The brain on carbohydrates

For my computer illiterate people I know a few!

Reading my articles you have probably noticed my translation of diagnosis as di – two and agnosis – not knowing.

This means that the word diagnosis suggests that neither the patient or the doctor know what is going on when a health problem is encountered.

For those of you who think that I am just kidding, please read the following article:

In this article, actress Angelina Jolie talks about the events in her life, her “preventive” double mastectomy that she underwent to save herself from the possibility of developing a breast cancer.

Then based on her “expert health specialists” advice, she had her ovaries removed.

After that, she has developed hypertension and Bell’s Palsy (numbing of the nerves on one side of her face).

Angelina is only 42 years old and her butchers have carved her up like a sheep after slaughter.

LOS ANGELES - JAN 7:  Angelina Jolie arrives at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala at Palm Springs Convention Center on January 7, 2012 in Palm Springs, CA

Now, this young mutilated woman feels proud of her achievements as a free thinking woman for saving her family by making sure that she will be healthy and able to take care of them. This would be hilarious if it wouldn’t be so sad.

The doctors should have taken her brain out to prevent her from developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease when they were at it.

The complete disconnect from the reality and the blind faith in medical knowledge and doctors, are destroying more lives than all of the wars and traffic accidents put together.

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The claim that a human all of the sudden develop cancer causing gene, demonstrates how little do the doctors know about the body they are supposedly qualified to cure.

As the environment changes so does the genome, and previously dormant genes become activated. They did not just all of the sudden appear, they were always there but they were not active.

I know a very successful and highly respected pediatric surgeon in New York City, who had her breast removed for the same reason as Angelina did. I am not implying that Angelina is stupid, but her doctors certainly are nothing more than robots full of crappy information not capable of clear thinking.

For you my family who are following my work, it is no brainer to see what is Angelina’s problem and why she has health issues. Simple hydration and change of her diet would do the trick.

For those of you who are not familiar with the life of Angelina Jolie let me inform you that she was vegetarian and vegan for some time until she has ruined her health enough to realize that she has to start eating meat again. Unfortunately, there is very little information out there about the real human diet so once the body is harmed, healing cannot take place unless strict changes in the diet are made.

The acupuncture can take you only so far. The energy flow is re-established but the body still has to be cleansed so that it can heal on the cellular level.

There are so many lies floating around that it is really mind boggling and not surprising that seemingly smart people revolt against some obvious truths as it is with the Flat-Earthers.

For example, how often have you been told that once you take antibiotic, you have to use it a minimum of 7 days otherwise the bacteria may not be completely destroyed and this will cause its resistance to the antibiotic in the future.

What a great scheme to sell more of its products and increase the revenue.

In fact, the antibiotics should be administered only locally whenever it is possible, and one dose is often all that it takes for the antibiotic to do its job.

Why is it so?

The bacteria will react to its surrounding the same way as our cells do. Since they do not know of the antibiotic’s toxicity, they will absorb it and die or be incapacitated. Those bacteria that had survived will hold a sample of the antibiotic for future reference. So next time they get in touch with the same antibiotic, they will refuse to let it in and the antibiotic will be ineffective or it will have just a mild effect as a small amount of it penetrates into the bacteria.

This means that what antibiotic did not destroy in the first attempt, it will not destroy in next 20 attempts. It is the same with our cells in relation to the “chemo-poisoning” or the chemotherapy as doctors call it.

The bacteria will hold onto the sample for approximately three weeks and if no other contact with the same antibiotic was made, the bacteria will let the sample go so in the future the same antibiotic will be effective again as it was the first time around.

If the bacteria are exposed frequently to the same type of antibiotic, the bacteria will adjust its genome to be able to survive in its new environment and in this case, the bacteria will become resistant to the antibiotic in question.

This is common in hospitals and through the animal products we are eating that have been steadily exposed to antibiotics.

Before I knew of the nano-colloidal silver, if I had to use an antibiotic, I mixed one capsule with distilled water and administered it locally. One capsule of an antibiotic mixed with 1 deciliter of distilled water will be good for several applications. For example holding a sip of this solution in my mouth to get rid of a toothache or to pour it into an open wound… Taking antibiotics internally creates a lot of unnecessary damage to the body itself. Especially fragile is the liver and the kidneys.

As the truth is emerging, you can expect more and more articles like this one:

Isn’t it amazing how shallow is the knowledge of most doctors and they have the title and protection of the law? So much so that they can order you to be imprisoned if you do not follow their recommendations.

More and more we are realizing what corrupt and inhuman world we have created and that this cannot continue in this way.

Please be part of this awakening and help me spread the truth to as many people as possible.

We cannot convince everybody.

Convincing someone is not our job.

All that we can do is to show them that there is a better way of doing things from the one we have been told.

The one that searches, will find.

When one is ready, the master appears. You be the masters, my friends.

I love you all.

nurse cartoon


Mikie had told me that I did not write anything about melanoma.

I did mention it in the past but having in the consideration that skin cancer is the leading type of cancer in the USA, I have decided to shed some light on this chronic health problem that plagues so many people.

Melanoma is not the most common type of skin cancer but it is used as the scarecrow which “confirms” the theory behind skin cancers that they are caused by over exposure of the skin to the ultra violet light emitted from the Sun or the tanning machines.

This nonsense is promoted by our medical books and by those who should know better as is the American Cancer Society for example.

Again, the same rule can be applied when searching for the reason of this misinformation – follow the money.

Why is melanoma frequently mentioned when skin cancer is in question?

Melanoma is a cancer that involves melanin producing melanocytes, skin cells that make our skin dark when it is exposed to the sunlight. Since melanocytes are the cells that start to proliferate uncontrollably and transform themselves into cancer cells, this empowers the doctors narrative indicating that UV light is the cause of cancer.


The prevalent type of the skin cancer is the basal cell carcinoma. Second most common type of skin cancer is squamous cell carcinoma and the third most common type of the skin cancer is melanoma.

