Darko’s book in Czech

Human Body by D Velcek CZHuman Body by D Velcek CZ (1)

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2 thoughts on “Darko’s book in Czech”

  1. Hi Darko, This way you blocked all the poor population of Slovakia. Who in Slovakia has euro20? Last year I visited this site I commended it to all of my friends. Now I can recommend only Dr. Mercola, which is only in English.

    1. I am sorry Rudolf. For two years I was offering my book for free asking just for donation from those who have benefited from it. I received numerous letters of gratitude but no donations. Unfortunately one cannot survive from gratitude. I do lot o voluntary work and never have refused to help. If someone cannot afford 20 Euros all they have to do send me a mail telling me so. I have recently lost my home and all my possessions so I was forced to start charging for my services. Now I am in Peru helping the poor population. As far as Dr. Mercola goes you are talking of apples and oranges. He is supplements salesman and because of profit does not care for truth. His message is partially correct. He recommends coffee and red wine, green tea and garlic. All of them are strong toxic medicinal remedies not suited for everyday use. He knows it but does not care.

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