Root-canal or implant?

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If you want to comment, or donate, do it on this site please as the new site is not fully functioning yet.As it is common for doctors and other health gurus to scare people from eating natural animal fats because of the cholesterol “issue”, or scaring people from consuming salt because of hypertension, water retention, and kidney failure “issues”, so it is common for them to frighten us from having the root-canal.

Instead of the root-canal, they recommend extraction and filling the gap with an artificial tooth in the form of a bridge or what is very popular nowadays the dental implant.

So what are we being told is that as the nerve is taken out from the tooth, an empty canal remains which now is not monitored and cannot communicate with our brain. If some bacteria populate this canal, they can grow there without being detected. They will produce toxic substances and gas which will not create the sensation of pain because the nerve is missing. We are not going to be aware of this happening so these toxins will be entering our blood polluting the body.

Yes, this is correct and there are many people with health issues who have infection brewing in the teeth where the root-canal was performed, but we have to take a better look at this situation before we decide to follow our health “experts” recommendations.

If we look into the statistics, which I do not like to do but in this case they tell us a particular story, we are going to find out that about 10% of dental implants end up in failure and cause great problems.

On the other hand, statistically, more than 95% of root-canals do not cause any problems or health issues.

I easily accept this statistic since I have 4 or 5 root-canals and 0 problems. In fact on x-ray, you can barely notice that my teeth are missing the nerves since those roots are firmly bonded to the surrounding tissue and it all looks healthy.

So let us examine what happens with the implants?

When the tooth is extracted it leaves behind a gap. This gap and a crater have to heal which often does not happen because tooth decay is caused by toxic blood and toxic cells not only of the tooth in question but also the neighboring connective tissue which includes the bone of the upper and lower jaw in which the teeth are seated.

If the tooth implant is positioned in a weak bone, it is doomed for failure.
Since most of the time a tooth decay occurs simultaneously with the bone decay where the tooth is sitting, this points to problems as far as implants go.

Since blood toxicity and subsequently cellular toxicity is to be blamed, older people will be more toxic and because of that, their jaw-bone is more fragile and does not present a good anchor for the implant.

Since implants do not possess any nerve endings, if an infection sets in, we are going to have exactly the same problem that we have with an infected tooth with performed root-canal.

When root-canal is performed, after the nerve extraction, the root-canal is filed and an insert is placed into it to fill the canal tight. It seals the tooth so no bacteria can enter. Now the root of the tooth is a perfect anchor for the existing tooth.

Since the root is created by your body, there are no further issues and if you continue chewing on this tooth, it will remain strong and well bonded to the neighboring tissue and bone.

What creates the deterioration of the jaw bone and the subsequent tooth movement we refer to as the loose tooth?

I have mentioned many times before that our body is self-healing and self-sufficient. It will not support what it does not need.

As far as the teeth go, when we feel discomfort in a tooth we stop using it. We cannot chew if pain occurs. By not using the tooth, its bond to the surrounding tissue will weaken. If we add to this a toxic element, the jaw bone will weaken as well. We can have a situation that a perfectly healthy tooth is being extracted because the patient felt pain and the tooth was loose. The pain was created by the chronic connective tissues inflammation (inflammation of gums) and has nothing to do with a rotten tooth.

Chronically inflamed gums may cause seepage of bacteria which will populate roots of multiple teeth causing the same problems we label the root-canal with, and our body has no idea what is happening and it is not dealing with this problem because there is no available immune marker (GcMAF).

I have mentioned that by eating dietary carbohydrates we reprogram our genes to produce nagalase (glycoside hydrolase) and since the NAGA gene is involved, now the cells are not able to produce GcMAF protein which is the marker that is necessary to label cells for destruction.

Without GcMAF marker, our immune system is ineffective and this explains the susceptibility of humans to infections which wild animals conquer with ease.

As a young child, I was less than 9 years old when I broke my front tooth. One-third of a tooth broke off because I accidentally hit it with a glass bottle.

The dentist performed a root-canal but did not want to file down the tooth for a crown since I was so young and rapidly growing.

He built up the missing part reinforcing it with glass fiber and said that this will not last long, that I have to be careful chewing and not to eat apples so that this tooth does not break again. He said when I grow up, if his creation still stands, I should replace it with a crown.

