Everyone that ever exercised knows that you really feel better after you exercise.

people exercising : An image of a woman exercising on a stairclimbing machine.

Exercising speeds up the blood circulation and cellular metabolism. By speeding up the circulation it also speeds up the lymphatic flow and ensures better oxygenation of the body. Our cells require more food so there is an opportunity to burn more fat and if we utilize resistance bigger muscle mas will be required so your cells will take care of it. Bigger muscle mass, requires stronger bones so another change will occur there. During resistance training (weights for example) more concentration is needed so brain will be more focused. This will stimulate neurons to work harder. Neurons use way more energy than the muscles and you will be able to burn much more fat. What a wonderful thing to do!

After a long period of time we were spending sitting around and contemplating to start exercising Hilno and I finally decided it is a time. We bought heavy bag to do some kickboxing but looking at it did not help. Finally we have joined a gym. There surrounded by various equipment and people that are actually moving we finally started our exercising routine. We are just coming out of the two week long agony of muscular adjustment to the work. Pain is coming down, tendons are loosening and we are starting to enjoy the benefits of our workouts.

I am amazed of how many people are trendies committing errors, working hard with very little to show for it. Guys with big bodies of fat loaded muscles, women looking like truck drivers and then there are those anorexic ones but what do they all have in common? They all doodle on a bottle with some stuff in it.

people exercising : Portrait of woman drinking water outdoor

Some doodle on water, some on Gatorade some on juice…like this is something that has to be done.

Our friends including my wife are surprised on fast results they see in how our bodies are responding to the exercise. Belly fat decreasing, muscle definition showing up, flexibility improving and all of this in just two weeks.

Since our friends want to know our secret I decided to share it with all of you my family.

We start our day by drinking one liter of water with half teaspoon of sea salt diluted in it. Then we get dressed for the gym. We ride our dirt bike to the other side of town where the gym is. This gives us about half hour of time for the water to leave the stomach before we actually start with exercise.

First we warm up the old fashion way by jugging in place and stretching. Then we work out different groups of muscles repeating the same groups every third day.This way muscles have time to regenerate but since there are plenty of muscles we can exercise every day leaving Sunday for our trips into the nature.

So where is the difference you may ask?

For one, we do not doodle on liquids. You do not want water splashing in your stomach and what is worse, you do not want to run your digestion while exercising. Digestion requires a lot of energy minimizing your exercising effect by ‘de-powering’ you and reducing the oxygen level in your blood circulation.

William Trubridge coming up from a training dive.

Free divers do not eat more than 24 hours before competition, making sure there are no traces of food in digestive system and no digestion is going on so that they can stay under the water for more than 5 minutes.

In my spear fishing days I had to go hunting on empty stomach so that I can be under the water for 2-3 minutes stocking the fish. If I had eaten I could stay under the water barely a minute.

Digestion robs you of oxygen and produces a lot of carbon dioxide. Not a good thing to happen while exercising.

Your muscles and neurons need a lot of energy and you will be burning fat like crazy not only while exercising but several hours later as well. This is why we do not rush to eat after gym so more fat recycles into energy.

people exercising : Cartoon Santa running for exercise.Isolated on white Illustration

So why do some athletes look like truck drivers or weight lifters and some have sculptured bodies?

The reason for this is the food itself.

In my previous articles I have explained how cells do not efficiently burn fat if they are programmed to utilize glucose. Not enough mitochondria is active so during the exercise cells are starving and sipping on Gatorade or some other sugar drink is necessary to provide energy that is required. Not much fat will be utilized and the body has no definition.

To have sculptured body and for your health it is important to let go of dietary carbohydrates. Now you know why we have such fast results from exercising. Our cells efficiently burn fat producing all the energy our cells require. This way leaving us lean and mean like a perfect machine. There we go, we can rap it as well.

people exercising : one caucasian man exercising weight training workout fitness in silhouette studio isolated on white background

So adjust your diet and stop doodling while exercising. Drink your water with sea salt in it after the exercising is finished and live couple of hours without eating if you want to lose more weight.

Stick to the correct omnivore diet and you will feel like a million bucks.

Although I was referring to  exercising with weights, same goes for any other type of exercising. Soon I will add kick boxing to my routine.

people exercising : one man woman couple exercising karate vietvodao martial arts in silhouette studio isolated on white background Stock Photo

I just love it so much.

