Can you handle the truth? TURMERIC

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About 18 years ago I have started to realize that what was presented to us as a medicine or as the alternative healers would call medicinal plants, were all toxic and as such, they could not create healing processes in the body.

How can implementation of a toxic substance result in a healing of a toxic cell?

It is obvious that few are thinking. As I often point out, we are indoctrinated into trusting what we are being told and once we accept some information as being a truth, this information becomes a filter that will reject any contradictory information.

This is why a college educated people are mislead into believing that what they have been told by their professors is true. Once they have “learned” it, they will defend this knowledge no matter how ridiculous the information is.

As an example we can use what we know about salt and blood pressure.

Everybody and most of all doctors “know” that salt will elevate blood pressure in the body.

Have ever any of the “experts” that claim that this is true tried to see for themselves if this knowledge is factual?

Obviously, not.

Even without experimenting by themselves and drinking some water with sea salt and then measuring the blood pressure, we can all see that salt does not increase the blood pressure by simply observing a seawater swimmers and divers.

They all absorb huge quantity of salt and nobody becomes hypertensive.

People have confronted me by saying that the skin filters the salt, which is not true.

Just taste your urine when you get out of the sea and you will notice that your urine will be very salty.

Everybody knows that the sweat is salty. This proves that salt has no problem passing through the skin.

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If we can be fooled so easily by something that is so obviously incorrect, it is not surprising that an entire industry is profiting on our ignorance, and here I am talking about the supplement industry.

Daily I am receiving a “scientifically backed” promotions of supplements that will heal me and make me young again.

Recently I wrote about the lies behind collagen. We are now bombarded with a false advertising of the benefits that a consumption of a collagen will bring to our body.

At least, the collagen does not create a health problem like some other “health products” do.

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Today I have received an offer to get really good deal on a packaged stuff that is “much better than turmeric” as if turmeric would be good to ingest in the first pace.

“Naturally Honest” BioTrust has informed me that their chief Dr. Matthew Roberson is confirming this “exciting” news.

Their product is 4500% more effective than natural turmeric as if the natural turmeric is not toxic enough.

The standard lies about beneficial effects of turmeric (curcumin) are mentioned such as:

Young-looking skin

  • Peak energy
  • Healthy, flexible joints
  • A clear and focused brain
  • Low stress and good moods
  • Healthy eyes
  • A healthy heart
  • A powerful immune system

How can a toxic chemical such as curcumin which is a naturally occurring phenol, become an healing agent?

What are naturally occurring phenols?

Phenols are protecting the plants from the predators. To warn predators, they have a distinctive aroma and taste. Once animal eats it, it feels the toxicity and stops eating the plant that contains phenol.

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In a higher concentration, phenol will create a burn, so if we inhale it, it will burn our lungs, it oxidizes them, but we are told by our scientists that phenols are antioxidants.

How can something that causes oxidation become an antioxidant?

As I explain in my book and through the articles, most of the things we are being told are opposite from the truth and as we are now awakening, we can easily see the deception.

This is why I urge you to go back to my old posts if you have any health problem, and learn the truth about it. Once we know the truth, we can easily heal ourselves, and no medicinal remedies are necessary.

Stop paying attention to drug pushers.

Naturally occurring medicinal compounds are as toxic as the pharmaceutical one but they are most of the time less concentrated so their action will be less noticeable and their effect may be less noticeable, but in no way it can ever be healing the way that the promoters of it disclose.

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A mild suppression of the discomfort that was caused by a “disease” in our body will lower the fear of the disease. The energy level increases and the placebo effect is what ultimately creates healing.

All medicinal remedies are just toxic suppressants of symptoms we refer to as a disease.

If you do not have a “disease”, those suppressors will be suppressing your system and eventually, sooner or later, cause a cellular problem and a “disease” will occur.

Stop stuffing yourselves with turmeric (curcumin) if you want to be healthy.

