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Here we are again. Another year has passed by but things are a bit different.

For many years I am talking about the change, the awakening of people and the realization that we have been had and enslaved.

I was hoping and expecting for the awakening to be faster and for the liberation to come sooner because it was so obvious to me what is going on, but it took some awesome people to control this event and make the transition bloodless.

Yes, we could have been freed sooner but on what cost?

Just imagine if D. J. Trump would have ordered the imprisonment of Hill., Pel, Obamer, Bid…and a score of others as soon as he was elected.

This would have spurt a great conflict within the country and many mislead people would have fought to save those evil crooks.

It took masters to take us peacefully through the shift and more time was given to many to wake up and realize what is going on.

I wish you all a great awakening in the New Year of 20/20.

The changes will now be visible for everyone to see and experience.

Suppressed technology will start to role out and lies will give way to truth.

The political system will be changed and only then we can expect the collapse of the pharmaceutical fake industry, and yes, it will crash hard.

This is why we have to become aware of the fact that drugs are not helping anyone and the sooner we get rid of them the better it will be especially for those who think that they are dependent on them.

drug addiction cartoon

Everyone that follows my work is aware of this fact and none of those who follow the self healers protocol are using any medicinal remedy no matter how sick and dependent on drugs they were before starting the protocol.

As far as they are concerned, the pharmaceutical industry can disappear today.

Have fun, enjoy celebrating this New Year and the following articles will be geared to self-empowerment, brain reprogramming, and manifestation which will all be leading to self-healing and rejuvenation skipping the dreadful symptoms of blood detoxification.

Hilno and I wish you a fabulous celebration and welcoming of the year of change.


Love and light to us all

Is a poor blood circulation the cause of claudication?

Older people are prone to having a problem with their blood circulation.

When the blood circulation becomes interfered with, not enough water, magnesium, electrolytes, and oxygen reaches the muscles which will result in an inflammation which causes pain.

One of the most common causes of poor blood flow in elderly people is arteriosclerosis.

As usually, the cholesterol is wrongly being blamed and people are being told not to eat animal-based fats and meat, especially the red meat is being bashed.

Since we are being brainwashed into accepting that the fat we eat turns into cholesterol that sediments on the arterial wall and restricts the blood flow, avoiding to ea such food would make a perfect sense.

It is unfortunate that doctors do not use the same logic when glucose is in question, here they would be right on target, but as far as the plague goes, they are way off.

When I have mentioned the electric characteristics of our body, I have explained that our blood vessels are polarized. They are + on the inside and – on the outside.

I have also mentioned that all blood particles carry + magnetic charge.

This means that as long as there is a good strong magnetic field present in the body, the blood particles will repel one from the other and they will all repel from the wall of our blood vessels.

How do we know that we have a strong electromagnetic field?

We feel full of energy, eager to move and to work.

When we feel sluggish, tired and sleepy, our electromagnetic potential is low.

Elderly people do feel sleepy and sluggish because they are toxic and their electromagnetic potential is low.

Today, ever younger people feel as if they are old because our environment is increasingly becoming more and more toxic and so is our food. We are consuming too many pesticide-laced carbohydrates and vegetables but we are told to blame the meat instead.

It is always the same tactic, put the blame on the good stuff and let the poison slide by undetected, or glorify it. This will prevent people to object because nobody wants to be ridiculed.

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Publish a couple of fake studies and spread them through the media and the “truth” is sealed.

So what causes the narrowing of blood vessels, their obstruction, and brittleness?

The experts are telling us that the influencing factors are; smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, age factor and family history (genetic markers).

Everyone that follows my work knows that a symptom could never be the cause of another symptom and excluding the smoking factor, all of the other things that are mentioned are just symptoms of a toxic body and therefore, they cannot be the cause of the problem.

High blood pressure can be actually caused by rigid sclerotic arteries and not the other way around.

So let me explain what is actually going on.

Toxic blood becomes the cause of cellular dehydration and acidity.

Acidic cells cannot hold the electric charge so a drop of the electromagnetic potential reduces the strength of the magnetic field and blood particles start to couch each other and they start touching the wall of the blood vessels.

