants do their medicinal action by suppression and not by reviving the cells.
Always check the active ingredients in recommended “therapeutic” remedies and you will find the word “toxin” there.


Why do I refer to this disease as scam? Because it can be cured and prevented but the way it is treated by medical “science” it is one of the most common health problems in the world.

Do you know why? I am sure that you have guest it, the MONEY. So who benefits from it is the same institutions that are supposed to cure you from it and this is medical and pharmacological industries. No wander no one is cured.


What made me address this issue is being in Peru near Amazon jungle and seeing so many diabetic people and children. The arm of corporate greed has no end. It has to be stopped and the time to do this is NOW.

Diabetes is directly connected to dietary glucose intake. There are many other contributing factors and doctors are duped to investigate those matters and they neglect the primary cause in such matter that they instruct their patients to consume starchy food while injecting insulin. This is nothing but pure madness. It is like letting yourself being bitten by poisonous snake in order to use antidote. Who can benefit from such fraud? Only those that produce and administer antidote. It is becoming obvious that we cannot trust our doctors so whom can we trust? This is a good question without easy answer. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

First you have to know what is “dietary glucose’. This is glucose that found itself in our digestive tract and can be absorbed into the blood. Such glucose comes from starches, cooked vegetables and fruits where cellular membrane of cellulose has been ruptured allowing sugars to spill out off them.

When glucose enters the blood it triggers increase insulin production which stimulates and increases production of GLUT protein. This protein is necessary for sugar transportation and as its amount increases so does the sugar absorption. So here you have it glucose:

1 increases production of insulin (creates changes in genetic expression)

2 increases GLUT production (dramatically increases sugar absorption from the intestines into the blood)

3 reprograms cells of our body to reduce the amount of mitochondria (this reduces their ability to produce adequate amount of energy from fat)

All of those things are precursors for variety of other changes that throw the body out of balance. All of this and much more is described in my book so if you are interested reed up on it.

Doctors are being misdirected with their attention being focused on the FRUCTOSE. Fructose is the only safe natural sugar assuming that glucose is not present in the diet because it does not increase sugar absorption and only limited amount can be absorbed at a time for luck of GLUT protein.

So if you are diabetic, stop eating cooked vegetables and fruits. Eat them raw and eat eggs fish and other proteins. Also yogurt, cheese and raw nuts without the skin. You will see how fast your sugar is going to drop. There will be no need for insulin.

Some strong “medication” like antibiotics can damage your cells so they do not produce insulin. Especially liver may get affected so liver cleanses has to be performed. Genetic equilibrium has to be reinstalled and diabetes will be the thing of the past.

Take your power back, HEAL YOURSELF!!!


Last night we have arrived to Lima, Peru and we are going to need several days to recover from the ordeal.


Before I continue I want to say that Peruvian people are great and eager to help and this is why we are going to stay and do what we came to do. The problem is the system and if you are animal lover and travel with your four legged companions be warned, Peru is the worst destination you could chose. It took us more than 6 hours and whole lot of money to get our two dogs through the customs and our taxi driver told us that we were lucky because the fastest customs clearance for a dog he experienced was 7 hours. Can you imagine arriving at 8 pm and hustling with paperwork and multiple taxi drives from the airport to cargo and back to finally be done with it at quarter to 3 am.??? And between the fees and the taxi fare the cost was same as the shipping cost. To add insult on the injury we had to pay for overtime another 80 $ US.

We are strong people with healthy attitude and if we were told about this we would be prepared or change our plans but when we acquired information about bringing the dogs to Peru we were told of the regular vaccination and vet. bill of health and the import tax of40 $ US.

Nothing was as we were told and unless you get some strong tranquilizer you will have a hart time to go through this. Just imagine how it feels when you get a form that you have to take with taxi drive to be signed to return and be given another form to take to the same place which you have to bring back after being inspected so that you can get bill that has to be paid back in the same place and confirmed back at the airport and so on. The system was slow and it took over an hour to fill a necessary document so finally at 2:30 in the morning when we had all the papers (at least one big tree was destroyed to produce the amount of paper being wasted for something that is normally solved by one stamp) as we hoped to finally receive our dogs the clerk told us that we have to pay overtime fee of 80 $ US. Now yes you could do this during the day in heavy traffic and it would cost you more so you are screwed no matter what you do. In the meantime the dogs are staying without water or food waiting for the verdict.

You know me by now and you know that I do not beat around the bush. This is what is happening in Peru in as few words as possible so if you are animal lover that travels with his family,


It is not the people, it is the government but people chose their government. It is time we rethink what we are doing. Stop being the sheep and become responsible for our actions.

Again if it wouldn’t be for our angel the taxi driver Ricardo we would be still trapped inn the customs. If you find yourself in Lima and need taxi give him a shout on the phone  +5115398903 .


We hope that the rest of the experience here in Peru will be a good one and I will be reporting on it.

With love hold the light.





The amount of people on BP medication is staggering.

hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure is a condition ...

How important is it to have “normal” BP?

What causes the increase in BP?

We are told that “normal” BP is 120/70. There are people that naturally have lower BP some even 90/45 and it is normal for them.

Often when we visit a doctor he takes BP reading and immediately suggests BP lowering medication because the BP was elevated let’s say 140/80. We have to understand that every  movement you make during having your BP reading done your BP will be higher than it really is. Not only movement but stress at work or at home will increase the BP as well.

Elevated BP is normal response of the body when cellular demand requires more oxygen or expulsion of CO2 or more energy…BP will go up and heart beat will increase. This is normal state but BP can be elevated even if we are in peace and relaxed. The reasons vary. First one will be thick viscous blood that needs more pressure to be pushed through the circulation. When do people have such blood? When they drink coffee or any other drink that contains caffeine, when they drink alcohol or smoke cigarette. All those things and many more have diuretic effect. This means they eliminate water from the blood so that blood will get thicker. Now cleansing organs have order to save water and they reduce or stop cleansing so that the blood is not just thick but it is dark because it is toxic. Now here comes interesting peace of information. The most commonly used drugs for lowering BP is actually diuretic. Now you have your answer why you must use those drugs for the rest of your life. By lowering the amount of water in the blood the total volume of blood is smaller and this lowers the BP. Now you are happy because your BP s down but at the same time you are getting more and more polluted and this toxicity will prevent cellular hydration making the cells acidic and perfect scenario of numerous chronic diseases will start unfolding. WHAT A SCAM.

Other reason of increased BP is loss of arterial flexibility. Stiff arteries cannot expend and cushion the systolic blood pressure so it increases. Now the most common reason of loss of elasticity is dehydrated cells. Polluted blood is the main reason for that so by artificially lowering the BP we are actually creating permanent patient that will exhibit variety of chronic problems and pharma. industry will happily prosper. On top of this doctors are instructed to blame the cholesterol on arterial problems so another drug can be sold to misguided patient that will cause another array of health problems including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

To deal with thick blood, blood thinners are being prescribed. They are not blood thinners but anti-coagulants so strokes can be expected in the future. What a medical charade. Scheme upon a scheme and not one of them is designed to actually help to heal the patient.

It is time to look at the things as they are and start healing and not further poisoning people and animals alike. Medication is not the answer. Read my book and learn what to do. Take back your power and heal yourself.