The supplement pushers are not your friends. They get fat on your ignorance.

Love and light to us all.

Doctors are waking up

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By allowing the COVID-19/400 shame to go on, people are having time to observe and think.

Observation and thinking are the crucial elements that the brain needs to calculate and adjust to the new environment that was created.

I have separated myself from the “normal” that we are instructed to follow years ago.

My isolation on a sailboat has allowed me to observe, think, and experiment without everyday reminders of what is expected from me.

All of a sudden, my thoughts became clearer, and questions that needed answers started filling my brain.

I had realized that what I have been told in schools is all manipulated and incorrect.

I became aware that I had been lied to, so I wanted to know why and who is responsible for this.

Search for those answers led me to the Illuminate/Cabal/deep-state…

As they say, “all roads lead to Rome” since all manipulations come from the same place.

No matter if it is the politics, the finances, the economy, medicine, physics, chemistry, history… it all comes from the same people.

The Vatic Project: The Du Pont Bloodline - Part 4 ...

This quarantine has a similar influence on doctors, scientists, and people of all professions as we have all been lied to.

People have the time now to observe and think, and what they are realizing does not sit well with the established fraudulent system we call the civilized world.

All aspects of this system are manipulated to enslave humans and how deep is this manipulation, our minds can not even grasp.

By allowing this COVID-19 scare to play out, a massive awakening is being triggered which will bring the old system down.

Doctors are starting to realize that what they are being told to do about this virus is sheer madness and they are starting to revolt.

By realizing the obviously wrong approach to the coronavirus “problem”, they will start questioning other “truths” they have been told, like the vaccines for example.

The biggest awakening of doctors in my opinion will be when they realize that the toxicity created by the consumption of the wrong food was the main cause of most chronic diseases and in combination with fear, it has crippled humankind almost to the point of self-destruction.

We are lucky that those evil people are so stupid that even with all of the wealth that they have, the military might of their mercenaries, and advanced weaponry, they have lost the war by simply being outsmarted.

Their last attempt to destroy us, the “useless eater, the deplorable” as they refer to us, was redirected against them and gave them the final blow.

This was the COVID-19 which was planned over 20 years ago, and when executed, it was hijacked and instead of killing 90% of the population, it was redirected into a tool of awakening.

Covid-19 coronavirus 2019-ncov concept man and Vector Image

Through systematic lies and poisoning we have all become highly toxic. The natural attempts of the body to cleanse itself are suppressed by the medical establishment through the usage of drugs (pharmaceutical or natural herbs, it makes no difference) which had allowed for the toxicity to reach levels that our bodies cannot tolerate and diseases were borne.

More doctors, more drugs, more diseases.

One is related to the other.

Now as doctors are instructed to only treat COVID-19 patients, the general mortality has dropped.

This past flu season, the combined death of the flu and the COVID-19 deaths are lower than what was the number of flu deaths a year before.

And this year many deaths from other causes were listed as COVID-19 deaths, and still the number of combined flu deaths was lower according to the graphs presented by the White-house statistics.

It is becoming obvious to every doctor that hydroxychloroquine is an effective tool in the COVID-19/400 situation and that it is politics that is preventing it to be used for treatment.

The media calls it unsafe neglecting to mention that it is FDA approved and being safely used for many years to suppress other diseases where it is not posing any more danger than any other “safe” drug.

We all know how difficult it is to change a habit and to reprogram an educated brain is even harder so it is really exciting to see some doctors realizing that something is really wrong here and refusing to follow orders of the “suggested” protocol.

Every doctor had to pledge to follow the guidance given by the medical establishment or their license will be revoked.

It takes my breath away seeing doctors revolting.

Thank you my colleagues, my brothers, and sisters, for rebelling and choosing love over fear.

The renaissance of humanity has started.

Love and light to us all.

The misconceptions about the immune system

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Whenever scientists try to resolve a problem, they use the knowledge provided to them through the indoctrination centers we call schools.

