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Whenever fat human comes to see the doctor because of his/hers health problems, the first thing coming out of doctors mouth is; “you’ve got to loose some weight first my dear”.

Well that is the first problem those people had. Very few people enjoy being overweight. They are in this situation because they do not know how to get out of it so by saying “you’ve got to loose some weight” doctor is not helping much. In fact he/she is creating desperation. People go to their doctors for help and they get put down by doctors response.

Most doctors focus on the weight problem disregarding symptoms that brought the patient in through his door. Although they are correct (without knowing it) they go and prescribe certain meal schedule with controlled amount of calories that are difficult to follow and do not much good in loosing the weight at all.

Inspiration for this article came from an New York Times article Mark send me recently

Since doctors are not trained in healing and only know how to suppress symptoms, this does not help much when we are talking about obesity. Also we have to understand that the same food that contributed to obesity is also the cause of the health problems we have and came to see the doctor for. So by telling us that we have to eat less and not directing us to the good diet he is not helping us at all.

Although more conscious doctors will suggest that we eat less bread and pasta and increase the amount of meat and fat we eat daily, this will not do much good when we are obese. Human body requires only small amount of food daily and to be able to get rid of the fat deposits we have to reprogram our cells on genetic base so they start efficiently utilize fat as energy source and burn it without waiting for glucose making the body hypoglycaemic and weak.

The commonly suggested foods are the reason we are overweight and they are also the reason our health is bad and we came to see him/her in the first place. The culprits are dietary glucose, lack of salt and insufficiency of water. To this list we can add also the lack of cholesterol in the diet.

What,  we have to eat salt and cholesterol?? Are you crazy?

We are fat and now you want us to eat more fat?

We have fatty liver and you want us to eat more fat?

We suffer from hypertension and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have water retention and bad blood circulation and you want us to drink water, eat salt and cholesterol?

We suffer from kidney failure and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have arteriosclerosis and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have a colon cancer and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have acne and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have lupus and we have to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have arthritis and we have to eat salt and cholesterol?

Are you crazy, are you nuts? Do you want to kill us?

YES is the answer to all the questions above and no, I am not crazy and I am not a nut case and I certainly do not want to harm you.

Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”.

All it comes to is just a food. We have been duped into believing the wrong things. The most important think you can do for your health is to eat correctly and nutrition is not taught in medical schools. Strange, isn’t it?

Of course the salt I am talking about is not the poison we call table salt but freshly extracted sea salt.

Many people in search for health start accepting vegetarian and vegan diets and that is exactly what not to do. Dietary glucose is our worst enemy.

If you are following this blog you know why, if not go and read about it or get my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”

I have just started writing a book on NUTRITION.

Since I do not have much free time, it will take couple of weeks to accomplish this task. I feel that there is a great need for such a book and it will explain nutrition also on quantum level of understanding.

In the mean time if you have questions let me know and I will try to respond in timely manner.

Love and light my family.






PARKINSON’S disease, Is Hillary its victim?

NEW YORK, USA - APRIL 13, 2016: Hillary Clinton dressed in a red suit addresses the National Action Network 25th annual convention.

All throughout the Internet there are articles and videos supporting the information that Hillary Clinton suffers from Parkinson’s disease. According to the events lately and some reports disclosed from hackers she was looking into Parkinson’s medication 10 years ago and it is safe to assume that she had this health problem for longer than that.

When we look at those that rule over us we think that at least they have the access to the real knowledge. It is obvious they do not. If they would, Hillary would not have Parkinson’s disease and would not have to be poisoned daily just to appear healthy and normal. Yes I said poisoned daily because this is what allopathic (occidental) medicine is all about. Poison, cut and burn are the principals of allopathic or modern medicine as we call it.

When we understand our reality, we become aware that there is no such a thing as good and bad. They are just opposites complementing each other. There are always the worst times and the best times. One without the other would not have any impact. In the air-plain you have no idea of how fast you are going unless you have stationary point close by as the opposite that will serve you as a tool with which you can compare your state or position.

Going back to Parkinson’s disease, this is a chronic health problem that escalates in time making the affected human to shake and make involuntary movements. No one knows for sure the mechanism of the problem but certain things have been noticed.

One noticeable thing is thinning of the myelin coating around axons that serve like electric connections (wires) between neurons. Myelin is fat and protein (cholesterol) coating that serves as an isolator. Since there are strong electric currents going through axons they have to be isolated from other axons so there is no escape and transfer of electric impulse from one axon to the other and electric impulse can be safely directed to desired neuron. It is obvious that thinning of the myelin will make weaker isolation and strong electric impulse would break through and affect nearby axon and by this, affect neuron that was not intended to receive this impulse. Although to me it looks as the principal reason of involuntary movement, this fact is completely ignored and all the attention is given to a chemical produced by neurons called dopamine.

