“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” John Lennon

Still the great stigma and the label that can’t be shrugged off. Mental Illness
But what is insanity? After all, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? This is the world we live in…Insane!

All dis-ease is a blessing in disguise (potentially), and so called mental illness is no different. Depression is the #1 mental illness, followed by schizophrenia and then Bi-Polar. These terrible afflictions range in severity of course, but what are they really? Is it all in the mind? Or could it be more? Could it – like all the dis-eases when listened to – reveal the true nature of their dis-ease and how they have strayed far from their true path?

Join us this week to find out the key causes of these misunderstood afflictions and that there are paths back to vibrant health and a place where you can once more see that the truth will set you free – dis-ease free!

presented by:

India Irie,Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap after the show

More and more people find themselves in stress situation but is this cause of psychological problems? Definitely not. So what is the reason that mote and more people are diagnosed with mental illness?

We know that brain is the main controller of our bodies function. It does this mainly by diverting and distributing electrical currents and creating neuro-hormones. To produce hormones it needs cholesterol and vitamins especially vitamin D3, A and K. Where do you think we get those vitamins from? From the type of food that we have been brainwashed to avoid because it is “dangerous for our health”.  We are talking grease, saturated fat. Those vitamins are fat soluble and accumulate in fat tissue of animals.

We can produce vitamin D3 ourselves. For this we need cholesterol but we are told cholesterol is unhealthy. Cholesterol causes heart disease and arterio-sclerosis. Keep a way from the stuff. Further more we are told to avoid direct Sunshine. It causes cancer so we have to protect ourselves from it. Are you aware that 20 minute exposure to strong Sun radiation will produce 20.000 units of vitamin D3 if you have proper amount of cholesterol on your skin surface but even the mildest Sun-screen will prevent ultra violet rays B to reach the cholesterol and stop the vitamin D3 production.

Here you can see clever and deliberate misinformation and miseducation to achieve a goal. And the goal is population reduction through famine and disease.

Now you can understand Why depression is on the rise in northern countries where there is low Sun exposure. People that did not get enough Sun exposure used to get vitamins through diet that was rich in fat and protein. Since they change the diet in “healthy” diet of carbohydrates and vegetables their vitamin intake dropped to minimum, same happened with cholesterol and the loss of cholesterol triggered all kinds of health problems especially in neurons. Nerve and the brain are full of fat and rely on it for structural material and fuel for energy. Slowly you can draw a picture of how we were mislead. On top of all of this carbohydrate diet acidifies the blood and causes general inflammation. This becomes the main cause of hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Since stress deprives us from sleep we ask for help and we are given “medication” to be able to relax. What is this so called medication? They are neuro-suppressors. With their toxicity they slow the impulse and response of our nerves. They make you sluggish, melancholic nonresponsive (drunk). One of natural neuro-suppressors is plant we call GARLIC. And guess what, no one is warning us about it. On the opposite we are being told how great garlic is and how toxic it is to bacteria and fungus. Well guess what, it is toxic to our cells as well. Those neuro-toxins are disrupting cellular hydration and slowly contributing to cellular acidosis that can trigger whole array of problems that we call diseases.

No wander that younger an younger children are diagnosed with neural problems and given neuro-suppressants to “correct” them.

There are natural ways to help deteriorating neural system and it is in adjusting the diet, adding vitamins and hydration on cellular level. The key is to understand the problem, reeducate ourselves and take responsibility for our health.

Medical system is broken and cannot be fixed until we reeducate ourselves. 

We will be continuing on this topic next week. Namaste.



Shattering the myth- “CHOLESTEROL”

In the series of articles under the name shattering the myth we are going to examine commonly known “truths” and see how truthful they really are.

