The OXYGEN, a blessing or a curse?

This sounds like a stupid question and it is. It is obvious that oxygen is essential for life and one of the reasons we are breathing. So why do I ask such a stupid question?

Because many people are confused since a lot of what we are hearing lately is the blame on oxidative stress as the factor that deteriorates cellular structure, causes diseases and the aging process. Because of this more and more people are wandering how smart it really is to undergo oxygen therapy or simply how smart is it to oxidise our body. Isn’t this going to accelerate oxidative stress?

Of course not. Oxygen helps the burning process so it aids in chemical processes of the cells speeding them up and making them more complete. In this way less garbage is produced and cells remain healthier.

The human circulatory system

How does oxygen enter our body?

We know that this happens in our lungs through process called diffusion. Since there is more oxygen in the air we breath than carbon dioxide, oxygen will enter into the blood in our lungs. There about 98 % of it will be absorbed into hemoglobin of red blood cells. Oxygenated red blood cells are bright red in colour. Higher the amount of oxygen, oxygen pressure within the red blood cell increases. As the red blood cells enter areas with low pressure of gas they release oxygen which will enter the tissue and cells themselves. Since there is higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the tissue, carbon dioxide will be connecting to the red blood cells whose gas pressure is low and those are the cells that had released oxygen. This is how by difference in gas saturation, gases exchange between our cells and red blood cells. The blood low on oxygen and high on carbon dioxide has darker more purple colour. Because of existing presence of carbon dioxide, not much oxygen will be released from erythrocyte (red blood cell). Basically oxidized read blood has 100 mm of mercury pressure of oxygen and de oxidized blood after it has released oxygen has about 80 mm of mercury pressure. So most of the oxygen will be taken back to the lungs. The missing oxygen allows the absorption of carbon dioxide so it will be taken to the lungs and expelled from the body creating again low pressure that can be filled with new oxygen.

How do we create low oxidation in the body?

For one, we mostly take very shallow breaths. Less amount of oxygen that enters our lungs, lower the oxygen saturation and lower will be the oxygen absorption on erythrocytes. This means less oxygen will be provided. Oxygen contributes to the alkalinity of the blood and carbon dioxide to its acidity.  Higher pressure of gasses (does not matter which gas is in question) less release of another gas can take a place. So if oxygen wants to be released in an area full of carbon dioxide, the pressure of oxygen in erythrocyte has to be higher and that means more oxygen present. This is why during the exercise, we have to breath deeply. We have to take in a lot of oxygen so that we can exchange it with carbon dioxide. Our body produces very small amount of carbon dioxide but more of it is present higher the amount of oxygen has to be to replace it. Presence of carbon dioxide forces us to breath. It is not the lack of oxygen but the increased amount of carbon dioxide that creates the urge to take a breath. This is one of the reason exercising is good for our health. We breath deeply and fast and in this way we oxidise our body.

animal, belgian shepherd dog, dog

Some scientists believe that if more oxygen is provided to the cells, more mitochondria will be active and better metabolism will take a place. One of the articles was send to me by Mark so here you can read it for yourselves;

Many claims in this article are incorrect and this about mitochondria is one of them.

I have explained whenever I talk about metabolism that mitochondria of animal cells uses oxygen pump to inject oxygen when energy is produced. Without it fat cannot be processed into energy. On the other hand if glucose becomes the energy provider, oxygen is not necessary since glucose has it in its structure and additionally added oxygen produces explosive reaction in which a lot of energy is produced instantly that can harm the cell. This is why cells reduce the number of active mitochondria when we eat carbohydrate diet since oxygen delivery cannot be prevented. Increased availability or saturation of oxygen will bare no changes on the function of mitochondria or their active number.

In this article lack of oxygen is blamed to cause these effects;

  • Premature aging
  • Overall bodily weakness
  • Muscle aches (especially backs of legs)
  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Irrational behavior
  • Chronic hostility
  • Circulation problems
  • Poor digestion
  • Acid stomach
  • Lowered immunity to colds and flu
  • Bronchial problems
  • Tumors and deposit buildups
  • Various bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections

Now if you follow this blog you already know that all of these health issues are related to the wrong diet and lack of hydration. Better oxidation will make it less toxic since some of the chemical processes will be executed more completely and in this way produce less of toxic load but to suggest that simply by oxidation we can counter all the bad effects wrong diet and dehydration produces is incorrect.

