Disease, nutrition, ascension

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There is no doubt that as time passes, we are becoming more civilized.
We tend to think of it as being more advanced and therefore more knowledgeable and more aware of the truth. After all, science is progressing and with it, our knowledge is expanding.
 We understand more and we use this new understanding to better our lives.

We tend to look at villagers as being less knowledgeable and more primitive and as far as the tribal people are concerned, we assume that they know nothing and are ignorant. They did not go to school, they are not civilized, they are not aware. In one word, they are stupid.

I often point to the fact that we are living in the world of opposites. Our schools are not centers for education. They are indoctrination centers where we are taught how to be civil, obedient.

We have been indoctrinated into servants, slaves to a small group of people who control our lives through deceit, lies, fear, torture, and murder. I guess that civilized stands for being more docile and more compliant to the elected ruling class.
These selected people belong to secret societies that have merged and we refer to them as the Illuminate or the Cabal.

Here is their plant with which they will achieve their goal:


The more civilized we are, the more disconnected we become from the truth, from our spirit, and ultimately from ourselves.

The more we read, the more we study, the more we know, the more disconnected and more stupid we become because we are being indoctrinated with lies, but because those lies were presented to us by people with authority, we accept them as truths and we trust them more than we trust the reality that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

What we see does not matter because we “know” the truth.

This article is inspired by a comment on one of my posts that I have recently received.
This is a part of that comment:

“Thank you for your wonderful articles. Your work really helps make sense of a lot of things. I’ve been confused about the vegetarian/vegan issue for a long time because people who preach ascension and 5D all insist on veganism to “raise your vibration”. It seems to me that the New Age movement is Luciferian and a lot of people have been seduced into some spiritual brainwashing. I think a lot of channellers are actually in contact with negative entities preaching a false light or are actually being tricked with a voice to skull technology. What is your take on ascension? And how can we separate the truth from the lies on this front?”

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Having received a medical education, I use health as a tool to break the chains of slavery the Cabal had imposed on Humanity.

The source of my knowledge/understanding comes from the divine intervention and not from those ” truths” that I have received through my education/indoctrination.

I was indoctrinated to believe that salt is toxic for the body, that it destroys our kidneys, increases blood pressure, and causes water retention.

I was educated to fear the Sun and to protect myself from its harmful radiation.

I was educated to reject animal fat and protein since they make us fat, acidic, and sick.

I have received the approval of successful brainwashing called Diploma in the field of health and now I can be a licensed distributor of medicinal poisons with a title of a Medical Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Now I am licensed to poison animals but the most dangerous animal is the Human.

To be able to help and to heal my clients, I actually have to do the opposite of everything I was told to do to “cure”.

I do not have to practice medicine, I have received the knowledge and the understanding of our reality through observation and the guidance of a spirit. I know how it all works and here I will give a brief explanation.

Our reality is our mind’s acceptance of the brain’s calculation of possibilities and probabilities, and the most logical and expected outcome/expectation.

Our brain receives the information through vibration which we call a frequency.

Basically, the only thing that is real (that exists) is the energy in a variety of frequencies which the brain presents to us in the form of senses and light (as the matter) according to its understanding which is based on programs that the mind had accepted as its truths.

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This may sound stupid and unbelievable and it takes an awaken person to grasp it. This is why I was introducing you to this reality step by step and now, some of you can understand what I am talking about.

Many people are being misled, and many are lying just to present themselves more relevant. This is obvious especially amongst those who call themselves Light-workers.

Many are meditating and channeling but all they do is manifesting their own beliefs and indoctrinated “truths”.

How many times have I talked to a vegan or vegetarian who has claimed to be in perfect health just to discover that they had some health or digestive problems and had to eat some fish or eggs to get better.

As soon as they felt better, they had switched their diet back to the “healthy diet” that had made them sick before.

Does this make any sense to you?

To them, it makes perfect sense.

They are not capable of thinking, they can only repeat and find safety from their own insecurity within the crowd of Like-Minded people who share the same opinion/knowledge.

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Often I hear from channelers that we have to stop eating meat and eat vegetables if we want to ascend because we have to become lighter.

Some well-known channelers are even saying that we had become so sick that we can no longer tolerate the food of gods: grains.

After all, Jesus Christ had multiplied bread and wine to nourish its people.

Grains are being portrayed as a healthy food. Another opposite.

Grains were introduced to our diet by the Anunaky, those who came from Heaven. Those who decided to make us stupid so that they can enslave us.

Gods have nothing in common with God although the Bible mentions them in the same breath.

Your priest drinks red wine and eats a piece of bread as part of the ceremony in remembering Jesus Christ.

The wine is his blood, and the bred is his body.

Who sacrifices a body to gods, drinks human blood, and eats human flesh as a part of a ceremony?

The members of the Cabal, and their God is Lucifer, the illuminated one.

Who is the Pope?

Whom does he serve?

Are you able to think?

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God is nirvana,a tranquility of conscious energy. It does not require sacrifices. It thrives on harmony.

Since the true reality is composed of energy in various frequencies, when those frequencies are well synchronized, they make beautiful music.

It is like a huge orchestra. Every cell, every tissue, every organ is vibrating and creating beautiful music. We are healthy and happy.

It is enough for one violin to be out of tune, one string of that violin is not tuned correctly and the sound of the violin and of the entire orchestra can become distorted and awful to listen to.

This out of tune frequency is the result of a slight change in frequency which our brain will interpret according to its programming and show it to us as a defect, as an anomaly, or as a disease.

Nature, everything that God has created is beautifully synchronized. When we eat our food the way God has made it, we are taking in the synchronized frequencies and all is good.

When we change those frequencies, the possibility of problems occurs.

How can we change the frequency of our food?

By heating it up.

How do we know that the frequency of our food has changed?

The food has changed its color, consistency, taste, and smell because our brain is programmed to present us those changed frequencies in this way.

Those altered frequencies may influence changes in the way our cells will vibrate but only if the vibrations of our cells and organs are unstable.

They become unstable when the electric voltage/immunity drops.

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What creates the drop of the cellular voltage?

An overly acidic or overly alkaline environment that is caused by toxicity and the increased levels of CO2. This is caused by a lack of plasma (water and minerals) and insufficient levels of oxygen.

This is achieved through a chronic poisoning of the body.

An instant drop of the cellular voltage can be achieved through stress and fear.