This series we are going to start by debunking


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 The Great Cholesterol Myth – How Big Pharma Conned You…Again.
As David Icke says, If everyone knows something then it has been put there to manipulate and deceive. Cholesterol is one of these great examples. Ask the average (wo)man in the street about cholesterol and their answers will almost certainly be:
1. There is good & bad cholesterol
2. Too high cholesterol is bad for you
3. Cholesterol causes heart disease
Absolute LIES!!! Basic mass mind control is extremely effective and its base premise is repetition. So, with the aid of tel-a-lie-vison, Dr’s writing books on “how to lower your cholesterol”, so called nutritionists then writing books on “how to lower your cholesterol…Naturally”, plus youtube, the internet, blogs, radio et all and we have covered it. But as Gandhi said, “A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it to be the truth; just as the truth is the truth even if everyone believes it to be a lie:.
In this show we are going to blow the lies out of the water and show that
1.  Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals.
2. There are no such things as good or bad cholesterol
3. A high cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, but may reflect an unhealthy condition, or it may be totally innocent.
4.  A high blood cholesterol is NOT the culprit in arthrosclerosis
5.  Your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat. The production of cholesterol increases when you eat little cholesterol and decreases when you eat much.
6. There is no evidence that too much animal fat and cholesterol in the diet promotes atherosclerosis or heart disease.
7. The only effective way to lower cholesterol is with drugs.
8.  That cholesterol-lowering drugs, the statins, stimulate cancer in rodents, disturb the functions of the muscles, the heart and the brain and pregnant women taking statins may give birth to children with malformations more severe than those seen after thalidomide.
9. The Benefits Of High Cholesterol
10. And much, much more……

cholesterol level conceptual meter, isolated on white background - stock photo

Is this really what is going on???

Is there good and bad cholesterol?

Why does our body produces substance that will harm itself? Is this what is happening or are we being fooled?

Blood Clot, Plaque in Artery Restricting Blood Flow - stock photoAtherosclerosis in artery caused by cholesterol plaque - stock vector

These are the images that we are being shown whenever we want to eat eggs, meat, butter or cheese. Do those foods have anything in common with those images?

All these questions and much more will be debated and answered in the radio show this Saturday.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests

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Recapitulation of the program.

Before we make our judgment first we have to understand what is cholesterol.

After water fat is the most abundant substance in our body. It is a big part of all membranes. It is the food for our cells and it is the backbone of hormones. As you have noticed it is of structural importance as well as the prime energy provider. To be able to reach its destination it has to enter the blood. In  contact with water fat will clump creating bubble. To prevent this fat must be dispersed. Liver will adjust the fat so it can disperse in two different ways. Fat that is designated to become building material will be bonded to protein. This we call lipoprotein or CHOLESTEROL.

Rest of the fat will be bonded to glycerol. This we call triglyceride. Triglyceride will be used by cells as energy. Surplus of triglycerides will be deposited for further needs as reserve fat.

If we understand this than we can never blame cholesterol for problems because our body will never produce substance that will harm itself. If there is increased level of cholesterol in our blood this is an indication that something is going on that requires more structural fat. So what could that be?

Reparation of cellular membranes, reinforcement of cellular membranes, creation of myelin coat in nerves, creation of hormones in stress situation, temporary plugging of cracks of our arteries…

All these things are to our benefit and interfering with cholesterol production will result in its deficiency causing us problem on one or more areas of its action.

Instead of blocking the synthesis of cholesterol we should be concentrating on finding out what is the reason of its higher production and helping the body to overcome that problem. When there is no more need for more cholesterol the level of it will go down automatically.

More detailed description you can find in my book that you can download for free on this site.

Open your hear and open your mind the awakening is upon us. I love you all




Aging, why do we show our age so vividly?


What the cell is going on? You’re as old as you feel! In this weeks show we look at age, what it is and what it isn’t. We delve into the longevity chasm where everyone and his dog has a potion or product to keep you young. But how can you discern what will work? Is it all snake oil and exaggerated dreams? How is it that our elders are now our aged? How have they fallen from their position of nobility to one expected to lose their marbles and other bodily fluids. What is aging? Can it really be halted, slowed or even better…reversed? Tune in to explore the physical,mental, emotional & the spiritual, plus the science and the myths of growing old disgracefully. Its all here this saturday on What the Cell Is Going On? Your as Old as you Heal.