At the same time, the constant need for alkaline buffers because of the diet loaded with dietary glucose is forcing the bones to donate their buffer and bones cannot sediment calcium back into the bone. This increases the calcium blood levels and since blood maintains its alkalinity but the magnetic field is weak, the calcium start sedimenting onto the wall of blood vessels causing blood vessels rigidity we call the arteriosclerosis.

Closeup view of cholesterol plaque in blood vessel — Stock Photo

Rigid arteries will easily rupture which will cause the change in polarity and adhesion of blood particles including cholesterol causing narrowing of blood vessels we call the arterial plaque.

Now we come back to the question, “is a poor blood circulation the cause of claudication?”

The poor blood circulation and claudication are symptoms of a toxic body so one cannot be the cause of the other.

Both of those problems are caused by the wrong diet and the lack of plasma (water and minerals) in the extracellular fluid.

The major problem is the increased levels of acidity which are caused not by us consuming meat.

Instead, the acidity increase is the direct result of a diet loaded with dietary carbohydrates (processed and cooked vegetables).

I have seen a relief of pain after10 day hydration with plasma as the acid levels subsided but since old people are in question, the damages could be severe and it takes time for those people to recover, but they will recover eventually if they continue hydrating with plasma and if they correct their diet so that their gene expression normalizes and a healing takes place.

As you can see, no medicinal remedies of any kind are necessary and in the matter of fact, medicinal remedies will prevent the healing process from occurring because of their own toxicity.

It is time to say goodbye to medicinal poisons.

The healing process is slow when it is done the usual way, dependent on chemical reactions.

We can speed up this process indefinitely by reaching directly into the field of energy. We call this a quantum healing.

What can take months and years to heal after we correct our diet and hydrate, can be healed in just minutes by utilizing the healing

energies and to be able to participate in quantum healing we have to reprogram our mind and our brain.

This is the reason why I was posting articles on quantum mechanics so that you become aware of other possibilities and now is the time to take this seriously because our future depends on it.

Start thinking quantum. Anything is possible if we allow it to happen.

Love and light to us all.

Happy Holiday Season

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I hope that you have placed some great gifts under the tree for your love-ones.

Giving brings more joy than receiving once you become free, and free we are becoming as the political system crashes down.

A political system is the vehicle of enslavement and bigger the government becomes, the more oppressive it is and more human suffering it causes.

We cannot be free until we destroy the political system.

More than anywhere else, we can feel the oppression through the implementations of false science. This especially goes for medical and pharmaceutical science.

It is against the Natural Law to force another human being to do things he/she does not want to do.

Why does one have to go to school if they do not want to?

Why does one have to accept vaccines against their will?

Why is one being forced to accept a chemo-poisoning if they do not want it?

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The time of freedom is here.

The governments are falling and the time of bliss is upon us.

There is plenty to celebrate.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it.

For those of us who eat the food of God and do not drink alcohol, if you decide to have champagne to celebrate with, or wine, scotch… use your knowledge so that you do not get drunk with the first sip of alcohol.

Since your cellular osmotic pump is strong, a lot of alcohol will enter your cells before the cellular hydration can be stopped. This will make you drunk quickly and on a small amount of alcohol.

For you to avoid this from happening, first take a sniff of alcohol and wait 10 minutes for your cells to slow down the cellular osmotic pump.

Then take a very small sip of alcohol and wait another 5-10 minutes. After that, your cellular osmotic pump has stopped and no cellular hydration is going on.

Now you can start drinking your wine and you will be resilient to the alcohol as if you would be drinking alcohol daily.

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Alcohol does not just stop the cellular hydration and dehydrates us on the cellular level.

Since alcohol is a toxin, the body will want to eliminate it from the blood as fast as possible so it will induce a diuretic effect. This will dehydrate the blood and cause headaches.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you drink water either after every glass of alcoholic beverage or several glasses of water before going to bed.

Even better it is to add some sea salt to the water you drink.

This raises the level of plasma in your blood and allows cleansing to go on without creating headaches.

As far as the forbidden fruit goes, do not worry about getting your gene expression out of whack.

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Since you are eating the food of God, your sugar absorption is low. This means that no matter how much pasta you stuff in your face and how many cakes you eat, you will absorb just a minimal amount of dietary glucose and no harm to your gene expression will be done.

You may experience stomach pain as you bloat up and diarrhea as your body expels the toxic stuff but that will be all.