Because the real culprit has to stay hidden so that the big pharma and medical industry can have their cash cow the blame for all skin cancers is ultra violet light radiation. This way we can chase the ghost and continue with ridiculous treatments that do not bear any results.

The standard medical treatments are surgery, chemical poisoning (chemotherapy) and poisoning with a radioactive isotope (radiotherapy).

The slogan for medical treatments is ” poison, cut an burn”.

Any surprise there???

Of course not. “We are talking about cancer, so we have to be decisive”, your doctor will explain.

Isn’t it strange that most skin cancers including melanomas are in the area of the body that is not exposed to the sunlight like on the top of the head covered by the hair and hat?

Often a skin cancer occurs in the intestines so how did the sunlight get there I wonder?

Sunbathing cartoons, Sunbathing cartoon, funny, Sunbathing picture, Sunbathing pictures, Sunbathing image, Sunbathing images, Sunbathing illustration, Sunbathing illustrations

If one is searching for the proof that doctors are not interested in discovering the truth, checking into the skin cancer medical fantasy is enough to topple the whole house of cards the medical science has built around not only the skin cancer but cancer in general.

Eight years ago I have met a lady with a bleeding melanoma on her forehead right on the hairline. Even if she would not use a hat, this part of her skin would be protected from the sunlight by her hair at all times.

She told me that she is battling this skin cancer for 15 years, had multiple surgeries but the skin would refuse to close and stop to bleed. She wore her hat even in the restaurant where we have met. Her daughter suffered from the same problem and had multiple skin cancers removed from her face and her face was becoming disfigured.

I asked her about her eating habits, explained to her where this problem originates and what she has to do to heal.

She was surprised and shook her head in disbelief but since nothing was working in the past she decided to give it a try.

She changed her eating and drinking habits and exposed her skin to the direct sunlight every day for at least 20 minutes and the miracle happened. In less than one month her skin lesion started to dry up and in less than five months her forehead was clean with no sign of cancer ever being there. Only a small scar that was caused by the surgical interventions of the past remained.

Not surprisingly, her daughter refused to follow the protocol as she is better educated and knows what causes cancer and the healing of her mother was a freak of nature kind a thing.

About cancer, I wrote in the past and there is nothing new to say when skin cancer is in question.

The poisonous garbage we call our food is not fit for consumption and it causes toxic environment within our body. Caffeine and nicotine further dehydrate and acidify our body so uncontrollable cellular proliferation may occur in any part of our body, depending on the toxic accumulation and the lack of electrical charge within the affected cells.

The cells of the skin will do the same as the cells of any other tissue in our body respond to dehydration, toxicity and the low electrical charge with their proliferation. As the newly formed young cells are incapable of raising their electrical charge (due to the toxicity of their environment and low electrical supply), they start to proliferate (divide) themselves again and again as the cancer grows.

One of the main culprits in cancer formation are hydrogenated fats as this artificially saturated fat changes the polarity of the cellular membranes and in this way, it makes it more difficult for the cells to hydrate and hold their electrical charge.

Since hydrogenate fats are commonly being used in the preparation of processed foods we buy in the supermarkets, I urge you to read the content of the ingredients of the junk you buy and at least, do not eat the stuff that contains this type of fat.

Since all processed foods contain a load of sugar that gives them the taste and makes them addictive, plenty of salt is being used to camouflage the sugar. The salt being used is mostly table salt. This type of salt is toxic as well so I do not know if it is even important for me to continue explaining how the supermarket junk is not food no matter what the packaging says.

If you suffer from skin cancer or if you have skin lesions that refuse to heal, let me know and I will show you the way out of this situation. Do not be surprised if you will have to o what was strictly forbidden by your doctors. After all, most of the doctors are just overpaid salesman working for the pharmaceutical industry, motivate only by the money they receive for their treasonous work.

There is no reason to panic if your doctor tells you that you have a skin cancer. If you are willing to change, cancer is the blessing of your awakening.

Love and light to us all.

Sunbathing cartoons, Sunbathing cartoon, funny, Sunbathing picture, Sunbathing pictures, Sunbathing image, Sunbathing images, Sunbathing illustration, Sunbathing illustrations


Immune system defends the human body from external attacks. Digital illustration.

We are living in a diverse world. Our reality is fractal, This means that everything has its reflection in a smaller and larger expression of itself.

All life forms are structured from the same genetic pool. Depending on the environment, the genes will be activated that best respond – resonate, to this environment.

This means that depending on the vibration of the environment, life forms are going to be created and thrive being supported by the resonance of that environment.

Wave Particle series. Backdrop of fractal spherical patterns and conceptual elements on the subject of science, technology, spirituality and design

Understanding that every life form needs a particular environment to thrive in, is something that is completely ignored by the medical science.

Why is the most important factor influencing the state of our health being completely ignored by our medical science?

The answer to this question is obvious. By maintaining the correct resonance, we create an environment which will support certain life forms and not support certain other life forms of which many we call disease forming pathogens.

If we would have been told this truth in the medical school, we would not spend all of our energy chasing the ghost. Instead, we would be concentrating on the environment of our body, making sure that it resonates properly.

The properly resonating body creates the environment that supports its own cells and not other foreign life forms like bacteria, fungi and virus. This means that prevention is way more important than the destruction of pathogens within our body.

Unfortunately, there is no money to be had in preventing diseases so preventative medicine is none existent and all we are being told and schooled about is how to fight and destroy the intruders (pathogens) which have been allowed to occupy our boy.

Why is it important to understand this?

Because no matter how good we have become in destroying the pathogens, by allowing our body to resonate the wrong way, we are creating disturbances in the environment of our body which will alter our cellular expression and make our cells perform differently.

This so called abnormal cellular behaviour we call a chronic health problem or the chronic disease.

According to what I have just explained, the best immune system of our body is its correct resonance. The wild animals do not suffer from chronic diseases and their wounds heal rapidly without the need of any antibiotic. They do not wash their food, monkeys do not wash their hands and eat their food from the ground, full of dirt and no disease occurs.

How is this possible?