Oxygen therapies are a good way to help the ailing body. Oxygen saturated body will eliminate virus and bacteria. It will burn garbage in the body that underwent only partial chemical transformation which happens often when we eat to much and the wrong food. But on its own, oxygen cannot produce energy, it only aids to its production so the correct food is needed to keep us healthy and young. And even when the chemical process is complete and oxygen did its job, we need water and sea salt to eliminate the waste from the body.

As far as cyst and tumor goes they cannot absorb oxygen. The cells of tumors are very low on water, they are high on acidity. Since they use glucose as energy they do not need oxygen. At the same time they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide during glucose-energy transformation process. Saturation of carbon dioxide prevents oxygen absorption because it has higher concentration. So the only way to force oxygen into such cells is by over saturating the blood with oxygen. This can be done only by introducing close to lethal amount of oxygen into the blood and has to be carefully monitored. There are much easier and friendlier methods to deal with cancers and cysts than this.

My intention is not to undermine the importance of oxygen and effectiveness of oxygen therapies. I just want to point out how we cannot fix or repair damages done by wrong diet and lack of salt and water simply by over saturating the body with oxygen or vitamin C or vitamin D3 or any other remedies with medicinal properties. Poison and antidote scenario will destroy the body eventually. We have to learn what is our proper diet and how to live healthy if we want to have disease free lives and longevity.

Love and light my family. We are all one. What is the correct diet for one, is the correct diet for us all.





EXPLORATORY SURGERIES are assaults on the body that is designed to heal itself

Mark sent me and article on dangers of exploratory surgeries.

Surgery team operating in a surgical room

Before I go any further, I want to mention my experience with exploratory surgery that was performed on me in Hospital in Queens New York after my motorcycle accident in October of 1982.

I was banged pretty bad. Left lung collapsed, undisclosed amounts of ribs broken, bleeding in both kidneys, right leg below the knee barely hanging on several nerves and ligaments, left ankle dislocated, right arm broken… as I said, I was a mess.

I had problem breathing and the body was in a shock with pain slowly increasing all over the body. After scanning my body, doctors decided to perform exploratory surgery to determine the extent of my injuries. I was wheeled into the cold surgery room given the anaesthetic and my body froze but I could hear everything that was said. Doctor and personal were laughing and talking about movie they want to go to see. I knew something is wrong because I should have been out. Then I felt sharp cut. Pain was not so bad until doctor shoved protractor and started to move my intestines around. The pain was excruciating. I thought when the pain is severe you will pass out. Well this was not happening. The only thing I could move was my fingers so I started to move them but nobody was paying any attention to them so I mastered strength and started to move my left arm. Now doctor started saying that I have seizures and need more anaesthetic. This put my body in stronger spasm but the sensation stayed the same. There was intern present and he wanted to cut me as much as possible so that he can practice. He requested that my chest gets opened. Luckily the surgeon declined his request. I thing that I would die from the pain if they have continued. What have happened, the anaesthesiologist was a junkie and was saving opioid to get high. So I was not given the pain killer only the spasmolytic. This prevented me to move my muscles but did not inhibit any pain.

Doctors knew that he was an addict and allowed him to practice and further did not pay attention to the reaction of their patients. Couple years later I have hear of a lawsuit against the hospital and the doctors regarding this matter after several people have complained about this.

The point of this story is not just what can and is happening in hospitals but the unnecessary butchery doctors are performing so that they can practice. Every cut is an assault on your body and the cellular structure remembers it. With the exception of traumas, most if not all the surgeries are unnecessary because the body is designed to heal itself.

Let us review the article itself.

Abdominal surgeries. Totally unnecessary because all chronic problems can be healed and when we eat correctly we are not going to have problem with appendix, or colon or….

There will be no scar tissue removals since scar tissue is consequence of surgery.

Stomach ulcer heals rapidly, no need for surgery there.

Gallbladder stones can dissolve within 3 months and no surgery is necessary.

Removing any part of the body is simply a vandalism and butchery since intestines can and will heal if you know what you are doing and help the healing process.