This is why if you chose to join the feast, do not worry about getting out of the state of ketosis your bodies are in. It takes a long time for the body to raise the sugar absorption to the level that will cause changes in the gene expression of your body.

Remember it is never the amount. It is the repetitive presence that causes harm.

The most important thing is not to feel guilty for breaking your rules because the feeling of guilt will cause more harm than the food itself.

So make sure that you are enjoying yourself and if there is a shadow of guilt hanging over you than better do not break your rules.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and let God be with you.

Love and light to us all.

Dark to light.

Going deep with deep learning: Martech insights, action ...

The separation has occurred. Some people believe everything they are being served by their government and their superiors, and some people awoke and by connecting with their consciousness can see the truth.

All those nonsensical laws that have nothing to do with wright or wrong have been put in place to misinform us and to make us docile and submissive.

The c hierarchy was put in place to control us and children are forced to enter the brainwashing and misinformation system of “schools” at an ever earlier age so that their brains become useless instruments of obedience.

We can see how the political structure is falling apart and soon people will become aware of the most destructive system on this planet which is the pharmaceutical/medical complex that is falsely promoted as a science of health.

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Those of you following my work know that the real culprit to all of our diseases is the body’s toxicity.

You are also aware that the medicinal effect is achieved through a toxic reaction so every medicinal remedy, natural or pharmaceutical is actually toxic.

A report came out stating that in 2011, doctors in the USA wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs. Which is an average of roughly 13 prescriptions for each man, woman, and child.


This is just the statistics about the prescription drugs, there are no statistics on the over the counter drugs that almost every American is gulping daily.

When we take into consideration that medicinal remedies are way more toxic than the most toxic food on the market, you can realize the level of poisoning the pharmaceutical/medical complex is doing.

Now you can understand when I state that doctors are killing more people than all of the wars and all of the accidents that occur yearly on this planet.

doctor-patient relationships cartoon

Mind you, these statistics do not include the poisoning being done through the vaccination, the fumigation, and medical “errors”.

I have placed the errors in quotes because every medical treatment is an error since it is not aimed towards healing but only focuses on the symptom suppression and further pollutes the body accelerating its demise.

The article has revealed that proximately 100 thousand deaths are caused by prescription drugs in the USA every year. In my opinion, every life that ends in pain was caused by the doctor’s incompetence and almost every human experiences pain during his/her last days on this planet if not much earlier than that.

For those of you who are not familiar with my work and think that I am exaggerating, read this article, please,


For years this unfortunate woman was medicated and robbed of her money and health by the system that has no clue about the subject of their expertise and even after a “success” was achieved and a child was conceived, doctors are praised for their “special” skills and a deep understanding of the human body when all that the patient needed was a proper hydration and a correction of her diet.

Free Cartoon Pregnancy

How little do doctors know was demonstrated to me recently by my friend whose daughter had poisoned herself by the hair dye.

She had a very bad allergic reaction to the poisonous chemicals and the swelling had severely deformed her face.

Her doctor had panicked seeing her this way and prescribed steroid creams, antihistamines and antibiotics to”cure” this young woman.

How can more poisoning be of any help? Especially antibiotics.

It was a chemical poisoning, what purpose do antibiotics serve in this case?

Their doctor was telling them that if they do not use those poisons (medications), the swelling can get worse and affect her daughter’s breathing.

What ignorance and poor understanding of the human body.

Fortunately, my friends had more confidence in what I have suggested and by increased hydration and the usage of the blood electrifier the swelling was brought down and no further poisoning was done.

The blind trust in the system and the fear we are subjected to are making it difficult for people to resist and accept the new information.

The system is fighting for its survival so more toxic drugs are being promoted and the scared public is lining up for another poisoning act. Just look at the price of it.

A yearly treatment with Trikafta in the US is being estimated at 311 thousand dollars per person.

This is for each year of treatment assuming that the patient survives longer than a year on this poison, and all that is needed is hydration and a change of the diet.

Rising Medical Costs in India and the Doctor’s Advice

As you can see, no change can save this system other than a total collapse and creation of something new.

Since the corrupt political system is placed to guard the financial and medical shenanigans, the collapse of the political system has to occur first, and it is wonderful to see this unraveling as we speak.

Dark to light moment is upon us. Just wait for the avalanche to start rolling. The snow is melting, it’s about to happen.

Love and light to us all.