What kind of immune system do animals have, and why we do not have the same, strong, immune system?

Since we have the same genetic chain as the animals, the reason why we have much weaker and inefficient immunity is related to something we do and the two major differences between us and the animals are the way we eat our food and the emotional part of our self.

Eating the wrong foods strongly undermines our immune system in more that one way.

The food of God resonates correctly and it synchronizes itself with the frequencies of our healthy body. Since animals in nature eat the food of God (raw food as they have found it), they maintain the energy level and frequency maintaining their body healthy and the immune system strong.

When we eat cooked food, the frequency of the food has changed. Our cells do not recognize it as food and as soon as the cooked food enters our digestive system our immune system is alerted. The number of the white blood cells increases and our energy levels diminishes as the immune system charges and prepares for a fight. We had all experienced the drop of energy and sleepiness that comes over us during the time of eating.

We accept it as normal but there is nothing normal about it. You will not have the same experience of sleepiness and weakness if you would eat correctly.

Since the cooked food resonates with different frequencies, it activates different genes and at the same time deactivates some of the previously active ones. In the case of dietary glucose, the genes that deactivate are related to the immune system. The gene that has been deactivated is the GcMAF gene that stimulates macrophage in action. When GcMAF protein is not available, the macrophage will not activate and no pathogen will be attacked. Not just pathogen, but neither will be the old unnecessary and discarded cells destroyed and taken a part. This will provide ample food for the pathogen to thrive on. The whole environment of our body is changing.

As I had explained it many times before, as the frequencies change, so does our body change with them. The physical changes of the body that we can see are just our brain’s interpretation of those frequencies manifested in our multidimensional perception of our existence.

Man in space with particles

We must become accustomed to viewing things from the aspect of frequencies so that we can grasp the whole picture of the events that are taking the place. If we are stuck in understanding how the food changes the cellular response and behavior based only on the changes in the chemistry, we get stuck in explaining how can a cell phone, microwave oven or a bad thought create the same cellular response as a wrong food does.

To be able to give you the whole picture, I will be giving more and more explanation by using the quantum understanding.

The medical treatments are changing and more and more doctors are using electromagnetic devices while doing the healing but this is just a transitional part of events. With those devices, doctors are adjusting the frequencies an establishing healing.

The true control in healing is going to be given to us as our consciousness raises. We have to take the responsibility for our body, nourish it correctly by supplying it with the correct frequencies. Now we can do this by eating correctly but in the near future, we will be able to heal our boy simply using our brain and its ability to reproduce every frequency that it is familiar with. Think health, and health will be what will manifest in your reality.

For now, eat correctly. This will bring the correct frequencies and keep your immune system strong. Think health. The thought will do the same. Unfortunately, we have to have faith in believing what we want to manifest because we can only manifest what we believe in and this is why so few manifestations are happening at this time. This will change as we awake and our understanding of the reality increases. With it, our faith will increase as well.

Stay focused on the positive events. Pay no attention to the negativity and fear. They are not what you want to manifest so ignore them.

Love and light to us all.

Fractal Geometry abstract



Low back skin of a person covered with plaque psoriasis . Psoriasis is autoimmune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin, typically red, itchy, and scaly and vary in body coverage.

I wrote an article about skin diseases before so there will be nothing said in this article that you have not heard before. Still, many people are asking me to explain what causes psoriasis and how can it be cured.

I understand the confusion because wherever you look, you will be left wondering is it even possible to solve this skin problem since even the top scientists are without the clue of its mechanism. Why it appears, is it an autoimmune disorder, is it genetically triggered …?

Why is there a confusion?

Well, psoriasis is often a family problem where more than one family member suffers from it. This would indicate a genetic influence of this health problem.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease which is not contagious. This excludes pathogens like bacteria, fungus, viruses or parasites.

It is known that psoriasis will intensify in a stressful situation which points to an immune problem since the immune system does not function well during the stress.

The alternative medicine has noticed that psoriasis reacts to a change of a diet so relation with the food and psoriasis has been established but the culprit was not identified.

The epithelium (the surface layer ) of the skin is constantly flaking off so new skin cells have to be produced daily to replace it. Only in some people, there are more skin cells produce than necessary so the skin thickens. On top of this, there is an underlying inflammation going on which causes itchiness. What could be the cause of this?

psoriasis on the hairline and on the scalp-close up

Because of the wrong education that we receive in the medical school, doctors are as always barking on the wrong tree. Since doctors are left clueless, they do the only thing that they are told to do and this is to prescribe a medicine.

Since there is no pathogen involved there is no need for a poison but some doctors will prescribe it anyway suggesting that it will prevent the secondary infections. Pretty dumb since there is no infection involved now, why would it happen later?

Amazingly, sometimes the antibiotics will reduce the skin irritation for a while. Why is that?

Antibiotic is toxic, it will stop cellular hydration including the inflammation.

In dealing with psoriasis, the majority of doctors will prescribe medicinal skin lotions base on steroids. The known anti inflammatory action of the steroids will suppress the symptoms of psoriasis for a while but as the time goes on, the steroids will become less and less effective as it is the case with any other chronic diseases.

The symptoms of psoriasis differ so this health problem is differentiated as:

. Plaque (also called psoriasis vulgaris).


Inverse (also called flexural psoriasis or intertriginous psoriasis).


Erythrodermic (also called exfoliative psoriasis).

This gives the opportunity for doctors to implement different types of treatments and more money for them and the pharma. Industry.

Obviously, I am not going to go into the detail of those symptoms because there is no need for this.

I am absolutely sure that most of you who are following my work, know already or at least have a clue of what is the cause of this skin problem and how to proceed in helping the body to heal from it.

Let us analyse the symptoms.


Inflammation is a sign of the cellular dehydration and the cellular acidity. To solve it, the body orders forced hydration by increasing the extracellular pressure in a local tissue to force the water into those acidic cells.