Hernias cannot be closed surgically in older people because the muscles are damaged. The only way is to hydrate them back into a healthy state and then hernias close by themselves.

Deformed heart valves, do not have to be replaced. They recover if we do what is necessary and it goes back to hydration and diet change.

Lungs, kidneys, heart…do not have to be transplanted. They are all designed to heal themselves and they will do this if we just learn the truth and do what is necessary to help the body.

The whole medical industry is a scam and money oriented industry preying on our ignorance and stupidity. This is why we have to go many years to “misseducatonal” centres (schools and universities) so that we become brainwashed and disconnected so we can be then easily manipulated.  Now it has been decided that we are not dumb enough so we have to get “common core” level of stupidity and brain washing. What a bunch of cattle we have become!!!

Luckily we are awakening. More and more people are contacting me letting me know how they have benefited from my work. This pleases me immensely. So pleas if you have tried Self Healers Protocol, you have experienced for yourselves the power of rejuvenation. Pleas share this knowledge with others. We have to break this faulty system and become free people again my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.




The “SALT-fobia”

Since I was a small boy I remember my mother warning me not to over use salt.

As a child I had a craving for salt and loved my bread dipped into chicken fat with tons of salt on it. I still remember chicken fat dripping down my fingers and hands. Why do I remember it so vividly? Because I still do it whenever I have the chance to do so. Only now I do not use bread but I dip pieces of meat in the salty fat. What a wonderful taste!

Throughout my schooling, salt was something we should avoid. In the medical university we are told how salt increases the blood pressure and in this way create heart and kidney problems. Since people with ill health usually experience kidney problems, salt is strictly forbidden.

Does this make any sense to you?

Low salt diet never made any sense to me and I used salt indiscriminately. Living first in Croatia (Yugoslavia), we ate refined iodised sea salt. Not the best salt to have but way less toxic than table salt which is completely artificial and full of aluminium oxide. So yes, if table salt is what you use, use as little of it as you possibly can. Unfortunately, table salt is what is commonly used in the processed food industry so there is one more reason not to eat processed foods.

Seamless Bakery Icons Background Seamless bakery and pastry products background, with bread and breakfast icons, brioche, viennoiserie, cakes, crescent, donuts, biscuits, desserts and sweets

I know, this looks so delicious, but it is so toxic. Every ingredient is toxic except one: butter. Since French use only butter in baking this is why French pastry is healthier than others. The three secrets of French cuisine are; butter, butter and butter!!!

Now back to the salt.

Do we need salt or not?

Let us examine our body and start from there.

When we perspire, the sweat is salty.

Tears are salty

Phloem is salty

Our plasma is salty

Our blood is salty

Urine is salty

It looks to me that we are full of salt and we lose some of it daily. Further the bones have almost the same amount of salt as they do calcium. Why are we not told about this.

Sodium is our most important electrolyte. We are electrical beings and salty environment is crucial for good electrical conductivity. This is why the salinity of our blood is constantly calibrated. If we get low on salt body reduces the amount of water it has within the blood. This makes us thirsty. So if we drink water, we cannot hydrate because there is not enough salt for the body to balance bloods salinity and water has to be eliminated. During water elimination small amount of salt escapes making us more dehydrated more water we drink. Funny isn’t it. And we are often told that we must drink minimum of three litres of water daily. I know many people that dehydrated so severely following this recommendation that they developed arthritis and scoliosis followed by migraine headaches and Sciatica.

On the other hand if we add more salt into our meals what happen then?

As higher amount of salt enters our blood it has to be diluted by water so that the proper salinity of the blood can be achieved. Since there is not enough water in the food this makes us thirsty. Increased blood salinity will not be tolerated for long and if water does not arrive, body will eliminate the access of salt by sweat or by urine. Blood will lose more water because it cannot eliminate excess of salt without water so in this case salt acts as a diuretic.

How in the hell can we hydrate and raise the amount of water in the blood circulation?

We can do it in two ways. We can drink a lot of water with, and immediately after our meal in which we use indiscriminate amount of salt, or we add salt to the water we drink. I do both. We can add as much salt to our meals as we want and we can drink all our water with salt. We never have to worry about the amount of salt we bring into our body as long as we drink enough water so that our body can properly balance it. We wrongly assume that drinking beer or red wine bring enough water into our body and that no additional water is necessary. There is no adequate amount of water brought into our body with other beverages because that type of water is saturated and actually needs more water to eliminate those toxic ingredients within those beverages. Only pure structured water can do the job of hydration. So water + salt in any shape and quantity you want and make sure that you are using none refined sea salt.

