Food for the brain versus the brain for food.


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Most people argue that we are all different and this is why we have different needs as far as our food goes. On top of it, the schooling indoctrination program is teaching the young people about the destructiveness of humans.

First, it was the religion telling us that we are the product of sin. Since we were born in sin, we have to spend our life in sacrifice, paying for something we had nothing to do with.

Now on top of this, we are being told that because of our destructiveness we should stop multiplying, but at the same time, we are being guided into healthy living.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to give us instructions about how to destroy ourselves through the food we eat?

Looking at this in this way, veganism and vegetarianism make a perfect sense.

Those of you following my work are perfectly aware of how the Biblical “forbidden fruit”, damages our health, but most people accept guidance from their idols even if they have no credentials and have not experimented with the subject they are talking about.

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Marinko sent a video with his comment on my recent article in which Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes a vegetarian diet.

This is just another example of brainwashing and people are supposed to trust an unhealthy person just because he had sold his soul and became promoted as a star.

The diet is all about nourishing our body by providing what the body needs. The needs of the body vary, depending on the process the body is involved with at the time.

The growing body requires proteins, minerals, and water.

Since body stores fat, it obviously needs it and we know that cells use it as their energy source.

As long as the cells of a body use fat as their energy source, the brain will never starve for energy.

Once we reprogram our gene expression to adjust cells in utilizing glucose as the energy source, the brain will be in the starvation mode most of the time. The energy will be available only during the feeding process since the body has no capability of storing glucose. This means that glucose is only available during the time of eating.

The same goes for our muscles, so how is it possible that some people perform well on a vegetarian diet and some people do not?

We are forgetting that glucose is a fuel so as long as it is available, the cells will be powered but frequent meals are necessary to keep it going and the health is being compromised.

We now know that the only thing that is real, is energy in various vibrations and that the brain is a programmed device that projects those frequencies in the way we perceive them as our reality.

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When we see an apple, the brain is projecting this particular frequency, and we can touch it, chew it and swallow it.

On the other hand, we can close our eyes and imagine the image of an apple. Now the brain is emitting the same frequency so how come that we cannot touch it and eat it?

Our mind calculates that we are sleeping so what we see cannot be the truth. Nothing happens without faith.

Our dreams could be vivid and you feel like this is a reality, but as soon as you open your eyes and realize that you are in the bed, instantly your brain recollects the recent activity and shows you the most probable outcome. Since the last image was gong into the bed and now you are in the bed, the rest must have been just a dream so it cannot be the reality.

Neurons are not pasted into their positions with a permanent bond. They are held in their place by electromagnetic impulses. When those impulses change, the neuron repositions itself and creates different bonds. With the change of its position, the neuron is changing the way it will respond to a certain stimulant.

To change its position, the neuron has to be repeatedly stimulated and this means that the change is time-related. If the impulse is short, the bond does not stick and slowly drifts back into its previous position because it was stimulated to be there for a longer time or with a stronger impulse.

Yogi in India practices mind control for many years before they rewire their brain into believing that they do not have to eat or drink to survive. They can just imagine it and because they believe in the process, they can survive without actually eating.

Some say that they process prana energy or sunlight and use them to nourish their bodies.

If you ask a scientist, they will say that this is impossible because cells need fuel, but then again, even our cells are just a manifestation of brain calculation based on the information the brain possesses.

So is food necessary at all?

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As we are awakening, we are starting to understand the complex process of manifestation.

From the time we were created, we exist and our reality is based on the information our brain receives.

In the time of our birth, our brain was wired in a certain way by a basic program of survival. Since we are constantly changing our world, the brain has to rewire itself so that it can resume the progress and continue living in the newly created environment. All new programs are stored in the brain’s frontal lobe. Any change of opinion and newly accepted fact will cause changes in the frontal part of the brain, but the basic, original survival programming of the reptilian brain remains intact.

Whenever we are told that we must remember so that we do not repeat the errors of the past, we are actually more likely to repeat those things because we are wiring the brain for them. This means that what you imagine or what you become aware of will most likely become your reality.