Welcome to the New Earth.

Lady universe that holds the world. Earth provided by Nasa. Lady universe that holds and protects the world. Earth provided by Nasa royalty free stock images

Whenever we start a new project, we use a blank piece of paper.

Why do we do this?

Because the new project will be something New, not related to the previous thing we have been doing so we do not want to be destructed with the old.

If you had been fishing with your fishing rod from your boat and decided to go spearfishing next, you do not take your fishing rod with you. Everything has to change for the new experience, including the gear.

Since the driving tool of our reality is our brain, the brain has to be changed if we want to have a different reality.

Through the past quantum-based articles I have explained that our reality is the brain’s projection of the most plausible conclusion based on the provided information reinforced through our belief system.

When we open our eyes in the morning after a vivid dream, what makes the difference between the vivid dream and our reality is the fact that the brain had calculated that since we went to sleep and now awoke in the same bed, everything that has happened outside of the bed during the night was a dream because it just makes sense to the brain as the natural result of its calculation.

dream cartoon

You went to sleep and now you are awake, everything else must have been just a dream. The brain accepts what makes sense to it and projects it as our reality.

The images our brain projects are based on sacred geometry and the brain is programmed to present us those geometric patterns as images of whatever we see and feel based on this programming.

Our body will respond the same way when we participate in some action or when we think about the same action.

We can strengthen our muscles by doing exercises or by imagining doing those exercises.

For us to experience things differently we have to either change the program of the brain, or change the geometry (the frequency), or change them both.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is the way they perceive their experience.

An optimist, hey I still have a half bottle of beer left to enjoy.

A pessimist, damn, I only have a half bottle of beer left.

An optimist is in the same predicament as the pessimist but his experience is completely different from the one that the pessimist has.

pessimist cartoon

Now imagine that your brain is reprogrammed and other solutions become available to it.

For example, the brain is given the possibility to change things. This will give it another solution.

Let’s say that now another possibility becomes to refill the beer bottle by simply creating the necessary frequency making the bottle full again.

Now the optimist will say, great mi bottle is half full so I will fill it back up again whenever I feel like it.

The pessimist, damn, the bottle is half empty and what if I cannot refill it back?

As you can see, no matter of circumstances and abilities, the pessimist will never be satisfied and his experience will be always negative.

Our brain is a programmed machine controlled by two forces. One force is our conscious mind and the other force is the absence of it.

We can only be conscious in the present moment and we can focus on only one thing at a time. This leaves the body on its own because almost all the time it will be running on those accepted programs as the consciousness is being focused elsewhere.

We say that we are running on the subconscious mind.

Your cells are constantly consulting your brain how to manifest themselves and the installed programs say, “you are 50 years old, you should be bold, low on energy, feeling old with back-pain”, and cells simply manifest what this expected from them.

Once we understand how the body works we become aware that we can control every aspect of our reality but first we have to get rid of the old programs.

manifestation cartoon

This is exactly the phase many people are going through at this moment and as the number of awakened people rises, the moment of the necessary percentage is getting close for the whole humanity to experience massive awakening (the hundred monkey effect).

To everyone, proper hydration and diet will bring fast relief and improvement in the way they feel but this is no longer the most important thing to do as far as our health is concerned.

Now is the time to reprogram our brain.

We can do it by going within and consciously give new instruction to our brain but for many people, this is a difficult way.

An easier way is to go the other way around because this is how we used to deal with our reality. This is a long way and repetitions are necessary but it works and it makes a great start.

Star breaking your routines and do things every day in a different manner.

This will force your brain to start listening to your conscious mind.

The same as with everything else, the beginning will be difficult and slow but as you get into it, it will become easier as the results become visible.

For many years I was mentioning that we will not need any sophisticated equipment and hospitals for healing. Our brain can and will take care of everything as long as we understand the process and allow the reprogramming to take its place.

Why do my appointments with clients take 2 hours or longer?

Because I am giving them the necessary information the way their brain can understand it so that the reprogramming can take the place.

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Once the brain becomes comfortable with the new information, it starts manifesting things in a different way and healing takes place.

For some people, the old program is so deeply set in that they are unable to release it and it prevents different manifestation from taking place.

The fear has a lot to do with it because the brain is afraid of changes and sticks to what it knows and is comfortable with.

We have to conquer our fears and new information is absolutely crucial to this.