Actually the best source of salt is sea water.

Cliff, Coast, Man, Nature, Ocean, Person

Sea water is pure medicine. It contains all the minerals found in blood plasma. Soaking the body in the sea water cleanses the lymphatic circulation, hydrates us and allows cleansing organs to cleanse our blood.

The next good thing after sea water is freshly harvested none refined sea salt. Every other salt is far off.

If you hydrate the way I just explained it, you will quickly increase the amount of water in your blood and your cleansing organs will rapidly start to eliminate toxins from your blood. So much so that you may feel weak, with increase phloem, cough, diarrhea and possible fever. All those are symptoms of rapid cleansing.

Do not be frightened of too much salt. When I was experimenting we were living on a sail boat. I was drinking sea water to see if there can be to much of salt. All that happened to me was that my skin got completely white as my body was eliminating the access of the salt through the skin and urine was extremely salty. No problems detected with my health. Blood pressure was normal and I was feeling great.

In my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body I describe more about hydration and the purpose of salt in our body. Self Healers Protocol will guide you in hydration and cellular cleansing and reparation.

There is nothing to worry about. Only if you are on medication I suggest you contact me first because medication destroys the blood circulation so blood pressure will go up when you start hydrating and guidance is recommended.

Acidic food is another cause of circulatory problems so ditching carbohydrates is always a good idea.

Love and light



LYMPH often neglected and misunderstood

You have often see me mentioning lymphatic system but as Mark pointed out, I have never explained what it really is.


So in this blog I will put more light on this important liquid and its circulation.

What is lymph?

Lymph is a blood stripped of erythrocyte (red blood cells). Why would body do this?

There are places in the body where the blood vessels are so tiny that larger blood particles cannot pass through. Those vessels are called capillaries. They are especially plentiful in epithelial tissues and this means on the last layer of skin, mucosa tissue and membranes. You have noticed how the blood vessels branch out and further away from the heart they are, thinner they become. The final branches are lymphatic. Another name for lymph is blood plasma.

If you scrape your hand on rough surface what will come out of the damaged skin is a yellow liquid. This is plasma or lymph.

Since larger particles cannot pass through capillaries, lymph is cleaner than blood when it reaches its destination. This is why organs supplied with this liquid are more protected and cells being supplied by it live longer. This is especially noticeable on bone cells as they are almost entirely depended on lymphatic liquid. This is why I was surprised when I read of the “startling new discovery” that brain has elaborate lymphatic system as separate vital circulation. To me this was obvious since my university days when I learned how the brain is especially protected and guarded from toxins, so much that its blood does not mix directly with the rest of the blood in the body. Instead it is filtered through meninges, a membrane that surrounds the brain.

Since lymph reaches the farthest points on the body, in some organs it may be exposed to toxic elements that have entered the tissue from the other side. This is especially common in the skin and mucous tissues. Skin absorbs whatever you put on it and since the first layer of the skin looking at it from the outside of the body is the epithelium, it will have direct contact with lymph.

Whenever something enters our blood, it has to be firs examined by our defence system. In our digestive system, all absorbed elements are directed first into a liver for evaluation. But there are elements that were absorbed through the lymphatic system which does not flow into the liver. Lymph has its own flow system called lymphatic circulation. So as lymph is leaving the epithelial tissue it cannot be integrated directly back into the blood as it may have toxic elements. So lymphatic vessels are formed and get larger as they approach the heart. Finally the lymph will enter the blood circulation merging into Aorta whose suction will pull lymph back into the blood circulation.

As I have mentioned that returning lymph may contain toxic elements it has encountered in the epithelium. This is why wherever they are merging points where lymph vessels merge together, there will be miniature cleansing stations positioned there to check for unwanted intruder and to neutralize it. So whenever you have swollen and painful lymphatic nodule your lymph has brought an intruder that is now being attacked by your immune system within the lymphatic node.