This is the understanding that Dr. Joe Dispenza utilizes in the process of healing.

The future is here. Dr. Dispenza is teaching people how they can heal themselves by utilizing their brains. Nothing is impossible as long as you understand what is going on and surrender to it.

Some people are convinced that carbohydrate is the original food for which their brain is programmed to and they genuinely believe that they are nourished by green vegetables.

This is a change in the brain’s wiring and as a placebo effect, it stimulates the manifestation of an anticipated result, but since the reptilian brain sends signaling, the newly adapted information cannot take hold.

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Our body can use glucose for cellular energy production but since it is a different frequency signature, it will create distortion which may take time to manifest but when it does, we become sick.

I was testing if pure chocolate prevents cellular hydration. Since I love chocolate, I wanted it to be non-toxic but after several years of adding chocolate to my daily meals, I suddenly collapsed. My varicose veins have returned and my joints started to make noise.

The chocolate I ate was made of pure cacao, dark and bitter, still, the Theobromine in it had stopped my cellular hydration which I was not aware of until the symptoms appeared and by then I was overly acidic and toxic. Now it will take several months of hydration and electro stimulation to bring me back to health but now I have the proof that there is no such an animal as healthy chocolate.

The problems cellular dehydration brings can be reversed by hydration and cleansing which brings its own symptoms and is time-related, or the frequency that represents the cellular dehydration and toxicity can be simply changed in which case, the healing could be instant and no cleansing has to occur.

Although I am continuing with the hydration process, at the same time, I am going to request cellular healing by asking my calls to correct their vibration.

To correct our diet is easy once we know what we can and what we cannot eat, but commanding our cells to obey our wishes is something new for us and we have to rewire our brain to be able to do this successfully.

Once we establish a cellular connection, we will be able to do whatever we want, to eat even the worse poisons without being negatively affected by them.

As long as we are supplying our brain with energy, fat should be provided because the body is created to utilize fat as the power source. This is the signature of the reptilian brain.

As soon as we establish direct cellular connection and awareness, we can do whatever we please, our cells will obey our instructions and those wrong frequencies will be simply ignored.

Do not wait. Star reprogramming your brain immediately.

Love and light to us all.

Will supplementing with NAD+ make you healthier and younger?

Supplement junkies and the followers of “geniuses” like Dr. Mercola and Josh Bezoni are gulping NAD+ supplements and swear how great they feel.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is used within the cell, actually within the mitochondria during energy transportation. So there is approximately the same amount of NAD+ within the mitochondria as it is in the intracellular fluid (cystol).

NAD+ has several important functions. Some are directly related to the electron transport mechanism (energy), it may act as a messaging molecule in support of some enzyme action and disarming a protein by removing its acetyl group.

Since it is thought that it can stimulate the growth of the telomeres, it is given an attribute of a youth molecule.

I do not want to bore you with biochemistry. You can find it on million pages that promote NAD+ supplements. The more complex they make it, the more demand and praises people give it and nobody pays attention to the basic elements surrounding it.

What do I mean by it?

We are told of the importance NAD+ has in the cellular metabolism. We are told that as we age, the concentration of NAD+ is dwindling. Since NAD+ is involved in the energy supplying process and telomere extension, lower concentrations of NAD+ will make us tired and aged.

It makes a perfect sense to increase its levels and the supplement gurus score in big by providing you with this youth elixir.

There is just a small glitch as far as supplementation goes.

NAD+ molecule is very sensitive to its environment. It will quickly change if its ambient becomes overly acidic or alkaline.

This means that as you gabble the supplement if the hydrochloric stomach acid does not get it, then the alkaline intestines will mutate it.

NAD+ actually becomes destructive within the intestines because as it has changed its expression, it will neutralize many enzymes.

This means that supplementation with high doses of NAD+ will have a deteriorating effect on the body.