I urge you to listen to Gregg Braden’s videos, to Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

This is the future of our medicine and the future is here!

Love and light to us all.

Do rebounding exercises stimulate the lymphatic flow?

bouncing cartoon

Recently my friend Becky asked me about my opinion on rebound exercises. Does bouncing strengthen our cells and improve the lymphatic circulation the way we are being told?

Many doctors and especially those in alternative medicine are promoting this type of exercising and of course, the equipment for those exercises is being offered together with the “science” behind it. I guess, even the sports equipment sells better if the salesman wears a white coat and has a stethoscope around its neck.

Becky was skeptical as she was asking me this question and rightfully so. She has read many of my articles so she understands the body pretty well.

Our cellular health depends on its environment, the frequency of the environment and bouncing does contribute to this frequency but in a very subtle way.

Exercising of any kind creates a beneficial effect because it speeds the blood’s circulation, it increases oxygen blood levels, it increases the electromagnetic potential and magnetic field of every cell, every organ, and the body in general.

Bouncing is, therefore, one of the exercises that can benefit your health but contrary to what we are being told, bouncing is really a lazy-man/woman excuse because the more sophisticated the bouncing equipment gets, the less work one has to do and lesser health benefits will be experienced.

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The best way to bounce is to go for a run. Especially when we do peek-running where we randomly accelerate the speed forcing deep breathing.

Bouncing or judging in place is less demanding and less beneficial.

Bouncing on a trampoline is even less beneficial since the spring of the trampoline does some of the work your muscles have to do when the trampoline is not present.

Then we go into some electronic bouncing machines where you do even less of the work and ultimately we go into complex stuff like what Dr. Mercola is promoting where you do not do anything. The machine does the work and the results are great only on the paper that comes with the machine you have been sucked into buying.

The medical books are teaching students of medicine that the lymphatic system is propelled into motion by contraction of lymphatic vessels and the “extrinsic” movement of organs those vessels come in contact with.

Well, you stop the heart from beating and the lymph stops immediately with it. So what we are being told in the medical school is pure nonsense as usual.

Scientists cannot believe that the lymph can be propelled through our body without some kind of a pump so they invent lymphatic circulation the way it suits them.

This is nothing new in our science. Physics and biology are loaded with this type of science, they make up the science as they go.

The reason for the misunderstanding is the lack of electromagnetic field incorporation to the workings of our body. Scientists simply ignore the electric charge and the consequent magnetic field.

Yoga Practice. Chakra Activation And Enlightenment. Stock ...

If you have an electric field generator and wires connected to it, the electrons will flow in only one direction and this is towards the consumer of energy, an electro-motor or a heating element.

Within the body, lymph moves in only one direction. No matter where the lymph originates, its flow will be directed to the heart. Why is this happening if the heart has nothing to do with the lymphatic circulation?

Obviously, it does. Actually, the heart is the engine that creates and stimulates the lymphatic movement. It does it by creating a suction that can figuratively represent an electro-motor that sucks the electrons.

The sucking element does not have to be strong because we are talking about a perfect electric conduction which allows the blood elements to move through the blood vessels without any friction and because of their electromagnetic action, as they repel each other, as soon as a free space is available, the blood elements will fill it.

As lymph is being collected it traverses through the lymphatic system of blood vessels which resemble veins because they possess the same valve system that prevents the lymph to backtrack.

Finally, lymph joins vena cava just before vena cava merges with the heart. It is a descending part of vena cava where blood acceleration occurs and the suction effect is the strongest.

Obviously, faster is the heartbeat, faster is blood circulation and lymph circulation as well.

Every time a heart accelerates its rhythm, something in the body has happened and a request for faster blood-flow was demanded by the cellular structure. One of the reasons could have been congestion of lymph in a part of the body. So whenever we intentionally suppress tachycardia to “normalize” hearts rhythm, we are actually working against our body and its attempt to better itself.

autopilots cartoon

When it comes to rebound exercises, I am not saying that they do not help to increase the lymphatic flow, I am just saying that by using complex rebound machinery we are actually having lesser benefits, and as far as the cellular benefits go, it is the same story.

Cellular health depends on the environment. This means the cleaner is the environment, the more beneficial it will be to the cellular structure.