One suggestion if I may.

Do not use steroids and protein additives. Stick to correct diet so that you do not compromise your health.

I am sending you all the love I posses. Namaste


When the word “disease” is mentioned we automatically think of bacteria, virus or fungus yet most of diseases are chronic failures of our body. Most problematic diseases like hypertension, heart attack, rheumatism, diabetes melitus, asthma, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, celliac disease, Lupus, cancer, cysts, …and I can go on and on since new disease is labeled daily and none of them are caused by pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite..) .

So here we have basically two roots of diseases, one is caused by pathogens and the other by???

Nausea Sick Flu Season Drinking Booze Funny Ecard | Get Well Ecard

The reason we have all those chronic diseases is because we do not know their origin. In medical school we just learn the symptoms, deviation in blood chemistry and how to try correct those deviations with drugs. We have never been told of the proper diet, the true properties of water and electrical and electromagnetic fields that govern our body. No wonder doctors cannot cure and healing is completely out of question. The term “healing” does not exist in the dictionary of modern corporate medicine. Doctors are just highly educated salesman for the pharmaceutical industry. Some of them know it but they do not know how to help themselves so how can they possibly help others?

Genetically we have been told that humans have different genetic pool. This is partially true. There is an artificial addition on the human DNA that cannot be traced to any other DNA on this planet. In his work, Zecharia Sitchin translates old Sumerian writings that explain how superior intelligence from different planet (Nibiru) came to mine gold. Encountered primitive human, modified it genetically and used it for slave work. Humans looked upon them as gods and obeyed them.

In the bible, is different explanation of higher intelligence coming down to Earth as the fallen angels and mixed their genes with human.

No matter how you look at it, we have mixed genes of extra terrestrial origin.

Here you have video explaining human origin

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX-vfFmusXk&w=854&h=480]
I have pasted this video because it has some good thinking but still the explanation is strictly “scientific” and that means incomplete and misleading because science disregards everything it cannot physically proof.
The version that resonates with me is different.
As there are many different types of deer, antelope, cats, parrots… so there were different types of humanoids on this planet. About 200 thousand years ago our designers came from star group called Pleiades and mixed their genes with one of the humanoids creating homo sapiens. It was the Lemurian human. This human had 50 % of genes functional with 12th strain DNA fully operational.  Later in Atlantis while doing artificial mercaba experiment huge destruction occurred and the DNA of those man who survived was damaged with only two strains of DNA intact and less than 40 % genes operational. Still as such, man was conscientious being capable of performing all those things Yogi perform today. As such they lived long lives as described in the Bible. People lived in excess of 600 years. Because they were vulnerable emotionally this was explored by those that were supposed to protect them. Bible calls them the fallen angels and Sitchen calls them the Anunaky from planet Nibiru.
To be able for them to control us, first they had to weaken us and my belief is they did this by tempting us to eat the wrong food. As soon as we started to eat grains and cooked food our longevity dropped dramatically to just around 100 years of age. With the wrong diet came the diseases. As we still ate a lot of animal protein our short lives were reasonably healthy but with increased shift into vegetable cooked and processed diet chronic diseases skyrocketed.
Why do I have this belief?
Because I have observed the fact that by correcting our diet we can not only eliminate all chronic disease, our reinforced immune system will make infections impossibility and our body starts to look and feel young again. This means our food creates genetic changes restoring the ability of our body to live long disease free life again.
, sick people picture, sick people pictures, sick people image, sick ...
This is why I say;”the fall of  big pharma is inevitable!”
Simple diet change can rescue humanity from the clutches of disease and manipulators that use controlled science to steer us the wrong way and we do not have to wait any longer. The know-how is here available for all to implement.
What stands between us implementing this knowledge or not are implanted believes used to control us. It is imperative to let go of what we knew and absorb the new.
I know it may be quite confusing so if you doubt, why not give it a month to try.
If you have multiple health issues you may get scared as detoxing symptoms appear so stay in touch. If you are on drugs contact me and I will show you how to get rid of them because no body can heal while poisoning itself.
Read my book and follow Self healers protocol. You are going to experience new renaissance.
In previous articles I explain what kind of food presents problems and how to hydrate so that our body can cleanse and heal itself.
Take the charge of your life, you won’t regret it.
With love and light I send you blessings and power to take the first step.