Well, his creation was in place for over 50 years and broke off four years ago when I was chewing on a hard carrot. I have completely forgotten about that tooth being fragile.

I glued the broken part back with a crazy glue but this did not work well and I could not use this tooth for chewing so what has happened, in over a three years not chewing on this tooth, the tooth started to disengage from its connective tissue and on the x-ray, a dark spot of jaw-bone decay is clearly visible. The body wanted to get rid of what it does not need.

Now after repairing the tooth properly again (the same way as it was originally, not with crown), the tooth is starting to feel as new again and the jaw-bone is filling in.

So what can we conclude from this article?

The tooth implants create more problems than the root-canals do and if your blood is toxic and if your cells are dehydrated and toxic, no matter what you do it will result in failure so hold onto your money and heal yourself.

If you are toxic and dehydrated on the cellular level, you will have a problem with your gums, your teeth, and your bones. It is all related, and if you do not cleanse and heal, I recommend you to get dentures as they will give you the least amount of problems.

I know that dentists do not want to hear this since dental implants are making them rich.

Just take in consideration, a carpenter screws a thousand screws while making you some house repairs and he charges you may be a thousand dollars for a couple days of work.

A dentist screws several implants into your jaw and charges you 20 thousand dollars and more for his couple hours of work using similar screws and drills to do the job.

It is a big rip-off my brothers and sisters, and it is way more damaging than leaving the existing root.

If the tooth is loose and gums are inflamed no matter what you do, it will result with failure and bridge or prostheses (dentures) is the way to go.

I highly recommend cleansing and healing before making further decisions.

Love and light to us all.

Hypertension, water retention, inflammation, and kidney failure. Is salt to blame?

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Everyone who is following my work knows the answer to this question but unfortunately, many still doubt and at the first sign of any of the mentioned symptoms, the first thing that comes to their mind is, “was this caused by the sea salt that I am taking?”

This is not surprising. We are being lied to about the salt from our young age and through the indoctrination school-science, false studies are drafted to reinforce this belief that salt is the cause of all of the mentioned symptoms.

This is why it is not surprising hearing “experts” talking about it and parrots like Marcus further misinforming unsuspecting public through their health-related videos such as is this one

Marcus is vegetarian/vegan and low salt diet fits his narrative but the science that he is mentioning is false. It is the typical school distorted science.

I always say, “before you preach to others, try it for yourself”, because there are so many lies being repeated and people believe them especially if they come from people that they trust.

Marcus repeats the nonsense about salt not distinguishing between the table-salt and the sea salt.

Table-salt is bleached salt that has a very high percentage of sodium chloride and magnesium with most of the other earth elements are washed out being replaced by iodine and aluminum oxide and other anti-caking substances which are harmful to our body.

The fact that sea salt lower the percentage of sodium in the blood is unknown to most scientists and I wrote about it in the post about Deep-sea water

Markus is hiding its pale skin under the tan he obtained presumably on the beach. His frequent swimming in the sea hydrates his body with sea water and this keeps him healthy.

In another video, he talks about skin wrinkles and mentions stress and other things and never makes the connection with the cellular dehydration which actually causes those wrinkles to begin with.

The Internet is full of such “experts” and the best joke is when Markus and other health “gurus” say that we have to listen to our body and do what makes sense.

What makes sense to our brain is what the brain is familiar with. So if the brain knows that salt causes problems, we are going to be afraid of salt no matter what kind of salt is in question.

All we have to do is to observe and process what we are seeing.

The more time we spend in the sea the better we feel. Our urine becomes very salty and so does our skin. This means that we are absorbing the sea-water and our blood cleansing organs (kidneys, mucosa, and skin), are calibrating salinity. No people die from drinking sea-water. Try it for yourself, I did.

You will not raise your blood pressure or create water retention or inflammation by drinking sea water, try it for yourself.

The only reason you may increase your blood pressure or increase the already existing water retention and inflammation when drinking sea water is that your health is compromised to begin with. This I have explained numerous times.

This is why I recommend that people with health issues contact me before they start following the Self Healers Protocol so that I can guide them correctly.

