Health&Disease it is all just a VIBRATION

Before we go into quantum healing, we have to refresh our knowledge of the quantum process of the creation.

As the Bible reveals, first there was the darkness. The darkness symbolizes a dormant field of energy which we can symbolically replace with a calm ocean.

Then there was the sound and the sound was God.

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Love and light to us all.

It is time to tap into QUANTUM HEALING

With this blog, we are going to start tapping into the new understanding of our health and how to achieve it.

We have to learn how things function on the quantum level so that we can understand what is health really and how to heal and maintain a healthy body utilizing nothing else but our mind.

The knowledge is given to me through the ayahuasca ceremonies when I am connected to the spirit from beyond the veil.

As a 4-year-old child I started experimenting with unusual things.

For example, I became interested in how does one feel when they are not thinking.

So I often found myself trying to calm my mind focusing on emptiness.

Now, this is not something young kids think about.

Obviously, I have received a message and I acted upon it.

Later on, in the high school and in the University, I was focusing on manifestation realizing that without fate, manifestation is impossible.

My education (remembering) is in progress and as new things become revealed to me, I will continue informing you further.

Step by step, my understanding grew and more profound revelations started appearing.

More and more information was given to me and every new revelation brought many more questions with it.

Since most tips that I have received were contrary to what I have learned in the school, I started experimenting. I had to know the truth.

At first, I felt confused, afraid to talk about what I had discovered. Who am I to contradict my professors and prominent scientists and just as the doubt started to take over, an article would be sent my way, a confirmation came from somewhere else and my fears started to diminish. My confidence grew and step by step I became bolder and bolder. The fear was gone being replaced by fate.

My new teacher was the spirit itself and now I know that this was always supposed to be this way.

I have learned the truth about our nutrition and even when old knowledge is pushing its wisdom and the Ayurveda doctors confront me, I do not budge because there are no versions of the truth. Truth is one and the same for all of us.

Yes, we are all different but the body is a robot and this robot is programmed in the same way for everybody. The basic program that allows it to survive is the same for all of us.

This program tells us that to procreate, we have to copulate. To live we have to eat, drink, and breath.

The emotions are making us smiling when we are happy, crying when we are sad and fighting when we are in danger or upset.

What makes us different is the way we react to things around us.

Every one of us has a purpose and our experiences revolve around it.

We learn through those experiences. This is what makes us different. This is the real school where the real knowledge is being revealed to us.

Often we become trapped into worshiping someone because we start trusting them completely in everything they say, and everything they do. This is not a good thing because there is not one human being that has the complete knowledge of it all, otherwise, he/she would no longer be here with us.

Once I heard a channeler Barbara Marciniac saying how we had spoiled everything and now even the food of the gods is no longer healthy for us to eat.

The food of gods she is mentioning refers to grain and she does not realize that the grain was the food that was used by the fallen angels (the gods) to dumbs down humans and to shorten their lifespan.

Grain was never meant to be eaten by us and the Nephilim (the fallen angels or the gods) certainly did not eat it. They ate meat, human meat included.

As I started to share my newly acquired understanding, people who were ready, used it and most of them have healed. I began to think about how finally I have discovered my purpose. The reason for my being here at this crucial time in human history but when I asked my higher self if this was my purpose, I was disappointed with the answer. My innate responded with clear NO.

I was confused but I continued learning from my spirit who instructed me to go to Peru.

I was surprised and hesitated for a couple of years until the spirit made the decision for me by destroying the yacht I was living on which prevented me to follow my intuition (the voice of my spirit).

I was told that I will meet here someone who will be important for my further growth.

Soon-after my arrival here to Tarapoto Peru I was introduced to a tiny blond French lady by the name of Christine.

Christine is a spiritual woman that gives lessons in yoga and does chakra alignments. She was married until recently to a medicine man and learned to perform ayahuasca ceremonies but stopped to do those ceremonies as she was going through some rough times herself.

When I got to know Christine better I asked her to hold an ayahuasca ceremony. After a year or so, finally she did and the bond between us just got stronger as she became an invaluable asset to my learning at the present time.