As you can see, lymphatic circulation is one way flow from epithelium to Aorta, and it is controlled by the suction motion of Aorta. Suction will be stronger when speed of blood circulation increases. This is why motion of our body is benefiting lymphatic circulation.

Often we are not in a position to exercise or even move because we do not feel well or there is some other reason that keeps us still. This dramatically slows lymphatic flow. There is no problem if lymph is clean but if it has intruder,  now  faster circulation is required. Also if we are still for long time, toxic elements will accumulate within lymphatic system and they create toxicity. Lymphatic circulation has to improve so to put lymph into motion heart starts beating faster. This speeds up the blood circulation and improves lymphatic suction and circulation. Increased blood rhythm without “apparent” cause we call tachycardia and we have toxic medication to slow the heart down again. We are so ignorant. Instead of helping the body we are trained to suppress the natural reactions of the body to satisfy patients fear of sudden increase of the hear rhythm.

Every time we artificially slow down the blood circulation we are creating stagnation. Stagnation is one of the main causes of developing disease.

I always point to the fact that our body never does anything to harm itself. Every action of our body has a reason behind it and it is geared to help the body and not to do the contrary. We are told the wrong medicine in medical misinformation centres we call medical universities. No wonder doctors do more harm than good.

Alternative medicine recognizes the importance of good lymphatic flow so attention is given to it and to lymphatic cleansing.

Massages are recommended and all kinds of natural remedies of which most do the suppressive action similar to what doctors do. The reason behind this is the same faulty knowledge.

So how to cleanse the lymphatic system and the lymph itself?

First we have to cleanse the blood so that it can flow faster without friction. This increases the suction of the lymph. As lymph merges with the blood it will be cleansed by the blood cleansing organs of which I have spoken earlier or in my book. Since toxic lymph will prevent cellular hydration of the cells it is supplying, those cells will become dehydrated and toxic. This will trigger inflammation. Toxic cleanses will not help cellular hydration. In fact they will further stay in the way of cellular water absorption so it is absolutely necessary to hydrate with water and sea salt because lymph is being cleansed with the blood and not separately. Faster blood circulation will help flush lymphatic system so exercising and physical activity s crucial. Massages will help but nothing is as important as good blood circulation when we are talking about the lymph itself.

Lymphatic system of the skin can be flushed by soaking the body in a warm water in which you add sea salt. Since water and salt with all the other minerals will be absorbed into the skin, it will be transported through the lymphatic system into the blood flushing it on the way. Sea water has all the minerals we find in the blood plasma (lymph) so flushing the system with sea water is the ultimate thing you can do for your lymphatic system your blood and your body in general.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have sea salt present in the water we drink. Salinity is essential for good conductivity and we cannot have good electromagnetic potential in the body without proper salinity. As a strong magnetic field improves conductivity and repels blood and lymph particles, in this way it also speeds up the circulation. This means grounding is very important as well. Walk barefoot as often as you can especially when you are in the nature.

Self Healer Protocol is the best cleansing protocol there is and because of it , body not only heals itself but rejuvenates as well.

Love and light


We hear this very often;”there is never one fits all, because we are all different”.

This is why we eat various foods and we react differently to them.

We are told that our genetic pool determines our diet and health in general. This s why fat children have obese parents. Same or similar diseases occur in the same family and project themselves through generations.

Sometimes I receive mail from client telling me that I make it look so easy and simple but he/she has a slow progress. Other time I receive mail praising Self Healers Protocol because the changes are so incredibly fast and recovery almost instantaneous. This should definitely support this theory of uniqueness.

The young ones

So are we unique or is there something else going on?

To best explain this I will utilize a human stem cell (mother cell).

Stem cell is not predetermined to serve as specific cell of any organ in the body and it circulates in the blood. This cell has the complete genetic pool which identifies your body and can be transformed into any type of cell your body desires. To be able to change and become specific cell of an organ it has to be stimulated on the genetic level. Genetic stimulation comes from the environment the cell will find itself in. Since every organ has its own frequency, being in this vibratory field for a while will excite genes and through them, cell will adapt to its new environment and start to behave as a cell of this particular organ.

The same way as stem cell changes through genetic expression, our body changes and adapts to its environment. So if we eat certain type of food we are going to adjust our digestion and micro flora to this food. This is why family members look a like. They are either thin or obese depending on the food they are eating.At the same time we are going to accumulate the same toxicity, so genetic expression will be the same or very similar and same diseases will be present.