Even if some NAD+ would have survived and ended up in the blood circulation, it would not have survived blood’s alkalinity, so supplementing with NAD+ is a scheme.

schemes cartoon

NAD+ is synthesized within a cell and remains there. Now the question is, why is the concentration of NAD+ dwindling as we get older?

Well, it is not dwindling as we get older, the concentration starts falling as bodies toxicity rises. This means that ever younger people are now experiencing lower NAD+ concentration which reflects in tiredness, brain fog, inability to think and perform.

It is all about energy. Where is the energy produced?

In mitochondria.

The more dietary glucose we consume, the smaller the number of mitochondria will be active, and the concentration of NAD+ will go down.

Everyone who is following my work can clearly understand this but those who are hooked on veggies have more difficulty to think so following some narrative that confirms their faulty programming becomes the easy way out.

reasoning cartoon

The supplementation never brings any benefits because the problem that our body expresses is caused by its toxic load which no supplementation will benefit. Instead, we are increasing the toxic load by saturating the body with things that it cannot use.

The telomeres never shorten down, they just coil themselves tighter in a toxic environment.

As we cleanse the environment, telomeres relax the coil and become longer. Now the can better receive messages.

The most important messages come from your brain so if the brain calculates that you are 60 years old and has the information that most 60-year-old people are sick, it will relay this message to your cells through the telomere, and they will act accordingly.

Maybe you should change the messages and forget about the NAD+ molecule?

The only pill or supplement that can influence you getting younger will be the result of a placebo effect and not the chemistry.

Our brain messaging controls all aspects of our existence, not just our health but everything that we perceive as our reality.

The way we perceive our reality in all of its aspects is nothing more than our brain’s calculation and it is time we start reprogramming our brain so that we can consciously influence changes and create Eden again.

Love and light to us all.

Scientists trapped in the maze of their making.

Why does a simple health problem such as an elevated blood sugar become a chronic, incurable disease?

Why I refer to diabetes as a simple to eliminate health issue?

Because it is.

Just stop eating sugar and diabetes will be there no more.

Why is this so difficult for health professionals to understand?

Science itself is the culprit. It has become so complex and it takes just one false interpretation to throw it all in the wrong direction.

Here is another article that was sent my way from my friend Stefan which claims that sugar does not cause diabetes

OK, so we eat sugar. This increases blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar levels we call scientifically a disease, diabetes, but eating sugar does not cause diabetes.

Can’t you see the moronic statement or am I the crazy one?

reasoning cartoon

What makes it so confusing as far as diabetes goes is the false scientifically accepted claim that glucose from glycogen is the reserve fuel our cells use for daily energy production.

Another false statement is that cells prefer to use glucose over fat as far as energy production goes.

The third false statement is that fat creates cellular problems by inhibiting glucose assimilation into the cellular energy process.

Why do I call them errors or false statements?

Because they became accepted truths simply because someone has interpreted the cellular chemistry in this way. It is someone’s opinion which was then accepted and promoted.

Now since those faulty beliefs have become truths, scientists are trying to make it work by adjusting whatever is happening in the cell and in the body to fit the narrative.

We see this everywhere as in science so in politics and finances. Adjust things to fit the narrative.

If scientists would clear their minds just for a minute and observe with a clear head, they would see how wrong they are.

When they talk about starvation (fasting) they say that cells have entered into an unhealthy state of Ketosis. They notice that cells do not use glucose from glycogen. Instead, they use fat for cellular energy production.

This interferes with their narrative that cells prefer to use glucose over the fat.

Now they rely on their second weapon which is the belief that fat prevents cells from using glucose for energy production.

This is their proof that fat inhibits glucose activity and by not using the glucose it creates saturation of glucose in the blood we call diabetes.

Scientists completely ignore the fact that cells cannot use glucose from glycogen if no stress is present.

When we are not eating and there is no stress, cells will use fuel that is available.

Since the body does not produce glucose for energy purposes other than glycogen, glucose is not available for cells to use for energy production and they have to use what is there and this is fat (triglyceride).

