Pig flu, Avian flu, Lyme disease, AIDS, Chikungunya, Ebola, Zika…WHAT DO THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON???

Previously I have been addressing those above mentioned diseases separately as they were being used in major media to scare population into compliance to be herded and poisoned (major media calls it  vaccination) so that the Illuminati agenda and Biblical prophecies can be fulfilled. Fortunately the time has run out for the agenda to be fulfilled but we still have to be careful not to get bit from the dying beast.

Some of those above mentioned biological weapons were designed to weaken our body, some are designed to simply kill us and some are designed just to scare us so that we accept provided solutions.

One thing the designers of Armageddon did not take in consideration is the ability of body to adapt to its environment. So as they were intensifying their chemical and biological assault, our bodies were adapting to the toxins and were cleansing them out. This is why chem-trails did not cause desired effect on humans but have killed a lot of birds and other small animals.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3lW-TGGlk0&w=854&h=480]

As the efforts are being made to accelerate prophetic events, lower altitude, more concentrated spraying of those poisons should be done but there is the question, “how to conceal this”?

This is where “pandemics” caused by mosquitoes are being used as a decoy. First it was the chikungunya and now is Zika virus. Both are spread by mosquitoes. To deal with mosquitoes we have to fumigate. Here we go, government is protecting your health by spraying you with toxic chemicals that cause all sorts of health problems that will be blamed on Zika virus. I wrote about Zika virus as it was first mentioned in media explaining how it is causing mild health problems resembling flu.


Media is staged false advertising machine designed to scare us into compliance. Since humanity is awakening it is more difficult to be scared into submission and it is refusing to be jabbed with deadly vaccines so dousing the American people with toxic fumes is the next thing to go for.

If you want to hear the details, please listen to the next video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsAe5Ja1_-w&w=854&h=480]

Do not freak out!

When you see spraying going on, take your animals into the house, close windows and make sure the air conditioners are recycling the air and not taking the air from outside. Refuse vaccination, eat organic food and make sure that you drink plenty of water with sea salt so that your body can detoxify any poison that makes it into your blood. Our bodies are amazing and it will protect you but even more amazing is the power of or thoughts so please use this power all the time. Remember that you are creating your reality with your thoughts so the same way you can manipulate things created by others since

we are all one.

More and more people are awakening and understand this concept. If you are still not there then protect yourself by asking for protection daily. If you doubt having the power ask for protection those you believe can protect you like; God, Allah, Krishna, archangels, angels, Jesus Christ…because as long as you believe, you will receive the protection you ask for.

It is important for us to be aware of what is going on and where the truth lies. Trust yourself and your intuition. Help others to awake. Show everyone that you are in control and not afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of since we are all guided and looked after all the time.

Love and light




Food typing to the activity. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?

We are all aware that food nourishes our cells and if we do not eat we suffer the consequences.

This is nothing new but it seems that “experts” in the field of their “expertise” that make living teaching others and guiding them towards their goal are unaccountable for what they do. What prompted me to say such a thing? My friend Mark send me this article knowing that I am going to have something to say about it, and he was correct as always.

Here is the article


In this article you can see how nutritionists who do not understand metabolism blindly follow school books and no mater how creative they get, the information they give to those they guide is incorrect.

It is all quite simple. There is only one type of a diet that is correct. This means, no matter what is your activity this type of diet is going to be the best for you. When we understand that our cells are prepared to utilize fat for energy, fat (triglyceride) will be the best source of energy no matter what sport we are engaged to do. Saying how carbohydrate diet is better for this activity and protein and fat for another simply makes no sense. It is like saying that the horse pulling wagon has to eat grass, racing horse needs to eat grains, horse running long distance has to eat grass and grain…this is simply ridiculous. When we understand digestion it all becomes very simple. For one, grains are a bad choice of food for all animals that cannot peal the toxic protective membrane. This means only some birds can safely eat it. Horses intestines same as intestines of humans will inflame. Inflammation will be stronger more grains they are given and the end result will be colics. Inflamed intestine has poor absorption and it creates the same problem with the health of horse as it does with health of human.