Depending on the type of toxicity and the duration of toxic stimulation cells will reprogram themselves so that they can survive in this environment and be productive. Longer exposure will bring stronger changes and more deterioration because cells do not really adapt to toxicity, they just cope with it as best as they can. More prolonged the toxic effect, the more damage cells will suffer. So the recovery has nothing to do with body type. It is all about toxicity, exposure and cellular damage. Younger body recovers faster since the exposure was shorter. Telomeres are relaxed and more frequencies can be caught. This allows more genes to be put into action which results with faster and complete healing.

Older is the body, longer is the exposure, worst is the damage and slower will be the healing. In toxic body, telomeres are coiled and short so less genes will be activated. This is why cleansing is absolutely necessary if we want to achieve health.

We have to keep in mind that even if the blood is clean and well hydrated, there could be toxins we use that could prevent cellular hydration and reparation. Most common are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and garlic or any medicinal remedy. Other important and neglected toxin is dietary glucose. Glucose is a food for plants and it alters cellular function when it finds itself in animal body. For healing purposes it is crucial to eliminate it from our diet. It is not enough just to reduce its amount in the food we eat. Even small amount of glucose will alter cellular genetic expression and make healing impossible.

In this article you can see how glucose promotes chronic diseases :

I was trying to show you how we are really all the same and what separates us are the customs and eating habits. They create toxicity and our body reacts to it through genetic expression altering cellular activity. Ditch dietary carbohydrates and no matter what your blood group or metabolic type you are your body will experience Renaissance of health and well being. Of course do not forget to hydrate with water and sea salt because without them there is no cleansing.

With love and always ready to serve you my dear family.

Once you understand how toxicity is the cause of all chronic problems, you realize how the same protocol if followed strictly can and will allow your body to heal no matter what is the label given by your doctor of the supposing disease your body has.

With love and always ready to serve you my dear family.




THE HEART, pump or love???

Heart, Love, Red, Valentine, Romantic

Whenever we send our love to someone dear to us, we send the image of  heart.

When we express our love to someone we say; “I love you with all my heart”.

Whenever we think of something good we put our hand on our heart, why is it so?

Medical science is telling us that our thoughts are generated in our brain so why do we not place our hand on our head when we express the thought of love?

On the other side, medical science tells us that heart is just a pump to propel the blood through blood vessels.

So why do we relate to the pump when we think of love?

You have heard me often telling you how our popular science is useless and utterly wrong so I want you to learn something new about the heart. Something that is much closer to the truth than what we are told by our popular science.

I haven’t been writing about this before since this is not crucial knowledge in the healing process especially where healing through the diet is concerned but understanding our body better is always a good thing.

I have mentioned how our body is an ingeniously designed robot. It is designed through the sacred geometry and composed of energy expressed through variety of frequencies.

This is a sacred geometry of seven sided form of heart.

If you want to know more about it please watch the video;


In this video Dr. Tomas Cowan talks about structure and functioning of the heart. If you have watched the video you have received a lot of new information and I would like to add some of my opinions about the role of heart as a pump.

In my opinion most of Dr. Cowan disclosure is right on the money. I just think that we cannot dismiss hearts function as a pump. We cannot dismiss what we observe so, how is it possible for this relatively small and weak organ to propel the blood through our blood vessels?

We have to understand that our body is dependent on energy. This energy is electricity. Where you have electricity, you have electromagnetic field. Our blood vessels have positive charge on the inside and negative charge on the outside. All blood particles found within the blood are positively charged. When we are in good health and satisfied our electromagnetic potential is high. This means that the magnetic field of the blood vessels will be strong and all blood particles will posses strong magnetic fields. Since inner walls of blood vessels are positive and all blood particles are positive they will all repel from each other. What we have here is basically a perfect conductive environment. Everything is suspended and if you exert a pressure on one particle this will produce pressure on all particles since they are all related to each other through an electromagnetic field. It is like a monorail suspended on electromagnetic field and moves without friction. Only monorail still has force of air resistance to deal with and this does not exist within the blood circulation.  So what happens is that the heart makes a spiral contraction and creates a pressurised vortex. This propels the blood particles into Aorta with particles spinning extremely fast (approaching the speed of light). Aorta makes sudden loop. What loop does is creates sudden acceleration momentum and creates suction. In this same place is where lymph returns into the blood utilizing this suction effect of Aorta. Bend in a hose creates suction and accelerates water going through it. You can invoke this effect if you take a garden hose, coil it and let water through it especially if the coil is facing downwards exactly the way Aorta is facing.