The fastest way of re-establishing harmony is by raising our cellular voltage by letting go of the fear, by laughing and celebrating our life. Feeling good about the food we eat and the life we live.

Now we are being forced to cleanse all bad frequencies. The Evil is coming to the surface to be illuminated and re-tuned. This is creating chaos.

Everything is fractal. The out of tune frequency = toxicity = pain = fear = chaos = storms = earthquakes = cosmic disturbance’

Let go of the fear. Trust the changes of frequencies we are exposed to as the recalibration, tuning to a different melody, a new reality.

Let go of the old and accept the new.

Bursts of high frequencies > planetary alignment > re-tuning frequencies > cleansing > healing > harmony > peace/nirvana

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The new is not created, we are creating it at this moment so be careful of what you wish to be your new reality.

I know what my new reality is.

It is love and harmony with everything that surrounds me.

Love and light to us all.

Oxygen versus poison


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The disclosure is accelerating.

I have received an excellent video that discloses many truths about the coronavirus which I highly recommend for everyone to see.

With this article, I want to point to some details where my opinion differs a bit from the narrative in this video, but those differences in opinion do not change the fact that we are being lied to and that this current plandemic is a manufactured hoax.

As you can see, the difference in opinion comes right at the beginning, with the title itself.

The video title is Potassium versus poison, and what is stated in the video is correct with the minor but crucial missing information which is the mechanism of how the potassium enters into our cells.

In my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body, I explain that the cellular potassium is being manufactured within our cells through the process of cold fusion.

In this process, an atom of sodium/kalium is fused with an atom of oxygen and the result is an atom of potassium.

This information is crucial for understanding why the oxygen therapy is so successful in reversing many health issues of different origins.

Now you can better understand why is the SHP (self healers protocol) so successful in recovering health.

The necessity for sea salt as the source of salts and minerals, the ionized water and breathing exercises for increased oxygen levels in the body, blood electrification to increase the cellular voltage, and the process of potassium manufacturing is set into motion.

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Since the potassium is slightly larger from the openings in the cellular membrane, the potassium becomes trapped within the cells. This increases the density of the cellular plasma which engages the cellular osmotic pump. Cells start hydrating themselves.

Salt + O + E = potassium = hydration = cellular cleansing

Do you understand now why we are being educated to avoid salt, to fear oxidative stress, and avoid exposure to the Sun?

Do you understand why we are forced to wear masks? It does not matter what mask you slap on your face as long as it traps CO2 and prevents the oxygenation of your body.

Do you get it now why chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and the ozone are bashed by the media and the medical industry?

Medical educational program + student = brainwashed misguided repeater of misinformation/doctor.

Fortunately, some of us are waking up to the truth but changing the implanted information is a difficult process.

The more we are indoctrinated, the higher education we are given, the more difficult it is to accept the truth once we are exposed to it.


Do not pride yourself on how well-read you are. Intelligence is way more important.

Can you think for yourself?

Are you able to reason?

Do you trust your intuition/spirit?

The bacteria eat the garbage in our bodies. What makes us sick, the bacteria, or the garbage?

The abundance of life is directly related to the availability of food.

The more food there is, the more predators there will be.

The more garbage there is, the more garbage dwellers there will be.

Should we dispose of the garbage, or should we fight the garbage dwellers?

Can you think?

No viral RNA was ever found yet we have accepted that it exists.

How can you test for a virus if you have no proof that it exists?

What are you testing for?

Do you have dengue, COVID, herpes… or are you simply detoxifying your body?

Are you capable of reasoning?

Can you think or did the “education” get the best of you?


Nourishing ourselves on carbohydrates forces our cells to utilize glucose as their source of energy.

When our cells do this, the levels of the cellular CO2 are increasing. This creates the need for higher relative pressure of oxygen in the blood, yet we are forced to prevent oxygenation by covering our faces with masks.

Exercising forces us to breathe deeply. This increases the relative pressure of oxygen in our blood, yet we are told to stay at home, do not move, hibernate.

The fear is an energetic sponge. The energy is electricity.

The low voltage prevents the occurrence of cold fusion.

No cold fusion, no potassium, no hydration, no cleansing.

As the toxicity is accumulating in the body, germ level increases but no signs of disease appear until the body starts to cleanse itself.

Is the cause of the symptoms of disease a bacteria, fungus, virus, or are the symptoms of disease caused by the toxic load that is being expelled from the body?

Is it possible that what we refer to as pathogen organisms are just a triggering mechanism for the cellular cleansing of our body/disease?

The colloidal silver destroys all pathogen organisms but it is not toxic and it does not prevent cellular hydration.

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When we experience a symptom of disease blamed on bacteria (for example toothache), and we hold the colloidal silver in our mouth, the bacteria will die within 5 minutes but the toothache/symptom of the disease remains because the cleansing continues and it involves some forced hydration/inflammation. This will persist until the area is cleansed/healed.

When we take an antibiotic, the pain stops rapidly but not all bacteria are destroyed.

The symptoms of the disease are gone because the cleansing has stopped under the influence of a toxic antibiotic even that toxicity remains and some bacteria survive.

What causes the symptoms of disease?

The bacteria or the process of detoxification?

What are doctors fighting, the disease or the self-healing process?

Can you think?

Can you accept the truth?

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Love and light to us all.


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People became fascinated with computer technology, the vast information we can tap into, and the speed with which the information can be accessed.

Not only that heavy books are no longer needed, but the new technology is also making many things obsolete. One can replace a heavy set of keys, leather wallet, road maps, address-book, and many other necessary items with a small chip that is inserted into the body so that it cannot be forgotten or stolen, and everything that you may need in your daily life will be instantly accessed.

This is exactly what we are told and demonstrated through advertising and many people are eagerly lining up to be chipped, but the enthusiasm to be chipped never reached the expected level.

The easiest way to make people accept something is through the implementation of fear.

Since vaccines can prevent the spreading of disease (at least, this is what we are being told and groomed to accept), a fierce disease has to be created which would make vaccination the necessity and the obvious way of stopping the spread of the disease.

Since the vaccine does not perform the way we are being indoctrinated to believe, the cause of the disease has to be something that cannot be proven or dis-proven. This is why the virus has to be used.

How does one spread hysteria about something that is not happening?

By lying and spreading lies through the media, advertising, and the entertainment industry.