Nerve cell vector

We are being told that dopamine is a neurotransmitter, the chemical that actually carries the neuron signaling. Electricity is entirely ignored in allopathic medicine so there is the reason doctors are mislead and make wrong conclusions.

Actually dopamine is released when we experience something delicious. It relaxes us, it dopes us, so in my opinion dopamine is a neuron-suppressor that weakens electric impulses allowing the body to relax. This is why synthetic dopamine under the name of Levodopa is being administered to people that suffer from Parkinson’s disease to calm down their involuntary movements.

If you have a weak isolation strong electric impulse will break through and affect other nerve cell and cause undesired effect. If you weaken the electric signal, there will be no power to penetrate the isolator and no involuntary movement will occur. This is why such involuntary movements can be suppressed with neurotoxins like alcohol and garlic in the early stages. As the myelin lining continues to erode less potent signals will break through so more suppression has to be done until we suppress the signal completely and death occurs. Is this the reason we do not see Hillary lately?

We are told that there is no help and there is no healing possible. Of course not if this is how we look at the health problem, suppressing the symptom until patient dies. None is paying attention to myelin coating because it is not possible to repair it. Said who??? The same “scientists” that are doping the whole body to control involuntary movement of one hand and in the process poisoning and destroying the whole body.

What is the cause of myelin coating thinning?

As I have mentioned myelin is saturated fat delivered by cholesterol. If we use statins (cholesterol reducing drugs), we prevent cholesterol synthesis so there is one pointer.

Not having saturated fat in diet and avoiding meat protein is another one.

Eating dietary carbohydrates full of glucose causes variety of genetic changes that influence changes in how cells operate.

Drinking coffee or other drinks with caffeine. Caffeine is toxic and body gets rid of it rapidly. In the process loses water. Cells do not hydrate if caffeine is present and this contributes to their acidity.

Garlic and alcohol will provoke similar reactions of the body as caffeine.

Why are motor neurons affected more then other cells?

There is a small region of the brain known as the striatum, which is part of the basal ganglia, a cluster of brain centres associated with habit formation, control of voluntary movement, emotion, and addiction. As I have pointed many times, if the blood is toxic, cells that are more active will dehydrate and become toxic faster then other none active cells. So if individual is straining one part of the brain, in the case of Parkinson’s disease this is the striatum, cells will become toxic faster and malfunction.

Instead of suppressing involuntary movements we have to detoxify the blood and provide necessary fats and proteins. Cells know what to do and they will cleanse and fix themselves. Instead of doing this we are trained to further the poisoning of the body until the patient dies and then we praise ourselves “how great we have done by extending patients life”.

There is no incurable disease, there are only incurable people that read articles such as this one and on first sign of ailment they run to their allopatic doctor so that he gives them the magic pill.

We have to change the way we think and accept the new. Start using your brain, observe and make your decision my brother and sister.

Love you all.








File:Hospital beds.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Many of us think that hospitals are absolute necessity. People need a safe space where they are being cared for until they recuperate their health enough to be able to function on their own.

Unfortunately the reality is completely different from the one we expect to see.

Why is that?

There are many factors standing in a way of health recovery and I will demonstrate how hospitals and hospital care contribute to worsening the health situation and not improving it.

For one, hospitals are overcrowded and medical staff overworked and tired.

Overcrowded hospitals can and often do spread pathogens from one patient to another and overworked staff easily makes mistakes. Dhow these things happen often they are not the main problem. The main problem comes from poorly educated health professionals so even approved treatments do more harm than good. To add insult to the injury, patients are demoralized and fed garbage not fit for human consumption. If the medication does not kill them, the hospital food certainly will.

I was fit 28 year old man when I spend two months in hospital for injuries sustained in an motorcycle accident. I have entered the hospital full of muscles as I was training for kickboxing competition and when I left the hospital I looked as I spend a year in concentration camp, drained skin and bones. I could not make myself to eat the garbage I was served as a food. I could only master to drink the orange juice and since then just a thought of packaged orange juice makes me sick.

Water and sea salt are the backbone of hydration and cleansing. They are nowhere to be found in hospital. The so called food is tasteless lacking on salt and loaded with dietary carbohydrates, the ultimate cause of most chronic health problems. My brother, Doctor urologist was frequently visiting me and had no problem gabbling my food. No wander he died prematurely only 65 yeas old.

Majority patients in hospitals suffer from chronic pain, diabetes melitus, circulatory problems and cancer. All of those health problems are directly created and sustained by glucose which is the main ingredient of carbohydrate diet.

Well I have forgotten that majority of doctors still blame cholesterol as the culprit to most of health problems and salt as water retardant. How many people will have to die before doctors open their eyes and see the obvious?

No wonder I call  hospitals the last rest stop on the way to cemetery.

To say that something has to change is understatement. The medicine we know has to be scrapped and we have to start new. New knowledge, understanding and new approach to health where the emphasize will be on prevention so that disease will have no chance of forming. The knowledge is here, we just have to embrace it and implement it.

