The medicine has become the modern day’s parody.

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Maybe the title of this article should be “The end days syndrome” because everything that we are being told is the opposite of the truth and nowhere is it more pronounced than in the field of medicine, and politics.
As the number of doctors is increasing, so is the number of sick people but what is more important and what actually reveals why is all of this happening is the number of new diseases that are flooding the “market”.
Almost daily I am encountering some name of a disease I had never heard off before.
To cover up their incompetence, doctors are directing the blame in all possible directions. From blaming them to be of a genetic origin, or caused by the autoimmune reaction, to blaming the old age and ever-increasing lifespan due to medical interventions.
This means that doctors are priding themselves of extending the human lifespan which allows more diseases to appear while the obvious truth that comes from basic statistics is showing us that the average age of a person is in decline and this is especially affecting our doctors whose lifespan has dropped to 66 years of age.
Many of the chronic health problems are being blamed lately on the “fact” that we live longer and the disease is simply the result of us not wanting to die sooner.

medical diagnosis cartoon

I guess, the scientific solution to eradicating chronic diseases is to die in our thirties. This way there will be no chance for the chronic ailment to manifest itself.

Isn’t this how we are dealing with all medical problems already?

Swine flu, kill all the pigs.

Avian flu, kill all the chickens.

Foot and mouth disease, kill all the cows…

As always, we start first with the animals and then we extend the same “science” onto humans.

First, we vaccinated animals, then humans.

First, we have chipped animals and then humans.

First, we cloned an animal and then the human…

What triggered me into writing this article is seeing this News:

Twenty-five-year-old man, apparently very healthy, drops dead for no apparent reason.

The cause of the death, “The sudden death syndrome”.

I think, we have entered the new age of STUPID, where stupidity is no longer camouflaged by an excuse.

medical diagnosis cartoon

I guess, now an all-new array of diseases will start springing up like:

The sudden cough syndrome

The sudden eye teardrop syndrome.

The sudden bone-breaking syndrome.

The sudden losing its mind syndrome.

Wait a minute, this one has already occurred recently and not surprisingly, in England:

Here a sudden strep throat syndrome has evolved into a sudden PANDAS, or pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome.

Ain’t it a mouthful of medical terminology that signifies absolutely NOTHING.

One cannot make this crap up. This is actually a professional medical diagnosis.

Does anyone remember the sudden infant death syndrome where a young child is found dead in the crib and no cause could be identified?

This was the precursor of what’s to come.

The sudden infant death syndrome did not exist until vaccines showed up.

Any relation there?

The medical establishment is urging older people to have their checkups done regularly.

First, people in their sixties were the ones, then the recommendation went to those in their fifties, then to those in their forties.

I guess the time has come for people in their twenties to start with their regular checkups as the chronic health issues that used to affect only those of “old” age is now affecting the young.

Smart Diagnosis Humor – Fun Friday | Healthcare IT Today

On the other hand, why to do those checkups at all?

Do our doctors heal us after the health problem is discovered?

Obviously not. If they would, no chronic problem would ever develop.

Doctors are so brainwashed that they do not realize that age has nothing to do with the disease.

All chronic ailments are symptoms of bodies difficulty to perform in a toxic environment.

Since our environment is rapidly becoming more and more toxic, the symptoms of our bodies toxicity develop faster and we manifest them in ever younger age.

Since the misinformation is being spread through popular science, our “experts” in the field and the media, today is no brainer to recognize what not to do. Simply do the opposite of what they tell you and you will be doing things correctly.

So what are the recommendations as far as the diet goes?

Eat a lot of vegetables

Avoid milk and dairy

Avoid red meat and pork

Avoid salt and sugar

Avoid saturated fats from animals and plants (do not consume the coconut oil)

Eat whole-grain bread

Drink soy milk

Drink almond milk

Eat peanut-butter

Substitute animal fats with vegetable oils

Use vitamins and supplements

Use sunscreen and protect your eyes with sunglasses

Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight

Vaccinate yourself and your children

Do colonoscopy and mammogram…

Every single recommendation is actually what you should never do and actually, by doing the opposite of what is recommended, you will become healthy and live along and happy life.

medical diagnosis cartoon

No more evidence is needed. We are in the End Times.