People are being poisoned through their food, drinks, sound, and the emotion of fear.

When their bodies start to detoxify, if bacteria or fungus are not found, the virus is being blamed.

My friend Katy has called me recently. She was in pain. Her whole body was hurting. Her joints, kidneys, muscles were painful. She had a strong headache and fever.

The first thing that comes to mind is the corona woogey-bogey and the fear increases the symptom manifestation and the sensation of the pain.

I have explained to her that those are symptoms of her cells releasing their toxic load.

Her blood had suddenly become very toxic and since blood plasma is low and the fear has lowered her energy levels/cellular voltage/immunity, she is experiencing the manifestation of what her mind is expecting to happen.

I have told her to increase the amount of plasma she is drinking, drink a sip of nanoparticle colloidal silver every two hours to increase her blood electroconductivity and to bundle up and sweat.

My explanation was not enough for her to calm her fear so she went and had her blood tested.

The result was the medical version of the truth. She had a disease called “dengue fever” that is caused by, you have guessed it, a virus.

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How do those doctors know that it is a virus? Because of the symptoms that she was experiencing and the elevated level of the white blood cells and her protein marker in the blood’s sediment

When she came back into her house, she did what I had originally suggested and within several hours she felt much better.

I was surprised that the diagnosis was not the corona-19. This is because the doctor was not involved. She had her blood tested in a lab and the lab technician had analyzed the blood results.

The fear of the “plandemic” has to remain because people have to be lead into the super-humanity, the Human 2.0, and the easiest way to make people get there is through the new “COVID vaccine”.

Today’s computers can already read our minds and we can communicate with them with no problem. This means that the implementation of the chip is not necessary, so why do they want to chip us so badly?

Once chipped, we lose control over our bodies. We become robots that can be externally controlled.

The COVID chip/virus, directly attacks our mind, our chromosome 8.

Some of those people who were chipped say that they have lost their souls. They have lost God.

Do not allow fear to control your action.

Under no circumstances allow being vaccinated.

We are in the last battle and we are winning.

The deepest hidden evil is surfacing to the light.

Now it is being illuminated.

Once illuminated, the evil will perish in the light.

We all want to see justice being served and the guilty punished.

This is the old paradigm speaking.

Remember Jesus Christ. It is no longer an eye for an eye.

We are ascending to the Christ frequency. Now it is the left and the right cheek time.

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Yes, some people will be punished but if we want to change our reality, we have to change the way we think.

Revenge leads to another revenge.

Accept, forgive, and let go.

Many health issues are nothing more than an energetic reflection of emotional trauma.

As long as we hold onto those emotions, we continue to be sick. Acknowledge, forgive, and let them go. Replace them with love and you will heal, raise your frequency, and ascend.

Love and light to us all.

Can people with missing gallbladder implement the SHP?

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First of all, nobody misplaces or loses their gallbladder.
Those people who are missing their gallbladder are unfortunate victims of a modern “madsin” and those licensed mislead professionals called medical doctors whose incompetence to heal leads to the extraction of a vital organ under the pretense that humans can live without it.

Can we live without it?
If the answer is yes, why do we then have it?

Our liver produces a liquid substance that is helping our body to process fats, triglycerides in particular. This liquid we have named the bile or the gull.

The bile is composed mainly of water and salts, but there are some other ingredients such as are bilirubin and biliverdin which give the bile its color. The bilirubin is orange and yellow, and the biliverdin is green. Combined, the color turns brown.

The bile is injected into the duodenum which is the beginning of the small intestines where it neutralizes stomach acid and emulsifies fats. It also contributes to the separation of the fatty acids from glycerol. This means that it serves to digest triglycerides so that they can be then absorbed into the intestinal wall.

What has that to do with the gallbladder you may ask?

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We do not eat the same type of food every day, and our portions vary as well. This means that sometimes we need more bile to be secreted into the intestine and sometimes less.

Since it takes some time for the liver to produce the bile, storage for bile is created where the bile will accumulate and be used in quantities as needed without the necessity of putting additional stress on the liver whenever we consume a larger quantity of fat.

This additional storage looks like a sack and the science has named it a gallbladder.

If problems with gallbladder occur, since doctors have no clue why this happens and how to prevent it from happening or how to heal it, the gallbladder is surgically removed since “it is not essential and people can live without it”.

If we compare our body to a car, if a problem with an oil pan occurs, the mechanic will fix it, but if you are dealing with a crook who wants a repeated business, or a rotten mechanic, he can simply remove the oil-pan and instruct you to take it easy. The car will be able to run but only on slow RPM’s. As soon as you increase the speed, the engine will start to overheat and it may seize. The car will die.

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The same is what will happen with a person if the gallbladder is removed.

Also here on this example you immediately know that if your gallbladder was removed, you have been dealing with rotten doctors. Instead of doubling down and praising them for saving your life, you should hold them criminally responsible and sue the heck out of them.

Unfortunately, you will not get far because they have been following the instructions of their medical teaching, and they are protected by their license to do such a thing.

What is the cause that makes doctors remove the gallbladder?

The most common problem is created by the formation of gallbladder stones. They obstruct the passage of the bile. This forces more bile into the blood as it cannot be secreted into the intestine and people become yellow.

Doctors claim that the stones cannot be dissolved and that the surgery is the only way out of this situation.

Gallstones. Illustration showing the liver and gallbladder ...

The other problem why the gallbladder will be removed is frequent gallbladder inflammation. They cause swelling which also interrupts the passage of the bile and the same as the stones it creates discomfort and pain as it increases the pressure on the sensory nerves.

When gallbladder inflammation occurs, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics and for those who follow my work, it is obvious that this only worsens the situation and turns it into a chronic problem which results in the formation of stones.

The inflammation is a result of cellular dehydration of the gallbladder. The cause of gallbladder’s dehydration is the refusal or the inability of the gallbladder’s cellular structure to hydrate utilizing the osmotic action.

The cause of this could be toxic blood, the lack of oxygen, the lack water,the lack of salt, and the lack of energy/electricity, or the combination of any of those things I have mentioned.

Since we doctors are not educated correctly, we are being misled and directed to a wrong path, and since we are unable to resolve the health issue, we are instructed to remove the ailing organ.

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Now when the bile storage is “missing”, any sudden increase of fat in our diet will create an inadequate level of bile which undermines the digestive abilities and creates health issues.