Every ceremony is a new lesson that builds upon the previous one and as I am learning (remembering) I am submitting my body as a robot it is to do marvelous things helping cleansing not only myself and people who are involved in the ceremony but my friends and family who need some boost, and the planet Earth as well.

We are all here for a purpose. Find your purpose. I finally found mine and the realization of it is breathtaking.

Now we are helping one another and together we are helping our beloved planet.

I was shown how our palms and fingers release frequencies which our senses realize as scent and flavors.

Depending on the frequencies your body has absorbed or the frequencies that are persisting in our body, the smell and taste changes.

Our body (robot) deciphers all of those scents and tastes through our innate (the consciousness of our material body, our cells).

Our innate sees them only as energy in various frequencies and usually does nothing with them but we can consciously instruct the innate not only to eliminate those frequencies from our body, we can instruct our innate to physically transform those frequencies.

Most healers of the past eliminated the bad frequencies but those frequencies remained in the space often harming the healer itself or they attached themselves to someone else because they were not transformed or erased.

Now we are being instructed to change those energies so that those bad frequencies become eliminated forever. The final and total cleansing of distorted frequencies. No one will be able to pick them up or absorb them unintentionally again.

In the following blog, I will explain the process so that whoever is willing can use it to heal and help others. Our planet needs our help so feel free to get involved especially if you are a healer and would like to transform bad frequencies instead just releasing them endangering your own health.

Now is the time to get involved and if you want to do more, come to Peru and be a part of this marvelous noble process.

Love and light to us all.

The great PARADOX

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I will be publishing it paragraph after a paragraph and we will see how far we can get

I frequently remind my friends and family, please, do not refer to me as a doctor.

Now, more than ever it becomes obvious that what looks white is actually black.

What is presented as a solution is actually creating a problem.

What is promoted as being good, is, in reality, bad, and what is advertised as medicine is actually a poison.

Here we come to the title of medical doctor and it does not take much to realize that doctors are groomed to be the messengers of misinformation and nest from which diseases are manufactured, nourished and spread.

The last person to ask for health advice is a licensed health professional, doctors included.

Why do I say this?

To become licensed, you have to go through the rigors of total brainwashing which we call schooling. It takes years to become brainwashed sufficiently to embrace the lies as truths, and when this is achieved you get your professional license.

Since what you know is in fact lies, you have become a professional liar and broadcaster of misinformation.

More of this broadcasting you do, your title changes and you become a teacher or professor.

If you think that I am exaggerating, I will give you some obvious examples which you can easily verify yourself.

For example, the most obvious misinformation (lie) is that our body cannot regulate the levels of salinity so if we intake too much of salt, we will create problems in our health such as are hypertension, swelling and water retention.

This is what we are being told, and this is what health professional are repeating like parrots.

Every client being it a native from the jungle or the sophisticated, the super-educated medical doctor will repeat the same when I tell them that they need to consume more salt, “what about my blood pressure?” they will ask.

How difficult is it to verify this information?

All we have to do is to taste a drop of our urine, then eat some salt and taste our urine again. Everyone can do it. No equipment is necessary to do this test, yet nobody bothers to check it out.

The sad thing is that our health providers are least likely to do this test because they “know the truth”. They have been taught by experts in the field and no matter what results they will find, they will not change their opinion because it is not about what you can see for yourself. It is all about what you have been told.

When a healthy person consumes a lot of salt (not refined sea salt is the salt I am referring to), Their blood pressure does not increase, they do not show the signs of inflammation or water retention.

All that happens is that the thirst increases because the body needs more water so that it can eliminate the surplus. We urinate more, and the urine becomes very salty. Sadly, we believe that drinking more water creates hypertension and water retention because we have been told so by experts.

There we go, the lie that our body cannot regulate its salinity goes right into the toilet, but try to convince the doctor! Good luck with it.

The next “truth” we can easily disprove is the fact about cholesterol.

Whenever I mention how eating eggs and pork is a healthy thing to do, the first question is “and what about my cholesterol levels?”

Cholesterol is produced in our body according to the cellular demand and has nothing to do with what you eat at the moment.