Only if glucose blood levels increase because it was provided through the food we eat, cells will use the glucose for energy production.

Cells are using fat and glucose in the same cycle but since the glucose burns much faster, it produces a lot of energy very rapidly and the cell has to reduce the number of mitochondria to prevent its overcharge.

As the number of mitochondria drops, cells become inefficient in energy production and become dependent on glucose.

Here I state that there is no preference of any kind as glucose and fat are concerned. The cell will use both fuels but the presence of glucose will alter the cellular capability of producing the required amount of energy utilizing fat.

A simple experiment proves me correct. Stop eating glucose and other sugars and your diabetes will disappear.

I have helped thousands of people to overcome their diabetes but many become convinced by their doctors that they are not healed. The diabetes is in remission. To prove this, doctors say start to eat “as you ate before and you will see diabetes will come back.

It is just common sense that when you start eating the same food that created diabetes, diabetes will return. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize this.

repeating cartoon

Many people are now being fooled by the toxic fructose claims.

Everyone is now barking at the fructose as the villain of all sugars and the glucose is referred to as the “safe carbohydrate”. They do not even refer to glucose as being sugar.

They say that glucose is not being taken in by the cell so it has to be dealt with by the liver and its processing created fat and uric acid.

What they are not telling us is the fact that fructose does not increase a sugar absorption so no matter how many fruits you eat, the absorption of fructose will be minimal.

On the other side, the safe sugar, glucose, increases sugar absorption and this mans that daily ingestion of glucose will increase the daily amount of sugar being absorbed into the blood.

Noe not just the glucose but also the fructose levels entering the blood will increase.

The glucose that is not used by cells for energy production will have to be processed by the liver the same way as fructose because we cannot store sugars and this means that uric acid and fat will be produced from glucose as they are produced from fructose.

So which sugar is the villain here?

Scientists say that glucose is stored in glycogen.

This is a lie.

The glycogen levels do not increase and they are present only in muscle cells, brain cells, and the liver. They are there as an emergency fuel only and this is why stress hormone is necessary to liberate glucose from the protein which is the only way glycogen can be used.

The glycogen levels will be quickly restored once used, and cells use fat and convert it into glycogen and do not use glucose for this process unless the cell is saturated with glucose because we have ingested it.

I am sorry to torture those of you that follow my work by repeating almost daily the same thing but we are so dumbed down and mislead that only by repetition we can slowly grasp the truth.

repeating cartoon

Please make a donation if my information helps you in any way.

Love and light to us all.

Does infusing children’s blood make us younger?

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An average person would never even think of having a child’s blood infused into its blood circulation no matter what the benefits could bring. This obsession with the young and the innocent and the health benefits of merging the purity with the toxicity to dilute the toxic load and evoke healing is now being promoted.

I see it as the Devil coming to the surface before getting destroyed forever.
In the past, the practice of child use and abuse was reserved for occultism but lately, it is not just becoming evident, it is showed in our faces as something good, something normal that we should all embrace.
Just a thought of it makes my skin crawl, but since it is promoted, let’s see if a child’s blood infusion will benefit us in any way.
The “science” behind it tells us that a child’s blood is clean and its stem cells are performing well. This means that old and frail organs can be rejuvenated by it. 

Some claim that the body that regularly has its blood “rejuvenated” through a child’s blood infusion can live much longer if not forever (the Count of Dracula).
Many doctors agree with the fact that the stem cells of a young body perform better so that this blood infusion makes sense.
It does not take a genie to see the shortcomings of this theory.
Since cells multiply rapidly, their response to the environment is fast. Blood cells will adjust to their new environment as fast as the gut bacteria adjust to their environment.

probiotics cartoon

The probiotics have to be used with every meal and even then, their impact on our health is minimal. Since the bacteria adjust to its environment so rapidly, in a short time after their ingestion, the gut flora will become the same as it was before the probiotics were taken.