Since the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) involves consumption of fat, such a diet will certainly affect those people whose gallbladder has bee removed so that their health can “improve”.

An oxymoron that was caused by mor**s, as the word suggests.

Fortunately for us, our creator is a genius and it had created a mechanism with which our stupidity can be resolved.

I always say that our body will not support what it does not need and it always adjusts itself to the environment it is subjected to.

Because of this, even our errors ca be fixed since our bodies will adjust to its environment even after it was massacred.

The people whose gallbladder was removed can consume fat since the bile production is continuing, and when the fat content of our food increases, the liver will produce more bile, and the bile ducts within the liver will widen allowing the liver to hold more bile. This way the level of the available bile increases. The adjustment will take some time so the fat content in the food has to be increased slowly to give the liver the time to adjust itself to the demand.


Although the SHP is the simplest way we can heal our body, once we experience a health issue and especially after we had been processed by a licensed doctor and medicated or surgically “readjusted”, I strongly recommend that you contact me or some awakened health enthusiast who has the adequate knowledge and can guide you.

The protocol can be readjusted temporarily until your body is ready to assumer working correctly.

I may be harsh referring to doctors as being morons but most of them are and the rest who are aware of at least some truths are either corrupt and willingly participate in this fraud, or are scared for their licenses to be removed if they speak the truth.

Now with the coronavirus nonsense, this is more evident than ever before.

Colleagues please, do the correct thing, forget your license, and the money much more is at stake.

Everything will change and the money you are hoarding (including the gold, silver…) will be obsolete.

Help yourselves by helping others.

Love and light to us all.

The intermittent cleansing fast

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Intermittent fasting is becoming very popular and many people are experiencing great results after implementing it. But what people refer to as the intermittent fasting, in my opinion, is not fasting at all. Rather, it is just time-limited eating habits.
We are accustomed to having at least three meals a day where we sit behind the table and gable a larger amount of food.
When we eat a meal with carbohydrates in it, we become dependent on glucose as our cellular fuel and since the human body cannot store glucose as its reserve fuel, we become energy depleted after 2 hours after our last meal, and hunger sets in.
This is why we need multiple meals every single day or we risk becoming hypoglycemic.
There are some people who eat one meal a day and although they have carbohydrates in it, they manage to live healthy lives.
This is because they do not indulge in carbohydrates, and their body became conditioned that there will be no more meals so their cells will maintain a sufficient number of active mitochondria so that the cells can efficiently utilize fat as the source of their energy.
Since dietary glucose comes only in one daily meal, only once insulin will flood the blood, only a negligent increase in GLUT will occur, and cells will utilize some glucose for energy production, the rest will be converted into fat that will be used later as the main cellular fuel until another meal arrives. 

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Since such people eat only once a day, they are not eating up to 22 hours in between meals and this is what is being called the intermittent fasting.

Some people call intermittent fasting even when a shorter time passes between the meals.

They say, 13 hours between the meals qualify as intermittent fasting.

Basically, they say that digestion takes approximately 5 hours. This means that if you have more than five hours between meals, you are fasting.

The “experts” are ignoring the fact that the food continues to be digested in the intestines as long as it is there.

Yes, the main absorption of nutrients occurs in the small intestine but the digestion continues. The intestines continue to be active and no major cleansing is occurring.

Hilno and I are having one meal a day for several months now and sometimes I would finish my meal at 4 pm and my next meal would be at 5 pm the following day and still, no major cleansing would be happening. I am talking about not eating for over 24 hours.

One meal a day is keeping the digestion active and no cleansing will occur.

When I started to skip this one meal a day and ate every other day, this is when the cleansing kicked in.

Cleanse Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

I would have my last bite let’s say at 6 pm, and I would not eat the following day at all. Then the third day I would eat after 2 pm.

This gave me 43 hours fast, and this is when things were happening.

The first day without the food was easy although I wanted to chew on something but, there was no hunger. All I did is have my regular plasma regime having one liter of plasma in the morning and another two liters during the day.

In the morning on the second day of fasting, after drinking my plasma in the morning, two hours later I had a real cleansing flush.

I was urinating in both places. My intestines got really clean, but there was no discomfort of any kind.

After drinking another half liter of plasma, and after 3 pm drinking some milk kefir with fruits in it, I had another flush.

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Then I had some pork and more plasma but no more flushes appeared.

The following morning I had my plasma regime and no food the whole day.

No diarrhea occurred.

Again I was not eating until 2 pm the following day (another 43 h fast) and the exact same thing has happened with the flush.

What happens is, this:

Since no food is coming and regular bowel movement had eliminated the solids from my colon, the digestion comes to a halt, and since it is nighttime, the available energy and blood plasma trigger the intestinal cleansing process, but what else happens?

Since no toxins were polluting the blood for over 24 hours, and there was a sufficient amount of blood plasma to cleanse the blood, the blood was clean enough for the cells to hydrate through their osmotic pump.

Since the blood was clean, the cells started to hydrate and because it was nighttime, the cellular hydration and cleansing was accelerated. Cellular cleansing is always the strongest during the night when the brain is less active.

Good night everyone hope y'all have sweet dreams ! #tweegr ...

The toxic material that the cells have eliminated found itself in the blood which started its own cleansing process.

Because of the increased toxicity of the blood, the mucous tissue became involved in the cleansing activity and the toxic mucus that ended up in the colon had inflamed the colon which made it difficult for the colon to absorb water.

After more plasma was supplied with my morning plasma ingestion, this toxic liquid in my colon was flushed out.

This is proof that for the cellular cleanse to take place, the fast has to be at least 36 hours long.

I have repeated this test several times with exactly the same results.

In my opinion, 13-hour fasting is just another way of food rationing which contributes to slower intoxication of the body, and easier control of one’s weight.

Since a smaller amount of food is ingested, a lesser amount of toxicity comes into the body and lower levels of calories flood the system.

My 40 Day Fast: Day 11 and how about some laughs!

It is to be expected that people eating this way will feel healthier and will have no obesity problems, but not actual healing is achieved.

To be able to achieve the cellular cleansing and allow the body to heal, the fasting period has to be of no less than 36 hours, preferably much longer if we are in the rush to get well quickly.

Another thing that I have noticed is that once you repeat this one full day of fasting several times in a row, this easily turns into a habit and a true intermittent healing fasting becomes the fastest way of healing especially when the SHP (protocol) is followed.