We have opened our eyes and can no longer be fooled so the age of darkness is behind us and the beginning of the new is starting to creep in.

It is time for us to celebrate our victory!

Love and light to us all.

Dumb & Dumber, effect.

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A fear-stricken teenager Greta Thunberg used by the Globalist Communistic machine to install fear into the mind of a mindless population.

No human being with a reasonably healthy brain can take this stupidity seriously.

I agree that young people can have a revelation, but what this teenager is spewing is the toxic science that is promoted through the schooling system of indoctrination and brainwashing:

Yes, the climate on our planet is changing but those changes are the result of the increased frequency the Universe is exposed to. Every star and planet in the universe is undergoing changes. Are we humans to blame for this? Will increased taxes and pollution reduction stop this process?

Only an idiot can think that humans can influence those changes by killing cows and eating soy.

Our Sun has changed its color from yellow to white. The cows must have been farting extremely hard I’d say.

How unhinged are AOC critics? (Page 9): Lavender Room ...

Although this is all so childish that only a child can believe and become scared of it, this shows us the state of human awareness. Most people are scared children disconnected from reality and only interested in where the next buck is coming from.

The science we are thought in the schools is agenda-driven and it is countering the truth.

This is becoming more and more obvious.

I am pointing to the lies we are told in the medical school. Through my articles and now my videos, I am revealing the truth and the contrast between the truth and what we are being told is the exact opposite.

    Science                                                              Truth

Do not to eat salt                                           Salt is a necessity

Sun creates cancer                                        Sun prevents cancer

Cholesterol causes arteriosclerosis                Cholesterol heals blood vessels

Meat is a toxic food that acidifies blood           Meat is the healthiest food there is

Carbohydrates are necessary and healthy       Carbohydrates reprogram our genetic expression

creating havoc and slow destruction and

acidification of the body…

Raw vegetables and fruits are health food       Raw vegetables and fruits cannot be digested

Coffee and chocolate are healthy                    Coffee and chocolate are toxic

Garlic is health-food                                      Garlic is medicinal, neurotoxic plant

We can go on and on. Everything we are being told through our “science” is contrary to the truth.

Where else are we being fed with the opposite of the truth?

Trial for heresy during the Spanish Inquisition Stock ...

How about religion?

God spoke through Moses:                                                       Truth:

An eye for an eye, tooth for a                                  Someone hits you on the   tooth                                                                              left cheek, offer the right one

The Devil in the form of a snake spoked to   Eva.                  The snake is health

Eat the forbidden fruit

Moses was a man of God                                                 Moses stole                                                                                 Tetragrammaton from Egypt

No thief is a man of God

Jericho had to be destroyed and all people killed                        God is love.                                                                                    He/she    does not choose a side, cannot promote death

such was the wish of God

Devil fought with God for power,   The Devil is a product of the human             and lost                                                            mind. It is not  creation so it has no spirit. It depends

on humans to manifest it. Has absolutely no

power over those who do not accept it.

Inquisition Woman On A Stretching Rack Royalty Free Stock ...

What is the source of this misinformation?

Secret societies (the Illuminate, Scull and bones, Vatican…)                                                                                                                 Truth:

666 is the number of Evil             666 is the number of carbon, the life source

6 electron, 6 protons, 6 neutrons

30 genders to identify humans                    two genders of the same body, m&f

Matter and anti-matter               Light and the absence of light (darkness)

The democracy is promoted and millions of rules are restricting what can and what cannot be done.

More rules, more restrictions more slavery = communism.

Why we cannot travel freely?

Why we cannot live where we want to live an do what we want to do?

Are we really free?

Open your eyes, wake up and change your reality.

This final battle cannot be won by force. It can only be won by allowing the change to take place.

Accept the new and let go off the old.

This is not an easy task and help is needed. By allowing, we can absorb the new information and start our brains reprogramming process.

Through the “World Health Organization” we are being informed that 80 million people will be killed when they release the biological weapons:

Governments Not Prepared For Pandemic That Could Kill 80 Million People, Warns Report

Do not be afraid.