The knowledge that is available to us is censored the same way as what we call the News is.

As we are more and more aware of the fact that what we are being told by our trusted news provider is actually scripted information that is provided to us so that we form a particular opinion, the same way the schools are used to lead us in the desired direction of those who provide the “scientific” information.

What is this desired direction as far as medicine is concerned? Isn’t it supposed to be healing?

Actually, what we learn in schools is controlled by individuals who profit from the general public.

As far as our health goes, those who benefit from the general public are the pharmaceutical and medical corporations.

They profit from human diseases and suffering.

The more people are suffering, the more money those corporations are making so the obvious question pops up.

Is it in the interest of those corporations to heal people and diminish their suffering?

pharmaceutical cartoon

Obviously not, but the knowledge of health professionals depends on the information that those corporations provide.

The obvious conflict of interest, but who’s counting?

To be able to have total control over the medical industry, the medicine has to become centralized so that the information that is provided can be controlled.

This is why there is a push to eliminate all “alternatives” to this centralized medical manipulation.

Only the licensed doctors “know” the true science and can provide curing solutions “safely”.

A bunch of lies is being implanted into a licensed physician’s brains that make it impossible for them to see the truth so that they can actively contribute to increased health demise and peoples suffering and in this way increase the profits of the corporations that they serve.

This is becoming more and more visible as corporate greed increases.

Just look at Dr. Fauci, he is directly involved in the COVID-19 scheme that resulted in worldwide destruction of the economy that was planned for the purpose of a worldwide depopulation.

The human body, the same as the body of any animal, has a very strong immune system that protects it. To make someone susceptible to diseases, this system has to be weakened.

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For this purpose, doctors are being presented a bunch of lies as being truths which makes it impossible for a doctor not just to improve the immune system of the body, but to further undermine it.

The basic poisoning of the immune system is being done through food recommendations.

When we eat toxic food, no amount of antidote (vitamins, antioxidants, supplements..) can nullify it.

Incorrect food is lowering our immune system in various ways.

Some toxins bring toxic frequencies which trigger our genes to change their expression, and some toxins simply lower our energy making our body an easy target for pathogens.

In our medical books, the immune system is all about the neutrophils, macrophages, and killer cells.

It is all about the fight, and the winner takes it all when in fact, energy and magnetism is the basic instrument of our immune system.

Macrophage and the killer cells can deal with bacteria and proteins but those are insignificant in the scope of our ailments.

Only a few health problems are caused by them.

A great majority of health problems are caused by acidity and general toxicity which creates a problem of energy manipulation within our body.

We can only fully understand this by approaching it from the view of quantum mechanics.

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A healthy cell, tissue, and the body as a whole vibrate with a healthy frequency.

The stronger is the energy of this frequency, the more stable it will be this vibration and more difficult it is to make changes to this frequency.

On a level of matter and the Newtonian physics this is explained that every cell, tissue, organ, and the body as a whole have a magnetic field that protects them from other frequencies (organisms) since every organism radiates a positive magnetic charge.

The stronger is the energy (electricity), the stronger is the magnetic field, and the result of it is a strong repelling field that keeps the intruder on a distance.

The weaker is the energy (electric charge), the weaker is the magnetic field which results in weaker repelling force and the distance between the cell and the intruder diminishes.

We know that the more acidic is the cell, the lesser electric charge it can hold. This makes it more likely to be approached by a pathogen.

Looking at the immune system from this point of view, the principal force behind our immune system response is the level of our energy.

The more energy we have (the higher is the electromagnetic potential of our cells), the stronger is the immune reaction of our body.

Judgement Removes Us From Zero Point and Pure Alignment ...

Is there any proof for this “theory”, you may ask?

First, we are all aware that the elderly and those with chronic health issues are more prone to the flu. They are more toxic, acidic, and they are lower on energy (electricity), their flu symptoms are stronger and even resulting in death. Their immune system is weak, we say.