Now you have added fasting to your daily routine but actually, you have only postponed your daily meal for 43 hours.

This may sound difficult but you will be surprised how rapidly the body adjusts to this You actually start feeling that you can prolong your fast some more.

Let this not surprise you. We are mutating as we speak and soon our need to feed ourselves will vanish. We are mutating into conscious beings that are aware of who they are and whose reality will manifest instantly.

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This means that if you want to indulge in some food, you will be able to manifest it without having to kill and cook.

I know some of you say, “here he goes again, how can I trust this guy?”, but isn’t everything that I was talking about being now slowly confirmed by science?

The salt, cholesterol, glucose, and now the virus, it is all confirmed that what we have been told is a lie.

Disclosure is here. Are you ready to accept it, that is a question of its own.

If you find my work beneficial to you, please contribute by giving a donation and by spreading this new knowledge.

Love and light to us all.

Wear masks, “so that we can hide”


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As our galaxy is exposed to elevated frequencies, all the matter is changing. Our planets are increasing in size. The changes in the frequency are changing genetic expression and this is creating changes in life on this planet and on other planets.

The low vibrations are being separated and ex-pulsed. This we experience as sickness and emotional outbursts. When combined with fear, pain is experienced.

The evil manipulators that have enslaved the human race can no longer hide in obscurity.

They are being exposed for everyone to see.

This is creating an avalanche of awakening which is necessary so that the human consciousness can awaken and realize the slave status it was subconsciously accepting.

Since the truth had to be hidden so that the Cabal/evil can prosper, everything we have been told was laced with lies.

The science is being misinterpreted and used as a tool of the misinformation.

Every licensed scientist is a brainwashed source of twisted information.


Nowhere is this as visible as it is in the medical science where the experts/doctors are not capable to trust their own observation and experiences because they are utterly convinced that those lies that they have been indoctrinated with, are scientific truths.

A simple test as drinking salty water can debunk many “medical truths” but no doctor has the common sense to try it. Even the thought of drinking water with salt paralyzes them with fear.

No nucleic acid sequence of any type of virus was ever found but doctors have accepted that virus has RNA manifestation.

If you do not accept this, you will not be given the medical license.

Now, as the Evil is surfacing, it needs a mask to hide behind. The COVID was invented to do just that. There is no standard as far as the masks go. Just hide your face.

Fortunately for us, no diaper can hide the face of Evil. They are all being exposed so that they can be illuminated, transformed, or destroyed forever.

We are all being forced to wear those stupid masks that serve no other purpose than to hide the face so that it is more difficult to prove who did what during the violent assaults that the fake media calls the peaceful protests.

Countries that harbor more evil, have stricter regulations, but some like Sweden, where people are so brainwashed that are lining up to get chipped and eagerly awaiting vaccination, this is not necessary and masks are not implemented.

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Everything we are being told is the opposite of what it claims to be, and the same goes for masks.

Instead of protecting us from the disease, the masks are creating the disease in the body of those who are wearing them, and they are creating fear, panic, and desperation in those people who trust that what they are being told by the fake media is true.

Oxygen is a vital element to our health.

Since the carbon is the element that bonds all biological matter, it is brought into our body constantly, with every meal.

As it is brought in, it has to be expelled out and this is done through CO2 and oxygen exchange.

This exchange of gases is done following the basic laws of physics.

The gas of higher relative pressure will displace the gas of the lower relative pressure.

Since the relative pressure of oxygen in the air is higher than the relative pressure of CO2, when we inhale, the oxygen from the air will displace (push out) the CO2 from our blood because the CO2 has lower relative pressure in relation to the oxygen that was inhaled.

Since now the relative pressure of oxygen in the red blood cells is higher from the relative pressure of the CO2 that is trapped inside of our cells, the gas exchange will take place and the oxygen will replace some CO2 until the relative pressure of the oxygen ant the relative pressure of the cellular CO2 equalize.


This is the reason why only about 30% of oxygen is being replaced/used.

Cellular chemistry will change in people who eat carbohydrates. Their cells will be overrun by glucose forcing them to use it in energy production.

Since the oxygen is not needed when glucose is used, more CO2 is produced than it would have been produced if fat was being used for energy production. This means that a higher relative pressure of oxygen will be needed to be able to displace the cellular CO2.

Unfortunately, most people in our modern society do not do any physical work and their breathing is superficial. This maintains the relative oxygen pressure low and the cellular CO2 levels will slowly increase.

This contributes to the increase in cellular acidity.

The increased cellular acidity creates problems in the cellular capability to hold electric charge/energy.

The more acidic the cells become in one tissue or organ, the higher energetic problems this tissue/organ will have.

To be able to cleanse those acids, plasma is needed. With plasma, some of the surpluses of acids can be cleansed into the blood, and then, through the blood cleansing organs, it can be expelled out of the body.

If the blood is low on plasma, the blood cannot be cleansed well and the blood itself becomes toxic.

The cells will not hydrate with toxic blood and in a critical increase of the cellular acidity, forced hydration is put into motion. This forced hydration we call inflammation.

Many other toxic elements contribute to the body’s toxicity, but here, I am explaining how wearing those stupid masks is directly negatively affecting our health.

All those doctors wearing masks are either idiots or willing participants in this hoax called the coronavirus plandemic.

Spitting Image returns with Trump, Johnson in its sights

From what was disclosed, I have learned that President Trump is given a daily dose of aspirin. This is another medical stupidity.

The aspirin serves as a mild diuretic but it also prevents cellular hydration since cells do not hydrate when some toxin is present in the blood. Every medication is toxic so is the aspirin.

I have learned that President Trump regularly drinks Coca-Cola poison and eats incorrectly. This contributes to his obesity and toxicity.

When additional stress is presented, his body reacts as if toxic energies are in question. It starts to cleanse. The symptoms of cleansing show up. We call them the symptoms of flu.

Do not worry, the president will be ok because the toxic drugs he is given will prevent the continuation of the cellular cleansing and i this will cause the disappearance of his symptoms.

By the way, there is something more important that is brewing beneath this “COVID” outbreak in the White House. Sit tight.

We are all exposed to strong energetic changes and fear. Since our own bodies are toxic, we are going to experience cleansing, so maintain your frequency stable. Do not give in to the fear.

