The FEMALE ISSUES -higher responsibility, higher maintenance.

We are living in a particular time when the emphasis is on merging gender, “we are all the same”!!


And I thought that I was a scientist. We all get confused at times.
I had to lighten up this thematic but no matter what Cabal tries to pull through frightened, greedy no back bone entertainers actors and musicians alike and reinforce through political counterparts there is undeniable difference in gender not just in psychological but also in physiological level of our creation.
We can all notice that women can tackle multiple things at the same time. They can listen to you while having telephone conversation and take notes all at the same time. Man can concentrate on one thing and the World is passing them by without them noticing it. My wife knows that when I am working and she asks me a question, even when I answer she knows that I was not aware of her and my answer and that I did not register anything so if it is important she has to destruct me and demand that I stop what I am doing so she is sure I’ve got it.
This article is devoted to women but not in psychological sense, I will explain health problems that women are facing simply because they are women.
I always mention that polluted blood is the main cause of health problems and organs that work harder and have higher demand for cooling, energy and elimination of waste will be the first to show deterioration  problems. As an example I often mention prostate since sexually active men are suffering from prostate problems with much higher rate than men that abstain from sex.
Women on the other hand have different responsibility and that is to bare a child. This is a huge responsibility and the body knows it. To be able to deal with pregnancy the body has to be clean. Only clean body can be healthy. This is why the backbone of Self Healers Protocol is cleansing of not only the blood but on the cellular level. Clean blood is absolute necessity so that cellular cleansing can take place. This is why women can judge how polluted is their body by how strong is their menstrual cycle.
Healthy women should be menstruating no longer then 3-4 days with just two days of significant blood loss. This is enough to clean the uterus and prepare it for pregnancy. Every time woman experiences profound blood loss by menstruating for long periods of time this means that her blood is so toxic that it has to be changed. Since women in this state have polluted and acidic cells in uterus they undergo inflammation (forced hydration) and menstruation becomes painful.
If nothing is done to help the body to cleanse, it will start forming additional cleansing stations in places where it needs to be clean. Those cleansing station are cysts and tumors. It is known fact that blood exiting those stations is cleaner than the blood that entered them. This is not surprising knowing that body is a perfect creation with self healing abilities and never does anything  unnecessary or to harm itself. In long neglected cases big fibroid will develop and doctors are instructed to perform hysterectomy as the only solution. Often very polluted body will result in miscarriage as the ultimate attempt to cleanse itself and it is often nowadays experience that women will have one miscarriage and then carry full pregnancy but with morning sickness.
There are also more subtle signs of dehydration that women experience in pregnancy and that is the morning sickness. We are told that this is normal occurrence. Bull…excuse my French, but the ignorance of ” health professionals” is raising my blood pressure.
As you can see body is trying to do the best it can to keep itself healthy and all that doctors can do is to “cure” which is to try to preserve “status quo”, and this cannot be done because if we do not change our habits and help our body to cleanse, the body will be experiencing stronger and stronger health challenges (diseases).
Now get ready for the truth: all that one has to do not only to stay healthy but also to heal the body from all those problems no matter in what stage and how big the problem is, is to cleanse the body.
There is absolutely no necessity for surgery or medication of any type. All that is required is cleansing on circulatory and cellular level and how to do this is described in my book and guided through Self Healers Protocol. You do not have to believe me. Try it for yourselves.
Since I am out of the closet lesbian, you know that I admire you and will never wish you harm.
Love and light


In the past couple of articles I have mentioned that one disease does not cause exacerbation of another rather they both develop simultaneously because of circumstances which is mostly a toxic, polluted blood. Diabetes melitus was taken as an example where various problems occur simultaneously but become pronounced at different times. Polluted blood will acidify cells in or body and cause various problems of which the most recognizable are circulatory problems which may cause skin lesions that do not want to heal leading to necrosis and, end up with amputation. I have shown you Javier’s leg that was progressively getting worse and doctors recommendation was to amputate it.

Here  Is the photo so that you can compare it with a new one taken yesterday.

DSC_0179 (2)Havier leg 2

Here you can see the progress. Lesions are closing and the leg is getting back its normal color. No amputation is necessary.

What caused for the leg to get in such bad shape? Simple answer is “medical treatment”. There is not worse pollutant than pharmaceutical medicament.