Cellular proliferation

The cells divide and in this way they multiply and replace the old and the weak cells. The cellular proliferation is triggered by a drop of the voltage within the cell. The new cell will quickly increase its voltage and stop the further cellular division. If the new cell is not capable of increasing its voltage, it will proliferate again, and again….same like what is happening within a tumor.

Understanding that the body never does anything to harm itself, we have to look for the reason, why is our body responding in this manner?

I always point to the fact that the cysts and tumors are additional blood cleansing stations since the blood coming out of them is cleaner than was the blood entering them.

It looks to me that we have just explained what is going on with psoriasis and why is psoriasis forming on the skin.

The skin is not a wall, the skin is an organ and one of its functions is to cleanse the blood. Primarily, the blood will be cleansed by our kidneys and mucous tissues but when there is an insufficiency of water within the body, more and more of the blood cleansing responsibilities is give not the skin. Why the skin?

Because the skin can cleanse the blood with the least loss of the water from the body. We wrongly assume that the skin cleansing happens only when we sweat.

All the pimples, black heads, and skin irritations are nothing more than the toxic elements removed from the blood. Often you can hear that the skin is the reflection of your intestines. Well, the relation is that if the mucous tissues are working properly and cleansing the blood, there will be no need for the skin to do this job so the skin will be smooth and healthy looking.

This is me, when I was 60 years young, after only 6 years of eating correctly.

If there is a prolonged drought of your body, the skin takes over as the primary blood cleansing organ and all sorts of skin symptoms will appear.

The skin is not nearly as effective in its blood cleansing as the kidneys or the mucous tissues would be and it cleanses only what is absolutely necessary. As the toxic load of the blood increases an electric conductivity has diminished because of missing minerals (ions) in the blood, the skin starts to grow additional cleaning stations so it proliferates. This inflamed thicker skin tissue does a better job with the blood cleansing but the body is reminding us of the necessity to change so that everything can become normal again.

Change, this is something that very few are willing to do even when they become aware of its need. It is easier to go to the doctor and take a pill or slap a lotion on the skin.

We have to take the responsibility for our boy and stop depending on others. You are the master of your body so take care of it.

As I have explained it, our dehydrated and toxic blood is the cause of psoriasis.

By hydrating your body with water and a sea salt you will give your body the opportunity to cleanse. By adjusting your diet you will drastically decrease the number of pollutants that enter your body and please, try to understand the toxicity of dietary glucose and the importance to eliminate it from your diet.

So if you want a fresh start, follow the Self Healers Protocol, heal yourself and rejuvenate.

Love and light.



The Flat Earth theory, the religion, and the politics, THE MASTERY OF DECEPTION and its implication in the shaping of our medical knowledge.

Donkey running after a carrot

Since we have entered into the field of high frequencies, we are changing on the genetic level and as I have told you before, the genetic changes will trigger the cellular changes.

The higher resonance will bring us closer to the understanding, it will trigger what we call the awakening of the masses.

To slow down this process, our handlers are doing everything they can to further confuse us by pushing more and more of the false information. As we are becoming aware of the fact that we have been lied to, now we have started looking into everything with suspicion. Our handlers are using this by injecting alternate views by themselves to keep our minds occupied so that we do not notice the more important actions that should be taken at the present time.

One of them is the Flat Earth narrative.

Flat Earth / Old Vision of Planet and solar system / Earth like dish/ plate/ in space with sun and moon / realistic vector of Earth /Earth in space,

I cannot believe how many intelligent people are spending hours in researching and debating this altogether unimportant thing at this time of our fight for the liberation of humanity.

At this time, this is totally irrelevant and unimportant knowledge but it can be partially explained by using the scripture from the Bible.

As there are many people who believe that the Bible was written by God, they are willing to ignore what they see and accept what they are being told.

I do not want to waste my time on debunking the Flat Earth theory by dissecting the claims one by one. Instead, I am going to mention some of my observations.

You cannot see the curvature of the earth while you are standing on the firm land since the landscape can be positioned in concave or convex form.

The place where you can see the curvature of the planet Earth is when you are on the  open Sea.

You can see the horizon in the distance of 5 miles around you. Of course, there is no way that you can actually see the curvature in such a short distance but as the Earth is a globe, its curvature will not allow you to see the water any further than that. All that you can see after the distance of 5 miles is the sky.

If you are sailing and approaching the land, you will not see the land until the highest peak comes into the view of the horizon. As you come closer, more and more of the lower landscape becomes visible. It looks like the land is rising from the sea.

Whenever you want to know the truth, first trust and analyze what you can see, then use your intuitive self and at the end, consider what you have been told and dissect it.

What I am suggesting is that we have to observe and think. We cannot just blindly follow, as we have been told all our lives.

Our educational system is set in such a way that only those who do not think and only memorize and recite what they have been told are rewarded. Such people are rewarded with the highest honours. Such people are put in the most influential positions and put in the charge of the rest of us. No wonder why they all sound like robots.

Hand turning winder on business person's back. Grey background. Control concept

Why is it so?

Because they are not capable of a clear thinking and they will eagerly follow orders. Unfortunately, they are accomplices to the highest crimes and not even aware of it.

Just look at our doctors.

This is why it is easier to explain the new understanding of how the body works to a nurse than to a doctor especially if he/she is an “expert” in this particular field.

The deception plays a big role in our reality. The easiest way to control a human is with fear. What the human brain does not understand, it fears. This is why we are afraid of changes, a new understanding.

Concept of fear of a businessman behind a chair

The masters of lies and deception were and still are the Jewish people. Why? Because their sacred book the Torah teaches them that they can lie, deceit and organize a murder of none Jew, the Goyam.

Do not take me the wrong way. I do not hold grudge against the Jews. My ex-wife is Jewish and I love her family and we are still friends. One of my Jewish friends Andrew, once told me while we were playing chess; “I wonder if the world would be a much better place if the Jews were not a part of it”.

Jewish people had the knowledge of the One God and were supposed to share the knowledge with everyone. Instead of sharing the knowledge, they manipulated it for their own benefit since they knew about manifestation. They were the money changers.

Wherever they went, they took over the politics. This was possible because they controlled the money.