THE END OF “MAD. SIN” or medicine as we call it

Never did we have such sophisticated equipment, so many healers, so many doctors, so many health specialists, so many nutritionists, so many health advisers and so many sick people as we do at this time in human history. So the inevitable is about to happen, something that strikes every aspect of life. We have seen it in economy, banking, business and empires. Yes I am talking about a crush, a self destruction that  will come like an avalanche.

Sick Person Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 16061127Warning: The elderly are ending up in care too easily people should be ...Bali Healers and Healing a Five-Day IntensiveFaith healingwomen healers

It may sound strange because immediately question arises; “how are we going to help the sick?” Do not worry, we have stopped helping the sick years ago. In the modern society only one type of medicine is allowed. This is allopatic medicine where in expensive universities medical “specialist” are groomed. We call them doctors. They are the highest paid salesman in corporate world of greed and illusion.

It is not surprising that if you ask for image of a healer on the Internet, no image of doctor will appear. Healing is not what is being told in medical school. Only curing is mentioned and doctors are unable to achieve even that, to preserve status quo.

Unfortunately, all alternative medical practices use the same “scientific” misinformation so although they have better results, true healing is not achieved.

This is why you should not worry when this crush happens. It will be the best thing that could happen to humanity. No medicine, fast health recovery.

Why? You may ask.

The cause of most of the diseases is toxicity and there is no stronger toxin than pharmaceutical medication but “natural” medicinal plants are close behind.

In my book and through this blog I am informing you about the connection between diseases and toxicity of the body. To make more profit, medical industry has created separation of symptoms and stuck all kind of labels on them calling them diseases. It has created “experts” and expensive cures. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment and obligatory routines to be followed and none of them make any sense, they do not heal and instead they further undermine patients health.

Simply if medication is toxic to be used on healthy body what makes it all of the sudden healthy when the body is weak and sick???

Exactly…NOTHING. It remains toxic and harmful for the body causing further deterioration. This deterioration brings different symptoms so new disease is diagnosed and new set of poisons are implemented and so until patient stops breathing. Then proclamation of victory is announced;’we have extended the patients life!”. Bravo, ain’t that great? Who is there to challenge?

I often mention that the science we know is crooked and misleading. Knowledge that our professionals possess come from such science. No wonder they are helpless and unable to help.

New knowledge that is not controlled by “politically correct scientific world” is showing us the innate ability of the body to heal itself. The only thing our cells request is clean environment and clean energy. Both are provided if we eat correctly. Unfortunately we are mislead here to. We are told that there is no healthier diet that vegetarian or even vegan diet. In several  articles and in my book I shatter this myth and just about everyone that has tried Self Healers protocol has experienced not only fast healing effect but rejuvenation of the whole body. Those few that claim not beneficial experience must have been doing something wrong. I see it even with some of my friends as they add tea and ingredients that I do not recommend to their diet. Small error can have great consequences as far as cellular response goes.

I have wondered how is it possible that as soon as you do things correctly, the body starts to get younger. Now I know that our belief on telomeres is wrong. They never shorten down through cellular proliferation. They are just same as cells or DNA. In polluted environment they shrink, curl up. Since they carry electrical charge, they produce electromagnetic field through which they communicate. Tighter the coil, weaker the communication. As soon as we clean up their environment they unravel and work better. It is as simple as that.


I recommend that if you are on any kind of medication talk to health professional that knows what’s going on and get of the poisons as soon as possible.

If you need help, follow Self Healers protocol and the collapse of the system will not faze you at all.

With all my heart I wish you success.

Love and light my friends.


Please leave e-mail address if you want me to respond to you.



PERU REPORT February 2016


Our being in Peru has everything to do with rejuvenation and adjustment for the new era that our mother Earth and humanity have entered recently. It is the adjustment to high frequency to which our genes are responding and it is way easier to adjust if the body is healthy and the mind free and happy.

Since a lot of you are asking for guidance as far as diet goes and want to now our “secrets”  here we go.

We start every morning by first drinking one liter of structured water with half of teaspoon of sea salt diluted in it. We do not eat for one hour as we are preparing ourselves for daily activities. Then we have our breakfast. The breakfast is the banana shake consisting of two raw eggs, two or more spoons of coconut oil, 5 or more bananas, kefir or yogurt and splash of water. This liquid food gives us plenty of energy and does not contain any dietary glucose. As I spend a lot of time communicating with people through Internet I have to find time for exercising or venture into the nature . Sometimes we take our dogs or friends so we have to use transportation like the moto-car


I much rather use motorcycle but sometimes there is no other way.