All that is achieved by allopatic medicine is symptom suppression but at the same time pharmaceutical toxins accumulate within the body and cause varieties of “secondary” problems (diseases). Connected to blood circulation some of those secondary problems are cataract and kidney failure. Cataract can be resolved by proper hydration and adding a drop of coconut oil in the corner of the eye twice a day. Similarly we can help any organ in or body including kidneys.

I have mentioned in my previous articles that lack of water in the blood will signal cleansing organs to save water and they will slow the cleansing process. So less water more polluted blood. More polluted blood less the cells will be willing to take it for their own hydration so we end up with dehydrated acidic cells. Organ that contains such cells cannot function properly. Organ that is exposed to polluted blood and will not cleanse it since it has to preserve water is kidney. So less water,less kidney action until kidney cells get acidic and fail to do their job resulting in kidney failure.

Now what is urologists recommendation? “Take it easy on water and no salt”.

What do we need to hydrate blood? Water and sea salt.

Now you can see why allopatic medicine fails. Doctors recommendations are off the wall. Completely contrary of what has to be done. Instead of helping to heal the body doctors are instructed to destroy it. Their recommendations are worsening the situation and medications that we are given are unnecessary and toxic with many side effects creating various other health challenges. This I can see very well with every case of cleansing. If client was exposed to pharmaceutical drugs the detoxification symptoms are much stronger then if no drugs were used.

Here on example of Javier who was treated for three months in a hospital as he is detoxifying the poison is leaving his body through urine and skin creating lesions like in seborrhea. They come and go as the body expels the toxic medication.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

As you can see the lesions on the neck are starting to dry up and they star to peel of. In a month I expect all this to be healed as Javier’s body detoxifies. He is on a way to a perfect recovery and it is done by his own body, no medicinal plants or pharmaceutical poisons that they cal medication are being used.

We all have the power to heal. It was given to us by our creator and here you have it so that you can see it for yourselves.

As far as the kidneys goes lucrative business was created that involves kidney transplantation. Leave the body toxic so the average survival time of transplanted kidney will be  5 years. Repeated business, permanent supply of patients. What a scam.

On the bright note, we are awakening. Fraud is being exposed and everyone can benefit from the truth.

Now my wife and I will sit on our dirt bike and hit the road to San Roques de Cumbasa where we continue helping people to overcome health challenges. We will keep you informed and if you have some unresolved health issues do not hesitate to ask and pleas if you can donate to our cause.



Love for humanity compels me to write this article. Although it has different approach to personal health, it will explain certain facts and take away the fear that is being spread through alternative media and will soon be acknowledged by major media about the “black matter” or anti-matter.

This is the standard blueprint of action. First so called alternative media reveals the plan and major media calls it “conspiracy theory” and then major media joins the rap to reinforces the issue so that “alternative media” can do the final punch in provocation. It is all just a tactic that is easily recognizable and all is done so that the masses can create (manifest) the agenda planned by Cabal and it is not working anymore. The Bible prophesies of the doomsday will not happen because we are awake and we refuse to go along with the game. So Cabals last trump card is Cern.