Why do we think that something different will happen with infused blood?

Well, we do not think, this is obvious.

Do Clinton’s look young and healthy to you?

The reason why stem cells do not perform well in an old body is that the older we get, the more toxic we become. This happens because we do not cleanse so the toxicity cumulatively increases.

As the blood becomes toxic, the cells stop hydrating which slowly dehydrates them so they become acidic.

The more acidic they become, the less of electric charge we call the energy they can hold.

Without energy, no cell can perform any duties.

The natural response of a cell in a toxic environment is to close its absorption and to produce stress hormones. This prevents the cell from doing anything else. Self-Preservation is its priority.

self-defense cartoon

While the blood is polluted, the cells do not hydrate and they stay in flight and fight ready state. They do not perform the way they would if the blood was clean.

This is one of the reasons why stem cells do not perform as expected.

The other reason why stem cells do not perform the way they did in the child’s body is the vibration signaling emitted by the brain.

Genes are constantly receiving signals from their environment and many signals come from the brain.

Mostly it is what we call the subconscious messaging through which our subconsciousness informs our cells of what to do next.

Children whose blood is in demand are those whose brains are not compromised with set in beliefs. Their brain’s messaging is pure and their subconsciouses are not compromised yet.

Their subconscious cellular instructions promote expansion and health.

Take a minute and digest the information I just gave you.

So what will happen when young blood with responsive stem cells is introduced into an old body with toxic blood.

For one, as the child’s cells find themselves in the toxic environment, they quickly go into the flight and fight mode which instantly alters their response.

On top of this, the subconscious messages they receive from the brain give the information of the brain which controls now the body. This means that the stem cell will respond in this body differently than what the response would be within the child’s body.

environmental change cartoon

Basically, the stem cells of the young child that find themselves in the old body will respond in the same way as the stem cells of the old body.

Remember that cells respond to their environment. You change the environment, you change the gene expression and the cellular response changes with it.

Now you see, it is not just about the clean blood. It is also a clean mind that is necessary for the desired cellular response.

When you infuse a toxic, old, blood into a child’s body, the stem cells that came with the toxic blood will be quickly reprogrammed and they will serve the child well.

On the other hand, when you infuse the clean child’s blood into an old toxic body, the young stem cells will quickly shut down and respond to the toxic brain programming. They will have absolutely no positive effect what so ever.

Unfortunately, doctors do not get it because we are told nonsense about the workings of our genetic system. Doctors do not understand the vibration and the messaging process and they continue pounding sand.

As expected, the work we do, the cleansing we provide is making all of the secrets bubbling up to the surface.

Now, as it is being acknowledged, it can be destroyed forever.

Love and light to us all.

Would humankind survive if medication becomes unavailable?

As almost every American citizen is on at least one medication, would people survive if those medicaments are unavailable?

What would happen to those people?

Unavailability of their precious medication to medicated people, this is a scary thought. Would their life end?

Just about everyone thinks that medicaments are blessing and how lucky we are to live in times when those medicaments are available.

The only reason we think in this way is our conditioning. We are being programmed to respect and to follow the authority.

We trust them blindly and this makes it easy for them to manipulate us.

blind trust cartoon

Just look, how many sheepishly people are still admiring the Clinton’s?

How many doctors actually believe that there is such a thing as bad cholesterol?

How many “smart” people think that our Planet Earth is flat?

How many health enthusiasts think that people are herbivores?

I can go on and on listing the subject where it is so visible how manipulated we are but the main pathways of the human enslavement are through the religion, the politics, false science, banking, and the medicine.

Since health is the focus of my life’s purpose, this is the subject I use to demonstrate the false teachings through which we are being duped, poisoned, and slaughtered.

corporate fraud cartoon

When someone is depressed, how can drugging and suppressing the brain’s activity be of any help?

It takes not programmed brain a second to realize that this is a plain stupidity but it took “experts” many years to even consider it.

After years of using the antidepressant drug and poisoning millions of people, some Experts are questioning their actions. Are we doing the right thing here?