Here is part of a comment that I have received from a dear friend. It is in Serbian language so I will translate it:

“Hvala vam Darko za sve što sam naučila od vas i idalje učim. Jedini problem mi je nizak pritisak, kom sam sklona od ranije. Ne razumem kako može da bude nizak i dalje pored toliko soli. Ja baš pijem dosta slane vode i solim hranu intenzivno. U vodu stavim mnogo više soli nego što ste vi rekli (možda je to greška?). Imam te faze izuzetno niskog pritiska, izgubim energiju i koncentraciju, budem pospana. Nisam često merila, prepoznam već znam da je to to, ali kada sam izmerila bio je 90/60. Šta vi mislite o tome?”

Basically, Jelena is thanking me for the information I provide and she said that she always had low blood pressure. Now she is surprised that the blood pressure remains low even after she has increased the consumption of the salt immensely, way above the amount recommended in the Self Healers Protocol. Now doubt is setting in and she wonders if the reason for the low blood pressure is to much salt in her diet?

Also let me mention that she is in medical field.

This is just another example of the fear we experience when we are doing something contrary to our program of beliefs. If the blood pressure was low on low salt diet and now remains low on a salt-saturated diet maybe the salt imbalance is the cause of the problem?

The fear of salt is so embedded into our subconscious mind that the thought that the increased salt intake has absolutely no influence on the blood pressure skips our mind completely.

Not refined sea-salt is the only salt we should be using especially when healing and cleansing are in question because it contains all of the minerals and salts that naturally occur in our blood.

If we are dehydrated and toxic on the cellular level our cells and our tissues behave differently. Blood vessels lose elasticity so when we hydrate and the blood reaches its optimal capacity, our blood pressure rises. People with healthy blood circulation experience no difference in blood pressure weather their food contain salt or not.

People with water retention have toxic blood and bad blood circulation. Their cells do not want to absorb this toxic liquid so it accumulates in the tissue. By increasing the volume of blood through hydration, the water retention increases as more water become stored in the tissue and this will happen no matter if you drink sea water or distilled water.

Most of the time, if you start slowly hydrating the body with the sea water or water with sea salt, as water levels of the blood improve, the cleansing organs start to eliminate toxins and after a brief increase in water retention, the water retention starts to diminish together with the toxicity.

Since kidneys filter the blood through their system of blood vessels, if there is a problem in blood circulation, the same problem will occur within the kidneys and they will not be able to cleanse the blood.

This is why by repairing the blood circulation we repair the functioning of the kidneys, and the only way this can be achieved is by hydrating the body properly with water and sea salt.

Why can’t doctors repair blood circulation and kidneys?

Because they are deadly afraid of salt.

When we put salt on the meat, the meat will lose water. This was the original way used to preserve meat. This is why doctors recommend not to drink sea water because it will dehydrate you, but then they say do not consume salt because it will create water retention and increase your blood pressure because you will force more water into your body.

So what is it? Is salt dehydrating us or is salt hydrating us? Make up your mind, please.

When you have no idea how the body functions, you cannot understand what is going on. This is why the doctors are so confused and scared when salt is in question.

To be able to hydrate themselves our cells need to produce potassium. For this process, they need sodium, oxygen, and energy. If the extracellular liquid is toxic, the cells will not produce potassium so hydration on the cellular level will not occur.

I explain this in my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body.

The healthy body will manage salt properly and there will never be any problem no matter how much salt we ingest as long as we do it with water. The body will absorb what it needs and eliminate the rest.

Sea salt is the major supplier of minerals to our body and allows the cleansing process to go on.

Love and light to us all.

Analyzing the manifestation of healing from the quantum mechanic point of view.

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of manifested healing but under a different name which is the placebo effect where the body achieves healing because the person believed that what he/she is doing is achieving healing.

It was proven that most healing effects achieved by utilizing medicinal remedies are actually caused by the placebo effect and not by the drug we were using.

I have mentioned before that even what we call the spontaneous remission is caused in a way by the placebo effect.

A question to scientists; "is sugar in diet a good thing or a bad thing?"

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Many of you may be surprised by the title of this article.

Is sugar in our diet a good thing or a bad thing?

Everyone these days is emphasizing that sugar should be removed from our diet. Today, it does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or if you indulge on meats, everyone agrees that sugar consumption is a bad thing as far as our health is concerned.

The miracle effects of the deep-sea water.