Remember, blood is not water, blood is plasma which means ionized water. These ions are composed of about 80 minerals and not just chloride, sodium and potassium as we are being told.

This is why consuming fresh not processed sea salt is crucial to our health.

Here again, we have caught science in a lie.

We are being told to avoid using salt as much as possible when in fact, without salt our blood cannot be cleansed.

Knowing that dirty blood is one of the causes of chronic diseases, we know now that medical schools are institutions of misinformation for the purpose of depopulation.

misinformation cartoon

Since today on December 12th, 2019 at 12h and 12 minutes we have closed the program of our past under the influence of the Full Moon, we should make a conscious decision to immerse ourselves into a new program of our making. A program of Heaven on Earth.

To do so, we have to stop recalling our past. This means no watching TV programming, no movies of the past or new movies with the old motifs.

To explain this better for a better understanding, I will write an article on a quantum level so that it is easier to understand.

Love and light to us all.

CRISPR gene editing to fight cancer

Gene Activator Protein Stock Illustration | Getty Images

Every chronic disease is classified as being genetically influenced or a result of an autoimmune reaction.

Why are genes being blamed?

Even today students are being told that the genetic pool that a new organism receives is going to govern this organism its whole life so if there was an error in it, the new organism is doomed. Nothing can resurrect or repair the genetic error.

This theory was debunked many years ago and Dr. Bruce Lipton made experiments proving that genes are basically cellular governing elements that are there to adjust the cell to the changes in the environment so that the cell can survive when changes occur.

When we are told that a gene is missing, this is not the truth. Gene is never missing, it is not detectable and this is a huge difference.

lost marble cartoon

In a genetic chain, we can see sequences of genes and empty spaces between them. The empty space is not really empty. The gen in this “empty” space is not active so it is not detectable.

The chain of genes and its blank spaces we call genetic sequences. Different genetic sequences will stimulate the cell in different ways. We can say that the genetic sequences are cellular programs that stimulate cells to behave in a certain way.

As the environment is changing, so are the gene sequences and the cells adjust to the new environment by changing their physiological behavior.

Since scientists are still in a deep belief that genes cannot be changed once they are activated in a certain way, they are now concentrating their research into doing the changes of genetic sequencing themselves.

One of those procedures is called CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats).

crazy scientist cartoon

Scientists are now creating CRISPR gene manipulation of bacteria to weaponize them to fight diseases. One of those diseases that scientists hope to fight in this way is cancer.

Everyone following my work will realize the wasted efforts and money of those pursuing the CRISPR technology.

Once the desired gene sequencing is achieved, it cannot be held in place if the environment changes.

On the other side, if we change the environment of the patient, the gene expression (sequencing) will change automatically, and healing will be achieved.

There is no way that scientists are not aware of this, so why is CRISPR promoted through the media?

For one, it shows a scientific effort to combat disease and it shows where funds are spent and more money is needed to continue this “magnificent” research.

On the other hand, scientists are trying to develop more sophisticated pathogens that can be unleashed into the population to destroy it.

All those pandemics we are being warned about are caused by manipulated pathogens being released into the public to test their efficacy or to do the damage but guess what?

The anticipating results are not showing up.

Every outbreak of a swine or avian flu or any other intentionally spread disease ends up in failure. The projected numbers do not match and even the media hype is not bringing the desired results.


Mexican flu By illustrator | Media & Culture Cartoon ...

As the pathogens are being influenced by their environments so are the genes in our body making our body more resilient and the scary techniques to influence people’s minds into accepting the direct assault through vaccination are failing as well.

Why is vaccination more dangerous than the spreading of pathogen viruses and bacteria?

Vaccines are loaded with poison such as are mercury and aluminum on top of active pathogens.

There is no surprise seeing people contracting the same disease against which they were vaccinated.

It is all a part of the same program of popularization and it is failing miserably.

The actions of Cabal are showing us that they are really stupid and the only reason why they’ve got so far in controlling us is the fact that they are a Mafia that robs people and with the accumulated wealth they manipulate us. Since they are stupid, they cannot produce more wealth so they have to continue to steal and kill just to stay afloat.

As soon as we started to fight back, they have crumbled and our liberation is in progress.

This coming Thursday is December 12th, it will be a full Moon on 12 h and 12 minutes.

So we are going to have 4 consecutive 12 and 12 is the number of completion.