Better late than never, I say.

Some people are waking up but most are still sleeping.

What genius does it take to handcuff a small child because it has a fit?

Doctors are discovering that simple anti-inflammatory drugs curb depression way better than the neuron suppressants they are told to use which puzzles them.

If they would be told the truth, that blood’s toxicity is the underlying cause for mental problems, they would understand it much easier, but then, there would be no chronic health problems as the toxic blood is the cause for a great majority of health problems that plague humankind.

For thousands of years, we have lived without this sophisticated medical establishment and people were way healthier than they are today.

Why do we think that all those drugs are improving our lives?

Because we are constantly being reminded of it.

If we would open our eyes and actually look at what’s happening, we would see a completely different picture.

corporate fraud cartoon

What would all f those diabetic people do if there would be no insulin and Metformin available?

They would have to stop eating dietary carbohydrates and heal themselves. No doctor or drug would be necessary.

What about those people with high blood pressure and compromised blood circulation?

They would also have to stop eating dietary carbs and increase salt and water intake. This would actually heal them and no doctors and drugs would be necessary.

What about all of those people that depend on eyeglasses because they cannot see clearly without them?

They would have to hydrate and cleanse their blood and stop consuming dietary carbs. Their vision will return and no doctors and medication will be necessary.

We can go on and on showing how simple dietary changes can resolve all health problems and doctors and drugs become absolutely not necessary.

Through my work, I am demonstrating the absurdity of medicine. We do not need the pharmaceutical industry.

We do not need the medical industry.

corporate fraud cartoon

The same goes for our politics and banking system.

Do we need the police?

They are never there when you are mugged or assaulted. The one that assaulted you has a weapon but you are not allowed to have one by law. The police are nowhere to be found because they are there to protect the politicians that put restrictions on you and not to protect you.

For our safety, we have to strip before entering an airplane while knowing that all subversive activities are deployed by the CIA and MOSSAD. Still, we stay in line like a sheep having our privacy violated because we want to be safe.

The obedience will not protect you from the government so it is a time for all of us to wake up.

Stop taking medicines. They are not helping you at all. They are designed to do just the opposite.

We are being sedated while waiting in the line to be slaughtered.

Instead of medicines, cleanse, change your diet, and “healyourself”.

Love and light to us all.

The dangers of overmedication, Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Overmedicated people e usually the senior citizens, people in hospice care, those forgotten ones.

This is what somehow sounds acceptable or “normal” since elderly people these days suffer from many chronic ailments and as each of them “requires” a specific drug, it becomes very easy to overmedicate them.

The problem is that we are seeing an ever-increasing trend of overmedicated young people including children.

How is this possible?

Last year I have helped a young woman to normalize her life after she almost died while in her doctor’s care ending with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Steven-Johnson syndrome is a situation (disease), where because of the toxic load brought upon the body through overmedicating it (poisoning through pharmaceutical medicaments), serious skin reaction occurs, but also eyes, ears, and other organs can be affected.

In her struggle to survive, she had lost one eye and almost complete vision in the other.

Her skin almost completely shed and as a reminder of the nightmarish experience, she has huge scars on her skin, resembling a skin graph on various parts of her body.

What contributes to my outrage is the fact that her family had to sell some property and make a donation plea to be able to afford to pay doctors that were trying to save her life from a problem that they had created in the first place.

The reason I am writing about it is because another young girl has just called me with a similar problem and was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and just last week I was visited by a teen with insomnia who started showing signs of potential development of epilepsy ( I have noticed one Myoclonic seizure), do to overmedication as well.

As I said previously when overmedication occurs in an elderly person, we can understand it, but when it happens to a teenager, how to explain this?

I remember after my motorcycle accident, 5th week in the hospital, heavily medicated and my skin started to peel.

I was puzzled but doctors were not concerned. I guess, they see this happening often and it became a normal occurrence.

Why do doctors overmedicate their patients?

The reason is simple.