They are trying to make us manifest death and destruction.

Only you can experience what your brain calculates as the most probable outcome so start using your brain and manifest love and wellbeing for all.

The disease is nothing more than manifestation. If you believe what you are being told, your brain will show it to you as your reality. This is why doctors are the nests of diseases. They create one disease every time they tell you that you have one.

As long as you believe that you are sick, you are. You are what you know you are.

Believe in health and allow it to manifest. Have faith!

You will stop manifesting evil when you stop being programmed for it.

Stop watching movies from Hollywood, stop listening to this new toxic music, stop watching the news. Stop going to schools. They promote evil by programming you for it.

Go to nature, spend time among animals, go within and meditate.

Use your spirit to show you the way.

If you want to do more good, come to Peru and do the reprogramming through the ayahuasca ceremony.

Let go of the old and accept the new.

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Vaping. How safe is it to vape?

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Many doctors are promoting vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Many cigaret smokers resort to vaping in an attempt to shake off the need for cigarettes and many young people vape HTC marijuana oil as a safer alternative to smoking marijuana.

Although vaping is less toxic than inhaling the carbon of burnt paper and other chemicals that are inserted into the wrapping cigarette paper, in no way is vaping healthy.

We have to understand that the mucous tissue is a great absorber so it will allow any substance from the vapor to enter the bloodstream.

Often we hear how healthy it is to ingest CBD oil and that our body has CBD receptors which benefit from its presence.

This is not true at all.

Vaping cartoons, Vaping cartoon, funny, Vaping picture, Vaping pictures, Vaping image, Vaping images, Vaping illustration, Vaping illustrations

Our biocannabinoid receptors are sensors through which our body regulates certain impulses like sleepiness, hunger, pain, mood, memory…

As I have explained, our body is responding on the cellular level to genetic activity and this activity is a direct response to the environment.

So if our environment is creating problems and ve cannot sleep, or we are always hungry, or we are in pain, blocking the cellular receptors by filling them with artificial chemicals, we are again interfering with bodies autopilot of control and healing.

We can do this to calm the symptoms down, but then we have to stop and let the body to respond with the healing process.

This is not what is being done.

We do not advise the patient what to do after the pain is gone. We just continue selling the antidote saying, this is less toxic.

Not only that this cannot result with healing, this actually contributes to the continuation of the health problem which is the reason we are vaping in the first place.

Vaping cartoons, Vaping cartoon, funny, Vaping picture, Vaping pictures, Vaping image, Vaping images, Vaping illustration, Vaping illustrations

This is why no one should be surprised that more and more people end up in hospital in a critical state of their health.

The damage that is being done creeps in slowly and it is chronic. This means that it becomes more difficult to deal with than if it was addressed correctly in the first place.

Since vaping is offered as a replacement of wrapping-paper it is promoted as being safe which is totally wrong.

Since vaping is presented as a “safe” solution, more and more young people are doing it.

And since marijuana is lately promoted as medicine, those young people are under the impression that vaping THC cannabis oil is actually healthy.

This is why no one should be surprised that the emergency rooms are becoming busier and busier dealing with serious vaping induced problems.

Many times I have mentioned that medicinal = toxic.

When we use medicinal poisons, they interfere with the cellular autopilot of healing and causes more work for the body.

Autopilot cartoons, Autopilot cartoon, funny, Autopilot picture, Autopilot pictures, Autopilot image, Autopilot images, Autopilot illustration, Autopilot illustrations

Medicinal poisons change the environment inside of the body to which genes will react trying to outmaneuver the changes and more disturbance is created.

Although the pain may be gone, and we feel better, the real culprit that has triggered the pain was not addressed and when we stop using the medicinal poison, soon, the pain will return and become stronger.

There is nothing worse for the body then being medicated for prolonged periods.

This allows bodies toxicity to rise uncontrollably and more symptoms of ill health will result from it.

This is actually the reason why chronic health problems occur.

If a health problem, symptom, is addressed correctly when it first manifests itself, no chronic disease would ever take hold of the body.

Anyone thinking that vaping is safe is kidding him/herself. It is a slow death-wish being fulfilled.