Other than increased acidity in the body, energy can be depleted by the fear factor.

Fear is a product of our brain. The fearful brain soaks energy like a dry sponge.

You may feel healthy and after being frightened you come down with the flu, or some other health issue. This has been seen in many cases of “diseases”.

There is also proof that a surge of energy can dramatically increase the body’s immune defense. Resistance to change its vibration.

Empowering the body with a surge of extra energy through your belief system and completely eliminating the fear you can expose your body to harmful toxins of any kind including radiation, and the strong energetic field (magnetism) will repel it and your health will be none-affected.

Many people have proved that their faith is so strong that they can drink poison and not be affected by it.

They explain that the faith of God protects them.

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Yes, their faith energizes them and strips the fear away making a strong magnetic field that protects them.

This just shows you that you can be acidic and toxic but your faith may protect you.

It is all about the vibration and the strength of the energetic field, which is the “immune system” that sustains the energy and prevents it from changing.

Now you see why fear is the principal weapon of the Cabal and the means of application are the religion, schools, media, and the entertainment industry.

Learn who you are.

Learn about the power you possess.

Letting go of the fear will make you free and untouchable.

Love and light to us all.

What to do during this COVID-19 “crisis?”

social distancing cartoon

As we can all see, it is a big mess out there.
The information that is provided, is confusing and contradictory.
Even President Trump seems to be saying one thing one day and another thing the other day, so what to think of it and whom to trust?

Things are actually much simpler than we think and do not worry, everything is on track and as the truth is being exposed, there will be less and less confusion and doubt in the near future.

If you want to analyze the present situation, keep in mind that everything that you hear from Major Media is contrary to the truth.

The so-called alternative media is becoming exposed as well. In my opinion, whoever attacks President Trump is either lost or part of the controlled opposition.

Many things President Trump said that seems to go along with the plan of the New World Order are to fish out the guilty party and expose it. 
This goes for A. Fauci and the rest of the so-called medical experts around him.

Watch Dr. Fauci's face when Trump calls out 'Deep State ...

When he calls a general to make a comment, the general said: “We are ready to deal with the invisible enemy”.

This is the fifth army of domestic traitors and not the virus.

There will be no vaccination.

President Trump has just disclosed that he is taking Chloroquine for weeks to protect himself, not a vaccine.

The masks and gloves are obsolete. They cannot protect you from toxic energy but even this toxic energy that we call viruses, cannot create any bad health symptoms if your cells are reasonably clean.

This is why only very toxic people show symptoms of flu.

During the last15 years, I am exposing the truth about our health and the fraudulent medical system.

I am showing that diseases do not exist, and what we call disease, are simply the symptoms of a toxic body. Those symptoms are mainly related to bodies attempt to cleanse themselves.

Instead of encouraging this process and helping the body to cleanse and heal itself, doctors are instructed to prevent this natural healing process by further poisoning the body through pharmaceutical poisons, and suppressing the pain that comes as the result of this cumulative poisoning.

Anyone that had followed the instruction of the Self Healers Protocol and had cleansed their body, has nothing to fear from the COVID-19/400 virus.

I do not know of anyone who did the Protocol that had trouble with COVID bogeyman.

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This does not mean that now because we are afraid, we should go and do the Protocol.

Why not, you may ask?

The answer is simple.

If your blood is toxic and you start implementing the Protocol, your blood will start to cleanse rapidly, creating the flu symptoms.

This may be inconvenient at this time and it can frighten you.

It is best to wait until the truth is all out and COVID is no more.

Then I strongly suggest that you do follow the Self Healers Protocol and cleanse your blood and cells.

In this way, you will be immune to further viral attacks and any other “diseases” that could be sent your way.

Those people that are confused the most, are the health “experts” since they are being lied to the most as far as the health goes.

Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler for February 17, 2014 ...