We are being told that every disease has its specific culprit and has to be treated separately so when symptoms occur, doctors throw at the patient everything they have.

A pill for headache, a pill for inflammation, a pill for elevated pressure, a pill for insomnia, a pain-killer, something to protect the stomach from poisonous medications, something to break the constipation, something to stop the diarrhea, something to stop the cough, something to loosen the phloem, antibiotic to prevent more complications, antimycotic to stop the rash…

For some people, it is enough to get two or three medications to star showing a bad reaction which surprises many doctors.

It should not since everyone will react to medication differently and this is not because we have all been born differently.

over-medication cartoon

The way our body will react to any medication depends on the underlying toxic load of the body.

In the past, the food we ate was healthier. Les pesticides and herbicides, more minerals and good energy.

It took longer for the body to become saturated with toxins. This is why only the elderly had chronic problems and since every medication is toxic, medicaments would increase the toxic load of the body and various health issues would poop up, often simultaneously.

Today’s food is way more toxic and depleted of minerals so our bodies become saturated with toxins much earlier and exhibit symptoms of an old body easily.

The young woman I spoke to on the telephone that was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome was treated for several years for epilepsy.

Instead of healing her, the doctor did what we are trained to do through the medical miseducation system and that is, medicating her for seizures.

She had seizures because she was toxic and now we are trained to put more toxins in her body like this is somehow going to make it better.

Doctors have to realize that what they were told in the medical school was designed to distract them.

Chronic diseases are caused by the cumulative toxic load, and symptoms will vary depending on the level of toxicity and its distribution.

Often they are related to emotional baggage, and may be related to the genetic expression the person was born with or was carrying in the genetic imprint for generations.

genetic issues cartoon

This does not mean that it cannot be cleansed but to do so, we have to help the body to cleanse itself and not continue polluting it further.

Since we are not told anything about the toxic pollution of our body and the cleansing mechanism in the school, it is just natural for a doctor to reach for pharmaceutical toxins we call medication.

Examine the blood, if there is no anomaly, pump the body with medication.

If there is an abnormality, try to correct it by countering it with medication.

No matter what happens, medication is the way out. This is what we are told in medical school. This is what doctors do and this is what they teach us is necessary.

Since young people eat toxic food and beverages, their bodies become saturated with toxins early in their life which starts to show a symptom of a health problem. Instead of cleansing the young body, doctors suppress the symptom with toxic medication. As the toxic load increases, different symptom shows up.

Now we are told that the previous “disease” was cured. Now we have a different disease that requires a different medication, and since usually more that one symptom occurs as the toxicity increases, more than one toxic medicament will be used.

disease cartoon

This is the natural progress of health deterioration in a patient on a doctor’s care.

There is no wonder why people’s health deteriorates faster under a doctor’s care. This is all done by design and neither doctors or their patients are fully aware of it.

This is clearly described in the Protocol of Zion.

“We will poison them through the food.

When they are sick, they will come to us for help and we will further poison them through the medication we will give them”.

The Rockefeller family, especially David Rockefeller are up to their elbows involved in it.

Playing with the symptom will never result in healing.

This is why, no matter what the symptom is, total detoxification of the body has to be done so that the body can recalibrate itself and do the healing the way it was programmed to do.

Love and light to us all.

Please, support my work through a donation, or a sponsorship.

INSOMNIA. Are sleeping pills the answer?

One of the items that bring the pharmaceutic industry huge profit is the sales of sleeping pills.
Is there any incentive to help people with this problem other than selling them medication?