During the drought, they went to Egypt asking for the food and little by little they started to control the place so much that the Pharaoh threw them out of Egypt.

As they have left Egypt, Moses a Jew who was brought up as the Pharaoh’s son and was familiar with the energy system of Egypt, stole the Egyptian energy device called the Tetragrammaton.


Tetragrammaton was a device left by the Anunnaki and once it was used to open the lake so that princes can retrieve her favorite bracelet that she dropped into the lake by accident.

When the Pharaoh discovered what has happened, he sends his army after the Jews to retrieve the Tetragrammaton. Moses used it to open the Red Sea and then he closed it on the Egyptian army. The Pharaoh pledged to destroy Jews which he did later on and the Jews had lost their land.

Joshua used the Tetragrammaton to split the river Jordan so that the Jewish people can get across as well.

As Jews lost their land, they tried to take over the ruling position everywhere they went and since there is no end to the human greed, they caused collapse first of the Roman empire by corrupting the senate, they took over Germany so Hitler ordered them to leave. Since they have refused ,he started to confiscate their properties and put them together with the gypsies and other convicts including German people into labor camps. My father was in one of those camps. They were not a Jew extermination centers as Jews claim. The Holocaust is just another deception perpetrated by Jews.

Jewish money paid for the Bolshevik revolution that was organized by the money changers. Vladimir Ilic Lenin and Karl Marks were Jews that had changed their names to be able to deceit the Russian people easier. They are known to hide their identities by changing their names, there is a reason for this.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, JULY 6,2016: Statue of Vladimir Lenin and USSR flag inside Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic.

What the Jewish people did in the Egypt, Russia, and Germany, they are now doing to the United States of America.

Since there are only a small amount of Jews and as the self-proclaimed “chosen people” they want to conquer the planet they became the masters in terrorism blaming others for their actions. The first big act of false flag terrorism was their attack on the Olympic village in Munich where they have killed their own sportsman and put the blame on Palestinian people.

Divide and conquer.

The World Trade Center was put down by controlled demolition set by MOSAD and Jews were caught celebrating and filming the event. Now the blame is on the Arab people again.

The feminist movement was started and financed by David Rockefeller to enslave them and tax them. In this way, they can destroy the American family and easier brainwash the children.

The takeover of the medical science and the pharmaceutical industry was orchestrated by David Rockefeller as well. He is the reason why the education of doctors around the world is creating death and not a healing. The Jewish “banksters” profit from it.

I am mentioning this so that we know who the real culprit is so that we do not blame and fight the wrong enemy. We have to oppose the Zionists since most of the Jewish people do not know what is being done by their leaders.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. June 14, 2016. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu making an address.

We all have to unite if we want to be able to overthrow the Evil.

The history is manipulated by those who are in charge.

The money changers have been in charge for a long time.

Even Jesus Christ attacked the money changers so they went against him knowing that he was of a noble blood. Yes, he was a king.

The history teaches us that Isa was his false name so that he can hide. His mother was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and his father was Julius Cesar. To escape the prosecution of Octavian, he left for India and there are records of Isa being there studying Hinduism. He was also in Tibet as the records show.

Jesus feeds birds, original oil painting on canvas

This is why he did not promote Judaism and Torah but Hinduism, the religion of forgiveness and humility.

As I have told you, nothing is the way we are told it is.

The Bible was put together by the Jews to guide the humanity into the one world government by professing the future events, controlled by the Jews whose God is not the creator instead their God is the Anunnaki leader Enke or Lucifer. This is becoming more and more obvious as the time goes on. The Satanic rituals are becoming the part of every day’s reality.

Baphomet Stock Photo

True God, the creator has no preferences and loves the whole of his creation, no judgment, no punishment, only love.

Doing the research into the medical fraud exposed me to this knowledge as it is all intermingled part of the same deception.

Please do not get offended. Do your own research.

Let us stop fighting one another. The times of deception are behind us.

Let us get together and build a New World, free from deception and lies where we all help and support each other.

We are all blessed and loved by the same God. We are all God’s children and we carry the God within. This is why Isus or Isa or Jesus …said that he was a son of God, but so are you my brothers and sisters so let us love each other and prosper in this new world that we are creating.

The electromagnetic energy that propels us is polarized. It is a toroidal field created by our heart and not by the food we eat. The positive energy field is entering our body through the crown chakra and the negative energy field is entering our body through the base chakra. The polarized fields create a duality but they meet in the sacred place of the heart. There they lose duality and the collision of the two opposite charged fields is what creates a tremendous field of electromagnetic energy that expands way beyond our body before it makes a loop and returns back into our body again. This sacred place in our heart where the opposites collide is the place of oneness and pure love.

Toroidal Field Around Heart Royalty Free Stock Image

Let us not be ruled by the duality of the brain and instead let us use the singularity of the heart in decision making.

Love and light to us all.



A businessman with a stomachache, a middle aged man

It is astonishing to me seeing so many people with digestive problems and the medical industry is clueless or just pretending to be as all the information about how to solve it is out there but it is not being implemented.

Almost every adult that I talk to has some kind of digestive problem. The most common health problem that is related to our digestion is gastritis, then gastroenteritis and enteritis.

The gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach, the enteritis is an inflammation of the intestines and the gastroenteritis is an  inflammation of the whole digestive tract.

What causes the inflammation of our stomach?

Obviously, this has something to do with what we eat. Since the food does not linger in the stomach too long, generally the foods that we eat will not cause many problems. The most common foods that will create gastritis are cold beverages especially the ice-cream if we eat it often and fast.

The sudden drop of temperature forces more blood into the stomach to warm it up and this is done through the process of inflammation.

The same reaction will happen if the stomach is cooled from the outside. Driving a motorcycle and especially the bicycle and cold air hitting the stomach will cause gastritis if the air is cold and we do not protect our stomach from it. Placing newspaper in front of the stomach will protect us. This may be the only good thing that you get from the newspaper anyway.