Anatomy of the human heart illustration

Since blood elements repel from each other and repel from the wall of the blood vessels they simply fly through the blood vessels without friction. More the blood is polluted, less electric charge will it have, smaller will be the magnetic repelling action and friction becomes possibility. This is where blood particles start to group together and doctors prescribe anti coagulants (blood thinners) to prevent coagulation of damaged blood particles.

On the other hand heart also provides suction where returning venous blood enters the heart. This suction is not strong and it does not have to be. As the heart allows the blood to enter it provides the flow since the magnetic action is what forces blood particles to fill the space created by bloods forward motion. This is why blood circulation in fetus starts to take a place before the heart even starts to contract. Mother’s blood flow is enough to put fetuses blood in motion until its heart starts to contract and create independent circulation.

Similar effect of the fetal circulation is present in the brain blood and lymph circulation. Blood that enters the head does not mix with the blood of the brain. It will go through filtering process in meningus (like in placenta) to eliminate the possibility of toxic pollution. Even the mild pressure created by movement of incoming blood is enough to put the blood within the brain into a motion.

Since our heads are full of the wrong knowledge this is all to much to absorb. We are like newborns discovering the life for the first time.

Also I have mentioned how now we know that there is a fourth state of matter and that is plasma which is the most abundant in the Universe. We are full of plasma which Dr. Cowan interprets as a gel.

It is to be expected that there will be different opinions as new knowledge comes in, and errors are part of learning and we all have to pitch in and help to unravel the truth as the bits and pieces come into our minds from our creator since our brain is incapable of creating anything that it did not previously receive.

I think that I have given you plenty to think about so until the next blog have a great day and do not celebrate Trumps victory to fast . He is a Trojan horse but this election has shown how American people are awakening so everything else in the future will be easier to debunk.

Love and light.




IBD- Inflammatory Bowel Disease on rise

Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Rise in US

Not only in the USA but all around the World people are suffering from digestive problems. How does one know when they have digestion problems? That is easy, they have stomach pain, gas, diarrhea. With it comes fatigue insomnia and depression.

Now what causes the pain and diarrhea?


This means that all digestive problems can be classified as IBD.

This is why articles like this one send to me by Mark make me laugh;

The aricle quotes Dr. Singh saying; “The symptoms often seen in patients with IBD may also occur in other, more common gastrointestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, he said.”

Irritable bowel syndrome is perfect example of Inflammatory Intestinal Disease (IBD) and caries all the same characteristics of the so called disease.

Why do I say “so called disease”, because none of them are diseases. They are just symptoms produced by the body when the body is toxic.

Every time we eat, we bring toxic elements into our body. More the food is manipulated, more toxic it becomes. To cope with this toxicity, body has to be well hydrated so that the cleansing organs can do the cleaning of the blood. If water is missing, there is no cleansing possible and the blood becomes toxic, dark and thick. Since cells do not want to hydrate with such a blood they become dehydrated and this is when chronic health problems start popping up.

The most troublesome food for our digestion are grains and products that contain them. Every owner of horses knows that grains create colics in horses but they still feed their horses with them. We are all brainwashed with this popular science in wrong understanding so that even when we see what is happening we pretend this does not exist and there must be some other reason for the problem because let’s face it, Jesus was feeding people with bread and wine.

If we simply stop eating grains most of our digestive problems would disappear. By eliminating all dietary carbohydrates not only would digestive diseases go a way. All chronic diseases would disappear and humans would again live their full lives of 600 years and longer.

Now it is easier to convince human that eating arsenic is healthy than to make him to understand toxicity of dietary glucose. This is why there are more and more sick people as meat becomes more expensive and grains more affordable. This is why I spend sometimes more than 2 hours with client explaining how our body works and why it is crucial to change our diet and even after all of this and after they have had their experience of healing and feel great, the first question they ask is; ” Darko, when can I start eating normally again?”.