I see the fear in doctors eyes here in Peru and even those doctors who are my friends and now the truth because I have explained it to them, they have a hard time to deal with fear as the old program is surfacing to haunt them installing a doubt and fear.

Dr. Pablo visited me recently and we have discussed some things. Before leaving he said, thank you brother, I needed this. I feel so calm in your presence.

Why was he calm?

Because there is no fear in me. The fear is our worst enemy, but the only way we can conquer it is by knowing and having faith.

From the quantum point, it is all so simple.

Our cells, organs, and the body as a whole are run by electricity which we refer to as our energy.

When the voltage is optimal, everything has a strong magnetic field.

This strong electromagnetic field is supporting the frequency in which our cells, tissue, organs, and our body as a whole, vibrates.

This magnetic field repels every other type of frequency.

This is what we call the immune system.

When the voltage in our body drops, the magnetic shield weakens and makes it possible for the energies of the environment to interfere with our vibration.

If our vibration changes, our brain is programmed to show it as an anomaly, as a disease.

What will lower our voltage?

1. Decreased electric conductivity in the body.

This occurs when the level of plasma drops. A lower level of plasma results with more toxicity and the toxicity lowers the electric conductivity.

The reason why there is a drop in plasma is the insufficiency of water and minerals (salts).

2. Cellular dehydration.

As the cellular dehydration increases so does its acidity.

The increased cellular acidity interferes with the cellular ability to hold the electric charge.

The voltage drops and with it, the magnetic protective field weakens. We say, our immune system is down.

Cellular hydration with plasma will resolve this problem.

3. The fear factor.

Our brain is the largest consumer of electricity in our bodies.

The more active it is, the more electricity it will consume.

The highest electrical consumption the brain will have when it is in a state of fear.

fear cartoon

The electric consumption of the brain will be so high that it will draw the electric charge from our cells and in this way it will lower their electric voltage.

This means that their defensive magnetic field will drop and so will the cellular defense, the immune system.

Now you can see why is the news loaded with scary information.

Highly exaggerated numbers of dead, masks and other protective gear, separation…

Learn the truth and let go of fear.

This is the best thing that you can do at this time to protect yourself, and when this hype is over and everything calms down, go and do the Self healers Protocol.

It will benefit you greatly in the last step which will be our ascent into the new consciousness.

We will talk more about it as things calm down a bit.

Love and light to us all.


An error in the procedure is causing most of the deaths


Now and then - Disease and Medicine

I am not sure if this is happening everywhere on our planet, (but knowing that the directions of what to do and how to do it are orchestrated from one place and this is from the Globalist controlled UN), what doctors are told to do here in Peru in regards to COVID-19 is the reason why some people are dying.

When a person comes to see a doctor because they have one or more symptoms of flu, doctors are sending them back home to stay quarantined and do not spread the virus around.

The instruction is not to go to the hospital to seek help unless you are violently ill.

In the video that I have published a couple of days ago: “The cellular toxicity and detox”, I explain that a virus is energy that our cell deems to be toxic. It stimulates them to cleanse.

While cleansing, they pollute the blood.

The blood starts to cleanse and this is what causes the flu symptoms.

If we do not have an adequate level of blood plasma (low level of blood), the blood becomes thicker, does not cleanse well since the cleansing organs are saving water, making the blood more toxic.

Add to this toxicity a large load of toxic elements that came from cells, and the difficulty to cleanse because plasma is low and you are looking at a disaster in making.

The system can choke.

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Any symptom of flu indicates that the blood is toxic and it has started to cleanse.

If a person with a flu symptom is not treated, the cellular cleansing will continue until the genome changes (gene reprogramming), and the blood will continue increasing its toxicity.

Since the plasma levels are low, the cleansing organs will have difficulty to cleanse and the blood’s toxicity continues to rise, producing ever stronger symptoms.

We are told that there is no antiviral drug so we have to wait for our body’s immune system to deal with the problem.