This video is so transparent that it makes me laugh but it may scare and mislead some people so I want to share some thoughts on this MATTER.
In one of the recent articles I explained how everything is energy created from different frequencies of movement and the essence of our three dimensional World experience is light. Light has consciousness and it knows when it is being observed. So when we observe the light with intent (thought) it transforms itself into particles (photons) to create our experience of life. Everything there is, is creation of light. This is why we say that everything is hologram. Reality is a dream state of spirit.
“First there was darkness (void), then came sound. The sound was God. It created light. Everything else was created from this light. Darkness is absence of light. If you are in a lit room and you open the door to a dark room, the room with light does not get dark. Opposite will happen. The dark room becomes illuminated. You cannot capture darkness and release it in a light area to darken it. This is impossible. You can darken the area only by removing the light.
Since matter is made of light the only way to destroy it (to make it to disappear) is by removing the light. There is no glue that holds light together. Light is held together by our thoughts. There is no machine that can manifest. This privilege is given to us, human beings. This is why the “dark force” the Cabal needs us to believe what they are serving us so that we can manifest it for them. You cannot create dark matter, store it and then release it to destroy creation. It cannot be done. All that you can do is to make people to manifest desired outcome for you and this is the reason for alternate and major media. The following statement is not going to be poplar but I have to say it to open your eyes. Bible was the first trump card of the Cabal that was forced on humanity to manifest desired events.
I am not saying this because I am atheist. Contrary I am that, I am. This is why I am with God as we all are but this God is not a bearded man that judges our actions. God is all there is and as soon as we become aware of this fact we stop being enslaved. We can control our lives, our health, our happiness in one word our exsistence. We do this with our thoughts. Our thoughts are not products of our brain. They are created by our spirit and the brain transfers them into electromagnetic impulses that influence light to manifest them as reality so that we can do what God and our spirit are incapable of doing without us and this is to experience them. The sole purpose of our “lives” is to create (manifest) to be able to experience those thoughts through our senses and this way gather more information. You can tell child not to play with fire thousand times and the child will not listen until it burns itself. This is because it is here to do just that, to EXPERIENCE thing for himself.
We all do the same. Once you start to understand your power you will realize that you can change things, you do not have to be sick. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality.
Our brain has been hypnotized. We have filters to make it difficult to change the program of experience but now we are in times of evolution and the filters are being disarmed. The future of well being lays in our thoughts     and the strongest filter (blockage) is our belief. Jesus said God is within and if we would have believe, we could move the mountains. A lot of people believe in Bible but none in the messages that come from it. They cling to “prophesies” served to them by priests and ministers and in this way they manifest what was “prophesied”.
WAKE UP smell the roses and stop manifesting for Cabal. Be strong and believe in yourselves, your capabilities and your power. Once you do this, you will empower yourself with health on your command.
Message for today is do not give into the fear, think LOVE

How good is your PLUMBING?

In the previous article about diabetes I have mentioned that diabetes does not cause problems in the circulatory system but it comes hand in hand with it since the culprit is the same.

varicose veins pictures

Varicose veins are one sign of bad blood circulation, hemorrhoids are another, hypertension, pain in extremities and loss of erection all are signs of bad plumbing and consecutive poor blood circulation. So lets go to the doctor to fix this problem! Sorry my friends but medical students do not learn how to repair blood circulation. The best you will get is the standard cut,  burn and poison treatment that pharma/medical industry provides. To heal we first have to know what causes circulatory problems and avoid them. This is called prevention and it is not part of medical studies.

So what causes problems of our plumbing? Number one is polluted toxic blood.

I have mentioned that health of our cells depends on the environment in which  our cells are living. So if the blood is polluted so will be our lymph. Cells that are flooded with toxic blood and lymph will dehydrate, become acidic and soon inflammation will follow. Our blood vessels are most exposed to such blood and they will suffer the consequences.

What are the common pollutants of our blood? Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies (natural and pharmaceutical) so garlic, black pepper, ginger, green tea even turmeric are playing negative role as medicinal “remedies”. Some of them are diuretics, some are neuro-toxines, some are blockers..they all have in common that they directly or indirectly acidify our blood. Indirect acidification comes from diuretic effect where cleansing organs stop cleansing the blood because they are preserving the water so acidity is increasing since it is not filtered out of the body. Anti inflammatory agents are preventing the attempt of body to forcefully hydrate cells utilizing external pressure (inflammation) and indirectly cause further acidification One of the worst blood acidifiers are carbohydrates (sugars). Glucose increases sugar absorption and makes it possible for a lot of fructose to enter our blood. This produces a lot of uric acid so combination of access of free insulin and acidic environment creates most if not all of our chronic problems that we call diseases. I cal it simply what it is, TOXICITY.

This toxic environment will cause problems in all cells in our body but it will affect most of those cells that are more exposed to it or those that have to work harder and this way are supplied with higher quantity of blood.

For example sexually active men will most likely suffer from enlarged prostate because of toxic effect of the blood.

Illustration Of Enlarged Prostate

Prostate will inflame because of its acidity and later turn into cancer as the cells lose more water and become unable to absorb oxygen. This problem of blood toxicity is best shown on the example of kidney inability to filter the blood. As the blood gets lower on water the kidneys are instructed to save the remaining water so they slow down the blood filtration. We are instructed to reduce salt in food. This further lower the water content in the blood so little by little we acidify the cells so much that they loose the ability to function properly and inflammations become rampant throughout our body.

Now you are getting the picture of how everything is connected and how multiple problems occur simultaneously as the blood gets dehydrated and toxic.

Mental stress is another cause of cellular dehydration and acidity that will result with the same problems. This is your connection between stress and diseases. In a stress situation cells will not hydrate so prolonged stress will result with cellular dehydration, acidity and inflammation.

