How dark has allopathic medicine become?

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Daily, more and more people are becoming aware that what they are being told is not what they see is happening.

Some of us have been aware of this for a long time but people had a hard time accepting what we have been exposing.

President Donald J. Trump had made a big setback to the plan of the Cabal and now when they are “back in power” they have been forced to rapidly recover the lost ground by accelerating their agenda. This has made their dark deeds much more visible.

To most people, even the accelerated process is not strong enough to be able to wake them up.

Unfortunately, there is no more time left and harsh things will happen to those who are still sleeping.

What does it mean when I say “not enough time is left?”

Our galaxy is going through a part of the Universe with a specific resonance that is changing/meta forming all life of our galaxy. We call this event evolution.

We are rapidly approaching the D day, and those who will not be able to raise their frequency will have a hard time and some will not make it at all.

The following article that I will publish the next Tuesday will describe the way I feel what is going on.

This is why so many need to die from vaccination so that at least those who are close to them can be shocked enough to realize that there is something wrong going on.

Those people who are aware have woken up and will not take the jab.

Since the planes for a nuclear Armageddon have collapsed, medicine has become the last weapon to be used in the desperate attempt of the Cabal to hold onto the power, to control us, and depopulate the planet.

A none existing disease has been used to justify the destruction of the world’s economy, and to scare the population into accepting poisonous vaccines that are designed to bring death.

Still, there are many people unable to see what is going on, and most likely, they will never wake up.

This Wu-flu show is claiming many lives but not in the way people are being told.

Hospitals and doctors are being handsomely rewarded by the Cabal for every Wu-flu claim and especially for every declared Wu-flu death.

Now, the Satanic medical Mafia is committing atrocities not only by falsely promoting and supporting lies about this non-existing disease, but they are also using this opportunity to harvest organs from unsuspecting victims, killing them, and blaming it all on the “dangerous Wu-flu infestation.”

Those who die in hospital are placed into the sealed coffins so that no one can see them.

Their families are being told that this is done because of the highly contagious Wu-flu virus, as a measure to prevent its spreading.

Just recently here one of my friends told me about her family friend that has disregarded this order and they have opened the sealed coffin of their son who went to the hospital because of congestion and died there.

To their horror, their son’s eyes were missing.

They did not undress him but if they would have done so, they would have also noticed that his organs were missing as well.

There is a business over a business, a money grab going on.

Doctors are receiving bribes, killing people under the pretense of the Wu-flu, getting rewarded for it, and making extra huge amounts of money by selling the harvested organs.

If there would have been such a dangerous disease, the organs would have been unusable.

The truth is easily spotted and yet, the majority of people are still not moved by it.

The great amount of money being offered for lies is difficult to resist. This is why we are being lied to by so many different, seemingly independent, sources of information.

Since the wrong information is being promoted for a long time, many people who are searching for the truth are being misled by having faith in the teachings of the past.

This is the reason why are so many researchers being wrong.

People are looking for the answers in the same pile of information that was manipulated to create chaos in which we are living now.

Those who are awakened and try to find the truth, are noticing that everything is cyclical.

“What goes around, comes around.”, this brings a logical solution that is based on the previous events.

Well, they do not realize that a new force is in play that is using the cyclic effect as a shadow behind a great change that is occurring which has brought us out of the cyclical effect.

A brilliant/divine plan was created by the Alliance/White Hats and President Donald J. Trump which uses the cyclical expectation to their advantage by creating a smoke-screen behind which the true events are occurring.

What we are being shown is what we are expecting to happen.

Our focus is on those events we are expecting to see, while the destruction of the cycle is being kept out of focus.

This is delaying the counteraction of the Cabal.

Everyone is confused, including the Cabal.

This confusion is what made it possible for a handful of awakened souls to destroy the immensely powerful Cabal.

Yes, you heard me right.

The Cabal has been destroyed and what we are presently being shown is a movie about what would have happened if the Cabal had won.

The only reason why we are shown this movie is to try to awaken more souls and so that they can help by holding the light during the upcoming main event which I will describe in the following article the way I feel it happening since there is no information about it that I can find elsewhere.

I have learned to trust my intuition as the word of the creator that is leading all of us, but very few have learned to follow.

It leads me in discovering the truth related to our health, manifestation, and our divinity.

What I will reveal will sound crazy the same way as my teachings related to our health sounded ridiculous when first I started to reveal them.

As the saying goes, “when you are ready, the master appears”, I was asked the question and the time has come for the question to be answered.

Until the next article, love, and light to us all.

Thank you for being strong, and keep holding the light.

p.s. I have started to publish my videos on the Bitcuteso those videos that the Youtube took down, you can see there.

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