For lunch Hilno prepares some raw vegetables (salad) often with cheese or some kind of meat. I call it food preparation since heat is seldom used so cooking would be the wrong expression.foto ensalada-queso-de-cabra-nueces-receta

When it comes to the meat we often eat it raw

foto cevichefoto steak tartare

Do not pay attention to the fries next to the steak tartar. It is picture from the Internet. We do not touch dietary carbohydrates. This is why my 49 years old wife looks like this


and she can put 28 year old girls to shame as 18 year old guys often hit on her.

Sometimes Hilno does use the stove to sear piece of meat as she prepares cheeseburger that she serves on a bed of lettuce. With no bread in sight.

Often while on the trip in nature we have a “fast food”


there is no faster food than this. Cheese, olives and plenty of fruits.

As some of our friends have just started following the correct diet they are still overweight but this will change rapidly. Since this picture was taken (about 3 weeks ago) Manuel has lost 12 kilos of weight. Soon you will not recognize him as he is racing towards ultimate health and youth.

More and more people are visiting us spending their vacation with us rejuvenating and enjoying the nature getting their kick-start to new themselves


and culture that Peru has to offer


So if you are wondering how to spend your next vacation, give this a try.

As the day comes to its end we celebrate it with the meal of fruits.


What a life!!!

No wonder we have to live at least 200 years so that we can experience everything the life has to offer and we intend to do so. So come and join us in celebration of life and all the goodies it has to offer.

As Manuel experiences his transformation he just started to prepare his motorcycle and leaving his car saying that motorcycle if for the young and all the other ways of transportation are for the old and sickly.

I understand him fully.

So here I am waiting for you


and what are you waiting for???


Come and fly with us!

Please do not forget to leave your E-mail address if you want me to reply to your question or comment.


ENVIRONMENT is everything

Through our “miseducational” system we are being told how survival selects the strongest and this is natural selection in the World of constant conflicts. It becomes normal then that war is necessary evil and poisons are necessary to eliminate unwanted pathogen.

As the old testament of the Bible said, “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”.

Moses Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Moses was the one that spoke those words. This is well known but very few people know why did Pharaoh send army after Moses when he departed from Egypt. It is not because Pharaoh has changed his mind but because Moses stole very important energy device from the pyramid called tetragrammaton which he then used to part the Red sea.

Selective truths have been always used to steer people in desired direction. Nothing has changed as the time goes on. Even those of us who are trying to make the difference and help humanity have a hard time to tell the full truth because of the fear to jeopardize their income.

Here is a video interview with Italian scientist Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a brilliant man exposing the importance of environment by promoting his product.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z31SyP0vN4A&w=979&h=550]
In the interview Dr. Ruggiero mentioned how important is the environment. We can provide chemistry but if the environment does not change, nothing will.
If we put positive bacteria in improper environment they will change in it or die so no positive experience can be achieved. If we shoot them directly into the blood, we can have positive changes but for a short time since toxic environment will maintain the status quo.
Yes we can keep giving ourselves daily doses of necessary boosters and we are going to have improvements but unless we change the environment we are doomed to go back where we have started from.
As Dr. Ruggiero said, it is crucial to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet and switch to ketogenic diet. Now what is this “ketogenic” diet. This is the type of diet that I am talking to you for years about. This is protein and fat diet. It is not about deficiency of fat or protein in the diet. It is really about eliminating carbohydrates (dietary glucose) from the diet. So if you eliminate carbohydrates the other choice for energy production is animal fat and proteins (meats).
There are plenty of articles in this blog about carbohydrates but since we are talking now about immune system boosting read this article about Naglase.
Proper diet is stimulating our genes the correct way and gives us strong immune system. Wrong food (dietary glucose) changes genetic expression and creates a lot of changes in our cellular function and deterioration of our health.
Dr. Ruggiero implies that his yogurt is absolutely necessary if we want to have this type of microorganisms. I do not agree with him. All we have to do is to eat our natural food and this eliminates dietary glucose and eat your food as raw as possible. If you fallow Self healers protocol you do not have to worry about specific product. Natural food has no competition.
Dr. Ruggiero is afraid to tell the truth  that the correct food will eliminate all chronic diseases. He does not want to be called charlatan. I do not worry about this. I am used to be laugh at, so I often do claim this. No matter if I am writing about the toxicity of garlic, ginger, turmeric…or if I am talking against sediment salt (Himalayan salt) in a favor of sea salt. Even Dr. Ruggiero claims that salt increases the blood pressure which I have proven not to be truth.
For a while now I am talking against dietary glucose and “scientists” were laughing. Now more and more people started to agree with me on this matter.
Now I am exposing the toxicity of vegetable diet and false believes of healthy vegan diet and people and scientists are laughing.
Our body, its health depends on genetic activation. Genetic activation depends on frequencies that stimulate the genes. Those frequencies come from the environment so if gene is activating that forces cell to become cancerous, by changing the environment we are going to change genetic activation and we are going to change the genetic response and no cancer will be stimulated. The cancer gene will disappear from the sight.
I have mentioned several times that frequency can be represented through matter (the food), the sound, light, aroma and electromagnetic wave. So all of them are influencing cellular environment and we can use them to our benefit or our demise.
The yogurt of Dr. Ruggiero is very healthy but is it enough to eat the yogurt to be healthy? Well, think about it.
Keep your mind opened and think for yourselves. We are all special. We have our own mission. We are immortal and we are remembering. Do not be afraid to say what you feel no matter how ridiculous it may sound.
David Ike said that he is the son of God and everyone laughed at him. People do not realize that we are all children of God with incredible powers so do not give your power a way to somebody else.
Love yourselves so that you can love others.