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US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of health, presented a discovery that Deep-Sea water will benefit human health by restoring the mineral imbalance.

In this particular case, the disease in question is atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome (AEDS).

As you can see, the article is very short and focuses on only one of the benefits that the human body receives when it is exposed to the seawater.

To make sure that people do not run to the sea now and start drinking the sea water, in the article, they strictly emphasize deep-sea water, as if there is any difference in the mineral content of the surface and the deep-sea water.

The sea-currents do not move only horizontally. They also move vertically so the sea water is constantly being mixed. This prevents the sea salts and minerals from sedimenting.

By emphasizing that it is the deep-sea water what is being used, they are proving how even the little truth that they allow to be known is immediately immersed in lies so that no one acts upon it.

The salt, in general, is being so demonized that doctors freak out when they hear someone drinking water with salt. I did not specify sea salt, because doctors firmly believe that the commercial table salt is superior to the sea salt because it is iodized.

Most medical doctors do not know anything about the sea salt and very little about the commercial table salt, except that it is sodium-chloride and it is iodized to prevent iodine deficiency of the body.

Since medical doctors share their information with their patients, they serve as misinformation sources for the general public. This is why everybody “knows” that consuming salt is bad for our health.

What everybody knows is usually lie because the knowledge came from the indoctrination centers that promote lies: our schools.

Just look at what is happening in the world of politics.

A young woman (girl) is injected into the USA congress. She is fresh from school and loaded with the newest program which is supposed to be the result of the evolution of science. This brainwashed girl has no idea that even the cows’ breath through their lungs. She thinks that because her brain is misplaced, so is the cows and therefore they must be breathing through their ass.

This is why she claims that cows increase CO2 levels by farting, so no more beef folks.

This is what is happening to our society. Brainwashed individuals are glorified and placed on leading positions because they are no threat to the ruling class, the Cabal.

Going back to the miracle of the sea water, use the information I shared on the quantum level of the existence where everything is just energy in different frequencies.

I have mentioned how our cells are programmed differently and how they do not receive the information the way we are told they do, as a mineral, or a protein, or a sugar… The cells themselves are nothing more than an expression of energy themselves.

One energy field is supported by another energy field if they oscillate in harmony. Those incoming frequencies could be in harmony with the frequency of our cells or they can create changes in the energetic field of our cells if they are out of sync.

If you imagine minerals and salts to be part of our harmonic orchestra, having more of one type of mineral or salt will cause a small deviation in the balance. By providing all necessary minerals (all frequencies), our body can adjust the correct frequency by eliminating the surplus.

We are always told that our kidneys have difficulty to eliminate sodium (salt).

Yes, some studies have shown increased sodium blood levels but this is not happening because we ingest too much sodium or because our body has difficulty to eliminate it.

I have pointed out that our body is electrical and it cannot function without minerals as conductors of electricity. By converting water into the plasma by adding minerals and salts to it, we allow the flow of electrons through it.

If we become depleted of some minerals or salts (some frequencies), our body will try to compensate by holding onto those minerals and salts that it has, even if by doing this, their blood levels increases.

This brings disharmony but at least our body can continue functioning. The electric flow is possible.

Our table salt has no other minerals to speak of but sodium-chloride so when we consume it, our blood becomes saturated with sodium as a way of compensating for the other missing minerals and salts.

As soon as we provide our body with the missing minerals and salts, our body will recalibrate the mineral content of the blood. It will release what it does not need and keep what is necessary.

This is why after taking sea water, the blood levels of sodium have dropped even though there is plenty of sodium in the sea water.

The same effect as with the sea water, we achieve by consuming sea salt, and since it is essential for our body to properly calibrate how much of what mineral and salt our body will keep, water is absolutely necessary so that our body can do this job efficiently and fast.

This is why drinking sea water or water with sea salt is the fastest way to establish the proper mineral balance in the blood as this study showed.

Again, try to stay in the quantum state of understanding because this will always point to the mistakes we do by applying heat to various elements before ingesting them.

Since heat changes the rate of vibration, it automatically distorts the frequencies making things toxic to our body.

Here you can understand why toxic elements serve as medicinal in certain circumstances.