Stop poisoning yourself with carbohydrates, take deep breaths, drink plasma, and your health will improve.

Any type of face covering is forcing you to re-inhale your own CO2 and this further reduces the relative pressure of blood’s oxygen making you more and more acidic.

Say no to masks, and no to vaccination. You are a strong Spirit, act like one.

If you need assistance as far as your health goes, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

Many people will suffer health problems this October and November


It does not take a genius to figure out that many people will fall ill this, and the upcoming month.
The Cabal knows it so they are already predicting the return of the plandemic, knowing that none of it has anything to do with the virus.

If it is not the virus, what will be the cause of the sudden increase in the number of sick people?

It is not a secret that the quality of the food people are eating is deteriorating.
On top of it, we are scientifically being lead into the wrong diet, and again scientifically we are being guided into not allowing our body to cleanse and to repair itself.

For all of this scientific guidance, we have to thank our licensed doctors and nutritionists.
Since the Cabal controls what they have to say, it supports them by advertising it through the major media, scientific publications, and the entertainment industry.

Now, why would more people fall ill now than before?

Because what makes the manifestation of a disease is not the toxic body, but its attempts to cleanse and heal itself.
The internal control system that I call the autopilot of healing kicks in and the whole Hell breaks loose.

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What puts this autopilot into action is the change of the ambient, and if you think that what we had experienced lately was bad, just wait and see what will be unleashed shortly.

The energetic radiation will be spiking, the truth will start to be exposed, and the fear factor will rise exponentially.

Combine fear with toxicity and you have a disease. Add steroids and you have an explosion of an epidemic of chronic diseases.

The number of vegans and vegetarians is increasing. They ingest plenty of dietary glucose so there is an increased level of blood sugar to start with.

When you add fear to it, the stress will liberate glucose from the glycogen so the liver will release an uncontrolled amount of sugar into already sugar-saturated blood, and the muscles and the brain will not be able to take it in because their glycogen will release glucose as well. Ups, diabetes is born in those who were not diagnosed with it before.

As the cells were triggered into action, they start producing more CO2.

This means that more oxygen has to be available so that the increased relative pressure of oxygen can push out the CO2 from the cells and eliminate it through respiration.

This speeds up the heart’s rhythm so that the blood circulation is accelerated. The elevated heart rate increases blood pressure.

The stupid clown-masks that people are forced to wear, prevent the oxygenation of the blood because most of the CO2 will be trapped in them and re-inhaled back into the body.

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This decreases the relative pressure of oxygen and increases blood’s CO2 levels which further accelerates the heart rhythm and further raises the blood pressure.

Hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the tissue) and hypoxemia (the lack of oxygen in the blood) are increasing.

The cells and the blood’s acidity are rising making it more difficult for the body to hold its electric charge and people will start collapsing.

People are constantly being fooled with the medication that they are given.

They think that they are being “cured” when in fact, their health issues are only being suppressed while the toxicity remains and is actually increased by the drugs that are supposed to help them.

When those toxic people enter the hospital, they are rapidly being poisoned because each symptom will be treated as a separate health issue.

So, for the increased blood sugar levels, people will receive Metformin/insulin.

To lower the blood pressure they will receive a diuretic.

The Beta-blockers will be given to slow down the heart.

Aspirin or some other blood thinner will be implemented.

A sedative will be given to numb the nerves and to take the stress away.

All those medications are toxic and they will irritate the stomach, so another poison will be given to “protect” the stomach lining from those medicaments.

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If the hypoxia did not kill you, the doctor’s treatments will definitely finish the job.

Do you realize now (I am talking to my colleagues as well) why doctors are the most effective lethal weapon that’s causing the most human deaths and suffering?

Please, use the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) and cleanse your blood and your cells, and reprogram your genetic expression according to your autopilot of health.

If you still do not believe that such a simple protocol can heal you and prevent viral epidemics, at least do one of the known oxygenation methods to reduce your toxic load to be able to cope with what’s coming.

In any case, pay attention to what’s happening, learn as much truth as possible so that you can control your fear.

If you are a religious person, have faith and focus on positivity, love, and helping those people that you can help.

We are going to go through this with flying colors. The more toxic is your mind, the more you are going to suffer.

What will ease this experience is your compassion, humility, love, and gratitude.

Love and light to us all.

Did your health suddenly deteriorate?

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Many people are noticing that they do not feel that good lately.

Most people feel chronically tired and feel as if their heads are being compressed.

Some people that thought that their health is perfect, now experience discomfort realizing that there is something wrong.

Some of my clients and friends are surprised to see some of their old health issues returning and new issues appearing while they are continuing to eat healthy and hydrating.

What is going on? Is the virus returning, is it on steroids?

I have been asked by a friend what is he doing wrong? He eats much healthier than some of his friends and they do not experience problems that he does.

This is not surprising.

This is to be expected and the Cabal knew what is going to be happening in the year 2020 and especially in September, October, and November of this year.

This is why the Crown virus plan-demic was unleashed.

They had counted on it from the time they put the Bible together and had included it as one of their prophecies. It is a part of The Rapture but as we can see, the Rapture is not happening, we have stopped manifesting and we are now in post Rapture times.

We have passed the prophesized Armageddon and we are in the uncharted territory of unplanned future.

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How did the Cabal know about this?

I do not want to dive into this subject because there are people who research this topic more than I ever did and if you are interested, listen to David Icke.

I just want you to be aware of more occult things so that you understand better what is going on.

The more we know, the more we understand and this helps us to control our fear.

Our mind is afraid of the unknown, this is why the virus was chosen to be the ultimate bogeyman. Nobody understands it, especially the doctors, which creates a perpetual opportunity for misinterpretation and falsehood. “As long as the doctor said it, it must be true”. Really?

If it is not the virus, what is the reason why so many people feel sickly these days?

Again, without the quantum understanding, we are lost. No wonder that doctors are lost, they have no knowledge of quantum mechanics.

Our body is an electronic robot and it is governed by the laws of physics and not the laws of chemistry as we are being misinformed in the school.

Our galaxy is now in a particular place of the universe where it is exposed to higher frequencies.

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As I have explained before, our genes are blueprints that instruct our cells how to behave in a particular field of frequencies that surrounds them.

As the frequency of the cellular environment changes so does change the gene activation/genome. This ensures the survival of the cell/organism in this new environment of frequencies that surrounds them.