Maybe, but doctors are purposefully misled so this does not happen. 
Why fix what is working so well, at least for the industry.
I am not going to write about the mechanism of sleep. You can find it in thousands of publications.
I am going to point the important things which are paraded to confuse us and as always, I will give you the solution to this health problem.
How important is sleep and how long should we be sleeping?
During sleep, our body goes through a maintenance cycle. Obviously, this is very important but it only happens when our mind is out of the picture because if the mind is alert, it focuses the energy and the body cannot be supplied with electricity properly. No maintenance will be done in those tissues that resonate with the same frequency on which your mind is focusing.
Often we say that the brain disconnects which is not exactly what happens. If the brain would disconnect, we would die.
The brain continues to function (subconsciously), which is the automated calculative mode without which, no cellular reparation would be taking place.
So when we are not in a deep sleep, our mind wonders and poor reparation is being done.

insomnia cartoon

When we do not have enough sleep, many health issues may arise but those health problems are the same as if your blood is toxic, no more and no less than that.

In either case, no cellular support is given.

So if your doctor is telling you that the reason for your health problems is insufficient sleep, he is not telling you the truth.

Well, if he would know the truth, he would be able to help you and not drug you with neuro suppressants which actually pollute your blood further and make your insomnia stronger.

What those sleeping pills do is they numb your brain, make you sluggish and tired but do not put you in a deep sleep.

Your mind is present but in fog, so many people sleepwalk or have sex while “sleeping”.

Many get up and eat things that they refrain from while they are awake.

insomnia cartoon

This is happening because they are not really sleeping. They are being drugged so they think that they are sleeping. This sensation continues even during the day so those people who use sleeping pills now need a counter medication to be awake.

Actually, they have to sober up to be able to function.

Here is where coffee comes into play or some other upper.

More and more people are reaching for over the counter medication to keep awake and at night to make them sleep.

What a lucrative business.

So how many hours do we need for our body to recuperate and become ready for the next day’s work?

A ten minute of deep sleep and you will rejuvenate more than if you would have 6 hours of a superficial sleep.

How can we achieve this profound, deep sleep?

One thing is for certain. You will never get it by swallowing a pill. No matter how strong the drug is.

Why do some people have a problem falling in sleep?

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The reason is the same that makes them sick and this is toxicity.

By eating incorrectly and refraining from the salt, we pollute our body and we prevent it from cleansing itself.

Although the brain is protected from the toxic blood by a membrane, after a while, as the cellular dehydration takes place, neurons become acidic and dehydrated. They start showing problems.

Some toxins can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier and we call them neurotoxins.

Two of those toxins the majority of people ingests daily and they are garlic and ginger.

Since a great majority of people consume loads of dietary carbohydrates daily, they have a very small number of active mitochondria in their neurons. Since they cannot eat while sleeping and their cells require energy for their rejuvenation during sleep, people are waking up hungry and running to the refrigerator in a search of food.

This explains why some people eat at night while they are drugged with sleeping pills and supposedly sleeping.

Many people are accustomed to eating a heavy meal late at night.

Overcooked protein coagulates and cannot be digested. The body tries to cope with it and the digestion takes a long time. During digestion, we often have a problem falling to sleep.

If our cells work properly, we have no problem sleeping.

How long do we have to sleep to prepare our bodies for the following day?

Eight-hour sleep is optimal but not all of us need it.

One hour of deep sleep will be sufficient for others.

Having a six-hour sleep at night and half hour sleep during the day does marvels.

When you wake up from a 10-minute snooze during the day, you notice that you are full of energy and if you sleep longer than an hour during the day, you may wake up sleepy.

This is because the body has started a renovation cycle and it is using energy for it.

This is why I do not recommend long naps, only short ones during the day.

insomnia cartoon

I have noticed on myself that one 8 hour sleep makes me more energetic during the day then a 6-hour sleep, but the short nap during the day makes up for it.

One of my friends needed a glass of red wine every night to be able to fall to sleep. The small amount of alcohol numbed her enough to sleep.

After just two weeks on the Self Healers Protocol, the wine was not necessary any longer and she noticed that she is brighter during the day and her headaches disappeared as well.

If you have a problem sleeping, cleanse your blood, cleanse your cells, and eat correctly.

By doing so, not only will your sleep improve, so will your health. This is the reason why doctors are not told the truth about insomnia. The big pharma would collapse.

Love and light to us all.