The toxic body has altered field of vibration so if you bring into the body a particular frequency which is calibrated to change the frequency of the toxic vibration, it can actually normalize it. Here now you can understand why we cannot take medicinal remedies when we do not have a health problem and also why we cannot over-expose our body to medicines because they can swing the vibration the other way making us sick again but with a different symptom because the frequency has changed in the opposite direction.

By exploring things closer to their origin (by going quantum), we can explain and understand things much better. All of a sudden it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Everything becomes simple to comprehend.

When we talk about salt, now we know. Salt is not a problem.

Man-made and manipulated salt is the problem and now you know why.

This study on the sea water proves what I have said on the thematics of cleansing the heavy metals from our body.

The chelation through vegetables is nonsense. The sea water does the job because allows fast calibration of all minerals and salts.

Because of the nature of my work, no institution supports me. Please, if you can, make a donation and help me to share the truth.

Love and light to us all.

Are you ready for Pharmacogenetics?

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A new “science” is emerging. It is a science of applicable pharmaceuticals.

This science is basically copying the nutrition theories of different nutritional types which should be the guidelines to a proper diet.

The nutritional typing is based on science that teaches us how there are different groups of people, based on their type of digestion, which metabolize foods differently.

This is why people should discuss their diet with a licensed nutritionist for the optimal diet for their body type.

Some people do better on the protein diet, some do better on the carbohydrate diet. Some should consume more fiber, some more fruits and so on.

This nonsense of nutritional typing is not a new trend. This is promoted through the ayurvedic teaching of India.

I wrote articles about it and I have shown you how this teaching makes absolutely no sense what so ever. It only makes sense to those who are stuck on to the school acquired knowledge and are unable to think for themselves.

Once we started to consume things that are not suitable for human consumption and are toxic for our body, our genetic expression shifted. Our genes had to reprogram our cells so that they can survive in this new toxic environment. Our reprogrammed cells were adjusted to survive in this new environment so that the so-called food becomes tolerated.

Once the gene expression has changed, it no longer supports the original program so if the person with changed genome wanted to consume the original diet (the food of God), that person will have difficulty digesting this type of food.

I have also mentioned that because the genes are the first that react to the resonance of the food, their expression is first to change. Then after comes to cellular changes under the influence of now newly developed genetic expression.

Because we eat all kinds of stuff that is toxic, our genome has been altered so much that it is showing more than 2000 genetic anomalies which scientists refer to as errors.

We do not see any of those “errors” on wild animals and this is another puzzle which our prominent scientists are trying to “solve”.

Since only false science is promoted and conclusions based on fake knowledge are published, there is no surprise why are we not making any progress and why the same mistakes are being repeated over an over again.

This brings us to the newly concocted science called the science of pharmacogenetics.

The name says it all. Pharmacogenetics, a science of applicable pharmaceutical remedies.

Here the pharmaceutical geniuses apply the same reasoning as nutritionists in determining what pharmaceuticals will be the most suitable for what type of patient based on their genetic tolerance or their gene expression.

This is to become a very lucrative business once it is accepted and applied. This will become a “must do” thing before taking any medication since every medication is toxic. Every individual pill will change further the expression of genes which will require genetic testing every time before medication is being used and it will be recommended that people get tested during the medicated period.

What a grand scam! It is a guaranteed moneymaker for the fraudulent pharmaceutical industry.

Isn’t this the reason why this new science is concocted in the first place?

You be the judge, my family, and friends.

I am sure that it will not take long when a new miracle vaccine will be developed for people who are intolerant to certain drugs. Take the vaccine and then you can get safely poisoned with the “needed” pharmaceutical drug.

Do not ask your trusted doctor for his opinion because as I had mentioned many times, doctors are the most brainwashed people of them all. To prove this, read this article where a prominent doctor dies after being vaccinated.

My suggestion to you is, run away from doctors like a plague and educate yourself. Start to take responsibility for your health and learn to eat correctly.

There is only one type of food that is healthy to all humans on this planet and that is the food of God.

The proper food is the one that you can eat the way our creator prepared it for us to eat, without any additional meddling, this is what you should eat. This automatically eliminated a great majority of what we call the healthy diet. Now you can see how fooled we have been.

Just think about what type of food you cannot eat when raw?

It is a mindboggling thing when you really look at it. Grains and legumes, the staple food of most humans go right out of the window and as the followers of my work you know exactly who is responsible for us eating this toxic garbage.