There are so many horse experts and trainers that do not even know that horses have digestive system more similar to humans then to cow or sheep. For example they do not know that horses can thrive on meat. What do you think desert horses eat when they cannot graze?

In 1954 National Geographic magazine documented how Kazakh chief Qali Beg led his tribe 3000 miles from Sinkiang, China to safety in Kashmir, India. Part of the tribe's journey was made on specially trained meat-eating horses, who were able to survive in the grassless Takla Makan desert.

Kazakh were feeding their horses with meat when in desert. Tibetan horses were being fed with sheep blood and meat as well. In the motion picture Hidalgo you can learn how Bedu people feed their horses with Camel butter and locust and share meat portions with them (this was not revealed). How do you think horses would survive in the desert? Horses on such a diet have smaller stomach and slender body. Arabian horse in Egypt has beautiful body.

We have so many experts and so many titles not worth the paper they are printed on. Why is this so?

I have mentioned many times how our educational system is in fact misguiding us into sheepishly followers and most “experts” are just parrots with personal spin always incorrect. Because if it would be correct it would be suppressed and not promoted. Truth is highly guarded secret available to very few. So if you want to know what to eat when in training or competition, please read this article I wrote some time before;


Unless we understand digestion and cellular metabolism we cannot know what to eat and how to eat it, neither can we make educated suggestions and lead competitor to the victory in any sport event. Stop being parrot, observe and think, most school books are worthless especially those related to medical science.

As we are awakening things are changing. Now in Italy parents of children fed vegan food will be prosecuted. Another stupidity.


Revealing the truth is way better idea don’t you agree?

What interesting times we are living in.

Love and light my family and be blessed.

A horse with a white hair coat and dark skin showing around the nose, eyes and genitalia.Slender Arabian horse, what a beauty!




I do not like to bring bad news and frighten people into mistrusting their doctors but if we are not aware of what is happening nothing will change.

What made me to write this article is a conversation with a friend whose young daughter is in Lima (Peru) hospital in intensive care. This young 6 year old girl is fighting for her life ,so when you hear such a thing you automatically envision cancer or  some deadly pathogen and yes she had leukemia but this is not the cause of her present state of health. This is something  this young girl was suffering from for couple of years.

But what followed was something that happens very often but goes unreported. While being catheterized she contracted infection with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Among other health problems she developed difficulty breathing and ended up in ICU on life support  This adds 6000 soles a day on top of current bills. To add a insult to the injury her parents have to pay for it.

Here we have typical example of what I was writing about last week. Doctors have no responsibility and do not answer to anyone as long as they use drugs and feed the pharmacological industry, judges and politicians that allow this to go on.

I was thinking to write about something else but as this conversation was on my mind my wife sent me this article about another similar case that occurred in hospital in Lima recently. The article is in Spanish so if you speak this language you can read it here


It is a case of 25 year old woman that came also for kidney stones problem and by the time she was released from the hospital her arms and legs were gone.


Do not think that this only happens in hospital in Lima. This is happening all around the World since almost all World governments are subsidiaries of the Corporate Government of the United States of America. Wherever there is a World Bank there is Big Pharma and licensed medical system.

Everyone who is familiar with nano colloidal silver knows how there is no bacterial resistance that can save bacteria from this fabulous antiseptic but doctors know nothing about it. Why? Because it cannot be patented so Big Pharma. cannot profit from it. This is why doctors do not learn about it and on the Internet people are shown blue skin people with explanation;”this is result of colloidal silver usage”. Total fabrication and scare tactic used to deter people from using it.

Nano particle colloidal silver is such strong disinfectant that it can sterilize surgical equipment better than high heat sterilizers used for this purpose. One good spraying of hospital with this marvellous liquid would sterilize it and prevent this horrible things from happening.

As strong as nano colloidal silver is, it is completely safe for multi cellular organisms so it can be safely administered to a pregnant woman and this means you can give it to a  newborn baby or any pet regarding of its age or size and not to worry about toxic side effects. It can be used topically, internally including injecting it directly into the blood vessel. I have seen it done saving puppies from parvo virus.