From a bad situation, we are going into a much worse situation being unaware of it.

Always keep in mind the fact that for a symptom to manifest, the body has to be in a bad shape, to begin with.

The visible symptom is just the drop that has spilled out.

This is why the type of medicine we have been taught to practice is not a medicine at all.

To help the body, we always have to approach the problem with general healing and not fiddling with the symptom itself.

Healing cartoons, Healing cartoon, funny, Healing picture, Healing pictures, Healing image, Healing images, Healing illustration, Healing illustrations

This is why is the Self Healers Protocol so powerful and results with healing no matter what chronic disease we are talking about.

Cleansing the blood and then the cellular structure is an absolute must in any healing process.

Presence of any “medicinal” poison will prevent the cellular hydration from occurring so whoever thinks that natural medicinal remedies are creating healing, is fooling himself.

We have left the old world.

We are in the New World now and we have to stop utilizing the tools of the past. They never worked in the first place.

With new times, new knowledge is emerging and we have to start absorbing this new knowledge and start utilizing it.

Welcome to the new Mother Earth. Welcome to Gaya.

Love and light to us all.

The Cancer That Keeps Coming Back Again & Again & Again

Boomerang cartoons, Boomerang cartoon, funny, Boomerang picture, Boomerang pictures, Boomerang image, Boomerang images, Boomerang illustration, Boomerang illustrations

Here is an article Mark had sent my way that I want to comment on:

In this article, an American television news journalist talks about her misfortune of having to battle cancer for the second time in her life.

This is not a unique case where cancer has returned.

In a matter of fact, the great majority of cancer patients will have the same experience.

The most common scenario is that while battling one type of cancer, other types of cancer spreads through the body.

Doctors claim that there is a cancer stem cell which causes the problem and the metastasis spreads cancer all over the body.

Now, this makes absolutely no sense for so many reasons.

The first reason why this statement does not make sense is the fact that what we call stem cell, is a not predetermined cell of the body which can be activated to transform itself to any cell of the body.

This means that the same cell, depending on where in the body it becomes activated, will transform itself into a liver cell, or kidney cell, or neuron…

Once the stem cell shows characteristics of the cell in some tissue it ceases to be called a stem cell. It became the cell of that tissue.

Stem Cells cartoons, Stem Cells cartoon, funny, Stem Cells picture, Stem Cells pictures, Stem Cells image, Stem Cells images, Stem Cells illustration, Stem Cells illustrations

This means that once a stem cell shows characteristics of a cancer cell, it is no longer a stem cell.

Why is this important to understand?

The way doctors explain cancer “stem cell” it implies that the body regularly produces cancer cells but for some reason, they do not become cancer until they become activated.

This is utterly wrong.

For a cancer cell to appear, the previous change of the environment has to occur.

This environment is what will trigger the gene to change the cell’s expression and express itself as a cancer cell.

Once it is a cancer cell, it is no longer a stem cell.

Since it is the environment that triggers the genetic changes, the newly changed frequencies of genes can be detected and oncologists will say that the body has genetic cancer markers.

Now, here comes the conclusion of a brainwashed medical professional. “The best way to deal with cancer is to poison it (chemotherapy, radiation), and then we cut it out from the body (surgery).”

Both of those procedures will further pollute the body (further change the environment into more toxic), and then, everyone is surprised that afterward, more cancer has occurred.

If the toxic environment of the body stimulated the development of cancer, it is to be expected that further poisoning of the body will trigger more cancer. Isn’t that obvious?

Since thinking is suppressed during the schooling process, very few doctors are capable of rational thinking and they simply follow the instructions of their authorities which is cut, burn, and poison type of treatment.

Following Instructions cartoons, Following Instructions cartoon, funny, Following Instructions picture, Following Instructions pictures, Following Instructions image, Following Instructions images, Following Instructions illustration, Following Instructions illustrations

The case of Gerri Willis is a perfect example of this.

Early treatment of breast cancer had eliminated growing cancer but the body had become more toxic as the result of the treatment.

It was just a matter of time before new cancer shows up somewhere in her body.