Right after comes Friday the 13th.

Number 13 signifies the foundation of something new.

Welcome to the New World my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.

Should we trust a doctor’s diagnosis or should we diagnose ourselves?

self diagnosis cartoon

The Internet is full of information. 
Truthful and not so truthful information is in the reach of our fingertips. Is it not a natural thing to verify the diagnosis our doctors gave us, or is the medical cost forcing people to help themselves especially when it is so obvious that medicated people do not weather that well?
Recently I had received an article of statistics where people were surveyed about the success of their diagnosis they obtained over the Internet.
The survey founds that 2 out of 5 people who have googled their symptoms had misdiagnosed themselves.
This is actually good. I would think that the majority of self-diagnosis would have ended up in failure.
Why do I say so?
Because symptoms of many chronic diseases are nothing more than symptoms of toxic blood-cleansing process. This means that the majority of symptoms resemble or are actually the same for most of the chronic diseases.

self diagnosis cartoon

In most cases, there is just a fine not easily distinguishable difference that will separate one disease from another but then, is it a dangerous thing to misdiagnose oneself?

Not really.

Doctors commit the same errors more often than you would think and treat you for something that you do not have but it is ok if they do it, it becomes dangerous if you misdiagnose yourself though.

We do not even have to focus on doctor’s error, we can use for example any chronic disease and we can clearly see that even when treated according to the correct diagnosis, the patient’s health does not improve unless medicated and this means only the symptoms were suppressed. No healing took place.

Let us look at some symptoms

For example you are losing weight, have abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation, you feel fatigued, you experience bloating and gas, occasional blood in the stool so you Google the symptoms and you can come up with several possibilities like the irritable bowel syndrome, Crone’s disease, gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis or even peptic ulcer may sound like the disease you have.

Take your pick. How wrong can you get if you look for the medication for the Crones disease and you actually have irritable bowel syndrome?

First of all, if doctors would know what causes those health issues, they will never allow them to become a chronic problem. So right of the bat, you are on your own.

self diagnosis cartoon

In both cases, a change of diet is recommended and of course, the diet suggested is the wrong diet. This is why healing is not achieved.

Since both health issues involve chronic inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs and of course steroids will be recommended.

Since there is always the danger of bacterial growth, antibiotics may be suggested.

If constipation is present, stool softeners will be prescribed and if diarrhea is present fiber and other nonsense will be suggested.

Both health issues are thought to be autoimmune diseases so the same medication will be used and only the doctor knows which one will be the best choice in your particular case. I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell if you are buying this crap.

It will be the same for both of those health issues so does it really matter what name is given to your symptoms when doctors do not know what it is caused by and how to help you?

Does it really matter if you thought that you are suffering from Crone’s disease and in a fact, your symptoms are called irritable bowel syndrome?

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If you use drugs related to one of those diseases and you have the other one, well what’s the fuss all about. No matter what poisons you will be using the outcome will be the same. Does it really matter if you are poisoning yourself or if you are being poisoned by your doctor?

The only sizable difference will be felt in your wallet.

I have used as an example, digestive health problems but even less of the difference will be if you had misdiagnosed hormonal or neurological health problems.

Since allopathic medicine is all about symptom suppression you have the choice of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and antibiotics. Your guess is just about as good as one of your doctors. Some variations can include probiotics and supplementation but about those things, you will most likely learn much more over the Internet than from your good doctor.

The only thing is, you cannot perform surgical procedures on yourself so there is one point in your book. You can screw up less.

As long as you are diagnosing yourself, you are guessing. This means that you are not sure and this uncertainty affects your emotions in a lesser way. Once you are told by a professional what disease you have, it hits you like a rock and the emotional stress will act like nocebo effect and further worsen your health situation.

So, how important is it to be diagnosed properly?

Who cares when even when diagnosed properly your doctor cannot heal you and continues to worsen your situation by increasing your toxic load through the medication he/she is stuffing you with.

Always be aware of a fever. Having pain and developing a fever you may be developing sepsis (bacterial blood poisoning) and this could be lethal.

A ruptured appendix could be dangerous.

I say “it could” be dangerous because when we eat correctly, even a ruptured appendix will not produce sepsis. The body with a correctly functioning immune response will encapsulate the spill and not allow it to spread around the body. It will be painful but no fever will be experienced and the doctor will misdiagnose it anyway. Two of my clients had this happening to them and they were both misdiagnosed and only though the exploratory surgery they found what was going on.