Well, a macrophage will consume some of the toxic elements but under the influence of the energetic change (virus) blood’s toxic saturation can overwhelm the system and it can lead to serious complications and even death.

Now you understand why only very toxic (elderly, obese, and those with chronic health problems), die from “virus”.

Recently some children in parts of the USA came down with the COVID-19 and ended up with strong symptoms.

They are young so how can they be so toxic?

If you remember, there was a big push to vaccinate all children against measles and some other diseases.

I bet you that those children with COVID-19 were amongst those who were vaccinated.

Vaccination High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

A virus has no marker. Markers had to be implanted through some vaccines.

Nothing is more effective in increasing the body’s toxicity rapidly as the vaccines.

The best thing to do when we feel like the flu is coming, we fell feverish, strep throat, or a headache, is to start polluting the blood with a toxin that will stop the cellular cleansing.

Any anti-inflammatory will do.

Take an ibuprofen every 6 hours with some regular flu medication.

Take garlic, turmeric, alcohol or any other strong medicinal remedy if the pharmaceutical drug is not available.

Take chloroquine with zinc, or high doses of vitamin C or D.

Also inhaling vapors of chamomile and Eucalyptus 3 times a day.

Whatever has a higher “medicinal” (toxic) effect on the cellular structure than the cellular toxicity level itself, will prevent further cellular cleansing.

Worried by Steven Mussey MD - Authentic Medicine

Cells are calibrated, so if the toxicity of the blood presents more problems that the toxicity of the cell, the cell will not cleanse.

Do not be surprised that I am suggesting medicinal remedies.

We are talking about a temporary relief of symptoms to give time to genes to change their vibration and open a better-suited blueprint so that cells can function in this new energetic environment.

As soon as cells adjust, the flu season is over.

Many doctors are waking up but here in Peru, and I am sure in many countries around the world, doctors are following the WHO given directions, no question asked.

This is how they are programmed and they will stick to what they are told by the authority no matter what.

So if your doctor tells you to go home and wait for the symptoms to pass, now you know better.

Now you can help yourself and others and save lives.

If the information that I provide has helped you to improve your health, please contribute through a donation, and please share this knowledge because it saves lives and reduces misery.

There is nothing worse in life than the feeling of being sick.

Love and light to us all.

Demystification of our present reality

Almost the whole planet is shut down because we were attacked by a deadly virus.
How do we know that we were all attacked by the deadly virus?
How many people that you know of had suffered from this deadly virus?
I know many people and not one of them had encountered this deadly enemy.
Yes, some have died but as a result of health problems they have been experiencing for many years. No virus had anything to do with their death but they were labeled as passing from the coronavirus which is a fat lie.
The only reason why we are all aware of the coronavirus is the media. 
The media is spreading the false information politicians are using to prevent us from living our normal lives.
The media is explaining the symptoms that the coronavirus creates and the difficulties our body experiences, and the death it brings.
This is how people become programmed.

Thermal Scanner Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

If there would be no media, everything would be as it was.

There is nothing out of the ordinary happening out there so why are we remaining in our homes, and why are we wearing those stupid masks and gloves that do not protect us from anything?

The virus is energy. No paper or cloth mask can protect you from it.

What we believe, we will manifest as our reality and the reality we are manifesting is not pretty.

People are realizing the stupidity of it all and they are protesting all around the world, except in South America.

In Peru, the restrictions are getting more stupid as time goes on.

First people were instructed to stay at home and leave their homes only for shopping for food, medicine, and go to the bank.

Then they were told not to use their motorcycles and shop by walking, (the reason unknown, and this did not last for long). Now people can use their motorcycle but only one person per motorcycle, Hwy?

Now, people over 60, those who are fat and over 30, and those with chronic health problems, are not allowed to leave their homes. No food for them I guess. Let them die of hunger, but they will be saved from the coronavirus. What a relief.

Why is the government ordering such drastic measures?

Because the politicians are proven morons ready to sell their own family for profit, not realizing they will be next in line.