Not only that the frequencies have risen, there is a particular planetary positioning taking place which creates an additional vibratory change that is related to our emotionally energetic vibrational field.

Any sudden change of vibration of their environment our cells sense as being toxic. When we ingest something toxic, we become sick and throw up. So do our cells.

The more toxicity there is within our cells, the more stuff will come out from them and further pollute the cellular environment by changing the environment of the blood/plasma that surrounds the cells.

In my previous articles, I have mentioned that not every frequency is processed and presented in the form of matter. Those frequencies that create our emotions, for example, cannot be seen but they affect the cellular environment the same as any other toxic frequency and it will result in the same cellular reaction as if a chemical toxin would have been in question.

This means that the way you react towards some event will create an emotion that can be toxic to your cells and your body.

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Since we are talking about electromagnetic frequencies, they will leave an imprint in the environment which will stay there until it is consciously erased.

This means that we have to consciously focus on the issue first, we say that the emotion has to come to the surface.

Only after it had surfaced it can be consciously erased/let go.

Allow, accept, and let go.

Many of these emotional imprints are lingering in our genetic chain and in our tissues, and we are unaware of their existence because we are not focusing on them. We are not acknowledging them.

The toxic emotions are frequencies of low vibration. As the frequency of our environment rises, our genes are exposed to high frequencies and genetic reprogramming is taking place.

Since there is always a time-laps between the frequency change and the genetic response, our cells react as if they are being poisoned with these new frequencies.

Now, since the frequency of our environment is rising, all of the low vibrating energetic imprints are surfacing and affecting everyone.

Some people are incapable of coping with these energetic changes, some people do not want any change to take place, and some people are welcoming those changes, allowing them to take place and willingly raise their own vibration.

Depending on which way we respond to those changes, the symptoms of the change will be experienced.

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For example, what is happening to me?

The same as other people I am loaded with unresolved emotional imprints and I have noticed that when I eat chocolate that has a strong toxin in the form of glyphosate which is a part of the soy lecithin that is used to make the chocolate smooth, my body goes into a cleansing mode.

When I ingest it, I immediately feel that something is not right and during the night the cleansing kicks in and in the morning comes diarrhea but this toxic energy, the same as the virus or bacteria, create the forced cellular hydration/inflammation so that the cellular purging can occur and I get a low-grade fever and muscle pain.

This one toxic frequency has triggered many other toxic energetic imprints to be released to the surface. Instead of grabbing medicinal/toxic remedies to counter this process and keep it locked in my body, I allow it to continue.

This is exactly how medicinal remedies stimulate the cleansing process of our body.

I surrender, acknowledge it, and let it go.

Then I provide my body with plenty of plasma so that it can do the cleansing and in three days I feel like a new person.

Many pains and aches are directly related to those emotional imprints because they cause energetic barriers. Our body cannot raise its frequency unless those toxic frequencies are released and eliminated.

frozen stress response | Author Becky Johnen

We have to cleanse if we want to raise our vibration and this has nothing to do wit eating vegetables as the vegetables are more toxic than the meat.

We are all going to eat much less and we are going to cleanse to be able to survive in this new environment of high frequencies.

The more we fight/resist it, the more pain we are going to experience. Either we follow our planet or we are going to be left behind.

Again, the Self Healers Protocol can help us to go through this process peacefully knowing what is going on and accepting to change.

Love and light to us all.

Instantly developed allergies

How does tick bite looks like on human (pimple) - YouTube

Many people have experienced becoming all of a sudden allergic to something that they had never been allergic to before.

Is it possible that an allergy can develop literally in minutes, and remain forever?

Like this video that was sent to me by my friend Peter shows, this is possible.

This video is talking about an allergy to a particular type of sugar that we encounter in red meat.

Once allergic, we are told that we are going to remain allergic for the rest of our lives and this does not have to be so.

Instead of focusing on the sugar Alpha galactose which is a chemical compound, we are going to perceive it the same way as our cells do, as the energy of particular vibration.

Although our body does not use it, we do receive it through many types of food because alpha galactose is present in almost every type of meat and animal products, but also in some plants people eat.

If we have been receiving it and had no problems, this means that our body can decompose it (restructure or digest it).

For this purpose, our body requires an enzyme we call glycoside hydrolase.

The followers of my work are familiar with it as it was renamed into Nagalase to better confuse us when cancer is in question.

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Now the question is, if we can manipulate this chemical/frequency, why all of a sudden we no longer tolerate it, and can we correct this, or are we doomed forever?

Something has been done that has made slight changes in the sugar frequency, and the enzyme can no longer manipulate this type of sugar which causes an immediate reaction of the body to expel it.

In the case of a tick bite, a slightly deviated energy was injected into the body and every molecule that has a closely resonating frequency in the body became affected/infected by it.

Since this altered frequency came from a tick and can adapt to the human body, it has to have genes. To have genes it has to have its own protein and we can identify it as a bacteria.

This means that for people to develop a tick influenced allergy to animal products that contain the Alpha galactose, the tick must have been infected with a particular bacteria/frequency.

Once this bacteria/frequency is in our body, it will prevent the body from processing the Alpha galactose.

Since alpha galactose is not something that our body requires and produces, we are not going to be affected negatively with this bacteria/frequency in our body until we bring the Alpha glycoside into the body through the food we eat.

This means that to remain symptom-free and infected, we can no longer consume things that contain Alpha galactose.

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Since doctors do not know how to rid the body from this bacteria/frequency, infected people remain intolerant/allergic to this type of sugar for the rest of their lives.

Becoming infected through tick bite is not the only way we can develop an instantaneous allergy.

!8 years ago in a restaurant I was served a steak. A couple of hours later the symptoms of food poisoning emerged becoming stronger and stronger. I was on my yacht and the vomiting became continuous with nothing more to throw out.

My wife had a vaginal suppository as the only antibiotic available so I gabled it down.

Soon the vomiting stopped and I have gradually started to feel better.

After this incident, I became allergic to beef.

First I could not even look at it, and later, even when the taste for a steak lured me into eating it, the stomach pain had returned together with diarrhea. For years I could not eat beef as this slight deviation of the correct beef frequency was stuck in the energetic field of my body and was interpreted by my brain as being toxic and was rejected by my body.

I thought that this was forever but miraculously after I did the Self Healers Protocol, this allergic reaction of my body to beef has gone away.