Now, a new technique of eliminating cancer is being developed and it involves CRISPR gene editing.

It is just another symptom-oriented treatment where the patient will pay a lot of money for cancer to be eliminated just to show up again in the near future since the environment of the body had not been changed.

Yes, medicine is becoming more and more elaborate, the procedures costlier, but in the end, the number of patients is rising as the result of ever-increasing toxicity.

So what do scientists say about it?

“People live longer, more doctors are needed ” as if every old person has to become sick:

The heart problems are the price of being human, and the longer we live, the more time there is for the heart problems to come to the surface.

This article shows a total disconnect with reality. Those scientists have no clue about how the body works.

It is difficult to say if it was a mistake or if it was a profit-driven decision to treat a healthy woman as if she had cancer.

Cases like this one are not a rarity and they occur because we do not know the truth.

Every disease is a symptom of bodies toxicity and instead to wage a war, we should detoxify the body and change it’s environment.

Symptoms cartoons, Symptoms cartoon, funny, Symptoms picture, Symptoms pictures, Symptoms image, Symptoms images, Symptoms illustration, Symptoms illustrations

By establishing the correct environment within our body, we are not only healing it, but we are also preventing other symptoms to manifest themselves and we will maintain our youthfulness.

All this talk about the necessity of more doctors and better hospitals and care is a gibberish.

It is the same as talking about better and more sophisticated guns and bombs to win a battle.

If we prevent wars we do not need weapons.

If we prevent diseases from occurring, we do not need medication, doctors, and hospitals.

Wake up, change the way you think, heal yourself physically and mentally.

If you do not know how to go about it, read my books and blog’s, watch my videos, and follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

Weight loss, the medical solution to healthy living.

Being an outcast. Miserable stout woman eating a sandwich and her slim friend smirking Stock Photo - 101053155

As doctors are warning their patients of the health dangers that obesity brings, people are looking for a way to lose weight but they look for help in all the wrong places.

People are being confused by the information they receive.

Most of us would love to continue doing things as usual and achieve the wanted results but this is impossible.

It is obvious that we cannot lose weight doing things the same way which has increased our weight.

The medical/pharmaceutical establishments are aware of it and instead of telling the truth, they look for ways to drain us of our money (this definitely makes us lighter) by selling us treatments that will harm our health and bring us just a temporary results of weight-loss while at the same time making us sicker by increasing out toxic load.

The first lie comes from the mouth of the health professional who claims that the reason you are sick is your obesity.

Being overweight does not cause any harm to the body, but yet, all overweight people will sooner or later show symptoms of chronic health deterioration.

Why is that?

We are being told that obesity will cause diabetes an yet, the new studies are showing that as the rate of obesity is rising, the number of new cases of diabetes is declining:

Those Globalists who are involved in manipulating the information we are given through schools and media know very well where lies the truth but they are purposefully hiding it from us and feeding us more lies daily.

We are not getting sick because we are overweight.

We are becoming sick because we eat toxic garbage that is promoted to us as food, and more of it we eat, the fetter we become. At the same time, the more we eat, the more toxic we become and as the result of this are all of the health problems that we experience.

Through my articles, I am showing you how our body is designed to adapt to its environment through its gene expression.

As our cells change the way they behave to accommodate themselves to the new (toxic) environment, they fall out of synchronism and become unable to perform many tasks which they in “normal” conditions do flawlessly.

Every gene adjustment that adjusts the cell to some toxic frequency at the same time because it has changed its resonance, is stimulating the cell to behave differently. This is why we are told that the human body has more than 2000 genetic errors which we do not encounter in wild animals.

Human Error cartoons, Human Error cartoon, funny, Human Error picture, Human Error pictures, Human Error image, Human Error images, Human Error illustration, Human Error illustrations

Those genetic errors are not the errors of our creator.

All of those errors are created by the poisons we are being told is our food which forces gene adaptation so that the cell and the body can survive.

As we know, surviving is not living.

Surviving is existing with health problems, pain, and short life.

Since we are awakening, the Globalists are tweaking their message.

Now they say, “there is nothing wrong with the fast-food as long as you ease on the soda and the sauce and toppings.”:

Basically, what they are saying is, just keep eating this toxic garbage slightly differently and you will be fine.