The most common culprit of gastritis are the medicinal remedies and especially the pharmacological poisons we call medication. This is why the doctor will immediately with the medication, prescribe another medication which will protect the stomach from the first medication.

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Since we are all eating the wrong food and follow the wrong “expertise” of nutritionists, our blood is toxic and the more we eat, the more blood is needed to supply the stomach with the necessary CO2, oxygen, and water. This means that the cells of the stomach will become toxic faster. Such toxic cells will be more dependent on the energy that is provided by the brain. In this case, stress will have a stronger influence on already weaken organ and it will react to the stress through the inflammation process since the cellular osmotic pump has become very inefficient.

Although the carbohydrates are toxic food for all animals, they will not cause many problems to the stomach since they will not remain there for long. They may cause gases so we will burp them out and that is all.

The problem caused by ingesting carbohydrates starts within the intestines. Carbohydrates are sugars, basically glucose and fructose. Depending on the amount of the GLUT protein that is available within the cells of the small intestines, sugars will be absorbed and the sugar that exceeds the GLUT capacity will be pushed into the large intestines and here it will ferment causing more gases and the formation of alcohol. This fermentation process will inflame intestines. Inflamed intestines lose the absorptive capacity so less water and other nutrients will be absorbed. Not being able to absorb the water will make the stool loose since the water will remain within the feces.

The additional intestinal problems come from toxic protective proteins that plants have to protect themselves from predators like us. Gluten is one of them but there are many others. Some of them we use as medicinal remedies since they suppress certain chemical reactions which in some cases we feel as beneficial.

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Some of those protective proteins become neutralized with the heat and will not create problems. This is why you can eat cooked green banana and not react to it with stomach cramps and diarrhea as you would if you would eat the green banana raw. This is why eating broccoli will inflame your intestines and give you indigestion unless you heat it up since the broccoli has green seeds that are not ready for germination. All green fruits are protected in this way and you will have indigestion by eating them raw.

The grains are the worst food that we can eat. They are toxic to all animals. Domestic horses suffer from colics exactly because of them.

If you feed herbivores like  cows or  goats with minced or cooked grains, they will blow up with gas and their whole rumen (stomach bag for fermentation) will become acidic, their bacteria destroyed and their health compromised.

Since more and more people are falling for the wrong, vegetable based diets, the energy they receive is coming from the carbohydrates and the result is indigestion and gastroenteritis.

More carbohydrates vegetarian eat, more fat and sickly they become. Less dietary carbohydrates and more raw vegetables there is in the food of vegans, more skinny and drained they become and although they feel healthy, a great majority of them will finally collapse from the malnutrition and dehydration caused by their diet.

Reducing the number of dietary carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of meat and fats in the food will slow down the toxic demise of our body. The only way to heal and live healthily is to stop poisoning ourselves with dietary carbs.

On top of this, enteritis can be caused by infestation with parasites.

When people eat incorrectly, there is more chance for them to be infested by parasites.

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For the people suffering from digestive problems, it is important to change their diet. The wrong food creates the wrong intestinal microflora and the whole body becomes affected negatively. Probiotics cannot make a dent in this problem and supplement pushers are the only people who benefit from their sales.

So many people are needlessly suffering from digestive problems that can easily be eliminated by a simple change of their diet.

You do not have to trust me, try it for yourself.

Love and light.



Draw what's under the microscope... sometimes it is important to be specific.

As we are awakening, scientists are noticing the relation between the genetic alignment and its expression and their influence on the cellular structure.

Since biophysics is not what we learn in the schools, scientists are reverse engineering the cellular reactions and their connection to their genetic code.

Since spirit and the electromagnetic universe are still a taboo as far as the science is concerned, the only reasonable way to look at things is through the loop of chemical reactions. Although some discoveries are correct, there is no way how to build on them since the understanding behind those discoveries is not correct.

Mi friend Mikie send me several articles and I want to show you what I mean by dissecting some of them.

Since I was talking about the genetic cellular influence, here is the article that talks about how the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better:

You can notice the back engineering when scientists claim that the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better. I have explained several times that no cellular change is possible without genetic information. This means that the genes have to change their activation sequence for the cellular changes to occur.

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In other words, first genes realign themselves and then cellular changes occur.

This is opposite of what scientists from London suggest.

Genes react to the electromagnetic frequencies and those frequencies can come from chemicals in the food, but they can come also from the signaling of our brain ( the thought of the food).

They can be received from electromagnetic modulators as well.

Electromagnetic modulators will be used in the future to prepare the food for us so no animal or plant has to be killed to nourish us.

If you wonder how does this work, simply realize that everything is just a brain’s decoding of electromagnetic frequencies.

Instead of killing an animal, cutting it, cooking it…you just take the electromagnetic information of the frequencies of the final product – steak with mushroom sauce, load it into the electromagnetic modulator. The modulator will release those frequencies on your demand and your brain will convert the frequencies into a multidimensional image of the food that you had ordered.

As more and more scientifically accepted truths are being debunked, the failing corporate world is trying to cling onto their cash cows by spreading misinformation and confusion through the media.

This is why we see more and more articles attacking the health food like the coconut oil, the butter and animals fat. Disclosure cannot be stopped as more and more truth is coming out.

In this article about the chemotherapy, a medical cash cow, the truth of its ineffectiveness in healing the cancer is revealed:

The chemo-poisoning is destroying the immune system of the patient, leaving him/her defenseless and unable to heal. Often the damages created to the body are so bad, that the patient loses the ability to eat and has to be nourished intravenously. In this case, glucose is pumped into the blood which is the perfect food for raging cancer so no wonder that cancer starts to spread indiscriminately.

The medically approved treatment of cancer by the chemotherapy and radiation will soon be the thing of the past. This will take a big bite from the pocket of the false medical industry.

Soon we can expect the truth of the ease in healing diabetes to come out since only a simple dietary change is needed to do this job.

The cholesterol truth came out but is fiercely being suppressed since so much money is being made on poisoning people with statins – cholesterol reducing poisons we call medication.