When we start eating correctly, our genome will shift and all 2000 genetic errors will correct themselves. The gut flora will readjust and our bodies will heal.

There will be no more need for the pharmaceutical poisons we call the medication and this means there will be no need for pharmacogenetics.

This is not hard to do but do not expect that the transition from one type of diet to the correct diet will be smooth and without any symptoms.

The gene expression will change and with it comes symptoms provoked by the changes in the cellular activity.

If you are willing to give it a try, let me know and I will lead you through it.

Many have done it already and once they have their experience they can help others, it is that simple.

We are lucky that it is the end times so no more shenanigans will be accepted as humanity is awakening.

A great majority of people experience complete healing of all of their health problems within 6 months of following the protocol.

Longtime vegetarians and vegans experience more physical problems during the cleansing period and their healing takes more time. This is because their genome had shifted more and more toxins were trapped within their cellular structure. Their cells are more dehydrated and acidic since the toxins of those plants were preventing their cellular hydration and cleansing for many years.

It is as if the vegetarians and vegans have been medicated for all of those years since most of the naturally occurred medicinal remedies are nothing more than toxic elements of plants.

Love and light to us all.

Cleansing explained on the quantum level Part 2

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Since in the basic quantum field, our reality is just energy expressed in various frequencies, the only difference between the good and the bad, or between the healthy body and the diseased body is a slight difference of its frequency.

What makes one frequency good and the other frequency bad, is the program on which is this reality constructed. This program is implanted into our brain as I had mentioned before.

The toxic frequencies are being manifested as health problems and by cleansing those frequencies we allow our body to resume the original frequency of our program which is manifested through our brain as the healthy body.

In the previous blog, I have mentioned the ability of crystals to absorb frequencies and also I have mentioned that they can neutralize or repair those frequencies. This is why people who use crystals for healing purposes often cleanse those crystals to purify them again.

Some crystals like the quartz crystal for example, can be programmed to either absorb the negative frequency or to transform it.

How can this be achieved?

Again we use the power of our mind to do this job.

As I have mentioned in the prior article, our thoughts are fields of MAGRAV energy with a particular sequence of pulsation (frequency).

The same way as the water, the crystal will be stimulated with those MAGRAV pulses which will change the frequency that they have been programmed to change.

We know that quartz crystal holds memory. This is why it is used in computer technology to do just that.

By instructing the quartz crystal to purify certain toxic element, we are altering its field of resonance in a specific way which is going to influence the frequency of the desired element to change its oscillation (a frequency of vibration). Now there is no more need for this energy to be stored since it is no longer the same toxic energy what it was before.

When “Little Grandmother” placed quartz crystals into the river that cools the Fukushima generators, the radioactivity of water ceased to exist.

Those crystals did not absorb all of the radioactivity, they transformed those frequencies and the water was not radioactive any more.

Little Grandmother explains about programming crystals in this short video

<iframe width=”946″ height=”532″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

If your thoughts can program crystals to repair the frequencies and to make them non-toxic, obviously, the same way you can program your body not only to eliminate toxins but to simply change the frequency and make the disease to disappear.

As I had mentioned previously, you can cleanse the bad frequencies out of your body. Doing so will invoke symptoms of cleansing which are often very unpleasant. After those toxins have been eliminated now your body has to raise the frequency. This we call the healing process. When the frequency is where it should be according to our original program, we are healed.

As you can see, this is a process and as such, we experience it in a timely manner since we are programmed to experience things in a linear fashion.

Instead of cleansing those toxic energies, we can simply instruct our cells to transform those energies into positive energy by raising their frequency. Since there is no cleansing involved, no unpleasant symptoms will appear. We are simply skipping the cleansing process and invoking the healing directly.

Many people have experienced this and it usually happens after we had a brush with death.

Many people who had experienced temporary death, after they came back spoke of having an experience of talking to the creator or some saint and after returning into their body, they miraculously have healed from whatever disease they have been dying from.

What made this healing possible is the loss of fear, complete trust, faith.

Doctors call this a spontaneous remission and they do not understand it.

Those people had no detoxification symptoms and they healed rapidly.

The same is mentioned in the Bible. Everyone who was in the vicinity of Jesus Christ had healed no matter what their health problem was.