Funny Bipartisan Political Cartoon Cartoon | Funny ...

Since mostly the elderly, obese, and the sickly are experiencing coronavirus (flu) symptoms and even dying from it, those people are now prohibited to live.

What a “smart” solution to a none existing problem.

Hospitals are lying because they are promised a lot of money for every reported death from the coronavirus so they now claim every death to be caused by this none existing bogeyman.

Yes, I am not afraid to claim that the coronavirus threat is nonexistent.

The false propaganda is the real threat that allows the agenda to be executed as it was planned.

This is why the correct name for what is going on is a “plandemic”.

People in most countries are awakening to this plandemic and they are filling the streets and opening their businesses.

The plandemic is fading away.

In those countries where the population is docile, the restrictions are increasing until even those people realize that if they want to survive, they have to get out of their homes.

The sooner they do this, the faster we all go back to normal.

Not the same “normal” as before because this experience has awakened many.

Once we see, we avoid those traps that were set up for us.

The reality is what we make of it. Once we make the change, it becomes much easier to make another change in the future.

To be able to do this change, the brain has to be convinced and this is why documents are being disclosed to show everyone what is really going on behind the closed doors.

Break The Chains stock illustration - Getty Images

Those documents are the new information that the brain needs to better calculate the outcome.

This is what disclosure is all about, a tool for brain reprogramming.

This is why once reprogrammed, nothing can ever be the same as it was before.

The awakening process will be slow for some and faster for others, and it is accelerating.

The new information is being hard to accept for some people. There is a lot of confusion and fear going on.

The brain has a hard time accepting things that are contrary to its programming and fear sets in.

This is where faith comes in.

Relax, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale relaxing your body and mind.

If you are in fear and do not understand what is going on, acknowledge, “I do not understand but I have faith (in God, Allah, Krishna, my higher-self…), and I am letting go putting myself in its hands”.

This will bring you peace and it will calm you down.

Have faith in the divine plane.

Bling Shield Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 17375868

We are going through a change of enormous proportions beyond our brain’s understanding and only faith can replace the fear making this transition a smooth event.

There is nothing to fear. The transition is happening and we are all benefiting from it.

Our vibration is rising and so is our awareness.

Soon we are going to be conscious beings of light.

Welcome to the future.

Love and light to us all.

How to prevent diseases?

The main reason why diseases occur and why they evolve into a chronic problem is according to doctors a big mystery.

A chronic problem is a result of allowing a prolonged state of a disease.

If doctor does not understand the problem, it allows it to continue.

It is way easier to prevent disease from occurring than to heal an ailing body.

In this video, I explain how we can prevent any disease from manifesting itself.

Love and light to us all.

Are vaccines designed to prevent diseases?


vaccines cartoon

There is no evidence that vaccine has ever been successful in preventing the “disease” that it was supposedly meant to prevent. 
I can talk about my personal experience. I was vaccinated against mums and after the vaccination, I’ve got it.
It is a well-known fact that whatever is absorbed into the body goes first through the liver or the lymphatic nodes. Here it is analyzed and if the content is toxic, the body will produce an antidote and release it into the blood.
Homeopathic doctors are using this in their practice of healing and it works incredibly well.
Not all blood is analyzed daily, only the blood that brings absorbed nutrients into the body will be analyzed and this means the blood of the mucous tissue (respiratory and digestive tract), and the lymph of the skin.
This means that the great majority of our blood is not being analyzed and it serves as the supporting mechanism to the analytic organs bringing them oxygen, minerals, enzymes… so that those organs can work properly.
Knowing this, doctors should immediately ask the most obvious question which is: “why are vaccines being injected into the body?”

vaccines cartoon

Injecting things into the body will bypass the first line of the body’s defense system which is actually designed to create the antidote naturally.

If we would have received the vaccine by swallowing it, the vaccine elements would have been absorbed and passed through the liver’s analytic system.