Fast Food Restaurant cartoons, Fast Food Restaurant cartoon, funny, Fast Food Restaurant picture, Fast Food Restaurant pictures, Fast Food Restaurant image, Fast Food Restaurant images, Fast Food Restaurant illustration, Fast Food Restaurant illustrations

In other words, there is nothing wrong eating french fries, bread, and Pringles, as long as you do not overdo it and get fat on it because as the good doctor is repeating, the obesity is what makes you sick.

Just look what has happened to a teenager whose diet was based on fast-food starches:

In my books and through many of my articles I explain that becoming heavy on the “food of God” will maintain us healthy.

The problem is not obesity, the problem is the processed junk that is paraded as our food:

Since our doctors have no clue about how the human body works and blindly follow the script that the industry writes for them, obesity is blamed for our health issues and as soon as we can decrease our weight, we are told that we are going to feel “better”.

Mind you, even those medical parrots are aware that losing weight will not heal you. At best, it will make you feel better.

Since the only objective of the doctor is to lower our weight, all kinds of idiotic and for our health dangerous schemes are concocted.

The latest one is, manipulating our weight through the gene expression. A skinny gene is promoted as the solution to losing weight:

Eat the garbage and pay us to insert a skinny gene into your body and all will be good.

Diet cartoons, Diet cartoon, funny, Diet picture, Diet pictures, Diet image, Diet images, Diet illustration, Diet illustrations

If the gene therapy is too costly, cheaper solution is here and it is called Saxenda.

Saxenda is similar to a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and helps control blood sugar, insulin levels, and digestion. It is an injectable prescription medicine that may help some obese adults or overweight adults, who also have weight-related medical problems, to lose weight.

Well, if you believe that this is the solution to your troubles, you are as lost as your doctors are.

There is only one thing that we have to do and all our health problems will be resolved and the obesity will disappear and that is to return to our correct diet.

Since we are living with lies about our diet for thousands of years the best way to learn how to eat correctly is to mimic animals in the wilderness.

Animals eat their food the way they find it and this is why I call it the “food of God”.

How the creator served it, this is how they eat it.

Our digestive system is a digestion of omnivore.

The bear is an omnivore. What does the bear eat in the wild?

Do not start with the berries. They provide O energy.

Brown bear eating meat stock photo. Image of nordic ...

I wrote about it million times so read about it in my book or in some of the many articles on this thematic I wrote.

The important thing for you to realize is that cutting down on the amount of the food you eat and losing weight will not make you any healthier.

Changing your diet, no matter the amount of food you eat, will.

More and more people are realizing the truth.

Check out what this Belgian doctor is saying about vegetarianism:

Love and light to us all.

Is homosexuality genetically influenced?

Two hand with gay flag color — Stock Photo

Homosexuality exists since the beginning of the creation.

It is not a selective behavior that is affecting only humans. Homosexuality is present in nature as well but humans are giving it a new meaning.

Like in everything else, we humans tend to exaggerate.

For a straight man or woman, just a thought to have a sexual relationship with the same gender makes it repulsive. My skin curls up and so does Hilno’s, but I remember the time when I was an 8-year-old kid exploring my sexuality, I would not mind doing something that now utterly disgusts me.

Why do young people have a more flexible stand on thing in general?

As far as sexuality goes, we have to understand that every one of us, no matter what gender we demonstrate, are both the male and the female in the same body. What will decide our preference depends on the sex organs development and the frequency of the environment that we live in.

Remember that our cellular action is controlled by the gene expression and the gene expression is not set in the stone by our parents.

The gene expression is constantly changing as it responds to the frequencies of the environment.

Obese Child Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ...

When a young child starts showing signs of homosexuality, especially if conflicting sets of sexual organs grow on the same body, this is a tell showing that parent has influenced this by creating such environment in their body, or acquired gen from the parallel life (we call the reincarnation) is set in motion.

There was signaling, a frequency stimulation that had influenced a fetus to manifest those organs.

We use our thoughts and imagery to manifest. A signal had to be sent to influence the growing body in demonstrating those changes.