As natural progress of being aging has been accepted with a grain of salt. We were born and yes we have to die and during the process we are getting older and older but why this wrinkled skin, why those deformed joints, why the loss of flexibility, the loss of sexual desire, diseases and pain? Is this necessary? Is this normal? Is this by design or is there something we do to provoke this?
Modern medicine is telling us that this is how it has to be. It is attributed to our genetic code and to general wear and tear of our body. Our body is constructed of trillions cells that replace themselves frequently. Science found the answer, it is progressive damaging of cells and it was given a name “oxidative stress”. How brilliant, let’s blame oxygen for it. This will make it handy in explaining why not to use oxygen therapy or at least it will insert doubt in “educated” minds.
Our cells are being frequently changed as soon as their electric potential drops to certain level indicating that the cell has difficulty functioning. Scientists claim that new cell starts from the very beginning as damaged cell and this explains the cumulative expression as aging symptoms. Well if this is so, how come that 8 year old does not show signs of deterioration? He has changed his cells several times already. Mather of fact there are no signs of aging until we are 25 years old and in some individuals it happens much later than this.
Let’s stop listening to science and observe the nature. As animals in wild get older do you notice that they act differently than the young ones as far as stamina, flexibility and disease goes? The difference is hard to notice, it is almost nonexistent. So why is it that we show the signs of aging so strongly? Is it the age that is written all over us or is it dis-eased state of our body brought on us by our habits and way of living?

Join us this Saturday at 11 am EST, 17 h central EU.
As we will be debating this topic.
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Aging can be perceived from the cellular stand point or the spiritual one.

If we look at aging from the spiritual stand point than we have to take in the consideration findings of quantum mechanics as well as the messages told by gurus because our hypnotic mind is not capable to fully understand the creation in all its complexity.

From the spiritual viewpoint time does not exist. Everything is now. So if we live in now we do not age.

As humans we are paying more attention to what was and the rest of the time we spend thinking and elaborating of what could be and by doing so wa are creating time. The more we spend elaborating on what was and what will or could be the more time we are creating. This time is multi dimensional but we perceive it as linear; past, present and future.

More we elaborate on what is not now, more time we create and faster we age. This is why it is important to live in NOW and we will slow down aging by creating less time.

From a cellular aspect aging has been labeled as a consequence of oxidative stress.

As the time goes by our cells are getting progressively damaged and those damages reflect themselves in the way we look and we feel.

There is one problem with this theory an that is the fact that every 7 years we have brand new cells and the old ones are destroyed and cleansed out of our body.

If we follow the action of our cells we will realize that the secret of aging is related with genetic expression of our cells. Performance of our body depends of cellular activity and this activity has to be synchronized. Cells synchronize their action by communicating. This communication is done through genetic expression. Genes are positioned on DNA chain of chromosomes within our cells. The information is send through electromagnetic impulse pasted on photon of light created by oscillation od DNA.

Cells have to be able to receive all of the information send. They receive the information through their antennas that are positioned on the chromosome. We call them the telomeres. In young organisms the telomeres are long. Every division of the cell shortens the telomeres.

If that would be so than we would start aging as soon as we were born, but this is not what happens. Actually cells can produce hormone that will help to rebuild the telomeres in new cell. This hormone we call telomerase.

The question is why do our cells stop to produce telomerase. As everything else the reason is in our genes. Genetic activation and deactivation is caused by electromagnetic waves of the environment. It has been discovered that glucose has direct influence on the aging gene that we call the “sweet 16” gene.

More about it you can read in my book.

MAN UNDER ASSAULT there war declaration on MAN?

Taken in an Australian dressing station near Ypres, Belgium in 1917. The wounded soldier in the lower left has a dazed thousand-yard stare, a frequent symptom of shell shock.

For centuries man was the provider, hunter and warrior. In the past man knew whom they are fighting and why. Slowly this has changed but still there was reward being given to the warrior.

Now we are at the point that the only thing that you can believe is that you are being lied to. This is the truth not only for the man warrior but for the average man going through their lives. From the economy to their food source and their health all the knowledge is corrupt and false.

As the Illuminati work on cutting down the population by 80% man, woman and children are being assaulted with the full force. The assault on man takes hold by creating permanent state of war, bad health care and polluted food sources. Military is using weapons with depleted uranium not alerting the soldiers of the dangers of radiation. Veterans are returning sick, unable to work and depressed. Access to medical care has been made very difficult.

The food we are given is toxic bunch of chemicals adjusted to our palate that is depleted of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and has poor nutritional value. This causes buildup of toxins in the blood. We are mislead to believe that salt is bad for us so we eat low salt diet. With low salt we cannot hold water. This is the reason our circulation is depleted of water. As such cleansing organs cannot cleanse the blood so it is getting more and more polluted. Polluted blood creates toxic environment for our cells and they become dehydrated, acidic and toxic. The door is opened for malfunction that will result with warning signals (pain) and a state we call disease.



presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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 The only thing that you have and cannot lose is your experience.