Knowing the psychological impact fear causes on human health I do not believe that we are doing good by telling a patient that he/she suffers from cancer or some other so called incurable disease. Fear is as toxic as toxic food so it is always best to avoid it whenever it is possible.

Time to change is now.

Love and light




Portrait of one Yugambeh Aboriginal man play Aboriginal  music on didgeridoo, instrument during Aboriginal culture show in Queensland, Australia. Stock Photo - 46958198

Australian Aboriginals say that everything has its song.  Every tree, every rock,every creature. Following the songs they move over their vast land in a journey they call “walk-about”. They do not need GPS, they never get lost because they say they are guided by the songs of the nature.

Shamans in forests of Amazon river know what plant to use to suppress symptom of disease. They say that the plants talk to them. Often they use Ayahuasca to intensify their senses and telepathic communication with the nature they live in.

Is it even possible to hear a music coming out of a stone or hear a plant offering her toxin to suppress a disease?

If you would have asked our prominent scientists just couple of years ago this question, they would laugh at you. Nowadays the things are changing. You still have the mainstream scientists working for higher interest (dollar and those that supply it) hiding the truth but more and more people are aware of the new age humanity and mother Earth with all its life has entered. More and more we see how we were living in the dark ages of lies and slavery. As the veil is falling we are starting to understand the simplicity of creation and by doing so we are opening the possibility to instant healing dismissing the necessity of dying. Yes you have heard me correctly, we do not have to die. Why would a hologram have the need to die? All matter live or death is nothing more than a hologram of light. In my article of frequency I explain the physics of it.

Matter is made of energy manifested as a photon of light. Photons create atoms and atoms are the basic particles of matter. Energy is movement and it resonates in variety of frequencies. Those frequencies can be manifested in different ways. Basic manifestation is through sound. This is why in the Bible it said first there was darkness, then came the sound (frequency) and then comes the light as the first basic manifestation of matter. This means everything there is has a sound associated with it. So we have to realize that the same energy can be expressed in particular frequency, in corresponding sound the frequency will produce, in a particular colour of light influenced by this frequency, and the rest of our three dimensional experience depends on a program implanted in our brain that will give this particular frequency form and shape and we call it matter. Our brain makes light to become a liquid, solid, gas and plasma.

This basic understanding of physics is necessary so that we can understand how come it is possible to help the body to heal utilizing electromagnetic frequencies (thoughts), sound, light, medicinal remedies and food. As you see now, they are just representation of the same frequency helping our cells to function properly.

The question pops up, how does a cell know to react on those different types of frequencies?

Simply our cells react to frequencies they receive through telomeres. Received frequency will excite particular gene that resonates with this frequency and resonating gene will influence cellular response. This proves genes to have quantum properties.

Since telomeres are the antennas that capture all those frequencies, the longer they are, the more frequencies they can capture. In other words, the longer the telomeres more frequencies will be captured and more genes will be resonating and stimulating the cell. We see telomeres long in children and short in adults so we think that telomeres shorten in cellular proliferation and this causes ageing since less information is being transmitted and less genes are actively resonating. This is not true. As cells become more toxic the whole DNA shrinks and so do the telomeres. Same as DNA, telomeres will shrink in a tighter coil when the cell is exposed to toxin or is lacking the energy (stress). Toxicity can be delivered to the cell by all the different ways energy manifests itself, this means as electromagnetic waves (thoughts), sound, light,and chemicals in a form of food and remedies we ingest.

This is why when I talk about healing, I emphasize the importance of cleansing first and try to avoid confusion by not mentioning frequency. I give suggestion of foods to eat so the proper frequency is introduced and correct cellular stimulation is achieved. As an addition to this we can go deeper and help by applying the correct sound, light, smell, electromagnetic stimulation but the ultimate power resides within us and this is by using our thoughts as frequency generator in stimulating our genes to heal us. We call it the placebo effect. Unfortunately people always have easier time doing what will harm them and instead of using positive thoughts to provoke placebo effect they use negative thoughts of fear and provoke nocebo effect and in this way do more harm than good.

Now as we better understand frequency we can see how cooking or manipulating the food in any way changes the frequency of the food making it to vibrate in lower frequency. How do we know that the food has changed the frequency? Simply by observation. If the food has changed it taste, smell and has different texture the frequency has been changed and it is not the same food it was before. When we introduce those frequencies they invoke  completely different genetic response and alter the way cell will function. The problems we are creating by eating this kind of food affects our health. I describe this in my book and through many articles in this blog.

Now as we know more about how frequency stimulates genes we can understand how some people (Yoguies) can live without eating and drinking . They even do not have to breath. If you can master your thoughts and believe system you become immortal.

It’s all about the frequency.

Only by stepping into the quantum world we can understand the world we live in, our body and diseases. This is the key to healing and longevity.

With love and light.