All this terrible things happening to people for reason of corrupt insensitive and greedy system we live in.

This I was send from a friend


We must awake. Kidneys can heal if we stop poisoning them. Stop drinking Coca-Cola and other toxic soft drinks. Which ones are toxic you may ask?


They are all poisons that have to be avoided and so are processed foods.

Kidneys filter the blood through capillary system so if your blood circulation is in poor shape so is the capillary system of the kidneys. High blood pressure is one of the indicators of bad blood circulation so if you suffer from hight blood pressure you may be sure that your kidneys are affected as well. Taking pills to lower BP do not contribute to healing and the problem will get worse.

If you have kidney problems do exactly the opposite of what you have been told to do by your doctor. Drink plenty of water with sea salt in it so that you can elevate the water level in your blood and give a chance to your cleansing organs to do their job. Change your diet and become physically active.You will find articles on this blog talking about kidney diseases so look them up or read my book and absorb the new knowledge.

Love and light




Medical licence=Licence to kill

I wrote about survey in the USA stating how doctors errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA. I think that correct medically approved treatments are the # 1 cause of death in the USA and in all countries following the same procedures guided by the medical “science”.

Religion, death and dolor - funeral and cemetery; funeral with coffin Stock Photo - 11193765

Even though huge amount of people are losing their lives under the watchful eye of their doctors, no doctors can be found prosecuted and jailed. Why is it? Are they doing their best and are unable to save the lives or is there something else in play?

Most people do not know how in the court of law they are not represented as human being. Instead they are represented by their birth certificate as a corporation. This is why their names are in capital letters since from the age of 9 years old they were pronounced lost at sea and seized to exist as humans. Every document afterwards is based on the birth certificate which serves and is treated as a bank note. This is why you have to register and ask for permission to immigrate in another country, it is a bank transaction.

Since every document is based on the birth certificate they are all invalid because they are based on fraudulent document.  This means that all your diplomas, driving licences working permits…all are fraudulent documents. Same goes for medical licence as well. Even though they are fraudulent, they are recognized by the court of law and this makes the court of law fraudulent as well. Nothing in this modern society is based on true values, it is all just fraud and deception.

What has triggered me to write this article?

I have just been speaking to a mother of 16 years old beautiful girl who is fighting for her life. This teenage life has been destroyed by the medical professionals following approved guidelines of medical so called science. From young age the girl had kidney problems. Her kidneys produce a large amount of kidney stones that are blocking the passages and cause problem urinating. From exerting pressure kidneys become deformed. Numerous surgeries have been performed to eliminate the stones but they keep coming back. The “di-agnosis” (two-not knowing) is of genetic character, whatever the name is that was given to this “disease” is irrelevant.

To cure her (control this symptom), she was instructed to avoid salt as much as possible (never touch the stuff), to avoid green leafy vegetables to reduce calcium intake (since her stones contained calcium mixed with uric acid), no dairy products, no red meat. Stick to legumes, potatoes and grains rich diet. Cut down on sodas, tea is ok and so is coffee.

If you are following this blog then you can immediately see what’s wrong with this picture!!!

If we avoid salt, we do not have enough water in circulation and this means cleansing organs are not going to eliminate uric acid. Food recommended, creates acidic environment and forces production of uric acid. Since it cannot be flushed out (lack of water) body tries to neutralize it with alkaline buffer and calcium. It takes the calcium from the bones where most of the alkaline buffer comes from. Then they are taken out of circulation so they deposit in kidneys and articulation predominantly but also in blood vessels further compromising the kidneys ability to filter the blood.

The girl has history of not drinking water and drinking a lot of Coca-Cola and other types of soft drinks loaded with glucose-fructose mix responsible for production of big quantities of uric acid in the body. Needless to say, the girl was filled with dozens of vaccines which compromised her immune system and further polluted her body.