You may say if the protocol heals you and rejuvenates you, how come that some people on the protocol had a ruptured appendix?

Well, there was some poisoning going on here in Tarapoto. In a period of one month, many people ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. We never discovered the cause but it was strange and many people had complications after the surgery but people on the protocol have healed rapidly.

A friend of mine Thomas, have pulled the IV the second day after surgery and Hilno gave him tartar stake. He had no digestive pain and actually his intestines started their normal contractions several hours later and he was out of the hospital the third day and in the gym three days later.

All doctor’s parameters are based on faulty specimens because we all eat dietary glucose and our gene expression has changed.

This is why when the doctor sees a person that eats correctly, they have a problem with the blood picture. The cholesterol is too high, the heartbeat is to slow, the blood pressure is to low…

Knowing all of this, how important is it to be diagnosed correctly?

Love and light to us all.

Zika, Zika, Zika! The fumigation scheme.

Zika, Zika, Zika! The fumigation scheme.


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I wrote about the Zika virus several times explaining that the Zika virus was developed as a biological weapon by the military deep-state complex.

For those of you who did not see this article, you can read it here

Zika virus supposing creates mild-like symptoms resembling the symptoms of dengue fever.


What are the symptoms associated with the Zika virus infection?

Fever, running nose, cough, phloem, muscle ad joint pain, headache, and diarrhea.

Everyone following my work can immediately spot the culprit of those symptoms. Yes, those are the general symptoms of blood cleansing when the blood is very toxic.

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Those people with moderately toxic cells will show mild symptoms but people whose cells are overly toxic and acidic or those people whose cells are multiplying rapidly like the fetus, for example, will be much more affected by this sudden increase in blood toxicity.

This means that the effect of the “Zika” virus in older, and sickly people will be much stronger and in the fetus, it can cause a deformity in development especially noticeable in brain formation as it impedes brain development.

Why id I put Zika in quotation marks?

Because Zika is a fluke. It is a scheme.

Dengue fever, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus are spread ...

As you can see, blood’s toxicity is what provokes the symptom of the so-called Zika fever.

We are being told that Zika is spread by mosquitoes so fumigation campaigns are orchestrated in urban areas to kill the mosquitoes.

People are forced to allow these toxic fumes into their homes. There is no place to hide as the whole villages are immersed in a toxic cloud.

Those people who do not allow fumigation of their homes are blamed for emerging sickness following this poisoning with fumigation under the pretenses that the mosquitoes had survived because those people prevented them from being killed by not allowing fumigation of their homes.

Now, those people are liable when in fact what causes the symptoms of Zika fever to emerge is the fumigation itself.

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I have witnessed this in the Caribbean islands and here in Peru.

Every time fumigation is implemented, old and sickly people become ill or die, and children are born with encephalitis or microcephaly (undeveloped brain).

Of course, no statistic is kept. The blame for developed diseases is passed onto those who did not allow the poisoning to be done in their homes.

A week ago fumigation was done here in my neighborhood.

After the smoke has cleared, mosquitoes were having a ball because they were not affected at all and now we can expect increased cases of so-called dengue fever as the result of it.

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Son of my friend Christine was one of the victims. He had developed fever, running nose, joint and muscle pains, stomach cramps and headache two days after the fumigation was done.

With the application of hydration with water and sea salt and colloidal silver he was out of it in 3 days but many people will be less lucky as they will seek help by their doctors and they will be further poisoned with antibiotics and analgesics.

All of us who are regularly cleansing our blood, we had n symptoms of the disease at all. Even our dog is drinking water with sea salt and colloidal silver while she is happily wiggling her tail.

We have entered the final days and censorship will be implemented. A site like this one will be taken down so please if you want to continue receiving the truth, let me know and I will add you onto my mailing list which I keep for the days to come.

Do not expect Trump to save you. He will destroy one system to install another one with his name on it but the Antichrist will fail. There is no doubt about it. I have seen it in one of my ayahuasca sessions.

Keep hydrating, eat clean food, and control your emotions. No disease will touch you no matter what they throw at you.

If you are new here and do not know how to go about it, follow the self healers protocol. It is easy and effective.

Love and light to us all.