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If the life gets boring we say “spice it up”.

This is exactly what we are doing when it comes to our diet.

For lot of people everyday living is full of problems and unhappy or plain boring experience. Eating becomes the favorite pass time so naturally we want to “spice it up” as well.

Spicing up the food does not make it just more interesting eating experience. It may ad to the digestibility of the food or reduce its toxic load. Sometimes mistakes are made because let’s face it, we are human.

Thai food  Stock Image

Tail of Lizard and Eye of Frog! Really? Is that  a spice or a remedy? With a little salt added or some spicy cayenne. A touch of ginger and a swirl of honey. Where does garlic fit in the lineup of natural remedies? The confusion around natural remedies is almost louder than the confusion of Big Pharma these days. Everyone has a remedy for something. Is pink salt truly better than grey salt? Or what about the browns? What makes the color anyway? Yes, all salt is sea salt. Table salt is just denatured sea salt, with most of the minerals removed and a few added ingredients where somebody had some additional waste product from another industrial process and decided to add it to salt. What role does the group of minerals called salt, play in our health and how can we use this as a remedy?

stock photo of salt  - different types of salt  - JPG

 Then we will move on to a sparkling list of natural remedies. We’re past Big Pharma and Dr. Feelgood ”take 2 tablets and call me in the morning” style. What should be in your home alchemical pharmacy? Which spices and natural remedies keep the blood healthy and flowing and of course, healthy blood contributes to a healthy brain and a functional and energetic body – Cayenne, Cinnamon and Turmeric. We will touch on turpentine, the old remedy that eats that which may be eating you. We’ve had wonderful testimonials about turpentine for fungus, candida and weight loss. Turpentine? Yes, the tree oil. The old stand-by, Apple Cider Vinegar: When to take it, How to take it, What to take it for? How does one use honey as a healing remedy and which honey should we be using? Join us for a show that will increase your ability to be your own healer.

I hope that you will enjoy this radio show.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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7Rbs8l1388767311Short recapitulation.

About the importance of salt in our diet we have been talking on almost every show. One cannot hydrate without it. There are still different opinions about how does the hydration mechanism work, (you can read about it in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” it is less relevant to the fact that salt is crucial to proper hydration.

The question that is frequently asked is what is the best salt to be used and how much of it should we use during a day?

Since life started in the sea every creature that has left this environment has to carry it within. Our blood is very similar to sea water. It has the same salts and minerals. So when we chose salt there is no better way than drink diluted sea water. If that is not possible than use not refined natural sea salt. One of such salts goes by the name of Celtic salt.

Sea pollution brings the suspicion that sea salt may be polluted so entrepreneurs have started to sell gimmick of different “safer” alternatives of natural sea salt. They are sediment-ed salts frequently called rock salts claiming that they are even better and much safer because there was no human pollution when they were formed.

This is simply not true.

Salts are water soluble and in time lot of minerals that they contained will be washed a way. All sediment-ed salts are lo on magnesium, calcium and silica. The ratio of elements in those salts will vary depending on how much of what mineral was washed a way. So no matter what, fresh sea salt is superior.

As far as pollution goes, here they are wrong as well.

For example much promoted Himalayan salt is high on Barium and Bromine. Both of them highly toxic. Himalayan people are trading for sea salt because their salt make them sick. We are made to believe that Himalayan salt is pure. We do not feel ill effect of Himalayan salt because we get plenty of salt through processed foods but why to spend extra money on inferior mineral depleted salt that is toxic.

Beside this we are so polluted through processed foods and sickly that we cannot pinpoint the origin of toxins that make us sick.

Our civilization is less than 13 thousand years old. Before our times there were other civilizations with developed technology and who knows what kind of pollution did they cause. Also volcanic activity was much higher and that pollutes way more than human ever can.

As far as the amount of salt in daily consumption goes there is not set rule. For healthy human pinch of sea salt with glass of water is enough. If you want to hydrate well you have to increase the amount to quarter teaspoon per one liter of water. Ir you want to cleanse you have to increase the amount depending on what is the target of your cleanse.

As far as other food additives and remedies goes there was just brief mentioning on garlic and its neuro toxicity. The topic will continue next Saturday so pleas join us if this is where your interest lies.