Can we recover damaged blood vessels and restore good blood circulation? Of course that we can. To do this we have to hydrate the blood. This is possible only with sea salt and water. Cleansing organs will detoxify the blood and give clean environment to our cells so that they can do the same. Not only that blood circulation will recover, so will our cells and chronic diseases will be a history.

This is why I designed the Self healers protocol where you give your body everything necessary for it to detoxify and repair itself. You do not have to believe me, it is inexpensive protocol to follow so try it and see for yourself.

When I say that you do not have to believe me this is partially true. With believe you can heal everything and damage everything so be careful what you do with your thoughts love.

Ultimately you are the master of your life so use this knowledge and steer it the way you want it to be.

Love you all.

DIABETES revisited

We have just returned from a small village called Chasuta that is located on Amazon tributary .


Lecture on health was given to a group of villagers and as in great majority of people most of them suffer from diabetes melitus, bad blood circulation, pain throughout the body, tiredness and tumors. Does this sound familiar? I see the same problems wherever I go. Pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits on peoples suffering and doctors are clueless and unable to help since the education that is given to them is “interest controlled science”  geared to feed the pharmaceutical giants.

We are told that diabetes cannot be cured and that the consequence of it is bad blood circulation that affect the eyes and limbs. Treated for complications of diabetes by doctors for three months in local hospital Javier was released and told that nothing more can be done and he has to fly to Lima and has his leg amputated.

DSC_0179 (2)

As yo can see the left leg is starting to get necrotic and the right leg will get there soon if not treated properly. Many people throughout the World are losing their limbs to this disease. Is there nothing that can be done? Of course there is and I will show you Javiers legs after three weeks of therapy.

In medical school they teach us how diabetes causes circulatory problems. I will through next few articles show you that this is not true. I will show you how diabetes, circulatory problems, allergies, prostate problems, osteoporosis, migraines,  rheumatism, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and many other develop simultaneously from the same culprit that is being completely ignored by doctors and in fact it is being administered in the hospital intravenously to “help” patients.

Today we are going to reveal how you can overnight become diabetes free if you have diabetes melitus type 2, not using insulin but “controlling” it with medication. You see, all doctors are now on the fructose bandwagon claiming that fructose is poison and glucose is safe sugar. They do this because they are just repeating like parrots what they are being told by Pharma scientists. Well diabetes type 2 is actually insulin resistance. This means that insulin did bond to GLUCOSE but the cells do not accept it. You see we are talking about glucose and not fructose. Since cells do not want to accept the glucose, its level in the blood is rising and we have a sugar problem. So doctors are instructed to prescribe drugs that prevent glucose synthesis to keep the level of glucose low so that it can be managed by cells. Cellular resistance does not completely block glucose absorption, it only limits it. This means that if we do not over saturate our blood with glucose, we are not going to have sugar problem. Isn’t it logical that limiting glucose in diet would do better thing. At least it will not bring poison of medicament’s into the blood.

So if you lower dietary glucose intake into your body, you will have manageable amount of glucose in the blood and no diabetes. Dietary glucose are starches in food. The worst is wheat flower and its products but all cooked vegetables with starch content are unhealthy for animals and this means for us as well. So if you are diabetes type 2 sufferer change your diet and you can drop “medication” from one day to the other. You don’t have to believe me, try it. Keep in mind that liver will change fructose into a glucose so while you have strong sugar absorption fruits will elevate your blood glucose levels. If yo stop taking dietary glucose the GLUT sugar transporting mechanism will be reduced in time and you will be able to start eating fruits without having sugar problems.

It is not easy to explain poor people that their staple diet is killing them. These people are so much involved in their tradition that making drastic dietary changes (and they are drastic) is very difficult.


To make it easier, Hilno took over by practically explaining how to prepare the food so that the glucose content is being kept on minimum.


People that are in really bad shape have no other choice but to follow the instruction and their progress becomes the light that other people need to give them strength to change.

It is a slow progress but every new saved life gives us more power to push forward.

On the way back to Tarapoto we made a stop so that Hilno and our assistant Rebeca can relax their backs from the bumpy ride of a moto car (motorized tricycle).


Nature here is beautiful and the girls always find something interesting along the way. We have also visited local clay pot artist. Her work is really great and she does it without glasses.


Her skin reveals dehydration and diseases will soon follow. I hope that she will listen and recover her health as well.

OK friends and family this is for today, we love you and wish you perfect day.