Yet, scientists say that no gene was found to promote gay behavior:

Scientists claim that no gene has been discovered that would stimulate gay manifestation.

If scientists would know what gene causes what manifestation (which is impossible to know because the same gene in different field of frequencies will manifest differently), they would not be exploring stem-cells. They would simply stimulate the correct gene.

It is a well-known fact that homosexuality was rampant within Roman’s Legions.

Soldiers being deprived of the female company often resorted to homosexual behavior.

The strongest and the fastest visual changes as the consequence of the environment can be seen in a fast-growing organism. This means that the fetus and the young children including the young adults

will manifest those changes much faster than the adults.

Roman Legions cartoons, Roman Legions cartoon, funny, Roman Legions picture, Roman Legions pictures, Roman Legions image, Roman Legions images, Roman Legions illustration, Roman Legions illustrations

The same is occurring in prisons and the extreme awkward behavior we see in some people who share their sexual activity with animals.

Is there a gene for this behavior?

What we know for sure is that there is a secretion of different hormones which stimulate male or female organs.

We are talking about testosterone and progesterone.

Both, the male and the female have both of those hormones. The difference is in the quantity.

We can clearly see young boys developing breasts when they are exposed to the increased levels of progesterone in their blood.

The packaged foods are loaded with estrogens and estrogen-like substances. This is done on purpose. All this gender talk serves the same purpose which is depopulation of this planet through confusion.

What gender am I?

Every day new gender surfaces. All of a sudden, every twisted thought becomes a new gender.

"sexual_oriantation" Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images ...

If a man in a female makeup comes to me telling me in a male baritone “we are all different, love”, do not expect me to answer “yes mam”. My skin would curl if I would do that.

My response would probably be “to each its own, sir.”

There are only two genders which evolve from the body that is housing them both.

The frequency will determine which gender will be dominant and evolve to represent the organism.

There are animals in nature who change their gender with the change in water temperature. This is further proof of what I am talking about.

Because of the depopulation agenda, the young people are being exposed to the toxic noise they call music, the toxic garbage they call food and the toxic movies and advertisements that promote no gender and homosexuality.

Why do they do this?

Because our handlers know very well that the environment will stimulate the changes and they push this environment on us.

The older generation is more resilient but younger we are, the more susceptible we become to those frequencies. This is why the young boys are so feminine and the young girls are more masculine and looking for a more feminine man.

Gey Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors | Shutterstock

The ayahuasca showed me that now is the time to realize that we are both, feminine and masculine in the same body and we have to allow the merge but not to lose our sexuality, but to empower it.

The understanding is crucial.

Honor you feminine and your masculine with the same love, but remain true to your physical gender. Procreation and our future existence depend on it.

The cans of our can food are laced with plastic that emits bisphenol A, which mimics estrogen hormone. Boys who are eating can food have enlarged feminine breasts and mellow, feminine personality.

Soy products do the same. This is where the “soy boy” expression comes from.

It makes me laugh when I hear a gay person saying, “I am gay and proud of it.”

What is there being proud of?

Gay couple kissing together while sitting at kitchen — Stock Photo

You never hear, “I am a straight woman and proud of it, or I am a straight man and proud of it.”

We are what we are. Some of us are male, some of us are female, and some of us are scared and prefer to pretend that they are what they are not.

Our mind is a powerful thing and it will project a reality which is the most soothing to the brain’s calculation.

After all, our reality depends on the brain’s programming and all of the information brain is loaded with.

Now you understand why there is a homosexual scene in every new movie and advertisements are loaded with transgenderism.

Crazy sill dog — Stock Photo

Love and light to us all.

Are we becoming more prone to violent allergic reactions?

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I had just received a message from my friend in Monte Negro whose mother was bitten by a bee and ended up n the hospital with an anaphylactic shock.
My friend who is following the Self Healers Protocol was also bitten and had just small local reaction, so he was interested to know why some people react so violently to animal poisons and some experience them as mild irritants?
I would normally answer such question directly but I had heard the same happening to more and more people including Bear Grylls who was shooting a new survival show:
The anaphylactic shock is an extreme manifestation of an allergy.