Some people have claimed that by simply seeing Jesus Christ, they have healed instantly.

Now if you have paid any attention when I was explaining how everything is just an energy in various frequencies and that our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with, you can see how this is not only possible but probable.

To correct a frequency, all we need is to know what frequency we need to correct, and we need to know the correct frequency and we have to have a way, an instrument to apply this correct frequency to the affected energy field.

This all sounds very complicated and it looks like we need expensive tools to do this.

In fact, we do not have to know the source of the bad frequency because our cells and this means our innate knows it.

We do not have to know the correct frequency since we can use the symbol in its place (in the form of our thought).

Our brain can reproduce the correct frequency since it is familiar with it, we have been healthy before so our brain knows the frequency and it can reproduce it but it needs a command to do it.

The command is issued by our mind. It can be done consciously and subconsciously but it will only bear fruits if we believe that it will.

Since everything that happens is just manifestation, to manifest, we have to have faith.

For a long time, we knew that we can reprogram our brain through the repetition but now we know that this can be done instantly, utilizing just one thought but only if the thought was sincere and if it came through the heart (love). This means that it is positive and uplifting and that there is faith behind it.

Those people who have healed after they saw Jesus Christ, did so because they “knew” that they will heal in his presence. Their faith was absolute, no doubt at all. Their healing had nothing to do with anything that Jesus did for them. They simply manifested instantly their expectation because there was no doubt that this will happen.

The same happens to the people after their brush with death.

This shows you the simplicity of manifestation which will happen only if you have faith in the process.

There are people who were born with a health issue so their brain is not familiar with the correct frequency of their affected organ. So how can we solve this problem you may ask?

Remember that we inherit genetic codes from both of our parents and from the past (parallel) lives.

There is the information we seek within the genes. All we have to do is to ask our genes to reproduce the needed frequency.

How to do this, I was shown in my last ayahuasca ceremony.

I wanted to reproduce the original frequency of the creation which is the original scale of tone C.

I was born after David Rockefeller (I meant his money supported team) had changed this frequency so my brain had never heard it and could not reproduce it.

No matter how much I had focused and all the suggestions that my mind sent my way bared no fruit.

I was instructed to continue my work after the ceremony was closed so I asked Christine for permission to do so. This permission was granted and I continued with the cleansing and energy changing process until everyone was asleep.

Then, in the total silence, I asked my innate to resurrect the correct frequency from the gene since genes hold the memory of all our experiences.

My physical brain never experienced this tone so could not reproduce it but the tone was recorded and stored in the gene.

By telling the innate what I want now I had to calm the brain, I had to shut it up so that it does not interfere since it has no knowledge of this but it always wants to express its opinion and the thoughts it produces are preventing me to receive the message from the innate.

As soon as I went blank, my Pineal gland started to oscillate and a clear buzzing sound was formed and this was the original sound of creation, the original tone C.

Now my brain can reproduce it on command as it became familiar with it.

How can we use this experience to heal a health problem that came inherited with the child?

How to do this?

Simply tell the innate to go and retrieve the necessary information so that the brain becomes familiar with it so that it can use it to manifest the final healing result.

As you can see, it is a simple process, too simple for many people to believe, but it cannot be achieved if there is no faith in this process.

After all, it is all just a manifestation.

Our embedded “knowledge” is nothing more than a set of beliefs which serve as filters and stay in the way of manifesting. Everything we have been told in our life was lies which we firmly believe are the truths. This creates doubt when you receive this information and manifesting becomes impossible.

This is why doctors are the last persons who will swing their beliefs since they have been the most polluted with the wrong information about the way our body works and what it requires for the health to be reestablished.

This article is getting too long so I will stop here.

Love and light to us all.

Cleansing explained on the quantum level. Part 1

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When we think about the cleansing of our body, we immediately think about some chemical toxins, some poisons that we can see and identify.

From reading the previous post, now you are aware that in the quantum world this is no like this.

In the quantum world, everything is just energy. Our brain is programmed to manifest some frequencies as matter, some as gas, some as scent, some as electric or electromagnetic field and some as emotion.

Now, as we are focused on the quantum field, we are ignoring the brain’s manifestation and we are referring to all toxins as energy in various frequencies.