It is just not sinking that what we assume is good diet has nothing to do with proper healthy diet. We have to re learn what to eat and how to eat. Since we are lost, it is best to observe the diet of omnivores in the wild and follow their example. If we do so, all chronic diseases will be history. If you do not believe me, try it for yourselves.

People simply do not like to waist their precious time on something that does not bring them money. This is why the last thing they pay attention to is their health.

Do not wait until pain appears. Change your diet and hydrate with sea salt and structured water. You will notice immediately changes your body will undergo while re adjusting to the proper diet and then all new life experience will start unravelling.

Eliminate medicinal plants from your daily food and allow cellular hydration. Remember that garlic, ginger and turmeric are medicinal plants. I am mentioning them specifically, because many people around the World are poisoning themselves eating them as part of their daily diet. Remember that medicinal effect is suppression of the symptom and has no benefits to your cellular structure. Suppression creates further intoxication and worsening of your health.

Do not believe me. Make the changes and let me know what happens. Stop believing everything you hear, experiment. This is how I have found the truth which I am sharing with you my family

Love and light



Another phantom disease; SARCOIDOSIS

Why do I call sarcoidosis a phantom disease?

Because no one seems to know what causes it.

So what do we know about this disease?

We know that it manifests itself through symptoms like:

  • Tender reddish bumps or patches on the skin.
  • Red and teary eyes or blurred vision.
  • Swollen and painful joints.
  • Enlarged and tender lymph glands in the neck, armpits, and groin.
  • Enlarged lymph glands in the chest and around the lungs.
  • Hoarse voice.
  • Pain in the hands, feet, or other bony areas due to the formation of cysts (an abnormal sac-like growth) in bones.
  • Kidney stone formation.
  • Enlarged liver.
  • Development of abnormal or missed heart beats (arrhythmias), inflammation of the covering of the heart (pericarditis), or heart failure.
  • Nervous system effects, including hearing loss, meningitis, seizures, or psychiatric disorders (for example, dementia, depression).

What do all of those symptoms have in common?

They are all symptoms of acidic and dehydrated bodies. Here we are not only talking about dehydration on circulatory level but deep routed cellular dehydration. This is the kind of dehydration that causes acidity on the cellular level which provokes a forced hydration effect we call inflammation. Most of the symptoms are related to multiple inflammations throughout the body.

Dehydrated and acidic cells can easily be infected with bacteria or fungus but they are not the primary cause. This is why doctors claim cause to be not clearly determined but it points to have genetic  and autoimmune predisposition.

Here we are again. The same old story. When you have no clue blame it on the genes and auto immunity. Now doctors can wash their hands of it because we all know we cannot change genetic expression and we cannot work against the cells.

As I often mention, we are told a bunch of lies in medical school and the false knowledge prevents us from seeing the truth even when it is poking us right into the eyes. If we disregard this false knowledge and follow the progress of chronic changes in the body we can see the clear path to this chronic health problem we have labeled as sarcoidosis.

1  Wrong diet pollutes the blood.

2  Lack of salt prevents hydration ( on the circulatory and cellular levels)

3  Insufficient amount of water in the circulation prevents cleansing organs from cleansing the blood

4  Toxic blood gets rejected by the cells, they do not hydrate.

5  Dehydrated cells become toxic and acidic.

6  Acidic tissue triggers forced hydration-inflammation

7  Inflammation causes swelling, itchiness and pain.

Even if we start hydrating we often do not see positive results. The reason are toxic elements in the blood that prevent cellular hydration even when the blood is clean enough for the cells to accept it. Those toxic element could be the very same medications we are taking to reduce the swelling or eliminate the pain.

The recipe for a quick fix does not exist because healing is a process that takes time but the result is fantastic and complete recovery.

The ingredients for healing are the usual suspects:

Structured water

Proper food

None refined sea salt




Zero medicinal remedies (pharmaceutical or natural). They can only be used to suppress the symptom but have no place where healing is concerned.

You can read more about it in the Owners Manual For The Human Body.

If you are ready to give it a try but the pain does not allow you to eliminate medication, contact me and let me be your guide.

Healing is as simple as that my friends.

Love and light