Now I can enjoy my T-bone steak again.

T-Bone Steak Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image: 4793825

Later, I have noticed that everyone who had followed the SHP has healed themselves from every allergic problem they were initially suffering from.

This is what prompted me into thinking that what we are being told about an autoimmune reaction is incorrect.

Converting chemicals and matter into frequency makes it much simpler and easier to grasp the overall picture of what is going on, and it makes it way easier to find a solution to the problem than converting everything into chemical and pinpointing what chemical does what and in which circumstances so that antidote can be concocted.

This is the reason why all of the new medical healing processes are based on the frequency and not on chemicals.

This frequency is applied through a sound, light, odor, and electromagnetic field.

Since here we are talking about changing, modifying toxic frequencies, and not about expelling them out of the body, no purging symptoms are created and this means no swelling and pain need to be experienced during the healing process.


This information is very valuable especially at this time when we are all going through strong energetic changes.

Our genome is changing but not the way as we are being told by our professors. A gene is never missing. It is, or it is not, active.

What activates the gene is the frequency that this gene resonates with.

This is important to know because when the doctor tells us that the gene that activates an enzyme is missing, meaning nothing can be done here, it is all wrong.

When the gene is inactivated and we have a health problem because of it, often a simple change in frequency can activate the necessary gene and the health problem is gone.

Ain’t that something!

Welcome to the disclosure, my friends and family.

Love and light to us all.

The mind creates reality

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Whenever the Big Pharma or its alternative promoters of the “natural” supplement industry are promoting their bogus products, they reach for science to do their bidding.

“If you want to be healthy and have a long life, buy our Resveratrol tablets.

The Resveratrol will extend the telomeres and keep you healthy and young forever”, claims the Big Pharma.

The “health-oriented” alternative industry with their supplement market will warn you: “do not get the toxic pharmaceutical product. Get it from us, it is all-natural and you can get it by ingesting our 100% natural cacao powder, our peanut butter, and our red wine”.

Then the science is introduced that”proves” how the Resveratrol promotes the growth of telomeres.

Of course, the genetic pool has to be included, after all, those demons who can afford it are drinking the blood of young children so that a young genetic material is readily available to keep the body young.

So, is it the telomeres, or is it the young genetic material?

Who cares. None of them are keeping anybody young anyway. It is all just a theory on paper that is called the scientific study but the results do not support any of it.

Followers of my work know that the telomeres maintain their length, they just curl up in a tight curl or they extend themselves by releasing this curl.

The tightness of the curl is dependent on the toxic load in the environment and no amount of Resveratrol will make any difference. The supplements are all laced with toxic elements which make the claims of the supplement pushers 100% false.

The relaxed telomeres will be able to sense a greater range of frequencies which will provide more information to the cell. Those telomeres will relax in a clean environment.

The reality that we experience depends on the manifestation and not on the size of the telomeres although one can improve the action of the other.

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I wrote many articles on the topic of aging incorporating the quantum mechanics to be able to explain how things work, and now we have a schooled scientist Gregg Braden explaining how the science is proving things that have been known but could not be proven before.

Being a scientist, Gregg has the handicaps of schooled/indoctrinated lies which I will correct. If you are interested in how our mind works and what is this reality of ours, watch this video below I will mention my corrections to better clarify the subject.

All of this information is geared to reprogram your brain and prepare you for the upcoming times of instant manifestation, health, and indefinite lifespan.

The basic error is made when photons are classified to be a part of the quantum field.

In the realm of quantum physics, everything there is just energy represented through various frequencies/vibrations.

Light is the ultimate product of the quantum field but in it, it exists only in the form of waves.

For the light to transform itself into a particle called photon, a program has to be implemented that will transform those programmed frequencies into particles.

The basic particle of all matter is the basic particle of light we call photon.

Since all forms of matter are formed from photons, everything we experience is nothing more than the light itself.

The first experiment that is mentioned proves how our existing DNA manipulates the photons in replicating the existing impulse. The photons will place themselves according to the existing electromagnetic impulse of the DNA that was provided into the test tube.

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The second experiment talks about the telomeres and it proves what I had mentioned years ago. Telomeres do not shorten themselves with age (the cellular proliferation as we are being told in school), they curl up, and only appear to be shorter.

A clean environment and, positive energy, will relax those curls and extend the telomeres.

The emotional energies have a big influence on our environment and on the state of the telomeres. This is why ingesting the blood of young children has no effect on longevity since the toxic mind and body of the recipient will immediately curl the telomeres and no amount of Resveratrol or young fresh DNA will make any difference.

Since our thoughts are electromagnetic impulses, they can create structuring of photons which creates the physical manifestation of those impulses.

They create our reality.

This is explained through the famous experiment we call the double-slit experiment.

Ultimately, the photons will create an imprint that is expected by the participant/observer/creator.

The double-slit experiment proves that what happens in our reality is strictly related to what our mind expects will happen according to the information that is provided, and the installed program that will interpret the incoming information.

The science is proving that “the greater the amount of “watching”, the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place.”

This means that the science is now aware of the fact that the more information/opinion we have about the matter in question, the more precise will be the result.

We are actually experiencing that what we believe is taking place.

We are manifesting our expectation that is based on the accepted program/truth and the incoming new information.


In the first experiment, Gregg mentions that in the vacuum there are randomly placed photons. There are actually no photons there until the participant/creator creates them through his expectation.

No monitor/participant/creator, no photons, period.

The participant/creator creates everything and presents it through the particles of light as the reality of its creation.

Since we are capable of creating, we are the creators of our reality and our imagination puts the limit on our creativity.

Every time we are told not to do something or not to think in this way, we are being limited in our creativity and prevented from expending our reality.

On the other side, when we are told that a Coronavirus is present and spreading through the air, we are being programmed to manifest those things but scientifically this is not proven. No virus RNA was ever found and this creates sufficient doubt to prevent its actual manifestation.

Many people are falling sick just because they believe that they are being infected. This is what we call the nocebo effect which is the opposite of the placebo effect.

Since fewer and fewer people are falling for this false fear-mongering, no actual pandemic was created and false positives are used all over the place.

This obvious cheating is making it possible for at least some doctors to wake up and start realizing that they have been fooled. Once doubt is established, the mind starts accepting the new information and awakening takes place.

COVID-19 Caption Contest Winners

Welcome to disclosure my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.