If your cells demand more cholesterol because they need it, your body will provide it no matter what you eat. Many vegetarians suffer from high cholesterol but the first thing that the doctor will warn you when your cholesterol levels are elevated is not to eat eggs and pork.

If you want to see it for yourself, have your blood tested for cholesterol and then you go and have a meal with eggs or pork and have yourself retested.

You will see that the cholesterol levels remain the same or in fact, they can start decreasing.

It all depends on the reason why did your cells demand more cholesterol. Often the liver is summoned to produce cholesterol because the diet is low on fats and the cells have to defend themselves from the insulin.

Our cells have to get energy from something. We are programmed to use fat for this purpose but vegetarians reprogram their cells to use glucose. Glucose stimulates insulin production and insulin irritates our cells. So the cells need to protect themselves by reinforcing their membranes. Since the membranes are made of cholesterol, more cholesterol is needed.

Since vegetarians do not have fat in their food, their intestines cannot produce the needed cholesterol so the job is given to the liver.

The liver will convert glucose into fat and it will bond it to protein producing the cholesterol.

By eating more fat, we diminish the role of glucose and less cholesterol is requested by our cells and the blood cholesterol levels start to go down.

This is easily verified but no-one is even trying.

Now, this leads us to the most important lie of them all. A lie that is the cause of over 2000 genetic errors in the human body and that is the lie about the glucose.

Throughout our education, we are being told that our cells need glucose to be able to make energy.

In the medical school the emphasis when the Krebs or the citric acid circle is being explained, the glucose is used as an example even when the fat is being processed in the same cycle.

We are being brainwashed how glucose is the necessary energy sours and fats are being barely mentioned. The fact that our body cannot store glucose and the surplus of glucose is being transformed into fat before storing it become completely ignored by our scientific experts.

Why does our body store so much fat? This question is asked but the true facts are ignored because our science is providing us with fake information and purposefully we are being lead to false beliefs and useless knowledge. A knowledge of lies paraded as truths.

We are living in a great PARADOX of all times where all that we hear from the trusted professionals are lies and deceits. They are spread through schools, media, the entertainment industry, and your trusted experts.

The only truth is what you experience yourself but when our health is in question, we are too scared to trust ourselves and since the body has to readjust to its environment, changes we make will result often with unpleasantness which we confuse with a negative reaction of our body to the change.

To be able to see the changes one has to stick to certain protocol for t least a month before they can voice their judgment. This gives enough time for genetic adjustment and the results became noticeable.

Often even the smallest mistake may interfere with the result and this is why I strongly recommend everyone to be guided by someone who is experienced with this process.

We are here to experience and not to read or listen about experiences of others.

What you experience is the truth.

If you are given a medication that makes you feel bad, this is your experience so why do you go back for more?

Because you are brainwashed and in fear. You do not trust yourself and you blindly follow instructions because this is how you are programmed to react. You are a slave of the system

Unless you wake up, you are gone.

Please, please, please, open your eyes, your mind, and your heart.

Love and light to us all.

Obesity, the manufactured health issue.

Is there any problem with obesity?

Scientists make of it a big issue because they blame the obesity for our health problems.

I pointed many times that it is not the obesity that makes people sick, it is the type of food we eat that creates our health problems including obesity as one of them.

Now the “experts” are debating that if we could find out what makes our pets fat, maybe we could solve the problem why humans are getting fatter than ever before?

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Love and light to us all.

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Love and light my brothers an sisters

We have come to a sad point of a total control. It is here for everyone to see.

Love and cooperation will save us so do not forget to help the one in need. More you share, the more you will receive.

Above all, share your love.

Welcome to the year of the great change!

I was hoping for those changes to come last year but they were delayed again. The delay has its benefits and those are less destruction and lower loss of human lives that this change is bringing.

The more time we have, the more people can awake and be saved.

The truth is seeping out and those willing to accept it and change has a great opportunity to benefit from it and advance.

Since our environment is changing on its vibratory level, there will be changes in the whole structure of the matter and the three-dimensional world around us.