The liver would then create the antidote that would protect the body from the ingredients of the vaccine. The body would have been prepared to deal with the intruder. It would have been immunized.

The first vaccines were administered by making a small scratch on the skin.

Here, the content of the vaccine would be absorbed by the lymph and analyzed by the lymph-nodes and the antidote would have been produced. Pure homeopathic action that works.

Actually, it was working so well that it was destroying the poisons that were injected with the vaccine so children’s bodies could not be polluted in this way.

This is why doctors were instructed by the pharmaceutical companies to tell mothers of the children to be vaccinated, not to breastfeed their children at least three days before vaccination so that the natural immune system weakens and the vaccine “can take hold”.

Being brainwashed to believe what they are told by “superior” command, doctors obeyed and the poisoning of children started.

Later, the poisons started to be injected into the children’s bodies which did not require lowering the immune response since the vaccine ingredients will not pass through the body’s detection mechanism.

The poisons are injected directly into the blood elevating the toxicity of the overall blood.

vaccines cartoon

As you can see, just by understanding the workings of the body we can detect that vaccines are not meant to create an immune reaction.

They are created to increase the toxicity of the blood which will result in toxic cells since the cellular structure will refuse to hydrate while the toxic elements are in the blood.

The poisoning of the children is starting from the first day on this planet, and three methods of poisoning are being used.

First, the umbilical cord is cut too early and the child does not absorb the immune factors from its umbilical cord.

Then the newborn that has just passed a painful experience of birth is shaken and slapped. This creates fear and more pain so the baby starts crying.

The fear automatically lowers the immune response.

And then the newborn is jabbed with a toxic vaccine where poisons are injected directly into the baby’s blood system.

Welcome to the Hell, little-one.

Everyone who is undecided whom to trust should read this.

The vaccines were never designed to prevent disease.

We have the most powerful industry whose profits are directly related to the number of sick people. More sickness, more money.

Do you really believe that the same industry is trying to prevent diseases? If you think so, you are delusional.

vaccines cartoon

Now Bill Gates is in charge of an effort to vaccinate every person on this planet.

Billie boy has no degree in medicine so what does he want to inject into our body?

Everyone who is reading my posts knows by now that we are robots that run on electricity and we are controlled through frequencies.

This means that we can be controlled by remote control if a correspondent processor is installed into our body.

This processor we call “chip”.

You also understand by now that every reaction of the body can be triggered when the adequate frequency is introduced into the body.

By introducing a particular frequency, the body’s cells can be triggered into a cleansing mode.

If the cells of the body are toxic, those toxins will pollute the blood which then has to be detoxified.

This is done through the blood cleansing organs, and we experience it as symptoms of what we call disease.

Now, do you really believe that Bill Gates vaccines are created to prevent diseases, or is it just the opposite?

Billies vaccines contain chips. Now you know why.

Once chipped, the body can be made to cleanse on command, selectively.

A chipped person can easily be controlled remotely and in this way, it becomes a robot.

Those thousands of people who have been chipped voluntarily are not enough. They are the preferred sheepishly public that volunteer to be slaves to their masters.

The rest of the public has to be chipped because they are the rebellious kind that the Cabal has to get rid of.

vaccines cartoon

Be aware of the chip. Be aware of vaccines.

Wake up, open your eyes, and join us in creating the New World.

A World of cooperation, compassion, and love.

Now is the time to act.

Join us in prayer and meditation, every soul counts.

Envision the world the way you want to experience it and start behaving this way.

An action is worth a thousand words.

Be kind, compassionate, and loving, but most of all, stop being fearful.

The easiest way to control the fear is by knowing your power, knowing who you really are.

Open your heart and your mind. Allow the new information to enter.

The brain’s reprogramming is a must if you want to conquer your fears.

When the borders open up again, come to visit us here in Peru.

We will help you to jump-start the reprogramming process.

Love and light to us all.