Many doctors are clinging to the notion that there is a bad and good cholesterol and that the cholesterol is the reason for circulatory problems.

The bad education we receive in the medical school is the reason why most doctors believe that eating eggs and animal fat raises the blood cholesterol.

Not understanding diet makes doctors believe that eating ripe raw bananas loads the body with carbohydrates so they advise their patients to steer clear of them.

Since the carbohydrates in the banana, potato, and carrot are deposited within the cellular structure which is protected with the membrane we call the cellulose, those plants cannot be digested so no sugar will be absorbed into the blood. Only a small amount of fructose that gives them the sweet taste will be available for the absorption, which is a negligible amount of fructose at best.

The big misconception on high potassium in a banana is a myth being perpetrated constantly by our nutritionists.

For one, the potassium is within the cellular structure. As we cannot digest the cellulose we do not have access to the potassium in the ripe banana or any ripe fruit or vegetables unless we heat them up by cooking them.

So if you are looking for the potassium in your diet, look into cooked meals like potatoes, mushrooms, parsley….bet you no one have ever told you that before.

We are too lazy to check the facts. It is easier to trust the “experts” isn’t it?

On the other hand, any kind of meat, raw or cooked will bring you a hefty amount of potassium. There is about the same amount of potassium in a stake as it is in the banana but you can easily digest the raw stake and get the potassium but it is not so with the banana.

The neurotoxic action of garlic is well known but people, including most doctors, do not realize that the word medicinal, our cells translate as toxic. Encouraging people to take medicine daily will lead to their health demise. Every doctor knows it and still, they will encourage you to eat garlic because it is “healthy” as they will prescribe other medicaments you have to take daily for the duration of your life. How ironic.

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If they do not know that they are killing you, than they are more stupid than I thought.

Here in Peru, same as in the rest of the world, the health specialists are happy with what they do and are hiding behind their diplomas slowly poisoning people. Fortunately, there are more and more of them who are awakening and we have to thank them for being brave as they oppose the system and risk their comfort and often their lives to bring us the truth.

Here I want to bring you the sad news of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, passing away.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The last years of his life he has spent in Sandefjord, Norway where he lived in exile.

The battle goes on and we are winning.

You can expect more and more truth to surface in the near future and most of it will be simply unbelievable.

Love and light to us all.



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Many people are suffering from halitosis – bad breath.

What is the cause of this problem?

Obviously, we are immediately going to look for the problem of a bad breath in the things that we have eaten. Most of the time the bad breath is associated with the food we eat. For example, people that eat garlic stink a mile away. Not only that their breath stinks but also their skin.

Same thing happens with people that smoke nicotine. People that handle and eat oily fish and some spicy foods.

Why do people carry the same odor of the foods they eat?

As the aromatic ingredients from smelly foods absorb into the blood, the body will start to cleanse them out. Since the blood cleansing organs are the skin, the mucosa and the kidneys, here we are going to find the same odor.

Since mucosa covers the digestive and respiratory tract, the same odor will be present in those places.

So here there is no problem identifying the culprit of the problem and by eliminating the type of the food that caused the bad odor we solve the problem.

Other cause of a bad breath can be poor mouth hygiene.

If we allow for the food to rot in our mouth, bacteria or fungus may establish their colonies. They cause rotting process which causes really bad breath.

Caries is caused by bacteria as well and produces a bad odor.

Abscess in the mouth and tonsils will cause a terrible odor.

Needless to say, all those things are easily discovered and treated so the bad breath can be solved.

In this article, I want to point on some occult reasons of the bad breath and bad skin odor from which many people suffer whose cause is not discovered so they are not being able to help themselves and they have to live with this unpleasant problem.

When I say that the reason for the bad breath or the skin odor was not discovered, I mean that the cause was not pinpointed because we know that the reason is caused either by the aromatic ingredients of the food we eat or by the bacterial or fungal decay of those foods in the body.

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Another ingredient that contributes to the bad odor is our natural pheromones (our natural smell).

Pheromones of one individual may be attractive to another individual or they can be nauseating to another. Sometimes the combination of the bacterial decay, aromatic ingredient, and the pheromones may create a really unpleasant odor.

I have noticed that indigenous people do have much milder odor than the “civilized” people from the cities do. This is because they are less toxic. Also, indigenous people do not take supplements. I have noticed that some people have a bad smell when they take artificial vitamins and some supplements including the medicinal remedies or the pharmaceutical drugs.

Many of my clients have complained that they never had a problem with halitosis and now since they are on the self-healers protocol, their urine stinks and so does their skin and their breath.

The bad odor is the result of the blood toxicity.

They had toxins embedded within their cellular structure and now as their cells are detoxifying, those toxins are released into the blood and as the blood’s cleansing organs started to eliminate those toxins, the bad odor is realized.

The cellular toxic overload can be substantial and the bad odor may persist for some time.

As the mucous tissue is a blood cleansing organ, many people will suffer from a bad odor whenever toxic load from the blood becomes eliminated. Since most cellular cleansing occurs during the night, the blood’s toxic load increases towards the morning hours and the mucous tissue start to smell. This is why in the morning the odor becomes more pronounced. Pregnant women often realize this. Why pregnant women? Because their toxic load has increased because of the baby they carry.

Some people simply suffer from halitosis most of their lives since they do not realize what causes this problem. Even if they brush their teeth regularly and change the food they eat, halitosis persists.

This is because they harbor specific bacteria or fungus and even when they have changed the food, they did not really change the chemical content of the food and the food they are eating continues to support the culprit.

For example, if the problem is caused by fungus we know that glucose is the perfect food that will support fungal community. So if you stopped eating rice and pasta and you switch to potatoes and bread, you did not really make any change that would affect the fungus since the supply of glucose is continuing.

On this problem, we can look also from the point of the quantum understanding.

Everything there is is just a brain’s interpretation of frequencies of the energy in question.

The meat in a raw state has particular look, smell, and texture.