If one would like to compromise someone’s life through wrong diet he/she could not do better job from what these doctors are doing. They do not have to worry from prosecution, they have medical licence so they are protected in a court of law, amen.

Health professionals have to wake up, don’t they see their treatments do not trigger healing? They have to be blind not to notice this, I guess money is stronger temptation than peaceful mind.

So, if you suffer from kidney stones and kidney failure, just do the opposite of what you are being told by your licensed doctor and you will be on your way to recovery.

As I have told you, you have much better chance of healing if you do just the opposite of what you have been told by licensed doctor.

Love and light



Peru report August 2016

I have mentioned in several previous posts how I was surprised to see so many sick people here in Amazonia of Peru. I was expecting to see healthy people because they live far from polluted cities and they have access to fresh food that has not been irradiated and heavily processed. Plenty of fresh water from numerous rivers that supply Amazon with water, in one word a Paradise.


I have noticed how people here live on predominantly carbohydrates with just a sliver of meat to accompany it. Is that the only reason for their ill health?

I have accounted many young women in their thirties that had their reproductive organs removed. Diabetes is running rampant and so is hypertension and circulatory problems. My friend Mark send me an article on how Roundup Herbicide is blamed for dramatic increase of kidney failures in Central America and India. Here is the article


Many scientists have talked about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup Herbicide and have pointed to its toxic effects not only on plants but also on animals and humans. Glyphosate is blamed for bees die off in many places on our beautiful planet. Here is what Dr. Mercola had to say about it


In India villagers have reported how animals that graze on GMO shrub become ill and die. Independent researchers ( not affiliated with pharmaceutical companies)  reported all kinds of anomalies from cancer to birth defects in laboratory animals which were exposed to this toxic herbicide. This herbicide becomes a part of genetically modified crop so anyone eating it will receive it and suffer the consequences.

I have noticed Roundup being sold in every agricultural outlet here in Tarapoto. Talking to one agronom, he pointed how rice grown here in Peru is the most toxic rice on the market because of indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides. No wonder chronic diseases run rampant here and throughout the world.

When you realize how we have been duped into wrong understanding of things and we consider ourselves educated and smart, then you can understand how easy it is to persuade poorly educated villagers to follow  instructions and believe they are doing good. All those poisons end up in rivers so now even the water and fish are becoming toxic. There is a movement to force labelling GMO products. In my opinion this is a waste of time. We have to stop this madness and ban genetic manipulation for profit. Monsanto has to go, period.

Glyphosate in the body causes additional toxicity and contributes to already damaged body in manifesting variety of problems we call diseases. In man working directly with this poison it absorbs itself through the skin and become burden on kidneys causing their malfunction. This explains the sudden increase in kidney diseases in people who work with this product and are poor and do not protect themselves sufficiently.

Now the question is, can people suffering from glyphosate poisoning regain their health?

Same as with any chronic disease they have to cleanse the poison out and Self Healers Protocol will guide them in the process. Even if you have been told that your kidneys do not work and you need kidney transplant, in most cases hydration and cleansing of the body on the cellular level will return kidneys into their healthy state.Since salt has special place as far as hydration and cleansing goes, to be able to heal you have to do something contrary of what you have been told by your doctor and that is drinking plenty of water with sea salt in it. So if you mention this to your doctor he will laugh in your face and call you an idiot or charlatan so better do not waste your time.

Kidneys are filled with thousands of blood vessels that do the filtering. If your circulation is bad, so is the ability of kidneys to do their job. As you follow the Self Healers Protocol you will notice how your circulation is improving, varicose veins are disappearing and your kidneys will start functioning better and better. There is no way to repair kidney function without repairing blood circulation overall. As health returns in your circulatory system the blood pressure goes down naturally and you are going to feel like new.

As every disease is influenced by ones mind, your thoughts can help you or brake you during this process. So be positive and laugh as much as possible.

I have been talking about kidneys but the same healing one will experience if they suffer from any chronic health problem (dis-ease). There is nothing that body cannot repair (heal) if given a chance.

Love, light and celebration