As I had explained in my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body, allergies are the consequence of dehydrated cells and insufficient protection of a cellular membrane which is different depending on the organ in question but in general, it depends on cholesterol shield.
Since Bear Grylls is a public figure and health promoter we have information on the diet he recommends and applies to himself as well.
Although in his survival films he eats all kinds of animals, this is not what he practices at home.

He is basically a vegetarian and eats only lean meat sporadically (no saturated fats and cholesterol),
avoids dairy, and most of his nutrition including protein comes from quinoa, beans, and lentils (all loaded with lectins, very toxic and unhealthy).

His list

what to eat



Nuts/Nut Butters



Oat Milk

Organic, Lean Meat

High-Quality Fish

Information that I am missing is the type and the amount of salt he is using but seeing where his view on diet comes from, I am sure that he uses a very little salt and the salt he uses is most likely the Himalayan pink salt (very toxic).

Why do I think so?

Because his diet is parroting the fake science that is promoted through our miseducational schooling system of indoctrination.

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Here you have all the necessary information pinpointing the source of his allergies.

If you haven’t read any of my articles on allergies or if you had forgotten what I have said about them, please read this article:

Try to recall what I have said about the hydration, especially the hydration on the cellular level.

The cells will hydrate only if the blood is clean of toxins. Medicinal remedies are among those toxins.

How are plants protecting themselves from their preditors?

Through their phyto-proteins (lectins play a big roll in this).

Those phyto-proteins give plants “medicinal” properties.

Medicinal = toxic.

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Garlic and ginger, for example, will not kill you rapidly, but they will prevent your cells from hydrating themselves and in time, disaster will strike.

For example, the steady decline in vision is a direct consequence of such poisoning.

The consequence of not being able to hydrate is a cellular acidity and dehydration.

An organ with dehydrated cellular structure is prone to inflammation and it will sometime take just a touch of additional poisoning to trigger the emergency cellular hydration we call inflammation to occur.

People that react violently to minor irritation from foreign protein are very acidic and their whole system is nearing a point of collapse.

If they do not hydrate and cleanse their body soon, various symptoms of ill health will start appearing.

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Unfortunately, this kind of explanation you cannot find in medical books and doctors have no clue about what is really going on. This is why the only solution they can come up with is to wage a war against the bodies autopilot of self-preservation, loading the body with chemicals that will stop bodies attempt to heal itself.

To trigger the forced hydration, the body will create histamine and vasopressin.

To counter this reaction and stop the forced hydration, doctors will inject antihistamine.

The swelling is gone and the patient is cured.

As you can see, it is strictly a symptomatic approach that in no way or shape contributes to healing the problem.

It is just a temporary patch job.

You may say that if the antihistamine was not used, the person may have died.

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Yes, this is correct but if doctors would know the truth, they would advice their patients on what they are doing wrong and the cellular dehydration of their body would have never occurred.

This means that they would never find themselves in this situation to begin with.

None of my friends and family who have used the Self Healers Protocol will ever have to worry about allergies especially such violent manifestation of them like the anaphylactic shock.

For those of you who are continuing to ingest toxic food, especially vegetarians and vegans, you know that you are prone to allergies so please carry with you Dr. Bob Becks blood electrifier, pulser.

An increased electromagnetic field of the blood will cause a breakdown of the toxic animal proteins in the blood that could trigger an anaphylactic shock, and within 10-20 minutes, all will be well.

This is not limited to a bee sting.

Pulser will neutralize any animal poison. This includes the poison of snakes, scorpion, spider… and you do not need a specific antidote. The electric current will disarm them all.

This is another information doctor’s do not possess.

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 Dr. Robert Beck

If you do not have the pulser, and no help is available, use homeopathy.

Soon after you have been bitten, you will have the urge to urinate. Drink some of the urine.

The urine will have a sample of the poison.

By ingesting it, you will alert your liver and your liver will immediately create an antidote that will break down the poison.

It is a bit time consuming but it works as an emergency solution.

I hope that this information will resonate with you.

This knowledge may save your life.

Please help your friends and family by spreading this information and if you can, please donate.

Love and light to us all.