When we apply more heat, we are raising the frequency and in one point the frequency reaches its threshold. In the threshold frequency, the photoelectric effect has been changed and everything about the meat has been changed. The meat has changed its appearance, its smell, its taste and its consistency. It is no longer what it was before and it becomes very difficult to digest.

Such meat will linger within our intestines and it will be attacked by intestinal bacteria. This will produce its decay. This creates gases and smelly chemical compounds which will be absorbed partially into the blood before being cleansed out through the cleansing organs.

Not only that there will be a horrible stench when we go to evacuate in the bathroom, but also our skin and breath will have a specific odor.

So what to do if we suffer from halitosis?

First, take a care of our mouth and keep it clean. Colloidal Silver does a great job by eliminating the bacteria that causes a bad breath especially if they are in places that are hard to reach like under the crown of a tooth.

Change your diet but above all, detoxify your body.

Nothing works as good as a total detox on the cellular level.

There may be an initial increase of the bad odor when the cleansing process commences, but as the body cleanses the problem will dissipate.

Eat clean food. By this I mean the food of God or as close to it as possible. The food of God is the raw food, the way God prepared it for us to eat.

Love and light.



Infant getting breathing treatment from mother while suffering from illness

When we are talking about health problems, we distinguish basically two versions of what we call diseases. Those that show up almost instantly and those which take their time as they manifest stronger and stronger symptoms.

Those diseases that come rapidly can often be healed and may not return. Such diseases are usually related to some pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites. Once we get rid of the pathogens, the symptoms will disappear and may never come back.

On the other side we have diseases that start to show up slowly with one type of symptoms and slowly progress into more and more difficult and often a life-threatening health situation. Such diseases we call chronic diseases or I prefer to call them chronic health problems.

What is characteristic of those chronic diseases is the fact that doctors are unable to stop their progress and often label them as incurable.

Lately, I have been asked by several friends to explain how is it possible that a young child is suffering from a chronic disease? There was not sufficient time for the child to contract a chronic disease. Sometimes we are talking about babies that are 2 months old.

We have to understand that there was never a time like now where we are living in such highly polluted environment. Not only that most of our food is toxic, we are further being poisoned through the water we drink (or other drinks) and the air that we breathe and let us not forget those vaccines we are forced to take.

All of the food advertising is false and it starts with the false advertising of the health benefits of baby foods.

But before we even go there, the poisoning of a baby starts while it is still in the uterus of its mother. If the mother eats incorrectly and suffers from dehydration, the baby will receive less water as well.

If mother while being pregnant is using medicines, alcohol, caffeine of smokes, she will be dehydrated and some of those toxins will slip through the placenta and affect the fetus or baby depending on its age while still in the uterus.

Yes, the time is short, but the rate of growth is very high and so is the cellular proliferation. More times the cells proliferate (divide), while they are under the influence of a toxin, more pronounced will be the cellular changes.

It is quite often that we see newborn babies contract diarrhea.

I have said contract because this is doctors terminology. In fact, what the baby contracted is toxicity while it was in the womb and now is trying to eliminate it. Doctors are trying to suppress diarrhea with antibiotics which often works because the toxic antibiotic prevents the cleansing and the diarrhea stops. This means that the pollution will remain within the babies body and from then on it will continue to accumulate until it shows a chronic symptom.

Since the baby is low on water the cleansing will go mostly through the mucosa tissue and this will give a baby cough or soft stool. As the water problem within the babies body worsens, the baby will start cleansing through the skin and show signs of skin problems as are urticaria or eczema.

Atopic Dermatitis on a baby’s face.

Lost doctors are going to implement corticosteroids to suppress the inflammation of the skin and with this toxic treatment bury the toxins deeper. The toxins continue to accumulate within the cells and because of the lack of water and salt, and because of the medicinal remedies used to suppress the cleansing of the blood, cells become dehydrated and acidic.

Yes, babies are young but they can become toxic quickly because their cellular activity is very fast.

Now add to this all the sugar that is present in the baby formulas and the baby foods and you will understand why a 3-year-old child has diabetes.

Many baby foods that contain a meat are loaded with chemical preservatives. They are especially abundant within frankfurters so what will be the bodies reaction to this type of toxicity? Leukemia.

Homemade Barbecue Little Smoky Cocktail Wieners in Sauce - Stock Image

Now you can understand why so many house cats in the cities suffer from leukemia as well.

A baby or a small child have been on this planet only a short time but their rapid growth and rapid cellular activity produce a much faster toxic effect and they show chronic health problems much faster than grownups do.

This may sound like a curse but this can be also a blessing because the fast cellular changes allow for rapid detoxification and healing on the cellular level. A small child will detoxify and heal much faster than a grown up individual once we give it a chance to do so.

Giving the baby or a small child the chance to detoxify, means to help them to hydrate with water and sea salt and we can help them to heal faster by providing the correct diet and eliminate the toxic load they usually receive through the food.

I have received a three-year-old client from Trujillo here in Peru. This child has diabetes and doctors started to give her insulin. The young girl was constantly sick with the flu and every week had to visit the hospital for one thing or the other. At home she was always requesting attention and her development was slow, she was among the smallest children in her class.

Within a month on the Self Healers Protocol, the young girl was not diabetic anymore and her visits to hospital have stopped. When her parents noticed the changes they started to follow the same protocol and could not believe how their bodies responded so soon after that the whole family started doing the same thing. Now they are all healthy and happy.

Recently the mother took the young girl to the doctor for the annual checkup and he was surprised seeing her healthy and strong. She is growing fast and now she is among the tallest girls in her class. When the doctor heard what her mother is feeding her daughter with he objected and recommended that she eats at least some carbohydrates daily. The mother responded; “doctor you just told me that my daughter is in perfect health so why should I change her diet?”. The doctor had no argument and just shook his head.

I hope that I have explained well enough for you to understand how come that children suffer from chronic diseases and that you have gathered enough knowledge by following my work to be able to prevent chronic disease from occurring in your child. You can use this same knowledge to help your child with the cleansing and healing process if this knowledge came too late and your child is experiencing some chronic health problems already.

Love and light to us all.