Does OBESITY make us sick?

What a question! Isn’t it obvious?!

fat people belly dancing by nuts and funny picture Funny People ...

Everywhere you look now there are things to remind you to watch your weight because you will get sick. Doctors will tell you to reduce the amount of food you are eating. Dietitian will tell you to weigh your food and exercise so that you can use the calories you have eaten and avoid fat accumulation. Now is this really what we have to do? Is fat really bad for our health?

To answer this questions let us have a peak into the nature.

Skinny bear and fat bear.

Description A wet bear.JPGBrown bear wallpapers and images - wallpapers, pictures, photos

Both of those bears are healthy but one is before hibernation and one is after hibernation.

Look at this bear

Do you notice any difference?

This bear has a health problems, you can see them on his skin. His obesity is not as it is in the nature. This bear is incapacitated. Does he remind you on fat people?

How about this:

Wild Boar and Pheasant .. they can mix! | Linda Mellor Professional ...

Both wild boars are healthy but look at this one


Are you getting the picture yet?

The problem is not the fat. The problem is the food that makes us fat.

We are not getting sick because we are getting fat. We are getting sick because we are eating toxic food. This toxic food in abundance makes us sick. Abundance of proper food make us fat but does not interfere with our health. We can be fat and healthy at the same time as we can be skinny and sick as well


Unfortunately I cannot give you an photographic example because there is no picture available of fat human that eats correctly. In fact I have no picture of human that eats correctly period. I cannot include my picture here because I do stray occasionally and have a beer , red wine, chocolate… Fortunately I follow Self healers protocol and my health is excellent, immune system strong and youthful look is coming back. I can just wonder how young and healthy I would be if I stick to the protocol 100 %!

From these examples I am trying to show you that excess weight does not create sickness. So why are fat people suffering from health related problems much more then skinny ones?

If you eat small amount of poison it has small effect on your health and it takes time for health issue to be visible. People can eat rat poison in small amounts and slowly exhibit deterioration of health. Larger amount of poison faster and more pronounced symptoms of health problem will occur.

Number one reason humans suffer from health issues is , dietary glucose. Where it comes from? Cooked vegetables. More starches, more dietary glucose, more health problems. The worse foods are wheat products (bread, pasta, pizza…) rice, potatoes, legumes (beans, pees,,,) heat treated bananas and fruits. In one word cooked food is poison.

Now what is causing wild animals to become debilitated when in captivity? Human food.

As always even our sayings make no sense: You look like a pig!

This saying should be “you look like a f….ng human!”

Since carbohydrates are part of the food we feed our animals with no wonder that they have the same diseases as we do. If you love your animals start feeding them correctly but above all, change your diet.

The only difference that turns an animal from this

Wild Boar and Pheasant .. they can mix! | Linda Mellor Professional ...

to this


is dietary carbohydrates.